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PMXStan: an R package to facilitate Bayesian PKPD modeling with Stan

From Yuan Xiong, David A James, Fei He, and Wenping Wang at Novartis. The post PMXStan: an R package to facilitate Bayesian PKPD modeling with Stan appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science.

Ancient alga knew how to survive on land before it left water & evolved into first plant

A team of scientists led by Dr Pierre-Marc Delaux at John Innes Centre / University of Wisconsin, Madison has solved a long-running mystery about the first stages of plant life on earth. The team of scientists from the John Innes Centre,...Show More Summary

Stress in adolescence prepares rats for future challenges

Rats exposed to frequent physical, social, and predatory stress during adolescence solved problems and foraged more efficiently under high-threat conditions in adulthood compared with rats that developed without stress, according to Penn State researchers. The results may provide insights into how humans respond to adolescent stress. read more

Testosterone levels improve in obese men following sleeve gastrectomy weight-loss operation

A common weight-loss operation called sleeve gastrectomy can make testosterone levels normal in obese men, according to new findings presented at the 2015 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons. Surgeons from StanfordShow More Summary

Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement Deal Struck

The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations on Monday agreed to the largest regional trade accord in history, a potentially precedent-setting model for global commerce and worker standards that would tie together 40 percent of...Show More Summary

Was NAFTA a Disaster?

Recently, Donald Trump made a strong claim about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in an interview on CBS 60 Minutes:"It's a disaster.... We will either renegotiate it, or we will break it. Because, you know, every agreement has an end.... Show More Summary

Thomas and Fermi

The other day the Thomas-Fermi model (and its enhancements by Dirac and others) wandered across my desk (and one of my virtual blackboards as you can see in the picture) for a while. Putting aside why it showed up (perhaps I will say...Show More Summary

The Country with the Most Gender Equality in the World

By Peter Kaufman I recently visited the most gender equal country in the world. Can you guess what it is? It is known as the land of fire and ice, its economy relies heavily on fish and tourism, and its...

Flame retardant breakthrough is naturally derived, nontoxic

A new flame retardant has been created to replace commercial additives that are often toxic and can accumulate over time in the environment and living animals, including humans.

Horse sickness shares signs of human brain disorders, study finds

Horses with a rare nerve condition have similar signs of disease as people with conditions such as Alzheimer's, a new study has found. The findings shed new light on the causes of the rare but predominately fatal horse condition and could help to develop new tools for diagnosing the illness.

Has China Lost its Taste for Canadian Tar Sands?

Only three years ago, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China’s third-largest national oil company (NOC), launched the largest-ever Chinese overseas takeover bid, offering $15.1 billion to buy Nexen Inc., Canada’s ninth-largest oil company. Show More Summary

035/366: Trike Rack

Another fall day, another holiday closing at the JCC. I was home with The Pip for most of the day, which was the usual mix of fun, exhausting, and puzzling. For example, while I offered several times to go out to a playground before lunch, he refused. But then insisted that we walk to the…

Configurations of Lines and Models of Lie Algebras (Part 2)

Triality, its action on the 24-cell, and the 'tetrality' description of $\mathfrak{so}(8)$.

Did you take your pill today?

Proteus Digital Health has a device that allows people to track their medication injection. A sand-grain sized ingestible tracker is built into the pill and the patient wears a sensor patch that monitors ingestion and the physiologic response (heart rate change, etc). Show More Summary

“I Have Been on the Battlefield”

Over the past few days I’ve been working through wartime accounts of camp servants who took part in battles in one form or another. It’s…

Unicode Suggestions Requested.

I just got the following e-mail: We’re drafting a proposal to add as many remaining unsupported phonetic and orthographic symbols to Unicode as we can justify. I thought you might have come across things you’d like to have encoded. You seem like the kind of person who might have stashed away notes on things like […]

Laws of #DH

From a conversation on Twitter, the Laws of DH; there are likely more: @jaheppler @electricarchaeo But remember Mullen's law®™©: "the best tool is the one you are already using." — Lincoln Mullen (@lincolnmullen) October 5, 2015 @Ted_Underwood @lincolnmullen @jaheppler @electricarchaeo I thought Mullen's Law was "80% of the work of analyzing data is cleaning data." […]

my deep burning hatred of letters of recommendation

Econjeff mentions my long standing critique of letters of recommendation (LoRs). Here, I describe my personal experience with them and then I restate the massive empirical research showing that LoRs are worthless. Personal experience: In graduate school, I had enormous difficulty extracting three letters from faculty. For example, during my first year, when I was […]

The "Male Suicide Epidemic"

The mass murder and suicide in a college in Oregon last week brought out the following claim by a professional troll: So is there an epidemic of male suicides? I'll assume we're talking about the USA although what I'll say goes for most other countries. Show More Summary

The Martian: a Mini Review

I've been pushing for exciting, but thinking movies with more adult themes. My son is totally hooked on Star Wars and while a lot of fun (and I love watching the movies with him), I want him to take a look at other sciency films, too. Show More Summary

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