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Borders are essential to the immune system of the body politic.

Truthmaker Maximalism and The Misery of Philosophy

According to one of my aphorisms, Philosophy is magnificent in aspiration but miserable in execution. Part of what makes philosophy a miserable subject is that none of its conclusions is conclusive. Herewith, a little example. But first some background. A...

A Desire to Thwart the Desires of a Minority

Sometimes, it is useful to try to express an argument in new ways. What is confusing in one expression may be clear in another. So, let's take: Here's an argument against desirism. 1. The majority of people desire to see the desire of...Show More Summary

Glenn Reynolds: Vote for Trump!

Here (emphasis added): When Richard Nixon tried to weaponize the IRS, top officials at the Service made a stink. Under Obama, the IRS weaponized itself. And, of course, the press is in the tank for the Democrats as usual. Bad...

The Flight 93 Election

Required reading, especially for you yap-and-scribble, go-along-to-get-along, objectively pro-Hillary, bow-tied, milquetoast 'conservatives.' Via Malcolm Pollack.

Heather MacDonald Stole My Title!

Here is my Black Lies Matter! post. Here is hers. I'll allow that hers is better. And that she is prettier.

Why Conservatives Should Vote for Trump, II

James Cambell, a professor of political science, writes, Thinking Republicans should NOT SUPPORT Donald Trump, but they should reluctantly VOTE for him. On what matters most, and that is public policy, Trump is not nearly as bad as Clinton. Shout...

Presenting Desirism

355 days until I start classes. I have an active dislike of the idea of going to graduate school with the idea that I have this philosophy that I intend to defend. First of all - and this is an issue I have long dealt with - it seems presumptuous and arrogant to be promoting and defending my own philosophy. Show More Summary

The Debate That Won't Go Away: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Not again! Yes, again. On 5 September 2016 anno domini, in the pages of Crisis Magazine, Fr. Brandon O'Brien opined (emphasis added): While some similarities may exist between the Christian and Muslim conceptions of God, it is certain that the...

Why a Conservative Should Vote for Trump

Dennis Prager makes the case. He concludes (emphasis added): Therefore, with another four years of Democrat-left rule -- meaning a nearly permanent left-wing Supreme Court and left-wing-controlled lower courts; the further erosion of federalism; an exponential growth in the power...

Atheism's Real Child Abuse

Suppose someone were to make the following argument. Atheists are guilty of child abuse. People who die in their sins without knowing Jesus Christ are condemned to hell, yet atheists do worse than nothing to insure that their children are saved from this terrible fate. Show More Summary

What is naturalism, that we should be mindful of it? W. P. Alston quotes O. K. Bouwsma

Here. Bouwsma has some fun at the expense of some of the contributors to a 1944 volume entitled Naturalism and the Human Spirit, many of whom characterized naturalism in the methodologically scientistic way I have been utilizing. For...Show More Summary

Reading Now: Gun Control in the Third Reich

Author: Stephen P. Holbrook Subtitle: Disarming the Jews and the "Enemies of the State" Essential reading on the eve of the disaster that is a Hillary presidency. "Gun Control in the Third Reich, Stephen Halbrook's excellent history of gun control...

Donald Trump's Hate Mongering

Twice, now, Republican Presidential Nominee pulled a stunt that I consider far outside the bounds of morality, and generated very little comment that I know about on this fact. At the Republican National Conventional in which he wasShow More Summary


357 days until the first day of classes. In addition to continuing with the Philosophy Bites podcasts, I have been looking at some works on intentionality. Desires are intentional states. One of the things I have been neglecting is a detailed look at what a desire might be - other than just a propositional attitude. Show More Summary

Athens in the Evolution of Liberalism

To ask about the place of ancient Athens in the evolution of liberalism must seem to many people to make no sense. If liberalism is a distinctively modern way of thinking about social order, and if truly liberal societies have appeared...Show More Summary

Correspondence and Truthmaking

I posed the following problem: A. Some sentences are true in virtue of their correspondence with extralinguistic reality. B. If so, then reality must have a sentence-like structure. C. Reality does not have a sentence-like structure. London Ed solves it...

Architectonics and the Hard Problem

Can we solve the Hard Problem with scanners? This article by Brit Brogaard and Dimitria E. Gatzia argues that recent advances in neuroimaging techniques, combined with the architectonic approach advocated by Fingelkurts and Fingelkurts, open the way to real advances. But surely it’s impossible for physical techniques to shed any light on the Hard Problem? The […]

Gary Johnson Opposes 'Illegal Immigrant'

Another reason to not be a libertarian. (Johnson is the libertarian 'losertarian' candidate for president.)

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