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Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act

Cato’s forum on Capitol Hill yesterday featured Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. The senator mainly talked about his Federal Fumbles report, but he also mentioned his proposed “ Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act.” The legislation complements...Show More Summary

When ailing dictators die in office, what happens next?

  What happens when ailing dictators die? The world currently has 55 dictatorships — and 11 autocrats age 69 or older. Political observers see a dictator’s death in office as a catalyst for political change — either creating an opening for political liberalization or triggering elite infighting and instability. So what happened in Uzbekistan, where […]

FSU Law of Democracy Symposium Now in Print

Available here and featuring: The Law of Democracy At a Crossroads: Reflecting on Fifty Years of Voting Rights and the Judicial Regulation of the Political Thicket, by Franita Tolson A “Checklist Manifesto” for Election Day: How to Prevent Mistakes at … Continue reading ?

“Statewide Election Recounts, 2000-2015”

From FairVote, on 27 statewide recounts during this period. … Continue reading ?

New Zealand to Compensate Organ Donors

New Zealand will now compensate live organ donors for all lost income: Today’s unanimous cross-party support for the Compensation for Live Organ Donors Bill represents a critical step in reducing the burgeoning waiting list for kidney donations, according to Kidney Health New Zealand chief executive Max Reid. Show More Summary

Trump may put 5 military officers in top posts. That’s unprecedented.

President-elect Donald Trump is, apparently, partial to former generals and admirals. Several have been floated as possible nominees for cabinet and national security jobs. In addition to appointing Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be national security adviser, Trump appears likely to select Gen. Show More Summary

How the tea party learned to love Donald Trump

When 2016 began, tea party activists were hardly supporters of Donald Trump. While many had gotten used to backing Republican candidates that they didn’t see as “true” conservatives, Trump was another thing entirely. He had embraced liberal policy positions for years, and he was far from the “statesmen” that most tea party activists typically revered. […]

Why the Death of Shotgun Marriage Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

That is the paper’s subtitle, the title is “Midpregnancy marriage and divorce,” and the authors are Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Elizabeth O. Ananat, and Anna Gassman-Pines.  Here is the abstract: Conventional wisdom holds that birthsShow More Summary

What are the sources of demand-side secular stagnation?

In 2015, US output per capita was 12.5% below its 1950–2007 trend. This paper uses an estimated New Keynesian model to decompose the sources of this gap. The model features demographic trends, real and monetary shocks, and the occasionally binding zero lower bound on nominal interest rates. Show More Summary

Come work for me in Chicago

I’m hiring a Research Associate (RA) for 1–2 years. Apply here. This is usually a recent master’s or undergraduate student with strong quantitative skills who manages and analyzes data, helps manage my field projects, and generally helps me usher a … Continue reading ? The post Come work for me in Chicago appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Carlsen > Karjakin

1. Karjakin played some of the best defensive chess ever, finding resources where there appeared to be none. 2. Carlsen had become a bit lazy, relying too much on his stamina advantage to beat opponents (yes I do understand that is an...Show More Summary

Symposium: “The Politics of State Constitutional Reform”

From APSA’s Law and Courts Section, featuring short papers by J.H. Snider, Sandy Levinson, John Dinan, and Carol Weissert.  Here’s a description: When analyzing the consequences of elections for the development of the U.S. Constitution, scholars concentrate on elections for … Continue reading ?

The Intel anthropologist on why we are afraid of AI

Here is a separate bit from that interview: I’m interested in how animals are connected to the internet and how we might be able to see the world from an animal’s point of view. There’s something very interesting in someone else’s vantage point, which might have a truth to it. Show More Summary

Cottrell, Herron & Westwood on Trump’s Fraud Allegations

Here’s the abstract to their paper, “Evaluating Donald Trump’s Allegations of Voter Fraud in the 2016 Presidential Election”: During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that the presidential election would be tainted by massive voter fraud. Despite winning … Continue reading ?

“Voting rights advocates brace for ‘biggest fight of our lifetime’ during Trump administration”

WaPo: “Voting rights advocates are furious at President-elect Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud and concerned that his administration will more vigorously adopt measures that will make it harder for some groups of people to vote.” … Continue reading ?

Latest on #NCGov

From AP and NYT, which reports that the State Board of Elections’ preliminary tally has Democratic candidate Roy Cooper leading Gov. Pat McCrory by 9,813 votes, “perilously close to the 10,000-vote difference that would prohibit Mr. McCrory from demanding a recount.” … Continue reading ?

Does Higher Ed Prove We Need Bigger, Stronger Gates?

With school choice advocate Betsy DeVos slated to become the next U.S. Secretary of Education, the battle between regulation and freedom has suddenly become more intense, with people on both sides exchanging fire. Yesterday, Jason Bedrick...Show More Summary

Which election forecast was the most accurate? Or rather: The least wrong?

Few political observers saw Trump winning the presidential election. Afterward, some election forecasters ate crow. One actually ate a bug. But despite the inevitable lamentations — and recriminations — about election forecasts, there has been little rigorous evaluation of their performance. Show More Summary

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