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Focus: Better Microwaves from a Metamaterial

Author(s): Mark Buchanan A system that produces radiation by sending electrons through a metamaterial waveguide could potentially generate high-power microwaves with high efficiency. [Physics 9, 141] Published Fri Dec 02, 2016

Feature: Arts & Culture: Science and Filmmaking in an Equal Relationship

Imagine Science—a yearly film festival that takes place in New York, Paris, and Abu Dhabi—is forging new ways to bring together scientists and filmmakers. [Physics 9, 142] Published Fri Dec 02, 2016

What makes your voice yours? Researchers take steps to characterize and quantify voice quality

What are the characteristics of the way you say, "hello," (or anything else for that matter) that makes you recognizable over the phone? Despite the increasing amount of literature on personal voice quality, very little is actually known about how to characterize the sound of an individual speaker.

Viewing our turbulent universe

Construction has begun for the CTA, a discovery machine that will study the highest energy objects and events across the entire sky. Billions of light-years away, a supermassive black hole is spewing high-energy radiation, launching it far outside of the confines of its galaxy. Show More Summary

Mapping the interaction of a single atom with a single photon may inform design of quantum devices

Have you ever wondered how you see the world? Vision is about photons of light, which are packets of energy, interacting with the atoms or molecules in what you're looking at. Some photons reflect off, reaching your eyes. Others get absorbed. The main decider of which happens is the photon's energy – its colour.

Discovery of bismuth superconductivity at extremely low temperature jeopardizes theory

(—A team of researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India has found that cooling a sample of bismuth to 0.00053 Kelvin caused the material to become a superconductor, putting at risk a decades-old theory regarding how superconductivity works. Show More Summary

UK science chief urges quantum-technologies boost

Time is right for commercialization, says innovation agency

Synopsis: Explaining Aftershock Clustering

A study of bursting phenomena like earthquakes suggests that events appear to cluster in time because of the way that small events like aftershocks are identified. [Physics] Published Thu Dec 01, 2016

A friend of a friend is... a dense network

It's a familiar request in the digital age: one of your friends on social media has a friend who wants to be your friend. Frequent linking among friends of friends can cause a rapid increase in social network connectivity.

Physics Blogging Round-Up: November

I’m not posting as much as I did last year, when I was on sabbatical (gasp, shock, surprise), so making Forbes-blog links dump posts a monthly thing is probably just about sustainable. — What Math Do You Need For Physics? It Depends: Some thoughts about, well, the math you need to learn to be a…

On Feelings and Votes

This is going to be a bit of a rant, because there’s a recurring theme in my recent social media that’s really bugging me, and I need to vent. I’m going to do it as a blog post rather than an early-morning tweetstorm, because tweets are more likely to be pulled out of context, and…

Feature: Research News: Editors’ Choice

Plunge-diving birds, holograms that offer a 360 view, and more in our monthly wrap-up of papers from the physics literature. [Physics 9, 140] Published Wed Nov 30, 2016

Quantum friction—beyond the local equilibrium approximation

Systems out of thermodynamic equilibrium are very common in nature. In recent years they have attracted constantly growing attention because of their relevance for fundamental physics as well as for modern nanotechnology. In a collaborative...Show More Summary

Researchers take first look into the 'eye' of majoranas

Majorana fermions are particles that could potentially be used as information units for a quantum computer. An experiment by physicists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the University of Basel's Department of Physics has confirmed...Show More Summary

Priorities for shaping the UK’s Industrial Strategy

Conference: 16 Mar 2017, London, United Kingdom. Organized by Westminster Business Forum.

Many paths to interference: a journey between quantum dots and single molecule junctions

Workshop: 18 Apr 2017 - 20 Apr 2017, Dresden, Germany. Organized by Andrea Donarini and Linda A. Zotti.

MagIC2017–Magnonics, Interactions and Complexity

Workshop: 2 Jul 2017 - 6 Jul 2017, Biedrusko, near Poznan, Poland.

Image Sensors Europe

Conference: 15 Mar 2017 - 16 Mar 2017, London, United Kingdom. Organized by Smithers Apex.

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