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Staring at Stairs…

These stairs probably do not conform to any building code, but I like them anyway, and so they will appear in a paper I'll submit to the arxiv soon. They're part of a nifty algorithm I thought of on Friday that I like rather a lot. More later. -cvj Click to continue reading this post ? The post Staring at Stairs… appeared first on Asymptotia.

Blogs You Should Read

As you can easily verify by checking the post date on the articles in this column, this blog is nearly inactive. It used to be the main site of my blogging activities from 2006 to 2009. In april that year I transfered my activities to, where I have been blogging since then. You […]

Latest rumour of gravitational waves is probably true this time

Has the LIGO experiment seen gravitational waves? New Scientist has probed public observation logs, and here is our exclusive look at where they might be

Does Germany’s nuclear waste headache warrant a global fix?

Germany is not the only nation struggling with nuclear power's toxic legacy, so international collaboration could be the best route to a solution

158/366: Fort

Since our recent trip to Vermont, SteelyKid has been obsessed with building blanket forts. These have mostly been in the living room, leading to a bit of angst at the end of the day when we need the blankets back. So i did a little reorganizing in the basement, and dug some sheets out of…

Quantum Physics for Dogs at Jefferson Lab: TOMORROW

I’ve been remiss in my self-promotional duties, but I’m giving a public lecture tomorrow night in Newport News, VA, as part of the Jefferson Lab Science Series. This will be my traditional “What Every Dog Should Know About Quantum Physics” talk, with the sad addition of a slide honoring the late, great Queen of Niskayuna…

Stacks Project Party

Last night I got to attend a major event of the Manhattan social season, a party celebrating the fact that the Stacks Project has reached the milestone of 5000 pages. As far as anyone knows, no one has ever printed … Continue readin...

157/366: SteelyKid, Badass

We spent most of Saturday at a taekwondo tournament– the AAU Adirondack Championship, or some permutation of those words. This was held in the gym over at Hudson Valley Community College, and was fairly big: It was, however, 99% waiting around. They did black-belt sparring in the morning, and said that staging for the colored…

156/366: Needles on the Roof

Random artsy shot from our back yard. This is the little bit of roof right over our back door. It’s the only bit of roof left on the house that’s asphalt shingle– the main roof was always slate, and we got the bit of shingle above the garage replaced with fake slate not long after…

155/366: Boom!

A few days ago, The Pip came home with a “present” for me and Kate, wrapped up in construction paper. This turned out to be another sheet of paper, which is actually a launch control panel: The layout of the “buttons” is all him, but he got one of his teachers to do the labels.…

“Why does the universe exist?” … finally answered (or dissolved) in this blog post!

In my previous post, I linked to seven Closer to Truth videos of me spouting about free will, Gödel’s Theorem, black holes, etc. etc.  I also mentioned that there was a segment of me talking about why the universe exists that for some reason they didn’t put up.  Commenter mjgeddes wrote, “Would have liked to hear your […]

Physics Week in Review: February 6, 2016

The hidden physics behind the brain's folds and furrows, ground-penetrating radar for asparagus detection, and a conversation on the future of quantum computing at Caltech/IQIM's quantum summit were among this week's physics highlights. Me at Gizmodo: Why Assuming You’re Mediocre...

On Zero Matter

Over at Marvel, I chatted with actor Reggie Austin (Dr. Jason Wilkes on Agent Carter) some more about the physics I helped embed in the show this season. It was fun. (See an earlier chat here.) This was about Zero Matter itself (which will also be a precursor to things seen in the movie Dr. Show More Summary

Suited Up!

Yes, I was in battle again. A persistent skunk that wants to take up residence in the crawl space. I got rid of it last week, having found one place it broke in. This involved a lot of crawling around on my belly armed with a headlamp (not pictured - this is an old picture) and curses. Show More Summary

Back-of-the-Envelope Calculation: Reaching Gender Equality in Physics Faculty

In yesterday’s post about the lack of money in academia, I mentioned in passing that lack of funding is part of the reason for the slow pace of progress on improving faculty diversity. That is, we could make more rapid progress if we suddenly found shitloads of money and could go on a massive hiring…

Physics Blogging Round-Up: Gravity, Pigeonholes, Groundhogs, and Weirdness

A long-ish stretch of time, but I was basically offline for a bunch of that because I needed to finish a chapter I was asked to contribute to an academic book. So there are only four physics posts from Forbes to promote this time: — ‘The Expanse’ Is A Rare Sci-Fi Show That Gets Simulated…

Here’s some video of me spouting about Deep Questions

In January 2014, I attended an FQXi conference on Vieques island in Puerto Rico.  While there, Robert Lawrence Kuhn interviewed me for his TV program Closer to Truth, which deals with science and religion and philosophy and you get the idea.  Alas, my interview was at the very end of the conference, and we lost track of the time—so […]

Rutgers Talk

Slides from my talk at Rutgers are now available here. The idea was just to advertise to physicists there the point of view that is all too familiar to regular readers here. The final speculative comments about relations to mathematics … Continue reading ?

Weighing the lightest particle

Physicists are using one of the oldest laws of nature to find the mass of the elusive neutrino. Neutrinos are everywhere. Every second, 100 trillion of them pass through your body unnoticed, hardly ever interacting. Though exceedingly...Show More Summary

Frénésie du côté de la théorie

Depuis le 15 décembre, j’ai compté 200 nouveaux articles théoriques, chacun offrant une ou plusieurs explications possibles sur la nature d’une nouvelle particule qui n’a pas encore été découverte. Cette frénésie a commencé lorsque les...Show More Summary

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