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“Trump loses patience with his White House counsel”

Politico: White House counsel Don McGahn has largely stepped back from managing Donald Trump’s response to the expanding Russia investigation, but that hasn’t stopped the president from lashing out at him about it anyway. Trump started the week by giving … Continue reading ?

Big Goings-On at Supreme Court as We Race to the End of Term

The Supreme Court today came down with opinions in two cases in which Cato filed a brief. First, in Murr v. Wisconsin, it unfortunately ruled against property owners in an important regulatory-takings case. Then, in Lee v. United States,...Show More Summary

“Little movement on White House probe into voter fraud; No meetings yet; commissioners still being vetted”

CNN; On Super Bowl Sunday this year, President Donald Trump told Fox News that Vice President Mike Pence would head a commission into voter fraud allegations — ones that he made, claiming that between three to five million people voted … Continue reading ?

Senate Republicans Offer a Bill to Preserve & Expand ObamaCare

Yesterday, I posted “Five Questions I Will Use to Evaluate the Phantom Senate Health Care Bill.” The phantom bill took corporeal form today when Senate Republicans released the text of the “Better Care Reconciliation Act.” So how does the Senate bill fare with regard to my five questions? 1. Show More Summary

Politifact Rates “False” ‘Fox and Friends’ Ridiculous Claim about 5-7 Million Noncitizen Voters in 2016

Politifact: The claim made on Fox and Friends is based on an extrapolation of a controversial study that relied on a very small number of responses. Researchers involved in the underlying survey of voters have cautioned against using their data … Continue reading ?

More School Choice, Less Crime

One of the original arguments for educating children in traditional public schools is that they are necessary for a stable democratic society. Indeed, an English parliamentary spokesman, W.A. Roebuck, argued that mass government education...Show More Summary

“How Tinder Could Take Back the White House”

Yara Rodrigues Fowler and Charlotte Goodman fascinating NYT oped: With the help of two software engineers, Erika Pheby and Kyle Buttner, we designed a chatbot, a smart computer program that deployed an adaptable script. In the two days ahead of … Continue reading ?

Even Sex Offenders Have Constitutional Rights

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that a North Carolina preventing sex offenders from accessing social media and other websites – without any attempt to tailor restrictions to potential contact with minors – violated the First Amendment. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day—Trump Election Integrity Commission Edition

“I don’t know why this has fallen on my shoulders,…I’m just a very small old country boy from Arkansas in this bigger commission with Vice President Pence, and I’m just going to do the best I can, to be honest.” … Continue reading ?

The orca wars escalate, with special reference to the economics of fisheries

The orcas will wait all day for a fisher to accumulate a catch of halibut, and then deftly rob them blind. They will relentlessly stalk individual fishing boats, sometimes forcing them back into port. Most chilling of all, this is new:...Show More Summary

Grading Modi

There have been a number of articles recently reviewing economic reform under India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The best is this excellent report from the Economist: FEW countries would see a tax requiring some businesses to file over 1,000 returns a year as an improvement. Show More Summary

Thursday assorted links

1. Those who leave vs. those who stay. 2. Cass Sunstein paper on mandatory labeling for GMOs. 3. Did the Scalise shooter almost cause a constitutional crisis? 4. Is there an oversupply of American restaurants? 5. Rollback of Medicaid provisions in the GOP health bill (NYT). Show More Summary

Who is Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince?

The elevation of Mohammed bin Salman to crown prince of Saudi Arabia is a calculated risk with potentially enormous consequences for the kingdom. If he succeeds with his vision to transform the Saudi economy by 2030 and reduce the country’s reliance on oil revenue, the crown prince — widely known as MBS — could enjoy […]

The World Health Organization spends more on travel than on key diseases. That’s actually okay.

A recent AP article (carried by The Washington Post) grabbed widespread attention with the charge that the “World Health Organization [WHO] routinely spends about $200 million a year on travel — far more than what it doles out to fight … AIDS, tuberculosis [TB] or malaria.” At face value, this is an alarming statistic. As the […]

Why international justice still faces roadblocks

The prospects for justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes are more daunting today than at any time in the past two decades. The underlying political landscape is less favorable for accountability as compared with the 1990s, when the first international tribunals were established following the end of the Cold War and the International […]

Trump’s travel ban is built on a law meant to ‘protect’ the U.S. from Jews and communists

Last week, the 9th Circuit became the latest court to rule against the Trump administration’s executive orders banning travel from six majority-Muslim countries. Trump’s order claims authority from the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act’s (INA) Section 212 (f), which says the president can temporarily suspend alien entry. Show More Summary

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