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Historic Hysteria

14 hours agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

(Click for larger view.) So, that happened... -cvj Click to continue reading this post ? The post Historic Hysteria appeared first on Asymptotia.


17 hours agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

Anyone else finding this terrifying? A snapshot (click for larger view) from the Guardian's live results tracker as of 19:45 PST - see here. -cvj BTW, I've been using their trackers a lot during the presidential primaries, they're very good. Click to continue reading this post ? The post Concern… appeared first on Asymptotia.

The Higgs-shaped elephant in the room

Higgs bosons should mass-produce bottom quarks. So why has no one seen this happen? Higgs bosons are born in a blob of pure concentrated energy and live only one-septillionth of a second before decaying into a cascade of other particles. Show More Summary

QED and so forth…

(Spoiler!! :) ) Talking about gauge invariance took a couple more pages than I planned... -cvj Click to continue reading this post ? The post QED and so forth… appeared first on Asymptotia.

The Red Shoes…

Well, this conversation (for the book) takes place in a (famous) railway station, so it would be neglectful of me to not have people scurrying around and so forth. I can't do too many of these... takes a long time to draw all that detail, then put in shadows, then paint, etc. Show More Summary

Leonard Susskind’s Open Letter on “The Lunatic”

In my own anti-Trump post two weeks ago, I started out by mentioning that Terry Tao and Stephen Hawking had recently denounced Trump, and jokingly wondered when we’d hear from Ed Witten.  Well, will Leonard Susskind of Stanford University—a...Show More Summary

Rumor Mongering

Since I don’t see why Resonaances should have all the fun, I guess I’ll post something here about the big upcoming news of the summer: is the 750 GeV diphoton bump still there in the 2016 LHC data? We’re very … Continue reading ?

All four one and one for all

A theory of everything would unite the four forces of nature, but is such a thing possible? Over the centuries, physicists have made giant strides in understanding and predicting the physical world by connecting phenomena that look very...Show More Summary

Restoring deleted /etc from TimeMachine

3 days agoAcademics / Physics : atdotde

Yesterday, I managed to empty the /etc directory on my macbook (don't ask how I did it. I was working on subsurface and had written a perl script to move system files around that had to be run with sudo. And I was still debugging...).Anyway, once I realized what the problem was I did some googling but did not find the answer. Show More Summary

String Sociology

If you’re interested in the various sorts of internal divisions these days among people doing what gets called “string theory”, you might want to take a look at this blog entry and the discussion there with string phenomenologist Joseph Conlon. … Continue reading ?

Entanglement without end

Today we take a break from this blog’s usual round of topics—free will, consciousness, the Singularity, social justice, Donald Trump—to talk about something really crazy and left-field.  Namely, recent research in quantum information. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones: 750 GeV edition

The 750 GeV diphoton resonance has made a big impact on theoretical particle physics. The number of papers on the topic is already legendary, and they keep coming at the rate of order 10 per week. Given that the Backovi? model is falsified, there's no longer a theoretical upper limit. Show More Summary

Song of the Day

As of today, I can officially no longer claim to be in my “early 40’s,” so here’s a great song with a thematically appropriate title: (The lyrical content has no particular relevance to my life, I hasten to add…) I’m taking a bit of a social-media hiatus at the moment, but it is very nice…

Physics Week in Review: June 18, 2016

Everything's coming up LIGO this year, as the collaboration announced that it spotted gravitational waves from a second binary black hole merger. But there was plenty of other stuff going on this week, too, such as imaging the photons produced...

Enough data to explore the unknown

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN has already delivered more high energy data than it had in 2015. To put this in numbers, the LHC has produced 4.8 fb-1, compared to 4.2 fb-1 last year, where fb-1 represents one inverse femtobarn, the unit used to evaluate the data sample size. This was achieved in

Assez de données pour explorer l’inconnu

Le Grand collisionneur de hadrons (LHC) du CERN a déjà produit depuis avril plus de données à haute énergie qu’en 2015. Pour quantifier le tout, le LHC a produit 4.8 fb-1 en 2016, à comparer aux 4.2 fb-1 de l’année dernière. Le symbole fb-1 représente un femtobarn inverse, l’unité utilisée pour évaluer la taille des

Big Media Me: Here and Now

The NPR program Here and Now has been running segments this week on Science in America, and one of these from yesterday featured me talking about science literacy. We had some technical difficulties getting this recorded– it was supposed to happen at a local radio studio last week, but they had some kind of glitch,…

284-289/366: Week in Nature Photos

Another week, another batch of photos. This is coming on Friday rather than the weekend because I’m going to be incommunicado for most of the next week, and have some free time now. 284/366: LIGO, Eat Your Heart Out Sure, LIGO detected gravitational waves from a second pair of merging black holes, but I found…

Where does mass come from?

The Higgs field gives mass to elementary particles, but most of our mass comes from somewhere else. The story of particle mass starts right after the big bang. During the very first moments of the universe, almost all particles wereShow More Summary

Higgs or not Higgs, that is the question

LHCP2016 is running yet with further analysis on 2015 data by people at CERN. We all have seen the history unfolding since the epochal event on 4 July 2012 where the announcement of the great discovery happened. Since then, also Kibble passed away. What is still there is our need of a deep understanding of the […]

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