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Vacuum Expo 2017

Conference: 11 Oct 2017 - 12 Oct 2017, Coventry, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd.

Photonex 2017 - The Technology of Light

Exhibition: 11 Oct 2017 - 12 Oct 2017, Coventry, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd.

Photonex Scotland Roadshow

Conference: 14 Jun 2017, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd.

A quark like no other: Searching for 'bottom quark'

A University of Iowa physicist is at the forefront of the search for a missing particle that could prove whether the Higgs boson—believed to give mass to all matter—exists.

Studying the quantum vacuum: Traffic jam in empty space

An important step towards a completely new experimental access to quantum physics has been made at University of Konstanz. The team of scientists headed by Professor Alfred Leitenstorfer has now shown how to manipulate the electric vacuum...Show More Summary

Molecular fountain my lead to more precise measurement of physical constants

(—A team of researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has built, for the first time, a molecular fountain. The group has published a paper in the journal Physical Review Letters describing how they created the fountain, how it works and their ideas on how it might be used to more precisely measure physical constants.

Viewpoint: How to Create a Time Crystal

Author(s): Phil Richerme A detailed theoretical recipe for making time crystals has been unveiled and swiftly implemented by two groups using vastly different experimental systems. [Physics 10, 5] Published Wed Jan 18, 2017

Synopsis: Getting Plasma in a Twist

Laser vortex beams can exchange their optical angular momentum with a plasma from which they are reflected. [Physics] Published Wed Jan 18, 2017

New modeling method focuses attention on amorphous material's unusual vibrational modes

Asegun Henry wants to avert the worst effects of climate change by finding new forms of renewable energy and improving the materials that contribute to energy use.

Ultra-precise chip-scale sensor detects unprecedentedly small changes in environmental conditions at the nanoscale

Chip scale high precision measurements of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure and refractive index have become common with nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics resonance cavities. As excellent transducers to convert small variations...Show More Summary

Calibrating the calibrator—the National Standard Neutron Source

Neutron detectors and sources play critical roles in national defense, homeland security, nuclear power plant control, radiation medicine, petroleum exploration, materials science, industrial imaging, and a host of other applications. Show More Summary


Conference/exhibition: 24 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2017, Montpellier, France.

SVTM 2017

Conference/exhibition: 27 Jun 2017 - 28 Jun 2017, Nice, France.

Improved measurements of antiproton's magnetic moment deepen mystery of baryonic asymmetry

One of the deepest mysteries of physics today is why we seem to live in a world composed only of matter, while the Big Bang should have created equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Around the world, scientists including Stefan Ulmer's...Show More Summary

Focus: Celebrated Optical Trick Goes Vibrational

Author(s): David Lindley A micromechanical device generates a series of precise, equally spaced vibration frequencies, analogous to the light of the “optical frequency comb,” which has dramatically improved precision measurements. [Physics 10, 4] Published Tue Jan 17, 2017

The value of basic research

How can we measure the worth of scientific knowledge? Economic analysts give it a shot.

Eric Dahl, Anna Grassellino honored with Presidential Early Career Awards

The Presidential Early Career Awards highlight the key role that the administration places in encouraging and accelerating American innovation to grow our economy and tackle our greatest challenges.

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