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Fat shaming. It’s a thing.

According to Nicole Arbout’s youtube video “Dear Fat People,” fat people deserve to be ridiculed and treated poorly. The comedian mocks obese people and accuses them of being lazy, smelly, self-destructive, and a burden to the health care system and those around them.  Fat people, she also suggests, cause heartache and embarrassment to their loved ones […]

two films and one tv show against modern art

I. Morley Safer ran a follow up to his infamous 1993 piece that slammed contemporary art as a sham. This time around, the piece was a dud. It rehashed the same ground but with less oomph. As usual, Safer wondered whether this piece or that piece was art and seemed flummoxed by the prices. Given […]

Britain First and Cynicism

A documentary about Britain's First virtual fascist group, Britain First? Why ever not. With UKIP commanding four million votes at the general election, the press stuffed with xenophobic bullshit as per, and the woman who would leadShow More Summary

The Influential Yet Forgotten Filipino DJ’s Of The Bay Area

Long Beach State assistant professor of sociology and hip hop journalist Oliver Wang “remixed” his dissertation on the cultural phenomenon of predominantly Filipino Bay-Area mobile DJs of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s into the book Legions of Boom: Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wang discussed the particular social and cultural context […]

Sex Diaries: Gigolos

The selling of sex isn't usually regarded the stuff of light-hearted film making. That is, unless, it's men doing the selling. To women. And this was the topic of last night's Sex Diaries, a series of pieces by Charlie Russell exploring...Show More Summary

Ryan Adams v. Taylor Swift: Who wore it better?

Musician Ryan Adams recently released an album cover. A cover, that is, of an entire album written and performed by Taylor Swift. Both albums are titled 1989. via Critical praise for Adams’ version was immediate, turning quickly to a comparison of the two. At There’s Research on That!, Jacqui Frost explained that there was… …a […]

The Country with the Most Gender Equality in the World

By Peter Kaufman I recently visited the most gender equal country in the world. Can you guess what it is? It is known as the land of fire and ice, its economy relies heavily on fish and tourism, and its...

my deep burning hatred of letters of recommendation

Econjeff mentions my long standing critique of letters of recommendation (LoRs). Here, I describe my personal experience with them and then I restate the massive empirical research showing that LoRs are worthless. Personal experience: In graduate school, I had enormous difficulty extracting three letters from faculty. For example, during my first year, when I was […]

George Osborne's Stalinist Move

Is the loss of Lord Adonis from the Labour side of the Lords really a coup for George Osborne? Not really. A tsunami failed to erupt from the impact point in the cross benches, sweeping away the shiny new works of our equally shiny new leadership. Show More Summary

American gun laws and the tragedy of the false negative

This video was making the rounds last spring. The video maker wants to make two points: 1. Cops are racist. They are respectful of the White guy carrying the AR-15. The Black guy gets less comfortable treatment. 2. The police treatment of the White guy is the proper way for police to deal with someone […]

Images in the Media vs. Poll Data

October 5, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston Sometimes I get the wrong impression from what I hear and see in the media. In the news, Planned Parenthood has been taking it on the chin. A few liberals have come to the defense, but my impression...Show More Summary

closed borders and apartheid: a critique by chandran kukathas

Chandran Kukathas is the chair of the government department at the LSE. On the LSE British Politics and Policy blog, he discusses why we should see border restrictions and apartheid in the same light. A few key clips: Here’s where immigration controls in liberal democracies and apartheid in South Africa after 1948 share some similarities. […]

Jeers and Loathing in Manchester

If war is politics by other, more violent means; then surely politics is war via the demonstration, the megaphone, the occupation, the ballot box, and occasional argy-bargy between rival parties and factions. Hence politics and violence go hand in hand. Show More Summary

New Blogs September/October 2015

October is here, and it's time for a new left blog round up 1. Angry of the North (Labour) (Twitter) 2. Brigid Jones's Diary (Labour) (Twitter) 3. James Snell (Unaligned) (Twitter) 4. Labour First (Labour) (Twitter) 5. Leaders of the Opposition (Labour) (Twitter) 6. Show More Summary

Celebrating 2,000 Posts

What a milestone. It's taken just shy of three years to reach, but got there we have. Another thousand posts have appeared on this here blog since November 2012. It's only been possible because I have no life whatsoever. To mark the occasion, I've singled out the ten most-read posts of the last 1,000. Show More Summary

stella by starlight, derek bailey version

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

The Tories' Trade Union Turn

As audacious tank-parking goes, the Conservatives' announcement that they're (re)launching their own trade union movement is right up there. It has certainly raised eyebrows across the political spectrum. There will activists across the spectrum who looked up and saw question marks materialise above their heads. Show More Summary

prosumption: from parasitic to prefigurative

Many of you practice prosumption everyday without realizing it.  If you bus your own table after a fast food meal, do self-check out at a store, or review a manuscript for an academic journal, you are engaging in simultaneous production and consumption.  Organizations are increasingly introducing prosumption into routines without corresponding compensation, or, as George […]

The US Census and the social construction of race

Flashback Friday. Social and biological scientists agree that race and ethnicity are social constructions, not biological categories.  The US government, nonetheless, has an official position on what categories are “real.”  You can find them on the Census (source): These categories, however real they may seem, are actually the product of a long process. Over time, […]

Gun Laws – Paying for False Negatives

October 2, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston This video was making the rounds last spring. The video maker wants to make two points:1. Cops are racist. They are respectful of the White guy carrying the AR-15. The Black guy gets less comfortable treatment. Show More Summary

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