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Sunday Samples 126

I returned yesterday — itchy from bug bites and bruised from all manner of contusions — from two weeks’ time underground in and around the longest known cave system in the world. The first week was spent with Stan Sides wandering mostly old tourist trails and discussing the history of the area and the [...]

Presidential address at the National Academy of Sciences

This weekend I was in Washington, D.C., for the annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences.   Among the various events at this meeting was an address to the Academy by President Obama this morning on several major science and education policy initiatives, including some already announced in the economic stimulus package and draft federal [...]

Is maths to blame?

From +plus magazine:   It’s a bleak time for the financial markets. We’ve seen financial institutions fall and governments around the world struggling to stabilise the markets. But who is to blame? According to media reports there are two suspects in the dock: the “rocket scientists” (a.k.a. the financial mathematicians) who provided the information behind the market’s [...]

Sunday Samples 90 (one day late)

Saturday I did a bunch more hiking in Mammoth Cave National Park, and I was recovering most of Sunday. While I did, I caught the mini-marathon of Breaking Bad that I’d recorded from AMC a little over a week ago. It’s really an excellent piece of work, and I’m glad I caught up [...]

Sunday Samples 80

On the way down to New Orleans, I was trying to find another NPR station to continue listening to Car Talk. As I hit one station, I thought I heard the riff from “Werewolves of London”. But in a few seconds the song was clearly referencing (not covering, not sampling) “Sweet Home Alabama”. [...]

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