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Links I liked

Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting. John Sides says it won’t make a difference. X-Files is returning to Fox for 6 episodes Not The Onion: George Zimmerman compares himself to Anne Frank, blames Obama for his woes. Anne Frank! … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

“…increased travelling does not make elites more cosmopolitan.”

File under The Culture that is Germany.  Here is the rest of the abstract: In this article, we investigate cosmopolitan attitudes among the people often considered the most cosmopolitan – the elite. Studying the typical class of frequent...Show More Summary

Off to FSU

for what promises to be a very interesting election law conference.  Regular blogging resumes Monday. … Continue reading ?

Two New Reports from the ACLU

Access Denied: Barriers to Online Voter Registration for Citizens with Disabilities Published by the ACLU and the Center for Accessible Technology focuses on one urgent issue: the accessibility of online voter registration websites for voters with disabilities. The Cost of … Continue reading ?

What “Buy Local” Campaigns Get Wrong

The economic thinking behind “buy local” campaigns is typically terrible. One such example is the claim that a dollar “circulates more” when you spend it locally. The rate of circulation of a dollar doesn’t create any wealth. Try it out: circulate a dollar among a group of friends and feel your standard of living stay […]

“Why Isn’t Congress More Corrupt? A Preliminary Inquiry”

I have written this symposium draft (forthcoming Fordham Law Review) and posted it on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: In the aftermath of the indictment of New York state assembly speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges, law professor (and recent … Continue reading ?

“Remedial Equilibration and the Right to Vote Under Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment”

Michael Morley has posted this draft on SSRN (forthcoming, University of Chicago Legal Forum).  Here is the abstract: The modern “voting wars” involve repeated legal challenges alleging that proof-of-citizenship requirements for registration, voter identification laws, and other procedures aimed at protecting … Continue reading ?

CA AG Kamala Harris Does Not Want to Issue Title and Summary for Shoot the Gays Initiative

Statement. But I bet a court orders who to do so.  Further I bet she knows a court will order her to do so. But much better to do it under a court order. … Continue reading ?

“American Plutocracy”

Tim Kuhner has posted this draft on SSRN (forthcoming, Kings Law Journal).  Here is the abstract: This essay explores the linkages between economic inequality, political inequality, and money in politics. Said another way, it explores the linkages between Thomas Piketty, Gilens … Continue reading ?

“‘Rhetoric and Reality': Testing the Harm of Campaign Spending”

Rebecca Brown and Andrew Martin have posted this draft on SSRN (forthcoming, NYU Law Review).  Here is the abstract: This is an empirical piece prepared for a conference entitled Testing the Constitution, held at the University of Chicago Law School. Brown … Continue reading ?

China sentence of the day

It is also possible that the MEP [Ministry of Environmental Protection] will be given law enforcement authority for the first time, for example, the authority of forced inspection, search, sequestration, fines, recall and closure. There is more here, a good and interesting piece by Wu Qiang on the changing politics of smog in China.

Young v. UPS : Bias Plaintiffs Win at the Supreme Court

Walter Olson As I’ve had occasion to note in this space, pundits regularly complain that the current Supreme Court is somehow throttling job-bias lawsuits out of some concern for employers’ rights. However, the Court’s recent rulings...Show More Summary

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