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socinfo 2014

If you are in Spain, you might enjoy attending the SocInfo 2014 conference which will be held at the Yahoo Headquarters in Barcelona. The goal is to bring together people at the edge of computer science and social science. Click here for the program and details on papers. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad […]

Racial Minorities Have to Wait Longer at the Polls

Compared to other democracies, the U.S. has a strange penchant for passing laws that suppress voting instead of encourage it.  We are one of the few democracies, for example, that requires people to register to vote.  Most elsewhere, writes Eric Black for the Minnesota Post: [G]overnments know the names, ages and addresses of most of […]

A Note on Porn and Misogyny

I agree with Julie Bindel. There's a phrase that won't win many friends. In feminist and socialist circles, pornography can polarise opinion in ways few issues can. And as par the course for strict dividing lines, either side are soon painted into absolutist corners. Show More Summary

The Language of White-Collar Crime

The New Yorker’s October 13 issue featured Patrick Radden Keefe’s bombshell journalistic investigation of a major hedge fund scandal. Mathew Martoma, a trader at S.A.C. advisers, a major fund, had been getting inside information about the progress of clinical trials of an Alzheimer’s drug. When his source, a physician and researcher at the University of […]

waves of internet commerce

Each wave of Internet commerce “solves” a particular social issues related to computing: 1980s: PC computing – how to get everyone a machine 1990s: The email/Internet revolution – how to get everyone hooked up into the system 1990s (late): The Amazon/Ebay/PayPal eruption – how to solve the issue of exchanging physical goods using the Internet […]

Data in the Streets

November 2, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston I confess, I have little memory for books or articles on methods. I may have learned their content, but the specific documents and authors faded rapidly to gray. And then there’s Unobtrusive Measures. Show More Summary

Just for Fun: Suffragist Satire, 1915

Today is the anniversary of the 34th American presidential election.  The year was 1920; it was the first presidential election in which women were allowed their own votes.  This seems like a good day to post a memento from the political battle over women’s suffrage, the right to vote and run for political office. The fight […]

From Our Archives: Daylight Savings

Enjoy these earlier posts about Daylight Savings: A History and Account of Daylight Savings Time Social Construction, Deviance, and What Time is it Again? (pictured) No Friday in Samoa Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

This Month in SocImages (October 2014)

SocImages news! Our top post on Tumblr this month, with over 45,000 likes and re-blogs, discusses a brain imaging study that suggests that social justice is linked to logic, not emotion. We earned some major nerd cred this month when Wil Wheaton tumbled it! Here is the awesome evidence of that fabulous day: Seriously, folks. My inner 14-year-old girl […]

The Myth of the Trophy Wife

When a pretty, young woman is seen walking hand-in-hand with an older, perhaps less attractive, male, accusations of a “trophy wife” situation are quick to follow. But this quick judgement ignores an important factor – pretty women can be rich too. In an interview with NPR, Notre Dame sociologist Elizabeth McClintock discusses her recent study […]

norwegian vocal jazz (can teppo hook us with the finns?)

Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft. From The OrgEkologist. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power

Saturday Interview: Trudie McGuinness

Trudie McGuinness is Staffordshire born and bred. She is also Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for Staffordshire Moorlands, where she faces the largely-absent and hands-off Tory MP, Karen Bradley. You can follow Trudie on Twitter here. Show More Summary

Five Most Popular Posts for October

Most read this month were: 1. How to Eradicate UKIP 2. Russell Brand, Narcissist and Comrade? 3. Recomposing Labour 4. Goffman and the Sociology of Video Games 5. The Great High Speed White Elephant What is this? A post about the SWP doesn't make the list? Nope, it just missed out vs HS2. Show More Summary

john danaher explains why he blogs

I often wonder: why should someone blog? Philosopher John Danaher explains that it helps him: 2. It helps to generate writing flow states: I appreciate that the term “flow” state is something of a buzzword. Still, it has a basis in psychological science and it is something that blogging can help generate. The psychological barriers […]

Local Council By-Elections October 2014

Party Number of candidates Total vote % +/- Sept Average/ contest +/- Sept +/- Seats Conservative 33 14,849 27.0% +0.9% 450 +119 0 Labour 29 12,770 23.2% -4.9% 440 +58 +1 LibDem 20 6,896 12.5% -9.4% 344 -34 +2 UKIP 28 10,439 19.0% +5.3%...Show More Summary

where human capital arguments make headway

Higher education has become dependent on human capital arguments to justify its existence. The new gainful employment rule for for-profit colleges, announced yesterday by the Obama administration, reminded me of this. It clarifies what...Show More Summary

Soc’t Joel Best Wishes You a Safe n’ Tasty Halloween

Joel Best, the sociologist famous for debunking the myth that your children might receive Halloween candy impregnated with poison and razor blades, wishes you a “Happy Halloween” and nothing but the Best candy: Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Show More Summary

medieval combat

From Laughing Squid. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power 

Sociology and Management Speak

Step change. Across the piece. A suite of options. Front-loaded. Back-filled. Game-changer. A few phrases from the managerialist's lexicon. Funny old language. Funny old culture. Quite rightly, these freakish deviations from the anglophone norm action antipathy and mockery in equal measure. Show More Summary

“work in progress” forum on organizational sociology

Work in Progress, the blog of ASA’s organizations, occupations, and work section, just launched a new series on the future of organizational sociology. It launched today with a introduction from Liz Gorman and a first post by Howard Aldrich. Liz has an impressive slate of sociologists lined up — in the days to come, you can expect to hear from: Martin […]

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