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Bernie and the Revolution

John Wagner of the Washington Post reports that Bernie Sanders rallies feature a playlist to back up that “political revolution” he keeps talking about: Supporters of the senator from Vermont who arrive at events early are likely to hear “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” by folkster Tracy Chapman. Show More Summary

America fact of the day

US bank stocks have suffered a brutal start to 2016. Out of the 90 stocks on the S&P financials index, just seven were in positive territory for the year, after the market closed on Monday. Two of the biggest losers, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, are down 27 per cent and 29 per cent […] The post America fact of the day appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Getting China to Become Tough with North Korea

It is no secret that the United States wants China to take a firmer stance toward its troublesome North Korean ally.  That was true even before the North’s satellite launch/long-range ballistic missile test.  And Chinese officials may...Show More Summary

Once again, Ted Cruz has an under-appreciated strength in New Hampshire

They might not make national headlines, but local endorsements in presidential primaries matter. According to the influential book “The Party Decides,” such endorsements reveal party elites trying to come to a decision about which candidate they should mutually support. They are leading indicators of vote — and delegate — outcomes. In many ways, they are better […]

Tuesday assorted links

1. How I read. 2. Speed dating for rabbits. 3. Is Rwanda a Potemkin Village? 4. Legally notarize a document from your phone.  Notice how I just write “phone”?  Two years ago I would have written “smart phone.” 5. The economics of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration.  WSJ, use Google if you need to. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz, PolitiFact, ObamaCare & Jobs

I have two posts up at Darwin’s Fool on ObamaCare’s impact on jobs. In one post, I critique Politifact’s ruling that GOP presidential candidate (and Iowa caucus winner) Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) is a liar for claiming that ObamaCare is a job-killer. Show More Summary

President Obama’s FY2017 Budget

President Obama has released his budget for fiscal year 2017. The president’s spending and revenue proposals will be mainly dead on arrival on Capitol Hill, including his $3 trillion in proposed tax hikes. So it is more interesting to look at the budget baseline, which presents projections assuming no changes in law going forward. Show More Summary

Andrew Coulson’s Legacy

Andrew J. Coulson was my friend and mentor in school choice policy. He was a good, principled, brilliant, and funny man whom I will miss deeply, along with many, many, others. Andrew was so much more than his work, but I’d like to focus...Show More Summary

A Modest Proposal: To Stop War, Draft Congressional Staffers

Given all the recent controversy about whether Congress should require women to register for the draft (answer: no, Congress stop requring anyone to register), over at Darwin’s Fool I offered an alternative proposal for all those who...Show More Summary

How Congress Can Remove Barriers to Affordable, Quality Telemedicine

Over at Time, Cato adjunct scholar Shirley Svorny offers a proposal that GOP and Democratic presidential hopefuls would be wise to endorse: Ted Cruz won Iowa’s Republican presidential caucus promising to repeal every word of Obamacare. Show More Summary

Voters aren’t talking to the other party’s politicians. Here’s why that matters.

The presidential candidates might not agree on much, but on the stump, in their advertisements, and in debates they all have made it clear they agree on one thing: The other party is the Devil. It isn’t just this year. Politicians increasingly pillory and oppose the other party’s ideas. As Alan Abramowitz of Emory University has […]

“IRS gives nonprofit status to Rove’s controversial dark money group”

Robert Maguire: After languishing in limbo for nearly five-and-a-half years, one of the most controversial, politically active 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations in the country has been granted nonprofit status by the IRS. The ruling was made official last Nov. 4, according to … Continue reading ?

Obamacare's Low Enrollment Numbers Also Show Why Exchange Coverage Will Get Worse

The Obama administration has  released  the numbers from the 2016 open enrollment period for Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges. The Congressional Budget Office had already downgraded its enrollment projection for 2016 from 21 million...Show More Summary

3-Judge Court in NC Redistricting Case Asks for Response from Plaintiffs on State Stay Request

Due soon, BAN reports. That means probably a quick ruling from the 3-judge court, and then the state will go on to SCOTUS if the lower court does not grant a stay. … Continue reading ?

Trump Calls Ted Cruz “a Pussy,” Then Defends It as Akin to Retweet

Can Trump’s campaign tone get any further into the gutter? … Continue reading ?

Free Trade is Good for the 99%

Here is a recent Bernie Sanders tweet:   We need trade policies that work for the working families of our nation and not just the CEOs of large, multi-national corporations. I agree. And that is why Bernie Sanders and other progressives should support free trade: Current U.S. Show More Summary

Watch My #PlutocratsUnited Talk @UCILaw, with Chemerinsky Commentary

You can watch here. Buy Plutocrats United from Amazon with a 25% discount. … Continue reading ?

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