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Why Even Now It’s Still Wrong To Vandalize Confederate Monuments

Over the past month I’ve written quite a bit about the ongoing discussion about the place of Confederate iconography – specifically flags and monuments –…

August Saturdays at the Paul Revere House

The Paul Revere House in Boston’s North End is offering programs every Saturday afternoon this month.8 August at 1:00, 1:45 & 2:30 P.M.A Loyalist Perspective on the Revolution Hear a first-hand account of the abuses that Loyalists suffered...Show More Summary

Civil War Memory and the “Anglo-Saxon Civilization” of The New South

Yesterday while reading about the history of the Confederate monument vandalized for a second time in Charlotte, North Carolina I came across the United Confederate…

Vote to save an endangered Civil War artifact

Civil War preservation efforts for battlefields are well known and often well-funded, but there are smaller, more personal artifacts from the war that deserve the public’s attention and financial support as well. Five of them are among the 25 nominees for the Virginia Association of Museums’s annual most endangered list and include a nurse’s coat, […]

“Echoes of the Past” Game on 15 Aug.

As I described earlier in the week, the Bostonian Society is helping to commemorate the sestercentennial of Boston’s Stamp Act protests with a reenactment on Saturday, 15 August.Before that event, from noon to 4:00 P.M., the societyShow More Summary

Debates in Faneuil Hall over the Stamp Act

Yet another sestercentennial event in Boston this August are town-meeting-style debates over the Stamp Act in Faneuil Hall on Sunday afternoons. Boston National Historical Park explains:Have you ever wondered what it would be like to...Show More Summary

“They Preserved the Anglo-Saxon Civilization of the South”

A monument in Charlotte, North Carolina commemorating a Confederate reunion, which took place in 1929, has been vandalized for the second time this summer. While…

History in context(?): the ACS, “National racism” in the early 19th century, and our path forward

While I continue to hash out details about the ACS, I’m certainly not blind to what we consider (under our modern lenses) “racist” views held in the actions of people in the past. The difference is, however, that I think I’m able to realize the difference in views between today and yesterday, as more properly evaluated within […]

Tyler on the Hutchinson House at Old North, 26 Aug.

As I described yesterday, on the night of 26 Aug 1765, Bostonians ripped apart the North End house of Lt. Gov. Thomas Hutchinson (shown here at a happier moment). This action was connected to the town’s ongoing protests against the Stamp Act. Show More Summary

John Pendleton Kennedy and Washington Irving on slavery encountered in the Shenandoah

While I continue to work on that list of auxiliaries within the American Colonization Society… some observations from another item of interest. It might come as a surprise to some that the author of some of America’s original classics journeyed to the Shenandoah Valley (on more than one occasion, in fact) in the 1850s. While […]

Reenacting a Riot along Washington Street, 15 Aug.

As I wrote yesterday, on 14 August the Revolution 250 coalition will host a ceremony illuminating and hanging lanterns in Liberty Tree Plaza, at the intersection of Washington and Boylston Streets, to commemorate the sestercentennial of Boston’s first public protest against the Stamp Act. Show More Summary

National Park Service Needs a Stricter Confederate Flag Policy

I fully support the recent decision to remove gift items featuring the Confederate flag in National Park Service stores. In fact, I believe this policy…

More than just an ad: Mary Pegram’s School, Richmond

Two blog posts in one day? Sure, why not… Spending some leisure time looking over my copies of Southern Literary Messenger this afternoon, I ran across a couple advertisements; and noting the names of people associated with the ads, I looked those names up on the Web. Some of the stuff I found was rather […]

Sunday morning in the Shenandoah: The “Natty B”

There are pieces of art from the antebellum era that capture a romance that is impossible to find today. While Hermann Meyer’s work was just one from that time period, it offers a portrayal of the Natural Bridge that I appreciate most. Of course, what it portrays is a time before European arrival in the […]

Revolution 250’s Liberty Tree Lantern Ceremony, 14 Aug.

In August of 1765, Bostonians carried out public protests against the Stamp Act that set the template for other actions up and down the coast of British North America. On 14 August, there was a public demonstration against the impending law under the big elm beside the one road into town during market day. Show More Summary

Patrick Clooney, 88th New York

The life and passing of Patrick Phelan (Felan) Clooney. One of the heroes of the Irish Brigade at Antietam.

The Newf and Werner von Bachelle

In April 1861 Werner von Bachelle volunteered for service in response to President Lincoln's first call for troops. Killed at Antietam, he's a celebrity today - thanks to his faithful Newfoundland dog.

In the wake of Nat Turner – further encouragement to the American Colonization Society?

I find what follows to be worthy of introduction into the discussion about the American Colonization Society. How did the Nat Turner Rebellion impact the efforts of the ACS? Perhaps more importantly, what did the discussions of 1831/32 mean to Virginians by 1861? You’ll note that I link freely to Encyclopedia Virginia… a rich resource […]

Confederate Heritage Has Its Day at Stone Mountain

Jonathan Lee Krohn is posting some wonderful photographs on his Twitter feed at Stone Mountain, Georgia, where a Confederate flag rally is underway. It looks…

Boston’s Latest Liberty Tree

This is a photo of the Liberty Tree outside the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library’s main building as it appeared earlier this week.There are related displays in some of the branch libraries around the city, I understand. Show More Summary

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