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Irritating Robots

Machine learning and neurology; the perfect match? Of course there is a bit of a connection already in that modern machine learning draws on approaches which were distantly inspired by the way networks of neurons seemed to do their thing. Now though, it’s argued in this interesting piece that machine learning might help us cope […]

Some Notable 2016 Maverick Philosopher Entries

The View from Mount Zappfe: The Absurdity of Life and Intellectual Honesty. On one day alone, it drove traffic to 10,695 page views. Is Moral Relativism Dying? Propinquity and Social Distance Is it Rational to be Politically Ignorant? Making America...

2016 Twilight Zone New Year's Marathon

Could there be a better way to end such a surreal year? It starts tomorrow, New Year's Eve, at 6 AM and runs for three and one half days on the SyFy channel. Here is the schedule. Two I won't...

The case against Napoleon

SP: That alleged event is not verifiable in a scientific sense or even an historic sense. That event is not repeatable, nor was it recorded by scientific instrumentation, nor do we have such scientific evidence for analogous events that would at least make your assertion scientifically plausible. VR: Couldn't the same argument be made against, say, the Battle of Waterloo? Here.

I like the Christian Life

The Louvin Brothers' song. Perfect Christian camp song, covered by the Byrds.

The reality of Christmas

We have just passed the Christmas holiday, but this is still of interest. By the way, I turn 63 today. HT: Bob Prokop.

The Moral Horror of Murder

The murderer takes what no man has the power to give.

Do Fascists and Other Totalitarians Support the Gun Rights of Citizens?

Not that I know of. So Donald Trump, who supports gun rights, must be a very special sort of 'fascist.' Maybe we need to give 'fascism' a chance. After all, we have had eight years of 'communism' under Obama and...

Words for Declining a Group Hike Invitation

I don't like playing 'follow the leader' unless I'm the leader.

Body as Vehicle

Your body is your vehicle on the highways and byways of the mundus sensibilis. Does it not make sense to keep it ever roadworthy? Is it not morally incumbent upon you to do so? Either maintain it or get it...

New Year's Resolutions for 'Progressives'

It's a war, and mockery is a potent weapon. Kurt Schlichter.

Plato's Cave and the Garden of Eden

This is a revised entry from over five years ago. I re-post it to solicit the comments of the Opponent and anyone else who can provide some enlightenment. I am not a theologian, but theology is far too important to...

G.E. Moore and Non-Natural Ethical Theories

I will be attending my first class in 242 days. I seem to have adopted a new practice of writing papers instead of blog postings or Facebook comments. This is new for me. I... tend to think that the papers are not very good, but I can...Show More Summary

Reading Now: Andrew Klavan, The Great Good Thing

Subtitle: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ. Thomas Nelson, 2016, 269 pp. I was aware of Klavan only as a hard-punching conservative PJ Media columnist before reading a review that 'turned me on' to this book. It arrived...

The Old Testament is a Cipher

Le Vieux Testament est un chifre. (Pascal) Surely that is right? A cipher is a coded message that needs to be deciphered. The Astute Opponent seems not to agree. Related articles Pascal, Buber, and the God of the Philosophers Tongue...

Is the Modal Ontological Argument Compelling?

In a comment, Patrick Toner writes,... there is no substantive philosophical position for which there is better philosophical support than theism. I'm open to the possibility that at least one other philosophical position--namely, dualism--is at least as...

Scorsese's Silence

A review by Brad Miner. Excerpt: As the book reaches its climax, Rodrigues feels the sand giving way beneath him: From the deepest core of my being yet another voice made itself heard in a whisper. Supposing God does not...

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