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A Pro-Life Feminist Who Voted for Trump

Thereby helping to block the butchery Hillary would have exacerbated. I hope you 'conservatives' who refused to vote for Trump will come to your senses at some point.

Reading Now: Philippa Foot, Natural Goodness

The book arrived yesterday via Amazon and I began reading it this morning. Looks good! Oxford University Press, 2001. Foot essays "a naturalistic theory of ethics: to break really radically both with G. E. Moore's anti-naturalism and with the subjectivist...

The Decline of the Universities

From Plato to Play-Doh. From Higher Education to Higher Infantilization. The decline of the universities is the decline of the West. The Left has a lot to answer for.

Consciousness: the underlying problem

Watch the full video with related content here. What is the problem about consciousness? A Royal Institution video with interesting presentations (part 2 another time). Anil Seth presents a striking illusion and gives an optimistic view of the ability of science to tackle the problem; or maybe we just get on with the science anyway? […]

Rod Dreher on Steve Bannon

Fair and balanced. An excellent antidote to the mindless screeching of the loons of the Left. But do loons screech? It is more like a plaintive keening.

'Constructivism' Gone Wild: Biological Male Wins Women's Cycling Event

Story here: A 36-year-old biological male dominated the women’s division of the El Tour de Tucson last weekend, an annual cycling competition in Arizona that attracts thousands of amateur and professional cyclists. Jillian Bearden — who identifies as a transgender...

Catholicism as True Enough

Catholicism is true enough to provide moral guidance and spiritual sustenance for many, many people. So if you are a lapsed Catholic, you could do far worse than to return to the arms of Holy Mother the Church. And this...

An Imagined Exchange With Yogi Berra

Me: He who hesitates is lost. Yogi: You mean Peter?................. What inspired this imagined exchange? The thought that the grammatically third-person singular masculine pronoun has logically non-pronominal uses. Related articles Direct and Indirect Reference The professor vs. the pronoun...

To the 'Victims' of Liberal Victimology

Blacks need to learn from Jews, Italians, the Irish, and others who have faced abuse. Don't whine, don't complain, don't seek a government program. Don't try to cash in on your 'victim' status, when the truth is that you are...

Ontological Crisis?

You will have noticed by now that leftists are in permanent 'crisis mode.' But now comes something new, ontological crisis: In the wake of their devastating loss, Democrats find themselves in the midst of ontological crisis.......

The Neurobiology of Assessing Punishment

279 days until the start of class. Don’t mind me. I only stopped by to drop something off. From Blame to Punishment: Disrupting Prefrontal Cortex Activity Reveals Norm Enforcement Mechanisms. It is an article on the neurobiology of how...Show More Summary

College-Educated or College-Indoctrinated?

Lefties like to point out that the college-educated favored Hillary over Trump. But so what? Apart from the STEM disciplines, the colleges and universities of the land have become leftist seminaries, hotbeds of political correctness, and centers of Higher Infantilization....

Human Progress: (2) Life is Healthier

Good health is a precondition for a good life. If we are crushed by disease, injury, or undernourishment, we cannot live a happy and flourishing life. Throughout most of human history, most human beings were disabled in their lives or died prematurely from poor health. Show More Summary

He Was a Friend of Mine

John F. Kennedy was assassinated 53 years ago today. Here is The Byrds' tribute to the slain leader. They took a traditional song and redid the lyrics. Here Willie Nelson does a great job with the traditional song. You Dylan...

A Protreptic Puzzler

A curious passage from Aristotle's Protrepticus:... the fact that all men feel at ease in philosophy, wishing to dedicate their whole lives to the pursuit of it by leaving behind all other concerns, is in itself weighty...

Your Money Well Spent

Here: The National Science Foundation has spent more than $400,000 on a study that published scientific results on the “relationship between gender and glaciers.” The paper “Glaciers, gender, and science,” published in January 2016, concluded that “ice is not just...

What Makes a Country Great?

Make America Great? Let's look at this. When you think of a great country, what is it that you think of? One way to imagine greatness is to imagine a future history book looking back on these times. Future students - will they see these...Show More Summary

Advice for the Loyal Opposition

Mark Steyn (HT: Bill Keezer): "The object of Parliament," observed Winston Churchill at election time in 1951, "is to substitute argument for fisticuffs." How's that holding up after November 8th? The object of at least a proportion of those on...

Reading Now: Paul Gottfried on Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt

Paul Gottfried, Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt: Toward a Secular Theocracy, University of Missouri Press, 2002. Excellent background to current developments. I may be missing something, but the subtitle seems poorly chosen. 'Toward X,' like the German Zur X,'...

God Helmet

Is God a neuronal delusion? Dr Michael Persinger’s God Helmet might suggest so. This nice Atlas Obscura ‘piece’ piece by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie finds a range of views. The helmet is far from new, partly inspired by Persinger’s observations back in the 1980s of a woman whose seizure induced a strong sense of the presence […]

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