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Against Professional Philosophy

There is some interesting material here. Certainly contemporary academic philosophy in the Anglosphere and elsewhere is over-specialized and hyper-professionalized. A critique is needed. I have given the APP effort only a cursory reading, so I won't say anything more about...

'Traditional Marriage' or 'Natural Marriage'?

This from long-time reader, Bill Tingley: As always, Bill, I find reading your blog enlightening and enjoyable. I note you are using the term "traditional marriage" to refer to marriage. Now that the Supreme Court has redefined marriage as nothing...

Independence Day Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule

It starts tomorrow morning. Kelley Vlahos: While it might be difficult to fathom, Independence Day and the 1960s television hit “The Twilight Zone” have become virtually synonymous in the eyes of the show’s multigenerational fandom. [...] One could...

Another Thing Islamists and Leftists Have in Common

Both are destructive of the past. Examples aplenty in the news. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” (George Orwell) Quotation found here.

The Empirical Falsifiability of Kennedy's Natural Law Reasoning for Gay Marriage

Natural law reasoning is an empirical science insofar as it makes falsifiable predictions about the failure of laws that deny human nature. So, for example, if one agrees with Robert George and others that the monogamous marriage ofShow More Summary

Liberal Race Lunacy in Oregon

Here. No commentary necessary. To post this pernicious nonsense is to refute it. “Many white people in Oregon have no idea that our schools and state are immersed in white culture and are uncomfortable and harmful to our students of...

Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage: Decoupling Religious and Secular Considerations

I say they should be decoupled. They won't be, of course, but they should be. My case for decoupling may be gleaned from the following two substantial entries: What Does Abortion Have to Do with Religion? The Infertility Argument fo...

SCOTUS and Benedict

In the wake of recent events, Rod Dreher renews his call for the Benedict Option: It is now clear that for this Court, extremism in the pursuit of the Sexual Revolution’s goals is no vice. True, the majority opinion nodded...

Why Not Privatize Marriage?

Being a conservative, I advocate limited government. Big government leads to big trouble as we fight endlessly, acrimoniously, and fruitlessly over all sorts of issues that we really ought not be fighting over. As one of my slogans has it,...

Same-Sex Marriage: No Surprise Conservatives Lost

Four reasons off the top of my head. 1. Conservatives don't know how to argue and persuade. In the main, conservatives are not at home on the plane of ideas and abstractions where one must do battle with leftist obfuscation....

Does Same-Sex Marriage Leave Marriage Intact?

The picture many of us have of same-sex marriage is that homosexual couples will be doing the same thing as heterosexuals, but with the same-sex partner to which they are attracted, as opposed to an opposite-sex partner. For at least many gay activists, this is perceived as stifling and limiting. Show More Summary

God, Proof, and Desire

From a reader:... I’m confused by some of your epistemic terms. You reject Aquinas’s view that we can “rigorously prove” the existence of God, and several times say that theistic arguments are not rationally compelling, by which...

Thomistic Natural Law in Justice Kennedy's Gay Marriage Opinion

Although he does not explicitly appeal to Thomistic natural law, Justice Kennedy's opinion for the majority in Obergefell v. Hodges upholding gay marriage as a constitutional right implicitly engages in Thomistic natural law reasoning."The...Show More Summary

"Should I do a Philosophy PhD?"

Will MacAskill is seeking feedback on the 80,000 Hours advice page he's written for those who ask the question: "I want to make a difference. Should I become a philosopher?", with a full profile evaluating the PhD in Philosophy (from an "effective altruist" perspective) here.It seems generally pretty accurate to me. Show More Summary

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