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Immigration and the savings glut

If there truly is a savings glut, more immigration from lesser-skilled countries ought to do wonders.  Those laborers would soak up more of this capital investment as if they are a free lunch.  No domestic worker would have to end up...Show More Summary

The dominance of the New York City subway

Perhaps the most incredible thing about the New York City Subway has been its utter dominance of the well-publicized national transit ridership increases of the last decade. According to annual data published by the American Public Transportation...Show More Summary

Negative Approach, ‘Ready to Fight': The Week In One Song

This week: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump talk up the possibility of the debate to end all debates.  

“Clinton’s Best Defense”

Eliza Newlin Carney: Nevertheless, Clinton’s reliance on costly ad blitzes to defend herself against critics makes her vulnerable to further attacks. Her appeals to Wall Street donors andcoordination with such big money groups as Correct the Record reinforce her image … Continue reading ?

“They Tilt Right, but Top Chief Executives Don’t Give to Trump”

NYT: The C-suite leans right. Republican candidates have drawn overwhelming support from the highest-paid chief executives in the country this election cycle, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politicsconducted for The New York Times. That may not … Continue reading ?

“The Week in Politics: Dems’ Voting Guy Gets Busy, Mayors Ousted and More”

Alan Greenblatt for Governing: Just how much demand there can be for a good campaign lawyer was on dramatic display this week. Marc Elias has been the go-to attorney for high-profile Democrats for years. But he’s had a particularly eventful few … Continue reading ?

IPA’s weekly links

Guest post by Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action. Happy weekend, if you’re heading out we’ve put together a list of podcasts for your summer travel, including Chris & David McKenzie on Planet Money (along with some pictures from our … Continue reading ? The post IPA’s weekly links appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Big Bureaucracies Beget Bad Behavior

One of the problems with big government is that it stimulates the worst sort of behavior from people and attracts legions of cheaters on the inside and outside. On the outside, the more than 2,300 federal subsidy programs are under constant assault by dishonest individuals, businesses, and criminal gangs. Show More Summary

Here’s how text analysis is transforming social-science research

  The journal Political Analysis has recently published a “virtual issue” on “Recent Innovations in Text Analysis for Social Science.” In addition to the guest editor’s introduction, there are seven papers in the virtual issue. All of the papers are available for free reading online, for a limited time. I spoke to University of California […]

Some Good News on Organ Donation

Representative Matt Cartwright (D-PA 17th District) has introduced the Organ Donor Clarification Act. The act would: Clarify that certain reimbursements are not valuable consideration but are reimbursements for expenses a donor incurs...Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. Museum of the Flat Earth opens in Newfoundland. 2. Interview with Matt Gentzkow. 3. Can a Chinese “straddling bus” carry one thousand people?  And China’s scientific ambitions — scale, scale, scale!  The latter is an important piece,...Show More Summary

“Federal judge throws out suit against Doe prosecutors”

Patrick Marley for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker brought against prosecutors, and said that a wealth of evidence seized by investigators about Walker’s campaign and conservative … Continue reading ?

ACLU Calls OH SOS Husted’s Statement About Golden Week Litigation “Appalling”

Release: “Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s statement that the ACLU supported the elimination of Golden Week could not be further from the truth,” said ACLU of Ohio Senior Policy Director Mike Brickner. “The ACLU has always strongly opposed the … Continue reading ?

“Voting rights group: March primary signals problems for NC voters”

News and Observer: Democracy North Carolina, a voting-rights advocacy organization, recorded the experiences of more than 1,400 North Carolina residents whose votes in the March primary election did not count and shared them with a federal appeals court on Thursday. … Continue reading ?

“Trump is borrowing the GOP brand. He’ll resist bending to party leaders”

Dan Balz in WaPo: It’s been called a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, but there’s little that has happened since Donald Trump became the GOP’s presumptive nominee to suggest he wants anything to do with the party. He’s borrowing … Continue reading ?

“Virginia Democrats to appeal voter ID case”

Daily Press: The Democrats behind a lawsuit challenging Virginia’s voter ID law will appeal last week’s loss in district court to the U.S. Court of Appeals, the lead attorney said Thursday. The group filed its notice of appeal Wednesday, and … Continue reading ?

New polls show that more Americans prefer Democrats’ policies

Starting just after New Year, we have been tracking U.S. voters’ policy preferences. We see two very clear trends. First, more people support Democratic over Republican positions. Second, voters are making up their minds. A few months ago, many more of them expressed “weak” or “indifferent” attitudes toward both Democratic and Republican policy positions — but […]

In Hiroshima, Obama and Abe are pledging to stop nuclear proliferation. Their actions don’t match their words.

On May 27, President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will make a historic visit to Hiroshima. There will likely be speeches about the consequences of nuclear weapons and the expression of everyone’s hopes for a nuclear-free world. What does it mean when a U.S. president visits one of the two cities destroyed by  […]

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