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Donald Trump and the Avoidable Conflict

Donald Trump claims to be an admirer of President Andrew Jackson. He recently visited his home in Tennessee and on occasion has reflected on Jackson’s significance. I would prefer that […]

“This is King Tammany’s Day”

In the Middle Colonies shortly before the Revolution, Americans began to celebrate May Day in a new way: as a celebration of Tamanend, a Lenape leader whom white colonists fondly remembered as cooperative and peaceful. William Eddis was a British Customs official who came to Annapolis, Maryland, in 1769 and departed in 1777. Show More Summary

Malden’s Road to Revolution Retraced, 2 May

On Tuesday, 2 May, the Malden Historical Society will hold its 130th annual meeting with a special presentation titled “Malden—Steps Along the Road to Revolution.” The event description says: “Six costumed re-enactors will portray historic Maldonians in a script based on their lives written by historian Mary Fuhrer. Show More Summary

Oak Ridge Tower Panorama: April 2017

This panoramic view was taken from the observation tower on Culp’s Hill. For the larger[...] The post Oak Ridge Tower Panorama: April 2017 appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

“Paddocks Coach was shut out of Boston”

We left Sarah Deming and her family on the morning of 21 Apr 1775 at the house of the Rev. William Gordon in Roxbury, relieved that the British army had not attacked that site as feared.Nevertheless, Deming and her female companions decided they had to get farther away from the siege lines. Show More Summary

Sherfy’s Peach Orchard: Spring Update

It’s been almost two months since we last showed you the Sherfy Peach Orchard.The Emmitsburg[...] The post Sherfy’s Peach Orchard: Spring Update appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

I Thought That Was Edward Sebesta in the Audience

I arrived early last Saturday at the National Civil War Museum to walk through some of the exhibit space and to spend some time with my good friend, Wayne Motts, […]

On the Home Front in Rollinsford, N.H., 29-30 Apr.

This weekend, 29-30 April, the Colonel Paul Wentworth House in Rollinsford, New Hampshire, will host a two-day living history event titled “1777 Home-Front: Life at Home During the American Revolution.” The event description says:The...Show More Summary

My Next Book Now Available for Pre-Order

Earlier this week Rowman & Littlefield shared the cover for my forthcoming book, Interpreting the Civil War at Museums and Historic Sites. They offered a choice between two color patterns, […]

“I am not sure I needed this peice of forecast”

Earlier this week we followed Sarah Deming and her household out of Boston on 20 Apr 1775. British soldiers were questioning people about whether they were carrying any arms but not stopping them. The provincial forces outside town were just getting organized. Show More Summary

Trevor Noah on Confederate Memorial Day

Confederate Memorial Day and the broader culture of Confederate remembrance is a regular and easy target for late night comedians and other commentators. The Daily Show has gone after it […]

Hancock Avenue Gate Progress

The Hancock Avenue Gate sits along the Taneytown Road across from the Soldiers National Cemetery.This[...] The post Hancock Avenue Gate Progress appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

Talk about David Mason in Salem, 28 Apr.

On Friday, 28 April, I’m headed back to Salem to talk about “Leslie’s Retreat” and The Road to Concord to the Explorers Lifelong Learning Institute of Salem State University. (I’m taking the place of another speaker, so I’m not listed...Show More Summary

Pennsylvania State Monument Panorama: April 2017

Today’s panorama was taken from the northwest corner of the Pennsylvania Monument. The Round Tops[...] The post Pennsylvania State Monument Panorama: April 2017 appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

Which #NOLA Monument Will Fall Next?

Despite the headlines, the Liberty Place Monument does not directly commemorate the Confederacy. Properly understood, it commemorates an event that took place during Reconstruction in New Orleans. This is an […]

“Here are the cannon—Our cannon are coming”

Among the documents the Massachusetts Historical Society has made available in digital form is Sarah (Winslow) Deming’s letter detailing day by day her experience at the start of the Revolutionary War. From a genteel family with relatives on both sides of the political divide, Deming was inside Boston when the fighting began on April 1775. Show More Summary

The Angle Panorama: April 2017

A panoramic view from “The Angle.” To our left we can see the monument to[...] The post The Angle Panorama: April 2017 appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

Talking about Stolen Cannon in Falmouth, 25 Apr.

On Tuesday, 25 April, I’ll speak to the Falmouth Historical Society about The Road to Concord: How Four Stolen Cannon Ignited the Revolutionary War. My book explores how Massachusetts Patriots were furiously collecting cannon months before the war broke out in April of 1775, but of course keeping that effort as quiet as possible. Show More Summary

Liberty Place Monument in New Orleans Gone

There were hints yesterday that the city of New Orleans would begin the process of removing four controversial monuments overnight. These rumors proved to be true. Over night workers removed […]

26th North Carolina Part 5: LBG Eric Lindblade

Licensed Battlefield Guide Eric Lindblade explains the 151st Pennsylvania’s role in the fighting on July[...] The post 26th North Carolina Part 5: LBG Eric Lindblade appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

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