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Assorted links

1. Nine (!) of the most unusual and unique flying cars. 2. Dutch-German housing arbitrage, and the lack thereof. 3. What was Australia like when it had many more men than women? 4. Celebrity economists in Argentina. 5. Is there a case for optimism about Greece?

The best-laid plans…

Circa 1985: Merkel, in her early thirties, was looking forward to 2014—when she would turn sixty, collect her state pension, and be allowed to travel to California. That is from the George Packer profile of Angela Merkel, which I will recommend to you all once again, do note it starts a bit slowly but picks […]

Random Thanksgiving thoughts

FDR once tried to move Thanksgiving, as an act of economic stimulus.  If Putin is going to recreate some version of a non-communist yet Soviet-like empire in his part of the world, perhaps he could also bring back the 24-game world chess championship match?  Season four of Homeland is in fact remarkably good, after I […]

Keynes is slowly losing (winning?)

Paul Krugman has an interesting blog post arguing that Keynes is slowly winning.  But, I must admit, I find it dismaying how little of the contrary evidence is considered.  Let’s say you set out to write a blog post about Keynes losing, what might you cite?: 1. Keynesians predicted disaster following the American fiscal sequester, […]

Many workers will end up above-average too

…of those in middle-skill occupations who remain in a full-time job, about 83 percent are still working in a middle-skill job one year later. … What types of jobs are the other 17 percent getting? Mostly high-skill jobs; and that transition rate has been rising. The percent going from a middle-skill job to a high-skill […]

Harvard’s Asian-American Problem Has a Solution, Chapel Hill’s Does Not

Roger Pilon In his op-ed at the New York Times yesterday, Yascha Mounk, a fellow at New America, asked “Is Harvard Unfair to Asian-Americans?” A century ago, Harvard had a problem, he writes: “Too many Jews.” Today it’s Asian-Americans. Show More Summary

Regulation Could Hamper Uber Privacy Reforms

Matthew Feeney Uber has not had a good month. In the wake of an Uber executive’s worrying remarks regarding a possible smear campaign against critical journalists, the company has been on the receiving end of unflattering reporting related...Show More Summary

Just in Time for Thanksgiving, Another Turkey from the Obama Administration

Patrick J. Michaels The shameful Obama Administration practice of proposing dreadful environmental regulations on or near national holidays continues. Last year they were on global warming, and this year it’s low-level ozone. Neither regulation will have a detectable “benefit,” but both impose enormous costs. Show More Summary

Give Diplomacy a Chance in Ukraine

Emma Ashford As I discussed in an op-ed published at Al Jazeera America last week, it seems as though the Ukraine crisis is slowly solidifying into a ‘frozen conflict.’ This is bad for everyone: Allowing the Ukraine crisis to metastasize into a frozen conflict effectively guarantees future conflict in the region. Show More Summary

Close America’s Bases on Okinawa: Okinawans Again Say No

Doug Bandow The United States is over-burdened militarily and effectively bankrupt financially, but Washington is determined to preserve every base and deployment, no matter how archaic. Case in point: the many military facilities in Okinawa. Show More Summary

Improve Government: Repeal Aid to States

Chris Edwards James L. Buckley’s new book, Saving Congress from Itself, examines federal aid-to-state programs. The federal government spends more than $600 billion a year on 1,100 such programs for education, welfare, and many other...Show More Summary

Links I liked

The “doing development differently” manifesto A working Lego particle accelerator (sort of) To Western eyes, the weirdest flavored foods in the world? In most of the US, “salad” doesn’t mean what I think it means It appears the CIA Twitter … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Some job postings of relevance

Continuing the tradition of blogging the development job posting of everyone who is married to me: Become the the project director of a 5-year research project on violence against women Become a research advisor on a monster-sized Pakistan Reading Project I am more or … Continue reading ? The post Some job postings of relevance appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Should we believe the institutions and growth literature?

Dietz Vollrath at the Growth Economics Blog has a three part series on problems with the the empirical institutions and growth literature. If you’re a development economist or political economy person you should read these posts, and follow the blog. Show More Summary

The referenda that are Swiss

The most contentious may be one put forward by a group called Ecopop, which would limit immigration to 0.2 per cent of the resident population. That has alarmed businesses, who worry it would make it harder to hire skilled staff and sour relations with the EU, which is Switzerland’s largest export market. Another initiative would […]

DATA Act Implementation

Jim Harper The administration is working to implement the DATA Act, which, if implemented well, could produce a sea-change in government transparency, and a shift of power from government insiders to the people. Yesterday, I submitted...Show More Summary

Assorted links

1. What happens when China pledges zero emissions.  And financial repression is easing in China. 2. The strange world of computer-generated novels.  And are board games back? 3. “Dogs use a very smart (mechanism) to optimize their drinking,…”  Cats too. 4. MIE: James Watson is selling his Nobel Prize. 5. Daniel Pink’s Crowd Control tries […]

And the Lesson of 2014 is…

“Democrats must embrace government. It’s what we believe in; it’s what unites our party; and, most importantly, it’s the only thing that’s going to get the middle class going again.” “Even this past election — a debacle for Democrats — was not a repudiation of government,” according to Senator Schumer (D-NY) in a speech to […]

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