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A Pawn Sacrifice

Despite the lukewarm reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. But then I am a chess player who lived through the Fischer era and who remembers that far-off summer of '72 when Caissa and Mars colluded to give a chess match...

Why We Can't Have Nice Things Like Gun Control

That's the silly title of an article in The Nation. The title is enough for me. It implies that we don't have gun control, when in fact we have a lot of it. And nobody is against it. Everybody wants...

A Liberal's Ten Commandments

Excerpts: 2. Schools. Most liberals oppose charter schools, support teachers’ unions, and encourage generous immigration, legal and illegal. To further diversity in the schools, create easier integration, and to nullify the insidiousness of white privilege, each liberal should pledge, “I...

Markram’s Electric Gland

The brain is not a gland. But Henry Markram seems to be in danger of simulating one – a kind of electric gland. What am I on about? The Blue Brain Project has published details of its most ambitious simulation yet; a computer model of a tiny sliver of rat brain. That may not sound […]


Japanese Buddhists on the Hawaiian Islands formed the Young Man's Buddhist Association, or the YMBA.Can you imagine the Buddhist monks doing this song in their orange robes?

"He Who Hesitates is Lost"

As you know, Yogi Berra, master of the malapropism, died in September. In the Berra spirit, I cooked up the following: Said by me to Berra in the presence of Peter: He who hesitates is lost. Berra: You mean Peter?...

Roots of Leftist Viciousness in Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

If you have been following the news you will have noticed that Dr. Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who is running for president, is coming under especially vicious attack from the Left. His being black does not protect him fo...

"San Francisco Scene"

Kerouac reads. A video in which Kerouac's words are put to the music of Ode to the Big Sea by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Why aiming to marginalize is a self-defeating enterprise

One question that interests me is the question is whether debate of any kind can do anything to marginalize an opposing viewpoint, or whether there is a way of conducting discussion with the intent to marginalize, or whether all you can do in arguing against a position is to show that it is mistaken. Show More Summary

Shadow to Light on conversion and deconversion: We have met the enemy and it is us, or is it them?

Here. When someone becomes a Christian, what sets the stage is the following intuitive insight: There is something very wrong with me; I need to change. When someone becomes an atheist, what sets the stage i(s) the following intuitive insight: There is something very wrong with them; they need to be stopped.

Getting Unstuck from the Rut in Your Life

At one time or another, we all get stuck in a rut. Perhaps it's an unfulfilling job or relationship. When you realize you are in a rut, what can you do? How can you get unstuck? To read the post, click >> Getting Unstuck from the Rut in Your Life

Personal and Impersonal Uses of the First-Person Singular Pronoun

Panayot Butchvarov in his latest book claims that the first-person singular pronoun as it functions in such typical philosophical contexts as the Cartesian cogito is "a dangling pronoun, a pronoun without an antecedent noun." (Anthropocentrism in Philosophy: Realism, Antirealism, Semirealism,...

How Not to Define 'Atheism'

Nonsense, say I. Note first that atheism cannot be identified with the lack of theistic belief, i.e., the mere absence of the belief that God or a god exists, for that would imply that cabbages and tire irons are atheists....

The Great Commission, atheist style

Therefore, go and make atheists of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Richard Dawkins, and of Sam Harris, and of Christopher Hitchens. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the atheism that you have. Seriously, why all the witnessing for atheism? Here's a site where you can get atheist tracts to pass out.

Aiming to marginalize

Religious apologists complain bitterly that atheists and secularists are aggressive and hostile in their criticism of them. I always say: look, when you guys were in charge, you didn’t argue with us, you just burnt us at the stake. Now...Show More Summary

Finish this sentence

If someone uses the n-word a lot and makes a lot of crude jokes at the expense of African-Americans they have got to be a......

'Homophobia' and 'Carniphobia'

If you are a conservative, don't talk like a liberal! I've made this point before but it bears repeating. We conservatives should never acquiesce in the Left's acts of linguistic vandalism. Battles in the culture war are often lost and...

What It Takes to Be Happy

Attributed to Gustave Flaubert: "To be stupid, and selfish, and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness; though if stupidity is lacking, the others are useless." Witty, but false. Comparable and less cynical is this saying which...

Ryan Anderson's Self-Contradictory and Unconstitutional Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage

"The government should not be in the business of affirming our love lives but should leave consenting adults free to live and love as they choose."That's what Ryan Anderson says in his new book--Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage...Show More Summary

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