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Goldfeder’s Daily Presidential Quiz

You can find this week’s questions here. … Continue reading ?

Hidden values of open ocean

A team of scientists has for the first time attached a dollar value to several of the leading 'ecosystem services' -- or natural benefits -- provided by the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, an immense region stretching west from the west coasts of North and South America.

Analysis of media reporting reveals new information about snakebites and how and when they occur

A new study analyzed media reports of snakebites in the United States. Investigators found that media coverage detailed victim circumstances better than current quantitative data, and that the majority of snakebites may actually be 'legitimate,' meaning they occur by surprise, without intentional contact, in a natural setting.

Coal to solar: Retraining the energy workforce

As the solar industry booms, coal workers have the opportunity to pursue new work. A new study looks at what it takes to retrain underground skills for sunnier prospects.

Nyal Niemuth, the eyes and ears of Arizona mining, retires after 35 years

Nyal Niemuth retired yesterday, after more than 35 years with the State of Arizona, most with the Dept. of Mines & Mineral Resources, and the last 5 years with AZGS after the two agencies were merged. [Photo credit, Mining Foundation of the Southwest]Nyal served as Chief Engineer at ADMMR and became Chief of the Economic Geology section at AZGS. Show More Summary

“Bernie Sanders Campaign Showed How to Turn Viral Moments Into Money”

NYT on the implications of Sanders’ small-dollar fundraising. … Continue reading ?

Desirism Book - Part 0019 - A Belief in Goodness

Through several postings, we have had a universe with one person (Alph) with one desire (to gather stones). This is a universe with a limited number of stones, so Alph needs to spend half of his time scattering stones so that he canShow More Summary

Tiny multi-function antenna for laptops

A tech start-up has invented a world-first multi-function antenna for laptops that fits into the extremely limited space of the hinge cavity.

'Flower Power': Photovoltaic cells replicate rose petals

With a surface resembling that of plants, solar cells improve light-harvesting and thus generate more power. Scientists reproduced the epidermal cells of rose petals that have particularly good antireflection properties and integrated the transparent replicas into an organic solar cell. This resulted in a relative efficiency gain of twelve percent.

New tool to measure polarization of light

Researchers have developed a new tool for detecting and measuring the polarization of light based on a single spatial sampling of the light, rather than the multiple samples required by previous technologies. The new device makes use of the unique properties of organic polymers, rather than traditional silicon, for polarization detection and measurement.

“Clinton’s Cash Stockpile Strategy”

Politico:  “Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers are encountering an unexpected obstacle a month out from the party conventions: big money donors suddenly reluctant to give for fear of running Donald Trump out of the race before he locks up the nomination.”  I … Continue reading ?

Spot the Problem

Google searches from the United Kingdom. Hat tip: Catherine Rampell on twitter. The post Spot the Problem appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Could a vast rubber boom clean up tonnes of ocean plastic?

A 100-metre prototype boom is being tested in the North Sea as part of an unproven scheme to tackle the gyres of plastic waste in the Pacific

Small brain, astounding performance

The elephantnose fish explores objects in its surroundings by using its eyes or its electrical sense -- sometimes both together. Zoologists have now found out how complex the processing of these sensory impressions is. With its tiny brain, the fish achieves performance comparable to that of humans or mammals.

Siberian larch forests are still linked to the ice age

The Siberian permafrost regions include those areas of the Earth, which heat up very quickly in the course of climate change. Nevertheless, biologists are currently observing only a minimal response in forest composition.

Ground Sloths Spread Into North America Multiple Times

The manus of Mylodon darwinii Owen (Tardigrada, Mylodontidae) and its phylogenetic implicationsAuthors:Haro et alAbstract:The first nearly complete and articulated manus of the ground sloth Mylodon darwinii, from the upper Pleistocene of Argentina, is described. Show More Summary

How the Supreme Court’s deadlock will change immigration politics

The Supreme Court deadlocked 4 to 4 on a decision involving a challenge to a key provision of President Obama’s most recent executive action on immigration. The provision, known as Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA, would have provided deportation relief and work permits to the undocumented parents of citizens or […]

Making Decisions on a “Hangry” Impulse

“Hangry” is slang for that feeling of anger you may get when you’re hungry. It’s very common, in my experience… My friendly advice: don’t make any important decisions when you’re hungry. Why? Because you’re more likely to act on an impulse. And this is not just a personal conclusion: this was actually the main finding […]

More Ari Berman on the VRA and 2016

His Rolling Stone piece claims “it’s easier to buy a gun than vote in many states,” though the link between Shelby County and new voting restrictions in swing states like Ohio and Wisconsin — neither of which were subject to VRA … Continue reading ?

Friday assorted links

1. Revolutionary leaders are more likely to engage in mass killings. 2. Testing NeoFisherianism, especially for Switzerland. 3. The rise of global illiberalism. 4. The Roman Empire was larger than we had thought.  At least before that earlier Brexit. Show More Summary

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