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Scientists uncover secret to gold's catalytic powers

Settling a decades-long debate, new research conclusively shows that a hierarchy of active species exists in gold on iron oxide catalysis designed for low temperature carbon monoxide oxidation; Nanoparticles, sub-nanometer clusters and dispersed atoms—as well as how the material is prepared—are all important for determining catalytic activity.

earthstory: It’s like a swimming cauliflower Spotted jelly!...

earthstory: It’s like a swimming cauliflower Spotted jelly! Also known as a “lagoon jelly” because it lives in bays, harbors and lagoons in the South Pacific.

When Rent Was Cheap and Dance Music Reigned

Halfway through Tim Lawrence’s “Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor: 1980-1983,” a six-hundred-page book about four years in the life of a dozen New York City clubs, there’s a short chapter called “Shrouded Abatements and Mysterious...Show More Summary

Elon Musk Unveils Plan to Colonize Mars

The entrepreneur said it would take 40 to 100 years to create a self-sustaining society

A Note on the NEC Vote

A quick note on the conference vote that gave extra seats on Labour's NEC to representatives from Scotland and Wales. Very quickly Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale revealed her appointed rep was... herself. Don't be too surprised if Carwyn Jones takes up "his" seat too. Show More Summary

Dinosaur Horns and Crests Tied to Rapid Growth Spurt

Some dinosaurs that had bony protrusions on their skulls — such as horns, crests and knobs — evolved into giant dinosaurs 20 times faster than their relatives without skull ornaments did, a new study finds.

World's Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently

Carbon dioxide just hit its annual minimum at Mauna Loa Observatory and failed to dip below 400 ppm.

Spate of whale entanglements could inform regulations

Federal authorities say a recent wave of entanglements of rare whales off of New England could help inform future regulations to preserve the animals.

How Practical-Ought/Moral-Ought I to Live My Life?

The first day of class is now 335 days away. The final episodes of Philosophy Bites exposed me to a pair of interviews that brought up the idea of "Self Help Philosophy". This is the idea that philosophy exists to improve the quality...Show More Summary

Give me video games or give me death

Once the craft approaches Mars — a trip of about 20 months or more — the craft will have to get through the atmosphere, reaching a temperature of 1,700°C, and use rockets to lower the craft gently onto the moon. That is a description of the new Elon Musk plan to settle Mars.  He hinted […] The post Give me video games or give me death appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Surgery Day

Today was a surgery day. Typically we do surgery 1-2 times a week; depending on the turtles that we currently have. We’ll do multiple surgeries in 1 day, sort of like a sea turtle assembly line. Then once they are done with surgery, they get to recuperate inside the emergency room. Below is Olivia, one […]

Life is richer when we talk to strangers | David Ferguson

Next time you’re in an elevator, strike up a conversation with the person you’re riding with. It could do you good I think I must have a kind face. People always talk to me. I’m the guy who always gets asked for directions, even in cities where I’m a tourist. Show More Summary

If Europa Has Ice Plumes, Maybe They Work Like Earth’s Volcanoes

Europa joins a growing list of planetary bodies that likely have ice volcanism and possibly liquid water. The post If Europa Has Ice Plumes, Maybe They Work Like Earth’s Volcanoes appeared first on WIRED.

Did 1 Sexually Active Tortoise Really Save His Species?

These giant tortoises are "one of the most successful conservation stories" ever.

Does China's Only Female Emperor Deserve Her Bad Rap?

Wu Zetian, empress of the Tang Dynasty, was believed to be a cunning and ruthless ruler

The Universe Is Directionless, Study Finds

The universe, it turns out, appears the same in every direction. A new study looking at the large-scale structure of the cosmos upheld a long-standing assumption and found no sign of directionality.

Chicago’s History With Stop-and-Frisk Laws Is a Warning

Donald Trump’s has advocated stop-and-frisk policing in Chicago, but the city's history is a cautionary tale when it comes to that policy

Tropical Storm Matthew Highly Likely To Form Soon

The next named Atlantic storm will be Matthew. There is currently a well organized stormy blob in the Atlantic, heading for the Lesser Antilles, that has a very high probability of becoming a named storm, and that could happen by Wednesday or Thursday. This seems to be a fairly fast developing storm. Also, though it…

You’ve got to see them to melibe-lieve! With a foot for...

You’ve got to see them to melibe-lieve! With a foot for a belly, wing-like appendages, and Venus flytraps for faces, Melibe leonina nudibranch sea slugs are some of the most unusual inhabitants of the kelp forest! Swaying on kelp blades,...Show More Summary

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