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Killing Gun Legislation

August 27, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston When it comes to passing law,s do the gunslingers always win?The father of one of the victims and the governor of the state have called for stricter gun laws. I’m sure they are sincere, but it all seems so familiar, part of usual post-massacre minuet. Show More Summary

i don’t teach critical thinking, i teach the material

I no longer tell people that I teach “critical thinking” in my classes. My view is that “critical thinking” is a poorly defined buzzword that people use when they can’t articulate what they are actually teaching. For example, look at the wiki entry for “critical thinking:” Critical thinking is clear, reasoned thinking involving critique. Its […]

Children’s educational trajectories after Katrina

A child that was 7 years old when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans will be 17 today. When the storm hit, he would have just started 2nd grade. Today, that 17-year-old is more likely than his same age peers in all but two other cities to be both unemployed and not in school. He is part of the Katrina […]

The Price of Partying

By Karen Sternheimer Can partying give you a leg up after college? For most of us, probably not. But for well-connected, wealthy students, honing social skills and networking with similarly well-connected students provides advantages that few have access to. This...

Rad Racer for the Nintendo Entertainment System

I cannot tell a lie, I do like my racing games. However, while nearly every platform since the days of the humble Spectrum have been spoilt for automobile-related gaming treats, there is one notable omission: the mighty NES. Considering it was the best selling home system ever for a time, this is as baffling as it is disappointing. Show More Summary

“Tourist, shame on you”: On disaster tourism

When tourists returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, there was a new site to see: disaster.  Suddenly — in addition to going on a Ghost Tour, visiting the Backstreet Cultural Museum, and lunching at Dooky Chase’s — one could see the devastation heaped upon the Lower Ninth Ward.  Buses full of strangers with cameras […]

Can Jeremy Corbyn Manage the PLP?

Much has been made of Jeremy Corbyn's assumed incapacity to hold the Parliamentary Labour Party together in the event of his Labour leadership victory. His views are out of step with Labour MPs, only a tiny number backed Jeremy's nomination...Show More Summary

White racial violence after Hurricane Katrina

Trigger warning for racist language and discussions of racial violence. After the storm had passed, while New Orleans was still in a state of crisis, residents of a predominantly white neighborhood that had escaped flooding, Algiers Point, took it upon themselves to violently patrol their streets. “It was great!” says one man interviewed below. “It […]

Cllr Dave Conway's Signs of Idiocy

As the winds of change howl about the Labour Party, it's still politics-as-usual down Stoke-on-Trent's civic centre. It's the summer so not a lot is happening anyway. However, word reaches my ear of yet another example of the City Independents' well-established stupidity. Show More Summary

Who didn’t evacuate for Hurricane Katrina? A picture of those left behind

This is what it looks like when government fails to protect its citizens: When Hurricane Katrina hit, more than a quarter of people living in New Orleans in August of 2005 lived below the poverty line. Many of the poor in stayed at home to weather the storm. Why? 27% of New Orleanians didn’t own a […]

trump and the ross perot effect

I am a big believer in social science. For example, I believe there is a lot of evidence supporting the view that elite endorsements do predict party nominations, as documented in The Party Decides. So how does one explain Donald Trump’s current popularity? The answer, I think, is simple. Normally, politicians need party elites because […]

Making Sense of North Korea

The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea made one of its occasional forays into the international headlines this last week. There were reports of shelling and small arms fire across the demilitarised zone separating the two Koreas as tensions rose over a couple of disputed incidents. Show More Summary

A feminist case for shoplifting

In this two minute clip, comedian Kate Berlant casually makes the case that women should steal cosmetics because, to paraphrase Berlant, no one should have to constantly pay for their own domination. Enjoy! Thanks Letta! Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Show More Summary

asa’s new theme song, or a deep troll for those who need to be deeply trolled

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

Jeremy Corbyn's Proposed Iraq War Apology

It is the moral thing to apologise for the calamity a previous Labour leader visited upon Iraq, but should Jeremy Corbyn win and formally make penance for this awful, unnecessary war; it's the politically sensible thing to do as well. Show More Summary

Re-racializing the fortune cookie

Flashback Friday. Jenn F. found herself faced with a “Lucky Taco” at the end of her meal at a Mexican restaurant.  It contained the following wisdom: “Paco says, ‘A bird in hand can be very messy.'” The Lucky Taco is, of course, a “Mexican” version of the Chinese fortune cookie with which most Americans (at […]

d&d is kool

Vice magazine has an insightful article artist/GM Zak Smith on the dogged persistence of RPGs. Let’s start: “Dungeons & Dragons is some of the most crazy, deep, deep, deep nerd shit ever invented.” -Ice T Smith elaborates: But beyond all that, the reasons that D&D is still worth playing are the people you play it […]

If You Seek a Revolution ...

Busy at the moment so no time for blogging, which is a touch annoying considering what's happening. Here then is another guest post, this time from Robin Wilde. Robin is from Sheffield and is backing Andy Burnham for leader, but he comes here not to proselytise but to let new members know (warn?) about the traditions they're likely to encounter. Show More Summary

“I don’t see color; I love diversity”: College students’ conflicting race frames

Despite popular notions that the U.S. is now “post-racial,” numerous recent events (such as the Rachel Dolezal kerfuffle and the Emmanuel AME Church shooting) have clearly showcased how race and racism continue to play a central role in the functioning of contemporary American society. But why is it that public rhetoric is at such odds […]

“Moving to Opportunity” After Katrina

The New Yorker recently featured several sociologists in a piece about what has happened to residents of New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: David Kirk, who studies neighborhood effects, focused on recidivism, or likelihood of ending up in prison again after release, based on whether individuals stayed in the same […]

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