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Assigned: Life with Gender is a new anthology featuring blog posts by a wide range of sociologists writing at The Society Pages and elsewhere. To celebrate, we’re re-posting four of the essays as this month’s “flashback Fridays.” Enjoy! And to learn more about this anthology, a companion to Wade and Ferree’s Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions, please […]

Will brain stimulation for autism diminish my special talents?

Stimulating my brain with magnetism helped me connect with others, but I can't help wondering if it could also hamper cognitive gifts, says John Elder Robison

Opening Up Marriage on “House of Cards”

Spoiler alert! This season the popular Netflix series “House of Cards” got a bit more radical. Main characters and power couple Claire and Frank Underwood are unapologetically, consensually non-monogamous. In fact, sociologist Mimi Schippers...Show More Summary

What makes the wire (or any other work of art) sociological?

What makes a novel or a movie or a television show sociological? The quick answer is I don’t know. But I have thoughts, some of them relevant to the the topic at hand, and others wondering how my hair looks. Every sociologist I talk to about The Wire says it’s one of the most sociological […]

Feedback: Prismatic makeup paints you in best possible light

Plus frozen treats from the Antarctic, a delicious-smelling bear, a mountain of a man, a stone car, bees befuddled by pipe smoke, and more

From autism to Chinese, a headset to help you with your language

SayWAT's instant feedback on vocal volume and tone could make conversation easier for language learners as well as those with speech and anxiety problems

UKIP and the English Local Elections

It's a good job I'm not a professional psephologist. On Tuesday I said Labour would make net gains, and last time I checked we're currently down 22 councillors. There's still some distance to go, but it looks pretty much like we're standing still. Show More Summary

How to watch Mercury pass in front of the sun next Monday

You'll need special telescopes to watch the inner-most planet transit the sun, an event lasting around seven hours, or you can watch onlin

Gaming Misogyny

Star Wars conventions: one place where everyone is equal (if they hate Jar-Jar Binks). Or maybe not. As it turns out, even Star Wars has become a controversial area for discussing the place of feminism and powerful women in society. Work by sociologists CJ Pascoe and Tristan Bridges sheds more light on how sexism has […]

polls: your hillary vs. trump predictions

Note: X = 52% means X gets 52% or higher but less that 53%. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

Cycling for more than five hours a week in Delhi is bad for you

The health benefits of cycling in the most polluted cities in India and Pakistan are outweighed by the effects of the pollution after only a few hours a week

Drowning in sound? The sad case of the baby beluga whales

The white whales of the Arctic are among the most vocal of all marine mammals – newborns even babble like human babies. Could this be their undoing?

Early Research on Police Body Cameras Suggests They Reduce Violence

Police brutality is a problem in US criminal justice. Police-worn body cameras are one potential “remedy” to these violent encounters, but they have both benefits and drawbacks. The cameras may increase transparency and improve police...Show More Summary

SpaceX Mars mission is a chance to hunt for life on the planet

The private space flight firm’s plan to send a lander to Mars in 2018 isn’t just ambitious – it’s our best chance yet of finding life on the planet

Studying Aging Populations

By Karen Sternheimer You might have heard the phrase "aging population" and thought, wait a minute, isn't every living thing aging? What does it mean to say that a population is aging? Demographers study the composition of populations, including its...

a theory of race and racism – more comments on an article by tanya golash-boza

Last week, we discussed an article by Tanya Golash-Boza that discusses the state of race theory. Her points are simple -despite claims to the contrary, sociology has developed a theory of race. Today, we’ll discuss the theory of race as Tanya sees it. You can read the article here. Her argument is that modern theories […]

Ex-felon Employment

As noted by Harvard sociologist Devah Pager, experimental evidence indicates that the presence of a criminal record reduces one’s application callback likelihood by 50% for whites and 64% for African Americans. To potentially mitigate...Show More Summary

Between Francis and Trump, the religious right is going to keep losing

  Neither (President?!) Trump nor Pope Francis is a liberal, despite what they or anyone else might say. Trump might have a quasi-liberal past, but he’s mostly a bigot misogynist racist with all sorts of pasts at this point, of which some, I assume, are good people. Francis is also no liberal, at least not on the social (read: sexual) issues […]

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