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New Zealand fact of the day

…a recent report by Yale University concluded the country is suffering the highest rate of homelessness in the developed world with 40,000 people, nearly 1 per cent of the population, living on the streets or in emergency housing or substandard shelters. Show More Summary

What is up with the new Brexit deal?

Most of the Tories are happy they found a semi-workable version of the deal.  They pay a big divorce bill to the EU, have a long transition period, opt for “regulatory standardization with the EU” for the whole UK, as enforced by the...Show More Summary

“In major reform, 2020 Iowa caucuses would include absentee voting, public vote totals”

Des Moines Register: Iowa’s first-in-the-nation Democratic presidential caucuses would break with decades of tradition in 2020 by allowing voters to cast absentee ballots and then releasing the raw total of votes won by each candidate. A Democratic National Committee panel known … Continue reading ?

Must-Read Ellen Aprill NYT Oped: “Leave the Johnson Amendment Alone”

Ellen in the NYT: Contributions to charities are deductible; contributions to PACs and section 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations are not. Because charities can have enormous influence on political campaigns with very little expense, many who wish to intervene in political … Continue reading ?

Detroit’s Election Administration Remains a National Embarrassment

In this forthcoming piece on the 2016 voting wars in the U.S., I describe in some detail the debacle that was the Detroit recount, part of the (eventually abandoned) recall attempt by Jill Stein after the 2016 presidential election. The … Continue reading ?

“Virginia’s House election is irreparably tainted”

WaPo editorial: THE MYSTERY of how, why and by whom a few hundred Northern Virginians were registered to vote in the wrong state legislative districts in this fall’s elections does not look as though it will be resolved soon. For one thing, … Continue reading ?

Maybe Justice Kennedy is Reading Ned Foley on Why the Maryland Redistricting Case is a Better One Than Wisconsin?

Just a reminder that Ned’s piece upcoming in the blockbuster William and Mary Law Review symposium on gerrymandering makes the case for Justice Kennedy to use the Maryland case (which the Court just agreed to hear) rather than the Wisconsin … Continue reading ?

Sunday assorted links

1. Is Spotify leading us to the new Muzak?  I fear yes, how 2017 is that? 2. “By the end of my first year in China, I feel as if I am a one-person FDA.” 3. Does algorithmic trading reduce information acquisition? 4. Are avocado injuries a thing of the past? 5. Yet more correct […] The post Sunday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Why is Switzerland Peaceful?

Switzerland is a highly diverse society, especially among language groups, and with immigration it is becoming even more diverse. Yet Switzerland is also very peaceful. Why? The answer offered in this paper Good Fences created by geography, I find somewhat depressing. Show More Summary

Early thoughts on aviation

There was the ever-present worry that aircraft would make war even more horrific.  Some called for the international control of aviation to prevent its misuse.  A few even advocated the complete destruction of all aircraft on the grounds that even civilian machines could be adapted for war. Show More Summary

A simple theory of gene-culture coevolution, with reference to immigration

Are there genetic vulnerabilities for depression across cultures? Genetic vulnerability differs substantially from country to country. East Asian contexts, for example, show a high prevalence of genes associated with depression. Yet, despite these vulnerabilities, they develop fewer cases of the disorder. Show More Summary

“No Deal: How Secret Talks With Russia to Prevent Election Meddling Collapse”

BuzzFeed: The Trump administration has rejected a sweeping Russian proposal seeking a mutual ban on foreign political interference, three senior US administration officials tell BuzzFeed News. Russia first broached the subject in July, when one of Vladimir Putin’s top diplomats arrived … Continue reading ?

Saturday assorted links

1. ““Ambiance and atmosphere models” contractually obligated to pretend they’re [Silicon Valley] party guests are in record demand from local agencies.” 2. I say these are mostly wuss risks. 3. Is the minimum foreign tax on multinationals going to work out? 4. Show More Summary

A Life of My Own, by Claire Tomalin

This new memoir is one of my very favorite books of the year, and perhaps you recall Tomalin’s famous biographies of Hardy, Pepys, Dickens, Nelly Ternan, and Jane Austen.  This time it is her life.  The story is hard to excerpt, butShow More Summary

The 2017 TMC Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! ’Tis the season for grading exams, frantically revising articles for submission and answering countless emails with every professor’s favorite phrase: “It’s on the syllabus.” While we at The Monkey Cage can’t do much about your favorite academic’s end-of-semester woes, we do have ideas if you’re searching for a gift that is perfect for anyone who […]

The Flynn effect in reverse does the rot start at the top?

The IQ gains of the 20th century have faltered. Losses in Nordic nations after 1995 average at 6.85 IQ points when projected over thirty years. On Piagetian tests, Britain shows decimation among high scorers on three tests and overall losses on one. Show More Summary

Lessons from the Wahington, D.C. dining scene

Contrary to what many people will insist, it’s now possible to eat excellent Mexican food, including tacqueria-style tacos, in D.C., Northern Virginia and nearby Maryland. But this is not the result of a sudden influx of Mexican migrants — long an underrepresented group in the D.C. Show More Summary

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