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come say hello!!!!

This semester, I’ll be visiting a few places. January 19th (Monday) – I will be giving a talk and leading a discussion on student activism at Bates College. Bonus points: Peniel Joseph will be giving the key note for the MLK Day celebration. February 26th (Thursday) – I will be giving a talk on the […]

Man Chased By Dinosaur

The best response to an awful start for 2015 is to have a laugh. And as I'm resting my typing fingers this evening, give this a look. Laugh? First time I watched it I nearly wet meself.

Ohio Class Teaches Children that Men Think and Women Feel

From Reddit comes the story of an assignment given to high school students in a sex education unit of health class in Columbus, Ohio (as reported in theDispatch). The introduction reads (typos included): Appreciating Gender Differences: Often there are many stereotypes attached to being male or female. Yet male and female together keep our species alive! Through knowing […]

social movement research at espn!!

Nate Silver’s and ESPN have produced a film series called “The Collectors,” which features on people who collect data. The second film is about Dana Fisher, a social movement scholar who conducts surveys of protestors. She is the author of two books on politics, Activism, Inc. and National Governance the Global Climate Change Regime. […]

Too Many Opinions?

What does it mean to be opinionated? Is it possible to have too many opinions? As the chorizo soup dripped from my spoon last night - special offer on "posh" Tesco brand - Paris Lees dumped her take on the Charlie Hebdo massacre on Twitter in a series of tweets (first here). Show More Summary

How Prohibition Put the Cocaine in Coca-Cola

You may be familiar with the fact that the coca in Coca-Cola was originally cocaine. But did you know that the reason we infused such a beverage with the drug in the first place was because of prohibition? Cocaine cola replaced cocaine wine. In fact, when it was debuted in 1886, it was described as “Coca-Cola: The Temperance Drink.” The first mass […]

more tweets, more votes: it works for TV!!!

Within informatics, there is a healthy body of research showing how social media data can be used for forecasting future consumption. The latest is from a study by Nielsen, which shows some preliminary evidence that Twitter activity forecasts television program popularity. In their model, adding Twitter data increases the explained variance in how well a […]

the seduction of behaviorism

I have a piece in The New Inquiry, entitled 'The Data Sublime', exploring the strange everyday appeal of technologies of surveillance and control. My tentative hypothesis is that there is something psychoanalytic going on here, involving the desire to be...

This American Sociology Syllabus

January 13, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston At the ASA meetings in 2013, when Ira Glass and “This American Life” were given the award for Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues, Donald Newman hailed the show for providing such good material for his classes but regretted that the show was so short on theory.No, no, Ira protested. Show More Summary

On the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cover

Last week's terror attacks could, and should be read as an Islamist appropriation of the anarchist tradition of the propaganda of the deed. Our hate-filled zealots reasoned that committing a murderous spectacle would short circuit the radicalisation process and speed up recruitment to their demented religious politics. Show More Summary

Growing Up Poor Has Effects on Your Children Even If You Escape Poverty

We have become more aware that Americans’ chances of upward economic mobility have for decades been a lot lower than Americans imagined, that being poor or rich can last generations. Efforts to explain that lock-in have pointed to several patterns, from the intergenerational inheritance of assets (or debt, as the case may be) to intergenerational […]

The Birth Lottery and Global Inequality

By Peter Kaufman When you think of inequality what comes to mind? As sociologists, many of us are trained to immediately point to the “holy trinity” of sociological analysis: race, gender, and class. We may think of the achievement gap...

post-doctoral fellowship in urban studies, CUNY Grad Center – due February 14th

CUNY colleague Prof. Celina Su asked me to circulate this announcement for those looking for a post-doc at the Graduate Center: The Marilyn J. Gittell Visiting Professorship/ Post-doctoral Fellowship, established in honor of the late Political Science Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center, is for a social science Ph.D. working on areas that concerned Marilyn […]

religions don’t kill people, people kill people

When we see an act of political violence, such as last week’s attacks in France, we think the perpetrators were motivated by ideology. Earlier in my career, that is how I thought about a lot of political behavior. People read a book, or learn a system of thought, and they try to implement it. A […]

British Trotskyism on the Paris Terror Attacks

In living rooms, canteens, pubs, motorway services, hairdressers, and supermarket queues up and down the land there is a question not playing upon proletarian lips: what do the principal tendencies of British Trotskyism have to say about...Show More Summary

Lumbersexuals and White Heteromasculine Pageantry

“Lumbersexual” recently entered our cultural lexicon. What it means exactly is still being negotiated. At a basic level, it’s an identity category that relies on a set of stereotypes about regionally specific and classed masculinities. Lumbersexuals are probably best recognized by a set of hirsute bodies and grooming habits. Their attire, bodies, and comportment are […]

party in the street: the first podcast

New Books in Political Science has dedicated their first podcast of the year to Party in the Street: Heaney and Rojas take on the interdisciplinary challenge at the heart of studies of interest groups and social movements, two related subjects that political scientists and sociologists have tended to examine separately from one another. What results […]

Je Suis Charlie and Hypocrisy

It's not often state-sponsored demonstrations take place in a liberal democracy, but that's what today's Unity March in Paris was. That isn't to deny it was a genuine popular upwelling of people disgusted by Wednesday's atrocity. NoShow More Summary

Just for Fun: A Focus on Society

Snapshots, by Jason Love. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

gorgeous solo piano by the amazing joe bonner

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($1!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street!!

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