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Trump Talking Points Urge Surrogates to Push Voter Fraud Line

Jonathan Swan for The Hill: In campaign talking points sent out Wednesday and obtained by The Hill, the Trump team told Republican surrogates to cite examples of voter fraud in North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Under a headline ‘Must make … Continue reading ?

It probably wasn’t Russia that attacked the Internet today. That’s what’s scary

As users of Twitter and many other services probably know, large parts of the Internet weren’t working Friday, thanks to a hacking attack on the Internet’s infrastructure. NBC reported that a senior intelligence official has told the network that the hack “does not appear at this point to be any kind of state-sponsored or directed attack.” It […]

Friday assorted links

1. Chris Blattman bleg on best job market advice and resources. 2. Data on how the social sciences treat gender differences. 3. The economics of sugar in Egypt (NYT). 4. Crowdfunding fertility. 5. The self-driving bus will talk to you, it is hard to trick (supposedly), and it is coming to Las Vegas and Miami. Show More Summary

If Today’s Internet Outage/Hacking Was a Dry Run for Election Day, Things Could Get Very Bad

Earlier I suggested that today’s Internet hack which disrupted things could be a dry-run for election day. The NY Times now reports the pernicious and widespread nature of this attack: And in a troubling development, the attack appears to have relied … Continue reading ?

Talking to Josh Marshall of TPM on His Podcast About Trump, Voter Fraud, and Election Rigging Nonsense

Josh:  Concerned about voter suppression? Bands of feral Trumpers descending areas with large populations of black or Hispanic voters to harass and vet voters? Me too. So in Episode #7 of the Josh Marshall show I talked to my favorite … Continue reading ?

Hedge Fund Manager Gives $21 Million to Pro-Clinton Super-PAC, Pushing Campaign Finance Reform

Matea Gold for WaPo on an unusual plutocrat: The Florida-based investor said he has contributed $40 million to Democratic super PACs and allied groups in 2016, double what he had planned to spend at the beginning of the election. He said … Continue reading ?

“Wyoming is requiring citizenship proof from naturalized voters”

AP: The Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office alerted county clerks to require an undetermined number of people to provide proof of citizenship before allowing them to vote, stirring anger from some who say it has deterred people from casting ballots. … Continue reading ?

Voter Fraud as Part of Donald Trump’s Pre-Mortem and Excuse for His Losing Campaign

From Jenna Johnson’s fabulous piece: The gloomy mood has extended to his signature rallies, which Trump used to find fun. He would bound onto rally stages bursting with energy and a sense of excitement that intensified as the crowds chanted … Continue reading ?

“Disclosure can encourage political speech”

Abby Wood and Michael Gilbert in the Hill: Disclosure can encourage speech. It provides information on candidates’ positions—are they supported by environmentalists or coal? The answer can energize voters who previously lumped the candidates together, causing them to speak in … Continue reading ?

Today’s Must-Read: “How Charges of Voter Fraud Became a Political Strategy”

Michael Wines with the absolute must-read in the NYT: In asserting that the presidential election has been rigged against him and casting accusations of widespread voter fraud, Donald J. Trump has tapped deep into an increasingly prevalent theme of Republican … Continue reading ?

On KCRW’s To the Point: “Would Divided Government Mean Gridlock?”

I was a guest on this show with the great Warren Olney: GOP candidates point with alarm at Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees, free college tuition and “Big Government” that’s bigger than ever. Advocates for Republicans are almost saying it … Continue reading ?

Message from John Ryder to RNC Members to Avoid Getting Tagged As Engaging in Poll Watching Because of Consent Decree

This is the text of an email that went out to RNC folks (why this matters): RNC Members, Please take a few minutes to read this important information.  With early and absentee voting under way and Election Day approaching, I … Continue reading ?

“Inside Congress’s Mind”

John Manning has posted this draft on SSRN (Columbia Law Review). Here is the abstract: In recent years, most would associate “intent skepticism” with the rise of modern textualism. In fact, however, many diverse approaches — legal realism, modern pragmatism, … Continue reading ?

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