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New Hungarian books

At hlo they have a (far-too-small) sampling of recent Hungarian books (recent in Hungary that is -- and not close to English translation, sigh) from prominent (in Hungary...) authors. Esterházy Péter registers even in the US/UK (TheShow More Summary

A.B.Yehoshua 'By the Book'

The New York Times Book Review's 'By the Book' Q & A this weekend features A.B.Yehoshua, who proves himself to be almost comically conservative in his reading habits -- there's nary a present-day author in sight here, at least until the very end, when he -- warily ? -- claims his next bookstore purchase will be... Show More Summary

Charlotte Salomon movie

I recently reviewed David Foenkinos' mega-bestselling 2014 prix Renaudot-winning novel about artist Charlotte Salomon, Charlotte, and now they've announced that Bibo Bergeron Set to Direct 'Charlotte Salomon' Animated Biopic, based on...Show More Summary

Alpine Ballad review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Belarusian author Vasil Bykau's Alpine Ballad, in a new (and uncensored) translation, just out from Glagoslav.

"Killing Fairies" in Best Gay Stories 2016

I'm thrilled that my A Cappella Zoo story "Killing Fairies" has just been reprinted in Best Gay Stories 2016 edited by Steve Berman for Lethe Press.The table of contents for Best Gay Stories this year is quite strong, and it's an honor to be among this company. Show More Summary

Expecting Something Else: an interview with poet A.M. O’Malley

Like all great writers, A.M. O’Malley’s work defies easy categorization. She’s a poet who often writes prose; a memoirist who writes such evocative, lyrical passages that they can only be called poetry. Although widely known and respected in her home… Continue reading ?

The Strange Power of a Medieval Poem About the Death of a Child

The medieval poem “Pearl” was written by someone whose identity we do not know and is set mostly within a dream. Neither of these facts is unusual in medieval poetry. Authorship is often unclear for works from that period, and dreams...Show More Summary

Show and Tell – Bird Books and Resources

  In mid-May we held our final Show and Tell of the semester, following on from our previous event about treasures discovered by the Lighting the Past team. The event […]

Princess of Asturias Award for Literature

The Princess of Asturias Awards used to be the Prince of Asturias Awards, until they promoted the guy to 'king of Spain' and had to hand them off to the princess; they are awarded in a variety of categories, including 'Sports' and 'International...Show More Summary

'Emerging Voices Awards' longlist

The FT/OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards are a bit odd -- they're: "open to passport holders of emerging nations in three categories", but only certain regions for each category, e.g. only Latin American and Caribbean artists in...Show More Summary

Lois Duncan (1934-2016)

American YA author Lois Duncan has passed away; see for example the rap sheet mention. Not much YA under review at the complete review, but two Duncan titles are: Killing Mr. Griffin and I Know What You Did Last Summer (both of which were also made into films).

New Quarterly Conversation

Issue 44 - Summer 2016 of the Quarterly Conversation is now available online, with the usual interesting mix of titles covered -- check it out !

Gregory Rabassa (1922-2016)

Translator Gregory Rabassa -- best-known as the translator of the Gabriel García Márquez classic, One Hundred Years of Solitude -- has passed away; see, for example, Matt Schudel's obituary in The Washington Post -- or Thomas Hoeksema's...Show More Summary

Experience, Creativity, and Craft: Some Thoughts on Mark McGurl’s Program Era

I’ve recently finished Mark McGurl’s The Program Era, which I’m sure some of you will recall as having made a splash a few years ago. The book has such a commonsensical (bordering on obvious) thesis that it’s one of those things you’re amazed no one has ever tried to write before: quite simply, McGurl tries Continue Reading

Here Comes Hilda

It began, as adventures often do, with a trip: a family holiday in Norway, parents and their teen-agers, that seemed entirely straightforward at the time. “My imagination was really going for it on that trip—the landscape of the place stuck with me,” Luke Pearson, the British author of the Hildafolk series of graphic novels, told me. Show More Summary

On Watching: Eco-Poetry and Desire in “The Beekeeper’s Daughter”

  by Karen Malpede I sit in the back of the theater; that way I can watch the audience watching the play I have written and directed. I can monitor their restless movements, observe if anyone drops off to sleep,… Continue reading ?

Internationaler Literaturpreis HKW

The Internationaler Literaturpreis - Haus der Kulturen der Welt is a leading German prize for a book-in-translation, with the winning author receiving €20,000 and the translator €15,000 (not quite Man Booker International Prize money,...Show More Summary

Premio Gregor von Rezzori

The Premio Gregor von Rezzori - Città di Firenze "is awarded is [sic] for the best work of foreign fiction published in Italy within the last year", and they've announced that Blinding, by Mircea C?rt?rescu, has taken this year's prize,...Show More Summary

Raja Rao archive

They've announced that the Harry Ransom Center Acquires Archive of Indian Author Raja Rao -- though the 'acquisition' was a cheap one: apparently the archive was donated by the estate. (Given what some writer's archives have gone for,...Show More Summary

Lisa review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Thomas Glavinic's Lisa. This has not been translated into English, but you can probably do without it..... But I'm trying to catch up on my Glavinic-coverage and have had this one lying around for a while, so.....

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