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Sex Pistols, ‘Anarchy in the UK': The Week In One Song

This week: Britain votes in favor leaving the European Union, throwing the United Kingdom’s political scene (and global markets) into turmoil. In posting this, I should note that at least two Pistols did in fact come out against Brexit.  

The GAB and Employer Information

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has now withdrawn its blog post alleging that the GAB recently changed its database to make employer information unsearchable. … Continue reading ?

Why are some lower-income groups becoming more nationalistic?

Here is David Goodhart writing about the UK: …while many people in the top 20 or 30 per cent of the educational and economic hierarchy have become less attached to national social contracts in the past couple of generations, most people have actually become MORE attached to them. Show More Summary

Britain wants a sweetheart deal after Brexit. Fat chance Germany will give it one.

The U.K. would like to have its cake and eat it too with Brexit, withdrawing from the parts of the European Union that it doesn’t like, while keeping the parts that suit it. However, Germany has little incentive to make it easy for the British. British politicians will try to minimize the economic pain of […]

The Supreme Court didn’t answer its own questions on immigration. Here’s what comes next.

One sentence. That was the result of nearly 20 months of litigation, thousands of pages of briefing from hundreds of interested parties, capped with extended oral arguments by extra advocates. One sentence: “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court.” This is where U.S. v. Texas, and with it the Obama Administration’s most ambitious […]

Goldfeder’s Daily Presidential Quiz

You can find this week’s questions here. … Continue reading ?

“Bernie Sanders Campaign Showed How to Turn Viral Moments Into Money”

NYT on the implications of Sanders’ small-dollar fundraising. … Continue reading ?

“Clinton’s Cash Stockpile Strategy”

Politico:  “Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers are encountering an unexpected obstacle a month out from the party conventions: big money donors suddenly reluctant to give for fear of running Donald Trump out of the race before he locks up the nomination.”  I … Continue reading ?

Spot the Problem

Google searches from the United Kingdom. Hat tip: Catherine Rampell on twitter. The post Spot the Problem appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

How the Supreme Court’s deadlock will change immigration politics

The Supreme Court deadlocked 4 to 4 on a decision involving a challenge to a key provision of President Obama’s most recent executive action on immigration. The provision, known as Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA, would have provided deportation relief and work permits to the undocumented parents of citizens or […]

More Ari Berman on the VRA and 2016

His Rolling Stone piece claims “it’s easier to buy a gun than vote in many states,” though the link between Shelby County and new voting restrictions in swing states like Ohio and Wisconsin — neither of which were subject to VRA … Continue reading ?

Friday assorted links

1. Revolutionary leaders are more likely to engage in mass killings. 2. Testing NeoFisherianism, especially for Switzerland. 3. The rise of global illiberalism. 4. The Roman Empire was larger than we had thought.  At least before that earlier Brexit. Show More Summary

“Donald Trump to Convert $50 Million Loan Into a Contribution”

NYT reports, while Reuters questions whether he really has enough cash to self-fund his campaign. … Continue reading ?

Today’s Hearing in Republican Party of Louisiana v. FEC

Campaign Legal Center has this two-pager and this post by Tara Malloy on the challenge to BCRA’s soft money ban in which motions for summary judgment are being heard today before a three-judge district court in D.C. (Circuit Judge Sri Srinivasan and District Judges Christopher Cooper … Continue reading ?

Bauer’s “Reform and the ‘Chaos Syndrome,’ Part II”

Bob argues that we need to “think[] in different terms about the point at which the aggressive regulation of politics becomes a kind anti-politics that falls far short of purifying government but helps damage its capacity to function.” … Continue reading ?

Stanford Law Review’s Election Law Issue

Thanks to Rick for handing me the keys during his trip to Asia. No better place to start than the Stanford Law Review‘s star-studded election law issue, which includes Rick’s article Election Law’s Path in the Roberts Court’s First Decade and: Revisiting Public … Continue reading ?

House Republican Tax Plan

House Republicans have released a proposal for major tax reform. Kudos to Ways and Means chairman Kevin Brady for stepping up to the plate and planning ahead for 2017. Brady and his staff did extensive outreach to think tank expertsShow More Summary

Here’s why pollsters and pundits got Brexit wrong

Late Thursday night, voters in the English city of Newcastle chose to remain in the European Union. Pollsters had predicted that voters there and elsewhere in Britain would have voted Remain by a considerable margin. In the end, Remain won by the tiniest of margins, taking 50.7 percent of the vote in Newcastle. Over the next […]

Dan Tokaji Guest Blogging Through July 4

I leave you in very capable hands. I may blog on McDonnell/SCOTUS on Monday. Happy early 4th! … Continue reading ?

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