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Piezoelectric Roads

By now you have probably heard of the idea of making solar roads, essentially paving roads with hardened photovoltaic plates that will not only power the roads themselves (heat and light them) but provide clean energy. The idea has a certain appeal, but seems impractical (at least with current technology) and certainly should not be […]

Review Criticizes IgG Testing for Food Allergies

If you have a child in school then you have probably already noticed how common perceived food allergies are. Every year we get a list of foods that are banned from the school because of reported allergies. Peanuts are the most common. This is a reasonable policy for the school as genuine food allergies can cause […]

Terrorist Fiske Jab: On "Destructo-Criticism"

A draft article due to appear in APS Observer caused widespread outrage this week. Susan Fiske, the former president of the Association for Psychological Science (APS), writes that bloggers and other online critics of psychology papers are running wild: New media (e.g., blogs, twitter, Facebook posts) are encouraging uncurated, unfiltered trash-talk. Show More Summary

Best and Worst in Health and Healthcare – July & August 2016

The northern hemisphere’s summer is ending and that is definitely bad news. The good news is that this was not a silly season in health and healthcare research. Here’s the best and worst news of the summer. The best Drug repurposing screening reveals possible candidates for anti-Zika therapy Developing a new drug is a long […]

Tardigrade Radiation Shield

Tardigrades (also called water bears or moss piglets) are one of the coolest animals on earth. They are microscopic, live pretty much anywhere there is water, and are “extremotolerant.” When they lack water they just dry up, and their dessicated form can survive extremes of temperature, high pressure, and even the vacuum of space. Just […]

Before you enroll your child in the MAGENTA chronic fatigue syndrome study: Issues to be considered

Petitions are calling for shutting down the MAGENTA trial. Those who organized the effort and signed the petition are commendably brave, given past vilification of any effort by patients and their allies to have a

How a Curious Condition Solved a Neuroscientific Mystery

A stroke patient, neuroimaging—and Colombian guerrillas—helped settle a decades-long debate on how the brain understands words -- Read more on

Of Psychopaths and Presidential Candidates

An analysis in the current Scientific American MIND shows where some of this year's aspirants rank on a standard assessment of psychopathic traits—and the results are interesting, to say... -- Read more on

Can Psychiatry Turn Itself around?

The public is deeply skeptical about the profession—but given the problems of addiction, depression and other forms of mental illness, we need it more than ever -- Read more on

What Experts Wish You Knew about False Memories

Just because you're absolutely confident you remember something accurately doesn't mean it's true -- Read more on

The Surprising Role of Fairness in Economic Decision-Making

Economists think of people as "rational agents" who maximize their own benefit, but that's often not the case -- Read more on

Why I Get My Brain Zapped

Conventional therapies haven't done much good for my anxiety disorder -- Read more on

How Well Can We Remember Someone's Life after They Die?

Our memories of our own lives are often unreliable, so it should be no surprise that the same is true for our departed loved ones -- Read more on

We're All Biased, but That Doesn't Keep Us from Making Valid Decisions

We can often believe conclusions we reach even when we know that we arrived at them in a biased way -- Read more on

Brexit and Trump: When Fear Triumphs Over Evidence

The psychology behind why so many people are willing to ignore the experts -- Read more on

Psychiatry When You Don't Speak the Language

An afternoon in a Chinese clinic makes it clear how important a patient's speech can be to making a diagnosis -- Read more on

The Memory Illusion

If you think all of your memories are real and accurate, think again -- Read more on

Sometimes Embracing Emotional Distress Is the Best Medicine

Avoiding mental discomfort at any cost can be a self-defeating strategy -- Read more on

This 1 Weird Trick Can Help People Grow Their Savings

People are psychologically predisposed to believe the key to staying out of financial trouble is earning more—but they're wrong -- Read more on

Separating Science Fiction from Science Fact in Memory Research

The media (and scientists) often overstate how much progress the field has actually made -- Read more on

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