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Conditional request

Today’s Zits comic is one for conditionals afficionados:

News from the open access revolution

Three items of interest on the open access front: Harvard council advises faculty to publish through open access venues. Coverage of this memo: Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, The Atlantic, The Guardian MIT open access...Show More Summary

Danny & Kai

Sabine took this while I was chairing the semantics session at Ling50@ MIT, where Danny and Philippe were the speakers:

My academic genealogy

I received my PhD from UMass in 1994 with a dissertation called “Restrictions on Quantifier Domains”. I started teaching at MIT in 1993 and was finishing my dissertation during my first year of teaching here. My dissertation advisor (Doktormutter, “doctor mother”) was Angelika Kratzer. Show More Summary

Morris & Noam Recursion

I’ve already shared this picture via the requisite social networks, but here it is for the blog: A picture taken after Noam Chomsky’s keynote talk at Ling50@ MIT, the scientific reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MIT Linguistics phd program. Show More Summary

Recent talks

This past month I have been busy with talks in various venues. Three papers that now need to be written. Slides are available for all three and in one case there’s a draft paper of sorts. I gave a talk on deontic modals in a session at the Central meeting of the APA. Show More Summary

The politburo

A subset of the MIT syntax/semantics politburo, some of us even smiling: (Taken during Rick Nouwen’s colloquium when Irene Heim was introducing the speaker, which is why she’s not in the row with us.) (Thanks to Danny Fox for the pointer at the picture and thanks to mitcho for taking the picture!) (Can you put three parentheticals in brackets in a row?) (Sure, you can.)

When you know you’re a geek

When you know you’re a geek, part 145: a slideshow needs to be prepared for a talk in a couple of days. So, you think that instead of writing the slides directly in LaTeX Beamer code (of course, anything like PowerPoint or Keynote is beyond the pale), you should write them in markdown, since that’s so nicely uncluttered. Show More Summary

Running and speaking

During my sabbatical year, I have just as many races projected as I have speaking gigs. Perhaps, I should make that a principle. I plan to run the following races: October 9, 2011: BAA Half Marathon April 1, 2012: Cohasset Road RaceShow More Summary

Conditionals handbook article

This came in the snail mail the other day. Rather quaint to get printed offprints. Anyway, this let me know that my entry on conditionals for the new three volume semantics handbook (Semantics: An international handbook of natural language meaning) has now appeared. von Fintel, Kai. Show More Summary

Sabbatical Diary 2011-07-25

After three weeks of sabbatical, I feel my mind slowly becoming less full of clutter and I may be ready to tackle some substantial projects (outlined below). In the mean time: There was a lot of high quality soccer this month (almost...Show More Summary

Citation impact 2008-2010

[Reposted from S&P Editors Blog] We were curious to see how S&P is doing as far as the impact of published articles on the field is concerned. Below we have compiled a list of all articles published in the four main semantics journals...Show More Summary

Google Scholar Citations

As announced on the Google Scholar Blog yesterday, there is now the option of creating a researcher profile of yourself. Google’s documentation of this service (“Google Scholar Citations”) is here. Google Scholar Citations is currently in limited launch with a small number of users. Show More Summary

More on Elsevier Boycott

The Elsevier boycott I mentioned last week has gathered momentum. Here is some coverage: Techdirt Chronicle of Higher Education Ars Technica Economist Boing Boing Chronicle of Higher Education Science Guardian

Might Made Right Published!

In 2003, Thony and I spent many a pleasant afternoon at Burdick’s in Harvard Square doing socially acceptable drugs and brainstorming about the recent spate of work on epistemic modality. Several talks and papers issued out of those conservations, which continued in virtual space when Thony left Cambridge. Show More Summary

Russell on implicature

Benjamin Russell recently finished his dissertation at Brown. I was part of his committee (chaired by Polly Jacobson, other members: Larry Horn, Laura Kertz) and learned a lot from working with Ben. He has now posted his thesis to the archive: Russell, Benjamin. Show More Summary

My first post on Language Log

As hinted yesterday, I have joined the Language Log juggernaut (thanks to Mark Liberman and Geoff Pullum for recruiting me). Here’s my first post: Justice Breyer, Professor Austin, and the Meaning of ‘Any’.

Attack from big money publishers

Speaking of open access, I hope that most of you have heard about the US Research Works Act, which is a bill before Congress that would roll back the open access policies of some federal grant agencies. I urge you all to do what you can to raise awareness of this. Show More Summary

Sabbatical Diary 2011-07-05

As of July 1, 2011, I’m on leave from MIT for one year, a combination of an overdue sabbatical and an administrative leave at the end of a three and a half year term as Associate Dean (a position to which I will return for another tour of duty after my leave). Show More Summary

My open access policy

MIT, of course, has an Open Access Policy, which I am proud to have played a small role in establishing. Having that policy has guided my personal decisions about venues for publishing and reviewing, but I have noticed that I have not always been very principled and consistent in my decisions. Show More Summary

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