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Tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

This piece by Osama S. M. Amin is about a fragment of Gilgamesh that was discovered in 2011 and published in 2014, so it’s not exactly breaking news, but I hadn’t been aware of it and I suspect many of my readers will be in the same boat. Here’s Amin’s summary of the salient points: […]

China Considering More Massive Spacecraft for Deep Space Missions

China is eyeing a next-generation human space transportation system to carry taikonauts to future space stations and to conduct missions to the moon, Mars and asteroids, according to a report on a Chinese space blog.A feasibility study...Show More Summary

Sotheby's Sold Afghan Loot?

Surely not? "F. Rahimi: photos of artifacts looted from Afghan museum - one of these LOOTED artifacts was sold at Sothebys yesterday!" AntiquitiesCoalition ? @ CombatLooting 6 godz. 6 godzin temu "Note: Piece on bottom left of slide is looted antiquity that was sold by @ Sothebys #"

Object and Event

"It is a category mistake to attribute dates to objects at all; because only events have dates. What objects have is histories."—Alfred Gellhat tip Dan Hicks

Site Theft in Kent

Bexley Archaeology Group (BAG Archaeology) have had their site hut broken into and somebody walked off with their surveying equipment and small finds. Collectors, keep an eye open for the latter. Pictures can be found here.

Roots of Leftist Viciousness in Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

If you have been following the news you will have noticed that Dr. Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who is running for president, is coming under especially vicious attack from the Left. His being black does not protect him fo...

Forces of Nature to Follow if You’re Stuck at Your Desk

From Karl the Fog to God Himself, here are the residents of the natural world you should be following on Twitter. The post Forces of Nature to Follow if You’re Stuck at Your Desk appeared first on WIRED.

Eurasian Farmers "Invaded" Africa at Least 4,500 Years ago, 4 to 7% of African Genome is Eurasian

Geneticists have sequenced the first prehistoric genome from Africa: that of Mota, a hunter-gatherer man who lived 4500 years ago in the highlands of Ethiopia. Named for the cave that held the remains, the Mota genome gives scientists their first glimpse into what an African genome looked like prior to many recent migrations in Africa. Show More Summary

Heads will did roll

Excavation of Mexican site reveals decapitation of conquistadors Some place the number of people in the group as high as 550. Cortes had been forced to leave the convoy on its own while trying to rescue his troops from an uprising in what is now Mexico City. Members of the captured convoy were held prisoner in door-less [...]

Beetles provide clues about the genetic foundations of parenthood

A team of researchers including scientists from the University of Georgia has identified many of the genetic changes that take place in burying beetles as they assume the role of parent. Their findings, published recently in the journal Nature Communications, may provide clues about the fundamental genetics of parenthood in insects and other animals. read more

Trees to power: McMaster engineers build better energy storage device

McMaster Engineering researchers Emily Cranston and Igor Zhitomirsky are turning trees into energy storage devices capable of powering everything from a smart watch to a hybrid car. The scientists are using cellulose, an organic compound...Show More Summary

Bacterial genes that turn mercury lethal mapped across world

Some bacteria turn mercury into a neurotoxin called methylmercury that accumulates in the food we eat. Now we know where those bacteria are found

“Justice Department Called On To Investigate Alabama Voter ID Issue”

NPR: YEAGER: At a press conference in Birmingham, the Reverend Jesse Jackson isn’t shy about what he thinks of the state’s move. JESSE JACKSON: Of course it’s a new Jim Crow. YEAGER: Jim Crow – he’s referring to the system … Continue reading ?

In the sex lives of male worms in the lab, one gene makes a big difference

For tiny nematode worms of the species Caenorhabditis elegans -- males are rare and all but irrelevant in nature. That's because the vast majority of C. elegans individuals are self-fertilizing hermaphrodites. In the laboratory environment,...Show More Summary

A long look back at fishes' extendable jaws

When it comes to catching elusive prey, many fishes rely on a special trick: protruding jaws that quickly extend their reach to snap up that next meal. Now, researchers have found a clever way to trace the evolution of jaw protrusion in fishes over many millions of years.

Stormy Weather and Climate Change This Week

South Carolina Floods I haven’t said much about this partly because there is so much good coverage, but South Carolina’s floods, still ongoing, are going to get on the list of worst weather events of 2015. Since these floods are amounting to a one in 1,000 year event, they are actually on the list of…

High dose chemo & stem cell transplantation results in long-term survival for amyloid patients

Patients with Light-chain (AL) amyloidosis who are treated with high-dose chemotherapy (melphalan) and autologous (one's own) stem cell transplantation (HDM/SCT) have the greatest success for long-term survival. These findings, which...Show More Summary

Absurd Creatures: This Salamander Could Teach Humans How to Regrow Limbs

A lab at the University of California Irvine trying to figure out how to regrow lost limbs by studying the axolotl. The post Absurd Creatures: This Salamander Could Teach Humans How to Regrow Limbs appeared first on WIRED.

What John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy understand about the art of war

In “The Art of War,” the Chinese general and strategist Sun Tzu said: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” Kevin McCarthy pulled out of the race for the House Speakership on Thursday. As with John Boehner’s resignation, this was both […]

Trump fights to break what?

Brendan Mohler, "Donald Trump fights to break wind farm in Scotland", Golf Magazine 10/9/2015. The headline writer failed to use more obvious verbs like "stop" instead of "break"; did they also foresee the line break? [h/t J.K.]

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