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What Happened to Molly Norris?

A repost from 16 September 2010: Cartoonist Molly Norris Driven into Hiding by Muslim Extremism Story here. Among the great religions of the world, where 'great' is to be taken descriptively not normatively, Islam appears uniquely intolerant and violent. Or...


Live life to the full to appreciate that it is empty.

Darwinian Liberalism Versus Trump's Alt-Right White Supremacism

With Donald Trump's appointment of Stephen Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart Media, to lead his campaign, Trump has openly embraced the white-supremacist racism of the Alternative Right ("Alt-Right"). Bannon has boasted that Breitbart News is "the platform of the alt-right." The term Alternative Right is the name of a blog website. Show More Summary

The Dance of Life

What is experience? An interesting discussion from the Institute of Art and Ideas, featuring David Chalmers, Susana Martinez-Conde and Peter Hacker. Watch more videos on Chalmers seems to content himself with restating the Hard Problem; that is, that there seems to be something in experience which is mysteriously over and above the account given […]

Baseball and sharing your religious beliefs online

Yes, these two are related, according to Warner Wallace. "If you’ve ever interacted with hostile atheists online, you’ve probably been frustrated at times and wondered if your efforts were worthwhile at all. At times like this I tryShow More Summary

The Last Post by Thomist Blogger Doug Benscoter

Who passed away last May at 30. Sad, I still remember when my good friend and Thomist Joe Sheffer passed away at 36, in 1989. This is his argument. Among other arguments I've defended in favor of classical theism, I have also defended a Thomistic modal argument inspired by Robert Maydole. Show More Summary

Word of the Day: Thalassocracy

A thalassocracy (from Greek language ??????? (thalassa), meaning "sea", and ??????? (kratein), meaning "to rule", giving ?????????????(thalassokratia), "rule of the sea") is a state with primarily maritime realms—an empire at sea (such as the Phoenician network of merchant cities) or...

A Video on The Ontological Argument

I have never thought well of the OA, and I remember writing a comment on an Ontological Argument paper called "How to be an atheist" outlining several rebuttals. Nonetheless, here.


I pulled out my scribblings from the summer of '66. Puerile stuff from a half-century ago. Painful in places. But earnest and sincere with a good line here and there. The old man honors the adolescent he was. I wrote...

The Intellectual Virtues of the Philosophic Life in Smith's Commercial Society: Strauss, Cropsey, and McCloskey

Although Joseph Cropsey and Deirdre McCloskey contradict one another in their interpretations of Adam Smith, they apparently agree that there is no place for the intellectual virtues of philosophy in Smith's commercial society. Cropsey...Show More Summary

Reasons, Motives, and Doing the Right Thing

372 days until the first day of classes. I have been writing about time - that I do not have enough of it, and I waste some of it playing computer games. The playing of video games, I argued, is something that people generally have many...Show More Summary

Do you know your own mind? by Keith Frankish

Do you think racial stereotypes are false? Are you sure? I’m not asking if you’re sure whether or not the stereotypes are false, but if you’re sure whether or not you think that they are. That might seem like a...

People Have Their Uses

We need those distorting mirrors called other people to achieve self-knowledge. For a distorting mirror, while it distorts, also mirrors.

Does Donald Trump Have Any Bourgeois Virtues?

Donald Trump is a reminder that the most dangerous enemies of capitalism are capitalists like himself.I am surprised, therefore, that Deirdre McCloskey defends Trump. On at least two occasions, she raises the question of whether Donald...Show More Summary

Bourgeois Virtues?

Deirdre McCloskey tells the story of preparing for a lecture at Princeton University. An office secretary at Princeton called her to get the title for the lecture. McCloskey said: "The Bourgeois Virtues." After a long pause on the telephone, the secretary laughed. Show More Summary

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