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Kelly Clark on Irrationality Charges against Atheists

Here. I am inclined to throw irrationality charges around like manhole covers. They inflame discussion unnecessarily and are harder to prove than the claims you are trying to defend. It's easier to argue "P is true," than to argue "P is true, and every one who believes not-P is guilty of such and such and intellectual failure.

Friday Cat Blogging! Is This Kitty Syllogizing?

Weiche dem Größeren, aber verachte nicht den Kleineren! Yield to the greater, but scorn not the lesser! When I first glanced at this graphic I read it as: While I concede the major (premise), I do not scorn the minor!...

Political Argumentation: The Cogency of the 'Hillary is Worse' Defense

The Trump phenomenon provides excellent fodder for the study of political reasoning. Herewith, some thoughts on the cogency of the 'Hillary is Worse' defense for voting for Trump. I'll start with some assumptions. A1. We are conservatives. A2. It is...

Evolution and Ethics: The Humean Sentimentalists Are Right. The Kantian Rationalists Are Wrong

As a graduate student in political science at the University of Chicago in the 1970s, I began to think about how a Darwinian science of human nature could be applied to the study of moral and political philosophy. I was writing a dissertation...Show More Summary

Is Confirmation Bias Avoidable?

It seems to me that the defense of any position can be attributed to confirmation by its opponents. It is a charge that proves everything, and therefore nothing.

"A Good Life" Vs "The Life of a Good Person"

Is "Living the life of a good person" compatible with "Having a good life?" Well, not directly. And it doesn't really matter all that much. But, indirectly, yes. I am understanding a good life as a life that sees the fulfillment of one's self-regarding desires. Show More Summary

The Biggest Racial Lie

David Horowitz on 'progressive' race mendacity. The man is a national treasure. Read his books. Learn something. Related articles David Horowitz versus Slavoj Zizek The Danger of Appeasing the Intolerant Politics

Heathwood's Theory of Well-Being - Part 5 - Mental State Theories

Some philosophers do not like mental state theories, often for these two reasons: (i) a person can be radically deceived about his situation and still lead a good life according to such theories; and (ii) a life filled with only ‘‘base pleasures’’ is still a good one (at least according the mental state theory currently under consideration). Show More Summary

Contingent Existence Without Cause? Not Possible Says Garrigou-Lagrange

A reader claims that "to affirm that there are contingent beings just is to affirm that they have that whereby they are, namely, a cause." This implies that one can straightaway infer 'x has a cause' from 'x is contingent.'...

What I Am Reading Now

At any given time I am reading a half-dozen or so books on a wide variety of topics. I'll mention three I am reading at the moment. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Introduction to Christianity, Ignatius Press, 2004, trs. J.T. Foster and....

Heathwood's Theory of Well-Being - Part 4 - Heathwood's Subjective Desire Satisfaction Theory of Well-Being

Chris Heathwood seeks to defend a theory of well-being that he calls "Subjective a Desire Satisfactionism" ("Desire Satisfactionism and Hedonism" (Philosophical Studies, 2006, 128:539-563). It's main elements are: (i) Every instanceShow More Summary

'Again' a Racist Dog Whistle? More Leftist Scumbaggery

Some liberal-left idiot is arguing that 'again' in Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' is a racist 'dog whistle.' The suggestion is that Trump wants to bring back slavery and Jim Crow. Yet another proof that there is nothing s...

Not Dark Yet: Bob Dylan Turns 75 Today

25 things you might want to know know about Dylan. Excellent, except for the introductory claim that he is "rock's greatest songwriter." A better description is "America's greatest writer of popular songs." Bar none. We can discuss the criteria later....

Desirism Book - Part 0015 - The "Location" Analogy

In the previous posting, I address the question of whether values are objective. They clearly are not objective in one sense. Values exist as relationships between states of affairs and desires. There are no values without desires; thus no "objective values" in this first sense. However, values are completely objective in another sense. Show More Summary

Reading Notes: Korsgaard on Hume and Moral Justification

If we find upon reflecting on the true moral theory that we still are inclined to endorse the claims that morality makes on us, then morality will be normative. I call this way of establishing normativity the ‘reflective endorsement’...Show More Summary

Jeb! the Gentleman

Remember him? Whatever you say about Donald Trump he did us all a great service by dispatching Jeb! early on. Jeb Bush and the rest of his family are decent people. His brother and father are gentlemen. No one could...

Hillary's Enablers on the Right

Stephen Moore lays into Michael Gerson here as I did here. In other 'enabling' news, French concert organizers ban Eagles of Death Metal. If you want to know how lost Europe is, how thoroughly it has abandoned freedom of speech,...

Hatred of Apostates

Another similarity between leftists and radical Muslims.

The Evolution of Christian Schools in a Liberal Society

On this blog, I have defended a Darwinian classical liberalism in which social order arises best through a largely spontaneous evolution in which individuals are free to pursue the satisfaction of their natural desires. Adam Smith described...Show More Summary

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