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laser cats and mary parker follett

When I teach my sociology of organizations courses, I always include an underrecognized org theorist, Mary Parker Follett, who advocated for “power-with” instead of “power over.”  Follett argued that voting and other more conventional...Show More Summary

Social Interaction and Drought Shaming

By Karen Sternheimer There is currently a severe drought in California, and this summer new rules went into effect to conserve water. For instance, a water feature (like a fountain) must re-circulate the same water. You cannot hose down the...

marijuana legalization as social movement

Vox ran an article asking how marijuana legalization came to have so much support. In speaking to German Lopez, I offered a tipping point theory and some thoughts about the low cost of information: Rojas of Indiana University suggested the advancements of the movement could be a self-perpetuating cycle: As more states legalized medical marijuana, […]

The Tory Party's 15% Strategy

Thankfully conference speeches don't win general elections. There is no denying that Dave's final performance at the Tory party's annual gathering was masterful. It oozed the prime ministerial, that much exalted but seldom-attained quality. Show More Summary

From the Archives: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Social Psychology Pink Makes Women Take Breast Cancer Less Seriously Inequality and Breast Cancer Care Race and the Initiation of Breast Cancer Treatment Who Cleans the House of a Cancer Patient? Excluding Men from Breast Cancer Awareness...Show More Summary

Social Capital and Social Values

October 1, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston In the previous post, I offered data showing that among professional footballers, wide receivers and cornerbacks, compared with other positions, were more likely to have been arrested. By coincidence,...Show More Summary

t-t assistant professor opening at CCNY

My dept. is hiring for a t-t assistant prof line – please download this: (Job_Announcement_2014 final) or see below.  Best wishes to everyone on the job market. The City University of New York career opportunity City College Title Assistant...Show More Summary

Five Most Popular Posts for September

Most read this month were: 1. British Trotskyism and Scottish Independence 2. An Open Letter to Yes-Voting Socialists 3. The UK's Would-Be Assassins 4. Seven Leftwing Reasons for Staying With Us 5. The Spectrum of Misogyny For the umpteenth...Show More Summary

if granovetter wins the nobel, remember that orgtheory called it back in 2007

Thomson Reuters has released a press announcement about their predictions for the 2014 Nobel prizes. They project it based on citation patterns. Check out the section on economics: Mark S. Granovetter Joan Butler Ford Professor and Chair of Sociology, and Joan Butler Ford Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University Stanford, CA […]

Steps - Stomp

Freshers' flu, what a drag. But I suppose it was bound to happen. Cooped up on poorly ventilated buses with scores of choking, sneezing youngsters. Having enthusiastic students bound up to you in the first week declaring that they too have fallen foul of this autumnal menace. Show More Summary

hats and bluegrass. and whiskey. yes, please.

Thile’s Punch Brothers Play “Rye Whiskey.” via guest DJ M&M. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power

this is not a post about ello

This is not a post about Ello. Because Ello is so last Friday. But the rapid rise of and backlash against upstart social media network Ello (if you haven’t been paying attention, see here, here, here) reminded me of something I was wondering a while back. Lots of people are dissatisfied with Facebook — ad-heavy, curated in […]

This Month in SocImages (September 2014)

SocImages news: On the heels of the release of Philip Cohen’s new textbook — The Family — comes one from yours truly and the extraordinary sociologist, Myra Marx Ferree: Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Thanks to Leland Bobbe, the photographer; Crystal Demure, the model; and the talent at W.W. Norton for the truly stunning cover! Here are some ways to […]

the declining role of simulations in sociology

Over the weekend, I got into an exchange with UMD management student Robert Vesco over the computer science/sociology syllabus I posted last week. The issue, I think, is that he was surprised that the course narrowly focused on topic modelling – extracting meaning from text. Robert thought that maybe there should be a different focus. […]

The Social Context Behind Street Food: Authenticity, Culture and Ethnicity

By Jonathan Wynn This weekend I went to go see the Jon Favreau movie, Chef. The film chronicles a chef’s fall from a gig at a high-end restaurant to rekindling his passion for food by operating a lowly food truck...

Living with Strangers

By Peter Kaufman “You cannot know that you have a particular view of the world until you come in contact with differing views” (Inge Bell and Bernard McGrane, This Book is Not Required) For two weeks in July I was...

In One Year, the % of Americans Who See the Criminal Justice as Racist Rose 9 Points

According to polling by the Public Religion Research Institute, the percent of American who say that the criminal justice system treats black people unfairly rose by 9 percentage points in just one year.  In fact, every category of person polled was more likely to think so in 2014 than in 2013, including Republicans, people over […]

hong kong protest – initial questions

From the Guardian. Right now, pro-democracy protesters are in conflict with police in Hong Kong. I am not a China expert, so my knowledge is limited. A few questions for readers who know more than I do: What lessons have the Chinese state and activists learned from previous rounds of pro-democracy protest? Is this “internally […]

Sex and Westminster

I love Tory sleaze, and no one does sex scandal quite like the Conservatives. Can you remember the 90s, the decade where John Major urged his party to get "back to basics"? Alan Clark, Steven Norris, Jeffrey Archer, David Mellor, Stephen Milligan. Show More Summary

Sunday Fun: Correlation or Causation?

By xkcd. Originally posted in 2009. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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