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Kochs To the Rescue in North Carolina?

Sounds like it from this Tarini Parti Buzzfeed report. … Continue reading ?

“Inside the exclusive events helping to fund Clinton and the Democratic Party”

WaPo on the ingratiation and access: The price of entry to see Hillary Clinton on Sunday evening was $50,000 per person, a sum that got you an al fresco meal of tomato and mozzarella salad, lobster, strawberry shortcake and an … Continue reading ?

“Why Donald Trump’s Election Observers Are a Bad Idea”

Jon Grinspan NYT oped looks at the question through lens of history. … Continue reading ?

“Dark money group seeks investigation of Kansas Supreme Court justice”

Bryan Lowry for the Wichita Eagle: A national dark money group has revived a 2-year-old controversy involving a Kansas Supreme Court justice and filed an ethics complaint with the state’s Commission on Judicial Qualifications. The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, … Continue reading ?

Boko Haram’s internal rift probably isn’t good news. Here’s why.

What’s the latest with the Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP), the terrorist group better known as Boko Haram? In early August, the Islamic State named Abu Musab al-Barnawi as the new ‘Wali’ of the group, replacing Abubaker Shekau. Shekau then released a video highlighting masses of soldiers, and lambasted al-Barnawi as unqualified to be […]

The Efficient Markets Hypothesis

In the first video in the Personal Finance section of our Principles of Macroeconomics course we pointed out that mutual fund managers do not beat the market on average. Why is this? In the second video, we take a look at the efficient markets hypothesis. Show More Summary

The Return of Glass-Steagall???

The Atlantic writes: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have included plans to reintroduce the [Glass-Steagall] bill in their economic platforms. The argument for the act is that it could have prevented (or at least dampened) the 2008 financial crisis, and that reinstating it could ward off future ones. Show More Summary

Republicans currently have just a 38% chance of keeping their Senate majority

Every day seems to bring another story about nervous Republican House and Senate candidates, wondering if Donald Trump is going to cost them their seats. Here’s the interesting thing: Yes, the odds are against the Republicans’ retaining control of the Senate, though they will likely continue to control the House. But it’s still not clear […]

Elasticity optimism for me but not for thee

How many who think we should subsidize manufacturing also think high corporate tax rates are harmless? That is from Modeled Behavior. The post Elasticity optimism for me but not for thee appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

China politics fact or estimate of the day

This is perhaps the best and most instructive one I have heard: …Mr Xi’s authority remains hemmed in. True, his position at the highest level looks secure. But among the next layer of the elite, he has surprisingly few backers. Victor...Show More Summary

Breaking: WI Won’t Go to SCOTUS for Emergency Relief in Early Voting Case

Patrick Marley: “AG Brad Schimel will not seek SCOTUS review of 7th Circuit’s early voting decision. Madison/MKE plans for early voting in Sept stay in place.” I had pegged the chances of emergency relief from the Supreme Court in this … Continue reading ?

Libertarian Party Files Emergency #SCOTUS Motion to Get Johnson/Weld on Ohio Ballot as Libertarians

Via Chris Geidner, comes this emergency motion to get the Johnson/Weld ticket on the Ohio ballot listed as Libertarians. (It is uncertain if Johnson/Weld might make it on the ballot as independent candidates without a party label should this petition … Continue reading ?

New CBO Numbers Confirm Simple Task of Balancing the Budget with Modest Spending Restraint

It’s not a big day for normal people, but today is exciting for fiscal policy wonks because the Congressional Budget Office has released its new 10-year forecast of how much revenue Uncle Sam will collect based on current law and how...Show More Summary

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