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New study shows people with schizophrenia are dying younger

(Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) People with schizophrenia have a mortality rate that is three times greater each year than those without schizophrenia, and die on average, eight years earlier than people without schizophrenia...Show More Summary

Research testing digital ways to reduce MS-related fatigue nets $4.9 million award

(Case Western Reserve University) With geographic barriers limiting treatment options for many people with multiple sclerosis (MS), a Case Western Reserve University researcher will use a new $4.9 million award to test online- and teleconference-based adaptations of methods that reduce fatigue and improve quality of life when delivered in person.

When Bros Hug

In February, CBS Sunday Morning aired a short news segment on the bro hug phenomenon: a supposedly new way heterosexual (white) men (i.e., bros) greet each other. According to this news piece, the advent of the bro hug can be attributed to decreased homophobia and is a sign of social progress. I’m not so sure. […]

Getting a Ride: Transportation and Identity

By Karen Sternheimer A few months ago while on jury duty, I observed the jury duty selection process for a vehicular manslaughter/hit and run case. I was never called into the jury box, but watched as others answered basic questions...

Parents not confident schools can assist child with chronic disease, mental health

(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) Most parents are sure schools would be able to provide basic first aid but are less confident about a school's ability to respond to more complex health situations, such as an asthma attack or mental health problem.

indiana is the center of the sociological universe

Weird fact: 4 of the ASA journals are now hosted at Indiana state universities. The American Sociological Review (Notre Dame), the Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Purdue), the Sociology of Education (Purdue) and Contexts (IU). I am not sure what to say about this. It may be dumb luck, but it’s probably a reflection of […]

How Not to Write about Corbynism

Nick Cohen's latest article for The Observer is idiotic. In fact, it is triply so. There are the demonstrable untruths, the nonsense about Stalinism and personality cults, that Corbynism is not just about the "left behind" middle class but is now, apparently, the expression of "a significant slice of the British bourgeoisie". Show More Summary

truly, giant steps

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($4.44 – cheap!!!!)/Theory for the Working Sociologist (discount code: ROJAS – 30% off!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street / Read Contexts Magazine– It’s Awesome  Advertisements

Boris Johnson and Brexit

Timing is always an issue in politics. Boris Johnson's periodic reminder that he's tussling for the Tory crown raised an eyebrow or two, coming as it did on the evening of a terror attack on the tube. Still, such trifles are nothing when we're dealing with a historic personality of world importance. Show More Summary

Matching Evidence With Ideas — an Arthur Brooks Fail

September 16, 2017 Posted by Jay Livingston Linking ideas and evidence – that’s the most important thing I try to teach students. What kind of evidence can we get to see if some idea or assertion is valid? I’m glad Arthur Brooks isn’t in my class. Show More Summary

Dreamers and the Trump Base

September 15, 2017 Posted by Jay Livingston People whose life is in politics develop a firm ideology. Ordinary voters have no such need for consistency. “Word of Deal Bewilders and Angers Trump’s Base,” says a subhead in today’s New York Times about DACA. Show More Summary

Brain halves increase communication to compensate for aging, study finds

(Duke Department of Neurology) Increased communication between distant brain regions helps older adults compensate for the negative aspects of aging, reports a new study published this week in Human Brain Mapping.

LSUHealthNO to study new drug to regenerate heart muscle

(Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center) In collaboration with Novo Biosciences, Inc., LSU Health New Orleans Cardiovascular Center of Excellence will receive more $500,000 over two years to study the effectiveness of a novel drug designed to stimulate the regeneration of heart muscle and prevent the formation or scar tissue following a heart attack.

Steroid hormones could hold further clues about age-related bone loss

(Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University) Previous research has shown that the protein histone deacetylase 3, or HDAC3, turns off the genes that encourage the stem cells in our bone marrow to make and store fat instead of making bone. Show More Summary

Talking to older adults about health prognosis may be helpful

(American Geriatrics Society) In a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers examined how older adults with disabilities later in life might react to learning their prognosis, and how they evaluated their own prognosis compared to 'official' estimates.

Couples weather bickering with a little help from their friends

(University of Texas at Austin) New research finds that having good friends and family members to turn to alleviates the stress of everyday conflict between marital partners. According to a new study led by The University of Texas at Austin's Lisa Neff, social networks may help provide protection against health problems brought about by ordinary tension between spouses.

Facebook allowed adverts to be targeted at ‘Jew haters’

Facebook's ad-placing software allowed an investigative news site to target advertising at users who declared an interest in anti-Semitic topics

Cuts to mental health services putting young people at risk, say experts

(University of Cambridge) Funding cuts and austerity measures are damaging young people's access to mental health services, with potentially long-term consequences for their mental wellbeing, say researchers at the University of Cambridge.

World hunger is on the rise again due to climate change and war

After falling for over a decade, the number of people going hungry has risen again - and climate change and war are to blame

New study on the placebo effect and antidepressants in children and adolescents

(University of Basel) Although the clinical efficacy of antidepressants in children and adolescents is proven, it is frequently accompanied by side effects. In addition, the influence of the placebo effect on the efficacy of antidepressants is unclear. Show More Summary

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