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Is Mexico’s soda tax really working?

It is commonly held up as a model of dietary paternalism, but the most recent trends suggest a reversal of sorts: Coca-Cola Femsa SAB, the country’s largest Coke bottler, said last Wednesday that its Mexican soda volumes rose 5.5% in the first quarter from a year earlier. Show More Summary

Are pressures for conformity biased toward the norms of higher income groups?

Only a shred of evidence, but a shred nonetheless: Kurt Gray, a co-author at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his colleagues investigated thousands of shoe purchases made by women who move to different cities, showing...Show More Summary

“Bernie Sanders’s Legacy? The Left May No Longer Need the Rich”

NYT’sThe UpShot: Mr. Sanders’s weakness among affluent Democrats and his strength among working-class Democrats might seem unsurprising, given his class-focused message. Mr. Sanders himself anticipated it in an interview with The Upshot in July. But in broader historical terms, it … Continue reading ?

“No Trump Effect, Yet, on Supreme Court Stalemate”

NYT: Those pushing the stalled nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court had hoped that Donald J. Trump’s triumph in the Republican presidential primary would lead to a breakthrough with Senate Republicans who might suddenly see Judge … Continue reading ?

“Former Ron Paul aide, Trump super PAC chief convicted in campaign finance trial”

CNN: A former aide to Ron Paul and current strategist for a pro-Donald Trump super PAC was convicted Thursday of falsifying campaign records in a 2012 scheme to pay for a presidential endorsement. A federal jury in Iowa found Jesse … Continue reading ?

“Big Money Pours Millions into Ballot Initiative Battles”

Bloomberg BNA: Political groups have already raised more than $125 million so far to get issues directly before voters, a Bloomberg analysis of state campaign finance data shows. That’s a 74 percent increase from what was raised for initiatives at the same … Continue reading ?

“Will Donald Trump Get Back The $38 Million He Lent His Campaign?”

Peter Overby for NPR: Donald Trump likes to say he is self-funding his campaign. That isn’t entirely true. He has actually lent his campaign about three-quarters of the $49 million or so that he has spent so far. That means … Continue reading ?

“Election Commission Advisory Board Disagrees With Director Over Citizenship Rule”

Pam Fessler for NPR: It looks like more bad news for the new executive director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Brian Newby is already being sued by the League of Women Voters for his decision earlier this year to … Continue reading ?

“Trump rallies in Charleston, tells people not to vote”

Huh: Donald Trump loves coal miners and thinks you should not vote in Tuesday’s elections, he told a crowd of thousands at the Charleston Civic Center Thursday also hitting all the themes of his campaign — building a wall between … Continue reading ?

In case you were wondering what color to paint your home or office

I’m sorry I don’t remember who on Facebook I got this from. But it can be bought here. And my favorite book of the same name. The post In case you were wondering what color to paint your home or office appeared first on Chris Blattm...

After Ken Vogel Story, Politifact Now Rates as Half-True George Clooney Statement About Clinton Fundraising

Politifact: Editor’s note, May 4, 2016: We originally published this item on April 17 and rated it Mostly True. Since then, readers have contacted us to consider other evidence about the Democratic Party’s fundraising processes, especially state parties sending money … Continue reading ?

“Chemerinsky: Should SCOTUS have turned down these election law cases?”

Erwin Chemerinsky in the ABA Journal: At the beginning of American history, the Supreme Court was required to hear every case brought to it. Over time, Congress modified these statutes, most recently in 1988, so that today the court has … Continue reading ?

“The U.S. political system is flawed but not corrupt”

Stephen Medvic at WaPo’s In Theory: Though our political system is flawed and perhaps even “rigged” in certain important ways, there is very little political corruption in the United States. This claim is typically met with disbelief. How can anyone … Continue reading ?

Why Big Tobacco Loves the New FDA E-Cig Regulations

Today the FDA issued new rules regarding the sale and production of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette “juice” (the nicotine solution that e-cigs vaporize). The regulations will severely hamper a thriving and highly competitive market, and...Show More Summary

Crimea after Two Years as Part of Russia: Time to Drop Sanctions

Two years ago Russia detached Crimea from Ukraine. Since then the Western allies have imposed economic sanctions, but to little effect. No one believes Crimea, Russian until six decades ago, is going back to Ukraine. Yet the European Union called on other countries to join its ineffective boycott. Show More Summary

Assessing ISIS

In 2014, a militant group calling itself the Islamic State, or ISIL, but more generally known as ISIS, burst into official and public attention with some military victories in Iraq and Syria in the middle of the year—particularly byShow More Summary

Drones Are a Must For Trump's Nativist Police State

Yesterday my colleague Alex Nowrasteh wrote an extensive list of reasons why Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, is the nativist dream candidate. The list leaves little doubt that if Trump makes it to...Show More Summary

“The GOP Is Failing. Democracy Can, Too”

Important piece from Frank Wilkinson at Bloomberg View. … Continue reading ?

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