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This is the third in a series of four posts about key ideas from my book The Shadow of Consciousness; this one is about haecceity, or to coin a plainer term, thisness. There are strong links with the subject of the final post, which will be that ultimate mystery, reality. Haecceity is my explanation for […]

Is IBM's Watson a Machine That Thinks?

“I for one welcome our new computer overlords.” That is what Ken Jennings said when he was defeated in the television game show Jeopardy! by Watson, an artificially intelligent machine built by IBM. There's a short video on this. There's also a longer PBS NOVA documentary on this. Show More Summary

David Horowitz versus Slavoj Zizek

A lively debate with Julian Assange in the middle. Horowitz talks sense as usual while Zizek appears to be off his meds. Horowitz: "The natural state of mankind is war." Of course. Lefties would understand this if they weren't in...

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Clowns

Being hung up on the '60s, there is and will be only one clown for me, Bozo the Clown. After Bozo I had no truck with clowns. I'm a serious man. But I can relate to this segment from the...


I am going to have to ask two people, whose names I don't think I need to mention, to stop posting here. I do this with great reluctance. The reasons are two. One, I think your positions are better represented by other people who agree with you for the most part. Show More Summary

The Best Case for Voting

To follow up on my last post, let's consider a Regan-esque case for voting.The set-up: Suppose there are two candidates, Good and Bad, and a large population (e.g. several million voters). 90% of the population are unreasoning voters, and suppose that each such voter is (independently) 0.55 likely to vote for Bad, and 0.45 likely to vote for Good. Show More Summary

Gluttony: Another Sign of Decline

So what can we teach the Muslim world? How to be gluttons? Another sign of decline in the Spenglerian gloom of Der Untergang des Abendlandes is the proliferation of TV food shows, The U. S. of Bacon being one of...

Creedal Discrimination

"Creedal discrimination" is now illegitimate at Vanderbilt University. Political correctness uber alles.

Trigger Warning!

Here you will find Keith Burgess-Jackson's along with some related documents.

Hillary the Corrupt

Another day, another scandal. Or so it seems these last few days. Here is the Clinton Scandal Manual. I also recommend Daniel Halper, Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, Harper Collins, 2014, xxv + 319 pp. A...

Obama the Disaster

The man is a dangerous fool. A clear recent instance of his folly is his preposterous assertion that “Today, there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.” The claim is beneath refutation. But what is it a...

Valuing Unnecessary Causal Contributions

In 'Why Citizens Should Vote: A Causal Responsibility Approach', Alvin Goldman argues that (i) there's a sense in which each vote for the winning party causally contributes to their victory, even if they receive many more votes thanShow More Summary

Colin McGinn on Brigand Lighter

Wondering what had become of Colin McGinn, I poked around and came across this parody by him of somebody he variously refers to as Brigand Lighter, Brendan Lightweight, Barry Litebeer, and Professor Litesmear. Is he referring to some actual person?...

Dissertation Advice on the Occasion of Kant's Birthday

Immanuel Kant was born on this day in 1724. He died in 1804. My dissertation on Kant, which now lies 37 years in the past, is dated 22 April 1978. But if, per impossibile, my present self were Doktorvater to...

Earth Day 2015

Maverick Philosopher doesn't celebrate anything as politically correct as Earth Day. Maverick Philosopher celebrates critical thinking. So I refer you to William Cronon's The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature. A rich and subtle essay. Excerpt:...

Aquinas and Why the New Atheists are Right

A recent talk by Fr. Robert Barron delivered at the University of St. Thomas. Serendipitously relevant to the discussion thread directly below on this blog. Fr. Barron is introduced by our friend Tim Pawl. What are the New Atheists right...

Eternal accountability

I don't think atheists appreciate the force of the doctrine of eternal accountability in restraining evil. Unless there is eternal accountability, either of the Hindu karma-birth-rebirth kind, or accountability before a monotheistic God, if we get away with it on earth, we get away with it period.

God: A Being among Beings or Being Itself?

Last Wednesday morning, just as Old Sol was peeping his ancient head over the magnificent and mysterious Superstition range, I embarked on a drive down old Arizona 79, past Florence, to a hash house near Oracle Junction where I had....

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