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For a chimpanzee, one good turn deserves another

Apes only provide food to conspecifics that have previously assisted them

Image: Jupiter's bands of clouds

This enhanced-color image of Jupiter's bands of light and dark clouds was created by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran using data from the JunoCam imager on NASA's Juno spacecraft.

The revolutionary technologies that power and cool the Parker Solar Probe

As NASA's Parker Solar Probe spacecraft begins its first historic encounter with the sun's corona in late 2018—flying closer to our star than any other mission in history—a revolutionary cooling system will keep its solar arrays at peak performance, even in extremely hostile conditions.

Neuron-integrated nanotubes to repair nerve fibers

Carbon nanotubes exhibit interesting characteristics rendering them particularly suited to the construction of special hybrid devices consisting of biological issue and synthetic material. These could re-establish connections between nerve cells at the spinal level that were lost due to lesions or trauma. Show More Summary

List of Famous Personalities & Titles Questions in PDF – SSC CGL 2017

Most of you must be preparing to your best for SSC CGL 2017. SSC CGL Prelims 2017 i.e. The Staff Selection Commission’s Combined Graduate Level Examination is scheduled from 1st August 2017 t0 20th August 2017. This exam is going to recruit candidates for more than 4700 vacancies. Show More Summary

Hong Kong shark art protests at fin trade

A towering shark fin sculpture is the latest addition to Hong Kong's harbourfront as part of an artistic push against the infamous trade.

Ultra-compact phase modulators based on graphene plasmons

Modulating the amplitude and phase of light is a key ingredient for many of applications such as wavefront shaping, transformation optics, phased arrays, modulators and sensors. Performing this task with high efficiency and small footprint is a major challenge for the development of optoelectronic devices.

Amber warning for the UK's access to new medicines post Brexit

(ecancermedicalscience) In an editorial to be published on Tuesday June 27, 2017 in the journal ecancermedicalscience, Anthony Hatswell of BresMed and University College London, explores the consequences of a British exit from the European Medicines Agency as a result of Brexit, and what this will mean for pharmaceutical regulation and future access to medicines for UK citizens.

John Laird: We can’t fight ocean acidification alone

I was proud to represent California at the first-ever United Nations Ocean Conference this month in New York, as representatives from around the world gathered to focus on ocean health. With a goal to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources, the summit concluded with a global agreement to reverse the decline […]

Intraspecific variations in responses to ocean acidification in two branching coral species

Ocean acidification is widely recognised to have a negative impact on marine calcifying organisms by reducing calcifications, but controversy remains over whether such organisms could cope with ocean acidification within a range of phenotypic plasticity and/or adapt to future acidifying ocean. Show More Summary

This is why so many Republicans are ready to buck public opinion on health care

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and the GOP leadership are scrambling this week to corral 50 out of 52 Republican votes for an historically unpopular health-care bill. Why did so many House Republicans already vote for a bill that large majorities in every state detest? And why are their Senate colleagues considering walking the […]

Politicians – when you dodge the question, it makes you look dodgy

The research also suggested that if we distrust a politician, we're more likely to notice their evasions. By Alex Fradera

Rising temperatures and acidification threaten Mediterranean sea species

Water temperatures in the northwestern Mediterranean are increasing much faster than global averages, threatening the survival of several species, French researchers said. Weekly water temperature readings by researchers at the Villefranche-sur-Mer...Show More Summary

Ocean acidification is threatening the Massachusetts shellfish industry (text and audio)

One of the bright spots in the state’s struggling fishing industry is shellfish, a lucrative crop of oysters, clams and sea scallops that generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year for the Massachusetts economy. But climate change is affecting the water chemistry these shellfish need to grow and thrive. The process is called ocean acidification, […]

Elevated carbon dioxide and temperature affects otolith development, but not chemistry, in a diadromous fish

Ocean acidification threatens marine ecosystems by altering ocean chemistry and calcification processes in marine organisms. This study investigated the effects of predicted future CO2 levels, under varying temperature levels, on otolith...Show More Summary

Sulfur in foraminiferal calcite as a potential proxy for seawater carbonate ion concentration

Sulfur (S) incorporation in foraminiferal shells is hypothesized to change with carbonate ion concentration [ ], due to substitution of sulfate for carbonate ions in the calcite crystal lattice. Hence S/Ca values of foraminiferal carbonate shells are expected to reflect sea water carbonate chemistry. To generate a proxy calibration linking the incorporation of S into […]

Microfiber Release During Washing

How are microplastics from polyester textiles generated?

Gorgeous rainbow frogs come in different colours on every island

In Bocas del Toro in Panama, each island in the archipelago has a different-hued version of the strawberry poison frog (Oophaga pumilio)

Can It Happen Here?: Authoritarianism in America

That is a forthcoming volume edited by Cass Sunstein.  The contributors include Cass, myself, Timur Kuran, Duncan Watts, Martha Minow, Bruce Ackerman, Jack Goldsmith, Geoffrey Stone, and Noah Feldman, among others.  Self-recommending,...Show More Summary

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