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The elusive triple "is"

Last month ("Xtreme Isisism", 8/13/11), Mark Liberman analyzed a TED talk by Kevin Slavin, a speaker who is particularly prone to copula-doubling ("the point IS IS that…", "the reality IS IS that…", etc.). Slavin even produced an impressive case of copula-tripling: "and the thing IS IS IS that this isn't Google." The triple IS is [...]

Breaking and Entering Double Passive

I listened to a podcast of PRI’s The Changing World while I was shopping for groceries last week, an episode called “America’s Own Extremists, Part 2?. A BBC guy named Jonny Dymond was interviewing an educator who had been threatened by some white-supremacist types. She said, Since then, every residence I’ve lived at has been [...]

Gil Scott-Heron's old-fashioned ghetto code

Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday at the age of 62, a remarkable performer whose politically charged combination of music and poetry had an enormous influence on the development of hip-hop culture. One of my favorite spoken-word performances by Scott-Heron appeared on the 1978 compilation, The Mind of Gil Scott-Heron: " The Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dot [...]


Mendele (Forum for Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language) publishes a magazine, The Mendele Review, which recently devoted an issue to Waiting for Godot in Yiddish. "There are two known Yiddish translations of the play ? Gizela Shkilnik's posthumously published version from German issued by the Y.-L. Show More Summary

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