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Who is Turkey really targeting with its buffer zone?

After a series of attacks by Islamic State militants, Turkey launched airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria for the first time. Its longstanding call for a buffer – or safe zone – along its border with Syria may finally become a reality. The purpose of such a zone is ostensibly twofold: to contain the […]

How social media’s amazing (and unpredictable!) power explains what happened Wednesday with the Mets

To begin with, this is not a post about Cecil the lion, although it very well could be. Instead, it is about another sort of quest, one that is undoubtedly legal but has still proved elusive for decades: to get the New York Mets another World Series championship.  More specifically, it involves the attempt on Wednesday […]

Thursday assorted links

1. No tip, but an economics card instead (don’t try this on your next date). 2. “As many as 20 percent of Haverford’s economics majors — many of them baseball players — choose baseball or sports as the subject of their thesis.” 3. Someone likes a William Vollmann novel.  There are other rave reviews, but […]

Inputs are imported too

Ted Diamantis, an importer of Greek wines who is based in Chicago, has been helping his suppliers stock up on bottles, labels and printing ink. The barrels, though, have him worried. In two or three weeks, some of Greece’s winemaking regions will begin their annual grape harvest. The wineries Mr. Diamantis buys from age their […]

Split, Croatia bleg

What to do?  What to see and where to eat?  Our stay there will be brief, but thanks in advance for your assistance…

A long look at short-termism

That is the title of a working study from Credit Suisse (pdf), here is one excerpt: The problem is that short-termism is very difficult to prove. As we will see, many of the common perceived symptoms of short-termism don’t hold up to scrutiny, and there are some legitimate reasons for the shortening of time horizons. […]

“David Prosser says he didn’t need to step aside in Scott Walker probe”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser issued an opinion Wednesday saying he did not need to step aside from cases over an investigation into Gov. Scott Walker‘s campaign even though groups spent millions of dollars to support both … Continue reading ?

NVRA Settlement Reached with Oklahoma

Demos press release: Voting rights advocates and Oklahoma officials announced today that a settlement has been reachedto provide more effective voter registration opportunities to citizens throughout the state. This effort began last summer when the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League, the … Continue reading ?

The Most Interesting Question in Evenwel

In my contribution to the SCOTUS blog Symposium in this case, I provide reasons that the Court is unlikely, in my view, to accept the appellants’ position.  But that is not the end of the case.  The more interesting question … Continue reading ?

“Federal voting rights trial expected to end today”

Winston-Salem Journal (which commendably has been covering every day of the trial): After nearly three weeks, a federal trial on North Carolina’s election law is wrapping up, with closing arguments to begin either late this morning or early afternoon. The … Continue reading ?

Justice Ginsburg Speaks on Citizens United, Arizona Redistricting

The Justice spoke at Duke. She said this about Citizens United (via Adam Liptak): The court’s worst blunder, she said, was its 2010 decision in Citizens United “because of what has happened to elections in the United States and the … Continue reading ?

India’s Faltering Economic Revolution: Lost Opportunity, Lost Future

Last year Narendra Modi won an unusually strong majority in India’s parliamentary election. Modi subsequently visited the U.S. and was warmly welcomed by both the Obama administration and Indian-Americans. Although ethnic Indians circled the globe as entrepreneurs and traders, the Delhi government turned dirigiste economics into a state religion. Show More Summary

Money and Soccer

The subtitle for this one suffices for a review: A Soccernomics Guide: Why Chievo Verona, Unterhaching, and Scunthorpe United Will Never Win the Champions League, Why Manchester City, Roma, and Paris Saint-Germain can, and why Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United Cannot Be Stopped I haven’t even read the full subtitle yet (I used […]

“Judge threatens IRS chief with contempt”

McClatchy: A federal judge has threatened to hold the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in contempt of court. The threat came Wednesday from U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has been presiding over a lawsuit by the conservative … Continue reading ?

“Fattah Buttonholed Obama Directly, According to Indictment”

Roll Call: The Department of Justice’s indictment of Rep. Chaka Fattah alleges Fattah’s quid-pro-quo scheme included an in-person effort to get President Barack Obama to give a lobbyist an ambassadorship. Fattah, a powerful Pennsylvania Democrat, is a longtime ally of the president’s … Continue reading ?

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