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Researchers conduct chemical study of an old, metal-rich globular cluster

(—Chilean researchers have presented a chemical study of the old, metal-rich globular cluster NGC 5927. The new research determines abundances of 22 elements in seven giant stars of the cluster. The findings are available in a paper published November 8 on the arXiv pre-print repository.

Without Mugabe, is democracy coming to Zimbabwe? Probably not.

On Tuesday, after 37 years of authoritarian rule, Robert Mugabe resigned as president of Zimbabwe. That stunning move — celebrated by lawmakers cheering and citizens dancing in the streets — came after a dizzying series of events. Mugabe’s two most-likely successors — his wife, Grace Mugabe, and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa — had been jockeying […]

Uncovering the origins of galaxies' halos

Using the Subaru Telescope atop Maunakea, researchers have identified 11 dwarf galaxies and two star-containing halos in the outer region of a large spiral galaxy 25 million light-years away from Earth. The findings, published in The Astrophysical Journal, provide new insight into how these 'tidal stellar streams' form around galaxies.

Why did Russian social media swarm the digital conversation about Catalan independence?

On Oct. 1, the hashtag #Catalanreferendum took you to the world’s most popular conversation on Twitter. For more than 12 hours, Catalonia’s independence referendum became a trending topic worldwide. As would be expected, links, posts and articles from two Spanish media companies were the most virally distributed in the digital conversation. More surprisingly, the Russian […]

Cool lizards are better at learning socially

(University of Lincoln) Bearded dragons which are incubated in colder environments are better at solving cognitive tasks as adults than incubated in warmer temperatures, according to new research published today. Scientists from theShow More Summary

Felling pines: Doing it sooner rather than later is better for fynbos

(Stellenbosch University) Here's some advice for landowners wanting to remove pine trees in the hope of seeing fynbos plants on their properties again: do so before the trees have grown there for more than 30 years. The longer they wait,...Show More Summary

How to Set the Right Mood With Alcohol

The desired mood of your Thanksgiving meal should determine what type of alcohol you serve: red wine for a sleepy, relaxed atmosphere or spirits for a sexy, confident air. That's the conclusion of a new survey analyzing how different types of alcohol make people feel. The reasons behind the feelings...

Meet the artist: Jed Taylor

As if you need any further reasons to attend TetZooCon, here's one more. A couple of years ago I ran into a fellow in the post-TZC-pub with a folder full of his own dinosaur drawings. Natee and I had a look, and were suitably impressed;...Show More Summary

JFK Had Intense Back Pain. It May Have Helped Kill Him

Per the currently accepted narrative, the first bullet to hit John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, wasn't the one that fatally injured him. It was Lee Harvey Oswald's second shot to the head that ended the president's life, and some are now saying a medical problem Kennedy suffered from...

Paper Claims Sugar Industry Quashed Unfavorable Research

Just as the tobacco industry aimed to quash evidence of health risks linked to smoking, a new paper claims the Sugar Research Foundation decades ago suppressed research on the sugar's negative effects. The assertion comes via University of California at San Francisco researchers who reviewed internal sugar industry documents, per...

Synopsis: Quantum Circulators Simplified

A device that routes microwave signals could help researchers scale up quantum-computing architectures. [Physics] Published Wed Nov 22, 2017

Black hole friday

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Synopsis: Peering into a Molecular Magnet

Researchers characterize the spin couplings in the prototypical single-molecule magnet Mn 1 2 using an advanced neutron scattering technique. [Physics] Published Wed Nov 22, 2017

ESO/NASA Video --Alien Interstellar Object "Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen" (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)

For the first time ever, astronomers have studied a 400-meter-long "monolith-like" asteroid that has entered the Solar System from interstellar space. Observations from ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile and other observatories around the world show that this unique object...        

Hidden properties of solids

Berry curvature may not be the most well-known scientific concept, but to many physicists, its direct measurement is something akin to a holy grail. A powerful unifying principle in several branches of classical and quantum physics, Berry curvature is a strange and elusive quantum mechanical property of solids. Show More Summary

The LIGO Spacetime Event --"First Giant Galaxy We Observed had a New Source of Light Popping Right Out at Us" (WATCH Video)

"We've shown that the heaviest elements in the periodic table, whose origin was shrouded in mystery until today are made in the mergers of neutron stars,” said Edo Berger with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "Each merger can produce more...        

The brains of children with a better physical fitness possess a greater volume of gray matter

Researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) have proven, for the first time in history, that physical fitness in children may affect their brain structure, which in turn may have an influence on their academic performance. MoreShow More Summary

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