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Physics Week in Review: August 27, 2016

Among this week's physics highlights: The closest exoplanet yet has been discovered in the Proxima Centauri star system, the discovery of the pentaquark has been confirmed (again), and the Dragonfly 44 galaxy is made up almost entirely of dark matter....

Winners declared in SUSY bet

Physicists exchanged cognac in Copenhagen at the conclusion of a bet about supersymmetry and the LHC. As a general rule, theorist Nima Arkani-Hamed does not get involved in physics bets. “Theoretical physicists like to take bets on all kinds of things,” he says. Show More Summary

The Delirium over Beryllium

This post is cross-posted from ParticleBites. Article: Particle Physics Models for the 17 MeV Anomaly in Beryllium Nuclear Decays Authors: J.L. Feng, B. Fornal, I. Galon, S. Gardner, J. Smolinsky, T. M. P. Tait, F. Tanedo Reference: arXiv:1608.03591 (Submitted to Phys. Show More Summary

Goblin Shark Gives a Lesson in Dismantling Your Face to Eat

The goblin shark is a weird deep-sea creature first discovered off the coast of Japan in 1898. It has a ghoulish appearance, thanks to jaws that can stretch well away from the rest of its head. Scientists have assumed the goblin shark...Show More Summary

Sometimes a Sharpie…

Sometimes a sharpie and a bit of bristol are the best defense against getting lost in the digital world... (Click for larger view.) (Throwing down some additional faces for a story in the book. Just wasn't feeling it in [...] Click to continue reading this post ? The post Sometimes a Sharpie… appeared first on Asymptotia.

Five facts about the Big Bang

It’s the cornerstone of cosmology, but what is it all about? Astronomers Edwin Hubble and Milton Humason in the early 20th century discovered that galaxies are moving away from the Milky Way. More to the point: Every galaxy is moving away from every other galaxy on average, which means the whole universe is expanding. Show More Summary

Not Ever Wrong

The “SUSY Bet” event in Copenhagen took place today, with video available for a while at this site. It appears to be gone for the moment, will put up a better link if it becomes available. An expensive bottle of … Continue reading ?

314-335/366: Massive Backlog

It’s been over a month since I did a photo-a-day post, largely because I haven’t been taking many pictures for a variety of reasons. I do still mean to get a year’s worth of good photos done, but the “daily” part has completely disintegrated at this point. As a way of getting somewhat back on…

Physics Week in Review: August 20, 2016

Jen-Luc Piquant is currently in Banff, Canada, soaking up intense discussions among physicists about the nature of events and observers in quantum mechanics--all part of the 2016 FQXI conference. But she still managed to compile a few links for you...

Various News

Before turning to other topics, congratulations to my Columbia colleague Wei Zhang, who was awarded the Gold Medal at the recent ICCM in Beijing. On the HEP physics front, some news is: On Monday at 1:30pm Danish time, at the … Continue reading ?

The $100 muon detector

A doctoral student and his adviser designed a tabletop particle detector they hope to make accessible to budding young engineering physicists. When Spencer Axani was an undergraduate physics student, his background in engineering led...Show More Summary

What is “Model Building”?

So what is it that theorists do, besides sipping espresso and scribbling on chalk boards? In this post we describe one type of theoretical work called model building.

Stranger Stuff…

Ok all you Stranger Things fans. You were expecting a physicist to say a few things about the show weren't you? Over at Screen Junkies, they've launched the first episode of a focus on TV Science (a companion to the Movie Science series you already know about)... Show More Summary

New Style…

Style change. For a story-within-a-story in the book, I'm changing styles, going to a looser, more cartoony style, which sort of fits tonally with the subject matter in the story. The other day on the subway I designed the characters in that style, and I share them with you here. It's lots of fun to draw in this looser [...]Show More Summary

The physics photographer

Fermilab’s house photographer of almost 30 years, Reidar Hahn, shares four of his most iconic shots. Science can produce astounding images. Arcs of electricity. Microbial diseases, blown up in full color. The bones of a long-dead beasts. Show More Summary

A Known Fact…

“The fact that certain bodies, after being rubbed, appear to attract other bodies, was known to the ancients.” Thus begins, rather awesomely, the preface to Maxwell’s massively important “Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism” (1873). -cvj The post A Known Fact… appeared first on Asymptotia.

Physics Week in Review: August 13, 2016

Bad news on the hunt for a sterile neutrino, weird news that the proton's charge radius might actually change (when it shouldn't), and what no new particles at the LHC means for particle physics were among this week's physics highlights....

Physics Blogging Round-Up: Camera Tricks, College Advice, Hot Fans, and Lots of Quantum

Several weeks of silence here, for a bunch of reasons that mostly boil down to “being crazy busy.” I’ve got a bunch of physics posts over at Forbes during that interval, though: — The Camera Trick That Justifies The Giant Death Star: I busted out camera lenses and the kids’ toys to show how you…

The Nightmare Scenario

Now back from a short vacation, and there seems to have been a lot happening on the debate over fundamental physics front. From the experimentalists, news that the Standard Model continues to resist falsification: At ICHEP, as expected, new data … Continue reading ?

#AskSymmetry Twitter chat with Risa Wechsler

See cosmologist Risa Wechsler's answers to readers' questions about dark matter and dark energy. [View the story "#AskSymmetry Twitter Chat with Risa Wechsler - Aug. 9, 2016" on Storify]

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