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Record-breaking year shows Earth’s climate is in real trouble

Our planet's “annual physical” check-up finds it severely ill, with dozens of various climate records broken last year

Miracle meal or rotten swindle? The truth about superfoods

Trendy foods like wheatgrass and goji berries are lauded for their miraculous health benefits, but do the claims stack up? New Scientist chews on the evidence

Weber at the DNC

August 3, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston Like those Japanese soldiers in Southeast Asia who held out long after Worrld War II was over, a few Bernie supporters are vowing to stay in the jungles fighting the good fight. Some are going with the Green party. Show More Summary

party in the street: feeling the bern!

Over at the Washington Post/Monkey Cage, Michael T. Heaney has an article about what he learned about DNC protesters. A few big points. First, Berners dominated the protest: We went to demonstrations on many issues, including clean energy, police mistreatment of African Americans, immigration, poverty and peace. Our surveys on the first day of protests, […]

Politicians’ Talk about Muslims

Over the course of the primary season and the beginnings of the general election, there has been a lot of inflammatory rhetoric surrounding Islam in America, mostly propelled by politicians on the political Right such as Donald Trump. Such shifts in political discussion can often have a ripple effect, and as described in an article […]

Is Corbynism a Social Movement?

Matt Bolton's The Terrifying Hubris of Corbynism has had a lot of traction as a Marxist critique of our Jeremy and the movement gathered behind him. True to the weird times in which we live, it has been shared and talked up by sundry MPs associated with the ancien regime in the Labour Party. Show More Summary

African ibis and South American coati among 37 on EU’s kill list

Europe’s list of 37 species of invasive exotic plants and animals that should be banished from the continent comes into force on 3 August

Gas halo flips galaxies from bright young things into has-beens

Deep inside every galaxy is a tug of war between its forming stars and its voracious black hole, and its gas and mass that can make the difference

The Social Fox Construction of Reality

August 2, 2016 Posted by Jay Livingston Why do they love Trump? I often lean to the psychological explanation that many of the Trumpistas are voting with their emotions. It’s not about policy. It’s not about what might be best for their own lives or the country. Show More Summary

Mathematicians finally starting to understand epic ABC proof

A theory developed by mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki has baffled his peers for nearly four years, but now a glimmer of understanding hints at the deep nature of numbers

High Court backs campaign to fund preventative AIDS drug on NHS

A leading Aids charity has won a High Court battle over whether a preventative treatment for HIV which charities say is a "game-changer" can legally be funded by the NHS.

Pregnant women travel warning as Florida Zika cases rise to 14

Following 10 further cases of Zika thought to be contracted in Florida, pregnant women have now been told to avoid a so-called “transmission area” in Miami

The art of climate change impresses but doesn’t go down a storm

A weather and climate-themed exhibition in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, does everything but bring home the scariness of global warming, finds Sjef van Gaalen

America’s last mammoths died of thirst on an Alaskan island

Three kinds of data all agree that 5600 years ago, one of the last mammoth populations went extinct when climate change dried up their lakes

Amazon and Efficiency

By Sally Raskoff I recently took a tour of an Amazon Fulfillment Center. It took me two hours to drive there, but I got there on time – you cannot take the tour if you are late. The Center is...

See beautiful magnetic liquids bloom into stunning shapes

A magnet entices ferrofluids – oil speckled with magnetic particles – to interact in strange yet spectacular formations of colour

Whitewashed Affirmative Action

After a series of decisions and appeals, Abigail Fisher’s infamous case against UT Austin (dating as far back as 2008) concluded with the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision that the school’s admission policies were constitutional. Fisher had made the case that her rejected application was due to her race, as minority applicants who were supposedly […]

when is european social theory garbage?

I confuse people. Sometimes, I come off as the humorless American social science empiricist. “Show me a z-score or get out of my office!” Other times, it sounds like I drank the cool aid at the latest MLA meetings. What’s the deal? How can a “just the facts, ma’am” guy be the same person who […]

Cactus bugs compensate for lack of weapons with bigger balls

Reallocation of resources to testes may increase the insect’s chances of reproductive success – even when its hind leg sparring weapons have been lost

Brave New Racist Nativist Political World

It’s all harmless political shenanigans until a racist mob murders Vincent Chin. It’s amazing how the new figureheads of both major parties are now pretending to oppose globalization, outsourcing, and the corporate “free trade” agenda that they both have spent their professional lives furthering. It wasn’t long ago that I taught in my stratification class that […]

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