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Abdication of Authority

It began in the universities in the '60s. And now it is in full 'flower.' I recall Dennis Prager putting it this way: "There is no coward like a university administrator." Now hear David French: Fortunately for the radicals, our...

Is Free Speech Dead in Britain?

Once again I pinch myself. Am I awake or am I dreaming? It's too bad the mother country is collapsing under the weight of its own political correctness. John Stuart Mill must be rolling around in his grave. My endorsement...

Ridiculousness is in the eye of the beholder

CM: But your religious beliefs are ridiculous. Demanding that others treat them not marginalize them because.... is special pleading. No thank you. VR: True and false, correct and incorrect, these are objective categories. Ridiculousness is in the eye of the beholder. Show More Summary

What are religious reasons

Cal: These terrorists based their actions on ancient documents, an imagined afterlife, and the pronouncements of men imbued with religious authority. (I can't think of a much more uncritical and irrational approach to belief.) And likewise,...Show More Summary

The Idolatry of the Transient

It is because we want more than the transient that we cling to it.

Life and Chess

What has been said about chess may also apply to life: For a game it is too serious, and for seriousness too much of a game.

Are we aware of concepts?

Are ideas conscious at all? Neuroscience of Consciousness is a promising new journal from OUP introduced by the editor Anil Seth here. It has an interesting opinion piece from David Kemmerer which asks – are we ever aware of concepts, or is conscious experience restricted to sensory, motor and affective states? On the face of […]

Why Bryan Opposed Evolution

"Science is a magnificent material force, but it is not a teacher of morals. It can be perfect machinery, but it adds no moral restraints to protect society from the misuse of machinery.... If civilization is to be saved from the wreckage...Show More Summary

Mind-virus thinking

I think we are in trouble if we think that we can infer from the fact that someone holds a view based on a religious conviction, it must therefore be an uncritical and irrational belief, and therefore we have the right to deputize the government to punish you if you try to act on it. Show More Summary

Three Options in the Epistemology of Philosophy

You pursue your arguments as far as they go, and eventually reach your bedrock assumptions: foundational premises that you accept (and might describe as seeming 'intuitive' to you), but that you can give no further argument for. Further,...Show More Summary

Can Philosophy be Justified in a Time of Crisis?

An abstract with the above title has been making the rounds. No doubt you have seen it, so there is no need to link to it, nor does it deserve a link. It is almost certainly a joke, and if...

Biased Framing

Here is an example: A Pew survey last year found that 75 percent of Republicans believed it is more important to "protect the right of Americans to own guns" than to "control gun ownership." This way of framing the issue...

Social Utility and the Value of Pure Inquiry: The Example of Complex Numbers

Much as I disagree with Daniel Dennett on most matters, I agree entirely with what he says in the following passage: I deplore the narrow pragmatism that demands immediate social utility for any intellectual exercise. Theoretical physicists and cosmologists, for...

Speech and service: why the racist comparison doesn't work

Typically, a couple doesn't just say "Just bake the damned cake, I want it white with chocolate frosting." They want something that helps to celebrate their relationship and upcoming marriage. If I were going to marry a man at long last because of Obergfell, I would probably want something like a rainbow arrangement and two grooms on top of the cake. Show More Summary

The Liberal Assault on Ballot-Box Integrity

Walter E. Williams, Destroying Your Vote: Voter ID laws have been challenged because liberal Democrats deem them racist. I guess that’s because they see blacks as being incapable of acquiring some kind of government-issued identification. Interesting enough is the fact...

Justice Abraham Lincoln's Opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges

A long list of prominent people have signed a "Statement Calling for Constitutional Resistance to Obergefell v. Hodges," which has been supported by the American Principles Project of the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton University.They...Show More Summary

Suggestion for traditionalist wedding providers

If you are having a gay wedding, it seems to me that LAST thing you would want would be a photographer or a baker who really doesn't believe in gay marriage. That is, if I were a wedding service provider opposed to gay marriage but asked...Show More Summary

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