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George Will's Wrong Move - Leaving the Party

George Will has left the Republican Party in protest over Donald Trump. That's the wrong thing to do. Really, the only thing George Will has accomplished in leaving the Republican Party is to take the party one step closer to being the Trumpublican Party. Show More Summary

On 'Over-Represent'

If you fancy yourself clear-thinking, then you ought to be very careful with the word 'over-represent' and its opposite. They are ambiguous as between normative and non-normative readings. It is just a value-neutral fact that there are proportionately more Asians...

Diversity Worth Having

Diversity worth having presupposes a principle of unity that controls the diversity. Diversity must be checked and balanced by the competing value of unity, a value with an equal claim on our respect. Example. One language only in the public...

A Diversity Paradox for Immigration Expansionists

Liberals love 'diversity' even at the expense of such obvious goods as unity, assimilation, and comity. So it is something of a paradox that their refusal to take seriously the enforcement of immigration laws has led to a most un-diverse...

William Empson on Buddhism and Christianity

Karl White refers us to this quotation from a John Gray piece on William Empson in The New Statesman. Empson’s attitude to Buddhism, like the images of the Buddha that he so loved, was asymmetrical. He valued the Buddhist view...

If You Don't Want Your Daughters Raped by Foreigners, Are You a Xenophobe?

Brexit was sparked by rape and crime British girls raped by Muslim gangs on 'industrial scale' Why did British police ignore Pakistani gangs abusing 1,400 Rotherham children? According to Roger Scuton, because of political correctness: A story of rampant child...

Is Gary Johnson Manly Enough to Make a Libertarian Argument?

I have expressed some hope that Gary Johnson could be remarkably successful as the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, particularly given the unpopularity of Clinton and Trump with many voters. But I have also expressedShow More Summary

Limited Government

Being a conservative, I advocate limited government. Big government leads to big trouble as we fight endlessly, acrimoniously, and fruitlessly over all sorts of issues that we really ought not be fighting over. As one of my slogans has it,...

The Political and the Religious

I stated that the reason for carefully vetting Muslims who aim to immigrate into the USA is political rather than religious. I had several points in mind, one of them being that it is the theocratic character of Islam that...

Rules for Robots

Robot behaviour is no longer a purely theoretical problem. Since Asimov came up with the famous Three Laws which provide the framework for his robot stories, a good deal of serious thought has been given to extreme cases where robots might cause massive disasters and to such matters as the ethics of military robots. Now, […]

George Will leaves the Republican Party

Will's father was emeritus at the University of Illinois when I was there.

The Republican Convention Delegates Can Dump Trump

Contrary to what has been asserted generally in the news media, the majority of the delegates to the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland are not bound by either state laws or party rules to vote for Donald Trump. In fact, at every...Show More Summary

Jim Slagle's New AFR book

I've read his master's thesis and dissertation, and I like Jim's work. He also convinced me that Lewis was using the word "irrational" correctly in the first edition of Miracles, even though, under pressure from Anscombe's critique, he changed his term to "nonrational."

From Chesterton's The Dumb Ox

Thus, even those who appreciate the metaphysical depth of Thomism in other matters have expressed surprise that he does not deal at all with what many now think the main metaphysical question; whether we can prove that the primary act of recognition of any reality is real. Show More Summary

Is underpopulation the real problem?

Here.This is, of course, from a pro-life Catholic organization. I get the idea that most of our forbears, had they been asked what, if anything, is wrong with homosexuality, would raise fears of underpopulation. Even ancient societies...Show More Summary

Depoliticize and Humanize

Reading Notebooks 1951-1959 of Albert Camus, I cannot help but love and sympathize with this sensitive, self-doubting, and tortured soul. Stages of healing. Letting volition sleep. Enough of 'you must.' Completely depoliticize the mind in order to humanize it. Write...

The 2-D Argument Against Metaethical Naturalism

A few years back I noted that 2-D semantics provides a straightforward refutation of synthetic metaethical naturalism (SEN): SEN implies that moral terms differ in their primary and secondary intensions, this is clearly false (moralShow More Summary

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