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Visiting Scholars 2017

Since 2014, we have welcomed a number of visiting scholars who wish to pursue their own research projects to make use of materials held in the Library’s Special Collections.  These […]

The Claustrophobic Paranoia of Walt Whitman’s Lost Novel

This week Page-Turner is publishing a series on Walt Whitman. Previously, Jia Tolentino wrote about an unusual use of Whitman’s poetry at a drug court in Alabama, Dan Piepenbring wrote on Whitman’s rediscovered men’s-health columns, and Jeffrey Yang wrote on Whitman and the sea.

Let’s Hear It for the Editors

With the passing of founder and 50+-year editor of the New York Review of Books, Robert Silvers, we’re seeing a number of remembrances praising what he built. The New York Review has been special for a number of reasons, which include: being profitable for 50 years despite not dumbing down its content or catering to Continue Reading

Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding

The Leipzig Book Fair opened with the ceremony for its Prize for European Understanding, which went to Mathias Énard -- whose Compass is due out in English shortly (and a review of which should be up shortly at the complete review ). See,...Show More Summary

The Killing of Shishupala review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Magha's Sanskrit epic, The Killing of Shishupala -- the first complete translation into English, recently published in the Murty Classical Library of India (from Harvard University Press). This has one of the great examples of... Show More Summary

On Sacred Spaces & Community: Jewish Poets Speak Out

  When I wrote “Voyager I Am Singing the Fire” last week, it began as a response to the wake of rising Anti-Semitism in this country, particularly the desecration of… Continue reading ?

Connie Palmen Q & A

Several of Connie Palmen's novels have been published in English over the decades -- starting with The Laws, almost a quarter of a century ago (by George Braziller in the US -- a typical get for the recently deceased publisher); getShow More Summary

Colin Dexter (1930-2017)

'Inspector Morse'-author Colin Dexter has passed away; see, for example, Dennis Barker's obituary in The Guardian.

Lessons on Male Insecurity (and Indigestion) from Walt Whitman’s Men’s-Health Column

This week, Page-Turner is publishing a series on Walt Whitman. Yesterday, Jia Tolentino wrote about an unusual use of Whitman’s poetry at a drug court in Alabama. Check back tomorrow to read Jeffrey Yang on Whitman and the sea.

Torgny Lindgren (1938-2017)

Swedish author Torgny Lindgren passsed away a couple of days ago -- not that there seems to have been any notice in the English-language press (but see, for example Sara Danius' weblog mention). It's a major loss, of an author reasonably...Show More Summary

Nordiska pris to Dag Solstad

The Swedish Academy blew it bigtime last year by awarding (or trying to... he still hasn't given that supposedly obligatory lecture...) the Nobel Prize in Literature to song-man Bob Dylan, and they have their work cut out for them in...Show More Summary

Robert B. Silvers (1929-2017)

Robert B. Silvers, co-founding and long-time editor of The New York Review of Books, has passed away. See the NYRB notice, William Grimes' obituary in The New York Times, and Laura Miller at Slate on How Bob Silvers and the New York Review of Books Transformed the Literary World.

Reading in ... Lithuania

Lithuania is the guest of honor (well, 'Schwerpunktland'...) at this year's Leipzig Book Fair (23 to 26 March), and so at DeutscheWelle Inga Janiulyt? has a look at What Lithuanians read -- and what they want you to read about them. Apparently: The...Show More Summary

The Sad Part Was review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Thai author Prabda Yoon's The Sad Part Was, just out from Tilted Axis Press. This is the first Tilted Axis Press title under review at the complete review, but already this...Show More Summary

Remembering Robert Silvers

Robert B. Silvers, the founder and long-serving editor of The New York Review of Books, died on Monday, at the age of eighty-seven. We asked our contributors for remembrances. 

This Week in Fiction: Victor Lodato on the Short Story as a Fling

Your story in this week’s issue, “Herman Melville, Volume 1,” is about a young woman who has been drifting from town to town in Oregon with her boyfriend, Evan. The story opens as she’s carrying all their stuff—“two skateboards, two backpacks, the banjo in its scratched-up case”—and searching for Evan, who has disappeared. Show More Summary

Jerzy Kosinski’s Traumas, Real and Invented

In 1982, Jerzy Kosinski, the Polish-American novelist and literary celebrity, appeared on the cover of the Times Magazine, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Naked to the waist, his shoulder leaning against a stable door, he wore polo boots and tight white riding pants; horse tack dangled whiplike from his left hand. Show More Summary

Weaponizing the Past

On the night of April 9, 1931, James M. Kiley, thirty-nine, was shot with a.32-calibre pistol at a gas station in Somerville, Massachusetts, during a botched holdup. Kiley, the night manager, had twenty-four dollars in his pocket; the cash in the register was untouched. Show More Summary

Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award shortlist

They've announced the six-title shortlist for this year's £30,000 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award. You can read excerpts of the stories (yeah, excerpts...) at the official site, but some can be found elsewhere on the internet in their...Show More Summary

Marathi recommendations

At Devapriya Roy offers Fourteen Marathi classics, handpicked by Bhalchandra Nemade, that must be read (and translated). With no Marathi titles under review (yet) at the complete review, certainly somerthing to look into.....

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