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Trump is making China angry. Could China undermine the U.S. in Latin America?

Many experts suggest that the rhetoric and politics of President-elect Donald Trump provide an opportunity for China to make inroads into Latin America. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently promoted a Chinese-led trading bloc as an alternative to the Trans Pacific Partnership in a meeting of 21 Pacific Rim leaders that took place in Peru. Just as […]

Telling the Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Emotions

How to break the cycle when you can’t seem to stop reflecting on negative events. I am sure you have heard it said before, “Feel your feelings. Don’t repress them.” When a person invests time and resources into personal development, it’s with the hope of […]

French Lessons for the Centre Left

In ordinary times, a French president announcing they wouldn't be seeking re-election is something of a deal. Especially as none have stepped down after a single term in the history of the Fifth Republic. However, as it's 2016 this milestone will go down as but a detail. Show More Summary

2016 Science Books for Kids

Here I have just a few suggestions for science books for the kiddos. See this post for the adult version. The Outdoor Science Lab for Kids and the other books in the same series are excellent, highly recommended, and reviewed here. Treecology is also a science activity book that people seem to love. Chance are…

This Might Be World's First Polluted River

It's no surprise to anyone that humans pollute their waterways—it's kind of what we do—but now it appears we've been doing it a lot longer than you probably thought. In a study published this month in Science of the Total Environment, researchers say they've found evidence of a...

Top Science Books: 2016

Here is my selection of the top science books from 2016, excluding those mainly for kids. Also, I don’t include climate change related books here either. (These will both be covered in separate posts.) The number of books on this list is not large, and I think this was not the most prolific year ever…

Marijuana Extract May Help Treat Severe Epilepsy, New Studies Show

A compound found in marijuana may help reduce seizures in people with some types of epilepsy, new research suggests.

The Four Major Goals of Life revisited

I wrote about the four major goals in life on my psychology today blog quite some time back and want to revisit it today in the light of reading Susan Wolf‘s ‘Meaning in life and why it matters’ which is a very accessible and engaging, as well as a short, read. Susan Wolf claims that there are two [...] Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)

A very good sentence

Sex-cynicism and race-pessimism, of course, often travel in tandem. That is from Christopher Caldwell’s excellent NYT article on Alt-Right. The post A very good sentence appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

How Many Saw It Coming?

The collapse of the Evil Empire in December of 1991. The attack of radical Islam on the USA in September of 2001. The election of Donald Trump in November of 2016 and his destruction of the Bush and Clinton dynasties....

Religious Experience Has Fascinating Effect On The Brain

Brains scans during religious experience reveal the effects of intense divine feelings. Dr Jeremy Dean's ebooks are: The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything

beam-me-up-aliens:went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today! (no...

beam-me-up-aliens: went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today! (no audio) Woo hoo!

The Underground Map of the Elements – now with Nh, Mc, Ts & Og

Tweet Follow @mark_lorch What with the names of the four latest elements being confirmed I thought it time I updated the original Underground Map of the Elements. So here it is resplendent with nihomium, moscovium, organesson and tennessine! Enjoy

Oldest zoo gorilla doing well after biopsy before birthday

The oldest known gorilla living in a zoo is doing well after a surgical biopsy ahead of her 60th birthday on Dec. 22.

Saturday assorted links

1. Me on Trump and Carrier on NPR. 2. What does profit repatriation really mean? 3. Is the internet ruining or improving TV? 4. Simmons and Gladwell on the future of football. 5. A very good tweet storm about books and reading. 6. “The average time from enquiry to order is 11 years, and the […] The post Saturday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Post-Election Vertigo

What the feeling of dislocation can teach us about these unsettling times.

Packing Orders for Christmas in Full Swing

Saturday – Preparing and Packing Orders Armed with some hot tea and warm mince pies, team members at Everything Dinosaur have spent most of today (Saturday), sorting out orders ready for a prompt despatch on Monday.  At this time, it is “all hands on deck” as the company enters into its busiest time of the […]

CD19-targeting CAR T-cell immunotherapy yields high responses in treatment-resistant CLL

(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) In a small, early phase trial, a high percentage of patients who had exhausted most traditional treatments for chronic lymphocytic leukemia saw their tumors shrink or even disappear after an infusion of a highly targeted, experimental CAR T-cell immunotherapy developed at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

6 Ways to Stay Busy to Avoid Sadness

“Active natures are rarely melancholy. Activity and sadness are incompatible.” – Christian Bovee Sometimes, you’re just sad. Whether it’s the holiday season, your birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, you can inexplicably feel sadness. It may be that the occasion itself reminds you of loss, […]

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