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Enough! America Must Distance Itself from Its Rogue Turkish Ally

The recent abortive military coup in Turkey has led not to a restoration of democracy and the rule of law in that country, but to an acceleration of already worrisome trends toward a dictatorship with Islamist overtones.  When the would-be...Show More Summary

New Math: Anti-Common Core = Anti-Hispanic?

In an act of extreme tangent tying, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson just penned an op-ed linking Donald Trump’s wall-building immigration stance to his attacks on the Common Core national curriculum standards. The messageShow More Summary

“U.S. attorney opens probe of Malloy’s 2014 campaign fundraising”

CT Mirror: The federal investigation is a major political complication for Malloy at time when he is in the spotlight as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and a campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton. She will become the first woman … Continue reading ?

“Convention Delegates Win Settlement in Free Speech Lawsuit Against Federal Election Commission”

Release: Two delegates to the Republican National Convention settled a lawsuit on Friday against the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Two Unnamed Plaintiffs v. FEC. These delegates were represented by attorneys from the Pillar of Law Institute, which was also a … Continue reading ?

These Democrats Should Visit the Navy Yard in Philadelphia

The Pentagon awaits authority from Congress to repurpose military bases. Fears of the potentially harmfully economic effects on local communities when bases close largely explain Congress’s intransigence. The Base Realignment and Closure...Show More Summary

Revising Gladwell’s “Revisionist History”

Does the American Dream exist? Are poor but highly skilled individuals able to achieve their full potential? These questions are at the heart of recent episodes of Malcom Gladwell’s new podcast, Revisionist History. In “Carlos Doesn’t...Show More Summary

Government Unions and Dysfunctional Government

Why is government so often dysfunctional? Why is it, in contrast to the voluntary sector of society, so often slow, inefficient, wasteful, and counterproductive? Peter Schuck explored the question at length recently in his book Why Government Fails So Often. Show More Summary

Can Ivanka Trump lure female voters to her father? Probably not.

Ivanka Trump’s surprising speech on the last night of the Republican National Convention placed equal pay and child care at the forefront of the Trump campaigns’ efforts to improve the lives of American women. She stressed the needs of married mothers, who experience a much larger wage gap than single women and married women who […]

Can Bernie Sanders change how the Democratic Party chooses presidential nominees? Here’s what you need to know.

The Democratic National Convention’s rules committee convened Saturday to consider the report that it will present on the convention’s opening day in Philadelphia. The meeting was dominated by the controversial issues of the lengthyShow More Summary

Does more policing lead to less crime — or just more racial resentment?

Several years after the extensive debates about racial profiling as part of New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy, Americans are again discussing the relationship between race, policing and crime. National news has been roiled by, on the one hand, first-person videos of unarmed black men shot by police officers, apparently without provocation, and, on the other […]

Donald Trump’s message of fear may mobilize Americans to vote (but not necessarily for him)

Donald Trump delivered a dark speech at the finale of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, redolent of the dangers facing Americans, presumably from terrorists, immigrants and lawless citizens. Trump seemed to reject theShow More Summary

The Complacent Class, available for pre-order, with a special offer

That is my next book, now finished, due out February 2017 from St. Martin’s Press.  You can pre-order it from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.  Recommended! Very little of the content of this book has appeared on Marginal Revolution.  It contains...Show More Summary

“As Democrats Gather, a Russian Subplot Raises Intrigue”

David Sanger for the NYT: Proving the source of a cyberattack is notoriously difficult. But researchers have concluded that the national committee was breached by two Russian intelligence agencies, which were the same attackers behind previous Russian cyberoperations at the … Continue reading ?

“Under pressure from Bernie Sanders, Democrats poised to change how they pick nominees”

Chris Megarian for the LAT: Democrats reached an agreement on Saturday that could sharply reduce the influence of superdelegates in the next presidential election, resolving an emotionally charged issue that threatened to boil over this week. … Continue reading ?

“Leaked DNC emails reveal the inner workings of the party’s finance operation”

WaPo: The DNC emails show how the party has tried to leverage its greatest weapon — the president — as it entices wealthy backers to bankroll the convention and other needs. At times, DNC staffers used language in their pitches … Continue reading ?

Three new books on Europe

Markus K. Brunnermeier, Harold James, and Jean-Pierre Landau, The Euro and the Battle of Ideas. Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson, Europe Isn’t Working. Philipp Ther, Europe Since 1989. All three appear to be useful… The post Three new books on Europe appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

These 2 trends are what produced such a negative Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention this week has received mostly negative reviews from reporters and pundits. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank said the convention was “ a triumph of narcissism.” The New York Times’ David Brooks lamented that Trump had turned the party and convention into “a personality cult.” Others noted the negativity of the Republican […]

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