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Trump Campaign Admits Its Strategy Depends on Suppressing Democratic Turnout, But Is It Illegal?

This must-read Bloomberg Business piece explains that with Trump behind, the campaign’s strategy depends upon lowering Democratic turnout: To compensate for this, Trump’s campaign has devised another strategy, which, not surprisingly, is negative. Instead of expanding the electorate, Bannon and … Continue reading ?

Otmar Issing on the Fate of the Euro

Back in July 2015 I reminded Alt-M readers of a paper I presented at the 2012 Mont Pelerin Society meetings in Prague, as part of a session in which Otmar Issing, one of the euro’s architects, also took part. As I remarked in that last post, although Mr. Show More Summary

How incumbency, not gerrymandering, may protect the Republican House majority

As we enter the final stretch of the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump’s struggles have led to speculation about serious consequences for House and Senate Republicans. Some are even suggesting that control of the House is up for grabs. The counterargument, however, is that House Republicans are protected by the Republican-led gerrymandering after the 2010 Census. As […]

China’s state-run media favors Clinton over Trump

How do the 2016 U.S. elections appear outside the United States? The state-controlled Russian media clearly leans toward Republican nominee Donald Trump, who appears to admire President Vladimir Putin. But what about China’s state-controlled media? Given Trump’s frequent references to China as a major cause of U.S. job losses — and his promises to get […]

On Twitter, Trump “punches down” far more than any of his rivals.

“Sad!” “lightweight,” “dummy,” “pathetic,” “low-life,” “low-energy,” “total phony,” “loser!” Donald Trump’s caustic tweets at rivals and critics are now immediately recognizable elements of the 2016 election season. The New York Times’s...Show More Summary

How much monopsony power is there?

This is from Adam Ozimek: …if big firms are bargaining down wages then why do labor economists consistently find a large firm wage premium? To take one example from many, one recent study on retailers found that after controlling for...Show More Summary

There is no great stagnation

Setting the world record for using your mouth to catch a grape dropped from the greatest height: It was a dream years in the making, and all it took was a hot air balloon, walnut-sized fruits shipped specially from Georgia and a crew...Show More Summary

“Appeals courts are dismantling stricter voter ID laws”

Mark Walsh has written this extensive article in the ABA Journal. … Continue reading ?

ELB Podcast Episode 15. Ned Foley: Ballot Battles, Past, Present, and Future

Is this year’s concern about “election rigging” and violence at the polls unprecedented? Where do Donald Trump’s claims fit within disputes over American elections? Have we as a country gotten better since Bush v. Gore at resolving our election disputes? … Continue reading ?

Ballot Selfies, Ice Cream, Civic Virtue, and Election Integrity

In the fight over the constitutionality of bans on ballot selfies, I’m having a definite sense of deja vu. Back in 2008, I noted that Ben and Jerry’s, in an act of civic virtue, promised free Ice Cream on election … Continue reading...

“Super-Suppressors: the 18 North Carolina counties that are strangling early voting to death”

Insightus: In a fit of pique, 18 of the state’s 100 Republican-controlled county boards of elections noted that “at least one” can also mean “only one.” And so they devised 2016 EV plans that called for the shuttering of all … Continue reading ?

“Are We Ready to Run Our Elections?”

Livestream Thursday from Bipartisan Policy Center with Bauer, Ginsberg and more. … Continue reading ?

Two from Common Cause

Voters in 11 Swing States Advised to Make Voting Plan: 2016 Election Swing State Report Report: Citizen-Led Redistricting Increases Voter Choices while Gerrymandering Leaves 33 Million with Only One Candidate on the Ballot … Continue reading ?

TMZ Misquoted Officials About Fears of Voter Fraud

Pro Publica/Electionland: Yesterday TMZ posted an article declaring voter fraud to be “a real concern”. (Yes, that TMZ.) Here’s how the story begins: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and most blogs are trying to convince you there is virtually NO EVIDENCE … Continue reading ?

The Yuan Makes New Lows, Donald and Hillary Should Relax

At a monetary conference in Vienna back in 2014, the distinguished Frenchman, my friend, and occasional collaborator Jacques de Larosière proclaimed that the current world monetary order should be termed an “anti-system.” He has a point – an important point. Show More Summary

You Ought to Have a Look: Lukewarming, Carbon Taxes, and the HFC Agreement

You Ought to Have a Look is a regular feature from the Center for the Study of Science.  While this section will feature all of the areas of interest that we are emphasizing, the prominence of the climate issue is driving a tremendous amount of web traffic. Show More Summary

Breaking: DNC Asks for RNC to Be Held in Contempt, Voter Intimidation Consent Decree Extended 8 More Years

Back in August, I blogged about how Donald Trump could be violating a longstanding consent decree against the RNC engaging in “ballot security” measures which have been found to intimidate minority voters. I explained how the consent decree began in … Continue reading ?

Justice Thomas’ 25 Years on the Supreme Court

At the Balkinization blog, I recently posted this, which might be of interest to some on this blog: This month marks the 25th year that Justice Clarence Thomas has been on the Supreme Court, which means he has now served … Continue reading ?

At least a little good news this election season

Political scientists have worried that fewer women enter politics because they are subtly or overtly discouraged. One study suggests this might not be the problem. Do electoral gatekeepers routinely discourage women from running forShow More Summary

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