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Just for Fun: Is Truncating the Y-Axis Dishonest?

What do you think? Thanks to @WyoWeeds! Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

New Blogs February 2015

It's March! Time for a round-up of new(ish) left, labour movement, and radical blogs. 1. Exposing UKIP (Unaligned) (Twitter) 2. Games and Class (Morning Star) (Twitter) 3. genders, bodies, politics (Unaligned/Feminist) (Twitter) 4. Huseyin Kishi (Green) (Twitter) 5. Show More Summary

Five Most Read Posts in February

The most popular posts last month were: 1. The Unavoidable Horizon of Lesser Evilism 2. Labour vs The Militant Tendency 3. Peter Oborne and the Crisis of Conservatism 4. The Sociology of Tory Stupidity 5. Labour's Scottish Bloodbath... Show More Summary

Sheila and Black Devotion - Spacer

Saturday night so let's fire up the disco. Here's a fantastic ditty that made the top 100 of the 1970s. Turn the volume to loud.

This Month in SocImages (February 2015)

SocImages News: The Washington Post name-dropped SocImages in its article on this year’s female-friendly Super Bowl commercials, specifically our collection of ejaculation imagery in ads. I weighed in on Valentine’s Day at the Bitch podcast, Popaganda. I was able to contribute to articles at the Greatist (Are We Seriously Not Having Better Sex Than Our Parents?) and  Los […]

Saturday Interview: Zaeba Hanif

Zaeba Hanif is a Labour activist from Stoke-on-Trent who stood last year in the contest to replace Joan Walley as the party's parliamentary candidate in the Stoke North constituency, where she made it through to the shortlist. An inveterate crisp muncher, you can peruse her website here and follow her on Twitter here. Show More Summary

Rumours of UKIP's Demise are Very Much Exaggerated

More's the pity. There has been some talk (or is it wishful thinking?) that UKIP are a busted flush. They've had their moment, but shit's getting real. As people with lives and interests outside of politics start thinking about who should form the next government, the purple barmy army aren't going to get much of a look-in. Show More Summary

What Do Women Want?

Flashback Friday. Dating site OKCupid did an analysis of 500,000 inquiry messages to determine what keywords correlate most strongly with getting a reply.  It has some great lessons about dating and some counter-stereotypical news about what heterosexual women want from men. Show More Summary

collective memory & presidents – a guest post by raj ghoshal

This guest post is by Raj Ghoshal, an assistant professor of sociology at Goucher College. Previously we discussed presidents and collective memory in these two posts: Warren G. Harding is awesome & popular presidents kill people. Presidents’ Day had me thinking about presidential rankings and collective memory. We commonly learn that a certain set of […]

the student debt revolt begins

I have often been a critic of the higher education system. My critique, roughly, is that the costs of college are often disconnected from the market value of the degree. Students are often left with substantial debt that may take a decade or more to pay off. Some, without proper counseling, take on the debt […]

Happily Never After? The Challenges of “Marrying Up”

  Princess Jasmine fell for Aladdin, even after his Prince Ali façade failed. Lady Sybil Crawley married the family chauffeur Tom Branson, despite his socialist views and Irish, working-class origins. Richard Gere scaled a fire escape to retrieve his “Pretty Woman.” Typically, sociologists say, marrying across class differences happens much less frequently in real life […]

Orphaned by Incarceration

If you happen to be watching Sesame Street, you may notice a new Muppet named Alex. The child’s father is in prison. Many viewers may consider Alex’s incarcerated parent an unusual, heavy topic for the program that has taught generations of kids their ABC’s and 123’s. But children across the country, particularly African-American children, are […]

Cheap Gas Has Pricey Consequences

“Wow, it’s only $2.20 a gallon over here!” “Remember when it was $3.20 a few months ago?” From the late 2000s until recently, gas prices were consistently on the rise. A more recent downward slide may have some consequences: though cheap gas prices might be lighter on the wallet, individuals might be at greater risk […]

Jay Smooth on the Idea of the “Good Person”

“First, let me say that I’m tired of all of this talk about ‘snubs,'” said an anonymous member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And continued: And as far as the accusations about the Academy being racist? Yes, most members are white males, but they are not the cast of Deliverance — […]

Local Council By-Elections February 2015

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Jan Average/ contest +/- Jan +/- Seats Conservative 5 1,924 25.6% -5.0% 385 -98 0 Labour 5 2,696 35.9% +13.2% 539 +102 +1 LibDem 4 638 8.5% -3.4% 160 -122 0 UKIP 4 1,136 15.1% +4.0% 284 +108...Show More Summary

Is That Evidence in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Writing an Op-Ed?

February 25, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston Nobody looks to USA Today op-eds for methodologically scrupulous research. Even so, James Alan Fox’s opinion piece this morning (here) was a bit clumsy. Fox was arguing against the idea that allowing guns on campus would reduce sexual assaults.You have to admit, the gunlovers’ proposal is kind of cute. Show More Summary

Middle-Aged Men and Alcohol

By Karen Sternheimer We’ve all probably heard the phrase “teen drinking” and thought about it as a social problem. Many public service announcements (PSAs), like the one below, highlight the problem of teen drinking. But data just released from the...

Children of the Prison Boom

The United States imprisons more people than any other country. This is true whether you measure by percentage of the population or by sheer, raw numbers. If the phrase mass incarceration applies anywhere, it applies in the good ol’ U. S. of A. It wasn’t always this way. Rates of incarceration began rising as a result of President […]

The Postmodern Effacement of Class

From the mid-90s I became very interested in social theory for two reasons. In the first place, the clunky, cruddy Marxism imbibed at A-level were tools enough to help me understand the peculiarities of the social world. Was it a framework...Show More Summary

Will Natalie Bennett's Trainwreck Derail the Greens?

Doing okay in the polls... has some popular, left wing policies... yet there are questions surrounding the leader's competence. We've heard the story many times before, but on this occasion it's the Green Party and Natalie Bennett under the spotlight. Show More Summary

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