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On Honoring Revolutionaries

To show honor and respect is a conservative practice. There is therefore something paradoxical about leftists erecting icons to iconoclasts. Or is there? Once in power, revolutionaries become conservative.

Marital Compatibility

She looked for her father and found him in me. I looked for the opposite of my mother and found anti-mater in her.

The Meaning of Trump

Analysis so good that if I start quoting it I'll end up quoting most of it. You knuckleheaded NeverTrumpers need to read this.

February in Arizona

February brings to the Sonoran desert days so beautiful that one feels guilty even sitting on the back porch, half-outside, taking it all in, eyes playing over the spring green, lungs deeply enfolding blossom-laden warmish breezes. One feels that one...

NeverTrumpers and Others Losing their Minds and Morals Over Trump

Victor Davis Hanson: Former Weekly Standard editor in chief Bill Kristol suggested in a tweet that if he faced a choice (and under what surreal circumstances would that happen?) between the constitutionally, democratically elected president and career government officials’ efforts...

Literary Stride

We adjust our stride to the steepness of the terrain: the steeper the trail, the shorter the steps. A good writer watches his literary stride: the more difficult the subject matter, the shorter the sentences. Back on the flat he...

The Cambridge Conference on Natural Law: Comments on the Papers

I will be participating in a conference on natural law at the University of Cambridge on March 4th, at the Lecture Theatre LG 18, Faculty of Law.The papers for the conference can be found in a Dropbox file.My paper is entitled "The Darwinian...Show More Summary

On Continental Philosophy: Response to a German Reader

The following from a German sociologist (my comments are in blue): Perhaps you know the old joke: Analytic philosophers think that continental philosophy is not sufficiently clear; continental philosophers think that analytic philosophy is not sufficient. Having just reread the...

Some Thoughts on Moral Luck

189 days until classes start. I have not been posting to the frequency that I should. I need to be writing more - even if it means reading less. Though writing is not the absence of learning. I have learned that trying to explain my ideas forces me to make more sense of themselves myself. Show More Summary

Why We Like Trump Despite His Flaws

We like him because he understands that politics is not a gentlemanly debate but war, and because he is uniquely positioned to punch back hard against vicious leftists who obviously see politics as war. I can't say it any better...

What's Wrong with Illegal Immigration?

1. First of all, we must insist on a distinction that many on the Left willfully ignore, that between legal and illegal immigration. (Libertarians also typically elide the distinction.) Legal and illegal immigration are separate, logically independent, issues. To oppose...

Disproportionate Impact

Laws against the destruction of public and private property have a disproportionate impact on leftist thugs. Such laws are obviously discriminatory, discriminating as they do between leftist thugs and decent folk, and are therefore unfair. They should be repealed. We...

What is Continental Philosophy?

I am afraid much of it fits the following 'definition': What is continental philosophy? Continental philosophy is thinking, it is questioning, elaborating questions, making them more comprehensive, deeper, making them worse, proliferating these same questions and adding more and other...

On Teaching Philosophy

It is pointless to supply answers to unasked questions or to promote questioning among those who have all the answers.

Fear and HOROR

Emotions like fear are not something inherited from our unconscious animal past. Instead they arise from the higher-order aspects that make human thought conscious. That (if I’ve got it right) is the gist of an interesting paper by LeDoux and Brown. A mainstream view of fear (the authors discuss fear in particular as a handy […]

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Points of the Compass

Johnny Cash & Joni Mitchell, Girl from the North Country Joan Baez, North Country Blues. A great cover of a great song. The only Dylan tune I am aware of written from a female point of view. This self-certified Dylanologist...

Consciousness is an Illusion but Truth is Not?

From an interview with Daniel Dennett in the pages of The Guardian (HT: Dave Lull): I was thinking that perhaps philosophers are exactly what’s needed right now. Some deep thinking about what is happening at this moment? Yes. From everybody....

Thinking About Galapagos (3): The Evolution of Iguanas, Finches, and Humans by Hybridization

Marine Iguana Land Iguana Hybrid Iguana from Breeding of a Male Marine Iguana and Female Land Iguana Video of Marine Iguana Feeding Underwater South Plaza Island, Looking Towards North Plaza Island A Video on the Hybrid IguanaOn DayShow More Summary

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