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“Trump donors continued to give millions after his election victory”

WaPo: From Oct. 20 to Nov. 28, Trump’s campaign and two joint fundraising committees with the RNC brought in a total of $111 million, edging out the nearly $106 million Clinton’s campaign raised with its two joint fundraising committees. The … Continue reading ?

“Evaluating voter experience Wait times at polls in 2016 election improved in several key states, new survey results show.”

Release: While many voters reported long lines at polling locations around the country during the 2012 presidential election, this year the overall amount of time people had to wait to vote improved significantly, according to a new survey examining voter … Continue reading ?

What can America learn from the schools of other countries?

Here is a very good Amanda Ripley NYT piece, more than just the usual.  Here is just one of numerous interesting bits: In 2006, socioeconomic status had explained 17 percent of the variance in Americans’ science scores; in 2015, it explained only 11 percent, which is slightly better than average for the developed world. Show More Summary

Another Crazy California Law

Imagine that you’re a small business owner getting ready to go into your busy season, when several protestors come onto your property and begin disrupting your workers. Ordinarily, you would call the police and have the trespassers removed so that you could continue with your operations. Show More Summary

Should President Kabila step down or get a third term? We asked the Congolese people.

In the Congo, President Joseph Kabila has engineered artificial delays in the election process to extend his stay in power, and the opposition has called for massive protests on Dec. 19, when his mandate was supposed to end. Amid this turmoil, what do the Congolese people think? Over a period of four months this year, we […]

No, people really aren’t turning away from democracy

People in Europe and the United States have soured on the idea of democracy and have become open to non-democratic ways to run their countries. That’s what Roberto Stefan Foa and Yascha Mounk argue in an interesting article in the Journal of Democracy that has gotten a lot of media play. Millennials are especially to blame: they are much more […]

Will Pence be the most powerful vice president ever? Not so fast.

Gov. Mike Pence has been very active since the election last month. He’s heading Donald Trump’s presidential transition, meeting with prospective administration officials and influencing Cabinet selections, speaking with members of Congress, appearing on TV talk shows and outlining policy for Trump’s first term. Show More Summary

Sharing the risk of mugging, Rio de Janeiro style

The mayor-elect of Rio de Janeiro is promoting a new idea to bolster tourism in his crime-plagued city: levying a new tax on tourists, then using the proceeds to reimburse visitors who are mugged. The mayor-elect, Marcelo Crivella, a...Show More Summary

Yes, NATO is sharing the defense burden. Here’s what we found.

Since the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” referendum in June, European leaders have been working to reinvigorate the notion of European defense integration, while taking care to avoid Madeleine Albright’s famous three D’s with regard to NATO:...Show More Summary

China markets in everything, Titanic disaster edition

You too may soon be able to feel what it was like to hit an iceberg on the Titanic. Construction of a life-size replica of the doomed passenger ship began in China’s southwestern Sichuan province on Wednesday with a keel-laying ceremony and fireworks to mark the occasion. Show More Summary

For many people, the American dream has been vanishing

About 92 percent of 1940 babies had higher pretax household earnings at age 30 than their parents had at the same age. (The results were similar at older ages and for post-tax earnings.) …For babies born in 1980 — today’s 36-year-olds...Show More Summary

“Democracy vouchers coming to Seattle mailboxes soon”

King5: Democracy vouchers will soon be in the mail to registered voters in the city of Seattle, as part of a first of its kind campaign finance initiative launching next year. “I made a lot of calls when I first … Continue reading ?

“Could campaign finance overhaul help solve congressional gridlock?”

Open Secrets reports on today’s Excellent Sidley forum at NYU in DC: Should we restrict political contributions? How have weakened political parties impacted this election? Can public financing work? President-elect Donald Trump pledged to “drain the swamp,” yet has not proposed changes to the … Continue reading ?

“Flagler Circuit Judge Scott DuPont Faces Charges of ‘Recklessly’ Spreading Baseless Claims About Opponent” The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, the investigative arm of the Florida judicial system, last week filed a notice of formal charges against Flagler County Circuit Judge Scott DuPont stemming from allegations that he may have acted unethically and “recklessly” … Continue reading ?

“Trying to Push Garland Through Could Kill the Filibuster”

I’ve written this piece for Political Wire (behind the paywall—and you really should pay to support Taegan’s great site).  It begins: David Waldman has raised hopes for a West Wing/House of Cards-style parliamentary maneuver to get the Senate to approve … Continue reading ?

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