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Potentiality and the Substance View of Persons

I suspect that Vlastimil V's (neo-scholastic) understanding of potentiality is similar to the one provided by Matthew Lu in Potentiality Rightly Understood: The substance view of persons holds that every human being either has the potential to manifest any and...

The Evolution of Indirect Reciprocity in Locke's Law of Reputation

In his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke argued that our ideas of moral good and evil were derived mostly from "the law of opinion or reputation," because most human beings identified virtue as whatever was praised inShow More Summary

Rod Dreher on Critics of the Benedict Option

Excerpt: You keep talking about the Benedict Option, but you never say what it is. Give us the formula. I keep telling you that there is no formula! We are going to have to be experimental, because we have never...

Why Write?

A reader sends me the following quotation from a Richard Miller: I have never yet written anything, long or short, that did not surprise me. That is, for me at least, the greatest worth of writing, which is only incidentally...

Three uses of ridicule

There has been a lot of discussion about the use of ridicule in debates about religious belief. It is my conviction that discussion of this tends to conflate three different ways in which ridicule is used. The first way is simply to entertain ourselves. Show More Summary

The Tragedy of Thomas Merton

A conservative critique by Michael Baker. It is well worth reading. Part I The discussion of self-absorption gave me serious pause. What is the typical blogger if not self-absorbed? Part II Some other Merton materials

I was angry with God for not existing

C. S. Lewis wrote “I was at this time living, like so many Atheists or Antitheists, in a whirl of contradictions. I maintained that God did not exist. I was also very angry with God for not existing. I was equally angry with Him for creating a world.” Some atheists have maintained that this shows that Lewis was never a real atheist. Show More Summary

Vallicella on Homophobia and Carniphobia

Here. If I believe that stealing is a sin, does that make me guilty of kleptophobia?

The Argument from Reason as a Theistic Argument

III. The Argument from Reason and Natural Theology We might ask the following question: In what sense is the argument from reason a piece of natural theology. The job of natural theology is supposed to be to provide epistemic support for theism. Show More Summary

Does the Potentiality Argument Prove Too Much?

Here is a simple version of the Potentiality Argument (PA): 1. All potential persons have a right to life. 2. The human fetus is a potential person. ----- 3. The human fetus has a right to life. Does PA 'prove...

The New Homophobia

From a sermon by Rev. Drachir Snikwad, of Hellfire Baptist Church in Georgia: I think we should probably abandon the irremediably gay precisely because that is what they are – irremediable. I am more interested in the fence-sitters who haven't really considered the question very long or very carefully. Show More Summary

Procreative Externalities (and bad moral advice) revisited

There's an interesting podcast with ethicist Travis Rieder (ht: Daily Nous) discussing the ethics of having kids in light of climate change. Rieder suggests that it's morally problematic to have children at all, and probably out of bounds to have more than one, given the immense "carbon footprint" of the decision (especially in the US). Show More Summary

Another Example of the Moral Depavity of the Left: Planned Parenthood

Michelle Malkin's The Wine-Sipping Butchers of Planned Parenthood ends brilliantly: What kind of country do we live in where law-abiding businesses are fined, threatened and demonized for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes, but barbaric baby butchers are hailed by...

It Pays to Publish, but Don't Pay to Publish

This just over the transom: Dear Colleague, British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science (ISSN: 2278-0998) is an OPEN peer-reviewed INTERNATIONAL journal. We offer both Online publication as well as Hard copy options. Article Processing Charge is only 100...

Continental Philosophers I Respect and the 'Continental-Analytic Divide'

From the mail bag: I'm a new reader of your blog and about two years into my own layman's study of philosophy. By that I mean I'm just reading whatever strikes my fancy as best as I can and building...

Political Correctness in Germany

A German reader points us to Bloggende Studenten: Die Professoren-Stalker.

Abortion and Infanticide: What's the Difference?

This is a re-post with minor edits of an entry from March 1, 2012. I agree with it still. (Surprise!) I would like Vlastimil V., who is currently exercised by topics in this neighborhood, to tell me how much of...

Basic Needs and Basic Rights

Occasionally I see people being outraged about the idea of putting a market price on everyday water usage (see here for background on a perennial example involving Nestle). The idea seems to be that since water is a basic need, so we should have a basic right to its free provision. Show More Summary

Plantinga on the "courage" of atheists

The God Delusion is an extended diatribe against religion in general and belief in God in particular; Dawkins and Daniel Dennett (whose recent Breaking the Spell is his contribution to this genre) are the touchdown twins of current academic...Show More Summary

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