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Churches Help Criminalized Women

Women account for about 7% of the U.S. prison population. Compared to men, they are much more likely to experience poverty, mental health issues, and various forms of victimization prior to being incarcerated. And while they’re in prison, women are more likely to experience mental health problems, chronic medical conditions, and sexual misconduct by staff […]

jorge chapa (1953-2015)

Jorge Chapa was a sociologist, demographer, and Latino Studies scholar at the University of Illinois. He recently passed on, a result of natural causes. Here, I share a few thoughts about Jorge, who I got to know when he was a professor of Latino Studies at Indiana University. First, Jorge was simply a friendly, open […]

There Is No Oldham West By-Election Purge

Appalling bad journalism is par the course for The Telegraph these days, and this idiocy from James Kirkup on the Oldham West Labour shortlist is no exception. Screaming, Daily Mail-stylee that "With an icepick in Oldham, Jeremy Corbyn's purge of Labour has begun", things must be very serious indeed. Show More Summary

Morals Win Debates

Amid presidential candidate debates and national conversations surrounding gun violence and police brutality, issues and positions are often framed as conservative versus liberal (and those are equated with Republican and Democrat, respectively). Show More Summary

for the historically inclined

Two announcements for the historically inclined among you. First, there will be a Twitter/blog meetup at the Social Science History Association in Baltimore next week. Drop by and say hi to Tina Fetner, Dan Hirschman, Philip Cohen (fingers crossed), me, and others (Fabio??? Fabulous guest blogger Caroline Lee?). Saturday, November 14 from 4-6pm at Bistro 300 Lounge, on the […]

The trouble with American views of female genital cutting

In 1994, a US immigration judge lifted an order to deport a woman named Lydia Oluloro. Deportation would have forced her to either leave her five- and six-year-old children in America with an abusive father or take them with her to Nigeria. There, they would have been at risk of a genital cutting practice called […]

Some reflections on cybernetics

I've been reading about cybernetics recently for the first time, for reasons to do with the research project on 'data dashboards' I'm working on with colleagues at Warwick. I can see that there are various ways in which my happiness...

Germaine Greer and the Performance of Womanhood

Ah, Germaine Greer. When we last visited what she had become a couple of years ago, it was on the occasion of some ill-judged remarks about rape. That in mind, what are we to make of attempts to no platform her from giving a talk atShow More Summary

Five Most Popular Posts in October

Five most read last month were: 1. Guarding Against the Far Left 2. Whither the Blairite Rebellion? 3. Ideology in The Great British Bake Off 4. Jeers and Loathing in Manchester 5. Corbynmania and Momentum It's been a while since my erstwhile comrades troubled the monthly round up. Show More Summary

Shadow of the Beast for the Commodore 64

It's the time of year YouTube video game channels jump on the Hallowe'en bandwagon, so there's no reason why this blog should be any different. As an all-round wuss when it comes to horror, there will be no latter day zombie games or their like here. Show More Summary

kenyatta via hilton ruiz

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

This Month in SocImages (October 2015)

SocImages News: I’m so happy to announce a new partnership with Mental Floss! They will be featuring select posts from SocImages and bringing the sociological imagination to an even wider audience! Fabulous! Our first post is here. You like!  Here are our most appreciated posts this month: 114 years young: Lightbulbs before planned obsolescence (1,700+ likes) […]

Local Council By-Elections October 2015

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Sept Average/ contest +/- Sept +/- Seats Conservative 30 16,612 27.6% +2.4% 554 +23 0 Labour 26 14,137 23.5% -5.6% 544 -127 0 LibDem 21 7,714 12.8% +4.1% 367 +129 0 UKIP 17 3,117 5.2% -3.1%...Show More Summary

Urban Legends: Scary Stories and Halloween

By Karen Sternheimer Year after year, sociologist Joel Best is inundated with calls from reporters during Halloween season. They call for a single reason, to debunk a story that you might have been told was true your whole life. Bes...

“Man” vs. “girl,” Halloween edition

The practice of pairing the word “men” (which refers to adults) with “girls” (which does not) reinforces a gender hierarchy by mapping it onto age.  Jason S. discovered an example of this tendency at Halloween Adventure (East Village, NYC) and snapped a picture to send in: Sara P. found another example, this time from iparty.  The […]

The Missing Women of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the largest source of free information on the Internet. According to the digital analytics website Alexa, it’s is the 6th most popular website in the United States and 7th in the entire world. What is troubling is that between 84 and 91% of its editors are male, and the site’s few female editors face regular harassment […]

critical thinking courses do not teach critical thinking any better than other courses

Critical Thinking Wars 1 and 2 A recent meta-analysis of studies of critical thinking (e.g., seeing if students can formulate criticisms of arguments) shows that, on average, college education is associated with critical thinking. From...Show More Summary

Remembering Diane Charlemagne

I was saddened to hear the passing of Diane Charlemagne, the woman who gave voice to many incredible dance hits over the years. There is an appropriate way of remembering her, and that's by cranking it up very loud.

Which Side Are You On?

October 29, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston When it comes to rule-breakers and rule enforcers, which side you are on seens to depend on the rule-breaker and the rule.National Review had a predictable response to the video of a school officer throwing a seated girl to the floor. Show More Summary

The Context of Cult Violence

Recently in New York, two siblings were severely beaten—one to death—by their parents and other members of the congregation of the Word of Life for wanting to leave the “faith.” This cult is based in a former school building in which members of the church live and congregate in isolation from the greater community. Sociologist Bernadette Barton […]

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