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A grad student fellowship

My CAREER grant includes funding for a thesis-writing fellowship for graduate students who have done extraordinary teaching and outreach during their time as a grad student.  If you know any such grad students who are planning on graduating in the 2018-2019 school year please encourage them to apply.  Deadline is Jan 31 and details here. […]

“The Billy Beane of murder”?

John Hall points to this news article in Businessweek by by Robert Kolker, “Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm,” and writes: I couldn’t help but think that you should get some grad students working on the data set mentioned in the article below. Show More Summary

Stranger than fiction

Someone pointed me to a long discussion, which he preferred not to share publicly, of his perspective on a scientific controversy in his field of research. He characterized a particular claim as “impossible to be true, i.e., false, and...Show More Summary

Bi-invariant metrics of linear growth on the free group

Here is a curious question posed to me by Apoorva Khare that I do not know the answer to. Let be the free group on two generators. Does there exist a metric on this group which is bi-invariant, thus for all ; and linear growth in the sense that for all and all natural […]

Entropy Modulo a Prime (Continued)

The right definition of the entropy of a probability distribution whose "probabilities" are integers mod p.

Ready Money

Richard Reeves writes: Most of the people on the highest rung [which he elsewhere defines as the highest fifth of the income distribution] in America are in denial about their privilege. The American myth of meritocracy allows them to attribute their position to their brilliance and diligence, rather than to luck or a rigged system. Show More Summary

Burn-in for MCMC, why we prefer the term warm-up

Here’s what we say on p.282 of BDA3: In the simulation literature (including earlier editions of this book), the warm-up period is called burn-in, a term we now avoid because we feel it draws a misleading analogy to industrial processes in which products are stressed in order to reveal defects. Show More Summary

The conversational intelligence challenge finals

(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) On Dec. 8 the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) hosted the finals of Conversational Intelligence Challenge. The challenge was organized within the collaboration of AI research universities.

The piranha problem in social psychology / behavioral economics: The “take a pill” model of science eats itself

[cat picture] A fundamental tenet of social psychology, behavioral economics, at least how it is presented in the news media, and taught and practiced in many business schools, is that small “nudges,” often the sorts of things that we might not think would affect us at all, can have big effects on behavior. Show More Summary

Music streaming sites benefit indie singers at the expense of top 100 artists

(Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) While free or low cost music streaming sources like Spotify decrease the use of paid music platforms, such as iTunes, a new study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science,...Show More Summary

Embedding the Boussinesq equations in the incompressible Euler equations on a manifold

The Boussinesq equations for inviscid, incompressible two-dimensional fluid flow in the presence of gravity are given by where is the velocity field, is the pressure field, and is the density field (or, in some physical interpretations, the temperature field). In this post we shall restrict ourselves to formal manipulations, assuming implicitly that all fields are […]

Entropy Modulo a Prime

The analogue of Shannon entropy in the field of p elements (after Kontsevich).

We need to stop sacrificing women on the altar of deeply mediocre men (ISBA edition)

(This is not Andrew. I would ask you not to speculate in the comments who S is, this is not a great venue for that.) Kristian Lum just published an essay about her experiences being sexually assaulted at statistics conferences.  You should read the whole thing because it’s important, but there’s a sample paragraph. Show More Summary

The Night Riders

Gilbert Chin writes: After reading this piece [“How one 19-year-old Illinois man Is distorting national polling averages,” by Nate Cohn] and this Nature news story [“Seeing deadly mutations in an new light,” by Erika Hayden], I wonder if you might consider blogging about how this appears to be the same issue in two different disciplines. Show More Summary

Is it possible to paint an overly bleak picture of university based clinical research?

Recently I was reminiscing with an old colleague about  how our publications from almost 30 years ago that tried to encourage better conduct and reporting of clinical research seemed to have had so little impact. This one for instance. Show More Summary

Robotics researchers track autonomous underground mining vehicles

(Queensland University of Technology) QUT robotics researchers have developed new technology to equip underground mining vehicles to navigate autonomously through dust, camera blur and bad lighting. Using mathematics and biologically-inspired algorithms, the technology uses vehicle-mounted cameras to track the location of the vehicle in underground tunnels to within meters.

Climate conditions affect solar cell performance more than expected

(Cell Press) MIT researchers can now predict how much energy solar cells will produce at any location worldwide. Surprisingly, they identified that two types of solar cells can vary in energy output by 5 percent or more in tropical regions. Show More Summary

Racial minorities less likely to see a doctor for psoriasis

(University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine) Despite the fact that their disease may be more severe, a new study shows minorities are less likely than white Americans to see a doctor for psoriasis treatment. Researchers from the Perelman...Show More Summary

FITUR 2018 to anticipate future applications of 5G technology for the tourism industry

(IMDEA Networks Institute) The IFEMA LAB 5G research team is working on the development of 5G prototypes based on four applications: 'Augmented Trade Fair', 'Time Travel', 'Translator' and 'Teleport'. The prototypes will be presented at the forthcoming staging of the International Tourism Trade Fair organised by IFEMA from 17 to 21 January at Feria de Madrid.

Yes, you can do statistical inference from nonrandom samples. Which is a good thing, considering that nonrandom samples are pretty much all we’ve got.

Luiz Caseiro writes: 1. P-values and Confidence Intervals are used to draw inferences about a population from a sample. Is that right? 2. As far as I researched, standard statistical softwares usually compute confidence intervals (CI) and p-values assuming that we have a simple random sample. Show More Summary

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