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is asa slowly dying?

In this month’s ASA Footnotes, there is an article called “Is ASA Only for the Rich?” This passage stuck out: As with most member organizations, ASA’s membership has fluctuated over the last half century. It grew rapidly in the 1960s to an historic high of 14,934 in 1972, and then declined steadily in the 1970s […]

Scattered Thoughts on the Crisis

What with all that's going on, thoughts about this and that have been popping up all over the place, thoughts that do not belong to a coherent blog post. So instead, here there are in all their variegated incoherence. 1. It's that hoary old chestnut again: "Labour MPs have a greater mandate than Corbyn." They don't. Show More Summary

The “Model Minority” Is a Harmful Stereotype, Too

Some believe Asian-Americans face a “gentler” sort of racism than other minority groups—that they are even treated with admiration as a “model minority” group. That said, the “model minority” stereotype doesn’t have negative consequences. Show More Summary

Beautifully preserved feathers belonged to tiny flying dinosaurs

Detailed amber fossils of wings from dinosaurs just 3.5 centimetres long suggest they flew like today’s birds. Such finds let us probe how flight evolved

Zika vaccine protects mice, but may increase risk of dengue

One dose protects mice from Zika but may put people at greater risk of dengue. A more targeted approach may protect against both diseases

Sexing it app: The erotic video games that explore sexuality

So many films and books involve sex scenes, so why not games? These interactive experiences can deal with serious issues in a way that’s more than just pushing buttons

What happens if we pay everyone just to live?

Think universal basic income is a pipe dream? Experiments all over the world are already showing its potential to transform society for the better

Exploitation at Home: Matthew Desmond’s Evicted

By Peter Kaufman If you have not yet heard of the sociologist Matthew Desmond, you probably should. In the relatively anonymous world of professional sociology, Desmond is making quite a name for himself, and deservedly so. He has been dubbed...

An Election or a National Government?

Taking time off from the crisis in the Labour Party, let's turn our attention to the Tories and their position after Thursday's referendum. Emerging from his bolthole this morning, George Osborne tried to strike an assured, calming note in front of the world's TV cameras. Show More Summary

Sense of Political Disenfranchisement Strongly Predicts Support for Trump

One explanation for Trump’s popularity on the political right is that supporters are attracted to him because they feel invisible to “establishment” candidates and Trump, as an “outsider” is going to “shake things up.” A survey of 3,037...Show More Summary

the real story behind the adjunct labor market in academia

For many years, I believed a common story about part-time laborers in the university system. I believed that administrators had slowly cut back on full time tenure track jobs and replaced them with an army of low paid part timers.Tenure was under attack and it will soon disappear. That story isn’t right. Writing in Liberal […]

The Perils of Pure Democaracy

June 26, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston In yesterday’s post on the Brexit vote, I wondered aloud about the wisdom of using a referendum to decide on specific policies. A commenter characterized my views as “the quintessential liberalShow More Summary

Against the Corbyn Coup

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. The United Kingdom stands on the precipice, politics is thrown into turmoil, and the inevitable coup against Jeremy Corbyn is under way. This is a mistake. A very grave mistake, and I'm going to explain why. Show More Summary

happiness is, yungchen lhamo

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

How the Childfree Decide

Media have tended to depict childfree people negatively, likening the decision not to have children to “whether to have pizza or Indian for dinner.” Misperceptions about those who do not have children have serious weight, given that between 2006 and 2010 15% of women and 24% of men had not had children by age 40, and that nearly […]

On Remain's Anger

Large numbers of people support a campaign scarred by racism, hate, and deliberate misinformation. Outraged opponents take to social media to make sweeping generalisations of those taken in. They're all thick. They're all bigoted. These people have fucked it up. Show More Summary

A Good Idea at the Time

June 25, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston The pound was down 7% making anything imported to the UK more expensive. Global markets tumbled, including those in the UK. Some Leave supporters were ecstatic. But some seemed to be having buyer’s remorse. Show More Summary

A Sociology of Brexit: What Motivated the “Leave”?

Will Davies, a politics professor and economic sociologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, summarized his thoughts on Brexit for the Political Economy and Research Centre, arguing that the split wasn’t one of left and right, young and old, racist or not racist, but center and the periphery. You can read it in full there, or scroll down for […]

The Man Who Broke Britain

One man is responsible for today's fiasco, and that is the Prime Minister. Or, thankfully, the soon-to-be-ex-Prime Minister. Dave joins Neville Chamberlain and Anthony Eden - coincidentally Tories too - in the hall of notorious failures. Show More Summary

what happens after brexit?

So what happens after ?#?brexit?: Scotland will leave the UK. Ireland will reunify into a single country. France and the Netherlands will be forced out of the EU as well. Russia will invade Ukraine and Finland. President Trump will accede to this, thus ending NATO. Northern and Southern Italy will split. Pope Francis will declare […]

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