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Vanished words for ‘wild animal’ in Mari and Mordvin

In 1960 Thomas Sebeok exhaustively examined the 18th-century Mari wordlist of Pallas (part of the two-volume Linguarum Totius Orbis Vocabularia comparativa, Saint-Petersburg, 1786 and 1789. The majority of Sebeok’s analysis is very solid. Show More Summary

Early New England’s Blotter

Anthony Vaver’s Early American Crime blog offers one of the liveliest landscapes of life in colonial and federal America. It tells stories of burglary, murder, counterfeiting, and other crimes. Earlier this year Vaver collected the best...Show More Summary

12-23-14 Jingle Bells Orca Style

12-23-14...and you can sing along too!!..hoping for a better salmon year for the whales in 2015.

The Sky This Week - Thursday December 25 to Thursday January 1

The First Quarter Moon is Tuesday December 29. Venus is low in the evening sky with Mercury below it. Mars is easily visible in the early evening and is visited by the Moon on the 25th. Jupiter is prominent in the morning sky. Saturn rises in the morning sky. Show More Summary

Between Reluctance and Revolution

In From Resistance to Revolution Pauline Maier portrayed American Whigs as gradually becoming disenchanted with higher and higher levels of British government until in late 1775 or early 1776 they gave up on King George III himself and opted for independence. Show More Summary

Winter Break

Blogging here should be light to non-existent for a while, with family holiday celebrations tomorrow and departure for a trip to Europe the day after. Travel plans still in flux, but the general idea is to head south after arriving … Continue reading ?


A few weeks ago, I had a flight out of LaGaurdia Airport in New York City. On the drive there, I caught a distant glimpse of the Manhattan skyline. I was startled to see that it is newly altered. Rising from midtown was a silhouette that seemed both impossibly narrow, and taller than any other […]

George Szirtes on Being Bilingual.

The Hungarian-born poet George Szirtes is an old favorite here at LH (1, 2, 3 — that last post, on Hungarian second-person pronouns, has 455 comments!), and his Guardian piece (from last May) on “what being bilingual means for my writing and identity” is worth a read. On his early experience with language: When I […]

Ukraine Formally Abandons Nonaligned Status

Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday voted to abandon the country's nonaligned status, a move that could be a step toward seeking membership in NATO.Supporters of the move, which passed by a 303-9 vote, said it was justified by Russian aggression...Show More Summary

A standard for neuroscience data

In many science fields—like neuroscience—sharing data isn’t that simple because no standard data format exists. Researchers are now working to change that, allowing for better exchange of information to advance the field.

Taking the grunt work out of web development

A new programming language automatically coordinates interactions between Web page components. The language is called Ur/Web, and it lets developers write Web applications as self-contained programs. The language's compiler -- the program...Show More Summary

Saudis' War on Frackers Gets REALLY Serious, Won't cut Production Even at $20/barrel

OPEC will not cut oil production even if the price drops to $20 a barrel and it is unfair to expect the cartel to reduce output if non-members do not, Saudi Arabia said."Whether it goes down to $20 a barrel, $40, $50, $60, it is irrelevant,"...Show More Summary

Whole-genome sequencing can successfully identify cancer-related mutations

Whole-genome sequencing can be used to identify patients' risk for hereditary cancer, researchers have demonstrated. This is the first study that has used whole-genome sequencing to evaluate a series of 258 cancer patients' genomes to improve the ability to diagnose cancer-predisposing mutations, researchers say.

How 'microbial dark matter' might cause disease

For decades, the bacteria group Candidate Phylum TM7, thought to cause inflammatory mucosal diseases, has posed a particular challenge for researchers. A landmark discovery has revealed insights into TM7's resistance to scientific study and to its role in the progression of periodontitis and other diseases. Show More Summary

Could playing Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker' and other music improve kids' brains?

In a study called 'the largest investigation of the association between playing a musical instrument and brain development,' a child psychiatry team has found that musical training might also help kids focus their attention, control their emotions and diminish their anxiety.

Was 'Hero' Monkey Really Trying to Save Its Buddy?

A video showing a monkey apparently attempting to revive his companion has gone viral after being posted on YouTube this weekend, but is that really what the monkey is doing? The short answer, according to National Geographic : It's not clear. The rhesus macaques in the video are shown at a...

'July effect' does not impact stroke outcomes, according to new study

Patients with strokes caused by blood clots -known as acute ischemic strokes- who were admitted in July had similar outcomes compared to patients admitted any other month, according to a new study. The findings challenge concerns about...Show More Summary

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