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intersectionality request

For pedagogical reasons, I am looking for an example of contemporary sociological research that illustrates intersectionality. So I am less interested in Patricia Collins since that is mainly theory. I am not interested in work that mainly explores intersectionality as an interaction variable in a regression table,  though I am open to quantitative work. Optimally, […]

EU Referendum: What Would Trotsky Do?

What would Leon Trotsky, architect of the Russian Revolution and founder of the Red Army, think about Britain's referendum on the European Union? You don't have to idle away in speculation. He wrote on this very topic. Well, sort of....Show More Summary

nikaido kazumi, when i remember this life

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

The Sociology of Father’s and Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s time to go buy your dad a tie! What are you getting your father for Father’s Day this year? One Father’s Day when I had no money, I decided to concoct some homemade barbecue sauce on the stovetop for my dad. I don’t even remember what ingredients I used, but for years afterward, Dad […]

The Full Ferguson

June 17, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston FBI director, James Comey, didn’t call it “the Ferguson effect.” Instead, the recent rise in homicide rates was a “viral video effect” – a more accurately descriptive term for the same idea: that murder rates increased because the police were withdrawing from proactive policing. Show More Summary

The Culmination of Toxic Politics

I am heartbroken about Jo Cox. I feel for her kids and family, and share the deep sense of loss that has rocked many of our people to their cores. To have a comrade torn from us who was popular, smart, passionate, and driven to make the lives of our people better is just so wrenching, so shocking. Show More Summary

‘Daisy-chain’ gene drive vanishes after only a few generations

Gene drives could eliminate diseases like malaria but there are fears the tech could run out of control. A new self-limiting one might solve that problem

Swipe Right for Sociology

Every “single” person in the world enjoys traveling to exotic locations, eating at new restaurants, and generally trying new things according to Tinder. The dating app shows users a dating profile that takes seconds to view and is mostly photographs. However, Tinder analyst and sociologist Jessica Carbino explains that there’s a lot more nuance involved […]

article discussion: is marriage an all or nothing institution? by finkel et al. (2015)

Starting on July 1, we will discuss “The Suffocation Model: Why Marriage in America is Becoming an All or Nothing Institution” by Finkel et al. This appeared last summer in Directions in Psychological Science. The discussion will be less intense than a full blown book forum, but we will dedicate one or two posts to […]

Dancing with Hierarchy

By Sally Raskoff I had the opportunity to attend the filming of a television show, a dance competition program on the night of its final competition before a winner was announced. It was quite the event and my sociological imagination...

the humanities are doing fine, but humanities scholars are underwater

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in New York. I spent some of my time exploring the Bushwick neighborhood to see the cutesy shops, art galleries, and organic grocery store. I wandered into an art gallery and saw about five people sitting in a circle reading a novel. The gallery owner then […]

We have the technology to look for ET right now – why don’t we?

A new study says Hubble's successor could spot alien life on 3 new exoplanets. Should NASA be doing more? Or is it right to focus on other priorities?

The Lexit Delusion

Dave and co were hoping a spot of economic determinism would see them through the EU referendum. Unfortunately for them, and all our people who stand to lose should Britain exit, this is proving not to be the case. Drawing deep fromShow More Summary

It's All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating ...

A guest post by Caroyln Morrell Despite the date having been written the wrong way round, the Stephen King televised serial, 11.22.63 was enjoyable bingeworthy TV (and is available on NOW TV for those, like me, who signed up for Game of Thrones and now has found fewer and fewer reasons for engaging in a real social life ever since). Show More Summary

A slow revolution in the skies will transform life on the ground

Early flight pioneers shrunk the world. Do today's aviation experimenters still have the power to radically change our lives, wonders Paul Marks

forum on data analytics and inclusivity, part 2

This post is the second part of our forum on data analytics and inclusivity. The forum was inspired by an essay written by Michael Wilbon about African Americans and analytics. I’ve asked several people who work in analytics to comment on the problems with and opportunities for inclusivity in data analytics, especially as it relates […]

Doing it froggy style: Kermit Sutra’s seventh position revealed

A nocturnal frog from India mates in a unique way, with the male depositing sperm on the female’s back that then trickles down to the eggs

forum on data analytics and inclusivity, part 1

Data analytics is a buzzword in the business world these days. One of the industries in which data analytics has made the biggest impact is sports. The publication of Moneyball in 2003 signaled a sea change in how baseball teams used data and statistics to make personnel changes. Basketball wasn’t far behind in implementing advanced […]

agent based models in sociology, circa 2016

A few days ago, we had a discussion about the different meanings of the word “computational sociology.” A commenter wrote the following: Are agent based models/simulations a dead end? Are smart people still using that technique? Have there been any important results? I didn’t realize it peaked in the 1980s. I’m a current doctoral student […]

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