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Along what axis is the Ukrainian electorate aligned right now?

It seems to be economic policy orientation toward Europe or Russia, and not either language or ethnicity.  Here is a new paper by Timothy Frye: Language, ethnicity, and policy orientation toward Europe are key cleavages in Ukrainian politics, but there is much debate about their relative importance. To isolate the impact of candidate ethnicity, candidate […]

They're Not Making Jeff Smiths Like They Used To

David Boaz For generations of Americans, “Jefferson Smith” was the archetype of the honest, hard-working man of the people who gets into politics to serve the public interest and stands up to powerful interests. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the quintessential movie about a corrupt system that can be toppled by a single man of integrity. Show More Summary

Are zero-rated apps a form of market segmentation?

One major advance in knowledge over the last twenty-five years of research in industrial organization is just how important — and how possible — market segmentation agreements and institutions may be.  Is this another example?: …this summer the service provider T-Mobile began offering its customers an alternative. Under a free feature on some plans, T-Mobile […]

“Yes you dolt, diseases can expand exponentially and Ebola just may”

That is the general tenor of some (only some) of the Twitter responses to my posts on whether or not the Ebola crisis is overhyped or not, including that from some experts who know more than I do. Some comments were … Continue reading ? The post “Yes you dolt, diseases can expand exponentially and Ebola just may” appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Japan fact of the day

Exports are 16 per cent below the peak reached in 2008 in real terms, according to data from CLSA. From Hennry Sender at The FT, there is more here.

Thursday assorted links

1. How sheepdogs do their job so well. 2. Is delayed gratification the best kind? (speculative) 3. Some data on grade inflation experiments. 4. Interview with David Bromwich. 5. Zebra-suited urbanists of Bolivia. 6. FT update on Swedish private schools.

Another "Winn" for Educational Freedom in New Hampshire

Andrew J. Coulson In ACSTO v. Winn (2011), the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s scholarship donation tax credit program on the grounds that plaintiffs did not have standing to sue in the first place, because they could not show any specific injury to themselves caused by the voluntary program. Show More Summary

What happens when you release people from bonded labor in the Emirates?

It turns out serfdom is not so terrific for workers or the economy. In 2011, a reform in the UAE allowed any employer to renew a migrant’s visa upon contract expiration without written permission from the initial employer. We find … Continue reading ? The post What happens when you release people from bonded labor in the Emirates? appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Live Free and Learn: NH Supreme Court Upholds School Choice

Jason Bedrick Low- and middle-income children in New Hampshire will now be able to use tax-credit scholarships at any school they choose, whether secular or religious. This morning, the New Hampshire Supreme Court (NHSC) followed the precedent of the U.S. Show More Summary

Ikea’s Simulacrum

An amazing 75% of the images in an Ikea catalog are not photographs but CGI. …the real turning point for us was when, in 2009, they called us and said, “You have to stop using CG. I’ve got 200 product images and they’re just terrible. You guys need to practise more.” So we looked at […]

Stock returns over the FOMC cycle

I find this paper (pdf), by Anna Cieslak, Adair Morse, and Annette Gissing-Jorgensen, quite scary.  Do you?: We document that since 1994 the US equity premium follows an alternating weekly pattern measured in FOMC cycle time, i.e. in time since the last Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The equity premium is earned entirely in weeks […]

Does Chicken Little have Ebola?

This is my second post about Ebola, in which I continue to pontificate about things I don’t really know anything about. Yesterday I suggested Ebola is the Kardashian of diseases and we ought to be a little less worried about … Continue reading ? The post Does Chicken Little have Ebola? appeared first on Chris Blattman.

The IMF picks 25 top young economists

The list is here, I wonder how young is young, in any case overall a very good set of names.  Other than Piketty and Rey, they all teach in the United States.  John List is one person I would have added, plus I dare them to try out their judgment on someone who is not […]

Gov. Quinn Vetoes Rideshare Bill

Matthew Feeney Earlier this week, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) vetoed HB 4075, a ridesharing bill backed by Illinois’ taxi industry that was overwhelmingly passed by the state House and Senate earlier this year. If the bill had been signed...Show More Summary

The Unintended Consequences of Environmental Policy: For the Birds

Marian L. Tupy So, here is a story to make your blood boil. According to National Review, “the federal government acted with a bias, giving renewable-energy companies a pass on unlawful bird deaths while rigorously prosecuting traditional...Show More Summary

Response rates are falling

In 1997, the response rate to a typical telephone poll was a healthy 36 percent, according to Pew. By 2012, it had fallen to 9 percent. Fortunately, many surveys appear to be doing a good job of weighting the answers of people who do respond, to make up for those who don’t. Still, the long-term […]

Assorted links

1. The benefits of early work experience are declining, especially for men. 2. Interview with Pete Best, who is happy and still alive. 3. 38 maps of the global economy. 4. How the Japanese messed up Pearl Harbor. 5. Very good (and complex) FT Alphaville post on long-term unemployment this time around; “…about 10 per […]

Mandatory Spending Continues to Drive the Budget

Nicole Kaeding This morning, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its updated Budget and Economic Outlook report, known in Washington, D.C. parlance as the “baseline.” This report details CBO’s projections on federal spending...Show More Summary

New Front Opening in Core War

Neal McCluskey Reports are out this morning that Louisiana will be challenging in court federal coercion behind the Common Core standards. If so, it will open a new front in the war against the Core, a standardization effort that has been listing badly in public opinion, but nonetheless survives in the vast majority of states. Show More Summary

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