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The Argument from Intelligibility for Moral Realism

I've previously suggested that the non-contingency of moral realism can help to undermine parsimony-based objections to the view. I'm now wondering whether it can further help us to provide a positive argument in favour of the view. Consider:P1. Show More Summary

The Attack on Leo Strauss from the Paleoconservative Historicists

The debate over Leo Strauss's political thought has been dominated by two positions. Strauss's critics on the Left have charged that he was a right-wing--even fascist--enemy of liberal democracy. In response to this criticism, his defenders...Show More Summary

Should scientists who believe in ID be excluded from science positions?

Jerry Coyne thinks so.In a funny sort of way, these sorts of statements support one of the claims made by ID supporters. For example, the lack of peer reviewed science articles is supposed to be a reason for rejecting ID. But if allShow More Summary

Increasing Liberty and Declining Violence in Spencer's Evolutionary Classical Liberalism

Reading Alberto Mingardi's Herbert Spencer (New York: Bloomsbury, 2013) has finally convinced me that modern evolutionary classical liberalism is rooted in the tradition of Spencer, and that the recent work of those like Matt Ridley,...Show More Summary

Christian Physicalism?

J. P. Moreland is against it. Me too. More generally, I oppose any amalgamation of classical thesm and materialism about the mind. (See my "Could a Classical Theist be a Physicalist?" Faith and Philosophy, vol. 15, no. 2, April 1998...

Archeological Confirmation of Acts

Here. Oh yeah, the guy's a Christian, so his arguments must be no good.

A valid argument for a flat earth

1. If Charles Johnson (former head of the Flat Earth Society) says the earth is flat, then the earth is flat.2. Charles Johnson says that the earth is flat.3. Therefore, the earth is flat.Validity, by itself, doesn't do a whole lot.

Is the Christian doctrine of heaven a bribe, and does the doctrine of hell commit the scare tactics fallacy?

1. Some people maintain that, in religions that teach a belief in heaven and hell, that heaven is a bribe and the doctrine of hell commits the scare tactics fallacy. Is this a reasonable statement, or not? Here is a discussion of the scare tactics fallacy.

Philosophy and Politics: Frege, Heidegger and Others

Worth repeating from an old post: Hate speech? That's a term leftists use for speech they don't like. No one in his right mind could see Heidegger's magnum opus, Sein und Zeit (Being and Time), published in 1927, as anything...

Coming into Being and Passing Away: Two Definitions of Chisholm Examined

Some changes are merely accidental or alterational. Others are substantial or existential. It is one thing for Tom to gain or lose weight, quite another for him to come to be or pass away. Alterational changes including gaining weight, shifting...

Political Lawlessness Viewed Philosophically at Twilight

It is twilight time for a great nation. One indication is the rise of political lawlessness. Should this trouble the philosopher? Before he is a citizen, the philosopher is a "spectator of all time and existence" in a marvellous phrase...

The Most Powerful Argument Against Religious Faith Ever?

Over at the The Philosopher's Stone, Robert Paul Wolff waxes enthusiastic over a quotation from Hobbes: "Fear of power invisible, feigned by the mind, or imagined from tales publicly allowed, RELIGION; not allowed, SUPERSTITION." Just think what Hobbes accomplishes in...

Naturalism as Anti-Philosophy

According to William Ernest Hocking, to philosophize is to assume that the universe has an objective meaning, one that can be discerned by us. "And since meanings are something more than the bare facts of the natural order, all philosophy...


This blog has been going slowly, so I thought the natural thing to do was to start a new one on Tumblr: And Another Thing The idea is that links, small points, and (more importantly) ideas about the profession will go there, and TAR will be for longer posts, and for research work. But I’ll […]

Blue on Blue: California Asians Object to Affirmative Action

A rift within Democrat ranks. Excerpt: California’s Democrats have long chafed against Proposition 209, a 1996 voter-backed measure that said: “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race,...

Myth, History, and the New Testament

An interesting fact about many "mythical" accounts from the ancient world is that they don't normally provide any details, and they certainly don't provide dates and times that have been confirmed by archaeology. Let's take, for example, the Book of Acts, which contains numerous miracle claims. Show More Summary

Is that a fact?

The can be evidence for something without it reaching the status of fact. For example, you can agree that the Zapruder film is evidence that there was a shooter on the grassy knoll, but still also think the preponderance of the evidence supports the "Oswald alone" theory. Show More Summary

Take the High Road with Liberals?

When liberals are up to their usual scumbaggery ought one take the high road with them, patiently making one's case in gentlemanly fashion and rebutting theirs, assuming there is one, all the while ignoring their insults and slanders? In The...

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