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The contents of the universe

How do scientists know what percentages of the universe are made up of dark matter and dark energy? Cosmologist Risa Wechsler of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology explains. Video of d6S4PyJ01IA Have a burning...Show More Summary

All Aboard…!

The other day, quite recently, I clicked "place your order" on... a toy New York MTA bus. I can't pretend it was for the youngster of the house, it was for me. No, it is not a mid-life crisis (heh... I'm sure others might different on...Show More Summary

In Other News…

So two very important pieces of news have come my way and I must share them with you. The first is big news for writer friends especially. The long-awaited version of Scrivener for iPad has finally arrived! And it is really great, from what I can tell so far after downloading it and playing around a bit. Show More Summary

Physics Week in Review: August 6, 2016

There was disappointing news for particle physicists when the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider reported that the signal for a possible new particle had done away. Also, a new model for gunshot blood spatter, particle accelerators...

In the aftermath of ICHEP 2016

ATLAS and CMS nuked our illusions on that bump. More than 500 papers were written on it and some of them went through Physical Review Letters. Now, we are contemplating the ruins of that house of cards. This says a lot about the situation in hep in these days. It should be emphasized that people […]

Plusieurs petits pas mais pas de grand bond en avant

Les grandes percées sont rares en physique. La recherche est plutôt jalonnée d’innombrables petites avancées et c’est ce qui ressortira de la Conférence Internationale de la Physique des Hautes Énergies (ICHEP) qui s’est ouverte hier à Chicago. On y espérait un pas de géant mais aujourd’hui les expériences CMS et ATLAS ont toutes deux rapporté

Many small steps but no giant leap

Giant leaps are rare in physics. Scientific research is rather a long process made of countless small steps and this is what will be presented throughout the week at the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) in Chicago. While many hoped for a major breakthrough, today, both the CMS and ATLAS experiments reported that

LHC bump fades with more data

Possible signs of new particle seem to have washed out in an influx of new data. A curious anomaly seen by two Large Hadron Collider experiments is now looking like a statistical fluctuation. The anomaly—an unanticipated excess of photon...Show More Summary

Higgs boson resurfaces in LHC data

The Higgs appeared in the second run of the LHC about twice as fast as it did in the first. The Higgs boson is peeking out of the new data collected during the second run of the Large Hadron Collider, scientists reported today at the...Show More Summary

Windows and Crowds…

In addition to swearing off drawing scenes with lots of windows (at least while I'm doing them), I've added crowd scenes... This station should have at least double the amount of people in it but [...] Click to continue reading this post ? The post Windows and Crowds… appeared first on Asymptotia.

Q&A: The future of CERN

CERN’s Director General is enthusiastic about the progress and prospects of the LHC research program, but it’s not the only thing on her plate. Physicist Fabiola Gianotti started her mandate as the fifteenth Director General of CERN on January 1. Show More Summary

Particles over Politics: The More the Merrier

Earlier last month, Romania became the 22nd Member State of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, or CERN, home to the world’s most powerful atom-smasher. But the hundred Romanian scientists working on experiments there have already operated under a co-operation agreement with CERN for the last 25 years. So why have Romania decided to commit

HEP Physics News

ICHEP 2016 starts in Chicago this week. Talks about the new diphoton results are scheduled for 9am (Chicago time) Friday. There will also be talks later in the day at CERN (5pm Geneva time), scheduled as part of this summer’s … Continue reading ?

Physics Week in Review: July 30, 2016

Among this week's physics highlights: "tunable" spider silk can block quasiparticles of sound (phonons); the birth of quantum holography; and exploiting the "slingshot effect" to build better tabletop accelerators. Me at Gizmodo: How Much You Need to Exercise to Make...

More Wrong Things I Said in Papers

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled PostBQP Postscripts, owning up to not one but four substantive mathematical errors that I’d made over the years in my published papers, and which my students and colleagues later brought to my sheepish attention.  Fortunately, none of these errors affected the papers’ main messages; they just […]

After the hangover

The loss of the 750 GeV diphoton resonance is a big blow to the particle physics community. We are currently going through the 5 stages of grief, everyone at their own pace, as can be seen e.g. in this comments section. Nevertheless,...Show More Summary

Monumental Proof to Torment Mathematicians for Years to Come

Davide Castelvecchi at Nature has talked to some of the mathematicians at the recent Kyoto workshop on Mochizuki’s proposed proof of the abc conjecture, and written up a summary under the appropriate title Monumental proof to torment mathematicians for years … Continue reading ?

The deconstructed Standard Model equation

The Standard Model is far more than elementary particles arranged in a table. The Standard Model of particle physics is often visualized as a table, similar to the periodic table of elements, and used to describe particle properties, such as mass, charge and spin. Show More Summary

The Atomki anomaly

A result from an experiment in Hungary catches the attention of a group of theorists in the United States. Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider aren’t the only ones investigating a possible sign of a new particle. In a result published...Show More Summary

But Does That Really Happen…?

Sorry I've been quiet for a long stretch recently. I've been tied up with travel, physics research, numerous meetings of various sorts (from the standard bean-counting variety to the "here's three awesome science-y things to put into...Show More Summary

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