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Robert Paul Wolff on Netanyahu

When the otherwise distinguished Robert Paul Wolff over at The Philosopher's Stone plays the stoned philosopher and quits the reservation of Good Sense, I call him 'Howlin' Wolff.' Hear him howl: I need to say this. If anyone wants to...

Hanson on Obama on Netanyahu

Lately liberalism has gone from psychodrama to farce. Take Barack Obama. He has gone from mild displeasure with Israel to downright antipathy. Suddenly we are in a surreal world where off-the-record slurs from the administration against Benjamin Netanyahu as a...

'The Punishment Must Fit the Crime' and Lex Talionis

In my various defenses of capital punishment (see Crime and Punishment category) I often invoke the principle that the punishment must fit the crime. To my surprise, there are people who confuse this principle, label it PFC, with some barbaric...

A Little Propylene Glycol Never Hurt Anybody

A neighbor recently introduced me to 66 proof Fireball cinnamon whisky. Turns out the stuff contains propylene glycol, an ingredient used in anti-freeze and other industrial products. Well, as I told the twenty-something counterman at the liquor store, "Whatever doesn't...

Culture Is Part of Human Nature: Jesse Prinz and the Incest Taboo

According to Jesse Prinz, "every cultural trait is really a biocultural trait," because "every trait that we acquire through learning involves an interaction between biology and the environment." Consequently, "there is no sharp contrast between nature and nurture." "Nurture depends on nature, and nature exists in the service of nurture" (367). Show More Summary

All Sins of the Spirit

All sins are of the spirit, even those that are of the flesh.


Statesmanship. Gravitas. Moral Clarity. Wisdom. Courage. Great oratory. All in stark contrast to that jayvee player, Obama the Feckless.

Nietzsche and the New Atheists

The following quotation from a very interesting Guardian piece by John Gray entitled What Scares the New Atheists (HT: Karl White): [1] The new atheists rarely mention Friedrich Nietzsche, and when they do it is usually to dismiss him. [2]...

A Paradoxical Materialist

And then there is the materialist who, believing himself to be body all the way down, neglects what he believes himself entirely to be and lives as if he is a — pure spirit.


Little by little, one comes to understand — a little.

Theism Meets Metaphysical Naturalism

The following is an excerpt of an e-mail from the Barcelona lawyer, Daniel Vincente Carillo. As I mentioned to him in a private e-mail, I admire him for tackling these great questions, and doing so in a foreign language. The...

Still waiting for the NCCs

This editorial piece notes that we still haven’t nailed down the neural correlates of consciousness (NCCs). It’s part of a Research Topic collection on the subject, and it mentions three candidates featured in the papers which have been well-favoured but now – arguably at any rate – seem to have been found wanting. This old […]

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Ordinals and Cardinals > 10

I did zero to ten a couple of years back. What songs can you think of that feature ordinals or cardinals greater than tenth or ten? Well, racking wracking my brains there's Connie Stevens, Sixteen Reasons. With footage from David...

When Did Sex Begin?

In 1963. Or at least so we hear from Philip Larkin in his Annus Mirabilis. It was indeed a wonderful/remarkable year. I was but a boy in grade school, but old enough to remember all those wonderful songs and not...

A Quasi-Kierkegaardian Poke at Paglia

I have long enjoyed the writings of Camille Paglia. But while C. P. is a partial antidote to P. C, the lovely Miss Paglia does not quite merit a plenary MavPhil indulgence endorsement. One reason is because of what she...

Kierkegaard: "To Hell With the Pope!" and Monkishness. The Highest Life

I plan to spend a few days next month at a Benedictine monastery in the desert outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The suggestion was made that I give some of the monks a little talk. I think "A Philosopher...

More on "Daily Bread"

From a reader: Thank you for continuing to examine the important topic of "daily bread." I don't know of any other philosophy blog writer who combines depth, significance, and clarity like you do! I agree that spiritual needs are primary,...

Monokroussos on "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"

Dennis Monokroussos comments on my latest Pater Noster post (numbering added): [1] The word generally translated “daily” is indeed an unusual one – epiousios, which is apparently found nowhere else in scripture or anywhere in Greek literature. [2] Even so,...

Prinz's Deceptive Silence in His Arguments for Emotivism and Cultural Relativism

In Beyond Human Nature, Jesse Prinz argues for emotivism and cultural relativism in his account of human morality. In doing this, he employs the rhetorical technique of deceptive silence. What I mean by this is that in presenting the...Show More Summary

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