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Fasting mimicking diet reduces risk factors for aging and multiple age-related disease

(Crier Communications, Inc.) Temporarily inducing our body into thinking it's fasting may reverse biological aging, increase our healthspan, and stave off age-related illness. The Longevity Institute at USC today publishes in Science...Show More Summary

Researchers use MRIs to predict which high-risk babies will develop autism as toddlers

(University of North Carolina Health Care) Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in infants with older siblings with autism, researchers from around the country were able to correctly predict 80 percent of those infants who would later meet criteria for autism at two years of age.

Measurements in baby's first year may point to autism risk

(Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) For the first time, researchers were able to accurately identify, before age one, which high-risk infants are likely to develop autism. The multicenter study focused on infants who have older siblings with autism spectrum disorder. The findings could set the stage for earlier treatments and better long-term outcomes for these children.

A cultural catch

(University of California - Santa Barbara) A UCSB scholar examines the evolution of wooden halibut hooks carved by native people of the Northwest Coast.

How could preschool be better aligned with the early elementary grades to improve learning?

(Society for Research in Child Development) With most 4 year olds in the United States now in center-based early care, the need for aligning instruction from preschool through the early grades (PK-3) has becomemore pressing. Yet so far there has been little guidance on how to create alignment. Show More Summary

Emotions are cognitive, not innate, researchers conclude

(New York University) Emotions are not innately programmed into our brains, but, in fact, are cognitive states resulting from the gathering of information, New York University Professor Joseph LeDoux and Richard Brown, a professor at the City University of New York, conclude.

Depression symptoms among men when their partners are pregnant

(The JAMA Network Journals) Men who were stressed or in poor health had elevated depression symptoms when their partners were pregnant and nine months after the birth of their child, according to the results of a study of expectant and new fathers in New Zealand published online by JAMA Psychiatry.

Patient complaints can identify surgeons with higher rates of bad surgical outcomes

(Vanderbilt University Medical Center) Recording and analyzing patient and family reports about rude and disrespectful behavior can identify surgeons with higher rates of surgical site infections and other avoidable adverse outcomes,...Show More Summary

Size doesn't matter (to everyone) when discounting pre-orders

(Journal of Retailing at New York University) The authors explored how consumers with different mindsets react to pre-order price promotions by designing a series of studies to assess the purchase behavior of people who were future-oriented versus those who focused on the present and to gauge how third-party ratings might also affect their buying decisions.

Why did millions march? A view from the many women’s marches

Why did people march on January 21, 2017? As a team of sociologists interested in social movements, we know there are many possible answers to this seemingly simple question. As a team of sociologists we have developed a multi-method, multi-site research project, Mobilizing Millions: Engendering Protest Across the Globe. We want to understand why people […]

Evidence of brain damage found in former soccer players

(University College London) Evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a potential cause of dementia caused by repeated blows to the head, has been found in the brains of former association football (soccer) players.The study looked at 14 retired footballers with dementia between 1980 and 2010. Show More Summary

At the Stoke Central Hustings

Coming away from The Sentinel-sponsored by-election hustings at Staffordshire University, I spotted a blood moon hanging low over Stoke. For whom did this augur an ill omen? For Gareth Snell and the Labour Party, or Paul Nuttall andShow More Summary

Smoking cessation counseling successful when paired with lung cancer screening

(Georgetown University Medical Center) The first successful randomized trial of its kind provides preliminary evidence that telephone-based smoking cessation counseling given to smokers shortly after undergoing lung cancer screening can be effective at helping people stop smoking.

Fractal edges shown to be key to imagery seen in Rorschach inkblots

(University of Oregon) Researchers have unlocked the mystery of why people have seen so many different images in Rorschach inkblots. The image associations are induced by fractal characteristics at the edges of the blots and depend on the scaling parameters of the patterns, says a University of Oregon researcher.

Sugar, salt, and fat taxes could save billions in health care costs

(PLOS) Australia could save AUD $3.4 billion (USD $2.3 billion) in healthcare costs over the remaining lifetimes of all Australians alive in 2010 by instituting a combination of taxes on unhealthy foods and subsidies on fruits and vegetables, according to a new study published in PLOS Medicine by Linda Cobiac, from the University of Melbourne, Australia and colleagues.

Nothing to Fear but Fearmongering Itself

President FDR may have been onto something when he talked about the dangers of fear itself, and he wasn’t the only president to be aware of its effect, either. A recent article in TIME describes the fear that President Trump has spread as a means to justify his political actions. From Trump’s claims of Christians being […]

Communicating health risks in a post-truth world

(Sax Institute) Public officials faced with the tough task of communicating risk on contentious issues like vaccination or fluoridation -- where the actual risk is low but public concern remains high -- need to show that they care, demonstrate that they are taking action and strategically engage with the media. Show More Summary

Crews race to fix Northern California dam before coming storms

Heavy winter rains overflowed California’s second largest reservoir and caused erosion and a partial collapse of spillways at the Oroville dam. More rain in the forecast could overflow the dam again, threatening downstream towns

Birmingham's early warning system flags global financial crises

(University of Birmingham) Researchers at the University of Birmingham have developed a new 'early warning system' that could help policymakers around the world take action to avert or lessen the impact of financial crisis.

'Tis better to give -- to your spouse

(University of Rochester) Psychologists have found that the emotional benefits of compassionate acts are significant for the giver, whether or not the recipient is even aware of the act.

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