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National History Day

National History Day projects are being judged in the final rounds this week... For any teacher who's ever taken on this endeavor, you understand the work and excitement that goes along with the NHD. Below is text received from National...Show More Summary

Did Gouverneur Morris Slap Washington on the Shoulder?

A footnote in Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington, written largely by George Washington Parke Custis and edited by Benson J. Lossing, passes on this story: It is related of the Honorable Gouverneur Morris, who was remarkable...Show More Summary

Excerpting memory.

If you’re interested, Slate just posted an excerpt from a chapter — on Appomattox and memory — from Battle Lines, the graphic history of the Civil War I’ve written with Jonathan Fetter-Vorm.

Ebenezer Richardson as a Cause of the American Revolution

This afternoon and for the next two days I’ll be attending the “So Sudden an Alteration” conference at the Massachusetts Historical Society. (Follow along on Twitter via #RevReborn2.)This conference is a sequel to the “American Revolution Reborn” conference in Philadelphia in 2013. Show More Summary

“We are all Americans.”

Perhaps my favorite story of the Civil War comes from Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox, which took place 150 years ago today. Here’s an excerpt, below the fold, from a piece I wrote last year about that episode. A patient historian could have traced the long arc of the Civil War by waiting out […]

Bonnie Hurd Smith on Judith Murray in Boston, 14 Apr.

On Tuesday, 14 April, the Congregational Library in Boston will host a talked by Bonnie Hurd Smith titled “From the Writing Desk of Judith Sargent Murray.” Murray was an essayist, poet, and playwright in the early American republic.Show More Summary

The 48th/150th: "Every Heart Was Filled to Overflowing:" The Road To Appomattox & The Surrender of Lee's Army

U.S. Soldiers Stand Atop The Earthworks at the Captured Fort MahoneApril 1865[National Archives] 150 Years Ago...and at long last, Petersburg, which according to Oliver Bosbyshell had been "so long invested, so hotly contested, and so...Show More Summary

Why Confederate Defeat Does Not Need to Be a National Holiday

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, an essay in The New Republic by Brian Beutler is getting…

“Meanings of Liberty” Events at Old South in April

This month the Bostonian Society and Old South Meeting House are presenting a series of Friday lunchtime events at the latter venue on the theme “Meanings of Liberty.” These presentations commemorate the 250th anniversary of the month when Americans learned that the new Stamp Act would come into effect in November. Show More Summary

New to the Civil War Memory Library, 04/06

Note: You can now pre-order, Gary W. Gallagher and Caroline E. Janney eds., Cold Harbor to the Crater: The End of the Overland Campaign [(University…

What does Paul Campos know that the Public Policy Institute of California does not?

Paul Campos writes in the New York Times about what he claims is the “real reason” for higher college tuition in the USA: far from being caused by funding cuts, the astonishing rise in college tuition correlates closely with a huge increase in public subsidies for higher education.… a major factor driving increasing costs is […]

Rebels Writer in Bellingham, 11 Apr.

On Saturday, 11 April, Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham will host a signing by Brian Wood, writer and co-creator of the new comic book series Rebels, set during the Revolutionary War.Wood has written many types of comics, including the franchises X-Men, Conan the Barbarian, and Star Wars and such originals as DMZ. Show More Summary

Colonial Comics Classes and Events in April

During Massachusetts’s upcoming school vacation week, I’ll speak about the Colonial Comics series alongside top editor Jason Rodriguez, my fellow assistant editor A. David Lewis, and other contributors and comics creators in various combinations. Show More Summary

“I Want to See Richmond”

There are a number of powerful images from yesterday’s concluding event in Richmond marking the 150th anniversary of the city’s fall and liberation. This one,…

Another Newly Discovered Poem by Jupiter Hammon

For the second time in four years, a researcher has identified a previously unstudied poem by the enslaved preacher Jupiter Hammon in an archive.In this case, the poem had not already been properly catalogued, like the last time. It was filed under the name of Phebe Townsend in the Townsend Family Papers at the New-York Historical Society. Show More Summary

Two Talks, Two Subjects

For those of you in the Greater Boston area I will be giving two talks next week. The first will be held on Wednesday evening…

April is Confederate History Month

For the states that still recognize it, I can’t think of a better month and day to acknowledge Confederate History Month. The entrance of United…

Fall of Richmond in 1865 celebrated in Chicago newspaper and streets

In the all-capital-letters headline style of the day, the Chicago Tribune on April 4, 1865 greeted its readers with, “RICHMOND IS OURS” and “THE OLD FLAG FLOATS OVER THE REBEL CAPITAL,” followed by an equally exuberant editorial ending with, “We do well to rejoice because, for this is the grandest event that ever happened to us as a people.”Read full article >>

Not Your Grandfather’s ‘Fall of Richmond’

The week-long commemoration marking the fall and liberation of Richmond, the evacuation of Petersburg by Lee’s men and its eventual surrender at Appomattox Court House…

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