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Some DIY LIGO data analysis

UPDATE: After some more thinking about this, I have very serious doubt about my previous conclusions. From looking at the power spectrum, I (wrongly) assumed that the middle part of the spectrum is the low frequency part (my original idea was, that the frequencies should be symmetric around zero but the periodicity of the Bloch cell bit me). Show More Summary

My two cents on this years physics Nobel prize

This year's Nobel prize is given for quite abstract concepts. So the popular science outlets struggle in giving good explanations for what it is awarded for. I cannot add anything to this, but over at math overflow, mathematicians asked for a mathematical explanation. Show More Summary

Q&A: Jogesh Rout

What's it like being a theoretical neutrino physicist working on the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility?

More than one nature for natural units

Hey blog, long time no see! Bee has put together a nice video on natural units. There are one or two aspects that I would put slightly differently and rather than writing a comment I thought it might better be to write a post myself....Show More Summary

An Exhibit!

There’s actually an exhibit of process art for my book in the Fine Arts library at USC! Maybe of interest. There will be a companion exhibit about graphic novels over in the science and engineering library. Opening shortly. There’s actually an exhibit of process art for my book in the … Click to continue reading this post ? The post An Exhibit! appeared first on Asymptotia.

Rochester Colloquium Talk

I’m heading up to Rochester this evening, will give a colloquium talk there in the physics department on Wednesday at 3:45. I’ll put up a link to the slides after the talk, for now, here’s the abstract: Particle theory: a … Continue reading ?

Programmable multicore optical fibres set to keep movies and music streaming into late 2020s

The volume of data traffic traversing the world's optical fibre networks is growing by more than 40 percent per year as data-hungry services like streaming audio and video become ever more popular. So that future networks have the capacity...Show More Summary

Maxwell's demon in the quantum Zeno regime

In the original Maxwell's demon thought experiment, a demon makes continuous measurements on a system of hot and cold reservoirs, building up a thermal gradient that can later be used to perform work. As the demon's measurements do not...Show More Summary

Advance could enable novel high-performance materials

An engineering physics professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has created new materials that behave in an unusual way that defies the standard theory engineers use for designing things like buildings, airplanes, bridges and electronic devices.

Physicists tune a spin diode

A team of physicists at MIPT has offered a new design of a spin diode, placing the device between two kinds of antiferromagnetic materials. By adjusting the orientation of their antiferromagnetic axes, it is possible to change the resistance and the resonant frequency of the diode. Show More Summary

Seeing is believing—precision atom qubits achieve major quantum computing milestone

The unique Australian approach of creating quantum bits from precisely positioned individual atoms in silicon is reaping major rewards, with UNSW Sydney-led scientists showing for the first time that they can make two of these atom qubits "talk" to each other.

Einstein letter fetches $100,000 at Jerusalem auction

A letter penned by legendary physicist Albert Einstein discussing one of his groundbreaking theories sold in Jerusalem Tuesday for over $100,000 as part of trove of documents that went under the hammer.

Handwritten Einstein note up for auction in Jerusalem

For Albert Einstein, it turns out the law of attraction was relative.

Straightforward technique allows for accurate computer simulations of calcium signaling

Calcium is essential for our bodies to function. Calcium ions enable cells to communicate with one another, allowing neurons to interact, muscles to contract, and the heart's muscle cells to synchronize and beat. To better understand...Show More Summary

Controlled coupling of light and matter

Researchers from Würzburg and London have succeeded in controlling the coupling of light and matter at room temperature. They have published their results in Science Advances.

Neutrons provide new polish for petroleum processing and more

University of Notre Dame researchers are using neutrons at the Department of Energy's (DOE's) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to study how specialized molecules might improve petroleum production processes, as well as their potential uses in advanced photovoltaic technologies.

FlatScope: Team designs lens-free fluorescent microscope

Lenses are no longer necessary for some microscopes, according to Rice University engineers developing FlatScope, a thin fluorescent microscope whose abilities promise to surpass those of old-school devices.

Technique to see objects hidden around corners

A driverless car is making its way through a winding neighborhood street, about to make a sharp turn onto a road where a child's ball has just rolled. Although no person in the car can see that ball, the car stops to avoid it. This is because the car is outfitted with extremely sensitive laser technology that reflects off nearby objects to see around corners.

Team invents new way to 'see' the quantum world

JILA scientists have invented a new imaging technique that produces rapid, precise measurements of quantum behavior in an atomic clock in the form of near-instant visual art.

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