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Obama won lots of votes from racially prejudiced whites (and some of them supported Trump)

The debate about the importance of racism in electing Donald Trump rages on. It even led to a shouting match last week between Clinton and Trump’s campaign aides. A prominent argument against a “whitelash” sweeping Donald Trump into office is that Trump appears to have won the votes of at least some working-class whites who […]

9 things you should know about Ghana’s election

On Wednesday, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect a president and 275 members of parliament. A democratic success story, the West African nation has since transitioning to multiparty rule in 1992 conducted six successful elections and witnessed two alternations of executive power. There is widespread public support for democracy in Ghana, but high stakes, […]

Does seasteading have a future?

I was pleased to see their title for the column: “Go Wet, Young Man.”  Here is one of the claims: Counterintuitively, I see the greatest promise for seasteading as a path toward more rather than less human companionship. …some of the elderly have started living on cruise ships full-time. Show More Summary

What will future casinos do forthcoming betting markets in everything?

The gambling market is somewhat saturated, so how can new customers be found? One idea: skills-based games. In Atlantic City, the Borgata added a basketball free-throw shooting contest. Other casinos are adding skill-based games to electronic slot machines — shooting, puzzles, less slot machine ding ding ding and more Angry Birds-style competition. Show More Summary

China Kidlington visit of the day

Ever since busloads of Chinese tourists began arriving in this sleepy, nondescript English village this summer, the 13,723 residents of Kidlington, about five miles north of Oxford, have been variously baffled, annoyed and delighted....Show More Summary

Tim Duy on desperately searching for a new strategy

I liked this recent Tim Duy post, the one that is everyone is talking about.  Do read the whole thing, but here is the closing bit: We don’t have answers for these communities. Rural and semi-rural economic development is hard. Those...Show More Summary

“Accuracy About Voting?—?Needed on Both Sides of Debate”

Must-read from Ned Foley: This recent tweet from Professor Larry Tribe caught my eye: “Call it what you like, but the # of voters turned away for not having required forms of ID exceeded margin of T’s victory in MI, … Continue readi...

The Michigan Recount Could Soon Be Ended

Follow this Chris Geidner thread (with links to the relevant documents). … Continue reading ?

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: Democrats, not Donald Trump, are the real ‘threat to the First Amendment’”

ReCode: Don’t worry about Donald Trump and the First Amendment, says Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: He won’t harm it, despite a campaign promise to “open up” libel laws, and a tweet proposing to strip flag-burners of their citizenship. But … Continue reading ?

“What Jill Stein really wants is an audit, not a recount”

Business Insider: So why is she putting time and a lot of money into a recount? In a rally outside of Trump Tower yesterday, Stein said she was hoping this recount would ensure this election was accurate, secure and just — … Continue reading ?

“Courts Disagree Over Michigan Vote Recount”

NYT: Dueling court rulings left the fate of a presidential vote recount in Michigan uncertain on Tuesday night, and elections officials in the state said they were “seeking clarity about the next steps.” A recount of last month’s election had … Continue reading ?

“Schneiderman Says Flawed Election Procedures Marred State’s Primary”

WSJ: New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Tuesday that flawed election procedures and laws led to what he called an unprecedented number of voting complaints during the state’s April presidential primary. In announcing the results of his inquiry … Continue reading ?

“Bethune-Hill & McCrory: If Either Party Wins, We All Lose”

Mike Parsons on yesterday’s racial gerrymandering arguments. … Continue reading ?

“SCOTUS hearing VA & NC Gerrymandering cases today. Suffice to say, Racial Gerrymandering in Deep South states is even worse”

Dan Smith: Today, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in gerrymandering cases from North Carolina and Virginia. Plaintiffs claim that GOP lawmakers in the two states excessively packed black voters into congressional and state legislative districts, thus diluting the influence … Continue reading ?

“Civil Rights Organizations Applaud Timely Release by Census Director Identifying Jurisdictions that Must Provide Language Assistance under Section 203 of Voting Rights Act”

Release: On December 5, 2016, the Director of the U.S. Census Bureau issued a notice of determination identifying the jurisdictions subject to the language assistance provisions of Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act, which are available at 81 Federal … Continue reading ?

Peter Schuck: “Still in the Thickest Thicket”

Here is a guest post from Professor Peter Schuck: Still in the Thickest Thicket Peter Schuck Just before Thanksgiving, a 3-judge federal court gave Democrats good reason to cheer. It struck down a Wisconsin districting plan favoring Republican candidates as … Continue reading ?

“Appeals court panel won’t lift Michigan recount order”

Josh Gerstein: A federal appeals court panel has declined to overturn a federal judge’s order mandating a recount of presidential election results in Michigan at the request of Green Party nominee Jill Stein. In an order issued Tuesday evening, the … Continue reading ?

When President Trump Forms a Non-Disclosing 501c4 to Support His Agenda, Say “Thanks Obama”

From today’s Washington Post: The entity will resemble in part Citizens for America, an organization launched by supporters of President Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s. Led by Lewis Lehrman, a Republican New York banker, the group claimed more than … Continue reading ?

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