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Stokely Carmichael: “The U.S. Taught Us Very Well How to Be Violent”

Stokely Carmichael, later Kwame Ture, was an activist and Civil Rights leader, rising to prominence in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Black Panther Party, and the All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party. He popularized...Show More Summary

When Force is Hardest to Justify, Victims of Police Violence Are Most Likely to be Black

A Pew study found that 63% of white and 20% of black people think that Michael Brown’s death at the hands of Darren Wilson is not about race. Those people are wrong. African Americans are, in fact, far more likely to be killed by police. Among young men, blacks are 21 times more likely to die at […]

advice for students in low ranked doctoral programs

As the author of an advice manual for graduate students, people ask me about strategies for students in low ranked doctoral programs. Specifically, how does one start an academic career in a department that doesn’t have a track record of placement? Here is what I advise: First, accept what you cannot change. Sadly, there is […]

Temperatures and Temperament: Your Political Beliefs Can Change the Forecast

Winter is in full swing up here in Minneapolis, and with it comes the traditional chorus that “it isn’t that bad” just yet. However, new research shows complaining about the weather—the archetype of casual chatting—may be more than just...Show More Summary

How Not to Start a Trending Topic

We're practically in perpetual motion territory. It's swollen to the size of a Jovian red spot that preys on lesser Twitter squalls, and rips the energy from them to power its own storm engine. We're talking #CameronMustGo again, the unstoppable, irrepressible social media phenomenon of the last week and a bit. Show More Summary

orgtheory and elizabeth berman in the LA Times

The LA Times has an article expanding on Elizabeth’s post on airline inequality: Over at the blog and Crooked Timber, sociologists Beth Berman and Kieran Healy spin a couple of neat fantasias about how today’s cabin configurations match up with income inequality in society at large. Their findings hit us where we live, having […]

Malcolm X: “We’re Nonviolent With People Who Are Nonviolent With Us”

In the 5min speech below, Malcolm X makes an argument in favor of violence when violence is called for. Excerpts: We are peaceful people, we are loving people. We love everybody who loves us. But we don’t love anybody who doesn’t love us. We’re nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us. But we are […]

it’s the economists, stupid

Orlando Patterson probably didn’t write the title of his Chronicle piece, “How Sociologists Made Themselves Irrelevant.” But it’s great clickbait, even if, as Jeremy noted over at scatterplot, the sociology self-hate “gets frankly tiresome.” Patterson makes some fair points. Show More Summary

the sociological approach to politics

When I started graduate school in the last century, my approach to political analysis was very close to an old school rational choice model. People had interests and ideological tastes. Then they asked government to defend their interests or enforce their tastes.  In the last 15 years that I’ve been working on institutions, movements, and […]

I Believe Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf, ex-Hollywood beefcake turned avant-garde performance artist hasn't featured on this blog before. But he does now and for good reason. If you haven't heard the story, he's alleged that he was raped during a project back in February. Show More Summary

Another Bungled Apology

December 1, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston Ever since Karen Cerulo’s talk at our AKD honors society event last spring, I’ve become more aware of apologies. The take-away from her research (with Janet Ruane) seems to be this: Don’t explain, don’t elaborate, and for God’s sake, don’t try to justify or get people to understand. Show More Summary

Angela Davis: “No Idea What Black People Have Gone Through”

From the great documentary, Black Power Mix Tape, Angela Davis puts violence in perspective. She’s being interviewed about the tactics of the Black Panthers. The interviewer asks: “How do you get there? Do you get there by confrontation, violence?” She responds: Oh, is that the question you were asking? She smiles to herself. Because of […]

Five Most Popular Posts for November

Most read this month were: 1. Who is White Van Dan? 2. SWP Bullies London Black Revolutionaries 3. What #webackEd Means 4. Neil Findlay for Scottish Labour Leader 5. Labour's Leadership Woes It has been a right busy month on the blog, placing November fifth on the all-time hits chart. Show More Summary

“chicago economics,” “chicago sociology,” and “chicago anything else”

Near the end of James Heckman’s lecture on the scholarly legacy of Gary Becker, Heckman argued that Becker was a fine addition to the legacy of “Chicago economics.” He didn’t mean that Becker was a monetarist – the “Chicago school” of Friedman and his followers. Instead, he meant that Becker fit in well with the […]

A SocImages Collection: Police, Black Americans, and U.S. Society

In lieu of a monthly update post, please consider this collection of SocImages posts related to the relationship between police, black Americans, and this country.  See, also, the Ferguson syllabus put together by Sociologists for Justice and this summary of the facts by Nicki Lisa Cole. Show More Summary

eden ahbez(nature boy)

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power  

Saturday Interview: Cath Elliott

Cath Elliott is a Unison activist and feminist commentator from Suffolk. Having taken a bit of a break from blogging at Too Much to Say For Myself, you can usually find Cath tweeting away about The Apprentice and Question Time, among...Show More Summary

Jay Smooth: “How Much Do You Think People Can Take?”

There was violence and unrest following the news that Darren Wilson would not be indicted. Some argued that this was proof that the people involved were bad people. Jay Smooth responds with a question: “How much do you think people can take?” Here is a partial transcript of his 5min discussion, embedded below: Riots are things […]

Local Council By-Elections November 2014

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Oct Average/ contest +/- Oct +/- Seats Conservative 23 14,393 31.3% +4.3% 626 +176 +1 Labour 21 10,689 23.3% +0.1% 509 +69 -4 LibDem 14 4,101 8.9% -3.6% 293 -51 0 UKIP 17 8,737 19.0% +0.0%Show More Summary

the Q words

Regular orgtheory commenter Howard Aldrich has an interesting and provocative piece up at the OOW blog, Work in Progress, and the LSE Impact blog. His plea is that we should abandon the Q words — qualitative and quantitative — in describing our research. They aren’t terribly descriptive of what we’re actually doing, they create unnecessary divisions within social […]

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