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An index to the Feser-Parsons exchange

Here. Some hope for those who were wondering if real dialogue between Christians and atheists can still take place in the Blogosphere.

Semi-Annual Twilight Zone Marathon Starts Tomorrow!

Schedule here. The hard-driving Serling lived a short but intense life. Born in 1924, he was dead at age 50 in 1975. His four pack a day cigarette habit destroyed his heart. Imagine smoking 80 Lucky Strikes a day! Assuming...

Anti-Left Links

The Left's Central Delusion How Obama Lost the Middle East Our man Spencer Case's latest: How Obama Sided with the Muslim Brotherhood Sobby Lobby. More quotations that show that all-too-many high-placed liberals are morally obtuse, intellectually deficient liars.

Robert Paul Wolff's Misunderstanding of the Hobby Lobby Decision

Professor Wolff of The Philosopher's Stone writes, When we got back to our apartment, I turned on my computer to check the news, and learned of the pair of decisions handed down by the Supreme Court. That both decisions are...

The Case for Nicotine

Nicotine is the main psychoactive ingredient in tobacco, and a most delightful and useful ingredient it is, especially for us Luftmenschen. I am thinking of the chess players who make Luft, not war, and of the philosophers whose thoughts are...

Hurting Others: Can we really avoid hurting other persons?

Often caring persons restrain their living forward in their lives for fear of hurting another person. However is it really possible to go through life without hurting others unintentionally? To read the post, click >> Hurting Others: Can we really avoid hurting other persons?

Peter Unger Introduces a Central Thesis of his New Book, Empty Ideas: A Critique of Analytric Philosophy

Here, via Dave Lull. The comments, as one ought to expect, are not very good. Here as elsewhere, and to exaggerate a bit, the best arguments against an open combox are the contents of one. I have read large chunks...

Pew Research Center Political Typology Quiz

I started to take the quiz but then quit in disgust after the first two questions. Here is the first question: Which of the following statements comes closest to your view? Government regulation of business is necessary to protect the...

Do You Really Want to Help Black Americans?

Then stop trying to 'help' them. Excellent advice for liberals from a black man, Jason Riley. The Left will of course denounce him as an Uncle Tom, an 'oreo,' a traitor to his race, among other things. But that is...

Nordic Social Democracy as the Capitalist Welfare State

At the end of the 20th century, many socialists were dispirited by the apparent triumph of neoliberal models of economic development and globalization. There were debates over whether socialism had failed in its attempt to challengeShow More Summary

God's Lottery

Kenneth Walden's new paper, 'The Aid That Leaves Something to Chance', offers a similar argument to Caspar Hare's about chancy methods: There is more than one way to hold a lottery among our castaways. You could get five ping-pong balls,...Show More Summary

ID and open-mindedness

Bob Prokop called attention to this essay, and asks why the exclusion of intelligent design from serious dialogue doesn't have the same bad effect. Here.

Political Polarization in America

A good article from the Pew Research Center, with links to other fascinating articles. These may be times that try our souls, but they are also times in which it is impossible to be bored. So look at the bright...

Undocumented Workers and Illegal Aliens

One of the purposes of this site is to combat the stupidity of Political Correctness, a stupidity that in many contemporary liberals, i.e., leftists, is willful and therefore morally censurable. The euphemism 'undocumented worker' is a good example of a...

The Academic Philosophers of Consciousness

Too many of the academic philosophers of consciousness are overly concerned with the paltriest aspects of consciousness, so-called qualia, and work their tails off trying to convince themselves and others that they are no threat to physicalism. While man's nobility...

On the Unseemly

Although the world runs on appearances, a fact well to be heeded by anyone who plans to hang out long in these sublunary precincts, the task of the philosopher is to penetrate seemings, whence we may conclude that it is...

Smell all about it

Smell is the most elusive of the senses. Sight is beautifully structured and amenable to analysis in terms of consistent geometry and a coherent domain of colours. Smells… how does one smell relate to another? There just seems to be an infinite number of smells, all one of a kind. We can be completely surprised […]

A Question of Time Apportionment

How much time ought to be devoted to learned inquiry into the question of immortality and how much to living in such a way as to deserve it? Related articles The Pragmatic and the Evidential: Is It Ever Rational to...

The Left's Insensitivity to Danger

What follows is an old post from about ten years ago worth dusting off in the light of current events. If 'true' admits of degrees, what I say below is truer now than it was then............... Conservatives take a...

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