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Most U.S. Manufacturers Victimized by Ex-Im's Hidden Costs

Daniel J. Ikenson In an earlier post today, I described a reasonable methodology for estimating the hidden costs imposed on companies whose suppliers receive export subsidies from the Export-Import Bank. Ex-Im officials like to talk about how they “grow the economy” and create jobs by enticing foreign customers with low-rate financing to buy U.S. Show More Summary

Economists sign petition asking Congress to contain fallout from Argentina debt ruling

The notice is here, signers include Bob Solow and Dani Rodrik.  I agree with their arguments, and you will find my slightly different but still consistent earlier critique here.  Here is one bit from the press release: “It’s a widely shared opinion among economists that the court’s attempt to force Argentina into a default that […]

Florida Parents Fight for Educational Choice

Jason Bedrick On what would have been the 102nd birthday of Milton Friedman—the godfather of educational choice—six families with children that have special needs are fighting back against Florida’s largest teachers union, which is seeking...Show More Summary

Assorted links

1. Further evidence for political insider trading, this time for hedge funds. 2. You call it “3-D printing optimism,” I call it “order transmission and cheap delivery pessimism.”  Amazon enters the game. 3. Google search and stock prices, further results. 4. Indian monkey costume markets in everything, Parliamentary edition.  And lingerie for Chinese peaches. 5. […]

Suing the President: Maybe Legal, Likely Unwise

Roger Pilon “So sue me,” said the president. Late yesterday, in a mostly party-line vote, the House authorized Speaker Boehner to do just that—to call President Obama over his repeated acts of constitutional dereliction. This is a close call, legally. Show More Summary

The Costs of Creating a “Federally Facilitated Market”

Market failure is often cited as a justification for policy intervention. However, one always faces the possibility that the costs of government failure may be greater than the costs of market failure. In the end, there must be a weighing of the costs and the benefits of policy. We witnessed a great example of government […]

House Lawsuit against Obama Has Legal Merit

Ilya Shapiro When the president violates the Constitution, there has to be a remedy short of impeachment, which is a blunt political tool that does nothing to reverse the illegal actions at issue. Speaker Boehner’s proposed lawsuit seems...Show More Summary

The Export-Import Bank and Its Victims: Which Industries Bear the Brunt

Daniel J. Ikenson The Export-Import Bank of the United States is a government-run export credit agency, which provides access to favorable financing for the foreign customers of some U.S. companies. For several months, Washington has...Show More Summary

Private Schools vs. Caste Discrimination

Nearly 30% of children in India (ages 6-14) attend private schools and in some states and many urban regions a majority of the students attend private schools. Compared to the government schools, private schools perform modestly better on measures of learning (Muraldiharan and Sundararaman 2013, Tabarrok 2011) and much better on cost-efficiency. Show More Summary

Why not put a firm on your board?

State corporate law requires that “natural persons” provide director services. This Article puts this obligation to scrutiny, and concludes that there are significant gains that could be realized by permitting firms (be they partnerships, corporations, or other business entities) to provide board services. Show More Summary

Interview on inequality, with Eduardo Porter

Eduardo Porter interviewed me in addition to his column, here is one excerpt: What about other consequences of inequality? There is evidence that it hurts mobility, sapping young men’s incentives to succeed. Some have suggested it corrupts our political system and could fuel social unrest. We know very little about what income inequality tends to […]

House Border Bill Would Treat Children Worse than Adults

Alex Nowrasteh After much debate, the House finally rolled out its version of a supplemental appropriations bill to deal with the surge of unaccompanied children (UAC) entering the United States. The bill would treat Mexican and Central American UAC equally under the law - meaning they all would have fewer due process protections than many adults. 1. Show More Summary

Is genetic risk aversion rational?

As the conflict rages, displacing hundreds of thousands, U.N. and Palestinian officials say some families have made a macabre calculation: to split up, with each group seeking refuge in different parts of Gaza. If one part of the family gets killed, others will live on to help the survivors and keep their dynasty alive. But […]

Ukraine Crisis Reminds Americans Why NATO Should Not Expand

Doug Bandow The bitter conflict in Ukraine drags on. Russia continues to destabilize Kiev and NATO remains divided on how to respond. Washington has taken the lead against Moscow even though America has little at stake in Russia’s misbehavior. Show More Summary

The EU’s Anti-Austerity Hypocrites

Steve H. Hanke The European Union (EU) is still in the midst of an economic slump. Many members of the political class in Brussels claim that fiscal austerity is to blame. But, this diagnosis is wrong. The EU’s problem is one of monetary, not fiscal, austerity. Show More Summary

“In a data-chic world, a chief economist is the new marketing must-have.”

The rest of the WaPo story, by Lydia DePillis, is here.  Here is one excerpt: The market for consumer-facing economists is certainly getting crowded. Big Internet companies have had chief economists for years now; Google’s Hal Varian is an oft-quoted exponent of his employer’s capabilities and worldview. Microsoft recently hired Yahoo’s former chief economist to […]

Assorted links

1. Free behavioral economics resource guide, 130 pp. 2. Visualizing Africa’s progress. 3. New marriage bureau for ISIS fighters. 4. Amazon explains its stance on Hachette. 5. Did Singapore pop its housing bubble?  “Local protectionism” is a huge legal problem in China. 6. Is Abenomics slowing down?

Playing Tourist in Beijing: Communing with the Greatest Mass Murderer in History

Doug Bandow It isn’t often that I get to spend time with mass murderers, let alone the greatest mass murderer in history. But in playing tourist in Beijing I had a chance to hang out with the Great Helmsman himself, Mao Zedong. His mausoleum sits at the center of Tiananmen Square, facing the Gate of Heavenly Peace with its famous Mao portrait. Show More Summary

Raising Big Money to Fight Big Money?

David Boaz In the latest of many enthusiastic National Public Radio reports on Professor Lawrence Lessig and his efforts to remove money from politics, Lessig outlines big plans: In 2016, we want to raise a substantially larger amount...Show More Summary

Ukraine fact of the day

The Ukrainian economy shrank 4.7 per cent annually in the second quarter, far deeper than expected and casting a cloud over the assumptions that underpin the International Monetary Fund’s $17bn bailout. That follows a 1.1 per cent year-on-year contraction in the first quarter. Given the ongoing unrest in eastern Ukraine, where much of the industrial […]

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