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Give up on real comprehension, says Daniel Dennett in From Bacteria to Bach and Back: commendably honest but a little discouraging to the reader? I imagine it set out like the warning above the gates of Hell: ‘Give up on comprehension, you who turn these pages’.  You might have to settle for acquiring some competences. […]

Presumption and Suspension of Judgment

I continue my Pyrrhonian ponderings. What is exercising me at the moment is the question of how suspending judgment as to the truth or falsity of a proposition p is related to presuming that p. I will propose that there...

Shoving your beliefs down someone's throat.

Is it wrong to force someone else to live their lives based on your own religious belief system? Many people were brought up to believe that that is what they ought to do.But ma ybe that's absolutely wrong.

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Street Songs

Rolling Stones, Street Fighting Man Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street. From the far-off and fabulous summer of '78. Bob Dylan, Positively 4th Street. This isn't Dylan, but a creditable cover. Johnny Rivers' version, endorsed by Dylan in his Chronicles, vol. I....

Condemnation and Moral Sentamentalism

169 days until classes start In my Phil 5100 course, the current reading assignment was Jesse Prinz, "The Emotional Basis of Moral Judgments." In this article, Prinz argues for agent-centered moral sentimentalism. To believe that something...Show More Summary

Camille Paglia on Pussy Hats

She approved — of all things — of the Women’s March. “I think it’s important that women rediscover solidarity with themselves,” she said. “It really wasn’t about feminism. It’s really not about Trump. It’s not about any of that. It....

Advice on Sex from Epicurus

Robert Blake is back in the news, which fact justifies, as if justification is needed, a re-post from 18 May 2011................................... Epicurus (circa 341-271 B.C.) wrote the following to a disciple: I understand from you that your natural disposition...

The Violent Attack on Charles Murray at Middlebury College

On March 2, Charles Murray was at Middlebury College to speak about his book Coming Apart, which can be seen as an explanation of the plight of the white underclass in America that supported Donald Trump. He was not allowed to speak, however, because of the organized mob violence of the students. Show More Summary

O. J. Trial NOT the Trial of the Century

How soon they forget, and what paucity of historical sense! Or perhaps journalists just don't care to get things right. Chalk it up to truth decay. The O. J. Simpson murder trial was not the trial of the century. Related...

Pyrrhonism and Buddhism

Anyone familiar with both will have noticed the similarities between Pyrrhonism and Buddhism. The theme is explored in an on-line book I just discovered but haven't read: Adrian Kuzminski, Pyrrhonism: How the Ancient Greeks Reinvented Buddhism. Related articles The Competency...

Political Burden of Proof

As contemporary 'liberals' become ever more extreme, they increasingly assume what I call the political burden of proof. The onus is now on them to defeat the presumption that they are so morally and intellectually obtuse as not to be...

Lawlessness and Obstructionism Among Beltway Elites

Hugh Hewitt: Sanctuary cities and marijuana legalization statutes are examples of local and state governments ignoring federal law. But federal authorities and elected officials who vent about those subjects should look to their own disregard of the law. Two recent...

Thinking About Galapagos (6): Animal Mating, Marriage, and Parenting

Pitt Point with the Cormorant in the BayPitt Point (Punta Pitt) is the only place in Galapagos where one can see all three species of boobies mating and nesting--Blue-footed, Red-footed, and Nazca Boobies. The Nazca Booby is an endemic species--that is, the species is found only in Galapagos and no where else in the world. Show More Summary


171 days until classes start. With respect to finishing the long paper, "Morality from the Ground Up," I am on page 31 of 37 in editing. I am in good shape to meet my objective of having this paper formatted and posted by the end ofShow More Summary

Manhattan Contrarian

I like this guy. Here he questions the weird obsession with Russia. He also doesn't much cotton to 'climate change' alarmism. The crazier hate-consumed lefties become, the saner we conservatives appear. We should thank the loons for the contrast effect....

Trump Stacks Up Well Against His Presidential Predecessors

Douglas MacKinnon makes the case. After a stinging assessment of George W. Bush, MacKinnon has this to say about Obama: Next, the American people got a president who was inserted in the protective and unquestioning bubble of political correctness at...

Moral Analogies: to Math, to Beauty, and to Location

172 days until the start of class And the philosophy department is starting to post its course offerings for the fall semester. One course posted so far. PHIL 5240/ENVS 5240: Seminar in Environmental Philosophy: Professor Hale: ThisShow More Summary

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