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How to Be with Sadness

The thought of going to a funeral used to be a terrifying prospect for me. Walking into a room filled with sadness and grief evoked — well — an intense desire not to go. Anxiety was all I could feel. It obscured the feelings I […]

How the Net Neutrality Debate Affects Your Internet

The FCC voted to start dismantling 2015 rules that regulated internet service providers the same way as utilities. So what does that mean for your internet access?

The Optical Society commemorates the rich tradition and history of Optics Letters

(The Optical Society) First launched in 1977 as as means to quickly disseminate the latest in optics research and provide the optics and photonics community with a true Letters-style publication, Optics Letters has, over the course of...Show More Summary

Weathering of rocks a poor regulator of global temperatures

(University of Washington) Evidence from the age of the dinosaurs to today shows that chemical weathering of rocks is less sensitive to global temperature, and may depend on the steepness of the surface. The results call into question the role of rocks in setting our planet's temperature over millions of years.

Space sperm produces healthy mice, raising prospect of future human settlement

Scientists say success of freeze-dried mouse sperm stored on international station could be significant for human reproduction when ‘space age’ arrives Reproduction may be possible in space, Japanese researchers have said, after freeze-dried sperm stored on the International Space Station for nine months produced healthy offspring. Show More Summary

Experimental therapy for immune diseases hits Achilles heel of activated T cells

(Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center) Immune diseases like multiple sclerosis and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis unleash destructive waves of inflammation on the body, causing death or a lifetime of illness and physical impairment. Show More Summary

Clariant and Huntsman Announce Merger

10 hours agoAcademics / Chemistry : ChemViews

Merger to create leading global specialty chemical company with approximately $20 billion enterprise value at announcement

“Justices Reject 2 Gerrymandered North Carolina Districts, Citing Racial Bias”

Adam Liptak for the NYT: The Supreme Court on Monday struck down two North Carolina congressional districts, ruling that lawmakers had violated the Constitution by relying too heavily on race in drawing them. The court rejected arguments from state lawmakers … Continue reading ?

Biofilm discovery suggests new way to prevent dangerous infections

(University of Texas at Austin) By some estimates, more than 1 million people contract infections from medical devices in US hospitals each year, many of which are due to biofilms. A new study suggests a possible new way to prevent such biofilms from forming, which would sharply reduce incidents of related hospital-borne infection.

Justice Kagan Gained Justice Thomas in NC Racial Gerrymandering Case; How Did She Lose Justice Kennedy?

I’ve noted how interesting and mysterious it is that Justice Thomas signed onto Justice Kagan’s opinion in today’s racial gerrymandering case. Given Justice Thomas’s views on Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, and his view of the clearly erroneous … Continue reading ?

A Curious Plan to Save the Environment With the Blockchain

An ecologist argues that cryptographically-sealed databases could starve out inefficiencies that are ruining the environment. The post A Curious Plan to Save the Environment With the Blockchain appeared first on WIRED.

Disagreeing With Rick Hasen on the North Carolina Case

I’ve now had a chance to read Rick Hasen’s assessment of the North Carolina case and I feel obligated to note my fundamental disagreement with the most dramatic parts of his post. Rick says there are “two bombshells” in footnotes … Continue reading ?

Extreme preterm infant death or disease may be predicted by biomarker

(University of Alabama at Birmingham) Tests of cells collected from the umbilical cord blood vessel walls at birth can predict death or poor pulmonary outcomes in extremely preterm infants, say researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

ESA announces the recipients of the 2016 Murray F. Buell and E. Lucy Braun Student Awards

(Ecological Society of America) The Ecological Society of America recognizes Michael J.M. McTavish and Julienne E. NeSmith for outstanding student research presentations at the 101st Annual Meeting of the Society in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in August 2016. Show More Summary

Study shows how radioactive decay could support extraterrestrial life

In the icy bodies around our solar system, radiation emitted from rocky cores could break up water molecules and support hydrogen-eating microbes. To address this cosmic possibility, a University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) team modeled a natural water-cracking process called radiolysis. Show More Summary

NC redistricting, from someone not named Rick

Rick Hasen and Rick Pildes have already weighed in on the NC redistricting case this morning. I agree with much of the Ricks’ analysis, and their assessment that this was utimately a win for voting rights plaintiffs.  But I have … Continue reading ?

3.3 million-year-old fossil reveals origins of the human spine

Analysis of a 3.3 million-year-old fossil skeleton reveals the most complete spinal column of any early human relative, including vertebrae, neck and rib cage. The findings, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy...Show More Summary

Researchers propose new type of planetary object

Scientists suggest in a new study the existence of a planetary object called a "synestia," a huge, spinning, donut-shaped mass of hot, vaporized rock, formed as planet-sized objects smash into each other.

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