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Review of All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld

The first thing to say about this book is that the prose is just stunning. It had me hooked from the first lines: Another sheep, mangled and bled out, her innards not yet crusting and the vapours rising from her like a steamed pudding. Crows, their beaks shining, strutting and rasping, and when I waved […]

Cot-caught merger

Image courtesy: I was browsing when I came across this short bio of the author of the post I was reading. He had mentioned that he is battling with the "cot-caught merger." I was intrigued by the phrase and I looked it up. Show More Summary

Links & Reviews

- Rebecca Rego Barry has a bit more about the apparent theft of materials from the NYPL. Mitch Fraas has posted some court filings from the case and linked to the NYPL Bulletin issue from 1930 announcing the library's acquisition ofShow More Summary

'The Future is Now'

A week ago today the opening night event at the PEN World Voices festival was a great line-up of authors (including Tom Stoppard, Ng?g? wa Thiong'o, and Aminatta Forna) imagining The Future is Now -- an event I was fortunate enough to...Show More Summary

Günter Grass memorial

They held a Günter Grass memorial service in Lübeck yesterday -- see, for example, the DeutscheWelle report German literary great Günter Grass farewelled -- and John Irving gave the eulogy. He spoke (for the most part) in English, but so far I've only been able to find the German (and Spanish...) versions; I hope someone will reproduce the English original at some point.

Sphinx review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Anne Garréta's 1986 novel, Sphinx -- the novel that got her into the Oulipo, and which is now available in Emma Ramadan's impressive translation from Deep Vellum.

Preserving oral literature

In The Standard Vivere Nandiemo and Barrack Oduor maintain We must save oral literature from extinction (in Kenya). I think maybe they get carried away in arguing, for example: (I)t is high time some of the lost values in this generation...Show More Summary

Nigeria International Book Fair

The Nigeria International Book Fair -- "NIBF, as abbreviatedly called", as they helpfully suggest at the official site -- runs from tomorrow through Saturday: "a well-packaged, well-organised, the biggest and the consistent book event...Show More Summary

Shibata Motoyuki profile

In The Japan Times James Hadfield profiles The 'dwarf' architect of Japan's literary boom, Shibata Motoyuki (????) Among the observations: he: "still finds it hard to convince American editors how good [Kawakami Hiromi] is" (the author...Show More Summary

Dalkey Archive Press heads to Texas

Dalkey Archive Press settled at Illinois State University in 1992 and stuck it out there through 2006; for a while they intended to move on to the University of Rochester, but that fell through (which turned out to work out well, since...Show More Summary

Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize

They've announced that Catherine Schelbert will receive the 2015 Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize for her translation of Hugo Ball's Flametti, or The Dandyism of the Poor published by Wakefield Press -- a great choice. (See also...Show More Summary

Censorship in Russia

Headlines don't get much more depressing than this: in The Moscow Times Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber reports that More Than 80% of Russians Favor State Censorship of Literature, Film, Art. Yes, the good news is that: "56 percent of theShow More Summary

Sitti Nurbaya review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Marah Rusli's 1922 novel, Sitti Nurbaya: A Love Unrealized, yet another volume in Lontar's Modern Library of Indonesia, and a nice little discovery.

O grete Scandale!

Sum maner of route of studentez hath stolen the draftes of myn litel Tales of Caunterburye and are y-poostinge the tales on twittre.

Interviewe wyth Margarethe Atte-Woode

O Goddess Synchronicitee, wyse indeed were the Polyce to make an album in thy honor, for lo! the werkinges of the world do oft contain the unusual and fortunate pairinges of eventes that are under thy dominacioun. For no sooner did Ich...Show More Summary

Fab-Lib: The Gentil Compaignye of Three

Gentil rederes, as promised, Ich have a litel tale to yive unto yow, and it involveth sum audience participacioun. For the feeste of the Newe Yeare, at the grete urginge of Virginia Wulfstan and the othirs of the Domesdaye groupe, Ich...Show More Summary

Prettye Good Yeare

By Seynte Simon Stylite, the labour and bisynesse of werke hath me exiled from the plaisance and jolitee of my litel blog. Sithen My Lord the Kyng hath been commitinge hymself to non-factionale, reasonablie stable rule, he hath been pusshinge me prettye harde wyth the royal werkes. Show More Summary

The Aeneid and Zombyes

Ywis, lyk unto an awkward silence duringe a date, a blogg wythout newe poostes seemeth to strecche on forevir. O gentil rederes, it payneth me soore that Ich have but litel tyme for to update thys litel blogg. For the labour of a Clerk...Show More Summary

Aye, Virginia, ther ys a Robin Hood

Gentil rederes, the feest of Kalamazu was ful of grete jolitee and wondir, and Ich was daswed by the compaignye of wondirful folk who cam to heare of the book. But the writinge of a booke doth but litel to take awey the dailye necessitees of the clerk of a kinges workes and a husband. Show More Summary

Schameless Self-Promocioun at Kalamazoo

In the swete monethe of Maye, alle folk flocken to Kalamazoo for oon the greteste celebraciouns of scholership on the modern ages. Thogh yet ayein my papir was rejectid from the scholerly panel to which Ich sent yt (for Ich ascrbyedShow More Summary

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