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Space Tourism Ship Crashes in Test Flight; 1 Pilot Dead

A spacecraft intended to carry tourists into space someday crashed this afternoon in California's Mojave desert, with one pilot dead and another injured, reports AP. "Our first concern is the status of the pilots," says a Virgin Galactic statement following the loss of its SpaceShipTwo craft. NBC News reports that...

A Few Words on 'Gainful Employment'

Neal McCluskey The big higher education news this week is that the Obama administration released its “gainful employment” rules aimed squarely at beleaguered for-profit colleges, which are the schools most likely to offer programs that are explicitly about supplying job skills. Show More Summary

Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 20)

This story seems to have slipped my notice over the last two weeks, but a team of radiologists in West Palm Beach, Florida, scanned an Egyptian mummy dating to 30-300 AD in advance of its going on display at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. Show More Summary

Tau, not amyloid-beta, triggers neuronal death process in Alzheimer's

WASHINGTON — New research points to tau, not amyloid-beta (Abeta) plaque, as the seminal event that spurs neuron death in disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. The finding, which dramatically alters the prevailing theory of Alzheimer's...Show More Summary

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Destroyed in Testing Accident

The private spaceflight company's spaceplane was destroyed in an accident over California's Mojave Desert.

Quote of the Week – climate fears in context

A dear friend sent me a note the other day that I thought was prescient, as it relates to the alarmism side of climate, where we see fear stories being propagated by the media on an almost daily basis. So with permission, I repeat it here. Fears are all subject to the climate, just sometimes…

BOO! Your Tax Dollars at Work

Patrick J. Michaels Increasingly, federal monies have been disbursed to the various departments and agencies in support of the Obama administration’s politically strange perseveration on global warming. Specifically, many millions go...Show More Summary

Ancient Meteorites Change Story of Earth's Water

At least when it comes to life as we know it, water is a basic requirement. So a new analysis of meteorites suggesting that water could have appeared on Earth 14 million years after the start of solar system some 4.6 billion years ago—more than a hundred million...

SpaceShipTwo Suffers in Flight Anomaly: Spacecraft Lost

link. Reports out of the Mojave are there is at least one fatality. SS2 flies with two during the test flights. I sincerely hope that is incorrect and both pilots are fine.

Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXV

Welp, I seem to have missed last month's RBC. Oops. So here's an extra-large helping of Roman(ish) bioarchaeology news for the last couple of months!Italy and Greece "Witch girl". Via Discovery News. 6 October. Skeleton of possible 'witch girl' found (Discovery News). Show More Summary

Fun and games make for better learners

Four minutes of physical activity can improve behaviour in the classroom for primary school students, according to new research by Brendon Gurd. A brief, high-intensity interval exercise, or a "FUNterval," for Grade 2 and Grade 4 students reduced off-task behaviours like fidgeting or inattentiveness in the classroom. read more

October Ends . . .

... and we say farewell once again to Jack Kerouac, cat man and mama's boy, as he prepares to "leave all San Francisco behind and go back home across autumn America" proving once again to his romantic predecessor...

Henry Ruffner’s Ghost Story (“The Screech”)

A Screech Amongs the earliest settlers in the Kanawha valley was george Alderson, who had been a man of the woods from his youth. Though not much of a scholar, yet he could read, write, and cast up accounts, which, altogether was more than the majority of his sylvan contemporaries could do. He was a […]

Avivagen publishes evidence for natural alternative to antibiotic use in livestock

Today the leading journal PLOS ONE published research that provides underlying scientific support for a fundamentally new type of natural alternative to the use of antibiotics in livestock feeds for growth promotion and disease prevention. Show More Summary

Drug tests on mothers' hair links recreational drug use to birth defects

Drug tests on 517 mothers in English inner city hospitals found that nearly 15% had taken recreational drugs during pregnancy and that mothers of babies with birth defects of the brain were significantly more likely to have taken drugs than mothers with normal babies. The study found no significant links between recreational drug use and any other type of birth defect. read more

Zoologger: My lizard persona depends on my neighbours

Different stress levels will make wall lizards from a group of Aegean islands flee or drop their tails – and it all depends on who they grew up with

Frigate Bird Discovered in Early Eocene Paleogene Wyoming

A new species of Limnofregata (Pelecaniformes: Fregatidae) from the Early Eocene Wasatch Formation of Wyoming: implications for palaeoecology and palaeobiologyAuthor:StidhamAbstract:A humerus and a coracoid from the Early Eocene Wasatch...Show More Summary

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