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Contest Entry : Rejection Letters, 7

This rejection letter arrived 5 years after the actual application/search process. That seems excessively long.What do you think:1. better late than never?2. if an institution is going to send a 5-year-late rejection, couldn't it be a bit more appropriate?3. Show More Summary

Penghu 1 – A New East Asian Fossil Hominid

Penghu 1 is a mandible with an interesting discovery; Taiwanese fishermen dredged up the jawbone off the coast of Penghu … Continue reading ?

Mapping Ötzi’s Tattoos

All 62 of Ötzi’s tattoos have been mapped. They are mostly located over joint spaces and are thought to play … Continue reading ?

mark.liberman.121 is not me

Earlier today, someone set up a Facebook account, with a version of my FB profile picture, and began communicating with people as if they were me. My actual FB page is, which I don't use much except to look at things that people tell me about. Show More Summary

January issue of Asymptote

Just in time for the weekend -- though really stretching it, as far as the issue date goes -- the January issue of Asymptote is now available online: wall-to-wall international literature goodness, from fiction/non/poetry translations...Show More Summary

'Emerging Voices'

The Financial Times tries to pay some attention to 'Emerging Vocies' with a couple of pieces, including Literature has liberated Africa's authors by Maya Jaggi and Arab writers begin to make their mark by Hannah Murphy. Well-meaning, no doubt, but.....

Alina Bronsky on writing in German

At PEN Atlas Broken Glass Park-author Alina Bronsky writes about belonging to: "the subset of authors who write books in a language that is not their native tongue", in You speak such good German. This is neither a new nor very uncommon...Show More Summary

Chinese literary philately

At China Daily they have a slideshow (yeah, sorry..) of examples of how Stamps celebrate masterpieces of Chinese literature -- some pretty nice pieces. And, of course, anything honoring/highlighting classics like Dream of the Red Chamber (i.e. The Story of the Stone) is worth a mention.....

Ancient deformation of the lithosphere revealed in Eastern China

Seismic investigations from the Qinling-Dabie-Sulu orogenic belt in eastern China suggest that this region was affected by extreme mantle perturbation and crust-mantle interaction during the Mesozoic era. The Qinling-Dabie-Sulu orogenic...Show More Summary

Evidence mounts for quantum criticality theory

A new study adds to the growing evidence supporting a theory that strange electronic behaviors -- including high-temperature superconductivity and heavy fermion physics -- arise from quantum fluctuations of strongly correlated electrons.

Radar Images of Near-Earth Asteroid

A team of astronomers has made the most detailed radar images yet of asteroid 2004 BL86. The images, which were taken early in the morning on Jan. 27, 2014, reveal the asteroid's surface features in unprecedented clarity.

Reports of the Death of Irish Have Been Exaggerated.

Or so says Nicholas Wolf, who teaches courses in Irish history at New York University, in this piece for the Irish Times; it starts off with some irrelevant stuff about how “speakers of Irish well into the nineteenth century held that the language possessed such a tremendous antiquity that it had been spoken by Adam […]

Van Inwagen, Properties, and Bare Particulars

In this entry I expand on my claim that Peter van Inwagen's theory of properties commits him to bare particulars, not in some straw-man sense of the phrase, but in a sense of the phrase that comports with what proponents...

Camera now measuring even fainter Near-Earth Objects

Camera purchased with the support of a 2009 Shoemaker NEO Grant is now on a new telescope providing follow-up measurements for even fainter near-Earth objects.

Sharing Sociological Knowledge

By Sally Raskoff The more you learn about sociology, the more opportunities you might notice to use it. In our personal and professional lives, this can get tricky. How you share it may be important. When you learn something and...

Neutrality on the Robopocalypse

I’ve had a few posts in the past few months (here and here) about the consequences of mechanization for the future of work. In short, what will we do when the robots take our jobs?I wouldn’t call myself a techno-optimist. I don’t think the arrival of robots necessarily makes everything better. Show More Summary


Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tigermom and her blogging friends sent this to me this morning and I thought I'd share it with our readers. ----- Listen to our latest podcast at or subscribe to our rss feed. Email us at mythreeshrinks at gmail dot com Our book is out now.

Ukrainian War Causes Problems for new Russian Frigates

The Ukrainian military equipment embargo to Russia could cause delays in the construction of the Russian Navy’s new class of frigates and slow a planned modernization effort of Russia’s northern fleet, according to a Monday report in...Show More Summary

Baby Chicks Show Smarts With Numbers

Baby chicks seem to process numbers the same way humans do—with small ones starting on the left, according to a new study. The research out of Italy suggests that this "mental number line," considered fundamental to math, might be hard-wired into the brains of living creatures rather than something...

US Army's Future Vertical Lift now has Five Types

And then there were five. There were already going to be four different aircraft in the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) family, from light to medium to heavy to “ultra.”Now it’s almost certain that the medium FVL will be split into two separate versions: a smaller attack/reconnaissance aircraft and a larger troop-carrying assault craft. Show More Summary

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