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Chutzpah Dep’t: Court Rejects Shelby County Plaintiffs’ Request for $2 Million in Attorney’s Fees

Attorney’s fees are sometimes available when a plaintiff seeks to enforce a federal statute, including when a plaintiff seeks to enforce the Voting Rights Act against a government entity. Shelby County, which got the Supreme Court to strike down a … Continue reading ?

Climate Change Viewed From Alaska

Alaska is being called the poster child (state?) for climate change because things have been so strange there lately. One reason for this is the extreme warm conditions in the North Pacific and associated (probably) changes in the jet stream, as well as overall warming, which has caused coastal Alaska to become a warm place,…

September is National Preparedness Month (USGS)

Be prepared! Did you now that September is, in the US, National Preparedness Month? The idea is to pay attention to natural threats and how to deal with them. This is a project of the USGS. Good idea to give it some thought on this tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The USGS recommends a scientific…

Large parks key to city success, research shows

Cities should feature compact development alongside large, contiguous green spaces to maximize benefits of urban ecosystems to humans, research has concluded.

Why foxes are more important than hedgehogs in drug discovery

A while ago I wrote about the dominance of foxes over hedgehogs in chemistry. Hedgehogs love to drill deep into one topic; foxes love to leap over interdisciplinary fences. Both creatures have been key to the progress of science: Einstein was a hedgehog, von Neumann was a fox; Darwin was a hedgehog, Crick was a fox. Show More Summary

Vultures are new target for African bushmeat and medicine trade

Africa's raptor birds, especially vultures, are experiencing drastic declines as more are being hunted for meat and use in traditional cures

Synthetic biology needs a grand design vision

We can design a better future using biology, but we must consider the big questions first, says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

The Man Who Wasn’t There: Exploring the science of the self

We're learning a lot about being human from people with a fragmented or distorted sense of self, finds a new book

The Sky This Week - Thursday September 3 to Thursday September 10

The Last Quarter Moon is Saturday September 5. Mercury is at its highest in the evening twilight. Saturn is near the head of the Scorpion. Mars is visible low in the morning twilight. Venus climbs higher in the morning twilight and is visited by the crescent Moon on the 10th. Show More Summary

“Donald Trump and Campaign Finance Reform”

Fred Wertheimer writes for Huff Post (Entertainment!). … Continue reading ?

“Donation to Pro-Bush Super-PAC Tied to Florida Homebuilder”

Bloomberg: An obscure company that contributed to the super-PAC backing Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign has ties to the chief operating officer of the nation’s second largest homebuilder, public records show. … Continue reading ?

“After Citizens United: Extending the Liberal Revolution to Corporations”

Daniel Greenwood has posted this draft on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: This Article proposes several routes to reverse Citizens United, the Supreme Court case holding that corporate campaign spending is “speech” protected by the First Amendment. The core problem … Continue reading ?

Big data battles small insect: Terabytes of mosquito pictures help enhance mosquito netting

Researchers are using imaging technologies, that are normally applied to automotive engines and sprays, to image thousands of mosquitoes to help develop better netting and physical protection against the malaria spreading insect.

The Strange World of Quantum Physics --Scientists "Squeeze a Single Light Particle"

A team of scientists has successfully measured particles of light being "squeezed", in an experiment that had been written off in physics textbooks as impossible to observe. Squeezing is a strange phenomenon of quantum physics. It creates a very specific...

Alien Chemistry of Exo-Planets?

As astronomers continue finding new rocky planets around distant stars, high-pressure physicists are considering what the interiors of those planets might be like and how their chemistry could differ from that found on Earth. New work from a team including...

“The New Holy Trinity”

Richard Re has posted this draft on SSRN (forthcoming Green Bag): There’s a familiar story about statutory interpretation in the Supreme Court. Once upon a time, the Court cared primarily about legislative purpose, even if it defied clear statutory text. … Continue reading ?

Diabetic retinopathy screening for children with type 1 diabetes should start at later stage, new study says

A new study has found that the occurrence of advanced forms of a diabetic eye disease remains low among children living with diabetes, regardless of how long they have had the disease or their ability to keep blood sugar levels controlled. Show More Summary

Organized self-management support eases chronic depression

In a randomized trial, people with chronic or recurrent depression benefited from self-management support that included regular outreach care management and a self-care group with a combined behavioral and recovery-oriented approach....Show More Summary

Amazingly Some People Live Without This Normal Mental Ability

It's possible to lack a very common mental ability, without even realising. » Continue reading: Amazingly Some People Live Without This Normal Mental Ability » Read, the new site from PsyBlog's author Related articles: People...Show More Summary

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