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Maybe hypnosis is the right state of mind and ‘normal’ is really ‘under-hypnotised’? That’s one idea that does not appear in the comprehensive synthesis of what we know about hypnosis produced by Terhune, Cleeremans, Raz and Lynn. It is a dense, concentrated document, thick with findings and sources, but they have done a remarkably good […]

The Collapse of the Catholic Universities

Yet another example, one so egregious that I pinch myself to see if I am awake: Stéphane Mercier, a lecturer in philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL) in Belgium initially was suspended from teaching, pending the outcome of...

Why Do You Carry a Notebook?

If I am wearing a shirt with pockets, I almost always carry a 3 X 5 notebook and a pen in my top left pocket. People sometimes ask why I carry it. I have a prepared response: It's in case...

The Real Meaning of the O'Reilly Ouster

Andrew Klavan may have nailed it. Posts of mine anent Klavan.

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Leaving, Good Bye, Farewell

Lynn Anderson, Red River Valley. A very satisfying version. Stevie Nicks effort is a bit overdone. A spare Woody Guthrie version. Classic Americana. No Woody, no Ramblin' Jack Elliot, and no Dylan. Bob Dylan, Farewell. Oscar Isaac and Marcus Mumford,...

Patrick Kurp on Arthur Krystal

Long-time friend of this weblog, and an accomplished blogger himself, Patrick Kurp of Anecdotal Evidence has an article out in the Los Angeles Review of Books entitled "Literature with a Capital L": On Arthur Krystal's "This Thing We Call Literature."...

Cal Berkeley

Just cut their funding. Why should taxpayers be forced to support leftist seminaries?

John Updike, Seven Stanzas at Easter

Seven Stanzas at Easter Make no mistake: if He rose at all it was as His body; if the cells’ dissolution did not reverse, the molecules reknit, the amino acids rekindle, the Church will fall. It was not as the...

The Genetic Evolution of Adam and Eve

On June 26, 2000, in Washington, D.C., in the East Room of the White House, "the language of God was revealed." That's the way Francis Collins describes his experience that day as he stood next to President Bill Clinton for the public announcement that the Human Genome Project had produced a first draft of the human genome. Show More Summary

Universalizing Tactical Voting

I regularly come across two objections to tactical voting, i.e. voting for Lesser Evil rather than Good in hopes of defeating the Greater Evil candidate. One objection is just the standard worry that individual votes lack instrumental value, debunked here. Show More Summary

John Updike's Christianity

Gerald R. McDermott (emphases added): In Updike’s religion, then, there are no commandments we are meant to keep except the obligation to accept what is: “Religion includes, as its enemies say, fatalism, an acceptance and consecration of what is.” Our...

Be Neither Bohemian nor Bourgeois

The barfly and the gambler, the flâneur and the floozy, fritter away their time. And they are condemned for so doing by the solid bourgeois. But the latter thinks, though he may not say, that the pursuits of the monastery...

Why Physical Culture?

In part it is about control. I can't control your body, but I can control mine. Control is good. Power is good. Physical culture is the gaining and maintaining of power over that part of the physical world that is...

Party of Reason and Progress

In my last posting, I mentioned the Party of Reason and Progress... a group that I have joined in the hopes that I can do some good. There is an interesting mix of sentiments associated with becoming involved in a project such as this. It comes with a built-in conflict. Show More Summary

A Poke at Some Conservatives (and at Rawls' Difference Principle)

Conservatives sometimes invoke facts as if the factuality of a fact justifies it. Rush Limbaugh: "Life is not fair." Bill O'Reilly: "We live in a capitalist society." But you can't say that life is not fair and leave it at...

The principle of noncontradiction

The principle of non-contradiction is not a provisional postulate, it is a necessary truth based in reality. If it isn't, we are screwed. Our science is about cloud cuckoo land, not reality. Logic is ontologically prior to the material world. Show More Summary

Teaching Latin to Black Kids

An encouraging development. What happened to Ebonics? It be a dead language, aks anyone.

The Atheist Movement

132 days 7 hours until the first class starts. Yesterday, I started the matriculation process so that I can actually be taking that class this fall. I indicated my agreement to all of their terms and conditions and set up my student account. Show More Summary

Two Weeks of Great Clarity

Dennis Prager. Excerpts: 1) When America leads, the world is better. [...] 2) The terrible presidency of Barack Obama is beginning to be acknowledged. Following President Trump's order to attack Syria about 63 hours after the Syrian regime...

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