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Getting to Know the Army of Tennessee

My knowledge of the Confederate army is confined mainly to the Army of Northern Virginia. As I sketch out my cultural biography of Silas Chandler,…

“‘Super PACs’ Spent Millions Before Candidates Announced, Filings Show”

Eric Lichtblau for the NYT: Acting as shadow campaigns, the political committees backing the major presidential candidates supported them with tens of millions of dollars in chartered planes, luxury hotel suites, opposition research, high-priced lawyers and more, spending reports showed … Continue reading ?

“Historic federal trial on voting rights ends; judge to issue decision later this year”

Winston-Salem Journal: Thomas Farr, one of the state’s attorneys, said in closing arguments that the plaintiffs had not presented any evidence that the law is racially discriminatory. He said North Carolina legislators have the authority to enact changes to election … Continue reading ?

“Key Voting Rights Test Now in Federal Judge’s Hands”

Erik Eckholm for the NYT: During closing arguments Friday, Judge Schroeder,who was appointed by President George W. Bush, peppered the plaintiffs’ lawyers with questions about why the repeal of extra voting opportunities that do not exist in many states would … Continue reading ?

“Bush not a candidate? Super PAC’s spending reveals otherwise”

Reuters: The first report of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, made public Friday, reveals for the first time, election lawyers say, just how much the group, Right to Rise, functioned as a kind of shadow campaign for Bush. … Continue reading ?

“Judge asks pointed questions of plaintiff’s attorney in closing arguments of federal voting rights trial”

This is key in NC voting trial: U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder interrupted Daniel Donovan, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, several times during his two-hour closing argument, asking him pointed questions about the case. One of Schroeder’s main … Continue reading ?

Justice Stevens Slams Justice Scalia’s “Disrespectful Rhetoric”

In remarks for an ABA speech today, in the context of a discussion of the Arizona redistricting case:   Justice Stevens is much more full of praise for Chief Justice Roberts, who he says decides cases based on what he … Continue reading ?

“Closing arguments in voting rights trial set for today”

Michael Hewlett reports for the Winston-Salem Journal. Kudos to them for their indispensable coverage of the North Carolina voting rights trial. … Continue reading ?

Report: MtGox CEO Arrested in Japan

Japanese police on Saturday arrested Mark Karpeles, CEO of the collapsed MtGox bitcoin exchange, over the loss of nearly $390 million worth of the virtual currency, local media said.Karpeles, 30, is suspected of having accessed the computer...Show More Summary

US Air Force to Spend Around $57.5 Billion on Strategic Bombers Over Next Decade

The US government expects to spend $33.1B building its next-generation strategic bomber over the coming decade and a further $24.4B upgrading the Northrop Grumman B-2 and Boeing B-52, according to a 30 July Government AccountabilityShow More Summary

US Marine Corps Declares F-35B IOC, Ready for War

The US Marine Corps has decided for good or ill to declare their F-35B has acheived IOC or Initial Operational Capability. This means the F-35B can do to war. However, it will not have its entire capability set. That 'Initial' bit is still set. Show More Summary

NASA's Amazing Comet Hunter --"Nobody Dreamed We'd Approach 200 a Year"

"SOHO has a view of about 12 and a half million miles beyond the sun," said Joe Gurman, the mission scientist for SOHO at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "So we expected it might from time to...

Report: Tu-160M2 to Incorporate PAK-FA Avionics

In addition to a new engine, Russia’s elite Tupolev Tu-160M2 strategic bomber (“White Swan”) is capable of carrying cruise and nuclear missiles and will receive cutting-edge avionics, said Vladimir Mikheev, the adviser of the deputy head of Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (RETC), according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Show More Summary

India Formally Cancels MMRCA Procurement, Rafale Looks Good in Malayasia, UAE

As per the India-France Joint Statement issued by the two countries during the Prime Minister's visit to France, Government of India conveyed to the Government of France that in view of the critical operational necessity for Multirole...Show More Summary

Modal Miscommunication

I got a Facebook message from someone who had friended me based on my linguistical online presence. From his profile, he seems to be Middle Eastern. He was asking about graduate linguistic programs in the United States, and whether I knew of professors who had similar research interests to his. Trying to be helpful, I […]

It’s not a selfie unless YOU photograph YOURSELF, just like it’s not suicide unless YOU kill YOURSELF.

It’s not a selfie unless YOU photograph YOURSELF, just like it’s not suicide unless YOU kill YOURSELF. It's not a selfie unless YOU photograph YOURSELF, just like it's not suicide unless YOU kill YOURSELF. — Grant Barrett (@GrantBarrett) July 31, 2015

Wikileaks: USA spying on Japanese climate officials

Wikileaks has published a disturbing claim, that the US NSA have been monitoring Japanese government internal deliberations on Climate Change. According to Wikileaks; Target Tokyo PRESS RELEASE Today, Friday 31 July 2015, 9am CEST, WikiLeaks...Show More Summary

Arizonans elected as AGU Fellows

Four geoscience faculty members from University of Arizona have been elected Fellows of the American Geophysical Union. George E. Gehrels, Jonathan T. Overpeck, Jay Quade, and Peter A. Troch, will all be inducted at the AGU Fall Meeting...Show More Summary

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