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Indexicality and an Argument against Omniscience

Patrick Grim gives something like the following argument. What I know when I know that 1. I am making a mess is an indexical fact that no one else can know. At most, what someone else can know is that...


The sufficiently resilient and adaptable can turn most of life's unanticipated slings and arrows to their advantage.

Why I think skeptics need the hallucination theory

Let me explain, as best I can, what the skeptic has to deal with in this debate. According to the accounts, Christ was executed by crucifixion, dead and buried. The crucifixion was instigated by people in the Jewish leadership, and carried out by the Romans. Show More Summary

ECREE and Neil Armstrong

Some people have used extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to argue against the moon landings. They happened a long time ago (though not as long ago as the resurrection, supposedly), we don’t find people going to the moon at all these days, so how do we know the whole thing wasn’t just made up?

Bill de Blasio Goes After Chick-Fil-A

There was a dust-up back in 2012 over Chick-Fil-A. But now the company is back in the news because of an attack by the leftist mayor of NYC, Bozo de Blasio. Story here. You can do your bit in countering...

Peter Boghossian, God is Not Dead, and the Establishment Clause

From MCFA: “To prevent doxastic closure it’s also important to read the work of noted apologists. The only two I’d suggest are Alvin Plantinga and William Lane Craig, though I’d urge you not to buy their books; their projects don’t need your support. Show More Summary

The Myth that Atheism is the Lack of a Belief in God

I have been in discussion with some atheists recently regarding two of their more popular myths. By "myth", I mean false feel-good beliefs brought into a culture and embraced against all evidence. These myths are: (1) Atheism is theShow More Summary

Could it be Morally Wrong to Philosophize?

A Czech reader sent me some materials in which he raises the title question. One of them is a YouTube video. I will unpack the question in my own way and then pronounce my verdict. Suppose what ought to be...

An Exception to the Rule that University Admins are Cowards

Roger Kimball, Safe from "Safe Spaces": This is where things got interesting, and President Michael Drake came into his own. He sent osu Senior Vice President Jay Kasey as his ambassador to the protestors. Speaking in calm, measured tones (the...

Obama as Precursor of Trump

Trump perpetuates the post-modern politics perfected by Obama and inaugurated by the first PoMo Prez, Bill Clinton, who was also the first black president. You know you're in PoMo Land when a honkie from Hope, Arkansas gets to be black....

A Fallen Being

A natural but not inevitable concomitant of being a fallen being is being oblivious to the fact.

On the Charge of Being an "Intellectual Lightweight"

Against both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, I have claimed that being an intellectual lightweight is a fault. I placed it in a list that also included hate-monger get bigotry and a disregard for the humanity of those who are not Americans. Yet,...Show More Summary

Peter Boghossian's Atheism Course

Apparently Boghossian can get away with a teaching a New Atheist apologetics course at a public university, on the public dime. Of course he denies this.Just as the purpose of religious studies is not to convert students to a particular...Show More Summary

Twelfth Anniversary Pledge

This weblog commenced operations on 4 May 2004. I thank you for reading. My pledge: You will never see advertising on this site. You will never see anything that jumps around in your visual field. You will not be assaulted...

The Three Failings of Trump

It seems that the Republicans have selected Trump as their candidate for President of the United States. I was caught entirely by surprise - as were a great many others. The reason for my surprise is because I did not think people would actually vote for such poor candidate. Show More Summary

Summer She's Come

Summer she's come in these parts As Trump takes Indiana And Cruz departs.

Jason Riley, Conservative Black, Disinvited from Campus

For a long time now, leftist termites, aided and abetted by cowardly administrators and go-along-to-get-along faculty members, have been busy undermining the foundations of the West, including the universities. Here Jason Riley reports on an outrage that affected him personally....

Heathwood's Theory of Well-Being - Part 1

I did not make it to Chris Heathwood's presentation on Friday... ... Or, actually, I did and saw that the presentation was being given in a small conference room - a table with about 12 chairs surrounding it. This gave me the impression...Show More Summary

Can We Live Together in Peace Despite Deep Differences?

A large part of the appeal of Donald Trump even to those of us who oppose much of his style and substance is that he and he alone appears prepared to fight the Left and fight to win, which of...

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