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My New York Times essay on quantum computing

I have a special treat for those commenters who consider me an incorrigible publicity-hound: an essay I was invited to write for the New York Times Science section, entitled Quantum Computing Promises New Insights, Not Just Supermachines.  (My original title was “The Real Reasons to Study Quantum Computing.”)  This piece is part of a collection [...]

Physics-themed audio and video

Hi everyone! Readers of this blog might enjoy some of the following recent multimedia by some well-known  particle physicists. First, a podcast from Jim Gates of the University of Maryland about his path in  Go Tell It on the Mountain (link to iTunes, link to mp3) from The Moth. The talk is from the 2008 [...]

Let no one call me an enemy of the arts

From San Francisco, CA, en route to UC Berkeley, Shtetl-Optimized is proud to bring you… I JUST DO THEORY Winner of the 2007 Aaronson/Gasarch Complexity Theme Song Contest (beating out “You Down with SPP” and other audience favorites) Da MP3, as recently recorded by “Homage the Halfrican Cracker.” (Stage name of Dustin Lee, a singer and dance instructor based [...]

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