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Maximum Sum Path

Sometimes here at Programming Praxis we publish exercises taken from homework in computer science classes, sometimes we publish exercises that are based on or related to problems at Project Euler, and sometimes we publish exercises that based on common technical interview questions. Today we hit the trifecta: a common interview question that is frequently assigned […]

Pullbacks That Preserve Weak Equivalences

On morphisms pullback along which preserves weak equivalences, and their name(s).

Last Month Marked Hottest June on Record, Thanks in Part to El Niño

Last month was the hottest June ever world-wide (61.2°F), according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, which tracks climate data over ocean and land. It followed the hottest May ever. Indeed, every month of 2014 except February has been one of the top 4 warmest months on record relative to the same months.

Americans Think Women, People With Business Experience Govern Better

More than 80% of Americans think the U.S. would be better governed by people with business experience or women, according to results from a Gallup Poll published Monday.

Skepticism about a published claim regarding income inequality and happiness

Frank de Libero writes: I read your Chance article (disproving that no one reads Chance!) re communicating about flawed psychological research. And I know from your other writings of your continuing good fight against misleading quantitative work. Show More Summary

Rise of Netflix, Cable TV Mean Fewer People Have Seen Emmy Nominees

As Netflix and cable channel shows take over the Emmy's, fewer Americans have watched the shows nominated. Less than half of Americans have seen this year's Emmy nominations for drama or comedy television shows, except for one -- "The Big Bang Theory."

On deck this week

Mon: Skepticism about a published claim regarding income inequality and happiness Tues: Battle of the cozy comedians: What’s Alan Bennett’s problem with Stewart Lee? Wed: A world without statistics Thurs: NFL players keep getting bigger...Show More Summary

Variants of the Selberg sieve, and bounded intervals containing many primes

I’ve just uploaded to the arXiv the D.H.J. Polymath paper “Variants of the Selberg sieve, and bounded intervals containing many primes“, which is the second paper to be produced from the Polymath8 project (the first one being discussed here). We’ll refer to this latter paper here as the Polymath8b paper, and the former as the […]

On deck for the rest of the summer

Skepticism about a published claim regarding income inequality and happiness Battle of the cozy comedians: What’s Alan Bennett’s problem with Stewart Lee? A world without statistics NFL players keep getting bigger and bigger “An Experience...Show More Summary

Installing Hadoop on Ubuntu (works for Ubuntu 12.04 and Hadoop 2.4.1)

I’m trying to use LDA on a large amount of data. A quick recap: Tried vowpal wabbit … it’s fast, I’ll give it that, but it’s also useless: the output is dubious (what I think are the topics look like they haven’t changed very much from the prior) and I have no idea how it […]

Statshot: Marijuana, Kidney Stones and Broadway Musicals

An estimated 485,000 adults in Colorado consume marijuana at least once a month. Studies have suggested that rising heat leads to more cases of kidney stones. In under four years, 'The Book of Mormon' has become one of the top 15 grossing Broadway musicals of all time (unadjusted for inflation).

Playoff Implications of Interleague Play in Baseball

It’s possible that the designated hitter advantage for baseball's American League altered the playoff picture in a handful of games since interleague play was introduced in 1997.

How We Did It: Investigating Whether There’s a DH Advantage in Baseball

Using the data to calculate simple statistics is easy. Using the data to figure out whether the American League has an advantage in interleague play due to the designated hitter turned out to be much more difficult.

Net Neutrality Is a Very Big Deal at the FCC

Is Janet Jackson's nipple more important to Americans than net neutrality?

How a San Francisco Law Aimed at Healthier Fast Food Failed – The Numbers

San Francisco's Healthy Food Incentives Ordinance, commonly called the “toy ordinance," was meant to improve the nutritional value of fast-food kids meals. It didn't work out as planned.

Differences between econometrics and statistics: From varying treatment effects to utilities, economists seem to like models that are fixed in stone, while statisticians tend to be more comfortable with variation

I had an interesting discussion with Peter Dorman (whose work on assessing the value of a life we discussed in this space a few years ago). The conversation started when Peter wrote me about his recent success using hierarchical modeling for risk analysis. Show More Summary

How Fermat Factored Integers

Living in the age of computers, I’ve always been fascinated by how much arithmetic it was possible to do before the advent of computers. The Egyptians knew the peasant method of multiplication when the built the pyramids. Archimedes knew the value of pi two centuries before Christ, with an approximation we still use today. Heron […]

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