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“Why Struck-Down Voter ID Laws Trouble Would-Be Voters”

Another must-read from Michael Wines of the NYT: While Donald J. Trump repeatedly claims that the election is “rigged”against him, voting rights groups are increasingly battling something more concrete in this year’s ferocious wars over access to the ballot box: … Continue reading ?

“Consultant With Ties to Donald Trump Linked to Offer to Hide Source of Donations”

NYT: A video posted on Monday by a British newspaper appeared to show a Republican consultant with ties to Donald J. Trump offering to disguise the source of contributions to a “super PAC” intended to aid Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. … Continue reading ?

“Complaints allege House Democrats’ Trump ads break campaign finance law”

Politico: A conservative-leaning watchdog group is accusing the DCCC and a dozen of its candidates of using illegal advertising practices this fall, arguing in new complaints that the committee has used its ad strategy to direct extra money to a … Continue reading ?

Tuesday assorted links

1. Marina Abramovi? has a memoir coming out.  I have pre-ordered it. 2. The word “conflate” does not mean what you think it means. 3. How to cheat at poker, and many other games.  And the economics of the Trump policy shop in Alexandria. 4. Electronic surveillance up 500 percent in the D.C. area since […] The post Tuesday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

The Republican Party is coming apart. Here’s what it can learn from the 1956 Democrats.

The 2016 election has turned into a nightmare for the Republican Party. With Donald Trump ensnared in a wave of scandals, allegations, and feuds — many of his own making — a considerable number of Republican elected officials have taken the unusual step of withdrawing support for their party’s presidential nominee. In a race that […]

“Trump will claim the election was stolen. This new poll shows GOP voters may believe him.”

Greg Sargent: The poll finds that among Americans overall, only 43 percent have a great deal of confidence that their votes will be counted accurately. That’s unfortunate, to be sure. Meanwhile, the partisan divide is notable: 55 percent of Democrats … Continue reading ?

“Clinton Campaign Mulled Embracing Sanders’s Agenda Against Corruption”

Common Dreams: Neera Tanden, the president of the think tank, Center for American Progress, produced a memo on government reform and public corruption that was sent to John Podesta, campaign chairman, and Jake Sullivan, a senior policy adviser to the … Continue reading ?

“How will Trump supporters react if he loses?”

Pippa Norris for The Monkey Cage: What do Americans think they would do if their presidential candidate does not win? The Reuters-IPSOS poll gave registered voters six hypothetical choices. Respondents were allowed to choose more than one option. The most … Continue reading ?

“A City Clerk Opposed an Early-Voting Site at UW–Green Bay Because ‘Students Lean More Toward the Democrats'”

Big from Ari Berman: After the primary, leaders of eight different student groups—including the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian parties and the Black Student Union—asked the city to put an early-voting location on campus to alleviate long lines. But city officials ignored … Continue reading ?

The Perils of Financial Over-Regulation

Last Friday, I gave the opening remarks at the International Finance Corporation’s annual FinTech CEO Summit — a meeting of many of the top executives involved in developing cutting-edge alternatives to conventional means for raising capital and making payments, among other things. Show More Summary

When Civic Participation Means Shaming A Non-Voter's Kid

This video, “Playground” [YouTube, Facebook] makes quite an impression. It shows a scene of schoolyard bullying but takes the side of the jeering, taunting mob – in the name of voting. It is one of a series of 30 second videos put out...Show More Summary

In One Chart, Everything You Need to Know about Big Government, the Welfare State, and Sweden's Economy

Sweden punches way above its weight in debates about economic policy. Leftists all over the world (most recently, Bernie Sanders) say the Nordic nation is an example that proves a big welfare state can exist in a rich nation. And since...Show More Summary

Shy Trump supporters? This new evidence says no.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, has explained her candidate’s low poll numbers this way: “It’s become socially desirable, if you’re a college-educated person in the U.S., to say that you’re against Donald Trump.” At a rally in Wisconsin last Monday, Trump himself pointed to inaccurate polling predictions during the primary elections, saying, “I guess […]

How will Trump supporters react if he loses?

What will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. presidency, as is widely predicted? Will Trump’s supporters raise pitchforks and torches on Nov. 9, rejecting the results — or will they accept the loss? Donald Trump has ratcheted up claims of voter fraud, alleging that the Nov. 8 election may be “rigged” against him, and he […]

The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in its heyday

Prior to 1968, membership in the Cleveland Orchestra was a part-time job. When he joined the orchestra, the regular season was just 30 weeks long, with lower pay for summer concerts. In 1952, the base salary was $3,240—$29,231 in today’s dollars. Show More Summary

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