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It's all about faith???

Z: Well with religion it's not about evidence, but faaaaaith.... VR: Oh please. So, the famous book in defense of Christianity was called "Faith that demands a verdict?" There are Christians out there who really think the evidence supports their position. Show More Summary

On the Separation and Attachment of Soul and Body

I was purchasing shotgun ammo at a gun store a while back. The proprietor brought out a box of double-aught buckshot shells which he recommended as having "the power to separate the soul from the body." The proprietor was a...

Objective Values, External Reasons, and the Implications of their Non-Existence

As I go through my studies on J.L. Mackies “Ethics”, I am trying to keep each post its own independent entity. I do not want to write posts where readers are required to go through 20 previous posts to understand what was written. So,...Show More Summary

On J. P. Moreland's Theory of Existence

What follows is largely a summary and restatement of points I make in "The Moreland-Willard-Lotze Thesis on Being," Philosophia Christi, vol. 6, no. 1, 2004, pp. 27-58. It is a 'popular' or 'bloggity-blog' version of a part of that lengthy...

Moderates, Negotiators, and Compromisors

It is almost axiomatic. As a nation becomes increasingly polarized, either it must stop, or there will be civil war. Or, as Abraham Lincoln famously said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." What other option is there? Some people living in opposite sides of the house see a different future. Show More Summary

Is Morality Against Having Fun?

Is morality anti-fun? I had intended to write a post on social responsibility in social media. A large portion of what I am seeing recently on my Facebook page are malicious falsehoods. These fictions aim to inflict harm on real people, and to manipulate the attitudes of others - to promote hate based on fictions. Show More Summary

Hillary to Play Race Card After Crushing Defeat

Hillary took a shellacking yesterday in the New Hampshire primary, losing to Bernie Sanders by 20 or so points. Time to pull out the race card: Clinton is set to campaign with the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner,...

Phrase of the Day: 'Ideologically Ambidextrous'

Bret Stephens applied it to Hillary in today's Wall Street Journal. The meaning, I take it, is that she can move either right or left in pursuit of her personal ambitions depending on the circumstances. But we ought to consider...

London Ed on Geach on Intentional Identity

I am happy to see that Ed is back to blogging. It have reproduced his latest entry and added some comments..................... Peter Geach (“Intentional Identity.” Journal of Philosophy 64, 627-32, reprinted in Logic Matters. Oxford: Blackwell, 1972) argues that...

On the Poverty of the Contemporary Atheist Movement

A fine statement by Dr. Michael Valle of Scottsdale Community College.

Is Big History Science or Myth? Or Both?

In 1978, Edward O. Wilson, in On Human Nature, warned that the naturalistic explanation of human nature as a product of natural evolution rather than divine creation created a spiritual dilemma: as products of a purposeless evolutionary...Show More Summary

Sports, Ebola, and NASA

In a couple of hours, a parade will pass nearby to celebrate and honor the Denver Broncos - the team that, two days ago, won Super Bowl 50. It is all many people have been talking about these past few days. It made me think... did the...Show More Summary

Productivity, Earnings, and the Plight of the Middle Class

I hate being wrong. I hate being successfully lied to by somebody manipulating me into supporting political policies and candidates that I may not favor if I knew the truth. For a number of years, I have taken this chart - recently tweeted...Show More Summary

William Lane Craig on the 'Same God?' Question

A tip of the hat to Karl White for pointing us to this article which includes a critique of Francis Beckwith's contribution to the debate. Craig concludes: So whether Muslims and Christians can be said to worship the same God...

Sanders' Unsustainable Socialism

Among other things, Bernie Sanders supports free tuition at all public colleges and universities, medicare for all, and an increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Are such socialist proposals implementable? Are they economically feasible? A necessary...

Beliefs, Desires, and Intentional Action

I have a worry. My worry is that somebody will look upon the account of reasons and of value that I defend and say, “That is naïve and simplistic. That is an old idea, and we have moved beyond that into something more detailed and complex.” It is the same attitude that I have towards egoists. Show More Summary


This topic was raised in reading Bernard Williams, in “Internal and External Reasons” (in Moral Luck, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981, 101–13). However, he mentioned it briefly so, in effect, he only raised the topic. I shall...Show More Summary

What Some of Us Conservatives Have in Common with Some Muslims

A neo-reactionary I was arguing with a while back claimed in effect that I have more in common with Muslims than I do with contemporary liberals. This entry will begin an exploration of this theme. A reader the other day...

Stupor Bowl or Super Bore?

Time for my annual Super Bowl Sunday rant. But perhaps I should not be so harsh on the masses who need their panem et circenses to keep them distracted from matters of moment, both secular and spiritual. The Latin could...

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