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WSJ Reports on Canadian Air Traffic Control

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Scott McCartney reports on the superior air traffic control (ATC) system north of the border. American aviation is suffering from a bureaucratic government-run ATC, while Canada’s privatized system isShow More Summary

Napoleon and Trump, Advancing on the Capital

It is said, perhaps not reliably, that the following headlines appeared in a Paris newspaper, perhaps Le Moniteur Universel, in 1815 as Napoleon escaped from exile on Elba and advanced through France: March 9 THE ANTHROPOPHAGUS HAS QUITTED...Show More Summary

Arrived in my pile

Heinz D. Kurz, Economic Thought: A Brief History. Margaret Guroff, The Mechanical Horse: How the Bicycle Shaped American Life. Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan, The Inner Lives of Markets: How People Shape Them — and They Shape Us. Rana Foroohar,...Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. A million regulations hurt. 2. Is child poverty in Japan worse than in the U.S.? 3. Millennials in NYC are earning less than in 2000. 4. Wipe the names of mass killers off the internet. 5. Which kinds of investment bankers are the most beautiful?6 6. Who is Zero Hedge? The post Friday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Black Sabbath, ‘N.I.B.': The Week In One Song

Based on comments from earlier this week, this would probably be Ted Cruz’s official campaign song if John Boehner had his way.  

Can Google Trends predict referendum elections?

Predictions of U.S. presidential elections gets a lot of attention, and rightly so. You can typically get a pretty good state-by-state forecast based on the rate at which people have voted for Democrats and Republicans in the past, along with updates based on national political and economic trends. But how about one-off elections such as […]

The Challenges of Restraint in U.S. Grand Strategy

Seeking to calm fears of a rising China’s new assertiveness in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs, professors Stephen G. Brooks and William G. Wohlforth argue that the United States has less to worry about than most believe. China is extremely unlikely to become a superpower peer anytime in the next few decades. Show More Summary

When Should Courts Defer to White-Collar Prosecution Settlements?

Deferred prosecution agreements and their close relatives non-prosecution agreements (DPAs/NPAs) have become a major tool of white-collar prosecution in recent years. Typically, a business defendant in exchange for escape from the costs...Show More Summary

Breaking: #SCOTUS Denies Emergency Relief in Texas Voter ID Case, But Signals Full Decision in Time for November Elections

The Supreme Court has just issued this order: The application to vacate the stay entered by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on October 14, 2014, presented to Justice Thomas and by him referred to the … Continue reading ?

WI John Doe Cert. Petition Raises Substantial Questions, But #SCOTUS May Not Bite

I have posted a copy of the redacted petition for cert. in the John Doe Wisconsin case. Never before have I seen a cert. petition with even parts of the questions presented redacted.  The redactions make it difficult to fully … Continue reading ?

The most under-appreciated fact of the election: Americans feel good about the economy

In an election season about voter anger, one important thing is underappreciated: voter optimism. And in particular, optimism about the economy. “Wait, what?” you may be thinking. Isn’t the election defined by the country’s “economic blues“? Isn’t the election being shaped by “anger over a ‘failed economy’“? This is not the full story. Or even […]

AFT Message to Pearson: Hands off Our Monopoly!

Today the American Federation of Teachers – the country’s second largest teachers union – is joining “global allies” to protest outside of the shareholders’ meeting of Pearson PLC, a London-based company perhaps best known as a government contractor for standardized tests. Show More Summary

Russia and NATO Meet: Time for Allies to Call off Mini-Cold War with Moscow

The NATO-Russia Council met in Brussels for the first time in nearly two years. “We are not afraid of dialogue,” announced alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Alas, he explained: “it was reconfirmed that we disagree on the facts, on the narrative and the responsibilities in and around Ukraine.” Of course, this should surprise no one. Show More Summary

“The face of American political corruption might be about to change”

CS Monitor: That makes the Supreme Court case, to be decided later this spring, a crucial test: Where, exactly, does the nation’s highest court want to set the bar for what is corruption and what is not? Comments from the … Continue reading ?

“Originalist Methodology”

Larry Solum has posted this draft on SSRN: This essay sketches an originalist methodology using ideas from legal theory and theoretical linguistics, including the distinctions between interpretation and construction and between semantics and pragmatics. The Essay aims to dispel a … Continue reading ?

“Hartford Council Flouts Voters In Keeping Three Registrars”

Hartford Courtant editorial: Hartford’s city council is flat-out dismissing the will of the voters in refusing to fix the quirky, costly, bumbling, excessive three-registrar problem. The city council decided Monday against adopting an ordinance that would have authorized the appointment … Continue reading ?

White House Goes “9-9-9” for Garland

At this point, though, I think things get serious with a Garland nomination only when it is clear Trump will lose and Republicans will lose control of the Senate. … Continue reading ?

“There’s No Such Thing as a Free Rolex”

Zephyr Teachout NYT oped: In its Citizens United ruling, the court gutted campaign finance laws. It acknowledged that American politics faced the threat of gift-givers and donors trying to corrupt the system, but it held that campaign finance laws were … Continue reading ?

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