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“Other viewpoint: Tossed ballots show need to update law”

Editorial from the Akron Beacon Journal: There was disturbing news from the Summit County Board of Elections last week. The absentee ballots of 861 voters who mailed their selections to the board were disqualified, even though they had done nothing … Continue reading ?

7 Tips for When Your Young Adult Children Move Back Home

Are you the parent of a young adult who has recently moved back home? If so, you’re not alone. Turns out, according to a 2015 study from the Pew Research Center, one in four young adults ages 18 to 34 are now living with their […]

Immune-disorder treatment in mice holds potential for multiple sclerosis patients

A University of Florida Health researcher has found a simple, rapid way to treat an immune-related disorder in mice, an approach that could eventually help multiple sclerosis patients after further research. The process attaches disease-related...Show More Summary

“Tighter Lid on Records Threatens to Weaken Government Watchdogs”

What happened to the Obama administration’s commitment to be the most transparent Administration?  Not looking good.  NYT: The continuing Honduran inquiry is one of at least 20 investigations across the government that have been slowed, stymied or sometimes closed because … Continue reading ?

"Feeding the Beast" --First Observation of a Star-Consuming Supermassive Black Hole

An international team of astrophysicists led by a Johns Hopkins University scientist has for the first time witnessed a star being swallowed by a black hole and ejecting a flare of matter moving at nearly the speed of light. The...

Sale: Black Friday Mega-Deals for Language Learners!

You ask, I answer! I’ve spent weeks sleuthing the internet to find out the best Black Friday language learning deals. And wow, did I find some deals. Here are the best of the best deals on excellent language-learning resources worthy...Show More Summary

Microgravity reduces regenerative potential of embryonic stem cells

A study performed on the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery showed that exposure of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) to microgravity inhibited their ability to differentiate and generate most cell lineages, needed for the development of bone, muscle, the immune system, and other organs and tissues. Show More Summary

The Generic City

Adapted from Places of the Heart: The Psychogeography of Everyday Life by Colin Ellard. Out now from Bellevue Literary Press. In 2007, Whole Foods Market built one of its largest stores in New York City’s Bowery District in its storied Lower East Side. Show More Summary

Book Review: "Bibliotheca Fictiva" & "Fakes, Lies, and Forgeries"

Arthur Freeman, Bibliotheca Fictiva: A Collection of Books & Manuscripts Relating to Literary Forgery, 400 BC–AD 2000. London: Bernard Quaritch Ltd, 2014.Earle Havens, ed. Fakes, Lies, and Forgeries: Rare Books and Manuscripts from the Arthur and Janet Freeman Bibliotheca Fictiva Collection. Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. Claims about pho. 2. Mitch Albom in Haiti. 3. How CRISPR actually will prove useful.  And “We’re going to see a stream of edited animals coming through because it’s so easy…” 4. A list tracking student demands from around the country. 5. “The study was conducted in the RAND StoreLab (RSL), a life sized […]

Illuminating Incunabula: report of a two-day workshop with Falk Eisermann

Early last week, on 16 &17 November, incunabula expert Falk Eisermann visited St Andrews to give a two-day workshop on early printed books in Europe. Dr Eisermann is head of […]

Monks Lied About King Arthur's Burial to Raise Cash

A team of 31 specialists led by an archaeologist at the University of Reading are shedding light on some supposed Dark Age legends in their four-year work at Glastonbury Abbey in the UK, reports the Guardian. To wit: "Those feet, immortalized in William Blake’s poem Jerusalem, never walked on the...

This is How Radically Modern Marriage Has Changed

11 hours agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

Almost everyone wants to get married eventually -- but the reasons have changed. » Continue reading: This is How Radically Modern Marriage Has Changed

Black Friday… on Mars

Today is the day after American Thanksgiving, considered to be the first shopping day of the Christmas season. Due to the onslaught of eager shoppers to stores, it’s been nicknamed Black Friday. It’s not restricted to the US, though....Show More Summary

Real Data Are Messy

Over at the sometimes i'm wrong blog, psychologist Michael Inzlicht tells A Tale of Two Papers. Inzlicht describes how, as associate editor at the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, he rejected a certain manuscript. He did so despite the fact that the peer review reports had been very positive. Show More Summary

Immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes deemed safe in first US trial

Patients experienced no serious adverse reactions after receiving infusions of as many as 2.6 billion cells that had been specially selected to protect the body's ability to produce insulin, report scientists and physicians at the end of a trial focused on a new type 1 diabetes immunotherapy approach.

Discovery could open door to frozen preservation of tissues, whole organs

A new approach to 'vitrification,' or ice-free cryopreservation, has been discovered, which could ultimately allow a much wider use of extreme cold to preserve tissues and even organs for later use.

New strategy discovered for treating arthritis

Arthritis patients could one day benefit from a novel form of medicine, according to researchers. Their early study indicates that arthritic cartilage, previously thought to be impenetrable to therapies, could be treated by a patient's own 'microvesicles' that are able to travel into cartilage cells and deliver therapeutic agents.

Two-thirds of studies on 'psychosocial' treatments fail to declare conflicts of interest

The creators of commercially sold counseling programs increasingly profit from public health services across the world. However, a new study on the evidence basis for some of the market leaders reveals that serious conflicts of interest across the majority of the research go habitually undisclosed.

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