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Better daily sea ice forecasts for the Arctic

Ice experts have developed a straightforward new technique for estimating sea ice concentration in the Arctic Ocean, and the new method improves the US Navy's short-term sea ice forecast of ice edge location by almost 40 percent. With shipping on the rise in the Arctic Ocean, improving these short-term forecasts makes navigating in Arctic waters safer.

Uri Simonsohn warns us not to be falsely reassured

I agree with Uri Simonsohn that you don’t learn much by looking at the distribution of all the p-values that have appeared in some literature. Uri explains: Most p-values reported in most papers are irrelevant for the strategic behavior of interest. Show More Summary

Funding Academic Publishing

The last few years have been relatively bleak for university presses. The decline in library funding, increased competition from for-profit presses, and the shift from longterm priorities to short-term at universities not only encourage...Show More Summary

Finger drumming

I don't have much time this morning, so I'll just point you toward a fun post by Joe Pater on finger drumming. He focuses on iOS apps, and writes that I worry that Android users may be out of luck – I’ve tried a few apps on a couple different phones, and I found them unusable […]

This Month in SocImages (August 2015)

SocImages News: It was an incredible honor this month to attend the American Sociological Association meetings and accept the Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award on behalf of myself and Gwen Sharp and our work on this site. We are so thrilled to know that instructors find the site useful and invigorating and, as I said at […]

Quantum computer that 'computes without running' sets efficiency record

(—Due to quantum effects, it's possible to build a quantum computer that computes without running—or as the scientists explain, "the result of a computation may be learned without actually running the computer." So far, however,...Show More Summary

Why does running make us happy?

The joy of running. That sense of well-being, freedom and extra energy that runners often experience is not just a matter of endorphins. A new study shows that the "runner’s high" phenomenon is also caused by dopamine, an important neurotransmitter for motivation.

“A new Fire” in Newport

Yesterday I broke off the news from Newport with the resignation of Augustus Johnston as stamp-tax collector on the morning of 29 Aug 1765.The town did not stay calm, as the Newport Mercury reported: Next Morning the Stamp Master’s Resignation being publickly read, the People announced their Joy by repeated Huzza’s, &c. Show More Summary

Skimming uranium from the sea

Researchers have developed a new, protein-based system that can mine certain types of uranium from sea water with exceedingly high affinity and selectivity.

Super water-repellant coatings can now take the pressure

Extremely water-repellant surfaces were fabricated that can withstand pressures that are 10 times greater than the average pressure a surface would experience resting in a room. The surfaces resist the infiltration of liquid into the nanoscale pockets, staying drier than similar coatings.

Half-dose combo of common diuretics a 'win-win' for hypertension

The combination of two commonly used diuretics, each at half dose, can significantly reduce blood pressure without the side-effects caused by full doses of either alone, researchers have found.

On deck this week

Mon: Constructing an informative prior using meta-analysis Tues: Stan attribution Wed: Cannabis/IQ follow-up: Same old story Thurs: Defining conditional probability Fri: In defense of endless arguments Sat: Emails I never finished reading Sun: BREAKING... Show More Summary

Charles Tomlinson, RIP.

I was shocked to learn from wood s lot that the wonderful poet Charles Tomlinson has died. As Michael Yong’s Bristol Post obituary says: He was one of the first English men of letters to appreciate the great achievements of the American poets of the mid-20th century, particularly the work of William Carlos Williams, Marianne […]

Discovered: Tiny drops of 'perfect' fluid that existed in the early universe

Surprisingly, smaller particles colliding with large nuclei appear to produce tiny droplets of quark-gluon plasma. Recent results show that the tiny droplets behave like a liquid not the expected gas. The results support the case that these small particles produce tiny drops of the primordial soup.

Up and down quarks favored over strange ones

A suppression of strange quark production relative to up and down quark production had previously been noted; for the first time, the result has been verified when a single pair is produced.

Cats on Treadmills (and the plasticity of biological motion perception)

Cats on a treadmill. From Treadmill Kittens. It's been an eventful week. The 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The 10th Anniversary of Optogenetics (with commentary from the neuroscience community and from the inventors). The Reproducibility Project's efforts to replicate 100 studies in cognitive and social psychology (published in Science). Show More Summary

Evidence of Rock Weathering From the EoArchean

3806 Ma Isua rhyolites and dacites affected by low temperature Eoarchaean surficial alteration: Earth's earliest weatheringAuthors:Nutman et alAbstract:This paper reports evidence for Earth's oldest-recognised low temperature alteration, at ?3800 Ma. Show More Summary


Recent decades have seen a great deal of shifting around in the classification of mosses. As molecular data have become de rigeur in phylogenetic studies, a number of features previously used to distinguish higher groupings have proven to be more labile than previously appreciated. Show More Summary

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