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Financial Awareness Quiz 21

Here is Financial Awareness Quiz 21 for upcoming Banking exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB as well as for other exams like SBI PO, RBI Grade B Officer, SBI Clerk etc. This quiz contains important questions which match the pattern of above exams, so make sure you attempt today’s Financial Awareness Quiz 21 to check your preparation level. Show More Summary

A Revision of the Selenocosmiine Tarantula Genus Phlogiellus Pocock 1897 (Araneae: Theraphosidae), with Description of 4 New Species

The tarantula genus Phlogiellus (Pocock 1897) is revised. The genus is diagnosed against all other selenocosmiine genera for the first time along with a new generic description. The tribe Yamiini (Kishida 1920) is diagnosed against all other selenocosmiine tribes. Show More Summary

Unprecedented study of Aboriginal Australians points to one shared Out of Africa migration for modern humans

The first major genomic study of Aboriginal Australians ever undertaken has confirmed that all present-day non-African populations are descended from the same single wave of migrants, who left Africa around 72,000 years ago.

Ancient eggshell protein breaks through DNA time barrier

Scientists have identified fossil proteins in a 3.8 million year-old ostrich eggshell, suggesting that proteins could provide valuable new insights into the evolutionary tree, much further back in time than was previously thought.

No, NASA hasn’t changed the zodiac signs or added a new one

Astrology fans should realise that the star signs they love have long been out of date, as NASA and astronomers occasionally point out, says Phil Plait

Indonesian Makers Work Towards Zero Food Waste

Jakarta makers combine forces with environmental groups to educate the public about food waste in Indonesia and come up with solutions. Read more on MAKE The post Indonesian Makers Work Towards Zero Food Waste appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Ötzi – a treacherous murder – with links to Central Italy

The copper used to make Ötzi’s axe blade did not come from the Alpine region as had previously been supposed, but from ore mined in southern Tuscany. Ötzi was probably not involved in working the metal himself, as the high levels of arsenic and copper found in his hair had, until now, led us to assume.

Interview with a Physicist: David J. Griffiths

We are pleased to introduce David J. Griffiths. Professor Griffiths is one of the most successful physics textbook writers.  Odds are if you studied physics in college, you’ve used one of his textbooks. We are pleased and honored to obtain some of his insights on the quantum and academic world. Here we go! Please give us a […]

On Thomas Nast’s 176th Birthday

It’s his art and the way he could say so much in it, with so few words. That’s why I take time to remember Thomas Nast on his 176th birthday… and the fact that Facebook reminded me that, for whatever reason that compelled me at the time, I paid tribute to him on his birthday, back in […]

Early Bronze Age hillforts of the basalt desert of Eastern Jordan

Research revealed not only fortification walls and simple dwelling structures, but also terraced gardens that were irrigated through sophisticated systems with run-off rainwater to enable the cultivation of grain.

Nanotech could give us safer, greener diapers and sanitary products

A new material made of tiny nanofibers could replace potentially harmful materials found in diapers and sanitary products, according to new research published in Applied Materials Today.

Nanoparticles called C dots show ability to induce cell death in tumors

Nanoparticles known as Cornell dots, or C dots, have shown great promise as a therapeutic tool in the detection and treatment of cancer.

2 Years to Ploughshare Tortoise Extinction?

Fewer than 100 of these rare tortoises remain after a year of rampant poaching for the illegal pet trade -- Read more on

Language Hacking German: 10 Hacks to Learn German Faster

It’s heeeeeeere! Ja, baby! From 27th September, my new book Language Hacking German is available in bookstores all around the world. So, what’s the fuss all about? Language hacking is all about looking for the faster, smarter ways to learn languages. Show More Summary

In Defense of Housing

Peter Marcuse’s and David J. Madden’s In Defense of Housing: The Politics of Crisis (Verso 2016) is a elegant survey of issues facing housing on a global scale. For the authors, the contemporary housing crisis exists in the tension between housing as home and housing as a commodity. Marcuse and Madden juxtapose the multimillion dollar… Read More ?

How Can Blogging Make You a Better Student?

      Within a few weeks of starting my psychology education, I realized that the way I was attempting to learn and retain information wasn’t very effective, in fact it was terrible. I found myself reading and rereading the same paragraphs over and over trying to force the information to sink in.  With psychology, I […]

Trump's debate denials

As Geoff Pullum noted, in last night's presidential debate, many of Trump's interruptions of Clinton (or shall we say his "manterruptions") involved on-the-fly denials of what Clinton was saying. Geoff describes one such denial: "'Not!' he snapped at one point while she was talking, like a 9-year-old." Let's go to the transcript: CLINTON: Well, Donald, I […]

Dinosaurs Roar with Jonah!

Jonah Class Explore Dinosaurs It was a busy morning for the Reception class at Astbury St Mary’s Church of England Primary School.  Class Jonah have been learning all about dinosaurs and the enthusiastic teaching team had invited a member of the Everything Dinosaur staff into the school to explore dinosaurs and fossils.  The spacious hall was […]

Debate words

Geoff quoted Vox on Donald Trump's interruptions during last night's debate, and discussed the extraordinary childishness of some of those interruptions. I don't have much time this morning, so I'll just add a few words about words. Trump used 35% more wordforms than Clinton did — 8,866 to 6,580, by my trivial debate-analysis program's count […]

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