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Patriarchy and Rape Culture Flourish in Boulder . . .

... if this pathetic piece can be believed. But it so reads like a parody of POMO rhetoric that it negates itself. The writer is an alumna of the UC Boulder Philosophy Department. One hopes that she is...

The humanist delusion: denying the cat

People often maintain that atheists are necessarily going to be humanists. Atheist Luke Muehlhauser disagrees, but his complaint seems to be about the implied speciesism. I have a different kind of issue. I think that, historically,Show More Summary

Robert Paul ('Howlin') Wolff in Cloud Cuckoo Land

When Robert Paul Wolff strays from the 'reservation' of Good Sense and floats up to Cloud Cuckoo Land I refer to him as 'Howlin' Wolff.' The man is quite a study, a representative specimen of the species, academic leftist. When...

A New Study of Chimpanzee Warfare: Hobbes Versus Rousseau

I have written a series of posts on the debate over chimpanzee warfare, which can be found here and here. As I have indicated, this is ultimately a debate in political philosophy between Hobbesians who argue that war is rooted in human...Show More Summary

What is Gluttony?

This just over the transom from a reader: I like food. From the time that I was in the food and beverage industry, I found much of it a delight. There was a beauty to the craftsmanship of creating and...

The "Double Jeopardy" Objection to QALYs

I've previously discussed Harris (1987)'s famous objection that the use of Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) in medical resource allocation is unjustly "discriminatory". Harris' second objection is that the use of QALYs gives riseShow More Summary

Philosophy, Pride, and Humility

Philosophy can fuel intellectual pride. And it manifestly does in far too many of its practitioners. But pursued far enough and deep enough it may lead to insight into the infirmity of reason, an insight one salutary benefit of whic...

The Seriousness of Games

The fact that it is only a game does not imply that one should not take it seriously as a game and play hard and to win and by the rules. Anything less is 'unsporting.'

Care of Soul and Body

Care for your soul as if you will die tomorrow; care for your body as if it will last indefinitely. (The thought is borrowed from Evagrios Pontikos.)

Soul Food

People are generally aware of the importance of good nutrition, physical exercise, and all things health-related. They understand that what they put into their bodies affects their physical health. Underappreciated is a truth just as, if not more important: that...

Malcolm Pollack on Diversity and Immigration

Herein are enunciated a number of important truths that few these days have the courage to express. Mr. Pollack concludes: These commonsense truths are the basis of the widely accepted idea that indigenous societies have a fundamental right to defend...

More Mass Race Delusion: The Ted Robinson Incident

Via Malcolm Pollack's recent entry commenting on the Rotherham, England sex slave scandal, here are a couple of formulations of Lawrence Auster's First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in a Liberal Society: The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves,...

How Adam Smith Predicted the Financial Crisis of 2008

As a friend and follower of Ayn Rand and then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, first appointed by Ronald Reagan, Alan Greenspan was regarded as one of the leading proponents of free-market economic thinking. But in October of 2008, as...Show More Summary

The Intuitional Problem

Mark O’Brien gives a good statement of the computationalist case here; clear, brief, and commendably mild and dispassionate. My impression is that enthusiasm for computationalism – approximately, the belief that human thought is essentially computational in nature – is not what it was. It’s not that computationalists lost the argument, it’s more that the robots […]

Attacked as 'Racist' By a White, Defended as Courageous by a Black

It is a funny world. A man who claims to be white called me a racist because of my post, Self-Control and Respect for Authority. I ignored him, my policy being that scurrilous attacks from unknowns are ignored (and they...

Mass Race Delusion: Bruce Levenson's 'Racist' E-Mail

Recently I have been pinching myself a lot, figuratively speaking, to see if I am awake and not dreaming all the delusional race nonsense I keep hearing about. Herewith, a very recent example. Bruce Levenson, owner of the Atlanta Hawks,...

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