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Protein machines make fluctuating flows unconsciously

Protein machines, regardless of their specific functions, can collectively induce fluctuating hydrodynamic flows and substantially enhance the diffusive motions of particles in the cell, an international research group has demonstra...

Watching a tumor grow in real-time

Researchers have gained new insight into the phases of breast cancer growth. The ability to visualize and characterize the composition of a tumor in detail during its development can provide valuable insights in order to target appropriate therapeutics.

Scientists warn an entire eco-system is under threat from climate change

Birds, bugs and blanket bogs -- scientists warn an entire eco-system is under threat from climate change.

Solid state physics: Quantum matter stuck in unrest

Using ultracold atoms trapped in light crystals, scientists have observed a novel state of matter that never thermalizes.

Reserve Requirements Basel Style: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio

Over the last couple of decades, reserve requirements all but vanished as a means of bank regulation and monetary control. But now a new variation on reserve requirements is being introduced through the capital controls of the BaselShow More Summary

Waking up HIV

Highly active anti-retroviral therapy has helped millions survive the human immunodeficiency virus. Unfortunately, HIV has a built-in survival mechanism, creating reservoirs of latent, inactive virus that are invisible to both HAART and the immune system. Show More Summary

Leonidas IV: The Diplomat

Fans of “300” may find it hard to think of Leonidas as a diplomat. In the Hollywood cartoon, Leonidas is portrayed as the brutal antithesis of a diplomat: he personally throws a Persian ambassador down a well. But there is no more historical evidence that Leonidas committed this crime than that Xerxes was a monster. Show More Summary

Reading in ... Russia

In The Moscow Times Anastasia Bazenkova reports that Russia's Book Industry Shrinks as Russians Stop Reading. It's not that they've stopped reading entirely, but apparently there has been quite a decline (with the ever-popular explanations...Show More Summary

Another translation of The Story of The Stone

As longtime readers know, I hold Cao Xueqin's The Story of The Stone, in David Hawkes and John Minford's translation, to be one of the peaks of literature. Interesting to learn now that, as Tang Yue reports in China Daily, in Lost in...Show More Summary

Wind/Pinball reviews

The most recent additions to the complete review are my reviews of Murakami Haruki's two earliest novels, now published together in one volume, in a new translation by Ted Goossen, as Wind/Pinball: Hear the Wind Sing Pinball, 1973 This...Show More Summary

The End of Affair

We first met just over a year ago. I was incredibly fortunate to have you for twelve more months – much longer than they were giving us in the beginning. I will always remember our time together: the stunning saffron, cinnamon and maroon colors of your intermediates, the lustrous flakes when you precipitate. I held […]

This Month in SocImages (July 2015)

SocImages News: Happy birthday, little blog!  You’re 8! A huge thanks to Jon Smadja for freshening up the site and made it mobile friendly! Dr. Nicole Boucher Spottke put together a set of discussion questions and activities to go along with some SocImages advice to new students. A great exercise in analyzing writing! Our coverage of the […]

How bees naturally vaccinate their babies

When it comes to vaccinating their babies, bees don't have a choice -- they naturally immunize their offspring against specific diseases found in their environments. And now for the first time, scientists have discovered how they doShow More Summary

This early childhood program increased voting by 40% twenty years later

I find a strong relationship between the non-cognitive skills of grit, self control, behavioral control, and social skills measured in childhood and political participation in adulthood. This strong relationship holds even when considering...Show More Summary

Worm wars continued (but not by me)

Michael Clemens and Justin Sandfur at CGD weigh in: Suppose a chemistry lab claimed that when it mixed two chemicals, the mixture rose in temperature by 60 degrees. Later, a replication team reviewed the original calculations, found an error, and … Continue reading ? The post Worm wars continued (but not by me) appeared first on Chris Blattman.

The Long, Winding Road to an Ebola Treatment

Erika Check Hayden traveled to Sierra Leone to report on the front lines of the fight against Ebola. The post The Long, Winding Road to an Ebola Treatment appeared first on WIRED.

Follow Friday: The Secrets of How Cities Work

The people and media outlets covering the science of how cities work. The post Follow Friday: The Secrets of How Cities Work appeared first on WIRED.

At Last: An Ebola Vaccine That Might Actually Work

An international coalition of researchers might have an effective Ebola vaccine. The post At Last: An Ebola Vaccine That Might Actually Work appeared first on WIRED.

Welcome to Booze Science, Our Drunkest Video Series Ever

A new video series takes a look at the science behind cocktails---in the bar and at home. The post Welcome to Booze Science, Our Drunkest Video Series Ever appeared first on WIRED.

Google Street View Cars Now Sniff Pollution Instead of Wi-Fi

Google has partnered with an environmental testing startup to measure air quality within a city. The post Google Street View Cars Now Sniff Pollution Instead of Wi-Fi appeared first on WIRED.

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