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Smart plants learn new habits

A new study led by The University of Western Australia has demonstrated for the first time that plants can learn about their environment by making links between events, an ability thought to be exclusive to animals.

Old toys will self-destruct thanks to vanishing plastic

A new generation of materials that dissolve on demand could solve the problem of plastic waste – and even give extra satisfaction when peeing

Important Current Affairs Quiz 6th December 2016

Here is a quiz for upcoming Banking, Insurance and Government exams. This quiz contains expected questions which match the exam pattern of Govt Job Exams and other Banking Exams. So make sure you attempt Important Current Affairs Quiz 6th December 2016 to check your preparation level. Show More Summary

Voters actually don’t prefer wealthy politicians

Elections are supposed to give people choices. When it comes to the economic backgrounds of politicians, however, voters rarely have any option but to cast their votes for someone vastly better off than the average citizen. The recent presidential race was no exception: A fabulously rich businessman squared off against a wealthy career politician. Regardless of […]

Galactic gold rush: the tech companies aiming to make space mining a reality

Asteroids and the moon contain vast quantities of natural resources, including water, that could be worth billions and fuel a new phase of space exploration Many tech entrepreneurs will promise you the moon. Naveen Jain is hoping toShow More Summary

Pearl Harbor Subs: See Underwater Graves?in Live-Stream Dives

The public can see an underwater live stream of two Japanese submarines resting at the bottom of the Pacific, 75 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

How Lasers and a Goggle-Wearing Parrot Could Aid Flying Robot Designs

A parrot wears tiny, red-tinted goggles and flaps through laser-lit airborne particles to test computer models that explain how animals fly — and shows that there’s room for improvement.

Best of Our Blogs: December 6, 2016

One of the reasons we dread family gatherings is we can’t forget what happened last year. Your uncle’s insensitive remark. Your mother’s judgmental words. And that hurtful thing your cousin said. Part of you is still seething. Another part is afraid of being hurt again. […]

Study of wild plants contribute to understanding of high risks associated with a warming climate

New research, published today in Botany, investigates how well native California wild mustard species withstand increasing temperatures with the goal of developing a better understanding of heat stress on plants in a warming climate....Show More Summary

Solving a liver receptor puzzle

Imagine a key that opens a pin tumbler lock. A very similar key can also fit into the lock, but upside down in comparison to the first key.

Important Current Affairs 6th December 2016 with PDF

Here is an update containing all the important current affairs for 6th December 2016. You can download the Important Current Affairs 6th December 2016 with pdf capsule too. Venezuela Suspended from Mercosur The South American nations has suspended Venezuela  from the Mercosur trade bloc for violating the bloc’s democratic principles. Show More Summary

Superior crystals grown from levitating droplets

Crystals that don't experience mechanical stress during growth have superior quality. Levitating liquid metal is the idea behind the project 'Perfecting metal crystals' led by the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Scientists build new ultrasound device using 3-D printing technology

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a new ultrasound device that produces sharper images through 3-D printed lenses.

Cassini makes first ring-grazing plunge

NASA's Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft has made its first close dive past the outer edges of Saturn's rings since beginning its penultimate mission phase on Nov. 30.

New telescope chip offers clear view of alien planets

Scientists have developed a new optical chip for a telescope that enables astronomers to have a clear view of alien planets that may support life.

Quantum solar cells could explain why plants are green

An attempt to make more efficient solar cells shows that green light might be the least useful hue – maybe that's why plants reflect it

Image: Chaos at Hyperion

The moon Hyperion tumbles as it orbits Saturn. Hyperion's (168 miles or 270 kilometers across) spin axis has a chaotic orientation in time, meaning that it is essentially impossible to predict how the moon will be spinning in the future. So far, scientists only know of a few bodies with such chaotic spins.

Asian countries dominate, science teaching criticised in survey

Asian countries dominated the top places in the latest PISA survey that measures skills among high school students released on Tuesday, but the report criticised the teaching of science in many countries.

River blindness vaccine to begin cattle trials

A new vaccine with the potential to prevent millions of cases of blindness is a step closer to commercialisation.

Researchers chucked litter on the streets of New York and Bern to see if anyone would intervene

The cleaner the streets, the more likely people were to intervene, supporting the "Broken Windows" theory of crime. By Alex Fradera

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