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Sunday assorted links

1. Does gender equity cause sex differences to grow bigger? (speculative) 2. Tenure extension policies may not always benefit women (NYT). 3. MIE: swastika golf balls.  And a mobile phone with a rotary dial.  And Stefan Zweig biopic coming. Show More Summary

From Chesterton's The Dumb Ox

Thus, even those who appreciate the metaphysical depth of Thomism in other matters have expressed surprise that he does not deal at all with what many now think the main metaphysical question; whether we can prove that the primary act of recognition of any reality is real. Show More Summary

One man’s little slice of nature is a historical microcosm

Richard Fortey bought 4 acres of wooded wonderland and treats us to a diary of its natural and local history, inhabitants and future – even a few recipes

What Have You Done? [Updated]

Dawn breaks in Westminster June 24, 2016 (REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth) As a European committed to living and working together, I was shocked, saddened and puzzled by the narrow brexit win in voting in the UK. I never liked Mr Cameron, thought...Show More Summary

Another Samnite tomb, skeletons, gold coins found in Pompeii

Last year, the international and interdisciplinary archaeological team from the Jean Bérard Center of Naples excavating the Porta Ercolano are outside Pompeii’s northwest gate made headlines when they discovered a rare intact 4th century B.C. Samnite tomb. Now the same team has found another Samnite tomb from the same period, plus the skeletal remains of [...]

The very first Brexit?

In 383, the usurper Magnus Maximus withdrew troops from northern and western Britain, probably leaving local warlords in charge. Around 410, the Romano-British expelled the magistrates of the usurper Constantine III, ostensibly in response to his failures to use the Roman garrison he had stripped from Britain to protect the island. Show More Summary

AZGSexit moves forward

As Britain exits the European Union, the Arizona Geological Survey is exiting Arizona state government for a new future as a research and service center at the University of Arizona. We have one year of partial transition funding toShow More Summary

In Parenthesis as opera

David Jones' In Parenthesis is a truly great work (a rare "A" rated one at the complete review ) but doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves; a new opera-version from the Welsh National Opera might help change that. (Of course, considering the it premiered over a month ago and this is the first I'm hearing of it... Show More Summary

Sunday Times Literary Awards

They've announced the (South African) Sunday Times Literary Awards, and at the Books Live weblog Jennifer has the news: Hunger Eats a Man, by Nkosinathi Sithole, has won the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize. See also the Penguin Books South Africa publicity page for the book.

'The Jia Pingwa Project'

As longtime readers know, I've often lamented how little of Jia Pingwa's work has been translated into English. Ruined City, in Howard Goldblatt's translation, did come out earlier this year -- albeit to far too little notice, so far...Show More Summary

Euro 2016 update

Big news out of Europe, everyone’s talking about soccer. Leo Egidi updated his model and now has predictions for the Round of 16: Here’s Leo’s report, and here’s his zipfile with data and Stan code. The report contains some ugly histograms showing the predictive distributions of goals to be scored in each game. Show More Summary

thebrainscoop: There are corals and at least six different...

hebrainscoop: There are corals and at least six different kinds of shells glued to the exoskeleton of this marine animal. ???????????? It’s a carrier shell (Xenophora pallidula), a marine snail that scoots around picking up empty shells, broken corals, rocks, and even trash like bottle caps, which it glues to the outside of its shell. Show More Summary

National Constitution Center Hires Lyle Denniston as Full-Time Supreme Court Correspondent

A great move for NCC, especially given the following that Lyle’s outstanding work at SCOTUS Blog has earned. … Continue reading ?

L'état, c'est lui

Khorri Atkinson, "Trump on Texit: Texas ‘will never’ secede", Texas Tribune 6/25/2016: Asked what he would do as president if Texas seceded from the United States, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Saturday said he did not think that would happen. “Texas will never do that because Texas loves me,” Trump told reporters in […]

Hearing in Louisiana Republican Party’s Challenge to Soft Money Ban

Bloomberg BNA ($) has this story on yesterday’s hearing before a three-judge district court, including U.S. Circuit Judge Sri Srinivasan who was reportedly skeptical of the argument pressed by plaintiffs’ attorney Jim Bopp: While the logic of the high court’s recent … Continue reading ?

Is underpopulation the real problem?

Here.This is, of course, from a pro-life Catholic organization. I get the idea that most of our forbears, had they been asked what, if anything, is wrong with homosexuality, would raise fears of underpopulation. Even ancient societies...Show More Summary

happiness is, yungchen lhamo

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

Depoliticize and Humanize

Reading Notebooks 1951-1959 of Albert Camus, I cannot help but love and sympathize with this sensitive, self-doubting, and tortured soul. Stages of healing. Letting volition sleep. Enough of 'you must.' Completely depoliticize the mind in order to humanize it. Write...

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