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Newly-published spinach genome will make more than Popeye stronger

"I'm strong to the finich, 'cause I eats me spinach!" said Popeye the Sailor Man.

A Flight Around the World's Highest Mountains: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa

Mountains that make their own weather can be frustrating because...they make their own weather. High mountains in the path of consistent winds force air masses upwards, causing the water vapor within to condense, forming clouds and as often as not, rain. Show More Summary

Early Tevatron design days

How many times must one iterate on a magnet-spool design? Until Dr. Wilson is happy.

Are we about to witness the most unequal societies in history?

Biotechnology and the rise of AI could one day divide humankind into a small class of superhumans and a huge underclass of ‘useless’ people. Once the masses lose their economic and political power, inequality levels can spiral alarmingly Inequality goes back to the Stone Age. Show More Summary

Why Are Whales So Dang Big? Science May Finally Have an Answer

Baleen whales probably only grew colossal some 3 million years ago, and it was probably climate change that triggered the transformation. The post Why Are Whales So Dang Big? Science May Finally Have an Answer appeared first on WIRE...

A Physicist Breaks Down One of Roger Moore’s Iconic Bond Stunts

Our resident expert examines Bond's wild skydive in 'Moonraker.' The post A Physicist Breaks Down One of Roger Moore's Iconic Bond Stunts appeared first on WIRED.

The US Lags Behind in Meteorology. Under Trump, It May Get Worse

As the White House considers budget slashes and new leadership for NOAA, scientists worry our weather predictions will get even worse. The post The US Lags Behind in Meteorology. Under Trump, It May Get Worse appeared first on WIRED...

Let’s Explore the Physics of Rotational Motion With a Fidget Spinner

America's latest fad provides yet another opportunity to explain physics. The post Let’s Explore the Physics of Rotational Motion With a Fidget Spinner appeared first on WIRED.

Classic Chords #18 – Times Like Foo

Fellow C5 band member Andrea had a suggestion for a classic chord, one she’s not found a satisfactory resolution for in “Times Like These” by Foo Fighters. As Andrea points out, there are two versions: the original Rush-influenced album...Show More Summary

Important Current Affairs 23rd May 2017 with PDF

Here is an update containing all the important current affairs for 23rd May 2017. You can download the Important Current Affairs 23rd May 2017 with pdf capsule too. First draft on nuclear ban treaty by UN A U.N. conference on eliminating...Show More Summary

A Type Theory for Synthetic ?-Categories

Summarizes a new paper "A type theory for synthetic $\infty$-categories" by Emily Riehl and Mike Shulman.

On the Violence of Borders

I recently visited Ceuta, a piece of the north African coast that belongs to Spain and is hence part of “Europe”. It was a very strange and disturbing experience to cross that border so easily just[...]

Medieval brewery used by monks discovered by archaeologists on the outskirts of Lincoln

The malt kiln of what archaeologists think was a medieval brewery A medieval brewery has been discovered by archaeologists along the route of Lincoln Eastern Bypass. Network Archaeology Ltd, the company working on the site to provide...Show More Summary

GIS — A Powerful Tool To Be Used With Caution When Assessing Shoreline Erosion

Although computer models of archaeological sites are ideal software tools for managing spatially referenced data and commonly used to yield insights which contribute to the protection of heritage materials, some scientists question their...Show More Summary

Did Dutch hordes kill off the early Britons who started Stonehenge?

A gene study has shown that incomers could have ousted Stone Age Britons During the building of Stonehenge, around 2500BC, gene records show Sone Age Britons were replaced by Bronze Age Beaker folk. Photograph: Peter Adams/Getty Images The men and women who built Stonehenge left an indelible mark on the British landscape. Show More Summary

Historians reveal AMAZING details about massive Viking Camp found in Lincolnshire

Torksey AD 872/873 A 1,100-year-old camp the Viking Great Army at Torksey has been brought to life in stunning virtual reality based on the latest research. Heralded as the most realistic immersive experience ever created of the Viking world, the exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum in York runs from May 19 to November 5. Show More Summary

Dig Finds UK's Oldest Sacred Site

Archaeologists say a sacred burial site uncovered in Shrewsbury in February is over 4,000 years old. They say the site, which was discovered at a Greek Orthodox Church, may be the country's oldest-known continuously used sacred ground. Show More Summary

Mouse sperm survives in space, but could human babies?

Freeze-dried mouse sperm that spent nine months in space has been used to produce healthy rodent offspring back on Earth, Japanese researchers said this week.

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