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ISIL Funding: the View from Glasgow and Liverpool

Yesterday, Jessica Dietler of Glasgow University claimed that there was a 'lack of evidence' for ISIL raising funds through the trafficking of ancient artefacts. Today that is echoed by somebody calling themselves 'Lestak de Lioncourt...Show More Summary

Fluid dynamics explain what happens when dogs drink water

If you've ever watched a dog drink water, you know that it can be a sloshy, spilly, splashy affair -- in other words, adorable. Behind all of the happy, wet messes, however, lies the mechanical logic of carnivorous compensation -- dogs splash when they drink because they have the cheeks of a predatory quadruped. Show More Summary

Espresso in space: You knew it was only a matter of time before espresso made its way to the International Space Station, right?

Espresso-loving astronauts, rejoice! You may soon be able to enjoy your beloved beverage in space, thanks to a new cup designed specifically to defy the low-gravity environments encountered aboard the International Space Station (IS...

Small modifications to tractor-trailers could save billions of gallons of gasoline each year

Each year, the more than 2 million tractor-trailer trucks that cruise America's highways consume about 36 billion gallons of diesel fuel, representing more than 10 percent of the nation's entire petroleum use. That fuel consumption could be reduced by billions of gallons a year through the use of drag-reducing devices on trucks, according to new studies.

Climate control in termite mounds

Researchers have found that fluctuations in outside temperature create convection currents within termite mounds to ventilate the living space.

Arrived in my pile

1. John A. Allison, The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure. 2. Peter J. Wallison, Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again. 3. Ted Gioia, Love Songs: The Hidden History. 4.Andrew Palmer, Smart Money: How High-Stakes Financial Innovation is Reshaping Our World for […]

Conserving soil, water in world's driest wheat region

In the world's driest rainfed wheat region, researchers have identified summer fallow management practices that can make all the difference for farmers, water and soil conservation, and air quality. Wheat growers in the Horse Heaven Hills of south-central Washington farm with an average of 6-8 inches of rain a year. Show More Summary

Sea Turtles Can Get the Bends after Capture in Fishing Gear, Says New Study

A loggerhead sea turtle caught on a longline in the Mediterranean. New research shows sea turtles can get “the bends” after being caught in fishing gear. (Photo: Oceana / Mar Mas) If you’re an avid scuba diver, you’re probably all too...Show More Summary

CT scans of coral skeletons reveal ocean acidity increases reef erosion

For coral reefs to persist, rates of reef construction must exceed reef breakdown. Prior research has largely focused on the negative impacts of ocean acidification on reef growth, but new research demonstrates that lower ocean pH also enhances reef breakdown: a double-whammy for coral reefs in a changing climate.

Boy moms more social in chimpanzees: Watching adult males in action may help youngsters prepare

Four decades of chimpanzee observations reveals the mothers of sons are 25 percent more social than the mothers of daughters, spending about two hours more per day with other chimpanzees than the girl moms did. Researchers believe mothers...Show More Summary

How does the brain react to virtual reality? Completely different pattern of activity in brain

Neurophysicists studying a key brain region where Alzheimer's disease begins have discovered how the brain processes virtual reality. 'The pattern of activity in a brain region involved in spatial learning in the virtual world is completely different than in the real world,' said the professor of physics, neurology, and neurobiology.

The Decision of the Ferguson Grand Jury

Walter Olson President Obama has called on the nation to accept the decision of the Ferguson grand jury. But looking forward, across much of this country, our system for dealing with police use of deadly force is broken. Police shoot...Show More Summary

India tosses out the WTO's agricultural subsidy disciplines

Daniel R. Pearson The World Trade Organization (WTO) seems on the verge of approving an agreement with India to allow the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) to move forward. The TFA is to be applauded. It will make a useful contribution...Show More Summary

China's Old Growth Forest Disappearing

China's anti-logging, conservation and ecotourism policies are accelerating the loss of old-growth forests in one of the world's most ecologically fragile places, according to studies led by a Dartmouth College scientist.The findings...Show More Summary

Müller-Karpe on Amending the 2007 Cultural Heritage Protection Act

Museum archaeologist Müller-Karpe talks to M. Doering about the proposed amendment of the 2007 Cultural Heritage Protection Act and the influence of the art dealer lobby.Deutschland ist zu einem Umschlagplatz für internationale Schmuggler antiker Kunst geworden. Show More Summary

Obstructive sleep apnea treatments may reduce depressive symptoms

Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or mandibular advancement devices (MADs) can lead to modest improvements in depressive symptoms, according to a study published by Marcus Povitz, Carmelle Bolo, and colleagues from University of Calgary, Canada, in this week's PLOS Medicine. read more

International collaboration completes genome sequence of centipede

HOUSTON - (Nov. 25, 2014) - An international collaboration of scientists including Baylor College of Medicine has completed the first genome sequence of a myriapod, Strigamia maritima - a member of a group venomous centipedes that care...Show More Summary

US to impose restrictions on smuggling Egyptian antiquities

The United States has agreed to impose restrictions on the import of smuggled Egyptian artefacts into the country. Reuters news agency quoted the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Al-Damati as saying that the US State Department...Show More Summary

Blind scottish centipede unlocks clues to the origins of creepy crawlies

The arthropods are one of Earth's real success stories, with more species of arthropod than in any other animal phylum, but our knowledge of arthropod genomes has been heavily skewed towards the insects. Recent work has furnished usShow More Summary

Centipede's genome reveals how life evolved on our planet

Centipedes, those many-legged creatures that startle us in our homes and gardens, have been genetically sequenced for the first time. In a new study in the journal PLoS Biology, an international team of over 100 scientists today reveals how this humble arthropod's DNA gave them new insight into how life developed on our planet. read more

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