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Carnap and Clarity

This entry is installment #2 in a Carnap versus Heidegger series. Here is the first in the series. It couldn't hurt to at least skim through it. Part of what I am up to is an exploration of the origin...

College Encourages Lively Exchange of One Idea

Is this a freaking joke? (HT: Spencer Case) I fear it is not. The only kind of diversity liberals care about is politically correct diversity, diversity in respect of skin color and reproductive plumbing, not a diversity of ideas. I've...

Did Rand Paul Really Say That?

Heather MacDonald: Announcing his presidential bid this month, Sen. Rand Paul said he wants to repeal “any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color.” Did he really say that? If yes, then he's pandering Hillariously. 'People of color,' to...

Who's to Blame?

Wherein Diana West takes some accurate shots at Republicans lest we forget their complicity in our decline distracted as we are by the every-increasing stench of the Dem's Clintonian corruption.

Hillary's Presidential Bid as an Exercise in and Referendum on Cynicism

Another penetrating column by Bret Stephens. Excerpts: All of which means that Mrs. Clinton’s presidential bid is an exercise in—and a referendum on—cynicism, partly hers but mainly ours. Democrats who nominate Mrs. Clinton will transform their party into the party...

Crude on whether atheists are as moral as theists

Here. One 'trick' I'm particularly tired of is this: "Atheists are just as moral as theists, so you theists better say this if you want any dialogue with atheists." Except A) Who wants dialogue with atheists, particularly New Atheists...Show More Summary

God and Socrates: Two Different Ways of Existing?

This is another round in an ongoing discussion (via face-to-face conversations, podcasts, and weblog posts) with Dale Tuggy on whether or not God is best thought of as a being among beings, albeit the highest being (summum ens), or rather...

The Catholic Encyclopedia on Fideism

• As against these views, it must be noted that authority, even the authority of God, cannot be the supreme criterion of certitude, and an act of faith cannot be the primary form of knowledge. This authority, indeed, in order to be a...Show More Summary

Why Physics Needs Philosophy

A short piece by Tim Maudlin. Good as far as it goes, but it doesn't go deep enough. Maudlin rightly opposes the "reigning attitude": The reigning attitude in physics has been “shut up and calculate”: solve the equations, and do...


This is the third in a series of four posts about key ideas from my book The Shadow of Consciousness; this one is about haecceity, or to coin a plainer term, thisness. There are strong links with the subject of the final post, which will be that ultimate mystery, reality. Haecceity is my explanation for […]

Is IBM's Watson a Machine That Thinks?

“I for one welcome our new computer overlords.” That is what Ken Jennings said when he was defeated in the television game show Jeopardy! by Watson, an artificially intelligent machine built by IBM. There's a short video on this. There's also a longer PBS NOVA documentary on this. Show More Summary

David Horowitz versus Slavoj Zizek

A lively debate with Julian Assange in the middle. Horowitz talks sense as usual while Zizek appears to be off his meds. Horowitz: "The natural state of mankind is war." Of course. Lefties would understand this if they weren't in...

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Clowns

Being hung up on the '60s, there is and will be only one clown for me, Bozo the Clown. After Bozo I had no truck with clowns. I'm a serious man. But I can relate to this segment from the...


I am going to have to ask two people, whose names I don't think I need to mention, to stop posting here. I do this with great reluctance. The reasons are two. One, I think your positions are better represented by other people who agree with you for the most part. Show More Summary

The Best Case for Voting

To follow up on my last post, let's consider a Regan-esque case for voting.The set-up: Suppose there are two candidates, Good and Bad, and a large population (e.g. several million voters). 90% of the population are unreasoning voters, and suppose that each such voter is (independently) 0.55 likely to vote for Bad, and 0.45 likely to vote for Good. Show More Summary

Gluttony: Another Sign of Decline

So what can we teach the Muslim world? How to be gluttons? Another sign of decline in the Spenglerian gloom of Der Untergang des Abendlandes is the proliferation of TV food shows, The U. S. of Bacon being one of...

Creedal Discrimination

"Creedal discrimination" is now illegitimate at Vanderbilt University. Political correctness uber alles.

Trigger Warning!

Here you will find Keith Burgess-Jackson's along with some related documents.

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