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The Next Big Obamacare Case?

Ilya Shapiro Medicaid, the entitlement program for low-income Americans jointly funded by the state and federal government, represents about 25 percent of state budgets. Federal funding represents more than half (57 percent) of thatShow More Summary

Indiana’s “Defense” of Religious Liberty

Roger Pilon Continuing the media firestorm of the last few days, George Stephanopoulos spent over 11 minutes today on ABC’s “This Week” browbeating Indiana Gov. Mike Pence over the meaning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act the...Show More Summary

Facts about MIT economics

1. It is believed that MIT graduating Ph.d. students are more likely to stay in academia than those from any other school or field. 2. Across 1977-2011, MIT economists made up 34 percent of the members of the CEA, and Robert Solow supervised one-third of that group. 3. Even in the early days of MIT, […]

Assorted links

1. Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers (music video). 2. How much does time spent with your kids matter, ages 3-11 edition? 3. The myth of Europe’s little ice age. 4. The intangible corporation.  And competition and working conditions, a rebuttal to me from Stumbling and Mumbling. 5. There is no great stagnation. 6. Yuval […]

The reckoning hour is near…

The problem is that Mr. Tsipras has not convinced his creditors that he is serious about reform or that his team is remotely on top of the detail. He needs a game-changer. This should, indeed, be a rupture — but with his left faction, not his creditors. That is from Hugo Dixon, file it under […]

How much has the introduction of air conditioning driven interstate mobility?

Paul Krugman has had a few posts on this question, most recently this one, the first one here.  Krugman is right in asserting a major role for air conditioning, but there is a subtle framing point which is sometimes neglected.  The most on-point study is this piece from Jordan Rappaport (pdf): U.S. residents have been […]

Assorted links

1. Michael Spence on whether equities are overvalued. 2. Does a year of NYU now cost $71,000? 3. 422 free art books from the Met. 4. Richard E. Wagner on Gordon Tullock, and more here.  And are most occupational licensing boards now illegal? 5. What is the Chinese view of TPP? 6. Switzerland and the […]

“Voter turnout disparity was key in razor-thin O.C. supervisor race”

LAT: The upset marked a political earthquake in central Orange County, an ethnically diverse area dominated by Latinos in Santa Ana and Asian Americans in the Little Saigon area. It’s the only part of Orange County where Democrats hold a … Continue reading ?

“State high court won’t hear arguments in John Doe cases”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Friday it would not hear arguments — in secret or in public — as it considers whether to allow an investigation to continue that has looked into whether Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign illegally … Continue reading ?

Education in Mao’s China

Advancement in China’s school system was highly competitive, and the odds of reaching the top of the educational ladder were very steep.  Of the 32.9 million children who entered primary school in 1965, only 9 percent could expect to enter junior high school.  Only 15 percent of junior high school entrants, in turn, could expect […]

The working age population in Finland is now shrinking

Edward Hugh writes: So, what do you do about the problem of secular stagnation? Again here there is divergence of opinion. Some still seek to treat the phenomenon as if it were a variant of the liquidity trap issue. Most notable here is Paul Krugman, who continues to hope that massive quantitative easing backed by […]

“The people’s representatives should be elected”

Dania Korkor and Rob Richie oped in the Baltimore Sun. … Continue reading ?

The Next Big Obamacare Case?

Ilya Shapiro Mdicaid, the entitlement program for low-income Americans jointly funded by the state and federal government, represents about 25 percent of state budgets. Federal funding represents more than half (57 percent) of that amount,...Show More Summary

Are You a Student Taking an Election Law or Legislation Course This Semester?

Then you might want to check out my Examples and Explanations study aid. From the book description: An up-to-date, user-friendly, and clear student-oriented treatise tackling the complex subjects in this field, including statutory interpretation, lobbying, bribery, campaign finance law, and … Continue reading ?

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