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Islam: The Religion of Submission

I've added some emphases to the following quotations from Jude P. Dougherty, Fictional ISIS and the True Threat: The word “Islam,” Goldziher reminds his reader, means “submission.” The word expresses first and foremost dependency on an unbounded Omnipotence to which...

Vita Brevis

This mess we are in, this predicament, the fall into time... leaves us no time for its solution.

Between the Inhuman and the Unphilosophical

It is inhuman to care not at all about the praise of one's fellows, but unphilosophical to care much.

Doubt and Belief

Doubting no more confers dubitability upon that which is doubted than believing confers credibility upon that which is believed.

The Left's Hatred of Conservative Talk Radio

At the moment the MavPhil commentariat includes a couple of sharp young philosophers whose views are to the Right of mine. My brand of conservatism takes on board what I consider to be good in the old liberal tradition. Their...

A Reason to Curtail Immigration from Muslim Lands

"Overwhelming percentages of Muslims in many countries want Islamic law (sharia) to be the official law of the land, according to a worldwide survey by the Pew Research Center." Inform yourself.

Virtue, Happiness, and religious views

• If there is no God, if death ends everything, then there are people for whom it is accurate to say that they will be happier if they do what is morally wrong. Two examples would be the main protagonists in two Woody Allen movies, Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Match Point. Show More Summary

Recognizing Microagressions and the Messages They Send

A remarkable document. Tell me what you think. To understand the Left you must understand that central to their worldview is the hermeneutics of suspicion which is essentially a diluted amalgam of themes from Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud. Thus nothing...

Attitude, Gratitude, Beatitude

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Stateside readers. The attitude of gratitude conduces to beatitude. Can it be said in plain Anglo-Saxon? Grateful thoughts lead one to happiness. However you say it, it is true. The miserable make themselves miserable by...

Of Books and Gratitude

Occasionally, Robert Paul Wolff says something at his blog that I agree with completely, for instance: To an extent I did not anticipate when I set out on life’s path, books have provided many of the joys and satisfactions I...

A Case for Open Immigration?

The events of the day, and the presence of some sharp commenters, prompt me to repost the following entry which first appeared in these pages on 3 July 2010................. Spencer Case sent me a link to a short op-ed...

Hard and Soft Determinism

Soft and hard determinism are the same kind of determinism. The difference is that hard determinists say that since determinism is true, we aren't responsible for our actions. Soft determinists say that even though determinism is true, we are still responsible for our actions. Show More Summary

Why Defend Tolerance and not Intolerance?

Jacques commented:... I'm reluctant to say that tolerance needs defending more than intolerance. The Muslim world is intolerant of many things that should be tolerated, such as 'paganism' and atheism. But then, the Muslim world is also...

An Easter service at the Cardinals' stadium, with a couple of live Cardinals

A local megachurch, Christ's Church of the Valley, had their Easter service at University of Phoenix Stadium. It featured a discussion with QBs Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton. Palmer leads the NFL in QB rating.

Two Veils Hide the Mystery Within

So many of the world's contemplative and religious traditions speak of the Mystery within you and me. Despite being so near, for all practical purposes Buddha mind, the Kingdom of Heaven, or True Nature - however you call it - seems so far from our experience as to be just rumor. Why is this so? To read the post, click >> Two Veils Hide the Mystery Within

Leftist Insanity Update

Every day brings further evidence that contemporary liberals have lost their minds. A yoga class has been cancelled at the University of Ottawa on the ground that participants are complicit in 'oppression' and 'cultural genocide.' By the way, we are...

CFA: Experimental Philosophy as Applied Philosophy

The 7th Conference of Experimental Philosophy UK is taking place 23-24 April 2016 in Reading. The topic is 'Experimental Philosophy as Applied Philosophy'. There is a call for abstracts. The deadline is 15 January 2016. To see the full details...

Conversation with a Zombie

Tom has written a nice dialogue on the subject of qualia: it’s here (currently some issues with the site, it seems – apologies) Could we in fact learn useful lessons from talking to a robot which packed qualia? Perhaps not; one view would be that since the robot’s mind presumably works in the same way […]

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