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Twitter Doesn't Have to Die

If you're someone who sinks endless hours into Twitter, you couldn't have failed to spot #RIPTwitter trending overnight and for a good portion of the day. It has been suggested that the company wishes to introduce a fundamental change to the service. Show More Summary

The Dead White Guys of Theory?

By Jonathan Wynn When teaching sociology—particularly theory—we'll often hear about how most of the classic readings we assign are written by "dead white guys." And when you look through the canon it is, indeed, very pale and very male. Few...

Remembering Maurice White

2016 is turning out to be a bit crap. We're barely a month into the new year, and this is the fourth obituary I've written. As readers now, the founder and driving force of Earth, Wind & Fire, Maurice White, passed away yesterday. His music, especially the hits the band had in the late 70s, stood out as playful celebrations of life. Show More Summary

Pittsburgh Hip

February 5, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston A friend/colleague/co-commuter sent a link to this article. I especially appreciated the gesture since the dude is a diehard fan of all things Seattle (we commiserated about playoff defeats)....Show More Summary

the state, undocumented migration, and the workplace:

Just in time for Fabio’s proclamation of April as race month, sociologist Jacqueline Olvera has just published an article in Sociology Compass that might interest those looking for a state-of-the-field review of the interrelations among...Show More Summary

april will be sociology of race month on this blog

I had a long discussion on my Facebook page about some issues in the sociology of race. This suggested to me that the blog should have an extended discussion on race. So April will be about the following on the blog: Book forum on The Scholar Denied by Aldon Morris. Book forum on The Racial […]

Rereading Nicos Poulantzas

I've recently been reading Nicos Poulantzas's, State, Power, Socialism. Partly because the bright orange of the Verso Classics edition has glowered at me from the shelf for the best part of a decade, partly because I want something a...Show More Summary

open borders: a humorous approach

This truly entertaining video is by comedian Steve Gerben. He took a lot of the basic economic research on migration and wrote a 30 minute act. Except for one forgivable error (he reads a regression table wrong), it is a really great away to introduce people to the idea that immigration is good. 50+ chapters […]

Happiness as Social Control

By Karen Sternheimer The pursuit of happiness is so central to what it means to be American that it is part of one of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence. It is a topic that I pursued informally for...

announcement: open borders day 2016

It is my pleasure to announce events for Open Borders Day 2016. This year, we will start a week early. On March 9, there were will be a discussion with Lant Pritchett and Jeffrey Miron about liberalizing migration. This talk will be held at the campus of Harvard University. On March 16, Tanya Golash Boza […]

On Dave's EU Membership "Deal"

History remembers the last time a Tory prime minister went to Europe and came back waving a piece of paper, but the hungry beast to be appeased now is a coterie of backbench MP's, a hapless and hopeless crew blinded by stupidity and consumed by petty-minded hobby horses. Show More Summary

#bern toast

As of 10:45 pm, Hillary Clinton maintains a slim lead over Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Iowa Caucus. In terms of absolute performance, Sanders fans should be happy. When all votes are tallied, Sanders will either win the caucus or lose by a very slim margin. That means that Sanders will continue. He’ll win New […]

black presidential candidates

What do we learn if we examine the history of Black presidential candidates? By my count, we’ve had three serious Black GOP candidates and maybe four serious Black Democratic party candidates. Among the Republicans, we have Ben Carson (2016), Herman Cain (2012), and Alan Keyes (1996, 2000, 2008). On the Democratic side, Barack Obama (2008, […]

Terry Wogan and the Celebrity System

"We'll never see their like again" is a refrain common to the passing of major league celebrities. With David Bowie this was because of his profound influence on pop music and performance, an impact that is probably impossible for anyone to repeat ever. Show More Summary

amazon won’t destroy college as we know it

I’m really bad at keeping up with the media cycle. So last Wednesday, Vox put up this cute piece with the catchy title, “How Amazon Could Destroy College as We Know It.” Written in the form of a letter from Jeff Bezos to shareholders in the year 2030, it tells the story of how Amazon came […]

Five Most Popular Posts in January

The five most popular posts last month were... 1. Top 100 Independent Tweeting Bloggers 2016 2. Jeremy Corbyn, Women, and the Shadow Cabinet 3. Is the Labour Party Middle Class? 4. A Note on Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC 5. Simon Danczuk...Show More Summary

congratulations to karissa mckelvey

Guest blogger emeritus Karissa McKelvey just won a huuuge award. Her project just won a Knight Foundation grant. Her team is going to build a search engine that allows people to access data and make sure the data is update. Think of it as Bit Torrent for data, not illegal downloads. Good job! 50+ chapters […]

Decadence Anyone?

January 31, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston Five years ago, I borrowed Stephen Colbert’s title I’m America, and So Can You for a post on the tendency of some columnists to attribute their own views to “Americans,” “the public,” “the country,” or some other collective mind. Show More Summary

bull in the heather

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street 

Local Council By-Elections January 2016

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Dec Average/ contest +/- Dec +/- Seats Conservative 9 2,951 25.5% -7.8% 328 -95 0 Labour 8 4,406 38.1% +9.6% 551 +149 0 LibDem 7 1,423 12.3% -0.6% 203 -16 0 UKIP 5 793 6.9% -1.2% 159 +3 -1Show More Summary

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