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Physicists Can't Agree on What Science Even Means Anymore

A nerd fight has broken out over whether cosmic inflation—one of the most widely accepted theories in physics—breaks the rules of testability.

A New Trick for Male Birth Control: Switching Off Sperm's Power

Sperm need calcium ions to drill into an egg and fertilize it. Compounds that muck up ion transport could create a new class of male birth control.

Watch SpaceX Sacrifice a Falcon 9 in the Name of Better Internet

Didn’t SpaceX already figure out this whole reusable rocket thing? Not when it comes to massive, fuel-gobbling payloads.

Moms: Your Kids Hijacked Your Brain for Life

Let Mother's Day be a chance to ruminate on how pregnancy fiddles with moms' minds

Ebola Returns, and Central Africa's Virus Hunters Are Ready

Six people are in the hospital, three people have died, and at least one of them tested positive for Ebola.

How One Startup Built Better Health Insurance With the Magic of Data

Oscar works with the same sloppy, unstandardized data every other insurance company has. It’s what they did with it that was totally different.

Star Neuroscientist Tom Insel Leaves the Google-Spawned Verily for ... a Startup?

What could be going on at Verily that would lead the former head of the National Institutes of Mental Health to bail on Google-sized money and data?

The Traditional Lecture Is Dead. I Would Know—I’m a Professor

An awesome science show from the ’80s makes it to YouTube, and it shows just how pointless the traditional lecture is.

Piloting NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Between Saturn's Rings Takes Finesse—and Hydrazine

It takes spinning reaction wheels and rockets firing for mere seconds to keep the Cassini probe on course in orbit around Saturn.

The Physics of Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are everywhere. How long can you make one spin? That depends on the starting speed and the angular acceleration.

The Deaths of Millions of California Trees Endanger the Lives of Thousands of California Humans

A beetle-and-fungus combo is about to wipe out millions of Southern California trees—and that means people's lives are at stake, too.

Physicist Brian Greene discusses how science got caught up in America's political crisis

The author of The Fabric of the Cosmos, and other bestsellers, says America needs rational thinkers to step up and help fix its relationship with facts.

What Happens When You Train Like Nike's Two-Hour Marathon Runners

Not long ago, running a 90-minute half-marathon seemed impossibly fast. I’ve not only beaten 90 minutes, I’ve demolished it.

How Anti-Vaxxers Brought on a Minnesota Measles Outbreak

Misinformation targeted at Somali-American communities in Minneapolis is fueling the state's biggest outbreak in three decades.

Quantum Thermodynamics Could Revolutionize Energy and Information Technology

As physicists extend the 19th-century laws of thermodynamics to the quantum realm, they’re rewriting the relationships among energy, entropy and information.

Miss the Nike Two-Hour Marathon? You Can Still Watch It Right Here

Nike hopes to run a marathon in two hours or less. The action starts at 11:45 pm Eastern, and you can watch the livestream here.

The Hilarious 'Dog Pulling Grandma' Video Is Fake. I Can Tell From the Physics

A video making the rounds online shows a strong dog giving an old lady a hard pull. Let's use video analysis to see if it's real.

How Crispr Could Snip Away Some of Humanity's Worst Diseases

Hiding a gene-editing snipper inside a peaceful virus could treat everything from HIV to cancer.

An Obamacare Repeal Would Make Your Genes a Preexisting Condition

When does “preexisting” turn to “existing?” More sophisticated and readily available genetic tests make that area greyer and greyer.

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