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What science can't do (because it isn't trying)

What science does is tell us how things work, and it is darn good at it. It doesn't tell us what we should do. We could develop a virus to kill millions of people at a stroke through recombinant DNA. In that respect, science has great power. Show More Summary

Hasn't gay marriage been legal for a long time?

It's interesting that people think that same sex marriage was permitted only in 2015. The first gay wedding took place in 1969, in a church. The church was permitted to do that, so gay marriage was really legal in 1969, at least in Huntington...Show More Summary

Two Types of Subjectivism

Tomorrow, I am going to attend a PhD dissertation defense by a University of Colorado graduate student, Jonathan Spelman. When I learned that Mr. Spelman was delivering a presentation to the summer students at the university on "In Defense of Subjectivism about Moral Obligation" I wrote to him to ask if he had a paper on the topic I could review. Show More Summary

Test Your Bullshit Detector Against the . . .

Turbo Encabulator! (HT: Dave Bagwill) Companion post: There is no Truth, Only Bullshit

Andrew M. Bailey's Analytic Philosophy Generator and the 'Scholasticism Charge'

The AnalPhilGen is a bit of humor from occasional MavPhil commenter Andrew Bailey. I generated the following using Bailey's 'device': It is a consequence of proper functionalism that polyadic predicates reduce to non-human consciousness. On the standard Kripkean modal semantics,...

A Thousand Posts (5)

2013 This was the year of my Darwinian Grand Tour--from Chicago to the Galapagos to Atlanta to Freiburg, and a few places in between. In April, I presented a paper at the Midwest Political Science Convention in Chicago on "Nietzsche's Darwinian Liberalism." In June, I was travelling in Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. Show More Summary

The "no evidence" charge revisited

It seems to me that the universe could have gone a lot of different ways, and life would never have emerged, not simply at the beginning, but later. DNA mutates, but slowly. Why does it mutate slowly? If it mutated quickly, then evolution would be too crazy to lead to anything positive like humans, or even dogs. Show More Summary

Christianity, gay rights, and human rights

Many churches are speaking out for the gays. But not all of them. Demographic tendencies don't prove what most people think they do. Not everyone is able to see the full implications of their position. I presented the "Where's your evidence" argument that atheists use on God to the question of human rights. Show More Summary

A Thousand Posts (4)

2012 In the spring semester, I taught a graduate seminar on Leo Strauss. Consequently, I wrote many posts on Strauss from January to June. Much of this writing was incorporated into my chapter on Strauss in Political Questions. Although...Show More Summary

A Quasi-Pyrrhonian Metaphilosophical Puzzle

Some of us are tempted by the metathesis (MT) that every substantive philosophical thesis is such that the arguments for it and the arguments against it are equally plausible and thus 'cancel out.' But the metathesis is itself a philosophical...

Out of Power, the Left Resorts to Violence

In power, leftists denounce the politics of personal destruction and issue hypocritical calls for 'civility'; out of power, the end justifies the means, personal destruction is full on, and civility is out the window. George Neumayr: Liberalism, philosophically speaking, is...

Are gay rights based on religion?

What about religious argument that says that we were endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. If, as atheists believe, there is no creator, the creator could not have endowed us with inalienable rights, since he does not exist. Show More Summary

The Architecture of Regime Change

The 'architecture' is laid out in convincing detail by Victor Davis Hanson in yet another piece of penetrating analysis. We are witnessing a desperate putsch to remove Trump before he can do any more damage to the Obama project. Political,...

Evidence and fine tuning

Evidence, at least to me, would be a fact of experience that is more likely to exist if there is a God than if there is no God. Even if the such facts are outweighed by other facts, isn't it pretty cleat that such facts exist? One of...Show More Summary

A Thousand Posts (3)

2011 In January and February, my posts on "Darwinian Marriage: A Response to Robert George" initiated a series of posts stretching over the next six years defending a Darwinian view of marriage as open to gay marriage against the argument...Show More Summary

A Thousand Posts (2)

2009In January, my post on "Evolutionary Psychology's Slow Acceptance of Darwinian Morality" pointed to the most important turn in the recent history of evolutionary psychology--the acceptance of Darwin's evolutionary theory of morality in The Descent of Man. Show More Summary

The Summer of Hate

Fifty years after the Summer of Love, the summer of 2017 is shaping up as the Summer of Hate. The Left has come full circle, from (talk of) peace and love to resistance and hate. Their resistance is tantamount to...

Sunday Afternoon at the Oldies: Scott McKenzie, San Francisco, Summer of Love

Bending to popular demand, here is some more about the Summer of Love, now 50 years in the past. A re-do and clean-up of an entry from five years ago................... Nostalgia time again. Scott McKenzie, famous for the 1967...

It’s all theology.

Consciousness: it’s all theology in the end. Or philosophy, if the distinction matters. Beyond a certain point it is, at any rate; when we start asking about the nature of consciousness, about what it really is. That, in bald summary, seems to be the view of Robert A. Burton in a resigned Nautilus piece. Burton […]

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