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Scientists Introduce Bizarre Dinosaur

A half-century ago, researchers found two arms in the Mongolian desert that clearly belonged to a big dinosaur—they were eight feet long and ended in nasty claws. But that was it, and so they named the mysterious creature Deinocheirus mirificus, which roughly translates into “unusual horrible hand," reports the...

Cancer patients should not hesitate to speak with their doctors about dietary supplements

Many cancer patients use dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs or other botanicals but often don't tell their doctor. This gap in communication can happen when patients believe that their doctors are indifferent or negative toward their use of these supplements. Show More Summary

Graph of the day: Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010

I’d like to imagine that the guy who first proposed the idea of a white crayon was laughed out the room. (Now I am going to get 46 tweets and emails explaining the many uses of the white crayon. There’s … Continue reading ? The post Graph of the day: Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010 appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Recent space debris threat warded off

Space debris, also known as 'space junk,' is an ongoing real-life concern for teams managing satellites orbiting Earth, including NOAA-NASA's Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite. It is not unusual for satellites that have the capability of maneuvering to be repositioned to avoid debris or to maintain the proper orbit.

Mature forests store nitrogen in soil: May help protect waterways from excess nitrogen from industry

Ecologists working in central Pennsylvania forests have found that forest top soils capture and stabilize the powerful fertilizer nitrogen quickly, within days, but release it slowly, over years to decades. The discrepancy in rates means that nitrogen can build up in soils. Show More Summary

Powerful new class of weapons found in the war on cancer

Small molecules that can represent a new class of anticancer drugs with a novel target for the treatment of lung cancer have been identified by an interdisciplinary team of researchers. "These compounds hold potential as an entirely new class of anticancer drugs with a unique therapeutic target for the treatment of cancers," one expert noted.

Flatland, we hardly knew ye: Unique 1-D metasurface acts as polarized beam splitter, allows novel form of holography

( —Traditional three-dimensional (3-D) plasmonic metamaterials with metallic structures – artificial materials that exploit coherent delocalized electron oscillations known as surface plasmons produced from the interaction of...Show More Summary

If you're over 60, drink up: Alcohol associated with better memory

For people 60 and older who do not have dementia, light alcohol consumption during late life is associated with higher episodic memory -- the ability to recall memories of events -- researchers report.

Kingsmead Quarry finds declared as treasure

Gold beads found in a rare Beaker grave found during excavations at Kingsmead Quarry, Horton, Berkshire, have now been declared as Treasure by H.M. Coroner. The beads were discovered in 2011 in a small grave and may have formed part of a necklace. Show More Summary

'Breath test' shows promise for diagnosing fungal pneumonia

Many different microbes can cause pneumonia, and treatment may be delayed or off target if doctors cannot tell which bug is the culprit. A novel approach -- analyzing a patient's breath for key chemical compounds made by the infecting...Show More Summary

10-21-14 Barnacles Gave A Clue As To Who

Tuesday, October 21st...thinking the killer whales had continued up island (which seemed a bit unusual) I figured we would go north today and look for them...and maybe find some of the humpback whales that had been in the vicinity aShow More Summary

Two days later: Adolescents' conflicts with family spill over to school, vice versa

Family conflict and problems at school tend to occur together on the same day. A new study has found that these problems spill over in both directions for up to two days after. The study found that teens with more pronounced mental health symptoms, anxiety and depression, for example, are at risk for intensified spillover. Show More Summary

Teens whose parents exert more psychological control have trouble with closeness, independence

Teens whose parents exerted psychological control over them at age 13 had problems establishing healthy friendships and romantic relationships both in adolescence and into adulthood, a new longitudinal study has found. The study followed 184 ethnically and socioeconomically diverse teens from age 13 to 21. Show More Summary

High coverage genome from 45,000-year old Siberian (Ust'-Ishim)

This is the oldest full genome of a modern human published to date and it also comes from a time (45 thousand years ago) that coincides with the Upper Paleolithic revolution in Eurasia.45 thousand years ago is probably close to when Eurasians started diverging from each other as they spread in all directions. Show More Summary

Music therapy reduces depression in children, adolescents

Music therapy reduces depression in children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional problems, a study has found.

Ancient DNA from prehistoric inhabitants of Hungary

A very interesting new article on Europe describes new data from ancient Hungary from the Neolithic to the Iron Age. It is open access, so go ahead and read it. I will update this entry with some comments after I read the paper myself.UPDATE...Show More Summary

Moving in the quantum world

Simulating the behavior of a single particle can be quite a challenging task in physics; after all, it is microscopic and we usually cannot watch in real time. It becomes even more complicated when you realize that the particle has to...Show More Summary

Ancestry Composition preprint

This is one of the main ancestry tools of 23andMe so it is nice to see its methodology described in detail. bioRxiv Ancestry Composition: A Novel, Efficient Pipeline for Ancestry Deconvolution Eric Y Durand et al. Show More Summary

Omega 3 can help children with ADD, experts say

Supplements of the fatty acids omega 3 and 6 can help children and adolescents who have a certain kind of ADHD. New research also indicates that a special cognitive training program can improve problem behavior in children with ADHD...

Exploring the "Only Encyclopaedic Museums" myth

James Cuno has a number of justifications why (only) encyclopaedic museums can achieve a whole range of socially-useful results which is how he justifies retaining trophies such as the Parthenon Marbles in them. The case made soundsShow More Summary

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