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Multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis shows need for improved education of clinicians

A number of common conditions are mistaken for multiple sclerosis (MS), a disabling central nervous system disease, say researchers at four academic medical centers across the U.S. in a study published online today in the journal Neurology. read more

Mathematical modeling for medical devices

11 hours agoAcademics : The Endeavour

We’re about to see a lot of new, powerful, inexpensive medical devices come out. And to my surprise, I’ve contributed to a few of them. Growing compute power and shrinking sensors open up possibilities we’re only beginning to explore. Even when the things we want to observe elude direct measurement, we may be able to infer them from […]

Violence: Are Humans Bad To The Bone?

Sorry, peaceniks. New research that takes an innovative approach to charting the evolution of lethal violence has found that Homo sapiens evolved from a particularly brutish branch of mammals. A proclivity for smashings and bashings is in our DNA. Show More Summary

Scientists find that mechanical behavior of tiny structures is affected by atomic defects

An international team of scientists with participation from the University of Göttingen, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Pennsylvania State University, and Wright State University has measured the mechanics of tiny crystalline ceramics. Show More Summary

Travelling through the body with graphene

For the first time researchers succeeded to place a layer of graphene on top of a stable fatty lipid monolayer. Surrounded by a protective shell of lipids graphene could enter the body and function as a versatile sensor. The results are the first step towards such a shell, and have been published in the journal Nanoscale on 28 September 2016.

Natural born killers: humans predisposed to murder, study suggests

Although it’s unclear whether genetics or other factors are responsible, new study suggests that lethal violence is part of our evolutionary history Humans are predisposed to murder each other, new research suggests, although it remains unclear if it’s down to genetics or other factors. Show More Summary

Birth weight influenced by genes linked to disease risk, study reveals

Birth weight partly shaped by genes which are also implicated in risk of later-life diseases, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, findings show Birth weight of babies is influenced by genes that are also linked to the risk of developing a range of diseases later in life, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, research has revealed. Show More Summary

NASA Discovery Video --"Hubble Space Telescope's Evidence of Water Plumes on Europa" (VIEW)

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took direct ultraviolet images of the icy moon Europa transiting across the disk of Jupiter. Out of ten observations, Hubble saw what may be water vapor plumes on three of the images. This adds another piece...

X-rays reveal new path in battle against mosquito-borne illness

Structural biology research conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has uncovered how small insecticidal protein crystals that are naturally produced by bacteria might be tailored to combat dengue fever and the Zika virus.

Live Science Book Giveaway: 'Venomous' by Christie Wilcox

Join Live Science for a Facebook Live interview with biologist and writer Christie Wilcox, and a chance to win a signed copy of her new book, "Venomous."

The ‘Love Hormone’ Produced During Sex Enhances Sprituality

12 hours agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

The hormone has already been linked to greater altruism, social bonding and other positive effects. Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything (ebook)

Are you 'prepared to die' for the chance to visit Mars? We want to hear from you

SpaceX founder Elon Musk says he’ll send 100 passengers toward the red planet by 2022. Are you willing to go on a trip that could cost you your life? SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced his plan on Tuesday to launch manned missions to Mars by 2022. One small problem: you might die. Continue reading...

Internal 'clock' makes some people age faster and die younger – regardless of lifestyle

Study could explain why even with healthy lifestyles some people die younger than others, and raises future possibility of extending the human lifespan Scientists have found the most definitive evidence yet that some people are destined to age quicker and die younger than others - regardless of their lifestyle. Show More Summary

Wednesday assorted links

1. Japanese self-driving chairs. 2. The mirror spider and its cloaking device. 3. Should we build a wall with Mexico?  My post from ten years ago. 4. Woman who took her husband’s appendix on a flight wanted it tested (NYT). 5. John Cochrane on EconTalk. Show More Summary

Turn “Banned Books Week” into “Educational Freedom Week”

We are in the midst of “Banned Books Week,” a time dedicated not so much to shining light on books that have actually been banned—that no one may legally read—but that parents object to their children being forced or encouraged to read by the public schools for which they must pay and, de facto, use. Show More Summary

Charlottesville’s Lee Park Could Be “Confederate Fabulous”

I have been consistent in maintaining that the future of Confederate iconography, including monuments must be debated and ultimately decided by local communities. Having taught history, lectured and led tours…

Connecting data scientists with regional challenges

Today, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced $10 million in awards to 10 "Big Data Spokes" projects to initiate research on specific topics identified by the Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs). Project topics range from precision agriculture to personalized education. Show More Summary

The Chimpanzee Politics of the Debate--Hillary Clinton, Bonobo Alpha Female

So what really happened in the Presidential Debate Monday night? The previously alpha male chimpanzee was defeated by the alpha female bonobo. Everyone who watched the debate knew this as soon as they saw Clinton's shimmy.After a lengthy comment, Trump concluded: "I have much better judgment than she has. Show More Summary

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Zach Hambrick has always been fascinated by exceptional performance, or what he calls “the extremes of human capabilities.” Growing up, he’d devour Guinness World Records, noting the feats it described and picturing himself proudly posing in its pages. Show More Summary

“If Your Vote Doesn’t Really Count, Is There Anything You Can Do?”

I did a Q & A with Toni Monkovic of NYT’s The UpShot on questions about vote buying, vote trading, student voting, and choosing to vote in a battleground state. … Continue reading ?

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