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The Latest: Trump says US will 'probably' end NAFTA

PHOENIX (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump's visit to Arizona (all times PDT):

Death rates from rheumatic heart disease falling since 1990

(Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) The risk of dying from rheumatic heart disease, a condition of damaged heart valves caused by bacterial infection that leads to rheumatic fever, has dropped around the world over the last 25 years, according to a new scientific study published today in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Radiological crimes investigation

(DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) The results of the fifth and latest Collaborative Materials Exercise of the Nuclear Forensics International Technical Working Group, a global network of nuclear forensics experts, will be discussed at the American Chemical Society's national meeting in Washington DC on August. 24.

High-resolution modeling assesses impact of cities on river ecosystems

(DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) New mapping methods developed by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory can help urban planners minimize the environmental impacts of cities' water and energy demands on surrounding stream ecologies.

Paley on whether perfection is necessary for design

II. Neither, secondly, would it invalidate our conclusion, that the watch sometimes went wrong or that it seldom went exactly right. The purpose of the machinery, the design, and the designer might be evident, and in the case supposed,...Show More Summary

In Phoenix, Trump Lets the Real World Go Away

Amy Davidson Sorkin writes about Donald Trump’s statements at a rally in Phoenix this week, where he decried the media and immigrants, and praised Joe Arpaio.

It’s Hard to Get Rid of a Confederate Memorial in New York City

Robert Sullivan writes about efforts to rid New York City of Confederate memorials, like two streets named after Confederate generals on an Army base in Brooklyn.

A City Covers Robert E. Lee and Mourns Heather Heyer

This afternoon the city of Charlottesville placed a black tarp over the Robert E. Lee monument in Emancipation Park to honor Heather Heyer. Heather was murdered by white nationalists who […]

Bloody Brothers: The Fraying of Sibling Relationships

Blood is thicker than water? Well, what if the blood contains petty feuds, simmering resentments, and the occasional volcanic eruption? Welcome to the fraught world of sibling relationships. Spending our childhood terrorizing our Des Moines neighborhood, my brothers and I were thicker than thieves. In […]

Peeking at the eclipse has me seeing spots. Now what?

Optometrists were deluged with calls from Canadians who just couldn't stop themselves. Lucky for them, it's hard to look at the sun. The post Peeking at the eclipse has me seeing spots. Now what? appeared first on

what’s love got to do with it (sociology, that is)

“My conclusion became my calling: that justice is what love looks like in public, just as deep democracy is what justice looks like in practice. When you love people, you hate the fact that they’re being treated unjustly. Justice is not simply an abstract concept to regulate institutions, but also a fire in the bones […]

My existence, here and now

At the end of the day there has to be an "us," a me, and a you, as actual beings. But if physicalism what there is are particles, and people can add those particles up and call them a "me" or a "you." It is often said that physicalism threatens the idea of a future existence beyond the grave, and we don't like that. Show More Summary

An Inquiry from the Secular Outpost

Yair Rezekl: Victor, can you clarify why "you have to account for this at least by positing emergent laws"? If I say that the valve opened because of high pressure built up (an emergent phenomena), do you mean by this that I positedShow More Summary

Allergies? Exhausted regulatory T cells may play a role

(St. Jude Children's Research Hospital) Research led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital highlights the importance of immune cell metabolism for maintaining a balanced immune response.

The science of fluoride flipping

(University of North Carolina Health Care) So much of what happens inside cells to preserve health or cause disease is so small or time-sensitive that researchers are just now getting glimpses of the complexities unfolding in us every minute of the day. Show More Summary

Amid environmental change, lakes surprisingly static

(University of Wisconsin-Madison) In recent decades, change has defined our environment in the United States. Agriculture intensified. Urban areas sprawled. The climate warmed. Intense rainstorms became more common. But, says a new University of Wisconsin-Madison study, while those kinds of changes usually result in poor water quality, lakes have surprisingly stayed the same.

NASA insists it is going to Mars, but it really can’t afford to

The long-held desire to send humans to the Red Planet is nowhere near being realised, despite NASA claiming it is on a Journey to Mars

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