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Free Speech: PragerU Sues Google

It is surely an outrage that Google would limit access to PragerU videos on YouTube given their high quality and educational value. So it is good news that Dennis Prager is punching back with a lawsuit: The lawsuit, filed in...

Drawing the Consequentialism / Deontology Distinction

I previously mentioned that Setiya's 'Must Consequentialists Kill?' defines consequentialism vs deontology in a way that I think we should resist. (This is part of what allows Setiya to reach his surprising-sounding conclusion that "consequentialists"...Show More Summary

A Reference Puzzle

Ed submits the following: Suppose I am looking at a crowd of people and cry ‘there is a man in the crowd!’. Well very likely, and clearly I have some man in mind. But the predicate ‘is a man in...

Why Ray Monk Became a Vegan

Here: And now I have given up eating animal products. What prompted this, however, was not concern for my health. Neither was it concern for animal welfare. It was, rather, something that I had not thought much about before: the...

Language Rant: Taking Responsibility and Taking Credit

Another note for benighted journalists who have, but too often do not honor, their duty to preserve and protect the English language in all her expressive and thought-guiding glory. What one takes responsibility for may be either good or bad....

It Bears Repeating

1) There is no right to immigrate. Correlatively, no nation is under any obligation to accept immigrants. 2) Immigration must be to the benefit of the host country. Trump understands this; leftists don't. Another reason to rejoice that Trump is...

How Euthyphro Challenges us all

A paper presented by Richard Klaus at Glendale Community College, which I attended.


Parlano molto ma fanno poco. They talk a lot but do little.

David Gelernter on Trump

Via Power Line (emphasis added): I remain absolutely a supporter and a sympathizer of Trump. And you know, no president checks every box. I think his virtues far outweigh his faults. I do wish he would take the office and...

More on Tribalism and the Identitarian Right

This entry continues the discussion with my Right-identitarian interlocutor. My current position is one of rejection of both Left- and Right-identitarianism. I am open, however, to a change of position. That is part of what makes me a philosopher as...

A tweet from Brett Kunkle

If you think marriage & sex are primarily a means to self-fulfillment, you do NOT have a #Christian #worldview on these matters.

Wonder Lost

I fanciulli trovano il tutto nel nulla, gli uomini il nulla nel tutto. The child finds everything in nothing; the man nothing in everything. And knocking back a couple or three Fanciulli cocktails won't help matters.

False Expectation

He who expects all of life to be both wise and philosophical is neither.................. Modeled on Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837): Nessun maggior segno d'essere poco filosofo e poco savio, che volere savia e filosofica tutta la vita. There's no greater...

Mrs Robb’s Surprise Bot

“Boo!” Aah! Oh. Is that… is that it? That’s the surprise? I somehow thought it would be more subtle. “Surprise is a very important quality, Enquiry Bot. Many would once have put it up there with common sense, emotions, humour and originality as one of the important things bots can’t do. In fact surprise and […]

Happy Halloween!

The more I know about Hillary, the gladder I am that Trump sent her packing. The cartoon appeared before the election, but proved to be prophetic. What is truly scary is that if she had won, all her recently-revealed greed-driven...

The Scariest Passage in the Critique of Pure Reason

With Halloween upon us, it is appropriate that I should present to my esteemed readers for their delectation if not horror the scariest passage in Kant's magnum opus: Unconditioned necessity, which we so indispensably require as the last bearer of...

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