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New to the Civil War Memory Library, 10/13

Stephen D. Engle, Gathering to Save a Nation: Lincoln and the Union’s War Governors (University of North Carolina Press, 2016). Lorien Foote, The Yankee Plague: Escaped Union Prisoners and the…

Ward and Washington

When George Washington arrived in Cambridge on 2 July 1775, he took over command from Gen. Artemas Ward. The Continental Congress made Ward its second-ranking general.There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Ward resented having Gen. Show More Summary

Premature Burials mentioned in Richmond newspapers (1849- July, 1854)

In continuing to recognize Poe on the 167th anniversary of his death… and recognizing what may have been one of his greatest fears… I’ve combed through some of the antebellum newspapers of Richmond, Virginia, using the online source, Chronicling...Show More Summary

The Goddard Boys and the Convention Army

Nathaniel Goddard was born in 1767, son of a Brookline farmer who would serve as wagon-master of the Continental Army during the siege of Boston. Nathaniel grew up to be a merchant in Boston and left recollections published in a 1908 biography by Henry G. Show More Summary

Laurie Halse Anderson in Wellesley, 18 Oct.

On Tuesday, 18 October, novelist Laurie Halse Anderson will speak at Wellesley Books about Ashes, the third volume in her Seeds of America Trilogy. That trilogy, which began with Chains and Forge, stands in a long line of historical fiction for young readers about the American Revolution. Show More Summary

Step Away From the Monument, Mr. Morrissey

This is a wonderful example illustrating the difference between genuine concern about the public display of Confederate iconography and using it as a political football. Richmond mayoral candidate, Joe Morrissey,…

Civil War cannonballs uncovered on S.C. beach by Hurricane Matthew

On Sunday, the day after Hurricane Matthew had roughed up the South Carolina coast, a beach walker checking for storm damage discovered a cluster of cannonballs on Folly Island, near Charleston, S.C.  The 7-square-mile island had been a Union fort during the Civil War and a staging area for attacks on Confederate strongholds. A U.S. […]

Lucy Knox, Mistress of the Chess Board

On 24 Aug 1788, Lucy Knox wrote to her husband Henry from Trenton about having recently beaten Gouverneur Morris at chess. That game might have been good preparation for Morris’s travel later that year to France, where chess could mean so much more. Show More Summary

Fall Lectures at Fort Plain, New York

This spring I enjoyed the American Revolution in the Mohawk Valley conference organized by the Fort Plain Museum in Fort Plain, New York. I was pleasantly surprised to see the turnout—not only are lots of folks in that region proud of...Show More Summary

Why Is Boston Still the Capital of Massachusetts?

When the Revolutionary War began, every colony’s capital but Williamsburg, Virginia, was either on the Atlantic Ocean or on the big Delaware River close to that ocean.Over the next century, however, all of the American states along the Atlantic moved their capitals inland—except two. Show More Summary

Downs and Masur Choose Beaufort, South Carolina

Historians Greg Downs and Kate Masur believe that Beaufort, South Carolina should be declared a National monument by President Obama. The two have taken the lead over the past year…

Open House at Wright Tavern in Concord, 15 Oct.

On Saturday 15 October, there will be a free open house at the Wright Tavern in Concord. This will be the first time in decades that the ground floor of that 1747 building will be open to the public.In 1775 the tavern’s location near the center of Concord made it a site of Revolutionary activity. Show More Summary

Ran Away from the Regiment?

This notice appeared in the 16 Jan 1769 Boston Chronicle:STOLEN or STRAYED,From the 59th Regiment Barrack in New-Boston, the 11th inst. January; a small brown and white Spanish DOG, answers to the name of Bravo, had on a brass Collar, marked Den. Show More Summary

How to Interpret a “Black Confederate” Pensioner

Stay tuned. In the next few days I am going to be able to share some exciting news about who is publishing my black Confederates book. In this short video…

Site of vice-presidential debate has a Civil War connection

Farmville, Va., the host of Tuesday night’s debate between the vice-presidential hopefuls, was one of the places Gen. Robert E. Lee stopped to find food for his troops as they retreated from Petersburg in 1865.

Finding a Franklin Bust from France

This spring the Incollect site published Pamela Ehrlich’s article “The Lost Bust of Benjamin Franklin.” It begins: In 1949, France sent forty-nine World War I-era wooden railroad cars filled with gifts across the Atlantic to thank Americans for their aid in the aftermath of World War II. Show More Summary

Site of vice-presidential debate has Civil War connection

Farmville, Va., the home of Longwood University where the Democratic and Republican vice-presidential candidates debated Tuesday night, played a little-known role in the Civil War. Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and his troops, having evacuated Petersburg on April 2 and 3, 1865, were traveling south to join Gen. Joseph Johnston’s Army of Tennessee in North […]

Public Historians and Confederate Monuments

Looking for a little help today. In about a month I will hopefully begin to receive individual chapters from the contributors to a book of essays that I am putting…

Key phrase… “buried alive”, in 19th century newspapers

This week marks the 167th anniversary of the strange events leading up to the death of Edgar Allan Poe, and as Poe focused so often on people being buried alive, it seems fitting that I take a little time to examine what the newspapers reveal. Poe’s “The Premature Burial”, by the way, was published in […]

Madison in Massachusetts, 7 and 21 October

On Friday, 7 October, the Massachusetts Historical Society will host Kyle Jenks in the person of President James Madison, looking back on the criticisms of the U.S. Constitution from Massachusetts delegate Elbridge Gerry.Gerry was at...Show More Summary

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