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People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception

Guest Opinion: Dr.Tim Ball Skeptics have done a reasonable job of explaining what and how the IPCC created bad climate science. Now, as more people understand what the skeptics are saying, the question that most skeptics have not, or do not want to address is being asked – why? What is the motive behind corrupting…

More on the Taibul tomb

Judith Weingarten has sent me a link to her post in the Zenobia: Empress of the East blog discussing the Taibul tomb and the looting of others (' Amta, Daughter of Yarha. Alas!', 28 September 2014 ) As the war grinds on, illegal excavation and the looting of antiquities is running riot. Show More Summary

How medieval astronomers made trig tables

21 hours agoAcademics : The Endeavour

How would you create a table of trig functions without calculators or calculus? It’s not too hard to create a table of sines at multiples of 3°. You can use the sum-angle formula for sines sin(?+?) = sin ? cos ? + sin ? cos ?. to bootstrap your way from known values to other […]

What can you infer from three Russian data points?

THREE times in the last 35 years, Russian military forces have crossed international borders – in Afghanistan in 1979, Georgia in 2008 and the Crimea earlier this year. As Simon Derrick, the currency strategist at BNY Mellon points out, each occasion coincided with a peak in the oil price. And each incursion was followed by […]

Comprise & Compose

The following sentence appeared in an editorial in the Traverse City Record-Eagle on Sunday, November 23, 2014: “Safe Harbor, comprised of 23 area churches that open their doors to the homeless during the winter months, has said the group can’t continue indefinitely.” My quibble is with the wording comprised of. Show More Summary

The intersection of art and science

Statistician Edward Tufte turns scientific notations into artwork. If you visit statistician and sculptor Edward Tufte’s farm in Connecticut, you’ll see something that gets to the heart of the person and his work. On the mile-long farm...Show More Summary

Activities for Couples to Get Closer

It’s normal to feel disconnected from your partner from time to time. It happens to the healthiest of couples. We are all busy. We all have things that should’ve been done yesterday. We may be parents, which adds an extra layer of hectic. We may have demanding jobs or several jobs. We may have completely […]

‘CERN People’ tells it like it is

A new video series about scientists at CERN pulls back the curtain on what it’s like to be a physicist during a pivotal time in the field. American director and documentary film maker Liz Mermin has traveled from beauty schools in Afghanistan to Bollywood movie sets in India filming people at their work. Show More Summary

Stumbling over and through Drink Wisconsinbly

23 hours agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Earlier this year, I started noticing t-shirts and hoodies bearing the phrase 'Drink Wisconsinbly', like in the image here. (And, yeah, it comes in green and gold as well as red and white.) Clever, right? But I don't read t-shirts all that closely and I saw it a few times before I realized that it doesn't work at all for me phonologically... Show More Summary

500-mile neutrino experiment up and running

Construction is complete for NOvA, the longest-distance neutrino experiment in the world. With construction completed, the NOvA neutrino experiment has begun its probe into the mysteries of ghostly particles that may hold the key toShow More Summary

Seals Busted Having Sex With ... Penguins

Scientists are documenting "sexual coercion" in the Antarctic, and it's probably not anything like what one might think: Young male Antarctic fur seals, it seems, have been documented having sex with King penguins of undetermined gender, reports the BBC, via a study in the journal Polar Biology. Scientists observed a...

Personhood Week

Personhood Week, at National Geographic is a nice set of short pieces briefly touring the issues around the crucial but controversial issue of what constitutes a person. You won’t be too surprised to hear that in my view personhood is really all about consciousness. The core concept for me is that a person is a […]

A Third Wave?

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (via the always-excellent Mind Hacks) argues cogently that as a new torrent of data about the brain looms, we need to ensure that it is balanced by a corresponding development in theory. That must surely be right: but I wonder whether the torrent of new information is […]

Questioning the Rules

Good morning. I'm sending you to look at two articles today, both by or about people who have been on our blog before. Over in the New York Times, Robin Weiss has a fabulous article about her work with a patient who wanted to know details of her personal life, " The 'rules' of psychotherapy. Show More Summary

Palmyra Portableisiing Funerary Sculptures

The destructive legacy of the no-questions-asked antiquities market The Syrian Ministry of Culture (Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums DGAM) has published two striking photos of the destruction caused to the subterraneanShow More Summary

Dismembering History: The Shady Online Trade in Ancient Texts

holy papyri? Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters There is an interesting article in the daily Beast highlighting the trade in dodgy papyri: eBay has become a regular marketplace for antiquities. Previously unknown papyri crop up only to vanish into private collections and out of the sight of scholars forever. Show More Summary

Syria Looting: Could Collectors Care Less?

Lynda Albertson (' Do you think art collectors might be tempted to buy Syrian antiquities (looted or otherwise?). We say resoundingly, yes' ARCA Blog November 23, 2014) discusses some recent auctions which involve items that seem Syria-related.She...Show More Summary

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