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Network measures predict neuropsychological outcome after brain injury

Cognitive neuroscience research has shown that certain brain regions are associated with specific cognitive abilities, such as language, naming, and decision-making. How and where these specific abilities are integrated in the brain to support complex cognition is still under investigation. Show More Summary

Cells simply avoid chromosome confusion

Reproductive cell division has evolved a simple, mechanical solution to avoid chromosome sorting errors, researchers report in the Sept. 11 Science Express. This natural safeguard prevents incorrect chromosome counts and misalignments that lead to infertility, miscarriage, or congenital conditions. read more

Dr Vincent Drost, the Invisible man of the PAS

It seems Dr Vincent Drost is the invisible man of the PAS. If you look at his page, the tab "View all records created by Vincent Drost" is still being hidden by PAS IT team. What is preventing them from presenting to the public the results...Show More Summary

NASA's TRMM satellite sees Hurricane Odile strike Baja California

Torrential rainfall is predicted to continue near the weakening system. Flash floods and landslides with rainfall totals of over 152-305 mm (6-12 inches) are predicted by the NHC as Odile travels over the Baja California Peninsula. Western...Show More Summary

Researchers develop improved means of detecting mismatched DNA

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified a highly sensitive means of analyzing very tiny amounts of DNA. The discovery, they say, could increase the ability of forensic scientists to match genetic material in some criminal investigations. Show More Summary

Freshman girls know how to eat healthy but lack confidence in their ability to do it

URBANA, Ill. – Female college freshmen understand the benefits of eating healthy foods and know which foods they should include in their diets. But they lack confidence in their ability to act on that knowledge, especially when it comes to getting enough calcium, says a new University of Illinois study. read more

Study: Web-based training can reduce campus rape

Web-based training targeted at college-aged men is an effective tool for reducing the number of sexual assaults on U.S. campuses, according to a researcher in the School of Public Health at Georgia State University. read more

Study indicates hunting restrictions for tapirs may not be enough

A published study indicates that lowland tapir populations may continue to drop in French Guiana, despite recent restrictions on hunting. Researchers from the Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage in French Guiana and San...Show More Summary

Increased Hunting Pressure Evidence from Paleolithic/Aurignacian Greece

Optimal Foraging, Dietary Change, and Site Use during the Paleolithic at Klissoura Cave 1 (Southern Greece)Author: StarkovichAbstract:This paper evaluates a long sequence of zooarchaeological remains from Klissoura Cave 1 (southern Greece) within the paradigm of evolutionary ecology. Show More Summary

Bagchi’s thesis

Despite everything, there is something to be said for the internet. Just a few days ago, I wanted to reference the work of Bagchi, who provided the probabilistic interpretation of Voronin’s Universality Theorem for the Riemann zeta function. However, the original was unpublished, and one of the few papers of Bagchi on this topic pointedly […]

Satellite sees Tropical Depression 16-E remnants scooped by Hurricane Odile

At 11 p.m. EDT on Sunday, September 14, Tropical Depression 16-E was officially a remnant low pressure area. NOAA's GOES-West satellite showed the clouds associated with the remnants being drawn into the massive circulation of nearby Hurricane Odile. read more

Satellites show Edouard's transition into an Atlantic Hurricane

On Sunday morning, September 14, 2014 at 1102 UTC (7:02 a.m. EDT) NASA's Global Hawk 872 took off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia on a flight toward Tropical Storm Edouard for a 24 hour mission. It was the sixth science flight for the Global Hawk during the Hurricane and Severe Storms Sentinel or HS3 mission. Show More Summary

NASA sees Typhoon Kalmaegi as a whirlpool of clouds in the South China Sea

NASA's Aqua satellite observed Typhoon Kalmaegi crossing the South China Sea and a satellite image from the MODIS instrument aboard made it look like a whirlpool of clouds. On Sunday, September 14, Kalmaegi passed over northern Luzon, Philippines and emerged into the South China Sea. Show More Summary

Number-crunching could lead to unethical choices, says new study

Toronto – Calculating the pros and cons of a potential decision is a way of decision-making. But repeated engagement with numbers-focused calculations, especially those involving money, can have unintended negative consequences, including...Show More Summary

The paucity of curse words in Japanese, chapter 2

[Guest post by Bob Ramsey] I’ve been thinking about this subject for more than thirty years. It started for me back in the late 70s. Back then, Herb Passin, who was at the time a professor of sociology at Columbia (remember him?), published a series of articles on language subjects in a popular Japanese magazine, […]

The Ka Nefer Nefer Mask and the Saqqara link

In the spring of 1998 the St Louis Art Museum acquired the Ka Nefer Nefer mask that is now known to have been excavated at Saqqara. In late December 2005 a notice on the Museum Security Network drew attention to that association of find-spot. Show More Summary

The deglobalisation of Scotland

Following ONS definitions, the official Scottish Executive figures give public sector employment in Scotland as 580,000 in 2012, having fallen slightly from its peak of 600,000 in 2009 (see Table 1). The 2012 figure represents 23.5 per cent of the total employed population. But there is good reason to suppose that these figures are a […]

Northeastern University Researchers Develop Novel Method for Working with Nanotubes

An interdisciplinary team of researchers led by Northeastern University has developed a novel method for controllably constructing precise inter-nanotube junctions and a variety of nanocarbon structures in carbon nanotube arrays. The...Show More Summary

iPhone Chemistry: Elements of a smartphone

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 2014 — By now, we've got all the details about Apple's latest iPhone, and the lines are probably forming somewhere for the Sept. 19 launch. But what do you really know about the guts of the iPhone 6, or any smartphone...Show More Summary

Oregon researchers urge psychologists to see institutional betrayal

EUGENE, Ore. -- Clinical psychologists are being urged by two University of Oregon researchers to recognize the experiences of institutional betrayal so they can better treat their patients and respond in ways that help avoid or repair...Show More Summary

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