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Genetic secrets of the monarch butterfly revealed

Sequencing the genomes of monarch butterflies from around the world, a team of scientists has made surprising new insights into the monarch's genetics. They identified a single gene that appears central to migration -- a behavior generally regarded as complex -- and another that controls pigmentation. The researchers also shed light on the evolutionary origins of the monarch.

FDG-PET/CT shows promise for breast cancer patients younger than 40

PET/CT imaging of patients younger than 40 who were initially diagnosed with stage I–III breast cancer resulted in change of diagnosis, a study shows. While guidelines recommend FDG-PET/CT imaging only for women with stage III breast cancer, it can also help physicians more accurately diagnose young breast cancer patients initially diagnosed with earlier stages of the disease.

Nature collides with James Bond: Newly discovered ant species hides in plain sight

A new species of ant has been discovered that uses social parasitism to access host ant species' food sources and foraging trails: Cephalotes specularis, commonly known as the mirror turtle ant. Mirror turtle ants are the first-known ant species to use visual mimicry to parasitize another ant species. Show More Summary

The Most Expensive Items in Gaming

Who Has the Money For These Ultra Expensive Gaming Items?  Games playstation xbox one xbox 360 Nintendo Wii Supreme

ZEB1: Oscar for leading role in fat storage

A research team has managed to decode the process of adipogenesis by identifying the precise proteins that play the leading roles in fat absorption. There are many actors involved in the process of adipogenesis, used by the body to store the fat that it absorbs from food. Show More Summary

Paint on 'smart' bandage emits phosphorescent glow for healing below

Inspired by a desire to help wounded soldiers, a team of researchers has created a paint-on, see-through, 'smart' bandage that glows to indicate a wound's tissue oxygenation concentration. Because oxygen plays a critical role in healing,...Show More Summary

Medical discovery first step on path to new painkillers

A major medical discovery could lead to the development of an entirely new type of painkiller, scientists suggest. The new drug would offer new hope to sufferers of chronic pain conditions such as traumatic nerve injury, for which few effective painkillers are currently available, they say.

Snapshots of chemical reactions: Characterizing an important reactive intermediate

An international group of researchers has been able to isolate and characterize an important chemical intermediate whose existence has, so far, only been inferred from indirect experimental evidence.

Robot researcher combines nature to nurture 'superhuman' navigation

Researchers are investigating realistic navigation for robots using computer modeling of the human eye and the brain of a rat.

Acupuncture does not improve chronic knee pain, study finds

In patients older than 50 years with moderate or severe chronic knee pain, acupuncture did not provide any benefit, a study has concluded. Acupuncture is the most popular of alternative medical systems. Although traditionally administered...Show More Summary

Eighty percent of bowel cancers halted with existing medicines

More than 80 percent of bowel cancers could be treated with existing drugs, an international team of scientists say at the conclusion of their study. The study found that medicines called 'JAK inhibitors' halted tumor growth in bowel cancers with a genetic mutation that is present in more than 80 per cent of bowel cancers. Show More Summary

Fat chats: The good, the bad and the ugly comments

Cyberbullying and hurtful "fat jokes" are disturbingly prevalent in the social media environment, especially on Twitter, says the lead author of a study that analyzed well over a million social media posts and comments about weight matters. Show More Summary

What to anticipate after you've heard those dreaded words 'you have breast cancer'

A new article looks at breast cancer and provides insight on what a patient may anticipate. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the breast. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can invade other parts of the body. Show More Summary

Lift weights, improve your memory, study shows

Here’s another reason why it’s a good idea to hit the gym: it can improve memory. A new study shows that an intense workout of as little as 20 minutes can enhance episodic memory, also known as long-term memory for previous events, by about 10 percent in healthy young adults.

Pet foods: Not all brands follow meat regulations

Pet food mislabeling: the issue is a significant one when it comes to commercial pet foods marketed for dogs and cats. New research set out to identify meat species present as well as any instances of mislabeling. Of the 52 products tested, 31 were labeled correctly, 20 were potentially mislabeled, and one contained a non-specific meat ingredient that could not be verified.

Insight into challenges facing college athletes

A new study sheds light on how some collegiate student-athletes deal with uncertainties ranging from excelling in both school and sports to their career prospects outside of athletics, and urges university athletic programs to adopt new efforts to support student-athletes.

Platinum meets its match in quantum dots from coal: New catalyst for fuel cells outperforms platinum

Scientists combined graphene quantum dots drawn from common coal with graphene oxide, nitrogen and boron into a catalyst for fuel cells that outperforms platinum. Graphene quantum dots grab onto graphene platelets like barnacles attach themselves to the hull of a boat. Show More Summary

Is Australia prepared for Ebola?

Australia needs to be proactive about potential disease outbreaks like Ebola and establish a national center for disease control, an expert says, while he questions Australia's preparation for public health crises.

From my inbox today – “Climate Credit”

This is reminiscent of how it started in Australia with the carbon tax. Look for a Climate Credit from the State of California on Your October Utility Bill This month your electricity bill will include a credit identified as the “California Climate Credit.” Twice a year, in April and October, your household and millions of…

Immunotherapy could stop resistance to radiotherapy

Treating cancers with immunotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time could stop them from becoming resistant to treatment, scientists report. Radiotherapy is a very successful treatment for many forms of cancer, but in cancer cellsShow More Summary

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