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Not Dark Yet: Bob Dylan Turns 76 Today

He has been called "rock's greatest songwriter." A better description is "America's greatest writer of popular songs." Bar none. We can discuss the criteria later, and consider counterexamples. Maybe this Saturday night. His earliest four or five albums are not...

Ephesians and Slavery

Why do people only quote the beginning of this Ephesians passage and not the whole thing? 5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 6 Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. Show More Summary

Criticizing an Idea (Again)

With the terrorist attack in Manchester, the debate between "the legitimate criticism of Islam" and "Islamophobia" once again emerges. On this topic, my first question is: Can you tell the difference? In 1879, several Europeans, tired of being condemned for being anti-Jew, answered that they were not against the Jew. Show More Summary

Thinking Meat?

Question: Is it my brain that feels and thinks when I feel and think? Argument A. Meat can't think. My brain is meat. Therefore, what thinks in me when I think is not my brain. A in Reverse: What thinks...

Who Will Stand Up for Civil Liberties?

Alan Dershowitz. I won't quote from his commentary; I have already discussed this matter in The Stalinization of Trump Derangement Syndrome. That there are still a few influential people such as Dershowitz with the civil courage to speak out supplies...

Peter Augustine Lawler, 1951-2017

I was saddened to hear of the sudden death of Peter Augustine Lawler at his home in Rome, Georgia, where he was the Dana Professor of Government at Berry College.Peter and I were friendly debating partners. The importance of that debate...Show More Summary

Conscious Experience: A Hard Nut to Crack

This is an addendum to Thomas Nagel on the Mind-Body Problem. In that entry I set forth a problem in the philosophy of mind, pouring it into the mold of an aporetic triad: 1) Conscious experience is not an illusion....

Leftists Know How to Fight . . .

... and conservatives had better learn. I have been making this point for years. So I was pleased to see Jack Kerwick nail it down in Who are the Real 'Snowflakes,' Leftists or Conservatives? Related articles "If You're...

That bloke

Is Karl Friston that bloke? You know who I mean. That really clever bloke, master of some academic field. He’s used to understanding a few important things far better than the rest of us. But when people in the pub start discussing philosophy of mind, he feels wrong-footed in this ill-defined territory. “You see,” he […]

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Markets

Recently, I have been trying to get participants in discussions at the Party of Reason and Progress to respect conservative ideas. This is not because I think that intellectual diversity has any type of intrinsic value, or because IShow More Summary

Nanoseconds that Matter

Take an arbitrarily short duration -- I'll speak of 'nanoseconds' for familiarity and convenience, but you could use an even smaller measure of time. Could removing a mere (arbitrary) nanosecond from your life plausibly make your life...Show More Summary

Aggregating the Right Moments

Should we prefer to give one person half a million minutes (i.e. one year) more life, or to give a million people one minute more each? If iterated a million times over (once for each person in the million), the latter repeated choice is clearly better for all (by half a million minutes). Show More Summary

Dropping Prepositions

It seems to be acceptable in British English, as witness: Donald Trump received a glittering welcome from leaders in Saudi Arabia on the first day of his first international tour, as the two countries agreed a series of military deals...

Agenda Fetishism

You know you're obsessive when, having completed a task, you add an entry to your 'to do' list just so you can cross it off...................... Agenda is the plural of agendum, something to be done. The infinitive form of...

Word of the Day: 'Eructation'

Merriam-Webster: Eructation is simply a fancier, and some might argue a more decorous, word for "belch." "Eructation" was borrowed from Latin in the 15th century; the verb eruct, meaning "to belch," followed in the late 16th century. Both have their...

100 Days

In 100 days plus 20 hours I will be sitting in my first class. So, what news is there of the past 11 days since I was here last? Item 1: I got an email from the Philosophy department of the University of Colorado asking if I will be coming. Show More Summary

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