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Fur Seal Pups Mysteriously Washing Up on California Shores

Roughly 80 Guadalupe fur seal pup have been found stranded in 2015, eight times the normal rate

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #2

Looks like the Su-34s are being advertised by Russia as being present. link. A map of all the Russia airstrikes in Syria.

Saturday assorted links

1. Japan will have some driverless taxis fairly soon it seems. 2. Lengthy Steve Pearlstein profile of Olivier Blanchard. 3. A divided Catalonia. 4. Interview with Colm Toibin. 5. What kind of error is a sticky price? 6. Alice Chen, Emily Oster, and Heidi Williams on why infant mortality is higher in the United States […]

Data analysis vs statistics

23 hours agoAcademics : The Endeavour

John Tukey preferred the term “data analysis” over “statistics.” In his paper Data Anaysis, Computation and Mathematics, he explains why. My title speaks of “data analysis” not “statistics”, and of “computation” not “computing science”; it does not speak of “mathematics”, but only last. Show More Summary

Synthetic DNA with extra 'unnatural' bases

Yesterday at the Radcliffe Symposium on the Present and Future of DNA, I got to hear a lecture by Floyd Romesberg, whose lab has been working to create DNA with two novel “unnatural” bases. The main idea is that natural DNA with its four bases is limited to a total genetic code that has only 64 possible codons. Show More Summary

Monster 'Einstein-Ring' Galaxy Observed at the Edge of the Universe (Weekend Feature)

For centuries cartographers were fond of depicting monsters along the edges of their maps. Now, researchers have depicted a monstrous galaxy near the edge of the charted Universe with unprecedented detail using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) with the...

Simulating path of 'magma mush' inside an active volcano

Months of warning signs from Mauna Loa, on Hawaii's Big Island, prompted the U.S. Geological Society to recently start releasing weekly updates on activity at the world's largest active volcano. read more

Drunk [on] US dollars

On June 9, 2012, Clement Larrive wrote: I stumbled upon this sign while on a trip from Wuhan, Hubei to Shanghai. Do you have any idea about what it really means ? I apologize for letting this interesting query get lost in my bloated inbox for such an unconscionably long time, but am very happy […]

4 Strategies for Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety

Unlike aggression, impulsivity or hyperactivity, anxiety often goes under the radar in kids, said Elizabeth Penela, Ph.D, a psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety in kids. It might be because anxiety typically manifests as somatic symptoms. For instance, kids might have headaches, muscle tension and […]


I was looking up something else in my American Heritage Dictionary when my eye fell on this entry: wight2 (w?t) adj. Archaic Valorous; brave. [Middle English < Old Norse v?gt, neuter of v?gr, able to fight; see weik-3 in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.] My first thought was “That’s odd, I’ve never heard of such […]

Did James Hansen Unwittingly Prove The Null Hypothesis Of AGW?

Guest Opinion; Dr. Tim Ball The only place in the world where CO2 increase causes a temperature increase is in climate models, including those of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The assumption that a CO2 increase causes a temperature increase is central to the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis. If incorrect, failure of…

Graphene as a front contact for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells

A team of researchers has developed an elegant process for coating fragile perovskite layers with graphene for the first time. Subsequent measurements show that the graphene layer is an ideal front contact in several respects.

Mummification was common in Bronze Age Britain

Ancient Britons may have intentionally mummified some of their dead during the Bronze Age, according to archaeologists at the University of Sheffield. Bronze Age skeleton from Neat's Court excavation, on Isle of Sheppey, Kent [Credit:...Show More Summary

Quand Poitiers s'appelait Limonum

L’archéologie urbaine étudie l’histoire des villes. Fouilles après fouilles, elle accumule les informations qui permettent de comprendre comment ces villes sont nées, comment elles ont évolué. Ce dossier vous invite à découvrir ce que l’on sait de Limonum pendant l’Antiquité, de la fin de l’époque gauloise à l’arrivée des Francs. Read the rest of this article...


Archaeologists in Orkney have uncovered the remains of over 30 buildings dating from around 4000 BC to 1000 BC, together with field systems, middens and cemeteries. The find includes a very rare Bronze Age building which experts believed could have been a sauna or steam house, which may have been built for ritual purposes. Show More Summary

Could Cramond hold the secret of Scotland during Dark Ages?

A two-year investigation into the mystery of an Edinburgh crypt has cast important new light on the turbulent history of the Dark Ages. The mass burial in Cramond, believed to be the oldest occupied village in Scotland, was uncovered in 1975 during an excavation of a Roman Bathhouse found at the site of a car park. Show More Summary

Dare I suggest that eighty percent of the world is run on this basis?

Despite the cloud cast by the Volkswagen scandal, automakers are proposing that they be allowed a 70 percent increase in the nitrogen oxides their cars emit, unreleased documents show, as part of new European pollution tests. Under the new plan, cars in Europe would for the first time be tested on the road, using portable […]

Players object to extreme physique of video game characters

A researcher surveyed video game players about their views of characters with unrealistic bodies and found that they objected to the exaggerated and highly sexualized physiques in the games.

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