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Statshot: Plastic Surgery, Cruises and Netflix

This week in Statshot, over the past dozen years, cosmetic-surgery patients have moved away from major procedures such as nose jobs and liposuction and toward less invasive procedures such as Botox and hair removal; almost half of the more than 20 million people who took a cruise in 2013 traveled on one of the top three brands, and more.

America’s Missing Persons by Age, Race and Gender

Children and blacks make up a disproportionate percentage of missing persons reported each year.

Formatting Text, Again

Today’s exercise is a continuation of the previous exercise, which filled text to the maximum column width. Today’s exercise is to add justification to the previous exercise, so that extra space at the end of line of text is distributed to the spaces between the words on the line, making each line end at the […]

Varieties of description in political science

Markus Kreuzer writes: I am organizing a panel at next year’s American Political Science Association meeting tentatively entitled “Varieties of Description.” The idea is to compare and contrast the ways in which different disciplines...Show More Summary

“Science does not advance by guessing”

I agree with Deborah Mayo who agrees with Carlo Rovelli that “Science does not advance by guessing. It advances by new data or by a deep investigation of the content and the apparent contradictions of previous empirically successfulShow More Summary

What Where You Live Says About What You’ll Buy

Where you live can give a good indication of who you are and what you buy, according to mapping software company Esri.

When there’s a lot of variation, it can be a mistake to make statements about “typical” attitudes

This story has two points: 1. There’s a tendency for scientific results to be framed in absolute terms (in psychology, this corresponds to general claims about the population) but that can be a mistake in that sometimes the most important part of the story is variation; and 2. Show More Summary

Rational != Self-interested

I’ve said it before (along with Aaron Edlin and Noah Kaplan) and I’ll say it again. Rationality and self-interest are two dimensions of behavior. An action can be: 1. Rational and self-interested 2. Irrational and self-interested 3. Rational and altruistic 4. Show More Summary

Top Employers in the U.S. by Number of Employees

Wal-Mart, the biggest employer in the U.S., announced today it will cut healthcare for 30,000 part-time workers. Here's a look at the top-20 biggest employers in the U.S. by number of employees:.

Text Formatting

Text formatting is a huge topic. Today’s exercise looks at a simple text formatter. Input to the formatter is a file of ascii text; the input is free-form, except that paragraphs are marked by blank lines (two successive newline). The formatter copies the file to its output, moving text from one line to the previous […]

“We have used Stan to study dead dolphins”

In response to our call for references to successful research using Stan, Matthieu Authier points us to this: @article{ year={2014}, journal={Biodiversity and Conservation}, volume={23}, number={10}, doi={10.1007/s10531-014-0741-3},Show More Summary

“Regular Customer: It was so much easier when I was a bum. I didn’t have to wake up at 4am to go to work, didn’t have all these bills and girlfriends.”

Love the Liberry is still going strong. The post “Regular Customer: It was so much easier when I was a bum. I didn’t have to wake up at 4am to go to work, didn’t have all these bills and girlfriends.” appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science.

On deck this week

Mon: “Regular Customer: It was so much easier when I was a bum. I didn’t have to wake up at 4am to go to work, didn’t have all these bills and girlfriends.” Tues: Rational != Self-interested Wed: When there’s a lot of variation, it can...Show More Summary

On deck this month

Lots of good stuff in the queue: “Regular Customer: It was so much easier when I was a bum. I didn’t have to wake up at 4am to go to work, didn’t have all these bills and girlfriends.” Rational != Self-interested When there’s a lot of...Show More Summary

A trivial generalisation of Cayley’s theorem

One of the first basic theorems in group theory is Cayley’s theorem, which links abstract finite groups with concrete finite groups (otherwise known as permutation groups). Theorem 1 (Cayley’s theorem) Let be a group of some finite order. Then is isomorphic to a subgroup of the symmetric group on elements. Furthermore, this subgroup […]

Gamers’ Tastes Around the World

Gaming has gone global, but the same kinds of games aren't popular everywhere.

le petit village de l’Ariège

For me this quest is over. All i did was following breadcrumbs left by others. Fellow-travelers arrived there before. What did they do next? The people from the esoteric site L’Astrée, write literary texts on Grothendieck, mixing strange details (such as the kiosque de la place Pinel, the village of Fougax-et-Barrineuf and even ‘Winnie’ or […]

G-spots : Saint-Girons

Roy Lisker (remember him from the Mormoiron post?) has written up his Grothendieck-quest(s), available for just 23$, and with this strange blurb-text: “The author organized a committee to search for him that led to his discovery, in good health and busily at work, in September, 1996. This committee has since become the Grothendieck Biography Project. […]

G-spots : un petit village de l’Ariège

We would love to conclude this series by finding the location of the “final” Grothendieck-spot, before his 85th birthday, this thursday. But, the road ahead will be treacherous, with imaginary villages along the way and some other traps planted by the nice people of the Grothendieck Fan Club It is well-known that some members (if […]

G-spots : Olmet-et-Villecun

Before we start the quest for the final G-spot, hopefully in time for Grothendieck’s 85th birthday, one more post on Alexandre’s ‘hippy-days’. In the second part of Allyn Jackson’s “The Life of Alexandre Grothendieck” she tells the story that AG, while touring the US to spread the gospel of the eco-mouvement “Survivre et Vivre” (the […]

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