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134/366: BalsaKid

Back in the fall, a note came home with SteelyKid about an organizational meeting for an Odyssey of the Mind team for her elementary school. My father coached this for several years back in the 80’s, and one of my sister’s teams went to the World championships (held in Cole Field House at the University…

133/366: No Writing On Paper Today!

This one’s a bit of a cheat, but the only pictures I got Tuesday that turned out well had other people’s kids in them, and I won’t post those. So here, instead, is a picture from over the weekend, mostly because I want to tell the cute-kid story that goes with it. On Sundays, I…

In Other Science meets Entertainment news…

Variety and other such entertainment news sites are abuzz with the news that Sundance has now announced its list of who's on the various Juries for prizes at the festival this year. As you may know, the Sloan Foundation gives a prize there for science in feature film, and I'll be on the Jury this year. Show More Summary

Time might flow backwards as well as forwards from the big bang

In the multiverse, pocket universes could be born with clashing directions of time – the evolving future of one could happen in the rewinding past of another

The Lumiere festival gets set to light up the London night

A new, almost radical arts festival is about to make the darkness visible in London’s streets. Tobias Revell basks in the glow of the Lumiere

Black holes

Let yourself be pulled into the weird world of black holes. Imagine, somewhere in the galaxy, the corpse of a star so dense that it punctures the fabric of space and time. So dense that it devours any surrounding matter that gets too...Show More Summary

132/366: New Phone Test

Having picked up a new phone last week, it seems sort of appropriate to give a photo-a-day to a picture taken with that phone, as a kind of test. Also, I realized while on the way to SteelyKid’s taekwondo class that I had forgotten to take any photos with the good camera, and wanted some…

WSJ Piece On Science and Entertainment

It's nice to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning when my mum is visiting me. But where does one go to actually buy a newspaper?! The nice piece, by Erich Schwartzel, is about the work the Science and Entertainment exchange, working with scientists like myself does in the entertainment industry. Show More Summary

131/366: Nott Shots

One of my recurring half-serious grumbles about this photo-a-day business is that our neighborhood doesn’t offer a clear view of the horizon, making it impossible to get nice sunset pictures. On sunday afternoons, though, we have a babysitter come stay with the kids for a while so Kate and I can do some work, and…

130/366: Bubble Battle

I try not to have this be Cute Kid Photo of the Day, but really, when these are the subjects, how can I avoid it? This is from yesterday’s morning excursion to MiSci, where they have added a soap bubble area. This, of course, led to the kids battling with each other by blowing huge…

Weekend Plot: The king is dead (long live the king)

The new diphoton king has been discussed at length in the blogoshpere, but the late diboson king also deserves a word or two. Recall that last summer ATLAS announced a 3 sigma excess in the dijet invariant mass distribution where each jet resembles a fast moving W or Z boson decaying to a pair of quarks. Show More Summary

Physics Week in Review: January 9, 2015

More on Stephen Hawking's proposal (with Harvard's Andrew Strominger) to solve the black hole information loss problem, a new phase of hydrogen, and claims by North Korea that is has detonated its first hydrogen bomb were among this week's physics...

129/366: Hoop It Up

When schedules permit, I like to take the kids to home basketball games at Union. This works out well for everyone, as almost nobody goes to the games, so the kids can rampage all over the gym and get good and tired without upsetting anyone, and we add somewhat to the crowd supporting the home…

128/366: Shiny!

It seems appropriate to use a power-of-two day for a new digital device, so here’s a photo of my new phone: Getting and setting this up took up much of yesterday. It’s a Droid Turbo, which is basically the Verizon-branded version of the 2015 equivalent of the Moto X I had previously. Yes, I know,…

Mathematicians invent new way to slice pizza into exotic shapes

If you want to share a pizza equally but certain people don't like the toppings in the middle, there's now a slicing formula to keep everyone happy

How to wrangle a particle

Learn some particle accelerator basics from a Fermilab accelerator operator. How do you keep a particle inside of a particle accelerator? Fermilab accelerator operator Cindy Joe explains. Video of ZvrVhB_kEqA Have a burning question about particle physics? Let us know via email or Twitter (using the hashtag #asksymmetry). We might answer you in a future video!

127/366: Winter Moon

After a ridiculously warm December, I was lamenting the lack of winter this year. Which led, of course, to its sudden return for at least a few days of blowing snow and single-digit Fahrenheit temperatures. The snow is, at least, kind of photogenic, though: This one took a bit of processing– the raw image was…

Do-or-die year

The year 2016 began as any other year... I mean the hangover situation in particle physics. We have a theory of fundamental interactions - the Standard Model - that we know is certainly not the final theory because it cannot account for dark matter, matter-antimatter asymmetry, and cosmic inflation. Show More Summary

Another Digital Drill

I found some time to do another practice digital sketch to get my skills back into shape. (Click for larger view.) I'll admit I had fun with the three-color scheme for skin tones. For the three of you who recognize her, evidently there was another showbiz magazine article laying around for me to squint at. Show More Summary

Gown Uses…

Well, finally since arriving here in 2003 I've found a good use for the academic gown that sits on a hook on the back of my door! It is a master's gown from Durham University. I had it while I was on the faculty there as I'd joined the...Show More Summary

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