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Flashback Friday: This professor measured his fingernail growth for 35 years. The results will amaze you!

Have you ever wondered how fast your fingernails grow? And whether they all grow at the same rate? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your fingernails grow more slowly than they used to? If so, you and William B. Bean have something in common!...Show More Summary

Raft-forming ants learn to "man" specific positions in the raft.

During times of flood, certain species of ants work together to build rafts out of... themselves! Not only that, previous work has also shown that some ants use highly buoyant eggs and larvae at the base of the raft to help keep the entire contraption afloat. Show More Summary

Tall tail: Morocco casts doubt on Mexico 'dinosaur' fragment

Authorities in Morocco said Monday they doubt the authenticity of an alleged dinosaur tail sold in Mexico, after launching a probe to see if it had been illegally exported from the North African country.

Funny scientific article titles... take 2!

A while back we wrote an article for Slate about the funny (and sometimes inappropriate) titles scientists give their papers. Since then, our readers have flooded our email with more examples, many of which were from their own papers. Show More Summary

Big energy savings: OSU researchers build the world's smallest electro-optic modulator

(Oregon State University) Researchers at have designed and fabricated the world's smallest electro-optic modulator, which could mean major reductions in energy used by data centers and supercomputers.

Schizophrenia Treatment: Now and Then

The first time I ever met with a team of doctors on a psychiatric unit, I was in deep schizophrenic psychosis. Rather than believing they were there to help me, I thought they were in league with others who were performing an experiment upon me. […]

Does watching porn make people less religious?

If you had to guess, you'd probably say that people who watch a lot of pornography are less likely to be religious. And you'd be right -- to a point. But according to this study, which looked at the connection between porn viewing and...Show More Summary

“New Analysis: Voter Suppression Laws a Concern in 2018, Though Many States Looking to Expand Access”

Brennan Center: A first look at voting laws introduced in state legislatures across the country finds that voter suppression efforts continue to be a concern at the outset of a pivotal election year. The Trump administration is promoting a similar … Continue reading ?

Flashback Friday: Nipple, penis, or nostril — what’s the most painful place to be stung by a bee? (The answer might surprise you.)

In the 1980s, a man named Justin Schmidt invented the Schmidt pain index, which measured the painfulness of stings from 78 species of insects on a scale of 0 to 4 (the only stings that rated 4 were the bullet ant and the tarantula hawk). Show More Summary

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Congressional Districts on State Law Grounds; And There’s a Longshot Theory to Get SCOTUS Review

Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on state law grounds held the state’s congressional districting violated the state constitution. It ordered the state legislature to submit a plan with compact and contiguous districts.  If it can’t get a plan signed by … Continue reading ?

Speed dating not working out? Maybe it's your posture.

Remember when your mom would yell at you to "sit up straight!"? While annoying, she was trying to look out for you. And according to this article, her advice might lead to more than just a healthy back. Here, scientists studied whether our body language affects how attractive we are. Show More Summary

Will gray wolves adopt strange pups or give them the cold shoulder?

Animal babies are pretty cute, and there are many stories of animals rearing babies that aren't their own--sometimes even from different species. Scientists hope to one day harness this instinct and trick gray wolves from dwindling populations into rearing pups born in captivity. Show More Summary

Scientists finally find a (delicious) cure for the common cold: french fries!

We're big fans of french fries here at SS, so we were very excited to discover this recent study that found a link between french fry consumption and rhinoviruses (aka the common cold). Be sure to check out Figure 1 (below) for an especially...Show More Summary

JurassicCollectables Reviews Rebor “Gunn”

A Review of the 1:18 Scale Rebor "Raptor" Called "Gunn" by JurassicCollectables Those talented people at JurassicCollectables have produced another Rebor "Raptor" review.  Following on from their very informative video review of theShow More Summary

Finally, science answers the question "Are blondes really dumb?"

We've featured so many studies that reinforce stereotypes on this blog that we have a whole category full of them. So it was refreshing to find this study, which set out to test whether blondes are actually dumber than people with brown,...Show More Summary

DC Private Schooling: A Portrait in Diversity?

Private schools are the preserves of rich, white people, and if they weren’t around education would be more racially integrated. That’s probably the assumption many people have, and it could be what people reading about a recent Shanker...Show More Summary

New Eocene fossil data suggest climate models may underestimate future polar warming

(Florida Museum of Natural History) A new international analysis of marine fossils shows that warming of the polar oceans during the Eocene, a greenhouse period that provides a glimpse of Earth's potential future climate, was greater than previously thought.

Eerie Images of Hong Kong Concealed by Smog

The city's expansive skyline is now barely visible beyond the thick pollution.

When Corruption is a Job Perk

                    I recall quite vividly the day I first witnessed the potency of the “get out of jail free” cards issued by Police Benevolent Associations. I was a teenager in the New Jersey suburbs headed to a concert with a carShow More Summary

Placental accumulation of flame retardant chemical alters serotonin production in rats

(North Carolina State University) An NC State-led research team has shown a connection between exposure to a widely used flame retardant chemical mixture and disruption of normal placental function in rats, leading to altered production of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

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