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Another Misrepresentation of Meinong

This time from John Nolt in his SEP entry on Free Logic: "Alexius Meinong is best known for his view that some objects that do not exist nevertheless have being." False for reasons already supplied. See article below. It takes...

Begging the Question Against Meinong

For Meinong, some objects neither exist nor subsist: they have no being at all. See Kripke's Misrepresentation of Meinong. London Ed finds Meinong's characteristic thesis contradictory. "The claim that some objects neither exist nor subsist is an existential claim, of...

C. S. Lewis on the Socratic Club

“In any fairly large and talkative community such as a university, there is always the danger that those who think alike should gravitate together into ‘coteries’ where they will henceforth encounter opposition only in the emasculated form of rumor that the outsiders say thus and thus. Show More Summary

Lewis Scholar Christopher Mitchell on the Oxford Socratic Club

This seem to me to be the model for discussion that Christians and their opponents ought to strive for.


In this post, I made the mistake of saying that Lindsay was implying that believers are stupid or idiots. He never actually explained the existence of educated believers in terms of stupidity. But he claiming that theism is a stupid position, undeserving of serious discussion, and supported by no evidence whatsoever. Show More Summary

Juan Cole, Terrorism, and Leftist Moral Equivalency

In Terrorism and Other Religions, Cole argues that "Contrary to what is alleged by bigots like Bill Maher, Muslims are not more violent than people of other religions." Although we conservatives don't think all that highly of Bill Maher, we...

Hanson on Ferguson

Here: The backstory of Ferguson was that out of the millions of arrests each year only about 100 African-American suspects are shot fatally by white police. And yet we were falsely and ad nauseam told that Michael Brown was proof...

The Strange Saga of the Last True Hermit

Peter Lupu has called me a recluse. I have referred to myself as reposing in Bradleyan reclusivity. But I am a hermit only in an analogous sense. For my hermithood is but partial and participated in comparison to the plenary...

Lecture notes on the multicultural problem in ethics

• Ethics: The Multicultural Approach • How moral issues arise in our culture • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these...Show More Summary

Trolleyology and Rawlsian Moral Grammar

Trolley Problem 1: Spur Trolley Problem 2: Fat ManYou are walking along the tracks of a trolley in San Francisco. You notice that there is a runaway trolley that will kill five people who have become somehow bound to the tracks. YouShow More Summary

Look at this…

There’s an interesting video discussion here at the Institute of Art and Ideas, between Margaret Boden, Steven Rose and Barry Smith, on Neuroscience versus Philosophy.  I’ve never found neuroscientists that belligerent myself; it seems to be mainly other people who make exaggerated claims on behalf of thir subject (although talking up a particular bit of […]

Mine, all mine

Following on somewhat from the idea of there being a quale of being me, the latest JCS includes a paper by Marc Slors and Fleur Jongepier about Mineness without Minimal Selves. ‘Mineness’ here is the quality of our experiences that makes them feel like ours, their first-person givenness. Slors and Jongpier say that the majority […]

Eastern Religious Traditions and the Supernatural

Eastern religions don't seem to draw the nature-supernature distinction. On the other hand, they hold positions like reincarnation, which seem impossible if the natural world, as presently understood by science, is all there is.

Theodore Dalrymple: A Man Who Had Never Heard of Robin Williams

Until he hung hanged himself, that is. Williams, that is. I knew who Williams was, though I have seen only two of his films, The Dead Poets' Society and Mrs. Doubtfire. From what I know of the others I have...

An important difference between Islam and Christianity

I find a great deal to admire in Islam. However, it seems to be essential to Islam that it aspire to be implemented from the top down through government, and that makes it very difficult for Muslims to buy in on the idea that they ought...Show More Summary

Wesley Salmon's Early Interest in Whitehead

I was reading Probabilityand Causality: Essays in Honor of Wesley C. Salmon, and was interested to see it included an annotated bibliography, where Salmon provides contextual commentary regarding all of his publications up to that time (1988). Show More Summary

Pray to Pray Well

And this in two senses. Pray to become good at praying. And pray for assistance in getting good at it.

Advice from Erasmus

Enchiridion, p. 104: Transfer your love to something permanent, something celestial, something incorruptible, and you will love more coolly this transitory and fleeting form of the body.

Beingless Objects

For Meinong, some objects neither exist nor subsist: they have no being at all. The stock examples are the golden mountain and the round square. London Ed finds this contradictory. "The claim that some objects neither exist nor subsist is...

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