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Race and Election Law Case May Come Quickly to #SCOTUS

Lyle Denniston @SCOTUSBlog: A group of Hawiians, some of whom won’t be able to vote in a special election on November 30 that is a prelude to recognizing a new Indian-like tribe including many residents, asked the Supreme Court to … Continue reading ?

Where do your taxes go? This month, U.K. citizens get the answer in the mail.

This month, more than 20 million households in the United Kingdom will open their mailboxes to a rather unusual letter: an individualized, item-by-item tally of how the U.K. government spent their tax money in the past year. For example, the U.K. government currently spends around 20 percent of its budget on health. So a household […]

“Supreme Court Digs Into Redistricting”

Kimberly Robinson of BNA digs in to Evenwel, Harris, and Shapiro v. McManus. … Continue reading ?

Debating ObamaCare with Kathleen Sebelius

Back in October, I debated ObamaCare with former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. Kansas City Public Television recently aired a package featuring the debate. Week in Review: Health Care...Show More Summary

Fullerton California to Pay $4.9m for Wrongful Death of Kelly Thomas

In 2011, the Fullerton, California police violently beat Kelly Thomas, a 37-year-old mentally ill homeless man, who later died from his injuries. The arrest was recorded, and Thomas could be heard calling for his father as the officers...Show More Summary

“Gov. Beshear Restores Right to Vote to Certain Offenders”

BIG news from the departing governor of Kentucky. … Continue reading ?

“State, Utah GOP appear headed to court over election law — again”

KSL: A federal judge Monday permanently barred the state from forcing political parties to hold open primary elections and dismissed all other claims in the Utah Republican Party’s lawsuit. As U.S. District Judge David Nuffer closed the case, the Utah … Continue reading ?

“The Citizen United President?”

Robert Weisman oped in USA Today: Will Barack Obama be remembered for standing by helplessly as Citizens United eroded the very foundations of our electoral democracy? That may be an unfortunate part of his legacy if he fails to take … Continue reading ?

“Bipartisan Support for Limits on Campaign Spending”

More from that Pew study I linked to yesterday: Opinions on campaign finance and its effects on the political system are widely shared; majorities across demographic and partisan groups say there should be limits on campaign spending, that money’s impact … Continue reading ?

No Longer a Hypothetical: Russian Plane Shot Down

Earlier today, Turkey, a NATO ally, shot down a Russian jet, killing at least one pilot, and leaving the other in the hands of insurgents on the ground (and possibly also dead). The Turks claim that the Russian jet was operating in Turkish airspace, and was warned away on numerous occasions. Show More Summary

How anti-immigrant attitudes are fueling support for Donald Trump

Political commentators have asserted for months that Donald Trump’s dominance of the Republican presidential field is fueled by his anti-immigrant rhetoric. As Thomas Edsall put it: Donald Trump’s success is no surprise. The public and the press have focused on his defiant rejection of mannerly rhetoric, his putting into words of what others think privately. […]

Courts Should Review Executive-Agency Interpretations of the First Amendment

Among the types of speech that the First Amendment protects is commercial speech, such as advertising. But commercial speech that’s false or misleading isn’t constitutionally protected: you may be liable for defrauding someone through various communications. Show More Summary

What exactly was the Islamic State targeting in its Paris attacks?

When President François Hollande meets with President Obama today, the focus will undoubtedly be on the terrorist attacks earlier this month. Hollande is also likely to reiterate that these attacks, along with the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris earlier this year, will not crush the French way of life. The public reaction to the earlier […]

America and the Refugees

My latest piece is on the Syrian refugees and I’m delighted that it’s in Playboy. Next step is to get invited to the Mansion. Here’s the opening: Even 4-year-old Syrian orphans are too dangerous to welcome to the United States, says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. What sort of man turns away desperate orphans out […]

Opioids for the masses?

This has long seemed to me an understudied topic, so I was interested to read the job market paper of Angela E. Kilby, who is on the market this year from MIT.  And she does what I like to see in a paper, namely try to figure out whether some practice or institution is actually […]

The Midas Paradox

That is the forthcoming book by Scott Sumner, and the subtitle is Financial Markets, Government Policy Shocks, and the Great Depression.  Here is one of Scott’s brief capsule descriptions of the book: I will show that if we take the gold market seriously we can explain much more about the Great Depression than anyone had […]

NBC Giving Equal Time to Presidential Candidates

From Arizona’s Politics: AZ’s Politics BREAKING: BLACK FRIDAY…and SATURDAY: NBC’s 60 Minutes of Equal Time For GOP Presidential Candidates Will Be Spread Out This Weekend BREAKING: NBC Grants At Least Four GOP Candidates Equal Time Following Donald Trump’s “Saturday Night … Continue reading ?

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