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Triple treatment keeps cancer from coming back

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, responsible for some 1.59 million deaths a year. That figure is due, in part, to the fact that the cancer often returns after what, at first, seems to be successful treatment, with recurring cancer often resistant to chemotherapy. Show More Summary

Scientists use new 'tool sled' to collect sea sponges that have potential to combat various diseases

Sea sponges appeared more than 600 million years ago, and many of the genes they have are the same as those involved in cancer. Scientists have developed a new 'tool sled' to collect these sponges to take advantage of the similarity in human and sponge genomes to develop medicines for the treatment of human diseases.

Early Bird Catches More Than Just the Worm

Compared with early birds, late risers are more likely to be cuckolded, a group of international researchers has found. The study’s lead author said they found that early risers used that time to mate with birds not in their social pair. Show More Summary

Star Streams of the Milky Way --"Trace of the Orbits of Ancient Globular Clusters"

The Milky Way consists of roughly 100 billion stars that form a huge stellar disk with a diameter of 100-200 thousand light years. The Sun is part of this structure, hence, when we look into the sky, we look right...

Endurance athletes should be tested while exercising for potentially fatal heart condition

Some athletes who take part in endurance exercise such as marathon running, endurance triathlons or alpine cycling can develop heartbeat irregularities that can, occasionally, lead to their sudden death. New evidence shows that doctors...Show More Summary

Nate Persily on The Supreme Court’s Big Data Problem in Evenwel

Politico: Legitimate philosophical arguments can be made in favor of using one set of statistics over another — just as one could argue that some concerns in redistricting, such as keeping counties or communities intact, should override the concern for … Continue reading ?

Giant telescope in Hawaii gets go-ahead, if others shut down

Protests over the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea halted its progress. Now construction is back on, but three other scopes will have to close

Nested approximate subgroups

Suppose that are two subgroups of some ambient group, with the index of in being finite. Then is the union of left cosets of, thus for some set of cardinality. The elements of are not entirely arbitrary with regards to. For instance, if is a normal subgroup of, then for […]

New knowledge about parental break-up, conflicts

Do maternal couple relationships change throughout the child-rearing years and can the likelihood of parental break-up be predicted? A new doctoral study has investigated these questions.

World's Smallest Spirals Could Guard Against Identity Theft

Researchers have made the world's smallest spirals and found they have unique optical properties that are nearly impossible to counterfeit if they were added to identity cards, currency and other objects.

Cytoskeletons shaking hands: Defects in cytoskeletal structures lead to various diseases

Animal cells harbor three types of cytoskeletal elements: actin filaments, intermediate filaments and microtubules. Despite their name, cytoskeletons are very dynamic structures, which undergo rapid reorganization in cells and thus contribute to numerous cellular processes, such as morphogenesis, motility, intracellular transport, and cell division. Show More Summary

With Thanks to Our Twitter Community!

Our thanks to our vibrant Twitter community. We've just reached 345,000 followers, growing at 1,000 per week, including many of the planet's leading astronomers and scientists, astronauts, space observatories, news organizations, universities and governmental space organizations such as NASA, JPL,...

What history says about the prospects for Islamic democracy

Scholars, pundits and journalists often look to Western history for analogies to help us understand ongoing dynamics in the Middle East: Jihadi terrorists are like European anarchists a century ago; the Arab Spring was like the European Revolutions of 1848; the spread of the Islamic State and the deepening Saudi-Iranian rivalry means that the region […]

New beetle emerges from gran canaria's subsoil

Thanks to research carried out since 2003 on the subsoil of Gran Canaria (Spain), two scientists have discovered a new species of beetle, which they have called Oromia thoracica. This blind weevil shares the same brownish-grey color as the subsoil fauna and has a flattened body and thorax almost covering its head, an adaptation to life underground. Show More Summary

“Jeb Bush, Taking His Time, Tests the Legal Definition of Candidate”

NYT on the Bush charade. And as I explained in Jeb the Destroyer, this will have negative consequences for how candidates “run” in the future.   … Continue reading ?

Cooking up cognition: Study suggests chimps have cognitive capacity for cooking

Many of the cognitive capacities that humans use for cooking -- a preference for cooked food, the ability to understand the transformation of raw food into cooked food, and even the ability to save and transport food over distance for the purposes of cooking -- are also shared with chimpanzees, new research suggests.

Hippocampus: In search of memory storage

The hippocampus plays a crucial role in memory formation. However, it is not yet fully understood in what way that brain structure's individual regions are involved in the formation of memories. Neuroscientists have recreated this process with the aid of computer simulations. Their findings challenge the model of memory forming in the hippocampus established to date.

Varroa destructor mite mimics two types of bee

The parasitic bee mite Varroa destructor, which can mimic the chemical composition of its host's cuticle, is also capable of adapting this composition according to the bee species that it infests. Such remarkable adaptability could explain...Show More Summary

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