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Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines --Cosmos Created by Cycles to New NASA Search for Alien Organisms

The Universe is Governed By Cycles --"LIGO Gravitational Waves Are Signals from the Recurring Birth of the Cosmos" New NASA Alien-Life Search --"1st Probe Since Viking Mission to Search for Actual Living Organisms" The World's Vanishing Corals Reefs --"Rainforests of...        

Important Current Affairs 24th July 2017 with PDF

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Here is an update containing all the important current affairs for 24th July 2017. You can download the Important Current Affairs 24th July 2017 with pdf capsule too. You can also attempt daily important current affairs quiz for yesterday:...Show More Summary

Scientists enlist baker's yeast in a hunt for new medicines

One of the hardest parts in drug discovery is pinning down how a medicine actually works in the body. It took nearly 100 years to uncover the molecular target of aspirin, but even with cutting-edge technology, it can take years to untangle how drugs interfere with cells. Show More Summary

Escherichia coli bacteria hijack copper, feed off it

Copper has long been known for its ability to kill bacteria and other microbes.

NASA mission surfs through waves in space to understand space weather

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA's Van Allen Probes have observed a new population of space sound waves, called plasmaspheric hiss, which are important in removing high-energy particles from around Earth that can damage satellites.

Scientists spy new evidence of water in the Moon's interior

A new study of satellite data finds that numerous volcanic deposits distributed across the surface of the Moon contain unusually high amounts of trapped water compared with surrounding terrains. The finding of water in these ancientShow More Summary

Receptors for neuron communication in humans vital for reproduction in mosses

Glutamate receptors play a central role in the human nervous system. Scientists estimate 90 percent of the human brain's synapses, or connections between neurons, send signals using glutamate. The role of similar receptors in plants, which do not have a nervous system, is not fully understood.

Evolutionary biologists solve puzzle of evolutionary relationships among vertebrates

Using the largest and most informative molecular phylogenetic dataset ever analysed, evolutionary biologists were able to construct a new phylogenetic tree of jawed vertebrates. This new tree resolves several key relationships that have...Show More Summary

Important Current Affairs Quiz 24th July 2017

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Here is a quiz for upcoming Banking, Insurance and Government exams. This quiz contains expected questions which match the exam pattern of Govt Job Exams and other Banking Exams. So make sure you attempt Important Current Affairs Quiz 24th July 2017 to check your preparation level. Show More Summary

Real life

Today's SMBC: For a more complex but pointed analogy, see "The Pirahã and us", 10/6/2007.

Brain Network Eigenmodes in Health and Disease, Olfactory Learning Without Mushroom Bodies, and Assessing Overlap of Genomic Features: the PLOS Comp Biol June Issue

Check out our highlights from the PLOS Computational Biology June issue:   Brain Network Eigenmodes Provide a Robust and Compact Representation of the Structural Connectome in Health and Disease While the structural connectome of th...

Scientists announce the quest for high-index materials

An antenna is a device capable of effectively transmitting, picking up, and redirecting electromagnetic radiation. Typically, antennas are macroscopic devices operating in the radio and microwave range. However, there are similar optical devices (Fig. Show More Summary

Three new 'club-tailed' scorpions join the tree of life

A team of researchers—including Dr. Lauren Esposito, Curator of Arachnology at the California Academy of Sciences and colleagues the American Museum of Natural History and Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil)—have painstakingly revised a large group of Neotropical "club-tailed" scorpions. Show More Summary

Quantum Anomaly Observed on Earth --"Extremely Important For Our Understanding of the Universe"

"This is an incredibly exciting discovery. We can clearly conclude that the same breaking of symmetry can be observed in any physical system, whether it occurred at the beginning of the universe or is happening today, right here on Earth,"...        

Tides on exoplanets could drive alien biological clocks

On watery worlds that lack days and nights because one face always points toward their star, tides may help life emerge – and algal blooms might be the giveaway

Writing with the electron beam—now in silver

When it comes to extremely fine, precise features, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) is unrivaled. A focused electron beam can directly deposit complex features onto a substrate in a single step (Electron-Beam-Induced Deposition, EBID). Show More Summary

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