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Reason on the House GOP Health Plan: "Like Obamacare—Except, Possibly, Worse"

Echoing concerns I expressed last week,  Reason ’s Peter Suderman notices a problem with House Republicans’ new plan to replace ObamaCare: As it turns out, the health care policy that Republicans might pursue looks, well, a lot likeShow More Summary

Canada to lift visa requirements for Mexico

The Government of Canada has made it a top priority to re-establish and strengthen our relationship with one of our most important partners, Mexico. To this end, Prime Minister Trudeau today announced Canada’s intention to lift the visa requirement for Mexican visitors to Canada beginning December 1, 2016. Show More Summary

Did McDonnell Commit Tax Fraud?

Brian Galle ponders the question here. … Continue reading ?

What will the peace process mean for Colombia’s border regions? The government will have to start governing.

The “how” and the “when” of Colombia’s latest peace breakthrough are of course important — but so is the “where” and “with whom.” On June 23, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC) signed a bilateral ceasefire agreement, after more than five decades of armed conflict. For Colombia’s peace process […]

Spain’s June 26 elections: ‘Life remains the same’

As discussed here in The Monkey Cage, on June 26, Spain held its second elections in less than six months. And  as predicted, this election didn’t change much in the Spanish political picture. Here’s what happened, despite the forecasts of some polls: 1) The governing People’s Party (PP) performed better than expected; 2) the new […]

Daily Polling Round-Up

This week we are introducing a new feature on the blog where we provide links to the day’s latest polls and public opinion studies available:   HuffPost/YouGov June 27, 2016 Republicans Are Totally In Favor Of Brexit 59% of Republicans...Show More Summary

No Need for Britain to Rush Out EU Door

The European Union’s leaders said they wanted the United Kingdom to remain in the EU. But Brussels offered only minimal concessions to British Prime Minister David Cameron, undercutting his effort to sell the benefits of continued EU membership. Now the Eurocrats who dominate EU policy are attempting to push the UK out the door. Show More Summary

Tuesday assorted links

1. Tim Taylor on Brexit.  Bernanke on Brexit.  And Angus defends Brexit. 2. Michael Pollan defends psychedelic drugs. 3. Georgiana Houghton at the Courtauld is one of the best and most revelatory exhibits I have seen.  Hardly anyoneShow More Summary

Mahjong as signaling the culture that is Japan who needs higher ed?

Fifty Japanese graduates opted to gamble with their job prospects at a mahjong tournament set up by recruiters looking for a different way to find the next high flyer. Held in a crammed mahjong outlet in downtown Tokyo, prospects competed...Show More Summary

Did the Trump Campaign Violate Federal Law by Soliciting Scottish MPs?

The Scotsman reports that Trump “emailed Scottish MPs from all parties last week urging them to ‘make America great again’ by donating to his campaign,” getting a firm no from at least one.  Federal law prohibits foreign nationals from making contributions, as well … Continue reading ?

Coverage of NC Gerrymandering Case

On yesterday’s noting of probable jurisdiction in McCrory v. Harris: Charlotte Observer The Hill Politico Roll Call U.S. News   … Continue reading ?

“Trump’s Secret Data Reversal”

Politico: “Donald Trump has dismissed political data operations as ‘overrated,’ but his campaign is now bolstering its online fundraising and digital outreach by turning to GOP tech specialists who previously tried to stop him from winning the party’s nomination.” … Continue reading ?

McDonnell Analysis and Commentary Roundup

Bob Bauer in WaPo and MSMHL Chris Cillizza in WaPo Amy Davidson in New Yorker David Debold and Hampton Dellinger on SCOTUSblog Democracy 21 Demos Noah Feldman on Bloomberg View William Gray at Issue One Alan Greenblatt in Governing Tim … Continue reading ?

Breaking: SCOTUS Won’t Hear Delaware Campaign Disclosure Case, as Justice Thomas Dissents

The Supreme Court refused today to hear another challenge to a campaign finance disclosure law in the Delaware Strong Families case. Justice Alito would have heard the case. Justice Thomas issued a dissent from the cert denial, arguing the Court … Continue reading ?

“A Family-Friendly Policy That’s Friendliest to Male Professors”

That title from Justin Wolfers’s article in the The New York Times: The central problem is that employment policies that are gender-neutral on paper may not be gender-neutral in effect. After all, most women receive parental benefits...Show More Summary

Four things you should know about Wednesday’s election in Mongolia

On June 29, Mongolians will head to the polls to elect the 76 members of the State Great Khural, Mongolia’s parliament. What’s at stake for Mongolia’s democracy? During his recent visit to Mongolia, Secretary of State John F. Kerry described the country as an oasis of democracy. Political scientists call Mongolia a “deviant democracy,” one […]

Here’s how Brexit may cripple Britain’s financial sector — and the British economy

On June 23, the British people voted to leave the European Union, a victory for “Brexit.” The short-term reaction from markets was panic, as stock values crashed and the pound dropped to levels not seen since 1985. The longer-term consequences for British exit from the E.U. remain unclear – but one clear problem area for […]

For Colombia’s peace process, disarmament was a sticking point. Here’s why.

After four years of negotiations, the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) reached a cease-fire agreement June 23. The historic deal, signed months behind schedule and six months after a self-imposed deadline lapsed, puts the Colombian peace process back on track and an end to Latin America’s longest running civil conflict […]

No, Britain won’t get a better deal now. Here’s why Brexit will be very costly for both the U.K. and the E.U.

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and likely future candidate for leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister, insists that Britain could strike an attractive deal with the European Union even if they’re not part of it. Johnson argues that Britain could still have free access to E.U. markets, while restricting immigration, avoiding […]

What kind of driverless cars do people want?

…the surveys also revealed a lack of enthusiasm for buying or using a driverless car programmed to avoid pedestrians at the expense of its own passengers. One question asked respondents to rate the morality of an autonomous vehicle programmed...Show More Summary

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