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The Inner Silence Beneath Thought and Activity

Beneath the veils of outward busyness and incessant thinking rests the ordinary, knowing awareness that is you and I, the home to which we all long to return. To read the post, click >> The Inner Silence Beneath Thought and Activity

Polarisation and That what is Inbetween

I was planning to write a post about ‘the medium between law and necessity’, another phrase in the aesthetic letters. But looking at the subject, I realised it was something I have been writing about again and again on this blog. Not using the same words, but the essence of those posts was mainly the […]

Free Will Between Inclination and Duty

So I started reading Schillers letters on aesthetic education. But it is not what I would call an easy read. If I was not determined to understand what he has to say, I would have already quit. But before I started reading from the beginning, I had a quick overview. And in that overview I got […]

Between Instinctive and Moral Behavior

Lately I am fascinated by the concept of aesthetics. What exactly does it mean? Is it subjective or objective? How important is it? I already wrote about the view of Kant, Adorno and Bohm in the posts Beauty is Not Just in the Eye of the Beholder and The Worldview of Aesthetics. And that of […]

From Aesthetics to An-Aesthetics

Last week I saw another video of Ken Robinson. He had a TED-talk some years ago about how schools kill creativity, which I watched several times because I thought it was great. Well, he had another talk (Changing Paradigms) of which RSA made an animation. Which I also love, I really like to see a […]

The Concept of Water

Seeing the theme for this years Blogactionday made me think of a story in the book I was reading. The book, On Creativity, is about the importance of creativity. How we all have this inner desire to discover and create something new that is whole, harmonious and beautiful. It is not something rare, it does […]

How to Confront Inner Conflict Instead of Ignoring it

Sometimes David Bohm says so much with one sentence, that I feel the need to take it a bit apart. It is a line in the first chapter of the book On Creativity. He describes how the mind tries to avoid contradictions. It is often too confusing or painful to stay with a certain problem, […]

Will Confusion Really be our Epitaph

Today I started reading the first chapter of the book On Creativity by David Bohm. I already wrote some posts about what struck me most in the preface of the book. And this first chapter made it even more fascinating. Many times, while reading, I wanted to go and write a post about it. But […]

When the Mind is Trying to Escape the Awareness of Conflict

This post is about another block to creativity, a block that prevents us from expressing the creativity that is present in each of us. Self-sustaining confusion of the mind. This not the usual confusion, the confusion we experience if we just don’t understand something from outside. Bohm, in On Creativity, says that this self-sustaining confusion […]

The Worldview of Aesthetics

With my previous post I compared different views on aesthetics. It were the views, as I understood them, from Kant, Adorno and Bohm. But I did not compare their totality. Now that is too difficult for me to do, as I only have a very general understanding of each of their views. But even if […]

Beauty is Not Just in the Eye of the Beholder

Creativity has to do with recognizing differences and similarities. Recognize patterns that have a certain appeal to us, patterns in which we see beauty. Now it is often said that beauty is subjective. That beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But according to David Bohm in On Creativity, beauty is not purely subjective. […]

Recognizing Patterns from an Underlying Reality

Maybe I can better change the subtitle of this blog. Since reading the book Science, Order and Creativity, creativity seems to be the main focus of my blog. But while thinking about that, I realized it always was the main focus of my blog. Of all the blogging I did so far. My focus was […]

How Creative Energy becomes Destructive

From the moment I started reading this chapter in the book Science, Order and Creativity, I knew it would be on my mind for a long time. Looking at the posts now, I see that I read the book in June. And still, everything I do, read and hear is in the light of that […]

Basic Ground for the Meaning of Life

So creativity is something that can only arise from within. And every outside interference can block it. At least that is what research seems to suggest. But what does that mean? And what exactly do we mean by creativity? I think that, as I already wrote in the post Inner Drive or Navigation from Outside, […]

Notes on the Courtier's Reply

In response to the Skeptic Zone here.The Courtier's Reply is a term that has come to be used for the response to theCourtier's Reply, and so you are right to say that it might be more proper to call it the Courtier's Reply Reply, but that gets awkward to say.Here is the problem. Show More Summary

Are There Possible Worlds in which the Human Nature of Christ Exists Unassumed?

This entry continues the conversation with Tim Pawl about Chalcedonian Christology. I set forth the following antilogism: 3. The individual human nature of the Logos is a substance. 4. Every substance is metaphysically capable of independent existence. 5. The individual...

The Deep Meaning of Ferguson: The End of the Rule of Law

Ferguson is of course just one instance. But it is emblematic. As usual, Victor Davis Hanson gets it right: In the Ferguson disaster, the law was the greatest casualty. Civilization cannot long work if youths strong-arm shop owners and take...

Remembering the Mystery in Which we Live

The immensity of this Mystery in which we live and move and have our being is truly wondrous. Yet too often, we grow numb, become jaded to the Mystery. To read the post, click >> Remembering the Mystery in Which we Live

More on Craig and Reformed Epistemology

What I am suggesting is that the question of indefeasibility seems to be something on top of the issues created by Reformed Epistemology. I think that religious experiences like those Craig mentions, if you have them, give you a reason to believe in God that another person might not have. Show More Summary

Sick of Political Acrimony, Reader Goes on 'News Fast'

This from reader K. W. with my comments in blue: I am taking a break from all news and social media. I will be keeping up with your blog, however, as your most recent treatment on the Incarnation is intriguing....

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