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q&a with hahrie han: part 1

This week, we are having a Q&A with our recent guest blogger, Hahrie Han. She is a political scientist at Wellesley College and has a new book out on the topic of how organizations sustain the participation of their members called How Organizations Develop Activists. If you want, put any questions you may have in […]

reader poll 2014

It’s been a while. Let’s see who is reading this blog. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power

Hope and Bugs, Of Course

November 15, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston Ever since I read Andrew Gelman’s list of words to avoid, I’ve been more conscious of the simple “of course.” I still use it, but more sparingly and cautiously. (Gelman’s list, here, includes...Show More Summary

Nigel Farage on Invading Imperial Germany

Compare and contrast. One party leader is caught on tape saying he'd like to do away with the NHS and replace it with an American-style health insurance scheme, and has recently said the allies should have invaded imperial Germany, even if it cost an extra 100,000 casualties. Show More Summary

Bounty Commercial Says: The Best Moms Let Mess Happen

Way back in 1996, sociologist Sharon Hays coined the phrase “the ideology of intensive motherhood.” She intended to draw attention to a new norm for mothering that involved, among other things, making children the center of one’s life and subordinating your own needs and wants to theirs. I can’t help but think of Hays and her beleaguered mothers […]

is the concept of white privilege outdated? a guest post by chris martin

Chris Martin is a graduate student in sociology at Emory University. This post summarizes some of his recent work. Is the Concept of White Privilege Outdated? Sociologists don’t just try to come up with nomothetic laws of social phenomena. We also document the current state of social affairs. This presents a challenge that other social […]

How Not to Criticise Space Exploration

What a stupendous achievement. The landing of a space probe on comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 300 million miles from Earth is one for the history books, up there with the first space flight, Moon landing, and interplanetary mission. Sure,...Show More Summary

The Case of the Cursing Princess

Last week we saw a range of responses break out in reaction to this video: “F-Bombs for Feminism: Potty-Mouted Princesses Use Bad Word for Good Cause.” Some commenters fell immediately into the “cursing = bad” camp and are offended by the language, but for those not turned off, the other initial reaction seems to be glee.  There’s an “I […]

sociological science and qualitative sociology

So I should start this post by first saying that I’m thrilled that Sociological Science exists. It is terrific that a group of folks did the hard work — and I imagine it’s been a lot — of putting together a high quality, open access journal that sidesteps the protracted review process we all love to hate, […]

Peter Freund

November 11, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston Last weekend we honored our colleague Peter Freund, who died in June. Peter and George Martin were the co-founders, in the 1970s, of our New York Walk – an unofficial, informal, and very loosely planned event for faculty, students, friends, anyone who wanted to join us. Show More Summary

asq blog – fully operational!!!!

ASQ has a wonderful blog and they are looking for people to help out: We invite anyone who is interested to check out the blog and join our facebook page–we’ve published several new interviews recently, and plan to add more soon. We also encourage any students who would like to participate in the project to contact us […]

The Rise of the Comedians

Comedy might not be new rock 'n' roll (again), but - if this is the right word - it seems more relevant now than it has been for many a year. Or, to be more precise, its professional practitioner: the comedian. We live in times where...Show More Summary

Voters are Reasonably Disappointed in the Democratic Party

Electing Republicans will certainly not improve things, but it is hard to blame people for feeling that the Democratic Party has abandoned them. President Obama had hoped that recent signs of economic strength would benefit Democrats in the recently completed election.  Job creation has picked up, the unemployment rate is falling, and growth is stronger. […]

feeding the bureaucratic machine: letters of rec and other documents

At orgtheory, we’ve repeatedly discussed whether letters of recommendation (LOR) are useful or not.  For some committees and tasks, LOR can help decision-making a lot – for example, undergraduate admissions, graduate school admissions, and tenure for professors.  But for other committees and matters, LOR serve a per forma function and are less likely to impart […]

Nazi Megastructures

These last five weeks there's only been one place for Third Reich geeks. And that's been More4, 9pm Sunday evenings for the fantastically-named documentary series, Nazi Megastructures. At the centrepiece of each programme was a terrible, maniacal, yet ingenious Nazi scheme designed to strike the allies a crippling blow. Show More Summary

Egg Freezing Isn’t the Feminist Issue You Think It Is

We recently got the news that Apple and Facebook were going to offer women egg freezing as a fringe benefit of employment.  The internet exploded with concerns that the practice discouraged women from becoming mothers at a “natural” age, either by offering an alternative or by sending a not-so-subtle message that childbearing would hurt their careers. I […]

As Others See Us – Maybe Not

November 9, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston National character has been sliding out of fashion for a long time. Here is the Google nGrams chart for the appearance of that phrase in books since 1800. (Click on an image for a larger view.)...Show More Summary

How much control do parents have?

I read a Facebook post this morning by a young woman I know - mother of two daughters - and found myself utterly surprised to find that I no longer agree with her position. She said: " With few exceptions, kids are the way they are because that's how they're being TRAINED. Show More Summary

junior theorist symposium

Announcement from one of the hippest groups in sociology: CALL FOR ABSTRACTS 2015 Junior Theorists Symposium Chicago, IL August 21, 2015   SUBMISSION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 13, 2015 We invite submissions for extended abstracts for the 9th Junior Theorists Symposium (JTS), to be held in Chicago, IL on August 21st, 2015, the day before the annual […]

What #webackEd Means

Tens of thousands of people pouring out onto that there Twitter showing support for Ed Miliband? What has the world come to? Stranger things have happened, just not that often. And so it came to pass that for the best part of 24 hours, #webackEd trended on Twitter. Show More Summary

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