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What I've Been Reading Recently

Time to get me books out. Snow by Orhan Pamuk Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk The Constitution of Society by Anthony Giddens Non-Fiction by Chuck Palahniuk Social Theory and Modern Sociology by Anthony Giddens Lullaby by Chuck PalahniukShow More Summary

Allina Health LifeCourse to be featured at IAGG 2017

(Allina Health ) The International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics 2017 World Congress in July in San Francisco is expected to draw 6,000 professionals from around the world who are concerned with aging. Allina Health researchers will present a three-part symposium and four studies based on LifeCourse, a late life care model featuring layperson care guides.

NSF-funded researchers demonstrate advanced network applications.

(National Science Foundation) The National Science Foundation (NSF) has long been a leader in supporting research that has formed the basis for smart and connected communities, pushing sensor and networking capabilities beyond today's Internet of Things (IoT) to next-generation technologies able to revolutionize our lives in smart communities across the nation.

How family and friends influence breast cancer treatment decisions

(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) When a woman walks into the oncologist's office, she's usually not alone. In fact, a new study finds that half of women have at least three people standing behind them, sitting next to them or waiting at home to help.

Decrease in lead exposure in early childhood significantly responsible for drop in crime rate

(Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs) Kids exposed to lead as young children are more likely to be suspended or incarcerated during their school years.

Riggs research psychologist named Robert S. Wallerstein Fellow in Psychoanalytic Research

(Austen Riggs Center) Austen Riggs research psychologist Katie Lewis, PhD, named Robert S. Wallerstein Fellow in Psychoanalytic Research.

Can antipoverty programs work globally? J-PAL offers user's guide

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Leaders of MIT's Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), one of world's foremost centers for antipoverty research, have developed their own formal framework for thinking about this vexing question, over the last several years. Now, in a new article, two J-PAL directors have unveiled the lab's approach.

Research group focuses on economics of transportation needs for rural elderly

(Texas A&M AgriLife Communications) A multidisciplinary team of researchers is examining economic issues associated with providing transportation for the rural elderly and other socially disadvantaged populations.The aging baby boomer...Show More Summary

Tweaking muscle metabolism prevents obesity and diabetes in mice

(University of Iowa Health Care) Mildly stressing muscle metabolism boosts levels of a beneficial hormone that prevents obesity and diabetes in mice, according to a new University of Iowa study. The findings, published in the EMBO Journal,...Show More Summary

Real-time vapor analysis could improve training of explosive-detecting dogs

(American Chemical Society) With a sense of smell much greater than humans, dogs are considered the gold standard for explosive detection in many situations. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. In a study appearing...Show More Summary

The value of nature

(University of California - Santa Barbara) Money may not grow on trees, but trees themselves and all that they provide have a dollar value nonetheless.

Mitochondrial disease has a disproportionate healthcare burden in US

(Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) Mitochondrial diseases are a diverse group of disorders caused by mutated genes that impair energy production in a patient's cells, often with severe effects. Patients with these diseases incur high...Show More Summary

Longer reproductive years linked to lower cardiovascular & cerebrovascular risk in women

(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News) A new study has shown that every 1 year increase in reproductive duration -- years from menarche to menopause--was associated with a 3 percent reduction in a woman's risk of angina or stroke.

E-cigarettes increase risk of cigarette smoking in youth

(Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center) A new collaborative Dartmouth study finds strong and consistent evidence of greater risk between initial e-cigarette use and subsequent cigarette smoking initiation, regardless of how initiation was defined and net other factors that predict cigarette smoking.

Social connections impact voter turnout, decisions, says FSU research

(Florida State University) People more closely connected to electoral candidates in their social network vote at higher rates, according to Matthew Pietryka, an assistant professor of political science. The term 'social network' refers...Show More Summary

Why your real age may be older – or younger – than your years

Biological age can diverge from the number of years we celebrate on our birthdays - and it sheds light on the time we have left  

Genomic copy number variants contribute to cognitive impairment in the UK

(Elsevier) Genetic alterations of rare deletions or duplications of small DNA segments, called copy number variants (CNVs), have been known to increase risk of neurodevelopmental disorders such as schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder, and intellectual disability. Show More Summary

PolyU 80th Anniversary Global Leader Lecture by Professor Hau L. Lee

(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University invited Professor Hau L. Lee, a leading scholar in global supply chain management, entrepreneurship and innovations in developing economies, and value chain strategies, to speak at the PolyU 80th Anniversary Global Leader Lecture Series on June 28, 2017.

How 'The Gruffalo' helped academics boost youngsters' motor skills and language ability

(Coventry University) Combining movement and storytelling activities boosts pre-school children's key motor skills and language ability, according to Coventry University experts who used bestselling book 'The Gruffalo' during their research.

Now or later: How taste and sound affect when you buy

(Brigham Young University) New research finds the type of sensory experience an advertisement conjures up in our mind -- taste and touch vs. sight and sound -- has a fascinating effect on when we make purchases.The study led by marketing...Show More Summary

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