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Back on the Doors in Stoke Central

Here we are again. The dust has barely settled on the by-election, Gareth Snell has been our MP for just two months and the Prime Minister pitches us into another battle for votes. Thanks for that. At last night's hastily rebadged constituency meeting, assembled members discussed the campaign to come. Show More Summary

Labour Party Campaign Strategy

A few remarks to complement yesterday's consideration of Tory strategy. 1. Labour is massively behind in the polls. Whether you think they're wrong or not (I don't believe they are), they have material effects on campaigns and election outcomes. Show More Summary

4 exciting advances in food and nutrition research

(Experimental Biology 2017) New discoveries tied to how food affects our body and why we make certain food choices could help inform nutrition plans and policies that encourage healthy food choices. The Experimental Biology 2017 meeting (EB 2017) will showcase groundbreaking research in food policy, nutrition and the biochemistry of food.

Four exciting diabetes and obesity research discoveries

(Experimental Biology 2017) With more than one-third of adults in the US considered obese, researchers are searching for new ways to treat obesity and associated health problems such as type 2 diabetes. The Experimental Biology 2017 meeting (EB 2017) will showcase new insights into the causes of obesity and research that could inform new strategies for losing weight.

Women and exclusion from long distance running

Flashback Friday, in honor of Kathrine Switzer running the Boston marathon 50 years after she was physically removed from the race because it was Men Only. The first Olympic marathon was held in 1896. It was open to men only and was won by a Greek named Spyridon Louis. A woman named Melpomene snuck onto the […]

Making bins more convenient boosts recycling and composting rates

(University of British Columbia) Want to recycle or compost more? Try moving the bins closer, new UBC research suggests.The study shows that placing bins 1.5 meters away from suite doors drastically boosts recycling and composting rates by 141 per cent. The findings highlight how small changes in convenience can have a big impact on performance.

Daring declaration

(Harvard University) After discovering a highly rare copy of the Declaration of Independence in a small records office in the south of England, Harvard researchers were able to date the document to the 1780s, and say it sheds light on the tumultuous politics of the era just after the Revolutionary War.

New survey -- Snapchat & Instagram are most popular social media platforms among American teens

(NORC at the University of Chicago) A new nationally representative survey of American teenagers age 13-17 finds that teens have shifted their favored social media platforms and are now most likely to use Instagram and Snapchat. TheShow More Summary

Weight expectations: Context and distraction skew what we predict and remember

(Michigan Technological University) Context can alter something as basic as our ability to estimate the weights of simple objects. As we learn to manipulate those objects, context can even tease out the interplay of two memory systems and shows how distraction can affect multitasking.

That's what friends are for

(British Psychological Society) Friendships play a vital role in helping people get through substantial challenges in life, according to a new study.

AATS consensus statement helps manage treatment of coronary anomalies

(American Association for Thoracic Surgery) Researchers are still trying to fully understand anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery (AAOCA) and its relationship to adverse health outcomes in humans, especially children. Using the...Show More Summary

Opioid addiction increases likelihood of death tenfold in general healthcare settings

(University of California - Los Angeles) People who are addicted to opioids and receiving their medical care in a general health care setting were more than 10 times as likely to die during a four-year period than people without substance abuse problems, UCLA researchers have found.

Tory Party Campaign Strategy

And they're off! This is less a two-horse race of LibDem leaflet fame, and more a thorough bred tearing up the track as the knackered and no-hopers settle into a canter. At least that's how the Conservatives and their helpful friends in the press and broadcast media see it. Show More Summary

The protein CHIP unfurls anti-aging activity

(University of Cologne) Not only does our way of life determine how long we live but so too does our genetic material. Of particular importance here is a genetic program that is controlled by the insulin receptor. A team of researchers...Show More Summary

Nonlinear waves in bounded media

(World Scientific) Professors Mortell and Seymour give a step-by-step synopsis of their forty-five years of research on nonlinear waves. This is the first book to systematically address propagation and reflection of nonlinear hyperbolic and dispersive waves in bounded and stratified media. Show More Summary

Economists put price to resources damaged in BP oil spill

(University of California - San Diego) The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the largest maritime oil spill in US history. Almost seven years to the day after the start of the environmental disaster, researchers have published a price tag of the damage done to natural resources: $17.2 billion.

it’s all about contexts

It is my pleasure to announce that Rashawn Ray and I will join Contexts as the new editors in Winter 2018. Contexts: Understanding People in Their Social worlds is the ASA’s magazine which brings the cutting edge of sociology to the public. Rashawn and I are humbled by the appointment. A lot of top notch people […]

Bill O’Reilly was paid more to leave FOX than FOX paid the women he harassed. Is this progress? Yes.

Sometimes you have to take the long view. This week Bill O’Reilly — arguably the most powerful political commentator in America — was let go from his position at Fox News. The dismissal came grudgingly. News broke that he and Fox had paid out $13 million dollars to women claiming O’Reilly sexually harassed them; Fox […]

Effects of alcoholism on the brain's reward system may be different in women than in men

(Massachusetts General Hospital) A collaborative study between researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University School of Medicine has found evidence implying that alcoholism may have different effects on the reward system in the brains of women than it does in men.

Study shows hearing tests miss common form of hearing loss

(University at Buffalo) Traditional clinical hearing tests often fail to diagnose patients with a common form of inner ear damage that might otherwise be detected by more challenging behavioral tests, according to the findings of a University at Buffalo-led study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

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