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Where did Chinese laundries go?

Flashback Friday. Vintage Ads put up this advertisement in which a collection of “Chinese” bemoan the invention of the compact washer/dryer (text below): Selected text: If you know a little Chinese, you might sense these aren’t the kindest words you’ve seen. Some of our Chinese laundrymen friends have decided to throw in the towel. It […]

For Mandatory Reselections

If you want to know what a good slice of political journalism in the 21st century looks like, Michael Crick's "scoop" is an exemplar. It has it all. The anonymous source. The wild claims. Guilt-by-association. Bandwagon chasing. According to Michael, the "far left are preparing to oust several Labour MPs". Show More Summary

more tweets, more votes: social media and causation

This week, the group Political Bots wrote the following tweet and cited More Tweets, More Votes in support: The claim, I believe, is that politicians purchase bots (automated spamming Twitter accounts) because they believe that more presence on media leads to a higher vote tally. In presenting these results, we were very careful to avoid […]

That thing about Republican marriages being happier (isn’t true)

In a new blog post, Brad Wilcox and Nicholas Wolfinger ask, “are red or blue spouses happier?” Their answer — suspense — red. Using the 2010-2014 General Social Survey, they start with this descriptive figure: Then they do adjustments, and show how their statistical controls explain the “Republican advantage in marital satisfaction.” And get this: So, […]

asr review guidelines

In a totally commendable attempt to broaden the range of methods represented in ASR, the new editorial team is working to develop guidelines for reviewers of papers using ethnographic and interview methods, theory papers, and comparative-historical papers. Show More Summary

Black and White Understandings of Urban Uprising

By Aaron J. Howell Assistant Professor of Sociology SUNY-Farmingdale Racial politics have come to the forefront of political and social debates in the United States (U.S.) over the last year. The Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray...

orgtheory’s greatest hits

What are the most commented on posts in the blog’s history? According to WordPress, they are: The critical realism affair. Technically, Kieran’s critical realism post only got 122 comments, but taken together, the three CR posts got about 160 comments. That was the hardest blogging I ever loved. Should I stop teaching post-modernism? (144 comments) […]

Could Bombing Have Averted the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Just a few of points by way of counterfactual theorising in response to James Bloodsworth's piece in the International Business Times about Syria and the decision not to go to war. James's chief contention is that had the Commons voted...Show More Summary

Hacked emails suggest that Sony’s fear of the NFL shaped its narrative about concussions in football

In a previous post, I wrote about a University of Illinois football coach forcing injured players to go out on the field even at the risk of turning those injuries into lifelong debilitating and career-ending injuries. The coach and the athletic director both stayed on script and insisted that they put the health and well-being of the […]

Pigskin Preview (i.e., Football Cliches)

September 2, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston The previous post was about the University of Illinois football coach forcing injured players to go out on the field even at the risk of turning those injuries into lifelong debilitating and career-ending injuries. Show More Summary

is black lives matter a social movement?

People often ask if a political group is a “movement.” In what sense is Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter a movement? In the social sciences, protest movements are often defined by the following: A collective action (not a single person, or a group of people acting at once by coincidence) Aimed at structural […]

Can UKIP Overcome the Doldrums?

Remember UKIP? You know, that garishly-branded so-called people's party that has form on the privatisation of the NHS, massive tax cuts for the mega wealthy, and thinks things like the minimum wage and maternity pay should be at an employer's...Show More Summary

Does the Broken Windows Theory justify heavy policing of minor crimes?

The one-year anniversary of Eric Garner’s death passed a little more than a year ago. Before Garner’s death, I had never heard of Tompkinsville, the Staten Island neighborhood where Garner regularly hung out, near the busy intersection of Victory Boulevard and Bay Street. This was Garner’s spot.  He played checkers and chess there, bought kids ice […]

Five Most Popular Posts In August

Most popular last month were: 1. Jeremy Corbyn, Stalinism, and the Cold War Boilerplate 2. Who I Voted For Labour Leader 3. Gordon Brown and Power 4. Why I Am Voting For Jeremy Corbyn 5. Some Questions for Jeremy Corbyn Yes, we've made it through August and it's still Jeremy-fest as far as the blog's concerned. Show More Summary

Why Does Gender Matter in Sports?

By Sally Raskoff In 2009, I posted a blog about sex categories, intersex, sport, and cultural norms about identity. Has much changed since then? In professional sports, categorizing eligibility to compete as a female is based on testosterone levels. They...

general tso’s chicken

Netflix is running a documentary called The Search for General Tso, which is about the origin of a dish called “General Tso’s Chicken.” As you might imagine, the documentary starts with some obvious humor. Folks back in China have never heard of it, so the viewer believes that it is a fake “American Chinese” dish. […]

Coach and Economy

August 31, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston The Illinois football head coach, Tim Beckman, was just fired after a ton of evidence showed that he forced Fighting Illini scholar-athletes to play hurt. [A] player, Simon Cvijanovic, alleged...Show More Summary

This Month in SocImages (August 2015)

SocImages News: It was an incredible honor this month to attend the American Sociological Association meetings and accept the Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award on behalf of myself and Gwen Sharp and our work on this site. We are so thrilled to know that instructors find the site useful and invigorating and, as I said at […]

the most overlooked trend in U.S. higher education

State defunding of public higher education has received a lot of attention in recent years. And budget cuts like the $250 million one Scott Walker made this year to the University of Wisconsin mean this trend continues to get media play. Less visible in the media, but still well known, is that as public funding […]

inside higher education discusses replication in psychology and sociology

Science just published a piece showing that only a third of articles from major psychology journals can be replicated. That is, if you reran the experiments, only a third of experiments will have statistically significant results. The details of the studies matter as well. The higher the p-value, the less like you were to replicate […]

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