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crim/deviance PhD programs?

Question: Someone asked me – good soc PhD programs for crim/deviance? Student is interested not only in elite programs (e.g., as long as Bob Sampson is at Harvard, it will produce good crim students) but also lower ranked programs that have solid placement records in crim/deviance. Please use the comment section. 50+ chapters of grad […]

Understanding China's Stock Market Collapse

It's not very often I mention my (very much) erstwhile comrades of Weekly Worker fame, but they are going through something of a purple patch at the moment. Firstly, their call for Marxists to join the Labour Party attracted mainstream attention and proved a useful foil for some on Labour's right who've forgotten to counter politics with politics. Show More Summary

Loves Me Not: Allison Pugh on New Relationships…with the Job Market

In a recent excerpt from her book The Tumbleweed Society: Work and Caring in an Age of Insecurity featured in Salon, sociologist Allison Pugh discusses how the insecure economy has made employees feel wary of their employers but also like they must rush to their defense. Employees often bend over backward to identify with their […]

Are Things Bad Just Because People Think They’re Bad?

August 5, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston In the Republican debate tomorrow, race relations may be one of the topics. If so, someone will surely point to the recent polls that have been announced in headlines like these Poll Finds Most in U.S. Show More Summary

Margins of error and the real rank of the Republican primary candidates

The margin of error is getting more attention than usual in the news. That’s not saying much since it’s usually a tiny footnote, like those rapidly muttered disclaimers in TV ads (“Offer not good mumble mumble more than four hours mumble mumble and Canada”). Recent headlines proclaim, “Trump leads Bush…” A paragraph or two in, […]

blogging will not ruin your career

A few years ago, a friendly senior scholar sat me down and warned me: “Fabio, you really have to stop this blogging thing. It’s not good for you.” This was a pretty serious conversation. He meant it as kind advice from a more seasoned friend and colleague. I smiled, mumbled, and said, “Um, ok, thank […]

Alan Johnson's Amnesia

Where does political radicalism come from? There are many, but I would humbly suggest one of them is being blocked from participating in/being integrated into established political processes. And that brings us onto the minor farrago over Alan Johnson's polemic against the "madness" of a Labour leadership contest dominated by Jeremy Corbyn. Show More Summary

the parsons taboo

As readers already know, I am hard at work on a book that reviews contemporary sociology. In writing the book, I ran into two taboos: rational choice and Parsons (ironic, since Parsons was opposed to utilitarianism). The reviewers were very touchy about these two topics. The first makes sense. Sociology has always been allergic to […]

At Jeremy Corbyn's Birmingham Rally

My friend and comrade Chris Spence of Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP attended the huge Jeremy Corbyn rally in Birmingham on Sunday, and has been kind enough to provide me with this report of the event. Before I start I should make a little...Show More Summary

The Waning of Taboo (or Gratitude, UVA Style)

August 4, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston Female sexuality is losing its taboo, and cultural conservatives are dreading the change. That was the gist of my post about the conservative reaction to the Amy Schumer movie “Trainwreck” (here). Show More Summary

Not all women: The targets of contemporary drag culture

Content Note: This posts discusses various forms of transmisogyny and TERFs Photo taken at the Napoli Pride Parade in 2010 On Tuesday, Lisa Wade posted a piece, asking some important questions about drag- Is it misogynistic? Should it be allowed in LGBT safe spaces? How can pride organizers enforce drag-free pride events, if such an idea […]

no duty to obey migration law: a kingian analysis

How do we know if restrictionism is unjust? Is it ethically good or bad to prevent migration between countries? In this post, I draw on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail to argue that restriction laws are unjust. King sets out the problem and offers a solution: “How does one determine whether […]

Labour MPs and Political Leadership

What is the relationship between a Labour Member of Parliament and their Constituency Labour Party? It's a good question as different people have very different ideas. MPs aren't delegates of their local parties, there are no means by which they can be mandated to vote this way or that. Show More Summary

The School-to-Prison Pipeline

By Peter Kaufman When I first heard of the school-to-prison pipeline I thought that it was some sort of exaggeration. How could it be possible, I wondered, for schools to be a direct path to prison? It doesn’t make any...

Margin of Error Error

August 3, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston The margin of error is getting more attention than usual in the news. That’s not saying much since it’s usually a tiny footnote, like those rapidly muttered disclaimers in TV ads (“Offer not good...Show More Summary

“Trainwreck” and taboo

I saw “Trainwreck” last night. The 7:00 p.m. showing at the 68th Street AMC was full. Maybe people had come just to get out of the apartment and yet avoid the beastly heat, but they enjoyed the movie.  Sometimes the laughter lasted long enough to cover up the next joke. The “Trainwreck” story is standard […]

joyce bell on black power professionals

Joyce Bell, a sociologist at Pitt, is one of the leading scholars on Black Power. Her new book, The Black Power Movement and American Social Work, discusses how the Black Power movement changed the profession of social work and gives us insights into how cultural nationalism shaped organizational fields in the 1970s. Here is an […]

New Blogs July/August 2015

New blogs picked up last month were 1. Alun Davies AM (Labour) (Twitter) 2. Anthony Painter (Labour) (Twitter) 3. Empirical Left (Unaligned) (Twitter) 4. Look Leftward (Labour) (Twitter) 5. Incorrigible Rebel (Unaligned) (Twitter) 6....Show More Summary

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