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SAGE Publishing's encyclopedia on work psychology expands by 2 volumes in second edition

(SAGE) SAGE Publishing is pleased to release the second edition of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology with approximately 200 new entries on the psychological principles behind the ways people do tasks, behave, and interact with others at work. Show More Summary

Recovering Latina breast cancer patients report big gaps in 'survivorship' care

(Oregon State University) Breast cancer patients in one of the United States' largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority groups are likely to experience numerous gaps in care following their primary treatment.

Tufts and Johns Hopkins win $25 million NIH award to build new trial innovation center

(Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute) Investigators at the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, together with Johns Hopkins...Show More Summary

Study: Restaurants not good at explaining risks of undercooked meat to customers

(North Carolina State University) A recent study finds restaurants don't do an effective job of communicating with customers when it comes to addressing risks associated with eating undercooked meat -- specifically hamburgers.

Those funny ads may make you laugh, but maybe not buy

(University of Arizona) Two equally funny advertisements can have very different effects on consumers' brand attitudes, depending on how humor is used, University of Arizona research shows.

Narcissistic individuals use social media to self-promote

(University of Georgia) Social media doesn't cause narcissism, but narcissists may be drawn to social media -- have more friends and followers, post more frequently and post more selfies.

Moral consensus: a CEO should earn five times what workers get

In many nations there is a universal desire for a narrower pay gap between executives and workers. No wonder the reality is so toxic, says Michael Norton

Artificial intelligence toolkit spots new child sexual abuse media online

(Elsevier) New artificial intelligence software designed to spot new child sexual abuse media online could help police catch child abusers. The toolkit, described in a paper published in Digital Investigation, automatically detects new child sexual abuse photos and videos in online peer-to-peer networks.

New in the Hastings Center Report

(The Hastings Center) Ethics of crowdfunding for medical care, an argument for fewer clinical trials, and more in the November-December 2016 issue.

NYU Tandon's Elza Erkip garners prestigious engineering award

(NYU Tandon School of Engineering) Elza Erkip, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, will be the 2016 recipient of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Women in Communications...Show More Summary

Experts argue it's time to stop using bite marks in forensics

(Oxford University Press USA) Researchers are increasingly skeptical about the validity of bite-mark identification as trial evidence. A new paper in Journal of Law and the Biosciences describes the legal basis for the rise of bite-mark...Show More Summary

NEOMED researchers identify link between brain and bone in Alzheimer's disease

(Northeast Ohio Medical University) Researchers at NEOMED have just identified a major connection between areas of the brainstem and detrimental changes to bone in a preclinical model of Alzheimer's disease. The study, titled 'EarlyShow More Summary

Four weeks to prepare cancer patients for surgery

(McGill University) Just four weeks of prehabilitation may be enough to help some cancer patients get in shape for surgery. That's according to a recent study of close to 120 colorectal cancer patients in Montreal. This potentially means...Show More Summary

Renaissance astronomer Tycho Brahe was full of gold

(University of Southern Denmark) Chemical analyses of Tycho Brahe's exhumed remains have revealed that the world-renowned astronomer was regularly exposed to large quantities of gold until shortly before his death.

The tree of life has its roots in Jena

(Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena) Drawing on Darwin's theory of evolution, Ernst Haeckel created the first Darwinian phylogenetic 'tree of life' of organisms exactly 150 years ago in Jena, and published it in his major work, the 'General morphology of organisms'. Show More Summary

Proposed biosimilar drug shows potential as breast cancer treatment

(The JAMA Network Journals) Among women with metastatic breast cancer, treatment with a drug that is biosimilar to the breast cancer drug trastuzumab resulted in an equivalent overall response rate at 24 weeks compared with trastuzumab, according to a study published online by JAMA.

Escaping Reality with Virtual Love

Online dating can be a tricky business … but what if the online persona you fall for isn’t a person, but a meme or character? As described in an article in The Guardian, there is a new trend in Japan called “virtual love,” wherein people who are not interested in an everyday relationship fall for […]

why obama won 53 counties in iowa and clinton won 6

Iowa in 2008, Iowa in 2016 So there are a thousand reasons Trump won the election, right? There’s race, there’s class, there’s gender. There’s Clinton as a candidate, and Trump as a candidate, the changing media environment, the changing economic environment, and the nature of the primary fields. It’s not either-or, it’s all of the […]

Correlates of overweight and obesity among adolescents with bipolar disorder in the National Comorbidity Survey -- Adolescent Supplement

(Elsevier) Bipolar disorder is one of the most disabling medical conditions among adolescents worldwide. Similarly, being overweight or obese is common in adolescents and is known to confer risk for cardiovascular disease and other poor health outcomes in adulthood. Show More Summary

Can creativity beat death? New study suggests creatives worry less about dying

(University of Kent) Creative achievement can provide a buffer against being anxious about death, research from psychologists at the University of Kent shows.

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