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New, viable female politicians become role models for women, study finds

After Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee for president in June 2016—the first woman in American history nominated for president by a major political party—she tweeted a picture of her dancing with a young girl. The caption read, "To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want—even president. Tonight is for you."

New flu test easy as breathing, with faster results

A method for diagnosing flu virus from breath samples could soon replace invasive nasal swabs and deliver better results faster.

Rescue of 11 Asian elephants in Cambodia

The rescue of 11 Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) from a mud hole inside the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia, on 24th March 2017 avoided a tragedy for wildlife conservation in Cambodia.

People who feel connected to nature are more prone to “electrosensitivity”

Feeling connected to nature is normally seen as a good thing, but it's also associated with the experience of electrosensitivity. By Christian Jarrett

Rugged Antarctica Shows Its Ice in New 3D Map

A new map puts Antarctica into three-dimensional perspective with an aerial view of the continent's ice, created from 250 million satellite measurements.

A Visit to the Lasalgaon Onion Market

It’s a paradox of kinds that in the United States we use markets more than in other countries but as a people we are less likely to participate in a market. Of course, when we buy things at the supermarket we are participating in a market...Show More Summary

Record-Breaker! Heftiest and Purest 'Failed Star' Identified

An ancient brown dwarf about 750 light-years from Earth is the most massive and purest such "failed star" ever discovered, a new study suggests.

Reshaping the Universe: VR Landscapes Explore Mind-Bending Geometry

In this wonky, non-Euclidean universe, the floor can fall away from your feet as you walk forward and distances aren't what they seem.

How do higher CO2 levels impact marine life?

As the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere continues to climb, a group of researchers at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are investigating how this change will impact the Earth system, with a focus on oceans and marine life. Show More Summary

It's a riot: the stressful AI simulation built to understand your emotions

Inspired by global unrest, Riot uses artificial intelligence, film and gaming technologies to help scientists unpick how people react in stressful situations An immersive film project is attempting to understand how people react in stressful...Show More Summary

This is why Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ doesn’t work in politics

As a candidate, Donald Trump vowed that if elected he would use his business talents to make the best deals for the American people. But as president, Trump’s first foray into dealmaking failed miserably with the demise last week of the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. What went wrong? Real estate deals and legislative […]

Covering Female Athletes: On The Backlash Over Nike’s Pro Hijab

Originally posted at Role Reboot. Why is it that we associate revealing our bodies with liberation and covering it up with oppression? Sixteen-year-old Je’Nan Hayes of Maryland recently had to sit out a basketball game because she wears a hijab (headscarf), and according to a rarely enforced rule, was required to provide prior documentation that […]

Researchers program RNA nanoparticles that could protect against Zika

Using a new strategy that can rapidly generate customized RNA vaccines, MIT researchers have devised a new vaccine candidate for the Zika virus.

Video games may protect mental health and avert trauma, addiction

Short games of Tetris ward off cravings and dash distressing flashbacks.

New study investigates the passage of knotted DNA through nanopores

Anyone who has been on a sail boat knows that tying a knot is the best way to secure a rope to a hook and prevent slippage. Similarly, knots in sewing threads prevent them slipping through two pieces of fabric. How, then, can long DNA...Show More Summary

Democrat Adam Schiff, probing Trump-Putin ties, has gone up against Russia (and Stephen Colbert) before

WASHINGTON — Congressman Adam Schiff, increasingly the Democratic point man on the investigation into allegations of overly cozy ties between President Trump and Russia, is a soft-spoken former federal prosecutor and a critic of government surveillance who may be the only lawmaker ever to draw blood from comic Stephen Colbert — literally. Show More Summary

Today, the Brexshit hits the fan

Here’s how the Brexit vote last June actually went, simplified for those who don’t like experts explaining stuff (numbers rounded to the nearest millions of people): 51m people had the chance to vote, just 34m of them did. 17m of those voters said they wanted to leave the EU, 16m said they wanted to stay. … Continue reading "Today, the Brexshit hits the fan"

What Is More Important: Will or Skill?

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” – Muhammad Ali Recently, I was in […]

12 Cafés Every History Buff Needs to Visit

The best historic coffee shops around the world, from Paris to Buenos Aires

Donald Trump, Lost in Africa

The Trump Administration’s budget proposal for next year includes drastic cuts to a myriad of social services and programs, to environmental protection, education, public housing, and the arts and science. But there is something else...Show More Summary

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