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Mycenaean vaulted tomb unearthed in central Greece

A Mycenaean vaulted tomb has been discovered near Amfissa in central Greece during the course of an irrigation project. Found in Amifissa, the vaulted tomb is the first of its kind discovered in Phocis and one of the few in Central Greece...Show More Summary

Fossils found in Siberia suggest all dinosaurs could have been feathered

The first ever example of a plant-eating dinosaur with feathers and scales has been discovered in Russia. Previously only flesh-eating dinosaurs were known to have had feathers, so this new find raises the possibility that all dinosaurs could have been feathered.

Nouvel atlas de Marseille

An interactive map of archaeological sites in Marseille. Go to the website...

Mercury's Bizarre Magnetic Field --"Powered by Liquid Iron"

Earth and Mercury are both rocky planets with iron cores, but Mercury's interior differs from Earth's in a way that explains why the planet has such a bizarre magnetic field, UCLA planetary physicists and colleagues report. Measurements from NASA's Messenger...

A blood test for suicide risk? Alterations to a single gene could predict risk of suicide attempt

Researchers say they have discovered a chemical alteration in a single human gene linked to stress reactions that, if confirmed in larger studies, could give doctors a simple blood test to reliably predict a person’s risk of attempting suicide.

Research shows impact of soft drinks in meal planning

New research has looked into whether we take liquid calories into account when planning meals. Participants completed a computer-based match-fullness task which assessed the expected satiation of meals that included either a calorific drink, a non-calorific drink, or a snack with the same energy content as the calorific drink. Show More Summary

Children whose parents spend more time cooking choose healthier foods later

New research suggests that the amount time parents spend on food preparation at home influences children's food intake decisions made in the laboratory without parental supervision.

Striatal dopamine transporter binding correlates with body composition and visual attention bias for food cues in healthy young men

Scientists have described a way that brain chemistry may make some people notice food more easily, which can tempt overeating even in people who are not overweight.

Decades-old amber collection offers new views of a lost world

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Scientists are searching through a massive collection of 20-million-year-old amber found in the Dominican Republic more than 50 years ago, and the effort is yielding fresh insights into ancient tropical insects andShow More Summary

Dieting young may lead to poor health outcomes later: Trends in dieting strategies in young adult women from 1982 to 2012

The younger a woman is when she goes on her first diet, the more likely she is to experience several negative health outcomes later in life.

F1000Research brings static research figures to life

F1000Research today published new research from Bjorn Brembs, professor of neurogenetics at the Institute of Zoology, Universitaet Regensburg, in Germany, with a proof-of-concept figure allowing readers and reviewers to run the underlying code within the online article. Show More Summary

Income is a major driver of avoidable hospitalizations across New Jersey

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – The household income of its residents is the most important factor in whether a community has high or low rates of avoidable hospital visits – conditions that could be better managed in a doctor's office or other...Show More Summary

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages during adolescence impairs memory, animal study suggests

Daily consumption of beverages sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup or sucrose can impair the ability to learn and remember information, particularly when consumption occurs during adolescence, a study done in rats suggests.

Girls Deserve Better than “Girls on the Run”

Every spring, my daughter receives an invitation to participate in a local Girls on the Run (GOTR) program. Every spring, I hesitate saying, “yes.” Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a non-profit organization with about 200 councils across the U.S. and Canada. Over 10 to 12 weeks, councils help organize teams of girls in 3rd […]

Maternal obesity modulates offspring microflora composition and gastrointestinal functions, animal study shows

Maternal obesity leads to marked changes in the offspring's gastrointestinal microflora composition and gastrointestinal function. This study suggests there are non-genetic factors that could be passed from a mother to offspring to increase the susceptibility to obesity.

Happy Birthday, Thorstein Veblen!

Thorstein Veblen (1857 – 1929) Veblen was a noted economist and sociologist and a prominent leader of the institutional economics movement. He is widely known for his book, The Theory of the Leisure Class, where he famously discusses a phenomena he called conspicuous consumption. - Sociological Cinema Art by Phillip Fivel Nessen. H/t Sociological Cinema. Lisa Wade is a […]

Statistics and data science, again

Phillip Middleton writes in with two questions: (1) Is html markdown or some other formatting script usable in comments? If so, what are the tags I may use? (2) What are your views on the role of statistics in the evolution of the various...Show More Summary

7-27-14 Crazy Days of Summer Whales!

Saturday/Sunday, July 26/27th...the whales were gone on the 24th and 25th...everyone was expecting a long absence...but on the 26th some were coming back started to become a crazy mixed up time which will probably just continue! July first it was L pod coming in...then some said they were watching K pod whales... Show More Summary

Time of arrival at hospital impacts time to treatment and survival of heart attack patients

Study shows heart attack patients who arrive at the hospital during weeknights, weekends and holidays have a 13 percent increased risk of dying compared with those arriving during regular business hours. On average, time to receive angioplasty was 16 minutes faster for people who arrived during business hours. Show More Summary

Vaccine against tick-transmitted disease under development

An important advancement toward developing a vaccine against the debilitating and potentially deadly tick-transmitted disease, human granulocytic anaplasmosis has been made by scientists. Successful vaccine development hinges on knowing what to target to prevent disease, and the research team has identified three such proteins on the surface of the HGA agent.

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