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“The Voting Rights Act at 50 and the Section on Election Law at Birth: A Perspective”

Gene Mazo has posted this abstract (no draft) on SSRN (forthcoming ELJ): On the fiftieth anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the scholarly community has been fretting over the statute’s possible demise. Two years after Shelby County v. … Continue reading ?

Jailed for Pamphleteering?

Mark Iannicelli has been charged with 7 counts of jury tampering.  He did not pressure jurors in a case to vote one way or the other.  All he did was set up a booth near the courthouse and distribute pamphlets that contained information...Show More Summary

Arrived in my pile

Josiah Ober, The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece.  This new history of ancient Greece has an intriguing estimate of living standards during that time, I hope to spend more time with it soon.  Ober argues there was plenty of economic growth at the time and that the Greeks lived at well above subsistence; I […]

Sunday assorted links

1. There is no KFC Bluetooth great stagnation. 2. Breaking Smart, a technology analysis site. 3. Did the 1936-37 boost in reserve requirements actually hurt bank lending? 4. The life of Philip Glass. 5. Camille Paglia, part III, with links to the rest.  Her best interview in quite a while. 6. Are the “China plays” […]

“When Not All Votes Were Equal The U.S. Supreme Court reconsiders how legislative districts are drawn—and risks sending the country back to a time before ‘one person, one vote.'”

J. Douglas Smith, author of On Democracy’s Doorstep: The Inside Story of How the Supreme Court Brought ‘One Person, One Vote’ to the United States,  has written this piece on Evenwel in the Altantic.  He concludes: Until the Supreme Court sits for oral … Continue reading ?

“Former news anchor joins race for Missouri secretary of state”

KMBC: “Robin Smith, a longtime television news anchor in St. Louis, announced Sunday that she will run for the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office….Republican candidate Jay Ashcroft said he thinks Smith will follow in the footsteps of Democratic secretaries of state … Continue reading ?

“How 2016 turned into a game for billionaires”

CBS’s Face the Nation with Matea Gold, Steven Law, and Trevor Potter. … Continue reading ?

“Rulings spark hopes for fairer districts”

Herald Tribune: Since 2008, Florida has exhibited the political equivalent of a split personality, with a Democratic president twice winning the state even as Republicans racked up large majorities in the Legislature and congressional delegation. Among the explanations for the … Continue reading ?

“Charles Koch invokes fight for civil rights as model for political activism”

Sounds purely instrumental to me: The theme of helping the lower class was echoed throughout the weekend conference as network officials laid out their plans to spend $889 million by the end of 2016 on issue advocacy, higher-education grants and political … Continue reading ?

“New ‘super PACs’ help 2016 mega-donors customize their political clout”

LAT:   The 2016 presidential race is already dominated by super PACs and other groups that under federal law can take unlimited checks. In Perry’s case, for example, the trio of super PACs account for nearly all the money raised … Continue reading ?

Sen. Tim Kaine at Cato: A Year (and Counting) of Unauthorized War

This week marks the first anniversary of our latest war in the Middle East, but after some 5,000 airstrikes in two countries, and with 3,500 U.S. troops on the ground, we’ve yet to have an up-or-down vote in Congress on authorization...Show More Summary

The awesome power of social media, Part II

Joshua Tucker: Earlier this week I blogged here at The Monkey Cage about social media and baseball, and began by noting that the post could just have easily been about Cecil the lion. Not to be outdone, official Monkey Cage cartoonist Ted McCagg responded:

The Meurseult Investigation

This new book, by Algerian writer Kamel Daoud, starts with Camus’s The Stranger, and then retells the story from the point of view of the brother of the Arab murder victim.  It’s both commentary on the original and a compelling narrative in its own right.  The Guardian called it “an instant classic and Michiko Kakutani […]

Hun Sen’s Cambodia

That is the new and excellent book by Sebastian Strangio, which you can think of as a post-Sihanouk look at the country from a political economy point of view.  Here are just a few bits: The cruelty and callousness that allowed jilted wives to order and commit such brutal attacks on young women also had […]

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