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Tuesday assorted links

1. Has 3-D printing stagnated? 2. Claims about Russia.  A speculative but important piece by Max Fisher.  And Russian village prints its own currency. 3. Ben Wattenberg, RIP. 4. Rare earths were never such a big problem to begin with. 5. Anil Kashyap primer on Greece. 6. G.C. Harcourt reviews Piketty from the Left (pdf).

When is the death penalty okay?

Our research was cited in the recent Supreme Court case on capital punishment: It was just a dissent, but still. I agree with Breyer that the death penalty has lots of flaws. On the other hand, Justice Antonin Scalia has a point that it it’s hard to call it unconstitutional given that it was explicitly […]

Will Immigrants Affect Economic Policy?

The New York Times has some wonderful Room for Debate pieces debating whether the American electorate is getting more liberal.  From Molly Worthen bemoaning the rise of secular libertarianism to Robert Reich repeating the mantra of the New Deal to Kay Hymowitz arguing that Millennials are not so liberal, all are worth reading.  If the U.S. Show More Summary

Young people voted in droves for marriage equality in Ireland. Equality would have won without them.

On May 22, the citizens of Ireland voted to broaden the definition of marriage in the constitution and provide for marriage equality. The referendum was notable in a number of respects as discussed here, here and here. The referendum produced an exceptionally high level of turnout at 60.5 percent, and a majority of 62 percent […]

When does religion win support for armed groups in Lebanon?

Within the last week, individual militants identifying with the Islamic State carried out deadly attacks against a Tunisian hotel and a Kuwaiti mosque. These are just the most recent examples of militants committing violence in the name of religion. This presents an obvious contradiction: While the doctrines of most religions preach, and the vast majority […]

Washington Is Fostering Anti-U.S. Cooperation between Russia and China

Relations between the United States and Russia continue to deteriorate, with the U.S.-led NATO alliance planning to station troops and heavy weaponry on Russia’s border.  At the same time that U.S.-Russian relations are reaching frosty levels not seen since the days of the Cold War, ties between China and Russia are growing noticeably closer. Show More Summary

AZ Redistricting Roundup

NYT LAT and LAT Politico       … Continue reading ?

Will the AZ Redistricting Case Save National Popular Vote From Constitutional Challenge?

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision reading the term “Legislature” capaciously for purposes of the Elections Clause likely means it would be read capaciously for purposes of Article II as well. This means, for example, that if a state by initative decides … Continue reading ?

Marriage Policy Is a Mess. Here’s How to Make Sense of It.

Give Rand Paul points for trying: His opinion piece about marriage policy in the wake of Obergefell did better than many other Republicans have done. He did not call for resurrecting the dead – and politically toxic – Federal Marriage Amendment. Show More Summary

“At the Supreme Court, a Win for Direct Democracy”

Rick Pildes NYT oped concludes: The Supreme Court often surprises critics who see it in simplistically ideological terms. As this term and this decision confirm, the current court remains a pragmatically minded institution that interprets legal language with an eye … Continue reading ?

China’s annual human rights report on the US

The excessive use of force by police officers led to many deaths, sparking public outcry. …After the grand jury of both Missouri and New York decided to bring no charges against the white police officer, massive protests broke out in … Continue reading ? The post China’s annual human rights report on the US appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Ronald Keith Gaddie on AZ Redistricting

LSE blog: One might argue that this is a conservative decision. It leaves the status quo in place, and it defers to the state constitution in matters of state policymaking. States are able to order their institutions, so long as … Continue reading ?

Breaking: #SCOTUS to Hear ANOTHER AZ Redistricting Case

The case is Wesley v. AZ Redistricting Commission (14-232) and the three questions presented (in the jurisdictional statement)  deal with one person, one vote deviations to satisfy partisan advantage, deviations from partisan advantage to satisfy the (now defunct) preclearance requirements … Continue reading ?

It’s Time To Add More Than A Second

To avoid clock drift, the world’s computer clocks will gain an extra second at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, as June turns to July. This adjustment is necessary so that computer clocks can remain synchronized to Universal Time and to the time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun. Show More Summary

Planetary Defense is a Public Good

Today is Asteroid Day the anniversary of the largest asteroid impact in recent history, the June 30, 1908 Siberian Tunguska asteroid strike. The Tunguska asteroid was only about 40 meters in size but the impact was 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb. Show More Summary

The Anne Krueger report on Puerto Rico

You’ll find it here (PDF), co-authored with Ranjit Teja and Andrew Wolfe.  Here is a bit of the introductory summary: Structural reforms Restoring growth  requires restoring competitiveness.  Key here is local and federal action to lower labor costs gradually and  encourage employment  (minimum wage, labor laws, and welfare reform),  and  to  cut the very high […]

Grist for Robin Hanson’s mill

Joseph Stiglitz writes: It is hard to advise Greeks how to vote on July 5. Neither alternative – approval or rejection of the troika’s terms – will be easy, and both carry huge risks. A yes vote would mean depression almost without end. Perhaps a depleted country – one that has sold off all of […]

“Standing in the Arizona Redistricting Case: Some Initial Observations”

My @UCILaw colleague Seth Davis with some interesting thoughts. … Continue reading ?

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