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Time slices and streams

Smooth or chunky? Like peanut butter, experience could have different granularities; in practice it seems the answer might be ‘both’. Herzog, Kammer and Scharnowski here propose a novel two-level model in which initial processing is done on a regular stream of fine-grained percepts. Here things get ‘labelled’ with initial colours, durations, and so on, but […]

What Is An Obligation?

What does it mean to say that a person has an obligation to do something? Alph has borrowed $50 from a co-worker. Alph has promised to pay her back the next day. Alph has an obligation to go to work the next day with $50 that he will...Show More Summary

Desirism Book - Part 0002 - One Person, One Desire

To explain desirism, I want to begin by looking at a simple case involving one person with one desire. This will give us an idea of what a desire is and how it works. There is no morality in a society that contains only one person. One person, isolated from everybody else, cannot wrong anybody. Show More Summary

Sanders, Trump, and the Consequences of Scapegoating

I have criticized Bernie Sanders for conducting a "scapegoating" campaign for President. A scapegoating campaign works as follows. First, the candidate identifies a target group of individuals. Second, the candidate tells his target audience that the target group is substantially responsible for their woes. Show More Summary

Even treating some issues as debatable is considered offensive by some

Here's a report from a cancelled debate from last February sponsored by the Oregon State Socratic Club:We are sorry to have to inform you that the debate on Thursday, February 25th on the topic "Is Gender a Choice?" has been canceled. Show More Summary

Is Age Only a Number?

Some say age is only a number. Not quite. It is a number that measures something. You may as well say that temperature is only a number; you are only as hot as you feel. Face reality, but don't exaggerate...

False Modesty

False modesty sometimes assumes the form of an avowal that one's modesty is not false.

Man the Unjust

Limited as we are, we limit others to less than they are.

Why Refuse the Experience Machine?

Professor Daniel N. Robinson suggests that any student of philosophy - at least that idea that philosophy is meant to be used in guiding one's own life - answer this question: Suppose you could be given any life of your choosing played out into you by way of stimulating the brain. Show More Summary

Desirism Book - Part 0001: Introduction

It is time for me to write a new book on desirism. I have thought about this quite a bit, and given considerable thought as to how to go about it. I have had a preferred method. However, I had doubts as to the merits of this method. My preferred method has been to start out with a single person, having a single desire. Show More Summary

Transgressions in Reason

I have been distracted, as of late, by the political campaign. And I have been wasting significant amounts of time engaged in discussions on Facebook that are likely never to be read in any detail or to change anybody's mind. It makes...Show More Summary

Any Advice re: Firefox Browser Crashes?

Mainly I blog, but today I bleg. I prefer the Firefox browser to Google Chrome, but the former crashes on a regular basis, like every other day. Yes, I have done the obvious things like make sure I am running...

Christopher Hitchens, Religion, and Cognitive Dissonance

Hitchens says somewhere that he didn't suffer from cognitive dissonance of the sort that arises when a deeply internalized religious upbringing collides with the contrary values of the world, since he never took religion or theism seriously in the first...

Are Any Christians in the Middle East Safe?

Yes, the ones in Israel................................. UPDATE 4/15: J. S. writes: I happen to live in Beirut and feel safe enough in the Christian area, which is the eastern quarter of the city along with big chunks of Mt. Lebanon...

J. P. Moreland on Constituent Ontology: Is Exemplification a Spatial Container Relation?

J. P. Moreland defines an "impure realist" as one who denies the Axiom of Localization (Universals, McGill-Queen's UP, 2001, p. 18): No entity whatsoever can exist at different spatial locations at once or at interrupted time intervals. An example of...

The Religion of Archeological Preservation

If Islam is the religion of peace, then it is also the religion of archeological preservation. Modus tollens or modus ponens?

William Lane Craig Responds to David Bentley Hart and Edward Feser

A tip of the hat to Karl White for alerting me to this YouTube video that runs about 20 minutes. Professor Craig explains, with characteristic lucidity, why he does not accept the doctrine of divine simplicity and its entailments. See...

Get Real, Bernie!

My only objection to the image below is to the filtered cigarette. Real men smoke unfiltered Camels.

Josh McDowell on reasons for rejecting Christ

I have found that most people reject Christ for one or more of the following reasons: Ignorance - Romans 1:18-23 (often self-imposed), Matthew 22:29 Pride - John 5:40-44 Moral Problem - John 3:19-20 Here. I've never found this persuasive, any more than I find atheist explanations of theism persuasive.

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