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Talk of rigged elections undermines democracy

Talk of rigged elections may be new to American politics, but it is relatively common in many countries. In some, sham elections result in leaders receiving 99 percent of the vote. In others, results are fabricated so that the incumbent gets just enough votes to win. The damage done by rigged elections extends beyond the […]

“State Dept. accuses Russia of ‘PR stunt’ in election-monitoring flap”

Politico: The State Department on Thursday accused Moscow of a “PR stunt” after reports emerged that the U.S. had rejected Russia’s request to send delegates to “monitor” November’s polls — the latest twist in a bizarre election season sullied by … Continue reading ?

ALI Makes Election Dispute-Related Draft Available to Public and State Legislatures to Consider Before Election Day

Via email:   The updated draft of Principles of the Law, Election Administration: Non-Precinct Voting and Resolution of Ballot-Counting Disputes, Part III – Procedures for the Resolution of a Disputed Presidential Election is now available for download on the ALI … Continue reading ?

Pew: Our Report is Not Evidence of Voter Fraud

Donald Trump has been citing a Pew statistic on up to 1.8 million deceased voters remaining on voter rolls as proof that dead people are voting. Pew has posted this: In February 2012, The Pew Charitable Trusts released a groundbreaking … Continue reading ?

Sen. Mike Lee on Executive Power & Conscientious Electors

This weekend, I sat down with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) for the Cato Daily Podcast. We discussed executive power, criminal justice reform, the Electoral College and this strange, disappointing election year. Here’s a portion of our discussion: Caleb...Show More Summary

Land Use and Economic Mobility: You Could Have Read It Here First

Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal contains a great page 3 article on how stricter land use regulations are slowing the growth of housing in areas that need it most. Laura Kusisto reports on a developer’s fight to build middle-class housing...Show More Summary

GOP Senate Candidates in Tight Races Reject Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Message

As Donald Trump doubled down on his anti-immigration message in last night’s debate, Republican candidates for Senate across the country are not adopting his lines. In fact, they are overwhelmingly going the other way, rejecting mass...Show More Summary

New Trump Comments on Conceding If He Loses Seem to Say Two Contradictory Things

WaPo on Trump’s latest comments, and it seems like he seems like he’s saying two contradictory things: Donald Trump said Thursday that he would accept the results of the presidential election “if I win,” but he doubled down on his … Continue reading ?

“Voter Suppression Is a Much Bigger Problem Than Voter Fraud”

Ari Berman: On MSNBC this morning, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conwaysaid Trump would accept the election results “absent widespread voter fraud, irregularities and malfeasance.” Let’s be very clear: it’s incredibly unlikely there will be widespread voter fraud on Election Day. … Continue reading ?

The Islamists are back in Morocco. How did they do it?

An Islamist party did something remarkable in Morocco last week: win reelection. The governing Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) managed to win almost one-third of the 395-member parliament with a 43 percent voter turnout. With this victory, the PJD became the first Islamist party in Morocco’s modern history to lead two consecutive governments. No […]

The bargaining equilibrium in Washington journalism

The primary reason Washington operators can dictate the terms of engagement with Washington journalists is that the true insiders are few and the journalists are many. In medium-sized towns, the power dynamic is reversed, as the number of journalists is very small and sources are many. Show More Summary

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