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Licensing Speech in the Big Easy

Ilya Shapiro and Gabriel Latner The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech and of the press because the Framers wanted to prevent the creation in America of a license-based censorship. They were deeply opposed to Britain’s systematic...Show More Summary

How Long Is the TPP Going to Take?

K. William Watson We were once told that the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be completed by the end of 2013. Then it was early 2014, then late 2014, or probably sometime before 2015, or in early 2015 for sure. At this point, only two...Show More Summary

Mastering ‘Metrics

That is the new book by Joshua D. Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke, from Princeton University Press, and the subtitle is The Path From Cause to Effect.  I have not yet had a chance to peruse this book, but the odds are very high that it is a very strong contribution.  The Amazon link for the […]

Assorted links

1. Capital controls for Belarus, and worse. 2. The word is that Doug Elmendorf will not be reappointed at CBO.  Doug has done a very good job and he deserves our plaudits.  And Kaiser on the Medicare spending slowdown.  Excellent piece, and if nothing else it shows what a fiscal conservative Elmendorf has been. 3. […]

Darryl Strawberry auction markets in everything

The Internal Revenue Service is putting outfielder Darryl Strawberry’s retirement annuity on the auction block next month. The annuity, seized by the IRS because Strawberry owed back taxes, was part of a contract he signed in 1985, back when he was slugging home runs for the New York Mets. The annuity will be worth about […]

New York Tells Private Company: Fire Your CEO

Walter Olson From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal [$], word that the New York Department of Financial Services has strong-armed Ocwen Financial Corp., a leading mortgage servicer, into a legal settlement that not only extracts $150 million...Show More Summary

The most serious and ignored public health crisis of the 21st century?

This Christmas, do not forget the forgotten: when no exam is imminent the family death rate per 100 students (FDR) is low and is not related to the student’s grade in the class. The effect of an upcoming exam is … Continue reading ? The post The most serious and ignored public health crisis of the 21st century? appeared first on Chris Blattman.

If Christmas was run by foreign aid agencies

Your response to RFP 666_01 for the “Sustainable Agriculture Networks Trial-Afghanistan” (SANTA) project has been received, and we had the following RFIs. Please respond no later than COB on 31 December 2014. Be advised I will be out of the … Continue reading ? The post If Christmas was run by foreign aid agencies appeared first on Chris Blattman.

The polity that is Singapore

The city-state will open one of its neighborhoods to driverless cars in 2015… Combined with a version of Uber it would seem, there is more here.

How much economic potential does Cuba have?

I’m not one of those who thinks Cuba is the next Singapore or even the next Puerto Rico.  Why not? I’m willing to assume that the end of the American embargo will mean some kind of economic liberalization over the next ten years.  But how much good will that bring? We could start by looking […]

The Final Nail in the Keynesian Coffin?

Daniel J. Mitchell I wrote earlier this year about the “perplexing durability” of Keynesian economics. And I didn’t mince words. Keynesian economics is a failure. It didn’t work for Hoover and Roosevelt in the 1930s. It didn’t work for Japan in the 1990s. And it didn’t work for Bush or Obama in recent years. Show More Summary

Is North Korea Preparing for Change or Planning More of the Same?

Doug Bandow North Koreans have formally ended their three-year mourning period for Kim Jong-il. By custom his son, Kim Jong-un, and the country now are free to move forward without hindrance from the past. A small, poor nation, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should be an international nullity, irrelevant to global affairs. Show More Summary

How Hawkish Are Republican Voters?

David Boaz William Kristol tells the Washington Post that Sen. Rand Paul is a “lonely gadfly” on foreign policy: “Rand Paul speaks for a genuine sentiment that’s always been in the Republican Party, but maybe it’s 10 percent? 15 percent?...Show More Summary

Medicaid’s Access to Care Problems Persist and Will Get Worse Next Year

Charles Hughes Last week, Republican Governor Bill Haslam announced a plan to expand Medicaid in Tennessee. Republican governors in Wyoming and Utah have also put forward expansion plans in the past month. A recent Washington Post editorial...Show More Summary

Television: This or That

Angels/demons versus humans: Dominion > Constantine. Powerful female politician(s) battling corruption and dystopia: Madam Secretary (Tea Leoni) > State of Affairs (Katherine Heigl) Reality TV entrepreneurs: The Profit > Shark Tank. Food competition cornucopias Top Chef > MasterChef > Hell’s Kitchen.

Assorted links

1. The most popular people on Pinterest. 2. NYT covers Los Angeles as a pedestrian city. 3. The rise of livestreaming funerals. 4. You can google to John Cochrane’s WSJ criticism of Keynesianism here. 5. Court in Argentina grants basic rights to orangutan. 6. Cato is and should be unhappy with Vaclav Klaus.

Update and Further Analysis of the New Hampshire Legislature

With this post, I’m reporting updated results on the ideological ideal points of New Hampshire legislators, introduced previously here. In that analysis, I found that libertarians in the New Hampshire House in 2014 tended to vote with the right (and vice versa) on most roll-call votes scored by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. That included […]

Sentences on digital preservation

“Digital preservation is really just an oxymoron at this point,” says Jan-Christopher Horak, director of the UCLA Film and Television Archive. “It’s really just putting plus and minus electronic charges on plastic — and that plastic has an extremely short half-life. So that most digital media, even if you take it and store it correctly, […]

Internationalists vs. Isolationists

Simon Lester Last week, I had a piece in Townhall in which I criticized those who call libertarians “isolationists.” I explained the various ways libertarians are just as internationalist, if not more so, than those of other political persuasions. Show More Summary

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