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Why the Great War Was Not Stopped

A century on and the establishment are still soft-soaping it. So no Dave, no. Britain didn't declare war against Germany for the sake of poor little Belgium, the rights of small nations or for the defence of neutrality. Those then groaning under the weight of our empire might have had a thing or two to say about these matters after all. Show More Summary

That’s Fishy: From Scent to Suspicion and Back

Earlier this year I reviewed a study that found that, simply by changing the weight of an object in hand, psychologists can manipulate how seriously a person takes an issue.  In other words, when holding something heavy, matters seem heavy.  Or, concerns seem weightier when one is weighed down. Thanks to an email from USC professor […]

Stephen Colbert Welcomes Trans-Caucasians

What do you get when you cross University of Minnesota Sociology professor Carolyn Liebler, census data, and issues of identity? This segment on the Colbert Report. The Colbert Report               The Word – A Darker Shade of Pale   In this segment, the Comedy Central satirist pulled a quote from […]

in praise of family existentialism

When it comes to the cultural injunctions of the Guardian and Radio 4, I'm pretty obedient. In the past couple of weeks, I've seen Richard Linklater's film Boyhood and ploughed through most of the second volume of Karl Ove Knausgaard's...

Ridge Racer Type 4 for the PlayStation

It's not news that the fifth generation of consoles left a legacy of some truly ugly games. Something like the first iteration of Tomb Raider on the PlayStation or Sega Saturn looks rank by today's standards. Back then it was very well-received and appreciated as a technical achievement, but no one ever thought the game was pretty. Show More Summary

comment on museums and orgtheory

Dirk vom Lehn is a lecturer in marketing, interaction, and technology at King’s College London. He is very interested in ethnomethodology and interactionism. He wrote this short comment about museums. The Organization of Museums Dirk vom Lehn (King’s College London) @dirkvl It’s holiday season and many of the readers are going not only to […]

Sunday Fun: Academic Writing MadLib

Found here thanks to Jason S. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

my favorite weird al video of the week

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power

Saturday Stat: Median Household Income Fell by 1/3 since 2003

According to a June 2014 Russell Sage Foundation report, the average U.S. household experienced a real wealth decline of more than one-third over the 10 years ending in 2013. Table 1 shows that the net worth of the median household fell from $87,992 in 2003 to $56,335 in 2013, for a decline of 36%.  In fact, […]

Folk Festival

August 2, 2014 Posted by Jay Livingston Folks used to be simple, ordinary people. They were the folks of folk music – not urban and certainly not urbane. Folks were down-homey – the folks who live in my hometown. Or folks were literally...Show More Summary


Some of you are attending the Academy of Management meetings this weekend in Philadelphia. As always, AOM is chock-full of parties, receptions, business meetings, and a few interesting panels as well. Here are a few of the panels that I think are worth seeing: Habitus: Theoretical Foundations and Operationalization for Organization and Management Theory (including […]

Saturday Interview: Rowan Draper

Rowan Draper is a Labour Councillor on Stafford Borough Council, Secretary of the Constituency Party, and a founder member of the Young Labour Councillors Network. He was shortlisted for the LGiU's Young Councillor of the Year 2014 Award. Show More Summary

fiona rae discusses her art

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power

a failing school is a school that refuses to fail

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the Poconos this week with old college friends. Three of us were housemates junior and senior years, and we knew all three of our spouses then too. We’ve stayed in touch—weddings helped for a number of years—and always talked about renting a house one summer, but never did. In […]

When Genocide is Permissible

Never. Well, sometimes. Or at least thinking aloud about it is okay. Why else would The Times of Israel publish such a thing? They may have removed it in short order, but as we know once things get on the internet...Yochanan Gordon's execrable screed shits on the memory of his ancestors. Show More Summary

“Black and White Twins” and the Social Construction of Race

Flashback Friday. This remarkable newspaper article illustrates how skin color (which is real) gets translated into categorical racial categories (which are not).  The children in the images below — Kian and Remee Hodgson – are fraternal twins born to two bi-racial parents: The story attempts to explain the biology: Skin colour is believed to be determined by up to […]

Happy Birthday, Pierre Bourdieu!

Source: Teoría Sociológica. Have a scholar we should commemorate?  Send us a wacky pic and we will!

Local Council By-Elections July 2014

Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- June Average/ contest +/- August +/- Seats Conservative 40 17,652 29.3% +7.0% 441 +6 -7 Labour 38 15,497 25.7% -19.9% 408 -579 +5 LibDem 26 6,709 11.1% +9.2% 258 +186 +2 UKIP 34 9,197 15.3%...Show More Summary

Five Most Popular Posts for July

This month's five most-read were... 1. On the "Obsession" with Israel and Palestine 2. The SWP's Moral Vacuity 3. Investigating Paedophile Politicians 4. Effacing Rolf Harris 5. Lauren Goodger" Against Revenge Porn No prizes for guess a post about Israel and Palestine would come top in July. Show More Summary

the creationism museum: lessons for social movement theory

This summer, Casey Oberlin finished her Ph.D. and she will soon join the sociology faculty of Grinnell College. Her dissertation is a fascinating study of the Creationism Museum in Kentucky. It’s hard to do proper service to such a rich work, but I’d like to summarize some key points for students of social movements and […]

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