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Dinosaur brain tissue discovered for first time in 130m-year-old fossil

Thought to belong to a relative of the Iguanodon, the thin layer of mineralised matter is the first fossilised brain tissue found for any land-living vertebrate A brown, pebble-sized object found in a rock pool on a beach near Bexhill, Sussex bears the first evidence of fossilised dinosaur brain tissue, scientists say. Show More Summary

Ancient Battle Left 'Sea Monster' With Tooth Stuck in Its Face

About 75 million years ago, a mosasaur — a dolphin-like, predatory, marine reptile that lived during the dinosaur age — bit another mosasaur so hard that it left its tooth behind, embedded in its foe's face.

Synopsis: Making Monopoles with Waves

Magnetic monopoles—theorized particles with only one magnetic pole—might possibly be created by wave-wave collisions. [Physics] Published Thu Oct 27, 2016

“Young Scholar, Now Lawyer, Says Clarence Thomas Groped Her in 1999”

Marcia Coyle with a potentially big story: On Oct. 7, a night dominated by the disclosure of Donald Trump’s audio-recorded boasts about grabbing women, Moira Smith posted on Facebook a memory of her encounter with Thomas. “He groped me while I was … Continue reading ?

Fossilized dinosaur brain tissue identified for the first time

An unassuming brown pebble, found more than a decade ago by a fossil hunter in Sussex, has been confirmed as the first example of fossilised brain tissue from a dinosaur.

Schiaparelli crash site imaged by HiRISE

Following up the detection of the Schiaparelli crash site by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CTX, the higher-resolution HiRISE camera has now definitively identified the locations of lander impact site, parachute with backshell, and heat shield impact site on the Martian surface.

The Foods That Trigger Migraines

21 minutes agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

Those who suffer from migraines have higher levels of bacteria that are responsible for processing nitrates, a new study finds. Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebooks are: The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything

Learning Morse code without trying

(Georgia Institute of Technology) Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a system that teaches people Morse code within four hours using a series of vibrations felt near the ear. The findings demonstrate silent, eyes-free text entry on a mobile device without a keyboard.

Prototype device for measuring graphene-based electromagnetic radiation created

(Lomonosov Moscow State University) Physics from Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics Lomonosov Moscow State University (SINP MSU) as a part of the team of Russian scientists have studied carbon structures, obtained from the reduced graphene oxide. Show More Summary

New tool detects malicious websites before they cause harm

(Princeton University, Engineering School) The system, called PREDATOR, distinguishes between legitimate and malicious purchasers of new websites. The system yields important insights into how those two groups behave differently online even before the malicious users have done anything obviously bad or harmful. Show More Summary

Alcator C-mod bows out with a new world record

(American Physical Society) Since it began operation in 1993, experiments on the C-Mod tokamak produced many new and important results.

Atombombing to smash Windows

Security experts have discovered a way to inject malicious code into Windows 10, and presumably any other active version of the operating system. The process, which they have nicknamed “Atombombing”, does not rely on exploiting bugs or bad code in the OS and simply works through the way in which the OS is designed and … Continue reading "Atombombing to smash Windows"

Effect of facial expression on emotional state not replicated in multilab study

(Association for Psychological Science) A coordinated replication effort conducted across 17 labs found no evidence that surreptitiously inducing people to smile or frown affects their emotional state. The findings of the replication...Show More Summary

Medicaid policies that help smokers quit also save on health care costs

(George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health) Medicaid policies that require patients to go for tobacco-cessation counseling before they get a nicotine patch or some other type of anti- smoking drug actually lead to a reduction in the use of such medication, according to a new study. Show More Summary

Fighting the gram-negatives

Many microorganisms produce secondary natural products, the potential antibioticeffects of which are extensively investigated. German scientists have now examined a class of quinone-like substancescontaining an additional epoxide functional group for their antibiotic activities. Show More Summary

Airway-on-a-chip could lead to new treatments for cigarette smoke-induced lung injury

(Cell Press) Researchers have developed an airway-on-a-chip that supports living small-airway-lining cells from normal or diseased human lungs and an instrument that 'breathes' cigarette smoke in and out over these chips. Using thisShow More Summary

Advances in the Psychology of Passing the Salt

I just came across a remarkable new paper on the science of salt-passing behavior: Expected Results Show that a Longer Nose Means Slower Times for Passing the Salt and Pepper: A Second Report The article, which I have no doubt is entirely...Show More Summary

A new method to help solve the problem of nuclear waste

In the last decades, nanomaterials have gained broad scientific and technological interest due to their unusual properties compared to micrometre-sized materials. At this scale, matter shows properties governed by size. At the present time, nanomaterials are studied to be employed in many different fields, including the nuclear one. Show More Summary

Not So Fast on a Universal Child Benefit

Sam Hammond and Robert Orr of the Niskanen Center have published a very thoughtful paper proposing the establishment of a Canadian-style Universal Child Benefit. They make a compelling argument that replacing the current mish-mash of...Show More Summary

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