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Racist Robots

Social problems of AI are raised in two government reports issued recently. The first is Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence, from the Executive Office of the President of the USA; the second is Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, from the Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons. The two reports cover […]

Did the United States Defeat the Soviet Union Only to Become Another Soviet Union?

I have posed this question in several forms over the past few years. In his latest, Publius Decius Mus offers an excellent exposition and answer: Comprehensive Conservative Failure If I may address professional conservatives directly: It seems to me undeniable...

C. S. Lewis on truncated thought

From Chapter 6, Answers to Misgivings, in C. S. Lewis's Miracles: A Preliminary Study, pp. 41-42. All these instances show that the fact which is in one respect the most obvious and primary fact, and through which alone you have access...Show More Summary

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Songs About Kerouac

"Pretty girls make graves." (Dharma Bums) Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) died 47 years ago yesterday, at the age of 47, his years dead now equaling his years alive. Here are some songs that refer to him and his work. Alela Diane,...

A skewed perspective

There is a widespread myth about religion and war. The biggest sources of war throughout the 20th Century were the nationalist ideologies of Germany and Japan, and the completely atheistic ideology of the Soviet bloc. Mao, Stalin, and...Show More Summary

I share something in common with militant atheists

Namely, unlike people who are indifferent to the matter, I think questions of religion are important.Only one third of people without religious affiliation self-identify as atheists or agnostics. Though that percentage is growing.

DePaul University Bans "Unborn Lives Matter"

Here: Reverend Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., the president of DePaul University, prevented a College Republicans poster bearing the phrase “Unborn Lives Matter” from being displayed on campus. According to Holtschneider’s open letter to the DePaul community, the poster constituted “bigotry...

What Does Abortion Have to Do with Religion?

What follows is a re-post, slightly redacted, from 3 November 2012. Occasioned by the Biden-Ryan Veep debate in 2012, it is equally applicable to the 2016 Kaine-Pence Veep debate, except that in 2016 only Kaine is (nominally) Catholic........................ The...

Socialism and Human Nature: Cosmides, Tooby, Haidt, and Hayek

For the classical liberal proponents of capitalism, who point to the long history of socialism's moral and economic failures, it's hard to understand the continuing popular appeal of socialism, as illustrated most recently by the popularity of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. Show More Summary

A Theory of Punishment

311 days until classes start. I have officially started my project to have a paper written for Dr. Boonin on Punishment by the time I visit the philosophy department on November 4. It is practice for writing papers as a graduate student. Show More Summary

Hillary on Heller: She Lied

So what else is new? The trouble with Trump is that he doesn't know enough about the issues to punch back effectively when Mrs. Clinton lets loose with one her whoppers. He let her escape several times during their third...

Leviticus 19:15: The Lord versus Hillary

“You shall not do injustice in judgment; you shall not show partiality to the powerless; you shall not give preference to the powerful; you shall judge your fellow citizen with justice." Alternate translations here. In the third and final presidential...

Free Will and the Praise and Condemnation of Moral Projects

312 days until classes start. On November 4, I shall go to the University to attend a "Center Talk" (put on at the Center for Values and Public Policy). At that time, I would like to present Dr. Boonin with a paper on punishment. Boonin wrote the book, The Problem of Punishment. Show More Summary

Feser Cancels Membership in Society of Christian Philosophers

Wise move. Things have come to a sorry pass when defunding the Left includes quitting the SCP. The outfit ought to rename itself: Society of Culturally Marxist 'Christian' Philosophers. Related articles Is Reason a White Male Euro-Christian Construct? Michael Walzer...

What it is, but not what it means.

Watch more videos on The way we think about consciousness is just wrong, it seems. First, says Markus Gabriel, we posit this bizarre entity the Universe, consisting of everything, and then ask whether consciousness is part of it; this is no way to proceed. In fact ‘consciousness’ covers many different things; once correctly analysed […]

Human Predicament

It angers us that what angers us does not anger others.

The Pragmatic Error of Undefinable Terms

What definition can we give of 'ought', 'right', and other terms expressing the same fundamental notion? To this I should answer that the notion which these terms have in common is too elementary to admit of any formal definition. (Henry...Show More Summary

3,290 Page Views Yesterday

Why the surge? I have no idea despite scrutiny of my referral list. I have been averaging 1600-1800 page views per day. But yesterday's spike was nothing like the one this site received in late February of this year: 10,695....

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