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Attention Encourages Terrorism

Now a study has attached numbers to what we’ve known for a long time: giving attention to terrorists encourages terrorism. A study by Michael Jetter, professor at the School of Economics and Finance at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín,Show More Summary

Are mass shootings contagious?

Maybe I already covered this, but it is worth re-upping this Michael Rosenwald piece from March: A man had just gone on a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Mich., allegedly killing six people while driving for Uber. Sherry Towers, an Arizona State University physicist who studies how viruses spread, worried while watching the news coverage. Show More Summary

CEO, China: The Rise of Xi Jinping

That is the new and excellent book by Kerry Brown.  Almost all books on China are either bad or mediocre, but this one is the best book I ever have read on the exercise of power in contemporary China.  Every page is good, here is a short excerpt: More important than a cabinet in the […] The post CEO, China: The Rise of Xi Jinping appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Clive Crook is mostly right

Here is one bit: Trump’s critics complain about his relentless invoking of crisis — despite agreeing with him that the system is collapsing. Conservatives keep telling us that the American project is in mortal danger, that liberty itself is at stake. Show More Summary

“Kaine’s acceptance of gifts in Virginia could create opening for Republicans”

WaPo: There are stark differences between Kaine’s gifts and McDonnell’s. For one, Kaine’s gifts were properly disclosed; McDonnell failed to disclose some of what he received. For another, Kaine has never faced accusations of promising state action in exchange for … Continue reading ?

Will Tim Kaine deliver Virginia (and Catholics)? Don’t count on it.

We finally know who the major party vice presidential nominees are –  Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana.  Not surprisingly, much “veepstakes” speculation leading up to these announcements centered on the usual factors considered to be electorally advantageous: geography and demography. But much of what you’ve been told about the […]

“Trump Would Fund Super-PACs Aimed at Taking Down Cruz, Kasich”

Republican unity plan leaked to Bloomberg: Donald Trump plans to create and fund super-PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich should either run for office again, after both snubbed the Republican nominee during his party’s convention this week, … Continue reading ?

Breaking: Wisconsin Will Go to 7th Circuit to Block Softening of Voter ID Law: What’s Next?

Wisconsin will seek to reverse the order of the federal district court from earlier this week requiring election officials to allow those who lack the right form of ID to vote in WI elections to be able to vote upon signing … Continue reading ?

Breaking: VA Supreme Court on 4-3 Vote, Reverses Gov. McAuliffe’s Blanket Felon Reenfranchisement Order

You can find the 63 pages of opinions here. This is a big blow both politically to Democrats (who would have gotten a boost from the restoration of voting rights to felons who had secured their sentences) as well as … Continue readi...

Donald Trump’s convention speech was the most negative in over 40 years

Donald Trump’s speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention was notable for its tone. As my Post colleagues Philip Rucker and David Fahrentold put it, “Donald Trump painted a dire portrait of a lawless, terrorized nation.” How dire? Consider this: Trump’s speech was the most negative in tone of any convention acceptance speech since 1972. […]

My talk yesterday at Hudson Institute/The American Interest

I had a bit of a cold, but I covered why the world seems to be falling apart, what the hell is wrong, why inequality isn’t really the problem, why Steven Pinker might be wrong about peace, which aspects of globalization might be theShow More Summary

IPA’s weekly links

Guest post by Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action. The new Freakonomics podcast, “What are gender barriers made of?” is a nice look a little deeper than surface statistics at the subtle behavioral factors responsible for gender gaps in … Continue reading ? The post IPA’s weekly links appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Iggy Pop, ‘Caesar': The Week In One Song

This week: Donald Trump, would-be spray-tanned Caesar, accepts the Republican presidential nomination.

Why Congress Rejected an H-1B Recruitment Requirement

Several senators recently introduced a bill that would delay the hiring of H-1B high skilled foreign workers in order to give Americans extra time to apply, saying it would make the program “consistent with Congress’s original intent.” But the lack of this provision was no oversight. Show More Summary

Wasteful Spending for Trump to Cut

Presidential candidate Donald Trump says that he will balance the federal budget while also cutting taxes. Given that the gap between federal spending and revenues is more than $500 billion and rising, he is going to need lots of spending...Show More Summary

“Adelman provides a necessary safety net for voters”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial: Wisconsin’s voter ID law was a mistake from the start; a political talking point dressed up as policy, aiming to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. And although the law isn’t particularly onerous for most people, there … Continue reading ?

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