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What's coming next? Scientists identify how the brain predicts speech

(PLOS) A new study, publishing on April 25 in the open access journal PLOS Biology, has shed light on how the brain helps us to predict what is coming next in speech.

New study suggests overfishing in one of world's most productive fishing regions

A new study suggests that more small-scale fishing boats are operating in the Gulf of California than is economically and ecologically sustainable, suggesting that local fishermen are spending more time and money to catch fewer fish...

New method to ensure reproducibility in computational experiments

Research reproducibility is crucial to move forward in science. Unfortunately, and according to recent studies and surveys, the number of irreproducible experiments is increasing and research reproducibility is now recognized as one of the major challenges that scientists, institutions, founders and journals must address for science to remain credible and to keep progressing.

What goes into rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild...

What goes into rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild African penguins? Last year, aviculturist Monika Rohrer traveled to SANCCOB saves seabirds in South Africa to help care for 150 rescued penguin chicks!  For your #WorldPenguinDay viewing pleasure, here’s her story! 

Why Science Matters: March For Science 2017

15 hours agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

A bank robber can make a lot of arguments about why he or she should be allowed to rob a bank. "The money in the bank is just sitting there, it's not aiding the economy by being circulated", or "By taking this money and spending it, I'll be creating jobs", or "But I'll give some of the money to charities". Show More Summary

ISC High Performance 2017

Conference: 18 Jun 2017 - 22 Jun 2017, Frankfurt, Germany.

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting

Conference/exhibition: 6 Aug 2017 - 10 Aug 2017, St Louis, United States.

A Simple Way To Boost Social Confidence

15 hours agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

An easy self-affirmation exercise helps reduce social insecurities for at least two months. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.

Straight Out of 'Star Wars': This 'Death Star' Laser Actually Works

Scientists used a diamond crystal to increase power of multiple laser beams into one super-powered beam.

Odd New Theory Explains How Early Earth Got Its Oxygen

One of the still-unsolved mysteries about Earth's history is how the planet became breathable. Now, scientists say the culprit may have been the giant rock slabs that make up Earth's outer shell.

New study suggests overfishing in one of world's most productive fishing regions

(University of California - San Diego) Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego used images from satellites and flyovers to count the number of small boats, or pangas, to find that fishing in Gulf of California, which separates Baja California and mainland Mexico, is over capacity. Show More Summary

UTA student receives NSF grant for research into ecological drivers of eye, brain size

(University of Texas at Arlington) Shannon Beston, a third-year Ph.D. student in biology at the University of Texas at Arlington, was selected to receive funds from the National Science Foundation's Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants program to further her research into how brains and eyes evolved in response to predation.

'Diet' products can make you fat, study shows

(University of Georgia) High-fat foods are often the primary target when fighting obesity, but sugar-laden 'diet' foods could be contributing to unwanted weight gain as well.

Ancient stress response provides clues to cancer resistance

(Arizona State University) Cancer cells deploy an ancient mechanism used by single-celled organisms to elevate their mutation rate in response to stress. This discovery explains one of the best-known hallmarks of cancer -- its high mutation rate, which contributes to the rapid evolution of drug resistance.

Gut bacteria tell the brain what animals should eat

Neuroscientists have, for the first time, shown that gut bacteria "speak" to the brain to control food choices in animals. In a study publishing April 25 in the Open Access journal PLOS Biology, researchers identified two species of bacteria that have an impact on animal dietary decisions. Show More Summary

New studies suggest liberals are as blinkered and biased as conservatives

Being biased is human. Liberals and conservatives alike are more accepting of information that backs up their existing views. By Christian Jarrett

Religious people more likely to oppose reproductive technologies

(Rice University) As new and more effective human reproductive genetic technologies develop, people of faith are more likely to disapprove of these tools than nonreligious people, a new Rice University study found.

New method to ensure reproducibility in computational experiments

(Center for Genomic Regulation) Scientists at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Spain, have developed a workflow management system that prevents irreproducibility when analyzing large genomics datasets with computers. Show More Summary

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