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“The White Man’s Flag”

I have referenced John Coski’s book, The Confederate Battle Flag: America’s Most Embattled Emblem, more than once over the past two weeks. It is by…

Washington, Lee, and “tinsel dignity”

Yesterday I quoted Gen. Charles Lee’s letter to Gen. George Washington after the Battle of Monmouth, complaining that the commander-in-chief had spoken too harshly to him on the battlefield.On 30 June 1778, Washington replied to that...Show More Summary

The United Daughters of the Confederacy’s Curious Silence on the Confederate Flag Debate

We have heard quite a bit from Sons of Confederate Veterans over the past week in response to the debate over the Confederate flag on…

Confederate Flag Fun

It’s been a pretty serious week with a good deal of reflection concerning important issues related to Civil War memory. I thought it was time…

150th anniversary of verdict in Lincoln assassination co-conspirators trial

On June 30, 1865, following a seven-week military trial at a hastily constructed courtroom on the third floor of what is now Grant Hall at Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C., the verdict was announced for the eight accused of conspiring to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Show More Summary

Charles Lee and “those dirty earwigs”

In the middle of the Battle of Monmouth, Gen. George Washington chided Gen. Charles Lee for his decision to withdraw from the Continental Army’s first encounter with the British forces (an incident recently dramatized in the season finale of Turn: Washington’s Spies). Show More Summary

54th Massachusetts Called to Duty Once Again

Late last night a Confederate flag was discovered displayed on the Shaw Memorial on Beacon Street across the street from the Massachusetts State House. The…

Historians Help a Nation Understand Charleston and Civil War Memory

Last week I attended the Civil War Institute’s annual conference at Gettysburg College. At the end of the first evening Peter Carmichael sat down for…

Gettysburg’s Lutheran Seminary Takes Courageous Stand on Confederate Flag

During my recent trip to Gettysburg I made time to visit the Seminary Ridge Museum, which is located on the campus of the Lutheran Theological…

The Massachusetts Stamp Act of 1755

As I trace the developments of Parliament’s Stamp Act of 1765 in this year of its sestercentennial, I have to acknowledge that ten years before then, the Massachusetts General Court enacted its own stamp act, or tax on paper.On 1 May 1755, during the second administration of Gov. Show More Summary

About That Confederate Ancestor of Yours

A constant refrain heard over the past week is that the Confederate battle flag is a revered symbol for the descendants of the men who…


This morning Bree Newsome scaled the gate around the Confederate flag in Columbia, South Carolina and removed it. [Uploaded to YouTube on June 27, 2015]

The Fate of the Rev. John Martin?

I promised more of the story of the Rev. John Martin, whom we left during the siege of Boston, preaching to the riflemen about how he’d taken command at Bunker Hill and perhaps marrying deserter George Marten to young bride Wilmot Lee in Medford without recording their marriage. Show More Summary

The ‘Cornerstone’ of the Confederate Flag

Earlier today President Barack Obama eulogized Reverend and South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney. There were numerous references to American history, but on this blog,…

New logo, enlarged mission for Virginia battlefield preservation organization

The Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, headquartered in New Market, Va., has unveiled a new logo and announced an enlarged mission to go with it. This is its third logo. The first two had abstract depictions of Civil War soldiers but this one has the image of an actual teenage soldier who died in battle in the valley.Read full article >>

Hogeland on Hamilton on the Ten-Dollar Note

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew recently announced a plan to add a notable American woman to the next redesign of the ten-dollar bill. It’s been more than a century since Martha Washington appeared on a U.S. silver certificate.TheShow More Summary

Removal of Confederate Flags Marks the End of the Civil War Sesquicentennial

We just might look back and point to the wave of anti-Confederate flag fervor witnessed over the last week as marking the end of the…

“Perspectives on the Boston Massacre,” 7-9 July

On 7-9 July, the Massachusetts Historical Society will host a multi-day workshop investigating “Perspectives on the Boston Massacre.” It’s designed for teachers, librarians, and members of the public interested in exploring the Massacre...Show More Summary

Why It Is Still Wrong to Vandalize Confederate Monuments

Yesterday the Governor of Alabama ordered the removal of a Confederate flag located on the statehouse grounds next to a Confederate monument. Given the wave…

When does it go too far?

With the Charleston massacre being at the center of it all… I’ve spent a little more time sitting and listening… (although, I have felt compelled to post, on Facebook, about the “collateral damage”, as those events have sped by). I’m struck by the manner in which we can be so focused, in our conversations, on one topic and […]

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