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Model created to help life insurers calculate breast cancer survivors' risk of death

(ECCO-the European CanCer Organisation) As early detection and treatment of breast cancer improves, more and more women are surviving the disease. However, they still face challenges, which include determining the moment when it might be reasonable to state they are 'cured' of the disease, and obtaining life insurance. Show More Summary

Army's brain-like computers moving closer to cracking codes

(U.S. Army Research Laboratory) US Army Research Laboratory scientists have discovered a way to leverage emerging brain-like computer architectures for an age-old number-theoretic problem known as integer factorization.

A new angle on gerrymanders

(University of Vermont) A University of Vermont mathematician has developed a new tool to identify gerrymandered voting districts. The research shows Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina strongly gerrymandered for Republicans, while Maryland's and California's voting districts have been strongly tipped in favor of Democrats. Show More Summary

The moral hazard of quantitative social science: Causal identification, statistical inference, and policy

A couple people pointed me to this article, “The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime,” by Jennifer Doleac and Anita Mukherjee, which begins: The United States is experiencing an epidemic of opioid abuse. Show More Summary

Flood protection is everyone's responsibility

(Vienna University of Technology) Scientists in Vienna have studied the complex interplay between flooding events and economic decisions. Private businesses should not shoulder the responsibility for flood protection alone. In prosperous countries in particular, it makes sense for central government to establish the necessary infrastructure for flood protection.

Last lines of George V. Higgins

Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years ends with this beautiful quote: “Everybody gets just about what they want. It’s just, they don’t recognize it, they get it. It doesn’t look the same as what they had in mind.” The conclusion of Trust: “What ever doesn’t kill us, makes us strong,” Cobb said. Show More Summary

State-by-state causes of infant mortality in the US

(PLOS) Sudden unexpected death of infants (SUDI) was the most common cause of infant mortality among children born full term in the US according to estimates from a state-by-state study published this week in PLOS Medicine.

The purpose of a pilot study is to demonstrate the feasibility of an experiment, not to estimate the treatment effect

David Allison sent this along: – Press release from original paper: “The dramatic decrease in BMI, although unexpected in this short time frame, demonstrated that the [Shaping Healthy Choices Program] SHCP was effective...” – Comment on paper and call for correction or retraction: “... Show More Summary

Statistical controversy over “trophy wives”

Aaron Gullickson writes: I thought you might be interested in this comment (of which I am the author) and response (by Elizabeth McClintock) that just came out in ASR. The subject is about whether beauty and status (e.g. education, income) are exchanged on the marriage market. Show More Summary

Wanna know what happened in 2016? We got a ton of graphs for you.

The paper’s called Voting patterns in 2016: Exploration using multilevel regression and poststratification (MRP) on pre-election polls, it’s by Rob Trangucci, Imad Ali, Doug Rivers, and myself, and here’s the abstract: We analyzed 2012...Show More Summary

Cognition, Convexity, and Category Theory

Tai-Danae Bradley and Brad Theilman, students at the Applied Category Theory 2018 school, continue discussing category-theoretic approaches to linguistics.

IMDEA Networks participates in world?s first master?s degree in 5G

(IMDEA Networks Institute) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and Ericsson have launched a Master's in NFV and SDN technologies for 5G networks with the collaboration of IMDEA Networks This program, which will be taught at the UC3M...Show More Summary

Sustainable embedded wireless systems reduce environmental impact of ICT

(IMDEA Networks Institute) Renowned international scientists have presented first-level research results on the intersection of embedded systems and wireless networks at the EWSN 2018 conference. The international event covered a wide...Show More Summary

Laura Taalman's Favorite Theorem

The James Madison University mathematician raises a glass to a lavishly impractical theorem about knots -- Read more on

Visual recognition: Seeing the world through the eyes of rodents

(Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati) Man or woman, happy or sad. The visual process that allows us to recognize someone's gender or emotional state is very sophisticated. Until recently, only primates were deemed able to perform such complex operations as object recognition. Show More Summary

Polymath15, sixth thread: the test problem and beyond

This is the sixth “research” thread of the Polymath15 project to upper bound the de Bruijn-Newman constant, continuing this post. Discussion of the project of a non-research nature can continue for now in the existing proposal thread. Progress will be summarised at this Polymath wiki page. The last two threads have been focused primarily […]

Vaginal estrogen tablets, moisturizers and placebo gel all can improve vaginal discomfort

(Massachusetts General Hospital) A clinical trial comparing two treatments for postmenopausal vaginal discomfort -- low-dose vaginal estrogen and a vaginal moisturizer -- to placebo treatments found that both produced symptom improvements similar to those associated with the placebos.

Course announcement: 246C, complex analysis

Next quarter (starting Monday, April 2) I will be teaching Math 246C (complex analysis) here at UCLA.  This is the third in a three-series graduate course on complex analysis; a few years ago I taught the first course in this series (246A), so this course can be thought of in some sense as a sequel to […]

The view from inside supersonic combustion

(American Institute of Physics) In supersonic engines, achieving the right flow speed, producing the right ratio of evaporated fuel and causing ignition at the right time is complex. Vortices are affected by the shock wave, and this changes the way the fuel combusts and multiplies the number of possibilities of how particles can behave. Show More Summary

Supercomputer simulation opens prospects for obtaining ultra-dense electron-positron plasmas

(Lobachevsky University) To achieve breakthrough research results in various fields of modern science, it is vital to develop successful interdisciplinary collaborations. Long-term interaction of physicists from the Institute of Applied...Show More Summary

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