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043/366: Morning Walk

I’m helping coach SteelyKid’s soccer practice tonight, but that’s no problem for the photo-of-the-day blog, as I got that out of the way early: This is what it looks like when Emmy and I go for our morning stroll these days, a little after 6am. Which is sort of pretty, maybe, but it’s a little…

Xenon, xenon everywhere

It’s in the air we breathe, but it’s not so easy to get ahold of 10 metric tons of xenon in its liquid form. So, you want to buy some xenon to try to detect dark matter deep underground. Not a problem. There’s a market for that, with...Show More Summary

Pufferfish planets could explain how hot Jupiters get so big

Many of the gas giant planets we've seen orbiting other stars are up to twice as large as theory says they should be. A new class of planets could explain why

General relativity at 100: Still no theory of everything

General relativity and quantum theory are fundamentally incompatible theories of reality. How so – and what can we do about that?

042/366: Distortion

For the 42nd installment of this photo-a-day thing, it seems appropriate to try to do some SCIENCE! to get an Answer. So, here’s a composite of a bunch of images I took yesterday in order to investigate something: OK, this needs some explanation… So, I do a lot of shooting with moderately wide-angle lenses (either…

Back to Basics

2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

Happy to say that I'm back to regular bread-making! The oven had some problems for a while and since I Was distracted by far too many things, I did not have time to get it fixed until recently. It is working again, and now I can make bread once more, and all is well with the world. Show More Summary

A measurement to watch

This article appeared in symmetry on Oct. 7, 2015. Physics, perhaps more so than any other science, relies on measuring the same thing in multiple ways. Different experiments let scientists narrow in on right answers that satisfy all parties—a scientific system of checks and balances. That’s why it’s exciting when a difference, even a minute

Echoless light could help send signals through walls and skin

A new method of making packets of light that don't echo inside optical fibres could be used to improve everything from medical imaging to laser comms

How I’m going to photograph a black hole

Astronomer Heino Falcke plans to use a global network of radio telescopes to snap the black hole at the Milky Way's heart

Explore 100 years of general relativity

In a century, Einstein's theory has revolutionised our picture of the universe. We take a look at the pivotal moments in general relativity since Einstein presented his theory in 1915

041/366: Fall

‘Tis the season when things get all colorful: Not much to say other than that, really. This is the tree next to our driveway, shot with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. I spent a while shuffling around underneath the tree finding just the right angle– getting the in-focus leaves against the sky and clear of the…

040/366: SoccerKid

Rhett is off at some sort of football game, but don’t worry, I’ll step up to make sure the Internet has pictures of kids playing soccer: I’m assistant coaching the team (and the only coach for every other game), which makes it hard to get photos of SteelyKid, but I brought the camera to yesterday’s…

Physics Week in Review: October 10, 2015

Neutrino research snags another Nobel Prize in physics, the world's first silicon quantum logic gate, and the physics behind that insane Chinese traffic jam were among this week's physics highlights. Me at Gizmodo: Neutrinos Change Their Flavor and Snag Another...

039/366: Mist Vortex

Friday was yet another heavy kid-wrangling day, as the Pip had a minor surgical procedure in the early morning, which required general anaesthesia. This was done before 9am, but we had to keep him home from school for the day to watch for ill effects. Of which there were none, so he and I went…

Physics Blogging Round-Up: Football, Air, Relativity, Wrong Guesses, More Football, and Uncertainty

Another couple of weeks of science-y blogging at Forbes: — Football Physics: Deflategate Illustrates Key Concepts: In which I use the ever-popular silly scandal over deflated footballs as an excuse to talk about three-body recombination. — The Annoying Physics Of Air Resistance: Air resistance is an annoyance to be abstracted out in intro physics classes,…

Screen Junkies – The Martian, Science, and Problem-Solving!

2 months agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

As promised, the Screen Junkies episode we made is out. It is about The Martian! JPL's Christina Heinlein (a planetary science expert) also took part, and I hope you find it interesting and thought-provoking. Maybe even funny too! As...Show More Summary

038/366: Cloudy Conjunction

In yesterday’s crude astrophotography post, I mentioned that the conjunction of Venus and the Moon would be closer this morning, but I took a shot of it yesterday because there’s no telling with the weather here this time of year. When I first went outside this morning, though, the sky was beautiful and clear and…

This and That

The Perimeter Institute’s public lecture series tonight will feature Neil Turok on The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything. I think Turok is one of the few theorists speaking to the general public who has got the story of the current situation … Continue reading ?

General relativity at 100: Einstein’s witness in the sky

Studies of the cosmic microwave background have delivered a peerlessly accurate picture of the cosmos – but dark spectres haunt it

037/366: Morning Star and Moon

One of the few problems with the new camera is that the Canon software that talks to it only runs on my laptop, not my home desktop. This is an issue partly because the laptop has less disk space (I got it with the biggest SSD available a few years ago, which is small compared…

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