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HMS Ocean Helicopter Carrier to Decommission in 2018

Britain’s Royal Navy is to decommission its only helicopter assault carrier and hand the task over to one of the new aircraft carriers being built by BAE Systems.Plans to scrap HMS Ocean in 2018 were part of the strategic defence and security review (SDSR) unveiled Nov 23. Show More Summary

Tell Your Therapist About the Abuse

“Unresolved emotional pain is the great contagion of our time — of all time.” ~ Marc Ian Barasch Imagine you are seeing a therapist and have an abuse history. It’s safe to assume that you’ve already talked to the therapist about the abuse. Right? It […]

BIG Campaign Finance News: La. GOP Soft Money Lawsuit Gets 3-Judge Court, Likely Ticket to SCOTUS

I know it is late on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but here’s some very big news. It sounds technical, but it really, really matters. A federal district court has held that the Louisiana GOP, under the guidance of tenacious … Continue reading ?

The New Improved Scooby-Gang? (Part 2)

(Click for larger view.) The answer's still no, but I still amuse myself with the joke. (Alternative forms would have been "The New Expendables Poster?" or "Sneak peek at the Post-Infinity Wars Avengers Lineup?"...) This is a photo that I was thinking would not make it out to the wider world, but that's probably because I was not paying attention. Show More Summary

Cichlid fish view unfamiliar faces longer, from further distance than familiar faces

Fish viewed digital models with unfamiliar fish faces longer and from a further distance than models with familiar faces, according to a new study.

Insect DNA extracted, sequenced from black widow spider web

Scientists extracted DNA from spider webs to identify the web's spider architect and the prey that crossed it, according to this proof-of-concept study.

China Confirms Su-35, S-400 Deals With Russia

Col. Wu Qian said the Su-35 project is “one of the areas in which China and Russia are willing to cooperate.”He added that the S-400 acquisition is progressing smoothly. link.

Eggshell porosity can be used to infer the type of nest built by extinct archosaurs

Extinct archosaurs' eggshell porosity may be used as a proxy for predicting covered or exposed nest types, according to a new study.

Some Evidence Justice Kennedy’s Order Could Affect Voting in Hawaii Election

In my earlier post on Justice Kennedy’s order today, I noted the potential for a kind of Heisenberg observer effect: Here too, the argument for not announcing the results must be one concerned about the legitimacy of the election: announcing … Continue reading ?

Seasonal monarch butterfly migrations may help lower infection levels

Seasonal migrations may help lower infection levels in wild North American monarch butterfly populations, according to a new study. The authors posit that these results combined with recent observations of sedentary, winter-breeding monarch populations in the southern U.S. Show More Summary

Local Council By-Elections November 2015

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Oct Average/ contest +/- Oct +/- Seats Conservative 18 7,059 20.8% -6.8% 392 -162 +4 Labour 18 6,215 18.3% -5.2% 345 -199 0 LibDem 14 5,111 15.0% +2.2% 365 -2 -3 UKIP 12 1,531 4.5% -0.7% 127...Show More Summary

Molecular trigger for cerebral cavernous malformation identified

Researchers in Italy, Germany and the United States have identified a regulatory protein crucial for the development of cerebral cavernous malformation -- a severe and incurable disease mainly affecting the brain microvasculature. The results show that the KLF4 protein plays a central role in the development of CCM lesions.

“Supreme Court Justice Intervenes in Native Hawaiian Election”

Adam Liptak reports for the NYT. My earlier coverage is here. … Continue reading ?

Lingua Disinformation

[This is a repost of an article on my personal blog. It continues the saga of the Lingua/Glossa Affair that Eric Bakovic and I wrote about here recently.] Linguists today received a misleading email from Elsevier sent to everyone who has ever submitted to or reviewed for Lingua, the journal whose editorial board has decided […]

China Conducted Hypersonic Boost Glide Weapon Test on November 23, 2015

A sixth test of China's hypersonic manoeuvring strike vehicle, the DF-ZF (previously designated the WU-14), took place on 23 November, according to US officials.China had signalled that this test was imminent on 18 November when it issued...Show More Summary

Iraqi Smuggler caught

Smuggler apprehended by Iraqi commandos NW of Baghdad in possession of ancient antiquities. To whom were they on the way?

Wick Hoard Mashup

The Mail account of a new hoard buried in or after the reign of Nero has to be one of the worst-written in recent years (Sarah Griffiths, ' Hoard of Roman coins dating back to Mark Antony are discovered in Welsh field' MailOnline 26 November 2015)A hoard of silver coins [....] have [sic] been discovered in a Welsh field [...]Show More Summary

“Merely in living as and where we live”: Part I

In my previous post, I imagined the thrill of a first encounter with Wallace Stevens’s “Sunday Morning,” which appeared for the first time in Poetry 100 years ago this month, November 1915. Readers would have encountered Stevens’s “Esthétique Du Mal” for the… Continue reading ?

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