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030/366: Liquid Optics

It’s rained fairly steadily for the last couple of days, which is to be expected. This also sent me to the back yard in hopes of getting a very particular effect for the photo of the day, that I had seen on a poster from the APS’s student photo contest a few years ago: Here…

The mismeasure of metrology

Often dismissed as boring and pedantic, the science of measurement is set for an exciting future

Q&A with Fermilab’s first artist-in-residence

Symmetry sits down with Lindsay Olson as she wraps up a year of creating art inspired by particle physics. S: How did you end up at Fermilab? LO: In March 2014 I had an exhibition of my work at North Park College. Several members of the Fermilab art committee attended my talk. Show More Summary

The Free Particle

Following on my notes about Euler’s formula, I’ve finally finished some work on another piece of elementary exposition, a discussion of the free quantum particle, which can be found as chapters 10, 11 and 12 of the book I’m working … Continue reading ?

029/366: 2-D Collision Physics

The JCC day care was closed again today, so I spent the day out and about with The Pip while SteelyKid was at school. While I did take the DSLR along, none of the pictures I got were all that great, so you get a cell-phone snapshot that’s mostly interesting because of the subject matter:…

New discovery? Or just another bump?

For physicists, seeing is not always believing. In the 1960s physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, saw evidence of new, unexpected particles popping up in data from their bubble chamber experiments. But before throwing a party, the scientists did another experiment. Show More Summary

On the Aesthetics of Photo Cropping

The images from my new camera are huge– 6000×4000 pixels– so when I post them here, I need to re-scale them (in theory WordPress can do that automatically, but it’s never worked right on the rare occasions that I’ve tried). Since I’m opening the pictures in GIMP anyway, I generally do a little cropping and…

028/366: Peek-a-Bench

The JCC day care is closed today and tomorrow for the start of Sukkot, so as a result, I spent most of the day home with The Pip (SteelyKid went off to school as usual). Which means I got a whole bunch of photos of him playing at home and at a couple of local…

Plesiosaur X-ray helps create swimming robot mimic

The motion of an extinct marine reptile is being reconstructed thanks to a well-preserved fossil, computer simulations and a robotic replica

Physics of falling says professional athletes are running wrong

Running isn't a series of jumps but a series of rotations – and making use of this could let athletes fall their way to new world records

Moon Line

(Click for larger view.) This was a heartening reminder that people still care about what's going on in the sky far above. This is a snap I took of a very long line of people (along the block and then around the corner and then someShow More Summary

027/366: #SuperBloodMoon

Really, was there any question at all what the subject of today’s photo would be? I mean, I’m a geek, I have a fancy camera– of course I was taking pictures of the lunar eclipse. But more importantly, I was sharing it with SteelyKid: That’s SteelyKid looking through her telescope at the early stages of…

Weekend Plot: celebration of a femtobarn

The LHC run-2 has reached the psychologically important point where the amount the integrated luminosity exceeds one inverse femtobarn. To celebrate this event, here is a plot showing the ratio of the number of hypothetical resonances...Show More Summary

026/366: Pancakes in Infrared

The image here of a pancake cooking isn’t particularly interesting in its own right, other than as documentation of our weekend ritual at Chateau Steelypips. Saturday and sunday mornings, Kate sleeps in while the kids watch cartoons and I cook pancakes for them. SteelyKid absolutely drowns hers in maple syrup, then refuses to eat them,…

Physics Week in Review: September 26, 2015

Spinning wedding rings, the physics of knots and a whole lotta commentary about whether or not the science is sufficiently accurate in The Martian were among this week's physics highlights. Me at Gizmodo: What's the Best Way to Tie Your...

025/366: Teaser

I spent a while today shooting video of myself on the back porch. Which technically qualifies for the photo-a-day project, because I used the video feature of my new camera. So, here’s a still frame. What am I doing here, and why? You’ll have to wait until I finish the analysis and write it up…

Physics Blogging Round-Up: Condensed Matter, Dew, Football, Cameras, and Movies

Another collection of posts over at my blog for Forbes: — Wormholes, Monopoles, And Weyl Fermions: Making Exotic Physics Inside Ordinary Matter: A sort of deep background look at what makes condensed matter cool. Drawing heavily on Jimmy Williams’s talk at the Schrodinger Sessions. — Why Does My Car Change Color In The Morning?: SteelyKid…

Wonder stuff: Making every material you’ve never heard of

From jet packs to cheap solar panels, the technology of the future needs a new generation of materials. Could they be discovered in a virtual lab?

024/366: Soaring

While I have a bunch of stuff in progress, it’s been a hectic week already, so I blew off the middle park of the day to go to Thacher State Park and take a hike with my camera. I got a whole bunch of photos from this, and later on, I’ll sort them all and…

Citizen scientists published

Amateurs and professionals share the credit in the newest publications from the Space Warps project. When amateur astronomer Julianne Wilcox first moved and traded the star-covered firmament of Petervale, South Africa, for the light-cluttered...Show More Summary

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