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The Dark Side of Seeing Only the Bright Side

By Karen Sternheimer As a self-starter, I like self-help books, and have read or listened to number of audio books in the genre. I have listened to many books on discovering one’s passions and creativity, on personal finance, relationships, career...

how corporations got rights

This week the Supreme Court considered whether corporations ought to have constitutional rights of religious freedom, as given to human individuals, in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. For many people, the idea that companies ought to be given all of the rights of humans is absurd. But in recent years, this idea has become more and […]

Snickers Mocks the Idea that Men Can Respect Women

This is one of the most demoralizing ads I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an Australian ad for Snickers in which construction workers on a busy city street yell pro-feminist comments at women, like “I’d like to show you the respect you deserve” and ”You want to hear a filthy word? Gender bias” and “You […]

org survey response rates

Bleg: What tricks do we have for increasing response rates for people working in organizations? The older literature suggests that org surveys have widely varying response rates. For example, this 1999 review in Human Relations finds that top  management journals publish studies with an average response rate of 36%. This 2008 Human Relations article finds […]

Clownifying Ads: A Good Laugh at Their Expense

We’re previously featured great examples of resistance to sexist advertising, but this example takes this up a level.  Clownify describes itself as a “street art project to turn everyday ads into ads for clowns.” I’m not sure what political message they intend to send, but what I see is a super easy, I would even […]

should pediatricians treat un-vaccinated children? sure, but you should add a “surcharge”

I am an extremely strong believer in vaccinations. Vaccinations are low cost, low risk interventions that save millions of lives. After sanitation, you can’t find a procedure that is so effective and so important to our collective and individual well being. Still, there is a growing anti-vaccination movement, which is discussed in a recent Slate […]

Barbarism in the 21st Century

And so after ten years of marriage, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have - apparently - called time on their relationship. They're now going to separate or, as Paltrow inimitably put it, partake of a "conscious uncoupling". Very sad, of course. Show More Summary

Why One Social Network Isn’t Enough for Innovators

“There’s always someone more ignorant than you!” Ronald Burt, a professor of sociology and strategy at the University of Chicago’s prestigious Booth School of Business is definitely up for looking on the bright side. In fact, that opening mantra? It’s his way of saying maybe there isn’t anything new under the sun—but if it’s new […]

The Rich to the Poor: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Economic policies often rest on assumptions about human motivation.  Here’s Rep. Ryan (Republican of Wisconsin): The left is making a big mistake here. What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul. People don’t just want a life of comfort. They want a life of dignity — of self-determination. Fox News has been […]

homeland security does not think sociology is a science

This guest post on Federal government’s classification of sociology is written by Bogdan State, a doctoral student in sociology at Stanford University. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Sociology is not a true science.  Among its many attributions, the Department of Homeland Security is in charge of separating, for immigration purposes, the imposter […]

Never a Dull Moment in Politics ...

A guest post from Candi Chetwynd. Eagle-eyed followers of the Stoke political scene will know Candi as Labour's November by-election candidate and, more recently, as one of the long-listed hopefuls in the contest to follow Joan Walley after her retirement in 2015. Show More Summary

Doing Gender with the Face, Featuring Erika Linder

Sociologists often say that gender is partly a performance. How we talk and laugh and what we say; how we stand, sit, and move; how we dress, wear our hair, and adorn our faces and bodies with make up and accessories — all these things are gendered. Insofar as we follow the rule that we […]

grad skool rulz #35: co-authoring

I was recently asked about co-authoring. How does a graduate student co-author? Is it good to do so? What are the rules? 1. In general, co-authoring is a good thing. You’ll see that most successful graduate students publish with faculty or student co-authors. Brian Uzzi’s work shows that co-authorship (vs. solo authorship) is correlated with […]

Sincerely Held Beliefs, the Law, and Non Believers

By Jonathan Wynn Recent news on religion reminds me of one of my favorite non-fiction books, The Year of Living Biblically. Author A.J. Jacobs does his best to abide by the rules of the Bible to see just how hard...

Blessed Are the Assault Rifles

March 24, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston “Righteous Slaughter” was the title I gave a post (here) about the ideas of some people on the gunslinging right. It referred to their glorification of killing so long as the killing could be justified. Show More Summary

Dale Spender on Feminism

No, I haven't passed on nor has the blog gone into hiatus. Instead I've been struck down with the flu, and the culprit is between one of my students one of the Stoke North hopefuls. So to point down a marker, as it were, here's something that came my way courtesy of Cat Grant.

Piketty’s “Capital”, Link Round-Up

There’s a new big red political economy book in town! This weekend, I had the pleasure of reading the first few chapters of economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century this weekend. The book is impressive and interesting, if almost a bit out of time. Piketty’s analysis of the dynamics of capital and inequality […]

Security Guards Now Outnumber High School Teachers

America stands out for the high share of its labor force that is employed in what economists Samuel Bowles and Arjun Jayadev call “guard labor.” There are now more people working as private security guards than high school teachers. The following graph highlights the number of “protective service workers” employed per 10,000 workers and the […]

meet me in kentucky!!!!

This Wednesday, I will be a guest of the Department of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville. Along with Ibram  X. Kendi, we will discuss the struggle for legitimacy in Africana Studies. The talk will be this coming Wednesday, March 26 at the Chao Auditorium at the University of Louisville at 5:30pm. I will […]

Maximizing Your Parental Investment: 10 Easy Steps

  Forbes Magazine recently highlighted some shocking numbers. According to the USDA, A child born in 2012 will cost his parents $241,080 in 2012 dollars, on average, over his lifetime. And children of higher-earning families drain the bank account more: Families earning more than $105,000 annually can expect to spend $399,780 per child. Now that, […]

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