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“Sullivan elections commissioner resigning”

Times Herald-Record: Sullivan County Board of Elections Commissioner Ann Prusinski will be resigning, she said Wednesday. Prusiniski’s decision comes as the county Board of Elections has been thrust under the spotlight because of allegations of anti-Semitism by Hasidic voters and … Continue reading ?

What has changed in the five years since Egypt’s police sparked a revolution — and what hasn’t

Egypt’s Jan. 25, 2011, uprising was largely inspired by brutal police practices. Citizens mobilized against the Hosni Mubarak regime’s repressive Interior Ministry and its police force en masse, and movements like “We Are All Khaled Said” — inspired by the abuse of an Alexandrian activist — became key symbols of the uprising. Five years later, the relationship […]

“Does Big Money Still Matter? You Bet It Does”

Eliza Newlin Carney in TAP: Good-government advocates are “oblivious to the failure of ‘big money’ to dictate the race,” wrote Bradley Smith, chairman of the Center for Competitive Politics, in a Wall Street Journal commentary headlined “That’s Odd, ‘Big Money’ … Continue reading ?

“Ryan backs voting rights bill — but tells black caucus it’s out of his hands”

Interesting… Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told black lawmakers Wednesday that he supports new voting rights protections they’ve championed, but said he won’t bypass a committee chairman to move legislation, according to a Democrat who attended the gathering. “He said it … Continue reading ?

Who Will Stand Up for the Constitution?

The Constitution has gotten short shrift in the ongoing presidential debates, save for an occasional mention by Rand Paul. Now that he’s out of the race, Politico reports this morning, in a piece entitled “Ted Cruz, born-again libertarian,”...Show More Summary

“The Unenforceability of the Electoral Count Act’s Procedural Provisions”

Chris Land has posted this draft on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: The Electoral Count Act governs the procedures used by Congress to tabulate Presidential election results every four years. The Act contains a number of provisions that purport to … Continue reading ?

“Alaska Speaks Up For Self-Government”

Free Speech for People: On Monday, the State of Alaska filed an important legal brief setting forth a bold argument forself-government as a theory for limiting out-of-state money in local and state election campaigns. The state’s lawyers discussed the case … Continue reading ?

“The Strange Career of James Crow, Esquire”

William Barber and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove in The Atlantic: Throughout the McCrory trial, NAACP lawyers made a strong case that the voter-ID component of this legislation places an unnecessary and undue burden on voters—especially poor and African American voters. A verdict … Continue reading ?

EAC’s Brian Newby Defends His Actions Helping His Buddy Kobach

Must-read Zach Roth for MSNBC: Newby’s move sparked instant criticism. In astatement posted online Tuesday, the panel’s lone Democratic commissioner, Vice Chair Thomas Hicks, wrote that Newby had acted “unilaterally,” and that his decision “contradicts policy and precedent established by the … Continue reading ?

Greg Sargent on Clinton-Sanders Fight Over Clinton Wall St. Donations

Good point: In making this broad argument, Sanders is implicitly indicting not just Clinton, but President Obama and many Democrats who voted for Dodd-Frank financial reform. Indeed, that’s the essence of Sanders’ whole case: Obama achievements such as the Affordable … Continue reading ?

“Sotomayor Tops Justices For Number of Public Appearances”

Tony Mauro for NLJ:   Kwan acknowledges she’s “positive we have missed things,” estimating that the site captures 80 percent of the justices’ appearances. Hosting organizations and institutions sometimes do not publicize visits at the request of justices or for … Continue reading ?

Donald Trump’s foreign policy views are actually pretty mainstream

Donald Trump may have lost the Iowa caucuses, but he remains a major contender in the Republican primaries. To date, most discussion of his campaign has centered on his domestic policies. But increasingly, pundits have taken aim at the Republican candidate’s foreign policies, accusing him of holding what Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution calls […]

My favorite television of the past year

In order that I have enjoyed shows in the past year: The Expanse. A new space opera. The best since BSG, and maybe only second to that overall. Please Like Me, Season 2. Funniest show ever about a young gay … Continue reading ? The post My favorite television of the past year appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Lyndon McLellan Finally Beats the IRS

Last year I referred readers to the abuse of civil asset forfeiture laws by the IRS in its attempt to take more than $107,000 from North Carolina small business owner Lyndon McLellan without charging him with any crime. The IRS cleaned out Mr. Show More Summary

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