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Disneyland Measles Outbreak Hubbub

This is an ongoing story that isn’t over yet. As it has been raging for days now, most people have probably heard that there is a big measles outbreak starting in Disneyland in California. There are now 87 confirmed cases of measles, 50 of which can be directly linked to Disneyland. Of the 42 people [...]

Feeling Sleepy? Take an App!

A fascinating flurry of sleeping apps has hit the market this year. You might think that sleep is the one time you certainly don’t need to use your phone, but these app providers are daring to try to prove that perception wrong… and they’re doing a pretty good job. There are some pretty impressive sleep […]

The Brains of Lucid Dreamers

Lucid dreaming is a very interesting phenomenon that perhaps gives us a peak into the inner workings of the human brain. I have had about a dozen lucid dreams in my life that I can remember. Normally while dreaming we are not aware of the fact that we are dreaming. Our dreaming selves accepts the [...]

Nurturing The Brain – Part I, Caffeine

Overall, more than 85% of children and adults consume caffeine regularly. But what does it do to the brain? Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. According to Euromonitor, the United States is the country with the highest amount of total coffee consumption (971 tons per year), closely followed by Brazil […]

Is it necessary to use brain imaging to understand teen girls' sexual decision making?

“It is feasible to recruit and retain a cohort of female participants to perform a functional magnetic resonance imaging [fMRI] task focused on making decisions about sex, on the basis of varying levels of hypothetical sexual risk, and to complete longitudinal prospective diaries following this task. Show More Summary

The Fundamentals of Neuropedagogy

Over the past decade, we have learned that for every student who is simple to understand or figure out, there are one or two who are a conundrum. Over this same decade, we, as separate and collaborative professionals, have also discovered that the barriers to meeting these students’ needs is two-fold: Firstly, education looks only […]

A misdiagnosis of trauma in Ancient Babylon

Despite the news reports, researchers probably haven’t discovered a mention of ‘PTSD‘ from 1300BC Mesopotamia. The claim is likely due to a rather rough interpretation of Ancient Babylonian texts but it also reflects a curious modern interest in trying to find contemporary psychiatric diagnoses in the past, which tells us more about our own clinical […]

How Does Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Change the Brain?

Child abuse. Rape. Sexual assault. Brutal physical attack. Being in a war and witnessing violence, bloodshed, and death from close quarters. Near death experiences. These are extremely traumatic events, and some victims bear the scars for life. The physical scars heal, but some emotional wounds stop the lives of these people dead in their tracks. […]

Phishing Techniques Studied

Don’t click it. If you ever get e-mailed a link, no matter how authentic the e-mail looks or from whom it appears to be, don’t click it. If you feel you need to respond to the e-mail, then type the URL of the website directly into your browser. But never click it. As simple as [...]

Invisibilia – Interview with the Co-Hosts of NPR’s Latest Show

“What were you just thinking?” “Are your thoughts related to your inner desires?” “Do they reveal who you REALLY are?” These are the questions Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller explore in NPR’s new show, Invisibilia (Latin for “all the invisible things”). With the first episode, The Secret History of Thoughts, we are introduced to a man […]

From the machine

A new film, Ex Machina, is released in the UK tomorrow and it is quite possibly one of the best sci-fi films of recent times and probably the best film about consciousness and artificial intelligence ever made. The movie revolves around startup geek turned tech corp billionaire Nathan who has created the artificially conscious android […]

Patients Creating Meaningful Solutions for their Own Disease

We live in a time of transformation in the way scientific breakthroughs are created. Or more correctly, we all feel like it is time we will be living in times in which there is a transformation in the way scientific breakthroughs are created. People are more informed then ever and the free flow of information […]

Eric McCormack Moderates Real-Life Discussion of Mental Illness on Campus

Eric McCormack is an articulate actor who played the fictional Dr. Daniel Pierce, a crime-solving schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist in the dramatic television series Perception. As McCormack is careful to clarify, “I’m not a professor, nor am I a person living with paranoid schizophrenia… I just play one on TV.”  McCormack largely modeled his character after the […]

Fail Safe for Artificial Life

In Jurassic Park the scientists who created the dinosaurs from DNA trapped in amber included what they called the “lysine contingency.” They engineered the dinosaurs so that they could not manufacture the amino acid lycine. The dinosaurs could only survive if they were fed lysine by the park staff. Without the supplement they would quickly [...]

pwned by a self-learning AI

Backchannel has a fascinating profile of DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis which although an interesting read in itself, has a link to a brief, barely mentioned study which may herald a quiet revolution in artificial intelligence. The paper (available online as a pdf) is entitled “Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning” and describes an AI system […]

The Epidemic Of Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug overdose death rates have never been higher. In the United States alone, 100 people die from drug overdoses every day, most of them caused by prescription drugs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially declared prescription drug abuse in the US an epidemic. Prescription drug abuse is defined as taking a medicine […]

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