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Connecting Across Race

By Jonathan Wynn The Black Lives Matter movement was made possible by social media, and offers an opportunity for different groups to have a conversation about race in America. My grandparents were very religious and active in the civil rights...

Jeremy Corbyn Needs a Media Strategy

In Stoke-on-Trent Labour, we have some experience with behind-the-scenes documentaries. And so my advice to the team surrounding Jeremy Corbyn would have been a firm "don't!" while they were negotiating with Vice. Their short documentary,...Show More Summary

Breaking the Rules of Writing

June 1, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston Ah, litotes: “a figure of speech which employs an understatement by using double negatives.” I recently came across this quote from John Kenneth Galbraith. Wealth is not without its advantages and the case to the contrary, although it has often been made, has never proved widely persuasive. Show More Summary

Billionaires and Books: The Dark Money Behind the Rise of “Manliness”

Jane Mayer’s recent book Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right is a powerful account of how the Right influences public opinion via a network of think-tanks, lobbyists and other forms of direct and indirect funding in the guise of objectivity, but which in fact support right-wing […]

Five Most Popular Posts in May

Here are the hottest five posts from last month: 1. Why is the BBC Silent about Tory Electoral Fraud? 2. Dear Tony 3. What is Leanne Wood Playing At? 4. Political Realities and the Election Results 5. For Accelerationism I don't know whether my hand claps should be furious or slow and sarcastic. Show More Summary

This Month in SocImages (May 2016)

This month marked what would have been Frankie Manning’s 102nd birthday. Google marked it with a “Google doodle” and it sparked some conversation online about this extraordinary African American early dancer of the lindy hop. Among them was a discussion of the racial politics of the dance and its revival at Vox, including an quote from a post  here on […]

The Sky Is Falling: Beyond the Myth of Moral Decline

Recently several of my Christian Facebook friends shared and liked blog post The Christian Myth of America's Moral Decay by John Pavlovitz. Pavlovitz basic thesis is that in terms of individual behavior and action people are no moreShow More Summary

Poverty and Dentistry

May 31, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston A couple of years ago, Marco Rubio (remember him?), the Heritage foundation, and others were making the ludicrous claim that if poor people would just get married, the rate of child poverty would fall by 80% or more. Show More Summary

Vaccines might be able to stop Alzheimer’s plaques from forming

The plaques linked to Alzheimer's disease seem to be made by the brain defending itself from attack. Dialling down this defence may stop the disease

Altered Beast for the MegaDrive/Genesis

"Wise from your gwave!" An entire generation of gamers were introduced to Sega's 16-bit wonder machine with those very words. Grab your pack-in copy of Altered Beast, slam it in the slot, hit start and straight away your spanking new console was making like Jonathan Ross. Show More Summary

The Architecture of Gentrification; Or, The Dining Rooms are Coming

The dining rooms are coming. They’re popping everywhere. It’s how I know my neighborhood is becoming aspirationally middle class. My neighborhood is filled with “shotgun” houses. Probably from West Africa, they are designed for a hot, humid climate. The homes consist of several rooms in a row. There are no hallways (and no privacy). High ceilings […]

sociology and postcolonialism

There’s an increasing amount of great sociological work about places and people that are not European or North American.  That’s important not just because they provide previously unexplored empirical sites and theoretical resources but because looking at the world from the south helps deprovincialize North American sociology, and given the power of the ASA, AJS, […]

Can video games really create new knowledge?

In Knowledge Games Karen Schrier argues that games can tackle some of the thorniest problems, from global warming to lack of food and clean water

Debunking the Yeti

When I was much younger my mind was so open you could have driven a bus through it. Not that I was gullible (I always knew that was a word in the dictionary), but when it came to strange phenomena you could sign me up for every cranky belief going. Show More Summary

How mental health needs sleep – and vice versa

Sleep and mental health are intricately linked, so Russell Foster wants to use sleep for diagnosing and treating troubled brains and minds

Dear Tony

Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony. When I was a Trot I had it drilled into me that you don't necessarily speak for yourself. You always have to think about how your conduct and the positions you're arguing might reflect on your comrades. This sense...Show More Summary

Can you cheat the sleep system with a smart napping schedule?

Some people get extra hours awake by hacking their sleep patterns – be careful, though

The Face That Launched a Thousand False Positives

May 27, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston What bothered the woman sitting next to him wasn’t just that the guy was writing in what might have been Arabic (it turned out to be math). But he also looked like a terrorist. (WaPo story here.) We know what terrorists look like. Show More Summary

Local Council By-Elections May 2016

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- April Average/ contest +/- April +/- Seats Conservative 77 58,936 29.7% -9.3% 765 +93 -7 Labour 73 74,407 37.5% +22.5% 1,019 +747 +4 LibDem 51 18,944 9.5% -5.7% 371 +39 +1 UKIP 48 19,399 9.8%...Show More Summary

Building blocks of life spotted around comet for the first time

The Rosetta spacecraft has detected biological components glycine and phosphorus emerging from its comet - suggesting life on Earth could have arrived on a ball of ice

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