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Personal Autonomy

When persons consider personal autonomy, they often think of it in terms of independence from the control of others, or personal authority over one’s decisions and life course, or being self-governing free from the meddling of others. Show More Summary

The True Gentleman

Here, via Volokh: The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty,...

Akrasia in Reverse

It is also weakness of the will to be unable to will a needed holiday from one's one-pointed willing.

The Depth of Disagreement

The differences that divide us most deeply are bred in the bone before they are born in the brain.


One can always get through one day to the next — except for one day. And one will get through that one too. Thus an aphorism of mine. In the vicinity of the same sentiment, here are a couple of...

Why I Don't Read Salon

A recent article bears the title, "The vast right-wing conspiracy is still real. Also, the media is really stupid." The first sentence reads, "Let me start by admitting, upfront, how truly fucking boring I find the Hillary Clinton e-mail story."...

Are Atheists Hypocrites?

This Conservapedia article has a lot of inflammatory content and I do not by any stretch of the imagination agree with all of it. Still, I offer it to generate some discussion.

Hard not New

The Hard Problem may indeed be hard, but it ain’t new: Twenty years ago, however, an instant myth was born: a myth about a dramatic resurgence of interest in the topic of consciousness in philosophy, in the mid-1990s, after long neglect. So says Galen Strawson in the TLS: philosophers have been talking about consciousness for […]

Why Progressives Mislead

I prefer the more muscular 'lie.' Excerpts from a piece by John O. McGinnis: Progressivism’s vision of the role of the state conflicts with the system of government envisioned by America’s Founders. The Founders wanted citizens to be free to...

Denying the Antecedent?

While traipsing through the Superstition foothills Sunday morning in search of further footnotes to Plato, I happened to think of James Madison and Federalist 51 wherein we read, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." My next thought...

Is this an orientation?

Much has been made of Richard Carrier's announcement that he is polyamorous. What interests me, however, is that he describes this as "an orientation" and uses the language of coming out. It seems to justify a concern of mine that other "orientations" can ride piggy-back on the rights recently gained for LGBTs and claim rights for themselves. And where does it stop?

The Heidegger Chair Affair

The Black Notebooks have ignited a controversy with repercussions far beyond the Black Forest. Here are three links for those who read German (HT: Kai Frederik Lorentzen): More Summary

American Sniper

It's a movie I haven't seen. I doubt if I ever will see it. I understand the principle; why do I need to rub my nose in the details? I know what a sniper is and I know what he...

Strauss, Jonas, and Heidegger's Nazism

As I have indicated in my posts on Will Altman's German Stranger, I see his claim that Leo Strauss was a Jewish Nazi as wildly implausible. And yet, Altman does point out the strange and disturbing refusal of Strauss to be clear and emphatic in his rejection of those like Martin Heidegger who embraced Nazism. Show More Summary

Michael Walzer on Religion

At least one lefty gets religion. Actually, the preceding sentence is ambiguous. The thought is that at least one leftist understands that religion has far deeper roots in human nature than any leftist analysis can expose, let alone eradicate. The...

If You Think that All Religions are Equal . . .

... do you also think that all political ideologies are equal? Equal, say, in their conduciveness to human flourishing?

The Religion of Archeological Conservation

If Islam is the religion of peace, is it also the religion of archeological conservation? An indication to the contrary. And not the first! Related articles What ISIS Really Wants Denying that There is Political Correctness... Why.....

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