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Siblings with Severe Mental Illness: Staying in Touch — And in the Loop

It’s difficult to know where you stand when your sibling is diagnosed with a severe mental illness. Their treatment can take up so much time and their symptoms can be so encompassing that there may not be a lot of room for you, let alone your relationship. The dynamics of the family change after a […]

Evolution and the Virtue of Self-Love (2): Smith and Darwin

Like James Otteson (in Adam Smith's Marketplace of Life), Hanley thinks that Adam Smith's moral theory requires a theological teleology in which human beings are seen as created in God's image as part of divinely designed universe serving the benevolent ends of the Creator. Show More Summary

Mere expectation of treatment can improve brain activity in Parkinson's patients

Learning-related brain activity in Parkinson's patients improves as much in response to a placebo treatment as to real medication, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and Columbia University. read more

Calling Serious Asteroid Hunters

I am happy to announce a new call for proposals for The Planetary Society’s Gene Shoemaker Near Earth Object (NEO) grant program. Proposals are due Feb. 2, 2015.

The Ongoing Situation in Ferguson

Tim Lynch The grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson is not surprising because police officers are rarely prosecuted for on-duty shootings. And in the rare instances in which criminal charges are ever brought against police, juries are reluctant to hold them accountable with a felony criminal charge. Show More Summary

Broad Reforms Needed to Stop Another Ferguson

Trevor Burrus The violence in Ferguson is inexcusable. But it should not be seen as primarily a reaction to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson. Rather, it should be seen as a reaction to years of racially charged policing and a discriminatory justice. Show More Summary

Relic Sauropod Lineage From Berriasian/Valanginian Cretaceous North America

The oldest Cretaceous North American sauropod dinosaurAuthors:D'emic et alAbstract:Sauropod dinosaurs have been found in sediments dating to most of the Cretaceous Period on all major Mesozoic landmasses, but this record is spatiotemporally uneven, even in relatively well-explored North American sediments. Show More Summary

Making it up as they go Along

A few weeks ago John Hooker, the man who seems to consider himself the world’s greatest living numismatist, 'identified' using a popular handbook a photoshop picture of a coin as an issue of a central European bishop who never issued coins. Show More Summary

Powerful People Don't Exactly Speak Softly

When we want to be perceived as powerful—think parents scolding misbehaving kids or shoppers haggling with car dealers—we tend to focus not just on our words, but the way we deliver them. Researchers at San Diego State University report in the journal Psychological Science that when people want...

Ocean Roundup: Fiddler Crabs Found Far North of Their Range, 500 Dead Sea Lions Discovered in Peru, and More

A fiddler crab (Uca pugnax). Fiddler crabs may be expanding their range northward from climate change. (Photo: b-cline / Flickr Creative Commons) - New 3D mapping around Antarctica found that sea ice surrounding Antarctica is thicker than thought. Show More Summary

Why Dogs Are Messy Drinkers —But Cats Aren't

When grabbing a drink, neither cats nor dogs are able to squeeze their cheeks closed to suck up liquids the way humans can. Instead, they have to use their tongues in processes researchers didn't understand until recently, Reuters reports. Cats, researchers found a few years back, put their tongues on...

Another reason to be thankful: Turkeys may be lifesavers

While the turkey you eat on Thursday will bring your stomach happiness and could probably kick-start an afternoon nap, it may also save your life one day. That's because the biological machinery needed to produce a potentially life-saving antibiotic is found in turkeys. Looks like there is one more reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving. read more

Does it make sense to put cameras on the police?

The Bloomberg editorial staff says no: Videos often lack critical context, and studies have repeatedly shown that jurors can be misled by variables such as a film’s angle or focus, which can unduly sway perceptions of guilt. That cuts both ways: Footage of a protester bumping into a cop, devoid of context, could make life […]

Tiny Fossil Galaxies Inside Dark Matter Halos Orbiting Milky Way (Today's Most Popular)

“Finding a galaxy as tiny as Segue 2 is like discovering an elephant smaller than a mouse,” said Bullock. Astronomers have been searching for years for this type of dwarf galaxy, long predicted to be swarming around the Milky Way......

Proust, my family and Australia

When I was reading Proust, I noted with some amusement the character named simply “Ski” in the first volume of his appearance, a sculptor and amateur musician who is later revealed to be properly called “Viradobetski”, an actual name which too complicated for the dear Madame Verdurin to try to remember. I just learnt from […]

Claim: Researchers find way to turn sawdust into gasoline

From the “yes, but does it clog your carburetor?” department comes this claim, which might work in theory, but may or may not be practical on a large scale. “Essentially, the method allows us to make a ‘petrochemical’ product using biomass – thus bridging the worlds of bio-economics and petro chemistry,” says co-author Dr. Bert…

Assorted links

1. Clive Crook on Grubergate. 2. Demography may help explain secular stagnation. 3. Guy Patrick Cunningham reviews Average is Over. 4. What the Concorde was like to fly. 5. George Selgin on Tommy Roe (and Izabella Kaminska).  And as long as we are on the topic of people getting upset, here is Landsburg on Krugman. […]

Homeless, mentally ill women face vicious cycle in India

MAYWOOD, Il. - An award-winning study by a Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine researcher has documented how homeless, mentally ill women in India face a vicious cycle: During psychotic episodes, they wander away from home, sometimes for long distances, and wind up in homeless shelters. Show More Summary

E-M81 in Morocco

Hum Biol. 2014 May;86(2):105-12. Phylogeography of e1b1b1b-m81 haplogroup and analysis of its subclades in morocco. Reguig A, Harich N, Barakat A, Rouba H. AbstractIn this study we analyzed 295 unrelated Berber-speaking men from northern,...Show More Summary

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