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Daily Polling Round-Up

Here are links to the latest polls and public opinion studies:   CBS/YOUGOV June 26, 2016 WISCONSIN, NORTH CAROLINA, FLORIDA, COLORADO — Poll: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton in tight races in battleground states CBS polls of likely voters...Show More Summary

McDonnell Ruling is a Victory for Constitutional Due Process

Today, The Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling on the closely watched corruption case concerning former Virginia governor, Robert McDonnell. McDonnell and his wife were charged with a Hobbs Act violation and honest services fraud. Show More Summary

Costs Skyrocket for Air and Space

Smithsonian leaders have revealed that renovating the Air and Space museum in Washington, D.C. will cost almost $1 billion. That’s the equivalent of an army of 10,000 workers earning $100,000 each for a year to fix it up. Geez, government...Show More Summary

Do Americans care about the rest of the world? These two Google maps give you the answer.

What countries do Americans care the most about? When talking about Western bias in the news media,  or the short attention span paid to global disasters, some people imply that the media is ignoring the American public’s global interests. Others suggest that Americans simply aren’t interested in the rest of the world, and that’s why […]

Monday assorted links

1. Dutch government to fund major research replication effort. 2. Modeling the giraffe: can it swim?  How can you argue with sentences such as these: “Giraffe limb bones are slightly thicker than those of other artiodactyls (van Schalwyk et al. Show More Summary

Brussels notes

I strongly recommend a visit, as the different currents of contemporary Europe swirl together here like nowhere else.  You can see high culture, high taxes, dysfunctional governance, bickering linguistic groups, EU bureaucrats, tourists,...Show More Summary

RNC Delegate Sues to Avoid Having to Vote for Trump

CNN: “Carroll Correll is suing Virginia election officials in federal court, arguing that his right to free speech is infringed upon by legal requirements that he cast his ballot for Trump. His suit comes as efforts to unbind delegates and subvert … Continue reading ?

News Coverage of McDonnell

Bloomberg Buzzfeed CNN NYT Politico Slate WaPo WSJ … Continue reading ?

Influence of Justice Scalia Felt in Unanimous Decision Throwing Out Gov. McDonnell Conviction

The Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling throwing out the conviction of Gov. McDonnell (while leaving open the possibility of a retrial on a narrower theory of the case) is sensible and courageous, and shows the continuing important influence of Justice Scalia … Continue reading ?

McDonnell on What Is and Isn’t an “Official Act”

From p. 14 of the slip opinion: Taking into account the text of the statute, the precedent of this Court, and the constitutional concerns raised by Governor McDonnell, we reject the Government’s reading of §201(a)(3) [the federal bribery statute] and adopt … Continue reading ?

Breaking: SCOTUS Vacates McDonnell Conviction and Remands

Unanimous according to SCOTUSblog. Opinion here. Chief Justice Roberts writes for the Court.  Rick is working on a quick analysis to be posted soon. … Continue reading ?

“Thousands of Republican Donors Avoid Donald Trump”

USA Today: “Just 29 people who contributed to a super PAC supporting Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential bid four years ago had donated either to Trump’s campaign, to the Republican National Committee via a joint fundraising committee he established with the party or … Continue reading ?

Four reasons why killing insurgents in Syria might backfire

What’s the next step in the war against Islamic State-based terrorism? U.S. presidential candidates have talked about their plans to “smash the would-be caliphate” (Hillary Clinton); “knock the hell out of ISIS” (Donald Trump); and “carpet bomb them into oblivion” (Ted Cruz). Republicans and Democrats in Congress have made similar statements but have yet to […]

The Complicated Clinton Organization

Where did Hillary Clinton’s campaign get the “I’m with her” slogan that Donald Trump criticized last week? I saw this in the Washington Post: Ida Woldemichael, a designer who came up with “I’m with Her” for the Clinton campaign,…is a...Show More Summary

A Convention Like No Other

“Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump’s convention,” Politico report after speaking to 50 prominent Republicans. … Continue reading ?

Asian Pacific Americans and the VRA

NBC reports: “Three years after the Supreme Court invalidated part of the Voting Rights Act, voting rights advocates and some elected officials are concerned that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are among those increasingly threatened by voter discrimination.” … Continue reading ?

Breaking: SCOTUS to Hear NC Racial Gerrymandering Case

This morning the Supreme Court agreed to hear a racial gerrymandering case from North Carolina, on an appeal brought by the state (in McCrory v. Harris).  This joins the Bethune-Hill case from Virginia, which the Court also agreed to hear. … Continue reading ?

Here’s why Saudi Arabia is loosening its restrictions on women

Why is Saudi Arabia — a highly conservative state where very little changes — suddenly embracing various kinds of reform, including loosening its repressive gender policies? Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has launched a media offensive to sell Vision 2030, which Bloomberg BusinessWeek called “the $2 trillion project to get Saudi Arabia’s economy off […]

Are voters really guided by gender stereotypes? New research says no.

Kathleen Dolan is a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the author of the recent book “When Does Gender Matter? Women Candidates and Gender Stereotypes in American Elections.” Her findings contradict a great deal of conventional wisdom about gender and elections. She kindly answered some questions via email. Below is a […]

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