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This dance is taken: Hundreds of male frog species change colors around mating time

(Smithsonian) Some of nature's most vibrant colors occur in frogs, who peek out from rainforests and marshes in startling shades of blue, yellow and red. But for hundreds of species, only males flaunt flashy colors -- and sometimes only for a few hours, days or weeks each year. Show More Summary

third world world quarterly should not retract “the case for colonialism”

Third World Quarterly recently published an article by Bruce Gilley called “The Case for Colonialism (TCfC)” The article makes a few related claims, but it boils down to: Many anti-colonial movements were horrible.  (see pp. 5-6) Colonialism rests on “cosmopolitanism” and this is a a good thing. (see p. 8) Thus, when you properly consider the […]

What will become of English in a post-Brexit European Union?

How might the Brexit process affect the status of the English language within the European Union? Without Britain, will English even cease to be a language of the Union? A new article in World Englishes explores these questions.

'They want a devout generation': how education in Turkey is changing

As pupils begin their new school year, they will find evolution removed from texts and less time spent on Atatürk’s secular ideals After 25 years of teaching, Ay?e Kazanc? decided to retire early. The social sciences teacher, who asked...Show More Summary

Comment: The Anthropocene: Foregone or premature conclusion? Examining the ethical implications of naming a new epoch

Acknowledging the impacts of humans on Earth by establishing a new geologic epoch has serious, often overlooked, ethical implications.

Danielle Chapman Reads Zbigniew Herbert

Danielle Chapman joins Paul Muldoon to read and discuss Zbigniew Herbert’s poem “Mr. Cogito and a Poet of a Certain Age,” and her own poem “The Tavern Parlor.”

“Fate Is Uncertain for House GOP’s Campaign Finance Riders”

Bloomberg BNA: The House and Senate will negotiate several provisions curbing federal powers on campaign finance that were tacked onto the House’s $1.2 trillion spending package earlier this month. The Senate is not expected to pass the bill in its … Continue reading ?

Fish may use different behaviors to protect against parasites

New research indicates that fish may adapt their behaviour to defend against parasite infection. The findings are published in the Journal of Zoology.

What Caused the Mexico Earthquake? Faults Explained

What was that you felt? Faults deep underground produce different kinds of earthquakes.

“Trump using campaign, RNC funds to pay legal bills from Russia probe: sources”

Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump is using money donated to his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee to pay for his lawyers in the probe of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election, two people familiar with the matter … Continue reading ?

Talk Like a Pirate Day? Not Even Pirates Spoke Pirate

Arrrr you kidding me? Don't let it dampen your Talk Like a Pirate Day, but "walk the plank" and other buccaneer bon mots are pure pop culture.

Peruvian child mummy X-rayed in Texas hospital

An ancient Peruvian mummy that has been part of the collection of the Corpus Christi Museum of Natural History and Science for 60 years received its first X-ray yesterday at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Very little is known about the mummy which was removed from Peru by unknown (illegal?) means at an unknown time. It has […]

Three Judge Court Severely Criticizes NC for Racial Gerrymander, and Explains Earlier Decision Not to Order Special Election

Back in July, after the Supreme Court stopped a special election for legislative districts in North Carolina after a finding of a racial gerrymander, and ordered a three-judge court to reconsider the issue, the three-judge court on remand decided to … Continue reading ?

Prime candidate to explain cosmic ray sea runs short of energy

Cassiopeia A is a famous supernova remnant, the product of a gigantic explosion of a massive star about 350 years ago. Although discovered in radio observations 50 years ago, now we know that its emitted radiation spans from radio through high-energy gamma rays. Show More Summary

“Time to Protect Our Democracy; Anthony Kennedy should follow Byron White’s guidance and strike down partisan gerrymandering.”

Palma Joy Strand, who worked with Justice White as a clerk on Davis v. Bandemer, has written this piece for Slate. … Continue reading ?

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