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How Many Saw It Coming?

The collapse of the Evil Empire in December of 1991. The attack of radical Islam on the USA in September of 2001. The election of Donald Trump in November of 2016 and his destruction of the Bush and Clinton dynasties....

The Higher Infantilization and Perpetual Childhood

I coined 'higher infantilization' recently to cover what is going on in so-called institutions of higher learning. (The STEM disciplines excepted.) The New Criterion provides a good explanation of this infantilization which is also a feminization: “Perpetual childhood.” Is there...

A hard case on abortion

Let's try the following case. A woman has a toddler, and conceives again. At this point, her husband becomes abusive, and she feels it necessary to leave her husband and take the toddler. She has a job, and can ?barely make it with her toddler. Show More Summary

An anti-abortion argument

• 1. Infants, however undeveloped, are considered persons whose lives are protected by law. • 2. Fetuses differ from infants in four ways represented by the acromym SLED. The differ in size, in level of development, in their environment, and in their dependency. Show More Summary

Can You Harm a Dead Man?

It would be pleasant to think that when one is dead one will be wholly out of harm's way. But is that true? Here is some Epicurean reasoning: 1. Death is annihilation. (Materialist assumption) 2. A harm is a harm...

Expanding the Circle of Trade

I was asked to explain my view on trade - why I think Trump will make America a poorer nation and its people less well off. So... consider this: Is it a good idea to build a wall around the United States, build everything within theShow More Summary

Locke on Property

268 days from today... I will be nervously awaiting the start of my first class. I am putting some effort into establishing contacts in the department – so it will likely be just another day. But, still, a milestone day. My current projects...Show More Summary

Human Progress: (3) Life is Richer and Less Impoverished

In considering the empirical data for human progress through the Liberal Enlightenment, we tend to look for statistical data. But statistical data often does not convey any clear image of how people live--of how, for example, the lives of poor people differ from the lives of rich people around the world. Show More Summary

What Exactly is the Epicurean Argument?

This entry is an addendum to The Horror of Death and its Cure. Here is one way to construe the Epicurean argument: A. No person P can rationally fear any state S such that, in S, P isn't having any...

On Flag Burning

In a piece entitled, "Mr. Trump, Meet the Constitution," the editorial board of The New York Times betrays a failure to grasp the distinction between the U. S. Constitution and Supreme Court rulings about it. In the 1989 case "Texas...

The limits of retribution

There can be limits on retribution based on what we can humanely do. We might think a murderer who tortures his victims to death should himself be tortured. But who could take that job and come out of it a decent human being?

A Lewis scholar reviews Nagel

Lewis scholar Michael Aeschliman review Nagel's Mind and Cosmos. Here.

Semper Fidel

Robert Royal: It's not hard to understand why many secular people in the West were fascinated by a figure like Fidel Castro. Where religion retreats, political faiths tend to advance to fill the absence of meaning, purpose, authority (yes, people...

Hard and soft determinism

Hard and soft determinism are both determinism and it is the same type of determinism. The difference is in how freedom is defined. With soft determinism, freedom is defined as the ability to do what you want to do. With hard determinism, (and libertarianism) freedom is a matter of being able to do otherwise from what you did given the actual past.

Consciousness: the underlying problem (2)

Watch the full video with related content here. The discussion following the presentations I featured last week.

The Lesson of Trump

I have been told by a worthy commenter that I should join a political party and thereby learn how politics really works. And this by a person who brags about sitting beside a politician he helped to get elected. Notwithstanding the fact...Show More Summary

Lie or Exaggeration or Bullshit? Politics in the Age of Bullshit

Over the weekend, Donald Trump bragged in signature style that he “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Lefties are calling the statement a lie. But it is no such thing. In the...

Chronological snobbery once again

Have we regressed? Just because something has changed over time doesn't necessarily mean it changed for the better? To think that such change is necessarily progress is to commit the fallacy of chronological snobbery.

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