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paradise (within tempation, 2014)

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

Survived my first serious drinking session in a long time. But that doesn't mean I'm well disposed to write something this evening, so I won't.

Venus could have been habitable while life evolved on Earth

Turning back the clock on Venus with computer simulations suggests it might have once looked like early Earth and even been hospitable to life

GM mosquito trial in Florida given the go-ahead by regulator

The FDA says the first US trial of GM mosquitoes for preventing diseases like Zika can go ahead but final approval depends on the result of a referendum in November

Outlet Malls: Location as Marketing Strategy

Flashback Friday.  Outlet malls are often in the middle of nowhere, in places that are hard to get to, or in places that you wouldn’t think of as retail magnets. For instance, you’ve got the outlet mall in Barstow, California: Barstow is roughly mid-way between L.A. and Las Vegas, so locating it there might be a […]

Labour Wins in Silverdale

Many congratulations to my comrade and friend Gareth Snell for giving UKIP a good drubbing in yesterday's by-election in the Silverdale and Parksite ward on Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council. The result was: Dean (UKIP) 174 (24.6%,...Show More Summary

rob warren’s harsh critique of the submissions he got at soe

If you don’t get the Sociology of Education newsletter, or even if you do and just don’t read it, you probably didn’t see Rob Warren’s pretty devastating criticism of the submissions he usually got when he was the editor of Sociology of Education.  As a junior scholar who has sent out my own share of […]

Counting genetic mutations predicts how soon you’ll get cancer

Analysing mutations in genes only weakly linked with sarcoma, a cancer that often targets young people, can indicate how early the disease may strike

Have black holes hurled half the universe into the wilderness?

Billions of years ago, half the universe’s visible matter disappeared. The monstrous culprit might have been unmasked – and with it, the future of our galaxy

Us vs. Them: The Dangerous Discourse of Difference

By Peter Kaufman I thought I was going to write this post about Brexit and the growing anti-immigration sentiment around the world. I was planning to draw a parallel between the recent referendum in Britain to leave the European Union...

why i don’t study latino sociology

I am often asked: why don’t I study Latinos? Answer: I don’t have any good ideas. That’s it. If I had a great research idea, I would do it. Let me tell you, I would definitely do it and it would be YUGE. Still, the question is worth thinking about in more detail. One might […]

The Woolfe was at the Door ...

Oh what a lovely war! I speak not of the Labour Party on this occasion, but of the crisis engulfing our friends in the United Kingdom Independence Party. As I'm sure readers know by now, Steven Woolfe has been excluded from the leadership race by the party's NEC. Show More Summary

Found: brain switches that wake flies up and send them to sleep

Activating specific neurons in fruit fly brains sends them straight to sleep, or rouses them from slumber – and we may have a similar switch

Quantum computing race heats up as trapped ions rival microchips

Superconducting chips were the front runner for use in future quantum computers, but now trapped ions are showing they can perform just as well

If Clinton Loses, It Won’t Be Because of Sexism

Ever since Hillary Clinton became the Democratic nominee for president, commentators have been speculating as to how much being a woman will hurt her chances for election. The data suggest it won’t. In fact, if anything, what we know about American voting patterns suggests that being a woman is a slight advantage over being a man. […]

the three student loan crises

Among higher ed policy folks, there’s a counter-conventional wisdom that there is no student loan crisis. For the most part (the story goes), student loans are a good investment that will increase future wages, and students could borrow quite a bit more before the value of the debt might be called into question. Indeed, some […]

Record-breaking year shows Earth’s climate is in real trouble

Our planet's “annual physical” check-up finds it severely ill, with dozens of various climate records broken last year

Miracle meal or rotten swindle? The truth about superfoods

Trendy foods like wheatgrass and goji berries are lauded for their miraculous health benefits, but do the claims stack up? New Scientist chews on the evidence

Weber at the DNC

August 3, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston Like those Japanese soldiers in Southeast Asia who held out long after Worrld War II was over, a few Bernie supporters are vowing to stay in the jungles fighting the good fight. Some are going with the Green party. Show More Summary

party in the street: feeling the bern!

Over at the Washington Post/Monkey Cage, Michael T. Heaney has an article about what he learned about DNC protesters. A few big points. First, Berners dominated the protest: We went to demonstrations on many issues, including clean energy, police mistreatment of African Americans, immigration, poverty and peace. Our surveys on the first day of protests, […]

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