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Dundee experts recreate face of Saxon man at Lincoln Castle

Facial reconstruction experts at the University of Dundee have recreated the face of a Saxon man whose skeleton was discovered on the site of an old church at Lincoln Castle. On Monday 8th June, the new-look castle will be officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal. Show More Summary

Polish farmer finds 2,500 year old gold bracelets

Gold items preliminarily dated to 1600-400 BC have been discovered by a farmer near Jas?o in the Subcarpathia. The antique objects have been taken to the Sub-Carpathian Museum in Krosno. The three gold bracelets dating to between 1600...Show More Summary

Roman shipwreck found off coast of Sardinia

Italian police released a video on Tuesday (June 23) showing a well-preserved ancient Roman ship that was recently discovered in waters off the coast of Sardinia. The well-preserved ancient Roman ship was found in the strait that separates...Show More Summary

The number of lethal injections is declining. That’s what history would predict.

In announcing its decision in Glossip v. Gross the U.S. Supreme Court joined lower court judges, attorneys for and against the death penalty, and lawmakers in the realm of making medical decisions. In Baze v. Rees the justices determined that lethal injection, if properly applied, does not pose the risk of unconstitutional suffering. Monday, the […]

Muzzle in on cattle classification

Researchers are developing a biometric identification system for cattle that could reduce food fraud and allow ranchers to control their stock more efficiently. The system uses the unique features of a prominent part of the animal to identify the beasts - their muzzles.

Monday assorted links

1. Claudio Borio slides on persistently low interest rates (pdf). 2. One problem with self-driving cars is that they don’t (yet?) drive badly enough. 3. Why are Americans more sympathetic to Greece? 4. Portuguese yields appear quite stable. 5. Betting markets say 74% Greeks will accept the Eurogroup deal on the referendum.

HUDs are duds: Augmented reality on windshields is a danger, finds study

Augmented-reality head-up displays (AR-HUDs) that present digital images on windshields to alert drivers to everything from possible collisions to smart phone activity, are meant to make driving safer. But University of Toronto researchers say they are a threat to safety. read more

Victory in State of Michigan v. EPA

The Cato Institute submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the State of Michigan in their case State of Michigan v. EPA, which was decided today.  In the amicus I  noted the wanton nature of the EPA’s science. In a brief statement I’ve...Show More Summary

Start your Monday with some mischief! Watch our Sea Otter...

Start your Monday with some mischief! Watch our Sea Otter Cam!  Our otters love to play with toys, lounge in ice buckets or just snooze. We feed ours four times a day, often putting the food in toys to stimulate the otters’ natural behavior of pounding and working to get food out of shells. Show More Summary

Died This Day: Thomas Huxley

From the UC Berkeley Page:Huxley (May, 4, 1825 - June 29, 1895) was born in Ealing, near London, the seventh of eight children in a family that was none too affluent. At 21, Huxley signed on as assistant surgeon on the H.M.S. Rattlesnake, a Royal Navy frigate assigned to chart the seas around Australia and New Guinea. Show More Summary

Kepler Mission --"Discovers 33 Stars Over 11 Billion Years Old With Earth-Like Planets"

One of the biggest questions in astrophysics is: does life exists beyond earth? To even begin answering this, we need to know how many planets like ours exist out there, and when they formed. However determining ages of stars (and.....

Roman in the Office?

Alfie the Roman! In advance of a Community Engagement event at Summerfields School, Oxford, provided by Senior Fieldwork Manager Andy Manning, Alfie, youngest son of Regional Manager Andy Crockett, road-tests the Roman armour that will be on show for the school children to try on – hot work on such a beautiful day, but well worth the effort. Show More Summary

Microtubule 'roadway' in the retina helps provide energy for vision

Researchers have discovered a thick band of microtubules in certain neurons in the retina that they believe acts as a transport road for mitochondria that help provide energy required for visual processing.

Feeling impulsive or frustrated? Take a nap

It's becoming increasingly common for people, especially adults, to not sleep an entire night. This can negatively impair a person's attention span and memory, as well as contribute to fatigue. Now researchers report that taking a nap may be an effective strategy to counteract impulsive behavior and to boost tolerance for frustration.

New findings on sprite formation above thunderstorms

Florida Tech lightning research deepens understanding of sprite formation – link specific atmospheric conditions to exuberant, luminous displays above thunderstorms From the FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MELBOURNE, FLA. — A new study...Show More Summary

Pesticide study shows that sexual conflict can maintain genetic variation

The sexually antagonistic gene for resistance to the pesticide DDT, which increases fitness in female flies but simultaneously decreases fitness in male flies, helps to maintain genetic variation, researchers report. The findings contribute to the understanding of evolutionary dynamics and have important implications for pest management.

Why Tomorrow is Going to Be One Second Longer than Today

On Tuesday, June 30, the Earth will get a bonus second as a way to compensate for the gradual slowing down of the Earth's rotation

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