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Lee-Jackson Day is a Lost Cause

There are a number of observations that one can make about our nation’s Civil War memory as it has taken shape during the sesquicentennial and where it might be headed. The most obvious is that the public display of the Confederate flag is in full retreat in the South. There are numerous examples that I […]

2,500 women could benefit from mitochondrial donation in the UK

Almost 2,500 women of child-bearing age in the UK are at risk of transmitting mitochondrial disease to their children, according to the most recent estimates published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. The research offers...Show More Summary

2004 BL86's flyby seen from iTelescopes (25 and 28 January 2015)

Near Earth Asteroid 2004 BL86 imaged on 25 January using iTelescope T9 at Siding Siring Observatory. 10x60 second Luminance images stacked using ImageJ and SUMMED. The asteroid is the obvious blob, all the stars are smeared as the scope tracks on the asteroid (the little dots are hot pixels). Show More Summary

Andrew Sullivan Gives Up Blogging

And it isn't even Lent yet. Why? Two reasons. The first is one I hope anyone can understand: although it has been the most rewarding experience in my writing career, I’ve now been blogging daily for fifteen years straight (well...

Think Your Way to Health

Our thoughts, and ways of thinking, wield a great deal of power to change our emotions, moods, and, ultimately, our behaviors. By heightening our awareness or mindfulness of our physical, mental and emotional states, and thoughts, as well as our reactions to our thoughts and states, we can empower ourselves to be better equipped to […]

Visions of Substance: The Dead Tree Version

I’m very pleased to announce that the paper version of Visions of Substance: 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology is now available on Amazon. It is a little more expensive than I would have liked at $24.00, but still within the acceptable range for academic books. It’s in color. And, while I’d love for some folks… Read More ?

Oakham, Rutland Earthquake 28/01/15 Recorded at Keele, UK.

10 hours agoAcademics / Geology : Hypo-theses

A moderate (for the UK) M3.8 earthquake occurred last night near Oakham in Rutland, England. The recording above made at the University of Keele on our 6TD seismometer shows the three-components of ground motion (up-down; north-south; east-west) and nicely shows the arrival of P-waves and S-waves. Our record from our SEP-1 school’s seismometer is not [...]

What Made Tutankhamun’s Facial Hair into the Most Newsworthy Thing in Egypt?

William E. Carruthers ('What we are talking about when we talk about Tutankhamun’s beard?' January 29, 2015) puts the discussion of Tut's beard into its post-colonial context and argues that we should fight inequality which will somehow resolve all problems. Show More Summary

Ebola Virus Is Mutating

The Ebola virus is mutating "quite a lot," according to scientists tracking the outbreak in West Africa—but the tough part is telling just what it is mutating into. It is important to track genetic changes to "keep up with our enemy," a geneticist at France's Pasteur Institute, which is...

Top 10 PTSD Blogs of 2014

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often is linked to military veterans, but it can affect anyone following a traumatic event. There are five subtypes: normal stress response, acute stress disorder, uncomplicated PTSD, comorbid PTSD and complex PTSD. Show More Summary

This Nano Skin Could Let Us Watch Life at the Smallest Scales

By dipping live specimens in a chemical concoction, scientists are able to keep them alive in the vacuum conditions normally required for field emission scanning electron microscopy. The post This Nano Skin Could Let Us Watch Life at the Smallest Scales appeared first on WIRED.

Science Graphic of the Week: The Greenland Ice Sheet in 3-D

Thanks to global warming, rising sea levels threaten to permanently flood low-lying regions around the world from the Maldives to Manhattan. The increasing temperatures melt glaciers and polar ice, inundating the oceans with freshwater. Show More Summary

The market and looting: a Parliamentarian's view

Robert Jenrick, the Conservative MP for Newark, has decided to write a piece on the looting of antiquities in the Middle East for the Art Newspaper ("‘No one group has done more to put our heritage at risk than Islamic State’", 28 January 2015). Show More Summary

Picture of the day #2: Piggy and Kermit visit The Empire Strikes Back

There are more.   The post Picture of the day #2: Piggy and Kermit visit The Empire Strikes Back appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Picture of the day #1: If Frodo had Google Maps

Missing: alternate routes, street view, and (thank you commenter) orc traffic. Source. Hat tip to @TimHarford The post Picture of the day #1: If Frodo had Google Maps appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Eager Beavers at the Palace of Westminster

Whist their present day counterparts are making the news in Devon, evidence of much earlier native beaver has been uncovered right in the heart of the capital. This beaver tooth was found almost eight metres beneath Victoria Tower Gardens, immediately adjacent to the Palace of Westminster. Show More Summary

Introducing This Year’s Blog Theme: 52 Weeks of Reading the Collections

‘You work in a library? It must be lovely to get to read books all day.’ Anyone who works in any kind of library has surely encountered this reaction more […]

Assorted links

1. The new Bloomberg business and economics site.  What do you all think?  And The Guardian will sell ads based on time. 2. Janos Kornai reflects on post-reform Hungary (pdf), important to note that history can run backwards. 3. WaPo on my hypothesis that northern Virginia is becoming two different places.  I liked this piece, […]

1460 Battlefield Site Bulldozed in Northampton

More cultural problems in Northampton ('Battle of Northampton site needs more council protection' BBC 27 January 2015) A conservation group has criticised a golf club for contaminating a site of historical interest in Northampton. The...Show More Summary

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