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“Campaign Finance Analysis: Deadlocks Are Only Part of Story at FEC”

Ken Doyle for Bloomberg BNA: Partisan deadlocks at Federal Election Commission have been highlighted as the source of dysfunction at the beleaguered agency, but a new analysis of some of the most controversial matters handled by the FEC shows that … Continue reading ?

“The Donald Trump of the Left; Larry Lessig may have the most distorted views of what the presidency is.”

Seth Masket at Pacific Standard: Overall, Lessig seems to be treating the presidency as a symbol, or simply a bulletin board on which to attach his reform manifesto. The presidency may be those things (and has certainly been used as … Continue reading ?

Two Preview Talks on “Plutocrats United”

I’ve just approved the final corrections to my Yale University Press book, Plutocrats United: Campaign Money, the Supreme Court, and the Distortion of American Elections due out Jan. 12. (You can preorder at a 28% discount at Amazon.) I’ll be … Continue reading ?

“More Than 40 U.S. Senators Call for Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending”

Release: In a letter released today, 44 senators are calling on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Jo White to act on a rulemaking petition that would require companies to disclose their political spending. Spearheaded by U.S. Sens. … Continue reading ?

#SCOTUS Lets VA Gov. McDonnell Stay Out of Jail for Now: What It Means

Via Chris Geidner comes this order from the Supreme Court keeping Virginia ex-governor Bob McDonnell out of jail pending a Supreme Court decision whether or not to hear his case after he lost in the trial court and the 4th … Continue reading ?

Three and a half reasons why Russia might be planning to withdraw from Ukraine (or some of it, anyway)

On Aug. 9, 2015, a senior Russian general declared that if the Ukrainian military crosses Russia’s red line and attempts to recapture the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, Russia would respond with overwhelming force. This statement reaffirms the Kremlin’s official line that Russia needs to hold onto territory it has virtually annexed in Donbas to […]

Reviewing Carter's Deregulatory Record

As health concerns for former President Carter mount, it’s nice to be able to look back on his time in the White House and see something remarkably positive. Carter’s deregulation of air travel, commercial trucking, rail shipping and oil have delivered substantial and ongoing dividends to Americans. Show More Summary

My International Trade reading list for Fall 2015

This is quite long, so it goes under the fold…class starts tomorrow night! Books: Jacob Viner, Studies in the Theory of International Trade (on-line, optional). All videos can be found on, if not in the international trade section than in the development economics class or a few on Mexico in the Mexico class.  In general I recommend […]

Monday assorted links

1. Human capital leading up to the Industrial Revolution. 2. How will European cinema fare under a single digital market?  “Is he a collaborator?” 3. In America, is there too much TV? 4.  What the Chinese 2008 stimulus looked like.  And the Chinese use a bevy of animals to clear the parade skies. 5. How […]

Here’s why you should worry about the polls for the 2016 U.S. elections — and beyond.

We rely on opinion polls, not just to get a line on the horse race that is the presidential election campaign, but also to learn what Americans (and people in other countries) think about important issues. As George Gallup said many decades ago, polling is central to modern democracy. [Only one poll number right now […]

“AALS CFP: New Voices In Legislation”

Great opportunity for new Legislation scholars! … Continue reading ?

Jessica Levinson Elected President of LA City Ethics Commission

Congratulations to my friend, Loyola law prof Jessica Levinson, elected president of the LA City Ethics Commission. … Continue reading ?

The Great Job-Creating Machine

As the Guardian recently reported, technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, and the new jobs it has created have been of higher quality. Technology eliminated many difficult, tedious, and dangerous jobs, but this has been...Show More Summary

Merely Saying "I Do" Multiple Times Shouldn't Be a Crime

Saying “I do” and calling someone your spouse who legally isn’t shouldn’t be a crime, but it can be in Utah. While polygamy—being lawfully married to multiple people—isn’t legal in any state, due to its unique history, Utah has some of the strictest anti-bigamy laws in the country. Show More Summary

China's REAL ID Program

China is implementing its “toughest-ever” mobile phone real-name registration system, according to the Want China Times. The effort seeks to get all remaining unregistered mobile phones associated with the true identities of their owners in the records of telecommunications firms. Show More Summary

Romer on Urban Growth

Here’s one bit from an excellent interview of Paul Romer on urban development: Q. How are economics and planning and development of cities related each other? Urban Expansion is an exception to the usual rule that an economy does not need a plan. Creating new built urban area requires a plan for the public space that will […]

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