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UW makes waves in ocean acidification

The San Juan archipelago, perhaps most famous for its pod of southern resident killer whales, is also home to the UW’s world-renowned biological field station, the Friday Harbor Laboratory (FHL). Built in 1910 on the former Point Caution military reserve, FHL has grown from a single building to a sprawling campus with over a dozen […]

Spectral Standard Model and String Compactifications

  The Connes-Lott-Chamseddine-Barrett model is the observation that the standard model of particle physics — as a classical action functional, but including its coupling to gravity and subsuming a fair bit of fine detail —  may succinctly be encoded in terms of operator algebraic data called a “spectral triple“. This involves some non-commutative algebra,  and […]

Sculpted by ancient water

Stunning bird’s eye view of Mawrth Vallis, a remarkable valley that could harbour hints of past life on Mars

SSC CGL Official Answer Key 3rd September Shift 3 – Tier I Exam

The SSC recently released the official answer key for Tier I Exam 2016. Along with the release of the Response Sheets of various candidates, it also sought objections from them. Following this announcement, many Testbook users checked their answer keys and shared them with us. Show More Summary

When horses stalked

Q: I know that the phrase “stalking horse” means a sham candidate or a ruse used to disguise a hidden purpose. But were there ever real stalking horses, and what did they stalk? A: Yes, there were real stalking horses, but they didn’t actually stalk anything. They helped hunters stalk game birds. When the phrasal... ? Read More: When horses stalked

I think the human race has no future if it doesn’t go to space

In this extract from How To Make A Spaceship, the physicist explains why he said yes when offered a seat on Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo and why we need a new generation of explorers I have no fear of adventure. I have taken daredevil opportunities when they presented themselves. Show More Summary

Hillary, Shrillary

Hillary 'My Turn' Clinton shrieks: Why aren't I 50 points ahead?

Escape Countries

Many liberals are 'threatening' to leave the country should Trump become president. They have their 'escape countries' all lined up: Canada, Australia, France and others. But to where can a conservative American escape if and when his country becomes a...

Climate resolve talk with a scientist: Paul Bunje

Paul Bunje is senior scientist for energy and environmental programs at XPRIZE, an awards organization based in Southern California. What does Dr. Bunje do? In his own words: “I work to help solve environmental grand challenges by inspiring and facilitating innovation.” Trained as an evolutionary biologist, Dr. Bunje was founding director of the Los Angeles […]

How to get a lemur to notice you

Duke professor Brian Hare remembers his first flopped experiment. While an undergraduate at Emory in the late 1990s, he spent a week at the Duke Lemur Center waving bananas at lemurs. He was trying to see if they, like other primates, possess an important social skill. If a lemur spots a piece of food, or a predator, can other lemurs follow his gaze to spot it too?

Review Criticizes IgG Testing for Food Allergies

If you have a child in school then you have probably already noticed how common perceived food allergies are. Every year we get a list of foods that are banned from the school because of reported allergies. Peanuts are the most common. This is a reasonable policy for the school as genuine food allergies can cause […]

Important Current Affairs Quiz 26th September 2016

Here is a quiz for upcoming Banking, Insurance and Government exams. This quiz contains expected questions which match the exam pattern of Govt Job Exams and other Banking Exams. So make sure you attempt Important Current Affairs Quiz 26th September to check your preparation level. Show More Summary

China Opens World's Biggest Telescope

The world's biggest telescope is now scanning the skies from a remote area in southwest China. The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope—or FAST, which takes the title of world's biggest telescope from the 300-meter Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico—officially opened on Sunday and will now commence what could be...

Building a bionic spine

Using a stentrode device, researchers want people to control robotic limbs via thought.

SSC CGL Official Answer Key 27th August Shift 1 – Tier I Exam

The Staff Selection Commission had recently released the official answer key for Tier I Exam 2016. In addition to releasing the Response Sheet of various candidates, it had also sought objections related to the papers from various candidates. Show More Summary

Eutrophication accelerates carbonate dissolution under high pCO2 condition in coral reef ecosystem

Incubation experiments were carried out to determine the effect of eutrophication on carbonate dissolution under high pCO2 (partial pressure of carbon dioxide) condition in coral reef ecosystem at Sesoko Island, Okinawa, Japan. Short...Show More Summary

Pluto's 'Heart' Hints at Deep, Underground Ocean

A new simulation of how Pluto got its "heart" reveals that the dwarf planet most likely has a deep ocean beneath its surface.

6 Big Mysteries of Alzheimer's Disease

Experts spoke with LiveScience about the biggest mysteries of Alzheimer's disease.

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