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Why Do People Hate the Word “Moist”?

Hey, they did a study. Psychologist Paul Thibodeau and three colleagues decided that it was time to take a closer look at the word “moist,” writing: The word “moist” … has been the subject of a Facebook page (called “I HATE the word MOIST”) with over 3,000 followers and was rated as the least liked word in the […]

Five Most Read Posts in June

The most popular posts last month were: 1. Short Notes on Jeremy Corbyn 2. Don't Blame the Council 3. What is Jeremy Corbyn Playing At? 4. The Gnashing of Blairite Teeth 5. How the Conservatives Can Win Again Another very busy time on the blog. Show More Summary

when anarchism is a decent option: the case of somalia

Africanists like to toss around the words “failed state.” But what they falsely assume is that there is only one option – building a stronger state. What would happen if the state just withered and people just let it go? Are people better off by just ditching the weak state? A 2006 article in the […]

Stoke-on-Trent: Another Fine Mess

This one's going to run and run. I am, of course, referring to the controversial (to put it mildly) relocation of Stoke-on-Trent City Council from Stoke to Hanley. If you're not from the Potteries, it's a city made up of six towns with their own centres and, according to some, unique senses of identity. Show More Summary

How same-sex marriage ruling skirts science of 'born this way'

The Supreme Court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, but didn't declare sexual orientation a "suspect class", which would give it the same protection as race

Green Light, Red Light, 3-2-1

June 30, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston The good news about those countdown timers at pedestrian traffic lights is that they do what they’re supposed to do – save pedestrian lives and limbs. The research on this comes from two economists, Arvind Magesam and Sacha Kapoor (here). Show More Summary

This Month in SocImages (June 2015)

SocImages News: Phew. What a month. Thanks to The Conversation for asking me to expand a post I wrote about the sexism and xenophobia behind Dylann Roof’s murders. Their version was picked up by the Washington Post, where it was re-posted, attracting over 500 comments. June’s roller coaster of events inspired two new SocImages Collections on the fight for […]

who wants to know?

The great mystery of our present behaviorist-digital moment, with all of its attendent surveillance, constraints and cultural impoverishments, is the question of why we not only submit to it, but actively embrace it. Given that Western societies continue to conceive...

New blow to UK fracking is a delay but not the end of the road

Opencast coal mines were once routinely delayed by local councils amid unfounded health concerns. The same is happening with fracking, warns Paul Younger

book naming contest

For about five years now, I have been working on and off on a social theory book. The purpose is to explain to a wide audience what it is that sociologists do. A number of readers have read drafts of the book and provided valuable feedback. The book has a new editor who has very […]

West Midlands Labour Deputy Leader Hustings

We've had the leadership hustings, but what about the other contest running in parallel? Who will deputise for the leader and take the party by the scruff of its neck? It's going to be Ben Bradshaw. Or Angela Eagle. Or Stella Creasy....Show More Summary

summer reading: spotlight on conflict and decision-making by consensus at premium cola

As some of our dear orgtheory readers know, I am always on the look-out for interesting articles about how organizations use collectivist or participatory-democratic practices. One recent publication I would like to highlight involves a collectivist group fueled by a common love of cola, coffee, and beer.  Fans of a caffeinated soft drink, frustrated by […]

Prisons’ Dangerous Liaisons

  They say that some people look for love in all the wrong places. For Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, one of those places may have been prison. When inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY, it was later revealed that Mitchell, supervisor of the prison tailor shop, had provided […]

Why Don’t Jury Pools Bond Anymore? Character vs. Structure

I was on jury duty this week, and the greatest challenge for me was the “David Brooks temptation” to use the experience to expound on the differences in generations and the great changes in culture and character that technology and history have brought. I did my first tour of duty in the 1970s. Back then you […]

the emergence of gay rights: a sociological perspective

On Friday, the Supreme Court rules that marriage should be available straight and gay couples in all 50 states. This represents the most important policy victory so far of the gay rights movement. How did it get there? Future scholars will no doubt write extensively on this issue, but it helps to start with political […]

West Midlands Labour Leadership Hustings

It might be a building site, but already New Street Station looks better than the soulless vault it previously was. Something else was also better than preceding iterations. When I trekked down to Birmingham yesterday for the Labour leadership and deputy leadership hustings, my hopes were not high. Show More Summary

Quarter Two Local By-Election Results 2015

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Q1 Average/ contest +/- Q1 +/- Seats Conservative 90 134,775 35.7% +11.3% 1,498 +1,017 +11 Labour 90 120,835 32.0% -0.3% 1,343 +628 -4 LibDem 58 33,895 9.0% +3.5% 584 +426 -1 UKIP 59 35,169...Show More Summary

Oh Yeah, Don’t Forget the Guns

Ouch. In case you were feeling too good about the demotion of the Confederate flag, here’s one from cartoonist Jonathan Schmock: Visit Schmock’s website here. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

bill dixon’s winter song (1964)

Hipsters: the arrangement was once published in Downbeat; pop out the microfilm reader and get your tuba out. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

Local Council By-Elections June 2015

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- May Average/ contest +/- May +/- Seats Conservative 15 9,476 32.1% -4.0% 632 -1,141 +3 Labour 12 7,062 24.0% -8.6% 589 -895 -1 LibDem 7 4,009 13.6% +5.1% 573 -17 0 UKIP 15 3,152 10.7% +1.5%...Show More Summary

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