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Data science institute develops method to allow mobile users to tap into RF-spectrum

(Data Science Institute at Columbia) The Data Science Institute received a National Science Foundation grant ($649,963) to develop sensors that will allow mobile and wireless-device users to tap into the radio-frequency spectrum.

Diagonal methods for expensive global optimization developed by Russian scientists

(Lobachevsky University) Russian scientists from Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod have improved the method of global optimization by offering the so-called 'diagonal approach.' The goal of global optimization is essentially to search for optimal solutions in various areas of human activity. Show More Summary

Stan Roundup, 10 November 2017

We’re in the heart of the academic season and there’s a lot going on. James Ramsey reported a critical performance regression bug in Stan 2.17 (this affects the latest CmdStan and PyStan, not the latest RStan). Sean Talts and DanielShow More Summary

Topology Puzzles

Let's say the closed unit interval [0,1][0,1] maps onto a metric space XX if there is a continuous map from [0,1][0,1] onto XX. Similarly for the Cantor set. Puzzle 0. Does the Cantor set map onto the closed unit...

Engaging children in math at home equals a boost in more than just math skills

(Purdue University) Preschool children who engage in math activities at home with their parents not only improve their math skills, but also their general vocabulary, according to research from Purdue University.

No-growth economy could mean fewer crashes and higher wages, study shows

(University of Sussex) An economy based on zero growth could be more stable -- experiencing fewer crashes -- and bring higher wages, suggests a new University of Sussex study.

Continuous approximations to arithmetic functions

A basic object of study in multiplicative number theory are the arithmetic functions: functions from the natural numbers to the complex numbers. Some fundamental examples of such functions include The constant function ; The Kronecker delta function ; The natural logarithm function ; The divisor function ; The von Mangoldt function, with defined to […]

How and why blood clots shrink

(University of California - Riverside) In an article published in Nature Communications, researchers at the University of California, Riverside and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine used high-powered microscopy and rheometry...Show More Summary

Brain research is underserved by statistics, says Carnegie Mellon's Rob Kass

(Carnegie Mellon University) The federal government launched the BRAIN Initiative in 2013 to ignite the development and application of new technologies needed for major advances toward understanding the brain. Carnegie Mellon University's...Show More Summary

The 2-Chu construction

The 2-categorical Chu construction Chu(Cat,Set).

Saarbruecken computer scientists internationally recognized for 20-year-old research

(Saarland University) Since the beginnings of informatics, computer scientists have also brought the art of deduction to computers, so that they can support humans in thinking and even prove statements that can be formulated mathematically. Show More Summary

“A mixed economy is not an economic abomination or even a regrettably unavoidable political necessity but a natural absorbing state,” and other notes on “Whither Science?” by Danko Antolovic

So. I got this email one day, promoting a book that came with the following blurb: Whither Science?, by Danko Antolovic, is a series of essays that explore some of the questions facing modern science. A short read at only 41 pages, Whither...Show More Summary

When people proudly take ridiculous positions

Tom Wolfe on evolution: I think it’s misleading to say that human beings evolved from animals. I mean, actually, nobody knows whether they did or not. This is just sad. Does Wolfe really think this? My guess is he’s trying to do a solid for his political allies. Show More Summary

Using D&D to reduce ethnic prejudice

OK, not quite D&D—I just wrote that to get Bob’s attention. It is a role-playing game, though! Here’s the paper, “Seeing the World Through the Other’s Eye: An Online Intervention Reducing Ethnic Prejudice,” by Gabor Simonovits, Gabor...Show More Summary

Data Science Institute develops statistical method that makes better predictions

(Data Science Institute at Columbia) A team of statisticians from the Data Science Institute (DSI) received a National Science Foundation grant ($900,000) to develop a statistical method that will help researchers who work with big data make better predictions.

Has protecting marine species become a job for statisticians?

(Université de Genève) Fishermen have no way of separating the fish they catch when they cast their nets at sea. Protected species with no market value end up being trapped and dying for no reason. In an attempt to minimize this incidental...Show More Summary

Mount Sinai scientists create first mathematical model that predicts immunotherapy success

(The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of Medicine) Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have created the first mathematical model that can predict how a cancer patient will benefit from certain immunotherapies, according to a study published in Nature.

Paradoxes in microbial economies

(Santa Fe Institute) In a new paper in Nature Communications, three Santa Fe Institute researchers describe a trio of paradoxical dynamics that can arise in simple microbial economies. The work could be important for approaching engineered microbial communities and better understanding microbiomes.

IPAM program in quantitative linear algebra, Mar 19-Jun 15 2018

Alice Guionnet, Assaf Naor, Gilles Pisier, Sorin Popa, Dimitri Shylakhtenko, and I are organising a three month program here at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) on the topic of Quantitative Linear Algebra.  The purpose of this program is to bring together mathematicians and computer scientists (both junior and senior) working in various […]

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