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Popular sungazer lizards under threat from poaching

The Sungazer (Smaug giganteus), a dragon-like lizard species endemic to the Highveld regions of South Africa, is facing an assault on two fronts as farming and industrialisation encroaches on its natural habitat - which already consist...Show More Summary

Important Current Affairs 16th August 2017 with PDF

Banking, SSC and Insurance aspirants can now read the Important General Awareness in PDF. Here is an update containing all the important current affairs for 16th August July 2017. You can download the Important Current Affairs 16th August 2017 with pdf capsule too. Show More Summary

List of Gallantry Awards of India for Banking & SSC Exams

Gallantry Awards are presented for exceptional courage, valor and dignity. In India, the gallantry awards are given to the personnel of the forces for their exceptional bravery. After Independence, the three gallantry awards namely the...Show More Summary

Important Current Affairs Quiz 16th August 2017

Many of you are preparing for Banking, Insurance and various other Government Exams. We bring you a quiz that will help you boost up your preparation a lot more. Moreover, this quiz contains expected questions which match the Exam Pattern of most of the Government Job Exams and Banking Exams. Show More Summary

Predators preserve existing animal species

A new study from Lund University in Sweden increases knowledge of how boundaries and barriers are maintained between different species in the animal world. According to theory, crosses between two species, known as hybrids, may not survive encounters with natural predators to the same degree as their parents. Show More Summary

Modelling human psychology

A human being's psychological make-up depends on an array of emotional and motivational parameters, such as desire, suffering or the need for security. In addition, it includes spatial and temporal dimensions that also play a key role in rationalising the decisions we make and planning our actions. Show More Summary

How llamas conquered the world

Llamas recently have become a relatively common sight around the world. Whether you live in England or New South Wales, Canada or New Zealand, you don't have to go too far to find a llama now. Indeed between 2,000 and 4,000 llamas are...Show More Summary

Giant tortoise that fled Japan zoo found 140 metres away

A giant tortoise that made a break from a Japanese zoo has been found safe and sound two weeks after it escaped—just 140 metres from the park.

Lab experiments show why medium-sized ants can't crawl out of antlion larvae pits

A small team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in France has discovered why medium-sized ants have more trouble climbing out of sand pits than larger or smaller ants. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the researchers describe experiments involving glass beads and metal disks and what they learned.

Online campaign against invasive plants

Neophytes – invasive plants that are alien to the region – are a huge burden on the public purse. The ETH spin-off "In-Finitude" has set up a new online platform right on time for the growing season. This displays the locations of the invasive neophytes across Switzerland and offers support to landowners and local authorities in combating them.

The penguin that never was

A Tasmanian penguin long thought extinct never even existed, University of Otago-led research has discovered.

Sniffing the Past of human-canine history in New York, Paris and London

Dog loving travellers can now tap into the human- canine history of New York, Paris and London on the move by using a new app developed by the University of Liverpool.

The Wealthy Activist Who Helped Turn “Bleeding Kansas” Free

Newly minted abolitionist Amos Adams Lawrence funneled much of his fortune into a battle he thought America couldn’t afford to lose

New polymer allows researchers to study how proteins fold, function

University of Michigan biophysicists and chemists have created a new polymer that mimics a cell membrane, allowing proteins found within cell membranes to fold and function naturally in the synthetic material.

The hidden secrets of insect poop

Insect defecation may not seem like one of the pressing scientific inquiries of our time, but in fact the faeces of these wee creatures serves an extraordinary variety of functions in bug and human life.

Hybrid barriers can cut terrapin road deaths, study finds

One of Georgia's most colorful turtle species could be wiped out on Jekyll Island by simply wandering into traffic-but not if man-made barriers keep them off the road.

A New Look At the 1977 WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 --A Message from the 'Cosmic Watering Hole'? (VIEW Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)

"If those civilizations are out there – and we don't know that they are – those that inhabit star systems that lie close to the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun will be the most motivated to send...        

New tool aims to make surgery safer by helping doctors see nerves

(The Optical Society) A new noninvasive approach that uses polarized light to make nerves stand out from other tissue could help surgeons avoid accidentally injuring nerves or assist them in identifying nerves in need of repair.

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