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Central Appalachia flatter due to mountaintop mining

Forty years of mountaintop coal mining have made parts of Central Appalachia 60 percent flatter than they were before excavation, researchers say. This study, which compares pre- and post-mining topographic data in southern West Virginia, is the first to examine the large-scale impact of mountaintop mining on landscape topography and how the changes influence water quality.

Magnets levitate above a superconductor: New properties of superconductors discovered

New findings may eventually lead to a theory of how superconductivity initiates at the atomic level, a key step in understanding how to harness the potential of materials that could provide lossless energy storage, levitating trains and ultra-fast supercomputers.

“The Supreme Court and the 2016 Elections”

Looking forward to this event Feb. 22 at UCI Law (which will be livestreamed): UCI Law Professor Rick Hasen and Ed Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), a conservative D.C. think tank, will offer perspectives on … Continue reading ?

Half of the large carnivore attacks are due to the imprudence of human behavior

Close to 50 percent of large carnivore attacks on humans have involved risk-taking human behaviors. This is one of the main conclusions reached by a study which have analyzed the circumstances of 700 documented attacks of six carnivore species (brown bear, black bear, polar bear, puma, wolf and coyote) since 1955 in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Spain.

“Nevada Democratic caucus overlooks Sabbath observers”

Las Vegas Review Journal: Observant Jews and Seventh-day Adventists who want to caucus with Nevada Democrats on Feb. 20 are out of luck. The party’s noon caucus falls squarely in the middle of a Saturday, a sacred day of rest … Continue reading ?

Pittsburgh Hip

February 5, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston A friend/colleague/co-commuter sent a link to this article. I especially appreciated the gesture since the dude is a diehard fan of all things Seattle (we commiserated about playoff defeats)....Show More Summary

HiRISE image coverage of the Curiosity field site on Mars, Version 3.0

There have been tons and tons of HiRISE images of the Curiosity landing region, and it has taken quite a lot of work for me to find, locate, and catalogue them. This post is a summary of what I've found; after five revisions and updates, it's now version 3.0 of the list.

Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of dirty tricks. Will it matter?

Allegations of dirty political tricks in Iowa are flying.  Donald Trump is tweeting about little else. Thank you @billoreilly & @KarlRove. Ted Cruz should be immediately disqualified in Iowa, with each candidate moving up one notch. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 4, 2016 The Washington Post’s Philip Bump summarized the dust-up: “Trump referred to […]

On 'Homophobic'

'Homophobic' is a coinage of leftists to prevent one of those famous 'conversations' that they otherwise call for. It is a question-begging epithet and semantic bludgeon meant to close down debate by the branding of their opponents as suffering from...

Sakurajima Lets Out a Spectacular Eruption After Months of Quiet

Things had gotten quiet at Japan’s Sakurajima for the past few months, but today the volcano unleashed an impressive explosive eruption. If you watch the video of the eruption, you can see incandescent volcanic bombs and ash being hurled hundreds of meters into the air — and the eruption even generated some of its own lightning. Show More Summary

Former USTR Rob Portman Opposes TPP for the Worst Reasons

Yesterday, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), a former U.S. Trade Representative during the George W. Bush administration, announced his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  According to Reuters: Portman, from Ohio, said the Pacific...Show More Summary

Police Misconduct -- The Worst Case in January

Over at Cato’s Police Misconduct web site, we have identified the worst case for the month of January.  It was the case from Suffolk County, New York, involving now former police officer, Scott Greene.  He was convicted of repeated instances...Show More Summary

Possible marker for recurring HPV-linked oropharyngeal cancers

A look-back analysis of HPV infection antibodies in patients treated for oropharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancers linked to HPV infection suggests at least one of the antibodies could be useful in identifying those at risk for a recurrence of the cancer, say scientists at The Johns Hopkins University. Show More Summary

Russia's Most Syria Adventure #67

Turkey calls Russia's claims of Turkish plans to invade Syria propaganda. They also state Russia is not being allowed to do the Open Skies flight due to security concerns. Erdogan went as far as to call the Russian claims of the coming Turkish invasion 'laughable.'Russia has stated they expect an international reaction to Turkey's denial of the Open Skies flight.

the state, undocumented migration, and the workplace:

Just in time for Fabio’s proclamation of April as race month, sociologist Jacqueline Olvera has just published an article in Sociology Compass that might interest those looking for a state-of-the-field review of the interrelations among...Show More Summary

AMP updates pathology residency curriculum recommendations

BETHESDA, Md. - Feb. 5, 2016 - The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), the premier global, non-profit organization serving molecular diagnostic professionals, has updated its pathology residency curriculum recommendations for 10 critical molecular pathology topics. Show More Summary

GW researcher tests new method for rapid detection of infection in wounds

WASHINGTON (Feb. 5, 2016) - A new method for detection of infection in wounds could take physicians less than a minute to complete, rather than the current 24 hours it takes to plate bacteria and leave it to incubate overnight, according to research by the George Washington University's (GW) Victoria Shanmugam, M.D. read more

Single-lesion biopsy may be insufficient to choose therapy targeting resistance mutations

When metastatic tumors driven by drug-targetable genetic mutations become resistant to a targeted therapy drug, the usual practice is to biopsy a single metastatic lesion to test for new mutations that can guide the selection of next-line therapies. Show More Summary

Talking Campaign Finance with Steve Simpson Feb. 10 at Southwestern Law

The talk is sponsored by ACS and the Federalist Society. Details.   … Continue reading ?

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