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Japan’s elections are on Sunday. Prime Minister Abe’s party faces brand-new opponents.

In late September, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo dissolved Japan’s House of Representatives and called a snap election. At the same time, Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike announced the formation of the new Hope Party, which aimed to win enough seats to replace Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The next twists? The leader of the […]

Do tight labor markets cause inflation?

From John Cochrane: That paragraph contains a classic economic fallacy, that of composition; the confusion of relative prices and the level of prices and wages overall. If labor markets get “tight,” companies finding it hard to find workers, then yes, one expects wages to rise. Show More Summary

The Kiwi Labour, Green, and New Zealand First coalition

Eric Crampton makes many good points, here is one of them: But that gets us to one of the risks: the intersection of Labour, Green and New Zealand First’s core beliefs is distrustful of markets and of foreigners. I can’t see how we get...Show More Summary

“Financial disclosure shows unusual campaign setup for Pence chief of staff”

 Politico: Nick Ayers, a senior adviser to Pence during the presidential race and now his chief of staff, joined the 2016 team as a volunteer and never took a dime in salary from the Trump-Pence campaign even as he crisscrossed … Continue reading ?

Antitrust for Fun and Profit: The Democrats’ Better Deal (Part 3)

This continues Part 1 and Part 2 of my critique of the arguments for aggressive antitrust activism offered in Steven Pearlstein’s Washington Post article, “Is Amazon Getting Too Big,” which is largely based on a loquacious law review...Show More Summary

ELB Podcast Episode 19. Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein: Trumpism, and America, After Trump

What is the connection between Republican Party extremism before Trump and the rise of Trump? What kinds of economic and political reforms can best preserve American democracy? What will life after Trump, and Trumpism, look like in the United States? … Continue reading ?

Friday assorted links

1. p.11 lists where various countries are on the Laffer Curve (pdf). 2. Is “loss aversion” even true? 3. The guy who quit showering. 4. “I am selling my reservation that I personally made last year for the delivery of a new Tesla Model 3.” 5. Show More Summary

Echo & The Bunnymen, ‘Rescue’: The Week In One Song

This week: Senators Murray and Alexander put together a bipartisan proposal for rescuing health-insurance markets and restoring subsidies cut by the Trump administration.  

“Issue One raises concerns about Democratic Party’s new mega joint fundraising committee”

Release: On Thursday, Politico reported the formation of a new mega joint fundraising committee called the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund. This joint fundraising committee will solicit contributions to benefit the Democratic National Committee, as well as state parties in all 50 states and the District … Continue reading ?

“Facebook and Google Helped Anti-Refugee Campaign in Swing States”

Bloomberg: In the final weeks of the 2016 election campaign, voters in swing states including Nevada and North Carolina saw ads appear in their Facebook feeds and on Google websites touting a pair of controversial faux-tourism videos, showing France and … Continue reading ?

This is how social media data can help NGOs

Stefaan Verhulst is the chief research and development officer, and Andrew Young is the knowledge director at the Governance Laboratory at New York University. Together, they have written a recent report on the role that social media data can play in the nonprofit sector. I asked them a series of questions about it. HF — […]

“Accidental (and apparently harmless) password leak could prompt move away from Crosscheck program”

Capitol Fax:  Indivisible Chicago… Crosscheck is an interstate data-sharing program between 28 states. Participating states send their entire voter file to a server in Arkansas. Kansas then downloads all of this data, runs a rudimentary name matching algorithm, and then … Continue reading ?

“Senators Demand Online Ad Disclosures as Tech Lobby Mobilizes”

NYT: Senator John McCain and two Democratic senators moved on Thursday to force Facebook, Google and other internet companies to disclose who is purchasing online political advertising, after revelations that Russian-linked operatives bought deceptive ads in the run-up to the … Continue reading ?

“Has the Supreme Court Legalized Public Corruption?

Important Matt Ford in The Atlantic: Menendez has denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyers argue the favors don’t rise to the newly heightened standard of official acts. Federal prosecutors, for their part, argue that the stream of benefits that flowed … Continue reading ?

John Cochrane defends equity banking

In part his blog post is a response to my recently published email, but it is also a more general presentation of the equity banking idea.  Here are his closing bits: The equity of 100% equity financed banks would be incredibly safe....Show More Summary

CA: “Conservative group sets sights on state’s Voting Rights Act”

Bob Egelko for the SF Chronicle: A conservative who led a successful legal challenge to a core provision of the federal Voting Rights Act is training his sights on California’s version of the law, which allows minorities to challenge the … Continue reading ?

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