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Is the Labour Party Middle Class?

The key to "professional" success in the land of comment is to never let the facts get in the way of a good narrative. If hard numbers and social realities are inconvenient, one can safely shove them aside in the assured knowledge they won't come back to haunt the writer. Show More Summary

brayden king on boycotts at freakonomics

Bryaden recently appeared on the Freakonomics podcast to discuss the effectiveness of boycotts. Click here to listen. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street 

Poulantzas on Studying the State

Be afraid. There is a strong possibility State, Power, Socialism by Nicos Poulantzas is going to get the Lukacs/Mill/Gramsci blogging treatment. Consider yourselves warned. In the mean time, here's one of Poulantzas's notes on studying the state.... Show More Summary

Sectarianism, TUSC, and Jeremy Corbyn

I read with interest that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition have decided to stand aside at a February council by-election in the Lower Stoke ward of Coventry. According to the Cov Telegraph, TUSC are seeking talks with Jeremy...Show More Summary

Scientific (and Corporate) Deviance Add Up at VW

Investigations into the Volkswagen emissions scandal, wherein the iconic German car maker had installed software in their diesel models to cheat American emissions tests, are ongoing, and the U.S. government is still considering the fines it will levy. But the software, according to VW America CEO Michael Horn in a congressional hearing, was no indication […]

Water Wars and Reliable Data: From Bolivia to Flint, Michigan

By Teresa Irene Gonzales As an undergraduate majoring in Latin American and Latina/o studies, I remember watching a documentary about the Cochabamba protests against the World Bank's push for water privatization in the South American country of Bolivia. During the...

Labour's Economic Radicalism

This is more like it. From the BBC: The Tories have offered a Right to Buy, Labour would seek to better this. We'd be creating a new Right to Own," he [John McDonnell] said in a speech in Manchester. He said the "biggest hurdle" facing co-ops and other small businesses was getting initial funding from high street banks. Show More Summary

#Pinktax and #Genderpricing: Gender in the Checkout Aisle

By Jonathan Wynn Last month I wrote a post that was critical of the state's involvement in offering a voluntary tax of the poor and desperate via the lottery. And you are likely aware that women still make less than...

miniconference on economic sociology – markets and morals

Submit to this conference! ++++++ SASE 2015 Moral Economies, Economic Moralities June 24-26, 2016 – University of California, Berkeley Miniconference: Market Morals, Taboo Categories and Redefined Legitimacy Paper proposals due: January 18th, 2016 – Moved to Feb. Show More Summary

Jeremy Corbyn's Party Political Broadcast

Okay, it's Labour's party political broadcast: I perhaps wouldn't have included the Saudi prisons issue on the grounds it's not particularly well-known among the public, but the rest of it was fine. It was clear, set out an alternative...Show More Summary

is there discrimination against conservative law professors?

We’ve often discussed the ideological profile of the academy on this blog. My own view is that there is massive self-selection. Gross’ book on conservative academics finds systematic evidence that conservative ideology correlates with a stronger preference for highly paid careers. Show More Summary

Jeremy Corbyn and the Beckett Report

It's been so extensively trailed, people who care about the prospects of and campaign for the Labour Party might give the full version of Margaret Beckett's report into last year's election defeat a miss. As many of the conclusions have been hashed and rehashed, much of it is next to common sense. Show More Summary

Martin Luther King Jr., Sociology Major

Martin Luther King Jr. earned a B.A. in Sociology at Morehouse College. He was the class of 1948. Rest in peace. Embed from Getty Images

Remembering Ellen Meiksins Wood

The Marxist theorist and historian, Ellen Meiksins Wood, died last Thursday. Always writing in a clear and accessible style, Ellen's Marxism was fundamentally open and creative. She made contributions to understanding the transitionShow More Summary

victor tan chen’s “all hollowed out” in the atlantic

How to disseminate research, so that it reaches a wider audience, is one stage of research that receives less attention. In a past post, I wrote about what researchers can do to engage potential audiences. Orgtheory guest blogger Victor Tan Chen has an exemplar article drawing on his research, published in the Atlantic, no less!  […]

that chocolate milk study: can we blame the media?

A specific brand of high-protein chocolate milk improved the cognitive function of high school football players with concussions. At least that’s what a press release from the University of Maryland claimed a few weeks ago. It also quoted the superintendent of the Washington County Public Schools as saying, “Now that we understand the findings of […]

open borders talk: wellesley college

Are you in the Boston area? If so, I’ll be giving a talk on Open Borders at Wellesley College on January 21. I am being hosted by sociologist Josh McCabe, who is currently a fellow at Wellesley’s Freedom Project. The talk will be aimed at people who may not have ever considered the idea that […]

Labour and Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament

In the spirit of honest politics, here's a confession: the issue of nuclear weapons doesn't greatly exercise me. They are hideous, obscene things to be sure. I've seen Threads, read Brother in the Land, and digested old academic studies about the consequences for Britain of a full nuclear exchange with the USSR. Show More Summary

maria schneider big band, need i say more?

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street 

At the Labour First Conference

Like Fight Club, the first rule of Labour First is to not talk about Labour First. Or at least it used to be. Pulling up outside the Brandhall Labour Club in Oldbury this morning, conference goers were treated to banners festooned with the Labour First logo and reminders everywhere about its hashtag. Show More Summary

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