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Pickett’s Charge Failed 153 Years Ago Today

Today is the 153rd anniversary of “Pickett’s Charge” – the final drama of a campaign that began with Confederates hunting down free blacks and fugitive slaves once they crossed into Pennsylvania. It’s a moment in the Civil War that has inspired some of the most outlandish counterfactuals and even great works of literature such as […]

New Words from Richard Henry Lee

The American Antiquarian Society just announced that retiree Kathy Major, back in the archive as a volunteer, had identified three previously unknown letters from Richard Henry Lee. Lee is best recalled for having proposed independence...Show More Summary

Remembering the Soldiers of the Somme

I don’t think the Brits could have asked for a more appropriate and moving tribute to those soldiers who were lost on this 100th anniversary of the battle of the Somme. On July 1, thousands of “ghost soldiers” descended on public spaces throughout the country. Reenactors handed out small cards with information about the soldiers […]

History at sunset offered at Virginia battlefields

By 7 p.m., the day’s heat should be waning and a battlefield talk and tour could be good entertainment for the family. Richmond National Battlefield Park, representing a cluster of battlefields in and around the Confederate capital, is offering free talks and guided tours on Saturday evenings this month. The sessions begin today with “Charge Back In! Counter-attack […]

Looking and Listening to Gainsborough House

Gainsborough House in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, is the late-medieval brick house where the painter Thomas Gainsborough was born in 1727. It’s now a museum dedicated to the painter and his work. The house recently announced that its collection of artwork, manuscripts, painting tools, and other artifacts is viewable online. Show More Summary

Here Comes the General

From the diary of Pvt. James Stevens of Andover, camped on the north side of the siege lines around Boston in 1775.Saterday July the 1 I wos releived of a gard about nine a Clok I went on to Chil [probably Charlestown] to see the fort...Show More Summary

Celebrate Independence Day at a battlefield

Several Civil War battlefields are offering a Fourth of July celebration with choices of activities, including concerts, fireworks, military displays and demonstrations, old-fashioned children’s games and more. Some occur on Saturday, July 2. Show More Summary

Teaching the Digital Humanities through Topic Modeling

By Sarah Goldberg While some teachers might have heard of topic modeling technology in the context of cutting-edge digital humanities research, few have considered how these exciting new tools might find a place in the history classroom. However, a topic-modeling project offers an ideal introduction to the dynamic world of digital historical methodology. Perhaps best […]

Untold Stories from Little Compton, Rhode Island

On Friday, 1 July, the Little Compton Historical Society will host a preview party for its new exhibit “If Jane Should Want to Be Sold: Stories of Enslavement, Indenture & Freedom in Little Compton, Rhode Island.”The society’s webpage...Show More Summary

Watching the Course of Human Events

I’m pleased to see that the Course of Human Events blog has started to post more frequently about the Declaration of Independence.This blog is part of Declaration Resources Project, started by Harvard political science professor Danielle...Show More Summary

The Confederate Melting Pot

This visual meme that I found on Facebook yesterday beautifully captures the broader story that I tell in the final chapter of my book on the myth of the black Confederate soldier. While the first signs of this narrative in the late 1970s was in response to the emergence of stories of black Union soldiers […]

Stonewall’s ‘Good ol Boys’

Just a few days ago President Obama announced the creation of the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to America’s National Park System. The police raid and community response that took place at the Stonewall Inn on this day, June 28, 1969, is often credited as sparking the modern LGBT civil rights movement in […]

Revisiting Castle William through the Commonwealth Museum

This summer the Commonwealth Museum at the Massachusetts Archives is featuring a small exhibit titled “Castle Island: A Storied History.”It features documents from the government’s collection related to the harbor island first fortified in the 1630s. Show More Summary

“My Dearest Friend” Opera in Quincy, 2 July

On Saturday, 2 July, Adams National Historical Park will host a free performance of Patricia Leonard’s opera My Dearest Friend.These songs will feature soprano Wendy Bryn Harmer as Abigail Adams and baritone Charles Taylor as John Adams. Show More Summary

Review of Free State of Jones

I went to see Free State of Jones on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not a perfect movie by a long shot, but it is an important movie when placed in the context of the ongoing backlash against Confederate iconography and the gradual erosion of the Lost Cause narrative of the war that we’ve […]

Following the Money after the Phillips-Woodbridge Duel

As I prepared yesterday’s posting about the duel between Henry Phillips and Benjamin Woodbridge, I noticed there’s a considerable literature about it. Samuel G. Drake wrote about the event in 1856. The Massachusetts Historical Society heard a paper on the topic in 1861 and another in 1904. Show More Summary

The First Fatal Duel on Boston Common

In 1719 Massachusetts enacted a law against dueling, establishing the punishment as a fine of up to £100, imprisonment for up to six months, and/or corporal punishment “not extending to member or pillory.” (I think “member” refers to...Show More Summary

“Revolutionary Saturdays” This Summer

Five National Park Service sites around Boston are inviting families to participate in “Revolutionary Saturdays” this summer. In particular, the parks invite fourth-graders to download a voucher from the “Every Kid in a Park” website to prepare for their visits, which are aimed to prepare them to study the American Revolution in school next year. Show More Summary

The Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center

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An Online Research Guide to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School

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