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Three Former SEC Commissioners Urge SEC to Adopt Political Disclosure Rule for Companies

Letter from Bevis Longstreth. William Donaldson. and Arthur Levitt. … Continue reading ?

Divided 4th Circuit Panel Revives Redistricting Suit in Wake County, NC School Board Elections

Very interesting opinion and dissent, relying on a Larios-type claim for rejecting deviations from one person, one vote principles. … Continue reading ?

HIPAA, the Police, and Goffman’s On the Run

Some people are calling Steven Lubet’s new review of Alice Goffman’s On the Run “troubling” and even “devastating” but I am non-plussed. Lubet questions the plausibility of some of Goffman’s accounts: She describes in great detail the arrest at a Philadelphia hospital of one of the 6th Street Boys who was there with his girlfriend […]

Super PACs Pro and Con

USA Today editorial: 2016 presidential campaigns chase money, with no cop on the beat: Our view Brad Smith response: Super PACs are Not the Problem … Continue reading ?

“Federal case against Mission postmen sent to prosecutors”

News from Texas: The case of two Mission postal workers facing an investigation into whether they sold mail-in ballots during the last La Joya school district board election was recently turned over to federal prosecutors for review. The case focuses … Continue reading ?

“Texas keeping thousands from registering, voting group alleges”

MSNBC: housands of Texans are being disenfranchised thanks to chronic failures in the state’s voter registration system, a Democratic group alleges based on government records and extensive additional evidence. The charges raise serious questions about Texas’s commitment to making the … Continue reading ?

Breaking the Saudi rules of succession

On April 29, 2015, King Salman of Saudi Arabia appointed Mohammed bin Nayef, a grandson of the state’s founder, second-in-line to the throne as crown prince and placed Mohammed bin Salman, a 29-year-old prince, third-in-line as deputy crown prince. The major change comes just months after Salman acceded to the throne on Jan. 23, following […]

Sentences to tremble by

It is far from clear whether Europe can act as an engine of world recovery. You will find more pessimism here, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

How much of the value of the internet is not captured in gdp?

I have been hearing this question more and more lately, even in China.  Overall I think it has gone from an underrated effect to an overrated effect.  Tim Worstall offers an introduction to this debate. Let’s not forget that you do in fact pay for Facebook access, indirectly, when you pay for your cable connection, […]

Quote of the Day: Evenwel Edition

“We don’t have a national list of citizens,” he said. The data cited in the Texas case come from a census survey of about 2% of households that counts citizens. “If you are only counting 2% of the households, there … Continue readin...

Facts about China (America)

Roughly 50% of Chinese savings – amounting to as much as half of GDP – lie in real estate alone, with 20% in deposits, 11% in stocks, and 12% in bonds. To compare, in the United States, real estate, insurance, and pensions each account for about 20% of total savings, with 7.4% in deposits, 21% […]

“Big GOP Donors Giving to New Accounts Congress Created to Help Political Parties”

Bloomberg BNA: Big Republican donors are taking advantage of new, high-dollar limits on political party contributions established by Congress last year, with David Koch, Sheldon Adelson and Henry Kravis counted among the latest donors providing a total of more than … Continue reading ?

“U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether ‘one person, one vote’ includes non-citizens”

David Savage reports for the LA Times. See also Melanie Mason’s, “Could U.S. Supreme Court Shrink California’s Congressional Clout?” … Continue reading ?

Prediction: The Most Important Brief in the Evenwel Case

…will likely be an amicus brief by political scientists (probably supporting neither party) explaining how difficult and contentious it would be to put in practice a voters only measure of population for redistricting purposes.

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