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Quarter Four Local By-Election Results 2014

Party Number of candidates Total vote % +/- Q2 Average/ contest +/- Q3 +/- Seats Conservative 72 36,322 29.0% +0.9% 504 +115 +1 Labour 67 29,952 23.9% -2.5% 447 +57 -4 LibDem 44 13,440 10.7 % -3.6% 305 +18 +3 UKIP 60 23,648 18.9% +3.7%...Show More Summary

Local Council By-Elections December 2014

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Nov Average/ contest +/- Oct +/- Seats Conservative 16 7,090 29.2% -2.1% 443 -183 0 Labour 17 6,493 26.8% +3.5% 382 -127 -1 LibDem 10 2,443 10.1% +1.2% 244 -49 +1 UKIP 15 4,472 18.4% -0.6%Show More Summary

From Our Archives: Christmas

The History of Christmas Militarizing Santa: Then and Now (pictured) A Short History of Santa Claus Politics and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree The Pagan Roots of Christianity Christmas Across Cultures Befana, the Christmas Witch...Show More Summary

Sexy Women as Food: A Collection

Flashback Friday. In her now-classic books The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat, Carol Adams analyzes similarities in the presentation of meat products (or the animals they come from) and women’s bodies. She particularly draws attention to sexualized fragmentation — the presentation of body parts of animals in ways similar to sexualized […]

Top 100 Tweeting Politics Commentators 2014

This year I have bitten the bullet. Since 2009 (with a gap in 2011) I have been tracking the one hundred most popular political bloggers on Twitter (see here, here, here and here). All told, it's been jolly click bait. But for the academic geek in me, these lists have recorded the progressive professionalisation of what was once an amateur's market. Show More Summary

interstellar: another movie where they kill the black guy first

Question: In the movie Interstellar, what is the one thing that an advanced human race can not accomplish? Building a five dimensional tesseract allowing people to cross time itself. Making a wormhole connecting distant parts of the universe. Colonization and exploration of new planets. Letting the Black Guy live to the end of the movie. […]

Bourdieu and Social Integration

This from an extract of a longer conversation between Les Back and Bev Skeggs about what the sociological imagination looks like today is a curious piece. See for yourself: Les: It [the sociological imagination] can be about discomfort. Show More Summary

Why I Called it “The Family” and What That Has To Do with Cosby

First, a note on language In American English books from 1910 to 1950, about 25% of the uses of “family” were preceded by “the.” Starting about 1950, however, “the family” started falling out of fashion, finally dropping below 16% of “family” uses in the mid-2000s. This trend coincides with the modern rise of family diversity. In her classic 1993 essay, […]

do MBA’s actually become good managers?

Henry Mintzberg raises the hypothesis that business schools aren’t terribly good at training managers: This is one question these centers of research do not study. We made an exception. A decade after its publication in 1990, I looked at a book called Inside the Harvard Business School, by David Ewing. (The first line was “The […]

Cuba after the Blockade

Sun, sand and socialism is how Cuba's usually billed in leftist circles. And wherever you look, among groups formally opposed to Stalinist regimes, Trots and Progress-types alike suspend their critical faculties and indulge their soft spot for this most persistent thorn in America's side. Show More Summary

Medicare vs. National Health Care: How U.S. Seniors Do in Cross-National Perspective

“We need to get rid of Obamacare,” says Ed Gillispie in a NYT op-ed. The reason: Obamacare’s “gravitational pull toward a single-payer system that would essentially supplant private insurance with a government program.”Gillespie, who lays out his credentials at the start of the article – he ran for Senate in Virginia and lost – notes […]

response to seth masket on social protest and civil rights

Seth Masket recently discussed the popularity of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement more generally. In general, the civil rights movement was deeply unpopular, even at its height. Polls showed that a majority approved of civil rights after the fact. The point is well taken, but there is more to the story […]

Jim Murphy and Saving Scottish Labour

The victories of Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale in the Scottish Labour leadership elections have invited much comment. Some of it warm and friendly, but a great deal not. Indeed, soon after Saturday's results were announced obituaries (like this) have been pouring in from the left. Show More Summary

Antiquated Ideas

December 16, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston Who’s afraid of Virgina Woolf? The answer seems to be: men.MessyNessyChic (here) has posted some anti-women’s-suffrage posters from the 1890s and early 1900s. The common theme is fear – fear that allowing women to vote will destroy masculinity. Show More Summary

The Paradox of Women’s Sexuality in Breast Feeding Advocacy and Breast Cancer Campaigns

My sister-in-law Charlotte was recently loudly admonished by a flight attendant on an international flight for allowing her “breast to fall out” after she fell asleep while nursing her baby. A strong advocate for breastfeeding, Charlotte has shared with me her own discomfort with public breastfeeding because it is considered gross, matronly, and “unsexy.” I […]

Governing through unhappiness

Every sector, every profession, which can plausibly lay a claim to the 'public interest', is currently resisting austerity in one simple fashion: claiming that by hitting the sector or profession concerned, the real losers will be the public. Ironically the...

Economic sociology of neoliberalism - interview recording

I strongly recommend the economic sociology blog, Estudios de la Economia, run by Jose Ossandon and Tomas Undurraga. One of the nice things about the interviews they publish is how they break the questions down, and upload each answer separately,...

against the neo-behaviorists

The LSE Impact Blog have been hosting a debate on the future of the social sciences, in anticipation of this event tomorrow evening, with Nicholas Christakis, whose article on the need to 'shake up' the social sciences made a bit...

Preaching to the Working Class

December 15, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston Can’t these conservatives agree on what’s wrong with liberals?It was only a couple of years ago that Charles Murray was berating successful, upper-middle class liberals for not preaching to the White working class. Show More Summary

winchester mystery house social policy

Andrea Campbell has an article in Vox about the often perverse consequences of means testing in social policy. If you really need help, then means testing creates an incentive to completely spend all your assets so you can qualify. She uses the tragic case of her sister-in-law who was left paralyzed after an auto accident […]

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