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Which are the best hawker centres in Singapore right now?

Inquiring minds wish to know for the purposes of the next few days…I have my own views, but first would love to hear yours.

“Menendez appeals judge’s ruling in corruption case”

Jonathan Salant for Lawyers for U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez on Friday asked an appeals court to throw out an indictment charging him with intervening with federal agencies in exchange for gifts and campaign contributions. Menendez’s lawyers appealed to the Third Circuit U.S. … Continue reading ?

“Racially Polarized Voting”

Chris Elmendorf, Kevin Quinn and Marisa Abrajano have posted this draft on SSRN (forthcoming, University of Chicago Law Review).  Here is the abstract: Whether voting is racially polarized has for the last generation been the linchpin question in vote dilution cases … Continue reading ?

“Judge rejects House, Senate redistricting maps, recommends challengers’ plan”

Miami Herald: Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis on Friday rejected the Florida Legislature’s third attempt at redrawing its congressional districts and recommended a map proposed by the challengers — including a redrawn configuration of two Miami-Dade County districts — to … Continue reading ?

“Everything you need to know about the 2016 money race so far”

Matea Gold for WaPo. The initial batch of fundraising reports point to a continuation of the trend that emerged in the spring quarter, when the Democratic candidates raised more money directly for their campaigns, while nearly 80 percent of the … Continue reading ?

“Alabama Budget Cuts Raise Concern Over Voting Rights”

Today’s must-read: Campbell Robertson in the NYT with a look at the nuances surrounding the controversy. … Continue reading ?

Court Denies Insider Trading Appeal

This week the New York Times reports that the Supreme Court has refused to review the ruling of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the case United States v Newman. The Second Circuit, in December, overturned the insider trading conviction...Show More Summary

“Justice Department Called On To Investigate Alabama Voter ID Issue”

NPR: YEAGER: At a press conference in Birmingham, the Reverend Jesse Jackson isn’t shy about what he thinks of the state’s move. JESSE JACKSON: Of course it’s a new Jim Crow. YEAGER: Jim Crow – he’s referring to the system … Continue reading ?

What John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy understand about the art of war

In “The Art of War,” the Chinese general and strategist Sun Tzu said: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” Kevin McCarthy pulled out of the race for the House Speakership on Thursday. As with John Boehner’s resignation, this was both […]

“Campaign Finance Reformers Skeptical of Doug Hughes’ Strategy”

Roll Call reports. I expressed my skepticism of Hughes and the 99Rise tactics in this TPM piece on the Supreme Court and the 2016 election. … Continue reading ?

The Latest Jeb! Slipup

Ken Vogel: Telling slip-up here from @JebBush highlights ineffectiveness of super PAC coordination ban. … … Continue reading ?

“Government Abandons Prior Interpretation of 2006 Veterans Act in New Brief to the Supreme Court”

Luke McLoughlin: In a brief filed with the Supreme Court on September 29, 2015 in the case Kingdomware Technologies, Inc. v. United States, 14-916, the government abandoned the restrictive interpretation of the 2006 Veterans Act that it pressed before the U.S. … Continue reading ?

IPA’s weekly links

Guest post by Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action. NPR had a nice profile of an evaluation of whether teaching girls in Zambia Harvard Business School’s negotiation tools can help them navigate the many challenges to staying in school. In clinical trials … Continue reading ? The post IPA’s weekly links appeared first on Chris Blattman.

TPP Ends Up with Pleasantly Mild Rules on Biologic Drug Monopolies

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will reportedly include an obligation for every country to provide at least 5 years of market exclusivity for new biologic drugs.  Technically, this counts as a loss for U.S. negotiators, who started with...Show More Summary

Could Airlander be the Future of Freight?

The airship is making a comeback. Take the British Airlander10, which uses 20 percent of fuel burned by conventional aircraft and can be fitted with solar panels. Airlander can stay airborne for five days while carrying a maximum payload of 20,000 pounds. Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. Is alcohol the savior of college football? 2. Why does Toronto snub Scarborough? 3. Tsinghua beats MIT in engineering rankings. 4. The persistence of human capital. 5. Why aren’t the moderate gun owners heard? 6. Does money help the lives of children? 7. Don’t focus on the critique of Bryan Caplan, or even the […]

Fear, ‘Chaos': The Week In One Song

The effort to find a new speaker of the House continues. This week, the Chaos Muppets on the House GOP’s right flank bring more chaos, culminating in putative front-runner Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the race for speaker. [Under speaker pressure, signs pointing to a reluctant Paul Ryan] Today’s track, “Chaos” by legendary LA punk act […]

#SCOTUS Will Hear Evenwel and Harris Voting Cases December 8

And Fisher, the affirmative action case, on December 9. Confirmed by Supreme Court posting. … Continue reading ?

Social Security Technical Panel: 75-Year Shortfall Might be 28 Percent Larger

A recent report from the Social Security Advisory Board’s Technical Panel found that the 75-year shortfall could be 28 percent (roughly $2.6 trillion) larger than the estimate in this year’s Trustees Report due to changes in some of the underlying technical assumptions. Show More Summary

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