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Alan Bennett profile

In The Guardian Mark Lawson profiles Alan Bennett (The Uncommon Reader, etc.).

Carlos Fonseca Q & A

At Bomb Chloe Aridjis has a Q & A with Carlos Fonseca, whose Colonel Lágrimas is just out in English.

Filming books in ... Egypt

In Al-Monitor David Awad wonders Will screenwriters boost Egypt's literary scene ? Apparently: Writers and producers recently revived the idea of turning widely read and best-selling novels into screenplays. Given how common this has always been I'm surprised (and have my doubts...) that it ever fell out of fashion; still, old or new idea, it presumably can't do much harm.

Be Professional, You Freak

In addition to craft and close friends, one of the things that’s stayed with me from graduate school has to do with a writer’s public image. One of my professors—a fierce talent whom I loved working with for her directness,… Continue reading ?

Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize [!/?]

  Learning of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature this week, I found myself observing, as if from a great distance, the point that the Committee was making (oral and bardic traditions are “literature” too) and the point that more… Continue reading ?

Nordic noir overview

At the TLS Icelandic author Yrsa Sigurðardóttir offers a solid overview/introduction to 'Nordic noir', in Snowed under.

Profile: María Kodama

In the Sydney Review of Books James Halford profiles Jorge Luis Borges' widow, in Such Loneliness in that Gold: María Kodama on Life After Borges.

Profile: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I have no idea what prompted this or why The Washington Post thinks Carlos Ruiz Zafón is The bestselling literary sensation you may struggle to name, but Manuel Roig-Franzia profiles the The Shadow of the Wind-author -- and the anecdote about the 'Dragon's Cave', a pretty fancy author-indulgence, is certainly weirdly interesting.

Writing in ... China

In Observer (as it's now apparently called...), Josh Feola and Michael Pettis report that Chinese Literature Finds Its Place, a slightly odd piece -- "Dazed and dealing with rapid modernization, PRC now produces writers who are unmistakably Chinese" -- that nevertheless offers a glimpse of some of the ways in which writing has changed in China over the past few decades.

Poetry and Leadership: Part I

This post is an adaptation of a talk I gave at last weekend’s Imagining America National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   The medium of poetry is language—not some alternate language to that which we are immersed in every day, but the same… Continue reading ?

“Ultimate Male Nightmares”: on Boxing Helena and Election 2016 (Part 1)

  Recently, I had a conversation with an older male colleague who enlightened me on the “real” reason Boxing Helena is not the “awkward fairy tale” as Jennifer Lynch intended: apparently a doctor cutting off all the limbs of a woman… Continue reading ?

Bob Dylan as Nobel laureate

As discussed yesterday -- hey, it takes a while for the reality of this to sink in -- they named... Bob Dylan this year's Nobel laureate. A few more observations now that it's (very slowly...) sinking in: - I think the selection was a misstep for the Swedish Academy. They've made some... Show More Summary

Dario Fo (1926-2016)

On the day they announced this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature comes word that (controversial) 1997 laureate Dario Fo has passed away; see, for example, obituaries by Michael Billington (in The Guardian) and Jonathan Kandell (in The New York Times).

Monsieur de Bougrelon review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Jean Lorrain's Monsieur de Bougrelon, a nice little fin de siècle novel set in Amsterdam, forthcoming from Spurl Editions.

A Long and Narrow Way

And if my thought-dreams could be seen They’d probably put my head in a guillotine —"It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)" First, some axioms. Points. Nodes. Notes. (After which, a few fragments.) From Alfred Nobel's will: "The saidShow More Summary

Our Favorite Dylan Lyrics

I don’t know how many Dylan LPs, then tapes, then CDs I have worn out.

Historical Cooking: Introduction

This is the first post in a new miniseries on historical cooking, in which we will be recreating dishes from a 17th century recipe book. Which archive assistant doesn’t enjoy […]

Karen Malpede: “Science and Poetics”

Science Writing: A Playwright’s Story I am a playwright and writer with Bachelor of Science and MFA degrees. Years ago at the University of Wisconsin there was an accelerated program for freshmen and sophomores that made no distinction between sciences… Continue reading ?

The Missing Books, Now With Lit Hub Excerpt

As part of the release of The Missing Books this week, you can now read an excerpt of it at Literary Hub. From the chatter I’ve been seeing this week on Twitter, people are digging this project. I think it’s pretty cool, and I hope you’ll check it out. If you’re thinking of getting in Continue Reading

The Nobel Prize in Literature goes to ...

The Nobel Prize in Literature will be announced today at 13:00 Stockholm time (that's 7:00 AM EST); you can watch the announcement live at the official site. [This post will be updated shortly after the official announcement, and then, until further notice, throughout the day as more information becomes available.]

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