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Exposure to Stan has changed my defaults

Now when I look at my old R code, it looks really weird because there are no semicolons. What’s with that? The post Exposure to Stan has changed my defaults appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Scienc...

Is Rigor Contagious? (my talk next Monday 4:15pm at Columbia)

Is Rigor Contagious? Much of the theory and practice of statistics and econometrics is characterized by a toxic mixture of rigor and sloppiness. Methods are justified based on seemingly pure principles that can’t survive reality. Examples...Show More Summary

New algorithm identifies gene transfers between different bacterial species

(Aalto University) In a recent study combining machine learning and bioinformatics, a new computational method was developed for modelling gene transfers between different lineages of a bacterial population or even between entirely different bacterial species. The method was used to analyze a collection of 616 whole-genomes of a recombinogenic pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Note to Deborah Mayo

I have a post coming on 2 Mar on preregistration that I think you’ll like. It unifies some ideas regarding statistical design and analysis, and in some ways it’s a follow-up to my Borscht Belt post. The post Note to Deborah Mayo appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science.

Tokyo Tech and Input Output HK create the Cryptocurrency Collaborative Research Chair

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) On February 15th, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), and its Japanese subsidiary Input Output Japan (IOJP), and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) created the Input Output Cryptocurrency Collaborative Research Chair within the Tokyo Tech School of Computing.

He wants to know what book to read to learn statistics

Tim Gilmour writes: I’m an early 40s guy in Los Angeles, and I’m sort of sending myself back to school, specifically in statistics — not taking classes, just working through things on my own. Though I haven’t really used math much since...Show More Summary

Eurostat microdata conference

Heike Wirth writes: Registration to the 5th European User Conference for EU-Microdata, Mannheim, March 2-3, 2017 is open. The 5th European User Conference for EU-Microdata provides an international forum for the exchange of research based on EU-SILC,EU-LFS, AES, SES, CIS, EHIS and HBS data. Show More Summary

Division of labor and a Pizzagate solution

I firmly believe that the general principles of social science can improve our understanding of the world. Today I want to talk about two principles—division of labor from economics, and roles from sociology—and their relevance to the...Show More Summary

Mathematics supports a new way to classify viruses based on structure

(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University) New research supports a structure-based classification system for viruses which could help in the identification and treatment of emerging viruses.

Scientists close in on cracking 'Enigma Code' of common cold

(University of York) Scientists at the Universities of York, Leeds, and Helsinki say they are a step closer to cracking, what researchers have dubbed, the 'enigma code' of the common cold virus.

Sum of their parts: Researchers use math to foster environmental restoration

(Utah State University) Resource management boundaries seldom align with environmental systems, which can lead to scale mismatch or spatial misalignments. Researchers Jesse Sayles of McGill University and Jacopo Baggio of Utah StateShow More Summary

Cloak and dagger

Elan B. writes: I saw this JAMA Pediatrics article [by Julia Raifman, Ellen Moscoe, and S. Bryn Austin] getting a lot of press for claiming that LGBT suicide attempts went down 14% after gay marriage was legalized. The heart of the study...Show More Summary

Clay pigeon

Sam Harper writes: Not that you are collecting these kinds of things, but I wanted to point to (yet) another benefit of the American Economic Association’s requirement of including replication datasets (unless there are confidentiality...Show More Summary

How to Celebrate Fatou's Day

A calendrical-linguistic coincidence leads to a thrice-in-a-century holiday. -- Read more on

Twitter researchers offer clues as to why Trump won

(University of Rochester) University of Rochester computer scientists were able to shed light on how Trump won the presidential election by using data science to track the millions of Twitter followers who liked or 'unliked' the candidates throughout the campaign.

In Mathematics, ‘You Cannot Be Lied To’

For Sylvia Serfaty, mathematics is all about truth and beauty and building scientific and human connections.

Looking for rigor in all the wrong places (my talk this Thursday in the Columbia economics department)

Looking for Rigor in All the Wrong Places What do the following ideas and practices have in common: unbiased estimation, statistical significance, insistence on random sampling, and avoidance of prior information? All have been embraced as ways of enforcing rigor but all have backfired and led to sloppy analyses and erroneous inferences. Show More Summary

New approach to measure fluid drag on the body during swimming

(University of Tsukuba) University of Tsukuba researchers developed an approach to measure the amount of active drag from the water to which swimmers are subjected. The approach involves connecting swimmers in a water flume to load cells in front of and behind them, to characterize the forward and backward forces they exert at different flow rates. Show More Summary

Unethical behavior vs. being a bad guy

I happened to come across this article and it reminded me of the general point that it’s possible to behave unethically without being a “bad guy.” The story in question involves some scientists who did some experiments about thirty years ago on the biological effects of low-frequency magnetic fields. Show More Summary

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