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24 Hours Left To Get $5 Off “The Anxiety Plan” Ebook — Use Code “5off”

Only 24 more hours to get one-third off my new anxiety ebook. Use the code "5off" for $5 off the cover price. ONLY 1 DAY LEFT for $5 off "The Anxiety Plan" ebook using code "5OFF"

The Vitamin Deficiency Linked To Depression And Negative Thoughts

Vitamin deficiency linked to depression and poorer brain function, lower verbal fluency and even dementia. ONLY 1 DAY LEFT for $5 off "The Anxiety Plan" ebook using code "5OFF"

Consider These 10 Questions for Building a Fulfilling Life

Our society has all sorts of ideas about what a fulfilling life looks like. Lose 10 pounds right now, and be happier! Simplify your life! Be more productive than you ever thought possible! Own a brand new car for next to nothing! Do it all! […]

How to Let Go of Anger After Divorce

You know that feeling — the one where your heartbeat quickens and your head starts to pound. Your throat starts to close and it takes all the strength you have to keep from screaming at something that your ex said or did. Anger. Being ticked […]

Can you detect neurosis from what someone writes? Quiz | Ben Ambridge

Assess these pieces of writing and get insights into your own personality too How good are you at reading other people’s personality from their writing? The answer gives you clues to your own personality. Read the following pieces of...Show More Summary

The secret of power napping

A 30-minute kip works for pilots and footballers, and it’ll do wonders for you, too, says sleep guru Nick Littlehales The power of the nap cannot be ignored. A study by the University of Düsseldorf has shown that even very short naps...Show More Summary

IQ Can Be Linked to Physical and Psychiatric Disorders

The idea that how smart you are might be connected with how healthy you are is not new. Those who studied social sciences have probably seen the published works on the subject dating back to 1980s. The problem is not so easy to study academically, […]

3 Suggestions for Revising Unsupportive Stories

The stories we hold about ourselves can expand or narrow our lives. One example of limiting narratives revolves around what we believe we’re good at and what we believe we’re bad at. Helen McLaughlin’s clients often create these kinds of stories, letting them dictate their […]

“In the Dark” shines brilliant light on bungled Jacob Wetterling case

L ong- dormant case spawned today's sex offender registries. B ut w ould these laws have made a difference? Twenty-seven years ago, a perfect storm struck a small town in central Minnesota, when a stranger jumped out of the shadows and snatched an 11-year-old boy out bicycle-riding with friends. Show More Summary

Between the Stimulus and the Response: the four functions of the Mind

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Victor E Frankl In today’s post I will be drawing heavily from the spiritual traditions of India (Yoga etc), and interested readers are redirected to [...] Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)

The Heated Battle Over Involuntary Committment

So often I write blog posts about topics I read about in the paper. I take a few quotes and expand upon them. Today I want to look at book review by Dr. Damon Tweedy, a psychiatrist at Duke University and author of Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor's Reflection on Race and Medicine. Show More Summary

The Best Mindset To Preserve Memory And Judgement

21 hours agoAcademics / Psychology : PsyBlog

The best mindset to ward off cognitive decline can be cultivated using exercises such as visualising your best possible self. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT for $5 off "The Anxiety Plan" ebook using code "5OFF"

Psychology Around the Net: October 22, 2016

Once again, my friends, I come to you from behind a computer screen with a box of tissues on one side and a trash can on the other. Tears are running down my cheeks, I can’t stop sneezing, and even though I can’t breathe my […]

Happier @ Work

I maintain a separate blog at Flourish Mentoring, which is dedicated to positive psychology based leadership and educational engagement topics. There I recently posted a series of 10 blog posts that are designed as mini-lessons (between 600-800 word each), all focused on being happier @ [...] Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)

Mice smell, share each other's pain | Science News

Pain is contagious, at least for mice. After encountering bedding where mice in pain had slept, other mice became more sensitive to pain themselves. The experiment, described online October 19 in Science Advances, shows that pain can...Show More Summary

The Strange Reason Fake Pills May Treat Depression, Fatigue And Pain

Back pain treatment could also help treat depression, fatigue and common digestive disorders. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT for $5 off "The Anxiety Plan" ebook using code "5OFF"

A Degree in Life: Your Real College Major

Welcome back, college students. Before you have even memorized old glory’s fight song, you are greeted with a question more dreadful than any Business Calculus exam. “What do you want to do with your life?” family, friends, and career counselors prod. The implication: Your major […]

Want to boost confidence? Channel Wonder Woman | Oliver Burkeman

Before a public talk, if I remember to stand up straight and broaden my chest, I feel more confident As you may have heard, and pardon the mixed metaphor, psychologists are up in arms about putting your hands on your hips. I’m talking...Show More Summary

There Is a Place for Antidepressants

When I was six months pregnant, I attended a birthing preparation class with my husband and about 12 other expectant parents. During the fifth session, the instructor asked the mothers whether or not they were going to use medication to get through the pain of […]

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