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Physics Blogging Round-Up: Books, Entanglement, Optics, Many-Worlds, Two Cultures, and Clocks

A whole bunch of physics posts over at Forbes so far this month: —Recent Physics Books: Gravitational Waves and Brief Lessons: Short reviews of Janna Levin’s Black Hole Blues and Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. —The Real Reasons Quantum Entanglement Doesn’t Allow Faster-Than-Light Communication: Expanding on and correcting some stuff I didn’t like…

Physics Week in Review: May 21, 2016

Among this week's physics highlights: what daffodils can tell us about vortex shedding, new evidence for the pilot wave alternative in quantum theory, and the physics of Ant Man's transformation in Captain America: Civil War. Me at Gizmodo: How Daffodils...

Gut Feeling…

2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

Still slowly getting back up to speed (literally) on page production. I've made some major tweaks in my desktop workflow (I mostly move back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator at this stage), and finally have started keeping...Show More Summary

My Quora session

Here it is.  Enjoy!  (But sorry, no new questions right now.)

The Planck scale

The Planck scale sets the universe’s minimum limit, beyond which the laws of physics break. In the late 1890s, physicist Max Planck proposed a set of units to simplify the expression of physics laws. Using just five constants in nature...Show More Summary

Division of Labor Is a Good Thing for Science and Skepticism

Noted grouchy person John Horgan has found a new way to get people mad at him on the Internet, via a speech-turned-blog-post taking organized Skeptic groups to task for mostly going after “soft targets”. This has generated lots of angry blog posts in response, and a far greater number of people sighing heavily and saying…


Now back after a satisfying vacation amidst very large trees. Here are some things of note from the past couple weeks: For those fascinated by the arguments over string theory, you might want to look at a document sent to … Continue reading ?


2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

Actually, I’m super-excited…! There is a New Hope coming. I’m daring to dream… ok just a little bit. (Sorry to be cryptic…More later.) -cvj The post Excited! appeared first on Asymptotia.

Why do objects feel solid?

The way you think about atoms may not be quite right. A reader asks: "If atoms are mostly empty space, then why does anything feel solid?" James Beacham, a post-doctoral researcher with the ATLAS Experiment group of The Ohio State University,...Show More Summary

Imaginary Syllabus: Science of Sports and Games

It’s one of those days where none of the stuff I probably ought to be writing seems even slightly appealing, so instead I’m going to do something frivolous and morale-boosting, namely think out loud about an imaginary course. Despite being on sabbatical, I do still check my work email, and have caught the edges of…

251-256/366: The Week in Photos

Getting caught up to today, a bunch of pictures from the past week (250/366 was the photo of Emmy’s memorial shrub): 251/366: Wagons Ho! Last weekend we had gorgeous spring weather, so the kids were playing outside a bunch. They ended up getting out the wooden wagon SteelyKid got for her birthday some years back,…

Physics Week in Review: May 14, 2016

Among this week's physics highlights: CERN kicks off its 2016 data season, Kepler finds a whole bunch of new exoplanets, and physicists collide quasiparticles for the very first time. Of course, on the personal front, the big news this week...

Plot for Weekend: new limits on neutrino masses

2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Resonaances

This weekend's plot shows the new limits on neutrino masses from the KamLAND-Zen experiment:KamLAND-Zen is a group of buddhist monks studying a balloon filled with the xenon isotope Xe136. That isotope has a very long lifetime, of order 10^21 years, and undergoes the lepton-number-conserving double beta decay Xe136 ? Ba136 2e- 2?bar. Show More Summary


2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

When you realize mid-sketch that your character is wearing a watch, and so that means you should probably go back and add it to all the previous... (click for larger view.) -cvj Click to continue reading this post ? The post Realization… appeared first on Asymptotia.

243-249/366: Cute-Kids Cruise Photo Dump

As promised/threatened in the previous post, here’s a big collection of shots from our cruise vacation featuring the sillyheads. 243/366: Bunk Beds: The sleeping arrangements in the stateroom were pretty slick. We had a double bed that was there all the time, and during the day a sitting area with a couch. While we were…

Mommy, Daddy, where does mass come from?

The Higgs field gives mass to elementary particles, but most of our mass comes from somewhere else. The story of particle mass starts right after the big bang. During the very first moments of the universe, almost all particles wereShow More Summary

Close Encounter?

2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

...of the physics kind. Ok, I'll share a bit during my lunch break from spending too much time doing detail in a tiny panel few will linger on. (Perils of a detail-freak....) It's a rough underdrawing I did this morning for a panel I'm now turning into final art (the black stuff is the start of final lines). Show More Summary

236-242/366: No-Kids Cruise Photo Dump

Since I’ve given up on the strict daily arrangement, I’m going to somewhat arbitrarily assign photos from the cruise numbers corresponding to the days of the last two weeks. I’ll do this in two big photo dump posts, grouped by whether or not SteelyKid and The Pip are in the shots. And since this is…

Competition Results!

3 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

This year's USC Science Film Competition saw another crop of films with a great variety of approaches, with live action and animation, comedy, drama and documentary, and all sorts of hydrids of those forms. Thanks to all who took part. Show More Summary

Off we go

3 months agoAcademics / Physics : Resonaances

The LHC is back in action since last weekend, again colliding protons with 13 TeV energy. The weasels' conspiracy was foiled, and the perpetrators were exemplarily punished. PhD students have been deployed around the LHC perimeter to counter any further sabotage attempts by furry animals. Show More Summary

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