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Mindfulness and Methodological Confusion

By Peter Kaufman You have probably heard of the word mindfulness. The term is so commonplace these days that the only people who may not have heard about it are the ones who are practicing it diligently in some remote...

design-focused review: a guest post by samuel r. lucas

Samuel R. Lucas is professor of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. He works on education, social mobility, and research methods. This guest post proposes a reform of the journal review process. On-going discussion about the journal publication process is laudable. I support many of the changes that have been suggested, such as the […]

When Did It Become Allowable to be Pregnant in Public?

Pregnancy wasn’t always something women did in public. In her new book, Pregnant with the Stars, Renée Ann Cramer puts public pregnancies under the sociological microscope, but she notes that it is only recently that being publicly pregnant became socially acceptable. Even as recently as the 1950s, pregnancy was supposed to be a private matter, hidden behind closed doors. […]

That’s odd: Unruly penguins hint where all the antimatter went

Rare “penguin” particle decays should all happen at the same rate. They don’t – perhaps providing a clue to why we live in a universe made of matter

Sperm-binding beads could work as fertility aid or contraceptive

Microbeads coated in a human egg protein work as a contraceptive in mice and could also be used to select the best sperm for IVF  

the denial of public services to immigrants is theft

It is very common for state and federal legislators to pass statutes denying undocumented, or even documented, immigrants state services such as access to public schools, public health services, and driver’s licenses. Many immigrants rights advocates oppose these measures because they impose hardship. I oppose them on more fundamental grounds – denial of public service […]

Prescription monitoring system to curb drug abuse in Australia

Real-time monitoring for drugs like OxyContin, morphine and Xanax is intended to enable doctors and pharmacists in Victoria to curb addiction and offer help

Theresa May's Leadership Bid

As the EU referendum battle gets nasty and Tory tears lumps out of Tory, spare a thought for the chancellor and the London mayor. At times these last six months, both men have had reason to believe their careers are sloping upwards.Show More Summary

Misty Copeland and the Newness of the Ballerina Body

Many hope that Misty Copeland is ushering in a new era for ballet. She is the first female African American ballet dancer to have the role of Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. She has literally changed the face of the dance. Race is a central and important part of her story, but in A Ballerina’s Tale, […]

Can two new books save the internet from its own success?

Monopolies love, and more or less own, the internet - but Pat Kane believes its revolutionary potential is not yet lost

Diverse Schools Increase Workplace Diversity

Nearly 20 years have passed since Beverly Daniel Tatum released her groundbreaking book, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria: And Other Conversations about Race. In it, she examines how and why black youth often segregate themselves in middle and high school, arguing that engagement in meaningful conversations about race can […]

Affordable Housing: An Oxymoron?

By Karen Sternheimer A few years ago, I had a student who was extremely anxious as the summer approached. While most of her classmates couldn't wait for graduation or summer break, she was scared. She had no family and had...

Play and Public Space

By Teresa Irene Gonzales As a sociologist, I often feel as though much of what I teach and research has a tinge of apocalyptic despair. As a result, I've started looking into topics that center on (or have an element...

emirbayer & desmond book forum 1: two books, two verdicts

This book forum will focus on another widely discussed book in the sociology of race – The Racial Order by Mustafa Emirbayer and Matthew Desmond. The book has attracted a lot of attention for multiple reasons. It makes bold claims about the history of sociology, it offers an interactionist approach to race, and its authors […]

What BHS says about British Capitalism

On global capitalism in Lenin's day, the Bolshevik leader had this to say: "Imperialism is an immense accumulation of money capital in a few countries... hence the extraordinary growth of a class, or rather, of a stratum of rentiers,...Show More Summary

Plants may form memories using mad cow disease proteins

Prion proteins are infamous for their role in mad cow disease, but they also help yeasts form memories. They have now been discovered in plants

Bathing in blue light before surgery may prevent organ damage

Exposing mice to blue light for 24 hours can reduce common post-surgical organ damage called reperfusion injury. Trials will soon begin in humans

The Decline of Image and the Rise of the Brand

One word in the headlines last week seemed like a throwback to an earlier era: As Trump moves to soften his image, Democrats seek to harden it — The Washington Post Donald Trump to reshape image, new campaign chief tells G.O.P. —The New York Times Trump surrogates say GOP front-runner “projecting an image” during primaries — Fox […]

How the Other 47% Lives

April 25, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston Remember the 47% – those Americans whose income was so low that they were not required to pay any income tax? Mitt Romney talked about them when four years ago he was running for president. They...Show More Summary

run, bern, run

The 2016 Democratic primary is a mirror image of the 2008 primary. In 2008, Hillary Clinton fell behind in delegates on Super Tuesday and required blow out victories to regain the lead. Even though it was extraordinarily unlikely that she could do that, Clinton continued to run until the very, very end. Now Hillary has […]

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