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This Week's Most Popular --"Colossal Hidden Galaxy to Merging Neutron Stars"

NASA's Kepler Mission Reveals Our Solar System is Extremely Rare --"And We Have No Idea Why" Colossal Spiderweb Galaxy Three Times Size of the Milky Way --Submerged at Center of Massive Embryonic Cluster Pluto's Extreme Ocean --Scientists Ask: "Could It...

“On ‘Hamilton Electors’ and the Lessig/Hasen Debate”

Mike Parsons blogs at Modern Democracy: Professors Lawrence Lessig and Rick Hasen–two titans of the political law world–recently got into a public debate over the legitimacy of presidential electors voting in a way different from how their votes were pledged.  Despite … Continue reading ?

StarTalk Radio With Neil deGrasse Tyson --"What Will It Take to Survive on Mars?" Guest: The Martian" Author Andy Weir

What will it take to survive on Mars? To find out, Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Andy Weir, best-selling novelist and author of The Martian, which was adapted into a feature film starring Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Watney and received...

New Education Center at the Paul Revere House

Years back, I gave a teachers’ workshop at the Paul Revere House in the North End. It took place upstairs in the neighboring Pierce-Hichborn house.As I recall, we had about two dozen people crowded into a small, irregularly shaped room with sloping ceilings. Show More Summary

Answer Key to IPPB Pre Live Leak 2016

Hopefully, you have come here after attempting the Live Leak – IPPB Mock Test in English for 2016 Tier I Predicted Pattern. The Live Leak question paper was designed to give you the closest experience of IPPB Prelims Exam paper. As a...Show More Summary

Routh Hurwitz Stability Criteria – GATE Study Material in PDF

Now that we know the Concept of Stability in Linear Time Invariant Systems, we can move on to the next concept in Stability – Routh Hurwitz Stability Criteria. This forms one of the most important topics in Control Systems. You can download this free GATE Study Material in PDF. Show More Summary

Live Leak – India Post Payments Bank Officer Sc I Model Question Paper (2016 Predicted Pattern)

The India Post Payments Banks Prelims Exam is just a few weeks away. Most of you are not aware of the difficulty level of the exam as this is the first time that IPPB Prelims are being held. To give you an exact picture of how it would...Show More Summary

"Bad" borrowings in North Korean

Last week, the Daily NK (from Seoul) published an article by Kang Mi Jin about "Loanwords frequently appearing in the Rodong Sinmun" (11/25/16), South Korean original here.  Rodong Sinmun is the official newspaper of the North Korean Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea. A source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK on November […]

The Higher Infantilization and Perpetual Childhood

I coined 'higher infantilization' recently to cover what is going on in so-called institutions of higher learning. (The STEM disciplines excepted.) The New Criterion provides a good explanation of this infantilization which is also a feminization: “Perpetual childhood.” Is there...

Neither a Hot Shot nor a Know-it-All, But…

I'm neither a Hot Shot nor a Know-it-All, but I've agreed to appear as one or the other tomorrow night (Sat. Dec. 3rd), in the company of real hot shots Joel Hodgson (from MST3K!), Sarah Silverman, Sam Phillips, and several others. It's...Show More Summary

David Blight, Frederick Douglass, and the 2016 Election

Some of you may know that David Blight is close to completing a biography of Frederick Douglass that is slated for publication late next year. This talk on Douglass at […]

Politics After Richmond

Late to the comment party, but whatevs. Zac Goldsmith thoroughly deserved to have his arse handed to him, even if it depended on the Liberal Democrats to get it done. His "independent challenge" to the Conservatives was successfully undermined by his own stupidity. Show More Summary

Space Photos of the Week: Mosey on Down to the Star Bar

Space photos of the week, November 28 — December 2, 2016. The post Space Photos of the Week: Mosey on Down to the Star Bar appeared first on WIRED.

A Warming Earth Is Making It Harder to Study Mars

Antarctic researchers test their ideas about how humans could live on Mars. But these windows into life on the red planet could be closing. The post A Warming Earth Is Making It Harder to Study Mars appeared first on WIRED.

Truth, Independence, and Liberty

Jacob Levy has an excellent post on why respect for truth is a foundation for republican government: …the great analysts of truth and speech under totalitarianism—GeorgeOrwell, Hannah Arendt, VaclavHavel—can help us recognize this kind of lie for what it is. Show More Summary

Shrooms: 5 Most Incredible Discoveries of the Week

A study suggesting that magic mushrooms have a place in the cancer ward and a surprise find under a Mexican supermarket were among the discoveries of the week: Magic Mushrooms Had Big Effect on Cancer Patients : Two studies of cancer patients with symptoms of depression and anxiety suggest that a...

Psychology Around the Net: December 3, 2016

Happy Saturday, sweet readers! It’s pretty dark and rainy in my neck of the woods today, which doesn’t give me much Christmas spirit (I’m finally decorating today…or hoping to, anyway); however, such weather does do a little something interesting for my overall spirit. Have you […]

Physics may be a small but crucial fraction of our reality

Just how much of physics is real, and how much of reality is physics? That’s a theme uniting four major new books in the field

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