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Philippa Foot's Morality as Hypothetical Imperatives - Part 2 - Reasons to Act Morally

Typically, in discussions regarding the relationship between right action and motives, we encounter a contrast between two types of reasons. There are those who do the right thing because they find it useful, like the person who makes...Show More Summary

Islam vs The West: Trump vs. Obama

In this post I want to present my understanding of the position that the Obama administration takes on the use of rhetoric regarding the conflict against ISIL and al-Quida. First, Obama asserts that ISIL and al-Quida wish to frame the...Show More Summary

List of Islamist Terror Attacks

From the 1980s to the present. Some lists are 'static,' some 'dynamic.' The Ten Commandments is static whereas the list of Islamist outrages is unfortunately dynamic, highly dynamic. Exercise for the reader. Compile a list of Christian terror attacks from...

Albert Camus, Notebooks 1951-1959

This is one of the books I am reading at the moment. Tr. Ryan Bloom. First appeared in French in 1989 by Editions Gallimard, Paris, English translation 2008, first paperback edition 2010 (Ivan R. Dee, Chicago). Some good stuff here,...

Are Christians to blame for the Orlando attacks?

Here. Last I checked, the attacker was of a different religious persuasion.

Keep Your Own Counsel

That is my advice. Now apply it to what I have just advised.


Petula Dvorak, Washington Post, 13 June: "Omar Mateen despised gays in the same way that Donald Trump and too many of his supporters despise Muslims." Why isn't this libel? 'Libel' as defined in the law: 1) n. to publish in...

Is Diversity Our Strength?

Thomas Sowell poses the question: Is diversity our strength? Or anybody's strength, anywhere in the world? Does Japan's homogeneous population cause the Japanese to suffer? Have the Balkans been blessed by their heterogeneity -- or does the very word "Balkanization"...

Islamic Libertarianism Can Defeat Islamic Terrorism

The Orlando massacre has renewed the debate over the possible connections between Islam and terrorism. In that debate, two crucial points are receiving little or no attention. The first point is that the panic over terrorism is foolish and dangerous. Show More Summary

Was the "Journal of American Greatness" an "Inside Joke"?

As I noted in my previous post, the "Journal of American Greatness" was started in February as a website where Straussians connected with the West-Coast Straussianism of Claremont McKenna College and Hillsdale College could defend "Trumpism." But as of today, the entire website has been erased. Show More Summary

Putting Good Before God

There are people who tell me that I need to "find God" or seek religion if I am going to understand morality. However, I do not see how that is going to work. For this discussion, let us assume that there is a god and that the God wants...Show More Summary

The Problem: Gun Culture or Liberal Culture?

This is a repost, slightly redacted, from 2012 to help stem the tsunami of folderol sure to wash over us from the orifices of the mindless gun-grabbing Left in the wake of the Islamist Orlando rampage................. Without wanting to...

Victor Davis Hanson Takes a Trumpian Line on Muslim Immigration

It's about time these establishment types began wising up: [...] Immigration to the U.S., and citizenship itself, should be seen, again, as a privilege, not a right—and assimilation and integration, not multicultural separatism and ethnic and religious chauvinism,...

The Sense That Nothing Matters

Many are tempted by the thought that nothing ultimately matters, and in some this thought becomes an oppressive mood that paralyzes and renders life unlivable. Leo Tolstoy's "My Confession" is perhaps the best expression of this dark and oppressive nihilism....

Deriving Gun Rights From the Right to Life: Short Version

This is a summary of a much longer and more carefully articulated 2009 entry. Humans possess a natural right to life. This right entails the right to defend one's life. The right to defend one's life entails the right to...

Not Blog-Worthy

A good blogger exercises restraint as to what he posts. Too much of the merely personal makes for a boring blog. Facebook is the place for narcissism. But a blog bare of all traces of the personal is not a...

The Left and the Problem of Criticizing Islam

There are voices, some of them liberal, who assert that liberals do not have a proper attitude towards Islam. These critics accuse (other) liberals of being warm and welcoming of those who slaughter homosexuals, kill blasphemers andShow More Summary

Does Obergfell mean we can marry whoever we want?

No. The question of the number of people you can marry, and the age of the person you can marry, is still restricted. NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, wants to eliminate the latter restriction. The Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints wants to eliminate the former restriction.

Sharia: Coming to a Nightclub Near You

Well, it has come to a nightclub, a homosexual establishment, though it might not be near you. But do you think that this is the last incident of its kind? Bruce Bawer at the excellent City Journal: On CNN and...

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