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President Trump doesn’t mind business debt. But what does that say about his fiscal policy?

President Trump has unveiled the basic contours of a far-reaching plan to alter the U.S. tax code. Analysts are now debating the plan’s likely ramifications and also speculating about how the proposed changes might affect Trump’s own economic interests. Trump is unique among contemporary presidents for his refusal to fully extricate himself from his business […]

My Stubborn Attachments podcast with FT Alphaville

Stubborn Attachments is the advance peek bonus book I offered to those who pre-ordered The Complacent Class.  I once described Stubborn Attachments as follows: In that work, I outline a true and objectively valid case for a free andShow More Summary

100 days in, Trump’s foreign policy appears to be all show. Is there enough substance?

Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office have involved an awful lot of foreign policy. We’ve seen the withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the strike against Syria, the ongoing tensions with North Korea and several high-profile meetings with major world leaders. As many commentators — and recently, President Trump himself — have pointed out, […]

Trump may have the ‘most executive orders’ since Truman. But what did they accomplish?

President Trump’s first 100 days have been spectacularly effective, according to the White House. Aides bragged this week that the president will have issued 32 executive orders by the 100-day mark — “more than any president in half a century!” as Kellyanne Conway gushed. “TAKING EXECUTIVE ACTION,” announced a White House news release on Tuesday: “In […]

Two factors help a president get a lot done in 100 days. Trump has only one.

In early 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt launched the now-famous goal of accomplishing as much as possible in his first 100 days. And his performance was amazing. He did some things on his own — declaring an emergency shutdown of the banking system, abandoning the gold standard. But political historians especially remember the legislative binge. The […]

Llama wedding markets in everything

Save the drama for a llama on your wedding day. No, really! For brides getting married in the Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver, Washington, area, your llama dreams can now be turned into reality. Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas is offering...Show More Summary

What if they can clone your voice?

It’s a Canadian company that specializes in speech synthesis software. They’ve developed software they claim can copy anyone’s voice and make it say anything. The founders tell me if they can get a high-quality recording of you speaking for just one minute, their software can replicate your voice with very high accuracy. Show More Summary

“Ahead of 2018, trial likely looms in Texas political map battle”

Texas Tribune: As the 2018 election cycle nears, it appears Texas and its legal foes are headed for a trial — yet again — over what the state’s House and congressional boundaries will look like, and it will likely come … Continue reading ?

“Judge says ex-Congressman Bob Beauprez’s group must pay $17,000 in campaign finance fines”

Colorado Independent: Former Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez, who ran for governor in 2014, should have registered a nonprofit as a political committee, a judge ruled. The decision came in response to a dark-money lawsuit filed by Matt Arnold, a … Continue reading ?

“Schock wants campaign finance charges dropped”

The Hill: Former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who has been indicted on two-dozen fraud-related charges, wants a federal court to dismiss five counts on the falsifying of campaign finance records. His lawyers at McGuireWoods argue that the charges infringe on … Continue reading ?

Kate Steinle and San Francisco’s “Sanctuary City” Policy

The White House denounced a federal judge this week that enjoined the president’s executive order denying certain federal grants to sanctuary cities, and it raised the case of Kate Steinle to illustrate why sanctuary cities are such a problem. Show More Summary

“Should ‘Dark’ Money Power the Resistance to Trump?”

Eliza Newlin Carney for TAP: Watchdogs have faulted the IRS for failing to put the brakes on political spending by tax-exempt groups, which operate outside the disclosure rules. Technically, 501(c)(4) social welfare groups may not focus on politics as their … Continue reading ?

Why ‘Net Neutrality’ Is a Problem

Yesterday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced his intention to reverse Obama administration “net neutrality” rules governing the internet that were put in place in 2015. Some commentators are criticizing the announcement as a give-away to large telecom companies and an attack on consumers. Show More Summary

New Paper Shows Workers Commute Away From Minimum Wage Rises

The beauty of the United States where policy is concerned is that state variations allow for lots of decent analysis. Nowhere is this more clear than on the minimum wage, where a fascinating new empirical paper by Terra McKinnish from...Show More Summary

No, Higher Deficits Don’t Raise Long-Term Interest Rates

According to former Reagan adviser Martin Feldstein, “Higher projected budget deficits could raise long-term interest rates, potentially triggering… a serious economic downturn.” Has that ever happened? From 1977 to 1981 10-year bond...Show More Summary

A Clark Award for economic history

I refer you to the excellent post by A Fine Theorem on David Donaldson, here is one excerpt: Donaldson’s CV is a testament to how difficult this style of work is. He spent eight years at LSE before getting his PhD, and published only one paper in a peer reviewed journal in the 13 years […] The post A Clark Award for economic history appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

“The Chosen One: Thoughts on a Better, Fairer, and Smarter Way to Choose Presidential Nominees”

Brennan Center: Although the 2016 presidential primaries garnered profound dissatisfaction with the nomination process, leading to widespread accusations of unfairness within both parties, most voters will forget our current system’s issues until the 2020 election. But in a new paper, … Continue reading ?

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