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Exposure to air pollution 30 years ago associated with increased risk of death

Exposure to air pollution more than 30 years ago may still affect an individual's mortality risk today, according to new research. Highest risks were seen for respiratory disease, such as bronchitis, emphysema and for pneumonia. Air pollution also affected mortality risk from cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease.

Political sound and silence

As part of an exercise/demonstration for a course, last night I ran Neville Ryant's second-best speech activity detector (SAD) on Barack Obama's Weekly Radio Addresses for 2010 (50 of them), and George W. Bush's Weekly Radio Addresses for 2008 (48 of them). The distributions of speech and silence durations, via R's kernel density estimation function, look like […]

What's nature worth? Study helps put a price on groundwater and other natural capital

Scientists have adapted traditional asset valuation approaches to measure the value of such natural capital assets, linking economic measurements of ecosystem services with models of natural dynamics and human behavior.

Why not recycled concrete?

From paper towels to cups to plastic bottles, products made from recycled materials permeate our lives. One notable exception is building materials. Why can’t we recycle concrete from our deteriorating infrastructure for use as material in new buildings and bridges? It’s a question that a team of researchers is examining.

Antiretroviral therapy reduces HIV in the female reproductive tract

For the first time, investigators have determined how antiretroviral therapy (ART) affects the way HIV disseminates and establishes infection in the female reproductive tract. These observations have significant implications for future HIV prevention, vaccine and cure studies.

Predicting who will develop multiple sclerosis

A team of investigators has launched a study of individuals at risk for multiple sclerosis (MS) to better understand the sequence of events that leads some people to develop the disease and set the stage for developing and testing interventions with which to block the onset of MS.

Newer pain management strategies can lead to quicker, shorter recovery after total knee replacement

According to a new literature review, a team-based care approach (consisting of the patient, family members, the orthopaedic surgeon and other medical practitioners) on total knee replacement (TKR) procedures, in conjunction with newer pain management strategies, is key to maximizing patient outcomes.

Separating the modern usses from the cave usses

Dinosaur Comics for 2/3/2016: Mouseover title: "oh wow a comic in which ryan argues the technology that gave us the word "bonertastic" is really important, WHAT A SURPRISE" And for added linguistic value, the page's javascript code includes this comment: about how to spell the plural of us: really not sure the right way […]

Stress could help activate brown fat

Mild stress stimulates the activity and heat production by brown fat associated with raised cortisol, according to a study published today in Experimental Physiology. read more

Air pollution exposure during pregnancy linked with asthma risk

Babies born to mothers exposed to air pollution from traffic sources during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing asthma before the age of 5 years, according to new findings. Published today (09 February, 2016) in the European...Show More Summary

Exposure to air pollution 30 years ago associated with increased risk of death

The new report comes from one of the world's longest running air pollution studies, which included 368,000 people in England and Wales followed over a 38 year period. The team, from the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health, estimated...Show More Summary

Diabetes drug shown to help body rebuild after heart attack

New light has been shed on how a common diabetes drug can be used to aid recovery from a heart attack. Heart disease is the leading cause of illness in diabetic patients. It accounts for more than half of all fatalities and the search...Show More Summary

New evidence gives women informed choice in the prolapse surgery debate

New evidence published today highlights benefits and harms of using artificial mesh when compared with tissue repair in the surgical treatment of vaginal prolapse. Slightly better repair with mesh needs to be weighed carefully against increased risk of harms. read more

Staring at Stairs…

13 hours agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

These stairs probably do not conform to any building code, but I like them anyway, and so they will appear in a paper I'll submit to the arxiv soon. They're part of a nifty algorithm I thought of on Friday that I like rather a lot. More later. -cvj Click to continue reading this post ? The post Staring at Stairs… appeared first on Asymptotia.

Cockroach inspires robot that squeezes through cracks

Ever wonder how roaches are able to get into anything, no matter how tight the seams? Biologists have now shown that the American cockroach can flatten its body to one-fifth normal running height to squeeze through cracks as small as two stacked pennies, and can run at high speed when flattened by half. Show More Summary

hate peer review? look in the mirror

Over at Statistical Modelling, Andrew Gelman makes a very sensible point about peer review: it is as only as good as your peers. Why do psychologists worship p-values? Because they approve it in peer review. A few choice quotes: In short, if an entire group of peers has a misconception, peer review can simply perpetuate […]

The Forgotten Ones: Queer and Trans Lives in the Prison System

In late 2011, as Chelsea Manning awaited trial at the military corrections complex at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, she received a book from an anonymous sender called “Captive Genders,” an anthology of writings about the impact of the carceral...Show More Summary

William Lane Craig on the 'Same God?' Question

A tip of the hat to Karl White for pointing us to this article which includes a critique of Francis Beckwith's contribution to the debate. Craig concludes: So whether Muslims and Christians can be said to worship the same God...

What Does a 'Good' Budget for Planetary Science Look Like?

NASA's 2017 budget request comes out on Tuesday, here's how you can evaluate if the budget for the Planetary Science Division is good or not. It's not just about 2017, but the next five years.

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