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Breakthrough antibacterial approach could resolve serious skin infections

Like a protective tent over a colony of harmful bacteria, biofilms make the treatment of skin infections especially difficult. Microorganisms protected in a biofilm pose a significant health risk due to their antibiotic resistance and...Show More Summary

Scientists craft atomically seamless, thinnest-possible semiconductor junctions

Scientists have developed what they believe is the thinnest-possible semiconductor, a new class of nanoscale materials made in sheets only three atoms thick. The University of Washington researchers have demonstrated that two of these single-layer semiconductor materials can be connected in an atomically seamless fashion known as a heterojunction. Show More Summary

Evidence of Fluctuating Ground Water Levels in the Mawrth Vallis on Mars

Detection of copiapite in the northern Mawrth Vallis region of Mars: Evidence of acid sulfate alterationAuthors:Farrand et alAbstract:The Mawrth Vallis region on Mars is associated with extensive layered deposits containing a stratigraphic sequence of Fe/Mg smectites overlain by Al phyllosilicates. Show More Summary

BYOD, COPE or CYOD? The alphabet soup of mobility strategies

by Alessandro Porro The evolution of BYOD to COPE to CYOD illustrates how quickly things change. Read more about BYOD, COPE or CYOD? The alphabet soup of mobility strategies

Yale journal explores advances in sustainable manufacturing

In recent years, increasing pressure from policymakers, consumers, and suppliers has prompted manufacturers to set environmental targets that go beyond reducing the pollutants they emit from their smokestacks or discharge into rivers and lakes. Show More Summary

Composition of Earth's mantle revisited

Research published recently in Science suggested that the makeup of the Earth's lower mantle, which makes up the largest part of the Earth by volume, is significantly different than previously thought. Understanding the composition of...Show More Summary

What can 14th century Venice teach us about Ebola and other emerging threats?

The way in which the Italian city of Venice dealt with the outbreak of the plague in the fourteenth century holds lessons on how to even mitigate the consequences of today's emerging threats, like climate change, terrorism, and highly infectious or drug-resistant diseases. Show More Summary

Castle Acton Fire Caused by "Sparking Windows"

The Castle Ashby estate is (only now) claiming after a three day investigation, that 'Huge fire at Northamptonshire stately home ‘was accidentally triggered by workers’ tools’..'. Yeah yeah, just coincidentally on Wednesday, July 9 when the house's owner was waiting to hear how much he'd made from the Sekhemka sale. Show More Summary

Lack of naturally occuring protein linked to dementia

Scientists at the University of Warwick have provided the first evidence that the lack of a naturally occurring protein is linked to early signs of dementia. Published in Nature Communications, the research found that the absence of the protein MK2/3 promotes structural and physiological changes to cells in the nervous system. Show More Summary

Was Vanuatu Settled 3,000 Years ago?

Radiocarbon dating of burials from the Teouma Lapita cemetery, Efate, VanuatuAuthors:Petchey et alAbstract:The discovery of a cemetery at Teouma on the island of Efate in Vanuatu dated to c. 3000 years ago increased the number of early...Show More Summary

Burning Man Festival washed out due to ‘surprise rain’

Expect hippies to be blaming this on climate change in 3…2…1 Eric Worrall writes: | The Burning Man Festival, a famous Nevada cultural festival, dedicated to sharing, art, self reliance, self expression, burning a big wooden statue, and sky high ticket prices, has reportedly been delayed due to the rain. According to the report, the…

Creature Feature: Barnacles

Goose barnacle (Lepas anatifera) on a rope, pictured during a 2008 Catamaran Oceana Ranger Atlantic Cantabric Expedition. (Photo: Oceana / Enrique Talledo) Barnacles are one of the most eerie looking marine creatures that exist. YouShow More Summary

Personal protective equipment is critical but not enough to shield health care workers from Ebola

Personal protective equipment is critical but not enough to shield health care workers from Ebola Free content read more

Challenges ahead in improving child health by increasing access to sanitation in India

A study published in this week's PLOS Medicine on large-scale rural sanitation programs in India highlights challenges in achieving sufficient access to latrines and reduction in open defecation to yield significant health benefits for young children. read more

A glucose meter of a different color provides continuous monitoring

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — University of Illinois engineers are bringing a touch of color to glucose monitoring. The researchers developed a new continuous glucose monitoring material that changes color as glucose levels fluctuate, and the wavelength...Show More Summary

What’s Up With That: Your Fingernails Grow Way Faster Than Your Toenails

I like to clip my nails, because I’m addicted to the rewarding little tink of the clippers. Instead of being content with a finely manicured set of man hands, I crave more tinks. Without fail, I’ll kick off my sneakers in hopes of clipping away my toe talons, but instead of tinks, all I make is a loud sigh, because my toenails […]

When Happiness Isn’t a Choice

American poet T. S. Eliot wrote: I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without […]

NASA's TRMM and Aqua satellites gaze into Hurricane Cristobal

NASA's TRMM and Aqua satellites have been providing views of the outside and inside of Hurricane Cristobal as it heads for Bermuda. The National Hurricane Center posted a Tropical Storm Watch for Bermuda as Cristobal heads in that direction. read more

Satellite shows Hurricane Marie about to swallow Karina

Massive Hurricane Marie appears like a giant fish about to swallow tiny Tropical Depression Karina on satellite imagery today from NOAA's GOES-West satellite. Karina, now a tropical depression is being swept into Marie's circulation where it is expected to be eaten, or absorbed. An image from NOAA's GOES-West satellite on Aug. Show More Summary

NASA sees huge Hurricane Marie slam Socorro Island

NASA's Terra satellite passed over Hurricane Marie when its eye was just to the west of Socorro Island in the Eastern Pacific. Marie's eye may have been near the island, but the storm extended several hundreds of miles from there. read more

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