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By far, men garner most coveted speaking slots at virology meetings

Ann Palmenberg and Rob Kalejta heard complaints at one too many virology conferences about the perceived lack of women among the invited and keynote speakers. So, they did what all good scientists do: They tracked down the data.

In marine bacteria, evolution of new specialized molecules follows a previously unknown path

It's one of the tiniest organisms on Earth, but also one of the most abundant. And now, the microscopic marine bacteria called Prochlorococcus can add one more superlative to its list of attributes: It evolves new kinds of metabolites called lanthipeptides, more abundantly and rapidly than any other known organism.

Radioactive elements in Cassiopeia A suggest a neutrino-driven explosion

(RIKEN) Using elaborate computer simulations, a team of researchers from RIKEN in Japan and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA) were able to explain the recently measured spatial distributions of radioactive titanium and nickel in Cassiopeia A, a roughly 340 year old gas remnant of a nearby supernova. Show More Summary

Switchable DNA mini-machines store information

Biomedical engineers have built simple machines out of DNA, consisting of arrays whose units switch reversibly between two different shapes.

Diversity in the face of globalization

Researchers from Canada and Morocco are working together to define globalization and to place it in the context of culture. They write in the Journal of Global Business Advancement how globalization is a self-contradictory phenomenon. Show More Summary

It's a girl: Japan zoo's star panda baby gets a checkup

The baby panda who has become an overnight celebrity in Japan is a girl.

Pruitt Is Paving the Way for an Industry-Led EPA

Once a year, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Board of Scientific Counselors and the EPA’s Office of Research and Development get together to publically debate the current direction of the EPA’s research. The BOSC releases a review...Show More Summary

Australia is still lagging on some aspects of early childhood education

The OECD's latest Starting Strong report provides an update on early childhood education opportunities across the developed world, and a fresh insight into how Australian children are faring.

Researchers use supercomputers to study snake evolution, unique traits

Evolution takes eons, but it leaves marks on the genomes of organisms that can be detected with DNA sequencing and analysis.

Grizzly Bears Are Now the Victims of the Trump Administration’s Climate Denialism

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Thursday that the Yellowstone grizzly bear will no longer be listed as protected under the Endangered Species Act. The grizzly’s population has rebounded and it now “stands as one of America’sShow More Summary

Job applicants over 40 filtered out by employers

Job applicants are filtered out as early as age 40. This was shown by economist Stefan Eriksson at Uppsala University, one of the authors of a new report from the Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy (IFAU)...

Research suggests sexual appeals in ads don't sell brands, products

Could it be that sex actually does not sell? An analysis of nearly 80 advertising studies published over more than three decades suggests that's the case.

ELB Podcast Episode 17. Josh Chafetz: Congress’s Power Before, During, and After Trump

In this era of polarization in politics, how much power does Congress have compared to the President and the courts? Is the Republican Congress a meaningful check on President Trump? How well does Congress do at policing ethical lapses of … Continue reading ?

Additional funding for prisoner mental health collaboration

(University of Plymouth) A national collaboration investigating a cross-agency 'joined up' approach to the needs of prisoners with mental health needs on and immediately after release, has received additional funding of almost £290,000 to continue its work for another 10 months. Show More Summary

The nifty nautilus gets around using jet propulsion! By...

The nifty nautilus gets around using jet propulsion! By expelling water from its mantle cavity through a siphon, it propels through the ocean, changing the direction of its siphon to “steer.” Look out, ceph coming through!

“Issue Brief: Why Are Millions of Citizens Not Registered to Vote?”

Pew: Despite these efforts, little is known about eligible but unregistered U.S. citizens’ exposure to opportunities to register, reasons for choosing not to, or attitudes toward the electoral system and civic engagement, or how many of them are interested in … Continue reading ?

Free 10-Minute Alternative To Pain Medication

23 hours agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

The treatment also has no side effects. • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything

noaasanctuaries: How can an octopus be so colorful? ???? ????Many...

noaasanctuaries: How can an octopus be so colorful? ???? ???? Many cephalopods have special cells in their skin tissue called chromatophores, which enable them to change color rapidly. A part of their neuromuscular system, these cells receive signals from the environment than an octopus can use to inform color change. Show More Summary

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