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Reporting Risk

October 27, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston Thoughts of Mrs. S, my sister-in-law’s mother, rarely cross my mind. My brother’s wedding was the only time I ever met her. But as I read yesterday’s headlines about bacon, sausage, hot dogs, etc. Show More Summary

soc phd programs #18: economic sociology, because i forgot to count and need to start at some high number

What programs are currently strong in economic sociology right now? By “strong,” I mean has at least two or three serious practitioners and they place students. You would probably include Princeton, Wisconsin, Arizona, Stanford, and Michigan. I would also include Duke and Brown. The b-schools also do well, like MIT and Chicago. Please use the […]

Dear Andrew Lloyd Webber

Dear Andrew,Re: Tax Credits Vote in the House of LordsNever a fan, so this ain't going to pull lines punning your substantial contributions to musical theatre. Instead, I've avoided them and and baked in a healthy dollop of fury and disgust. Show More Summary

Pregnant women’s bodies resist giving birth on Halloween

“Future research is needed to identify the process,” write the authors, but it appears that pregnant women have some control over when they give birth. A study of birth incidence on Halloween and Valentine’s Day, by public health scholar Becca Levy and colleagues, showed that spontaneous births dipped on the former and rose on the latter. […]

before you drag your spouse to live in a random city for your job, read this

Academia is a career that expects you to give up most (or all) choice about where you’ll live. It is also a career in which it is considered perfectly normal for spouses to live in different states, and sometimes on different continents. Every grad student sort of knows this by the end of their first […]

the one with the trigger warning

I was recently asked about trigger warnings. Honestly, it is not something I worry about. In fact, it is something that I think so little about that I had to actually look up the definition to make sure I understood the term properly. The wiki definition is that you warn the audience about unsettling content. […]

Note On Tax Credits and Constitutional Crisis

It takes a special kind of stupid to turn discontent over an ill-thought and mean-spirited policy into one that rocks the foundations of the Mother of all Parliaments. Such is the blindness of George Osborne's overrated "genius" that the Tories have plunged themselves into a serious political crisis. Show More Summary

Toward a sociology of living death

Daniel Drezner once wrote about how international relations scholars would react to a zombie epidemic. Aside from the sheer fun of talking about something as silly as zombies, it had much the same illuminating satiric purpose as “how many X does it take to screw in a lightbulb” jokes. If you have even a cursory familiarity […]

gendered occupation puzzle

Can you name a emotional caring occupation dominated by  men? One answer: the clergy. Other answers? 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street

Britain's China Syndrome

Had Labour done it, the Tories would be screaming bloody murder. I am, of course, talking about the deal with the Chinese to build two nuclear power stations. If the Tories really were standing up for Britain, from a national security...Show More Summary

SocImages’ annual “Sexy What!?” Halloween post

Sometimes the sexy goes too far. These are some of those times. Sexy pizza rat (Yandy): Sexy Cecil the Lion (Yandy): Sexy Donald Trump (Yandy): Sexy Rosie the Riveter (Party City): Sexy Frankenstein (Yandy): Sexy infant (Yandy): Sexy Charlie Brown (Yandy): For more Sexy What!?, see our past posts featuring Sexy Chinese Take-Out, Sexy Yoda, and Sexy […]

Adam Rickitt - I Breathe Again

I'm blaming Howie of Howie's Corner fame. T'other day he posted a Dannii Minogue track to the Book of Face that, much to my shame, I was quite into at the time. That got me thinking and remembering the occasions over the last 20 years...Show More Summary

From the Archives: Halloween

It’s that time of year again!  Enjoy our collection of Halloween posts from years past or visit our Halloween-themed Pinterest page. Just For Fun Sociologist Joel Best wishes you a happy and safe Halloween! A Hallowmeme costume: Women laughing with salad Fun and fear: The great equalizer Breast cancer-themed sexy leopard-ish costume ’cause why? Mocking the sexy […]

free college vs. cost-benefit thinking

Last month, Howard Aldrich made—as he often does—a good point in the comments: There’s been an interesting subtle shift in the rhetoric regarding whose responsibility it is to pay for an individual’s post-secondary education. My impression is that there was a strong consensus across the nation 50 years ago, and certainly into the late 1960s, […]

Men Who “Wait for Marriage”

Traditional norms of feminine behavior encourage women to pledge sexual abstinence before marriage, instilling values of female sexual innocence and purity. In contrast, these norms suggest male sexual activity before marriage legitimizes their masculinity. Show More Summary

need a social theory book?

As long time readers know, I have been working on a social theory book. It has been read by many people. Now, I want to test drive it. If you need a book for a class, email me and I’ll make a special deal. Highlights: Short book organized around major ideas/theoretical ideas in sociology (e.g., […]

The Conservative Indifference to Steel

It was like the crashing of dominoes, except the toppling was done by livelihoods, supply chains, ways of life. First, SSI in Redcar announced it was going belly up. And after toing and froing with the government, once it was clear state...Show More Summary

Understanding mass incarceration

In the 2.5 minute Atlantic video below, sociologist Bruce Western discusses the problem of mass incarceration. The practice, he says, isn’t just about locking up lots of people — almost 700/100,000; more than any other nation on earth — but incarcerating groups of people in concentrated ways, namely Latino and especially Black men. This devastating to communities, […]

junior faculty rulz? we got ’em!

I occasionally get asked: what about career advice for junior faculty? Don’t worry – you’re covered! The Grad Skool Rulz already includes all your heart desires. Remember, the subtitle is “Everything you need to know about academia from admissions to tenure.” And that is 100% true. The GSR includes tons of information for tenure track […]

$578/yr to end child poverty. What’s the hold up?

At Family Inequality, sociologist Phil Cohen argues that it would be relatively easy for Americans to raise the funds to end child poverty. All it would take is an average of $578 per non-poor family per year. Taxed on a sliding scale, the rich would pay more and the middle and working class less. This is […]

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