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What about Trump’s plan to cut the corporate tax rate?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, and here is one part of my argument: This argument for a corporate tax cut — “let’s borrow more now while rates are relatively low” — is remarkably like the argument that Keynesians have been using for more government infrastructure spending for years. Show More Summary

What I’ve been reading

1. Édouard Louis, The End of Eddy.  LitHub wrote: “Even in the wake of Knausgaard and Ferrante it is hard to find a literary phenomenon that has swept Europe quite like the autobiographical project of Édouard Louis.”  I don’t know that...Show More Summary

NC: “DA won’t prosecute woman who followed mom’s ‘dying wish’ and cast illegal vote for Trump”

You can bet that if this were an African-American woman voting for Clinton, the DA would have prosecuted or been called “soft” on voter fraud. … Continue reading ?

The Case for Pulling the U.S. Out of the Paris Climate Accord

EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt has argued that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a bad deal for the U.S. because it doesn’t bind China and India. But that implies it could be fixed by imposing the same ruinous terms on developing countries—which would in fact just spread the damage. Show More Summary

Trump’s Tax Reform Proposals

The Trump administration has released proposals to guide the Republican push for major tax reform. The proposals are mainly supply side in nature, meaning cuts to marginal tax rates and other changes designed to increase economic growth. Show More Summary

Takeaways from Trump's First 100 Days

For foreign policy wonks, Trump’s first hundred days have been a bit like a roller coaster ride. In just over three months, the new administration has veered from one crisis to another, from Syria to North Korea, China to Canada. Sudden Trumpian reversals on various foreign policy issues have been sharp enough to produce whiplash. Show More Summary

Hindu fact of the day

96% of Hindus in the US have at least a college degree or its equivalent. Here is the source. The post Hindu fact of the day appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

“Redistricting by Formula: An Ohio Reform Experiment”

Micah Altman and Michael McDonald in American Politics Research: In the last decade, Ohio reformers advocated redistricting by formula: selecting the redistricting plan that scores best on a predefined objective scoring function that combines prima facie neutral criteria with political … Continue reading ?

“The Complicated Partisan Effects of State Election Laws”

Burden, Canon, Mayer, and Moynihan in Political Research Quarterly: Conventional political wisdom holds that policies that make voting easier will increase turnout and ultimately benefit Democratic candidates. We challenge this assumption, questioning the ability of party strategists to predict which … Continue reading ?

Millions Spent on Soda Tax Fight in Santa Fe, NM

Albuquerque Journal: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a $400,000 cash donation to the political committee supporting the proposed tax on sugary beverages in Santa Fe, bringing his investment in the effort to more than $1.13 million. … Continue reading ?

Wednesday assorted links

1. Nordstrom is selling a denim jacket with fake mud caked on it. 2. Does the state of Oregon own the word “engineer”? 3. Wild boars vs. the Islamic State. 4. The Coase theorem fails in London (NYT). 5. Caleb Ontiveros made a brief interactive quiz for The Complacent Class. Show More Summary

Free Speech for People, Prof John Coates File Complaint Against CITGO Contributions to Trump Inaugural Committee

Watchdog group Free Speech For People, joined by Harvard Law Professor John Coates,  just filed an FEC complaint against Citgo and the Trump inaugural committee alleging that federal law prohibits “foreign nationals” from donating to presidential inaugural committees. Read the complaint. … Continue reading ?

“This voting reform solves 2 of America’s biggest political problems”

Lee Drutman at Vox: Whatever the causes of polarization, there is a relatively straightforward solution to our current predicament that has been embraced by most advanced industrial democracies: proportional representation. There are many versions of this approach, but they all … Continue reading ?


Interesting new tool from the Center for Political Accountability: a corporate political spending database. … Continue reading ?

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