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The Minimum Wage: Evidence from a Danish Discontinuity

In addition to the Seattle study, another minimum wage paper crossed my path this week and it takes a very different approach than much of the literature. In Denmark the minimum wage jumps up by 40% when a worker turns 18. Thus the authors,...Show More Summary

Controversial Supreme Court decisions change public opinion — in part because the media mostly report on them uncritically

This week the Supreme Court announced its most controversial decision of the year, allowing parts of President Trump’s immigration ban to go into effect and inviting oral arguments in the fall. How might this decision affect public support for the president’s ban, and for his immigration agenda? In a recent article in the Journal of Legal […]

Can you make twenty-year-old rum in six days?

Via Samir Varma, this Wayne Curtis piece is one of my favorite essays this year, furthermore shades of Knut Wicksell’s wine aging model.  What are the problems with asynchronous, and to what extent can producers move closer to simultaneity? ...Show More Summary

Does the UK need a second Glorious Revolution?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, more or less, here is one bit from it: That leaving is so difficult, however, may in part explain the desire to leave. In the most sophisticated cases for Brexit, there is no acceptable resolution to the negotiating dilemmas. Show More Summary

Why are there no general, open seats in Chinese shopping malls?

Who is in fact the best person to know the answer?  Here are a few hypotheses: 1. For purposes of prestige, the inside of the mall is supposed to mimic an open courtyard.  That implies a minimum of seating, and a clean, uncluttered look. Show More Summary

“Maine Senate votes to scrap ranked-choice election system”

BDN Maine: The Maine Senate Tuesday took the first step in scuttling a voter-approved state election overhaul before it’s implemented. The Senate voted 21-13 to repeal the ranked choice voting law that allows voters to rank candidates in order of … Continue reading ?

“California’s Low Voter Turnout Driven by Demographics”

Release: California’s low voter turnout has two elements: a decline in the voter registration rate relative to other states and a decline in turnout in midterm elections. Each has a different origin in the state’s demographics, according to a report … Continue reading ?

“Gorsuch is the new Scalia, just like Trump promised”

I have written this oped for the LA Times. It begins: Whatever else comes of the Donald J. Trump presidency, already he has perfectly fulfilled one campaign pledge in a way that will affect the entire United States for a … Continue reading ?

Algeria America fact of the day

Perhaps surprisingly, [U.S.] immigrants from Algeria have higher educational attainment than those from Israel or Japan. That is from a new paper by Ed Lazear.  More theoretically, there is this: …average immigrant attainment is inversely...Show More Summary

The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone

An excellent book by Brian Merchant.  Two neat things I learned that I hadn’t known before.  First, when you are typing the software guesses which letters might be coming next and gives you extra latitude in hitting those keys.  (I believe...Show More Summary

Judge (and Stanford Prof.) McConnell: Justice Gorsuch More Conservative Than Expected

This from Greg Stohr was very interesting: Michael W. McConnell, a professor at Stanford Law School and former judge who sat on the Denver-based appeals court with Gorsuch, said it’s too early to draw firm conclusions. But so far, the … Continue reading ?

Why Would Republican House Majority Leader Complain About Delay in Swearing in New Democratic CA Representative?

LAT: Gomez, a current Democratic state assemblyman, told The Times after the election he would try to delay his Assembly resignation to vote on extending the state’s cap-and-trade program, which requires companies to buy permits to release greenhouse gas. Negotiations on cap and … Continue reading ?

Unintended Impacts of “Quality Control” on School Quality in Louisiana

My colleagues from the School Choice Demonstration Project and I just released the official third year reports on the Louisiana Scholarship Program (LSP). In addition to the experimental study on student test scores, my coauthors and...Show More Summary

“Let’s change how we elect the House of Representatives”

Rep. Don Beyer WaPo oped: Democracy is in crisis. Even as the country is deeply divided along class and ideological lines, it seems to be unified in its frustration with our current brand of politics. Polls show that less than … Continue reading ?

No Sanctuary for Criminals Act: An Anti-Federalist “Immigration” Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote this week on the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” (H.R. 3003). The bill’s primary purpose is to threaten and punish cities and states that fail to do the bidding of federal immigration agents. Show More Summary

NC: “Judicial maps won’t be redrawn this session”

News & Observer: The bill to redraw judicial districts in North Carolina will not advance this session, the legislation’s sponsor said Tuesday. Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican from Albemarle, told The News & Observer that House Bill 717 will be … Continue reading ?

“A Cautious Supreme Court Sets a Modern Record for Consensus”

Important Adam Liptak in the NYT: The Supreme Court was shorthanded for most of the term that ended Monday, and it responded with caution, setting a modern record for consensus. “Having eight was unusual and awkward,” Justice Samuel A. Alito … Continue reading ?

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