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Koch Bros. Efforts to Help Latinos as Means to Suppress Democratic Vote?

WaPo: The LIBRE effort, which backers plan to expand into more presidential battleground states over the next several months, has alarmed many Democrats. “They are making friends and trying to convince you that the Democratic agenda is bad,” said Matt … Continue reading ?

“When Good News is No News”

Gail Collins NYT column on William-Yulee. … Continue reading ?

“A Rare Case Indeed”

Jessica Ring Amunson on Williams-Yulee. … Continue reading ?

Some Supreme Court Justices worry that a gay marriage ruling will provoke public backlash. They shouldn’t be concerned.

We don’t know how the Supreme Court is going to rule in Obergefell v. Hodges. However, some are already suggesting that the Court should be careful and not go too far too fast, for fear of a backlash or a surge in anti-gay opinion. The reliably liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg referenced the history of […]

Is Bernie Sanders the Most Liberal Senator?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent socialist from Vermont, is running for president as a Democrat. Since he’s a self-proclaimed socialist, he’s surely to the left of all the Democrats in Congress, right? Well, a few years ago I checked...Show More Summary

Thursday assorted links

1. 12 Communist buildings that are still standing; I like most of them.  A lot. 2. Where should you give to help Nepal? 3. Partisan nudge bias (pdf). 4. An argument that TPP isn’t so good for the global poor.  I would note a few points: first, trade diversion arguments, if applied consistently, would in […]

Baltimore is not Ferguson

The following is a guest post from Babson College political scientist Stephen Deets, who serves on the Board of Directors of the Charles North Community Association in Baltimore. A day after the riots in Baltimore, the news coverage is sadly predictable. We are told that the violence came after the funeral of Freddie Gray, yet another black […]

Universal Man: The Lives of John Maynard Keynes

That is the new Keynes biography by the renowned Richard Davenport-Hines.  It’s not like most biographies I know.  The font is fairly large, and the presentation is non-comprehensive and fairly subjective.  It is more like reading the transcript of some very good talks on Keynes, and less of a trudge than many bios.  There is […]

My favorite things Baltimore

I’m passing through Baltimore on the train today (a talk at U. Penn and chatting with Ashok Rao), so I have license to do this.  Here goes: 1. Author: There is plenty to choose from here, including Poe, James Cain, Dashiell Hammett, Frank O’Hara, and H.L. Mencken.  I do not love F. Scott Fitzgerald as […]

Some Interesting Theories of Chief Justice Roberts’ Vote in Williams-Yulee

My take on the Chief Justice’s motivations in Williams-Yulee is that he’s come around to the position that judicial elections are different, and the First Amendment balance may be struck differently. But maybe I’m naive. Noah Feldman sees a deeper motivation: … Continue reading ?

Williams-Yulee Roundup

NYT WaPo LAT NLJ HuffPo Reuters Bloomberg SCOTUSBlog AP NPR WSJ VOX NYT editorial … Continue reading ?

“Foreword: Are elected state judges now “above the political fray”?”

Ron Collins’ foreword to SCOTUSBlog symposium on Williams-Yulee.  Great lineup! … Continue reading ?

Does getting Internet access make people better citizens? Maybe not.

What would happen if someone who did not have Internet access suddenly got it? Would they become more interested in politics, learn more about it and even feel more able to influence the political world? It’s certainly plausible that the answer is yes.  The Internet would seem to put lots of information about politics at […]

Question for Supreme Court Gurus about Strict Scrutiny in Williams-Yulee

As I explained in this post, the Chief Justice wrote only for a plurality in applying strict scutiny to the judicial campaign speech issue before it.  Justice Ginsburg (and to some extent Justice Breyer) did not go along.  But is … Continue reading ?

Sec. Clinton's Criminal Justice Reform Proposals

Today, presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed criminal justice reform in a speech at Columbia University. Earlier in the week, the Brennan Center released a book with chapters from politicians across the political spectrum discussing the need for criminal justice reform, and Secretary Clinton contributed one of them. Show More Summary

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