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Brain blocks new memory formation on waking to safeguard consolidation of existing memories

(Bar-Ilan University) During consolidation, the brain produces new proteins that strengthen fragile memory traces. However, if a new experience occurs while an existing memory trace is being consolidated, the new stimuli could disrupt the consolidation process. Show More Summary

Federal report recommends teaching self-regulation in schools

(Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute) 'Self-regulation affects wellbeing across the lifespan, from mental health and emotional wellbeing to academic achievement, physical health, and socioeconomic success,' said Desiree Murray, associate director of research at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. Show More Summary

New link discovered between class of rogue autoantibodies and poor health outcomes

(Johns Hopkins Medicine) Results of a new study led by Johns Hopkins researchers offer new evidence for a strong link between angiotensin receptor autoantibodies and increased risk of frailty. In a report on the work, published online in the journal Circulation on Nov. Show More Summary

Missing 1-2 hours of sleep doubles crash risk

(AAA) The latest report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers who miss one to two hours of sleep nearly double their risk for a crash. Drivers who sleep slightly less -- between four and five hours -- have the same risk of crashing that is associated with driving over the legal limit for alcohol. Show More Summary

Children's early math knowledge related to later achievement

(Society for Research in Child Development) A new longitudinal study conducted in Tennessee has found that low-income children's math knowledge in preschool was related to their later achievement -- but not all types of math knowledge were related equally.

Arts programming may help lower stress in economically disadvantaged preschoolers

(Society for Research in Child Development) A new study has found that participating in arts programs during preschool may help reduce the chronically high stress levels that children in poverty are more likely to experience.

Preschool programs found to benefit low-income Latino children

(Society for Research in Child Development) A new longitudinal study, using data on 11,902 Latino children from Miami, has found that low-income Latino children who attended either public school prekindergarten or center-based care with...Show More Summary

echoes of espeland: competing rationalities in the dakota access pipeline

Yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers announced a temporary halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project. It stated that it would explore alternative routes for the pipeline that would, presumably, avoid the areas of deep concern to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The DAPL story has been in the news on and off since […]

Why Renzi Lost the Referendum

As someone who wasn't born into political radicalism (quite the opposite), relics of attitudes and ideas long abandoned sometimes clutter up the synapses. And one of these is a notion I used to hold about politicians. At the risk ofShow More Summary

Armed conflict in Sri Lanka opened space for Tamil women to change gender roles

(University of Gothenburg) The armed conflict that raged in Sri Lanka for decades opened a space for women in Jaffna's Tamil society to assume new and different roles. Both in the private and public spheres. And this has changed Tamil society in Jaffna to an extent. That is concluded in a new thesis from the University of Gothenburg.

A missed app-ortunity: Study finds few mobile health apps help patients who need them most

(University of Michigan Health System) The smartphones that nearly all Americans carry could transform how people manage their health, especially for the tens of millions who have chronic conditions or complex health needs. But a new...Show More Summary

Brains of people with autism spectrum disorder share similar molecular abnormalities

(University of California - Los Angeles) Autism spectrum disorder is caused by a variety of factors, both genetic and environmental. But a new study led by UCLA scientists provides further evidence that the brains of people with the disorder tend to have the same 'signature' of abnormalities at the molecular level.

Trust issues: Users more gullible when they customize their technology

(Penn State) Technology may have helped turn users into their own information gatekeepers, but they may not necessarily make better, more informed decisions with that data, according to researchers.

Lack of appropriate clothing can hinder people with disabilities

(University of Missouri-Columbia) According to new research from the University of Missouri, approximately 30 million Americans living with mobility challenges and impairments lack the appropriate clothing required for social engagements, work and exercise. Show More Summary

Babies' first words can be predicted based on visual attention, IU study finds

(Indiana University) Indiana University psychologists have shown that a baby's most likely first words are based upon their visual experience, laying the foundation for a new theory of infant language learning. The research appears in the journal of the Royal Society Philosophical Transactions B.

How will electronic medical records and patient portals change patient care

(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News) Judy Faulkner, CEO of Epic Systems, the dominant US provider of electronic medical records (EMRs) has a bird's-eye view of the impact EMRs is having on doctors, patients, and healthcare...Show More Summary

Avoiding spiritual struggles and existential questions is linked with poorer mental health

(Case Western Reserve University) Fear of confronting the tensions and conflicts brought on by existential concerns -- the 'big questions' of life -- is linked with poorer mental health, including higher levels of depression, anxiety and difficulty regulating emotions, according to a new Case Western Reserve University study.

Past misdeeds haunt relationships when they feel recent, study finds

(University of Waterloo) If a partner's past transgression feels like it happened yesterday, even if it didn't, you are more likely to remember it during new, unrelated arguments, according to a new study. A researcher at the University of Waterloo's Department of Psychology co-authored the work with a colleague at Wilfrid Laurier University. Show More Summary

TSA could save money by waiving PreCheck fees for frequent travelers, study finds

(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) There is an easy way to reduce lines at the airport, increase security and save the Transportation Security Administration money, according to a new study by University of Illinois researchers:...Show More Summary

Age of world's worshipers could shape global issues

(Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health) The relative portion of older adherents to the world's religions will shift in the coming decades. In 2010, Jews had the largest portion of seniors with 20 percent age 60 and older; only 7 percent of Muslims represented this age group. Show More Summary

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