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Psychology Around the Net: June 25, 2016

Happy Saturday, Psych Central readers! Whew, I’ve had a stressful week. I’ve been juggling everything from major work deadlines to doctor appointments to preparing our guestroom for entertaining company all weekend, and honestly, the only thing that’s helped keep me focused is my to-do list. […]

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Feathered Velociraptor

The Papo Feathered Velociraptor Model Reviewed The talented people at JurassicCollectables have made a video review of the new for 2016 Papo feathered Velociraptor dinosaur model, for us this was the last of the 2016 models to arrive and it is certainly a case of last but not least as this is bound to be […]

12th c. fortified town found under Illinois cornfield

Under a cornfield in Cass County, Illinois, near where the Sangamon River flows into the Illinois, are the remains of a bustling Native American town that thrived from the 12th century through the 15th. The town had a central plaza, surrounded by three platform mounds, houses and defensive walls 10 feet tall and more than [...]

The Hawai'i That Was: Walking a Lake of Fire in "the Little Source of Great Spewing"

Kilauea Iki eruption in 1959. The prevailing winds caused debris to pile up behind the fountain, forming the Pu'u Pau'i cinder cone. Source: US Geological Survey Kilauea is one of the five major shield volcanoes making up the Big Island of Hawai'i. Show More Summary

Saturday assorted links

1. Fish out of water are more common than thought: “New research shows 33 different families of fish have at least one species that demonstrates some terrestrial activity and, in many cases, these behaviors are likely to have evolved independently in the different families.” 2. Show More Summary

British Heritage: Union Jack Under Threat

Goodbye Union Jack? If Scotland and Northern Ireland decide to part company from the anti-EU, leaver-UK, this will affect the use of the Union Jack, the British flag since 1801. With the disappearance of the saltire crosses of St Andrew and St Patrick the flag of Britain-Outside-the-Union will be a red cross on a white background. Show More Summary

Germany passes cultural protection law

Good news from Germany: 'Germany passes cultural protection law that caused art world fury' Europe Online magazine 23rd June 2016. The German parliament on Thursday passed a cultural protection law that will regulate the sale of German art deemed to be of "national importance" and clamp down on illicit imports of cultural artefacts. Show More Summary

6-24-16 So Many Days So Many Transient Orcas

...catching up on a couple transient (marine mammal eating) orca encounters...there have been transient orcas in many locations in the inland waters over the last week or so......even on the morning of 6/23 there was a large group of...Show More Summary

What Have You Done?

Dawn breaks in Westminster June 24, 2016 (REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth) As a European committed to living and working together, I was shocked, saddened and puzzled by the narrow brexit win in voting in the UK. I never liked Mr Cameron, thought...Show More Summary

The culture that is Cornwall

Cornwall has issued an urgent plea for reassurance that it will not be worse off following the Brexit vote. The county has received a “significant amounts” of funding from the EU for the past 15 years due to its “relatively weak economy”. Show More Summary

CRISPR Gets Approval as Treatment for Cancer

An experimental cancer treatment that alters the DNA of patients has won a key approval to proceed with its first human tests using the controversial gene-altering tool known as Crispr. link.

Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It

Zhana Vrangalova had hit a problem. On a blustery day in early spring, sitting in a small coffee shop near the campus of New York University, where she is an adjunct professor of psychology, she was unable to load onto her laptop the Web site that we had met to discuss. Show More Summary

Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

They've announced that Carolin Emcke will get the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade this year (officially, at the end of the Frankfurt Book Fair, on 23 October). (Svetlana Alexievich won this on 2013, Orhan Pamuk in 2005, Susan Sontag...Show More Summary

The Council of Egypt review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Leonardo Sciascia's 1963 novel, The Council of Egypt.

Evidence of a Subterranean Ocean on Pluto

Recent Tectonic Activity on Pluto Driven by Phase Changes in the Ice Shell Authors: Hammond et al Abstract: The New Horizons spacecraft has found evidence for geologic activity on the surface of Pluto, including extensional tectonic deformation of its water ice bedrock (see Moore et al. Show More Summary

Obliquity Variability of a Potentially Habitable Early Venus

Obliquity Variability of a Potentially Habitable Early Venus Authors:Barnes et alAbstract:Venus currently rotates slowly, with its spin controlled by solid-body and atmospheric thermal tides. However, conditions may have been far different...Show More Summary

noaasanctuaries: Say hello to the purple sea urchin! Found in...

noaasanctuaries: Say hello to the purple sea urchin! Found in West Coast sanctuaries like Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, these little urchins inhabit tide pools and kelp forests, where they eat algae like kelp, as well as other decayed matter. Have you spotted a purple sea urchin while visiting a sanctuary? (Photo: Chad King/NOAA)

A Gold-Leaf Brain Lights Up With the Awesome Complexity of Neurons

"When you have this gigantic thing looming in front of you with the lights draping over it and it’s just exploding with activity, even a little kid can look at that and just be like, 'Holy shit! This is really complicated.'" The post A Gold-Leaf Brain Lights Up With the Awesome Complexity of Neurons appeared first on WIRED.

Brexit Could Make Space Boffins All Topsy Wopsy, Innit?

Space transcends political boundaries, but access to it is still subject to the decisions made here on Earth. The post Brexit Could Make Space Boffins All Topsy Wopsy, Innit? appeared first on WIRED.

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