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amalgamating parental and work responsibilities in the workplace: one recommended reading

While at a conference in California during grad school, a fellow attendee had to run back to her hotel room at mid-day. To me, she explained that she had to pump breastmilk for her baby, who was back at home in the Midwest with the other parent. This was one of my first encounters with […]

Happy Birthday to Erving Goffman!

Borrowed from QuotesPictures. And thanks to the Mizzou sociology graduate students! Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

What Not To Do When a Woman Runs for Preisdent

Jennifer Pozner, Kat Lazo, Zerlina Maxwell, and Samhita Mukhopadhyay join Jay Smooth to discuss a few no-nos for the media this campaign season. Pozner sums it up: Look, this matters. By focusing on personal, gendered, irrelevant details about women...Show More Summary

teaching, tenure, and academic freedom

As events continue to unfold in Wisconsin, defenses of tenure are popping up in various places. For the most part, these are focused on how weakening tenure would 1) limit academic freedom, 2) drive faculty to other universities, and 3) subject them to political reprisals. These are all true. One only has to think about […]

oh, bonferroni!

I was recently working on a paper and a co-author said, “Yo, let’s slow down and Bonferroni.” I had never done that statistical position before and I thought it might hurt. I was afraid of a new experience. So, I popped out my 1,000 page Greene’s econometrics… and Bonferroni is not in there. It’s actually […]

George Osborne's Very Political Economics

The Conservative Party is structurally stupid. As a force the Gods of social dynamics have condemned to a slow and unlamented decline, so madness inevitably manifests itself in all manner of horrible pathologies. A more signal example...Show More Summary

the report of the "death of marriage" was an exaggeration

November 18, 2010 the Pew Research Center released a research study conducted in conjunction with TIME, that was provocatively, if inaccurately, titled "Decline of Marriage." The research was a survey of Americans' attitudes about marriage and family. Show More Summary

Booming businesses, weakened workers

This short snippet of a report from an economic journalist is worth a look, but even more important and insightful are many of the comments attached to the article: Booming businesses, weakened workers | Journalist Profile |Put succinctly...Show More Summary

one small proposal for getting from here to there

Our earth is undergoing measurable global climate warming that has a significant anthropogenic component, with the primary anthropogenic contribution to warming coming from the steady increase in CO2 emissions from the use of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Show More Summary

weather is not climate, but....

The Weather Channel's website has a number of nifty new features. One of which provides you with lots of information about how your current month (and previous month) stack up against historical weather patterns. I've captured the screen shots for my zip code 41825, for June 2010 and July 2010. Show More Summary

how shall we live? part 1

My attention has returned in recent days to a theme that has long concerned me, a theme that has popped up in several very interesting blogs. Will of Zen Agnostic sums this theme up nicely in this quote: "most of what the doctors are calling mental illness, clinical depression, neurotic behavior - this not illness. Show More Summary

Obama administration beats Reagan hands down on unemployment

The recession of 2008-2010 is acknowledged by economists and politicians alike as having been by far the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's. President Obama and his administration have been attacked for having high levels of unemployment as a result of this recession. Show More Summary

cracked magazine discusses how the media makes people hate protestors

Cracked is one of the best mainstream media sources for good social science analysis (no joke). From their article about why people hate protestors: Wait For One Of Them To Break The Law, Then Talk Only About That… This might literally be the oldest trick in the book. I’m thinking powerful people have been doing […]

Powerful People are Sensitive to Injustice, but Mostly When They are its Victims

Compared to the less powerful, more powerful people feel more entitled to be treated fairly, are quicker to identify an instance in which they are mistreated, and more likely to take action in response. These are the findings of a new study by social psychologist Takuya Sawaoka and colleagues. They defined power as “disproportionate control […]

Dave's EU-Turns

A month into Dave's second term at it's handbags at dawn in the Tory party already. What a shame. Rattled by last week's announcement of 50 No-Ultras that they exist, Dave did a characteristic volte-face. In an attempt to appear tough...Show More Summary

Harassment and Power in the Classroom

By Karen Sternheimer California law requires that managers and supervisors receive anti-harassment training every other year. As a faculty member, I am considered a supervisor so I have taken this online training course several times now. I actually find it...

organizational ethnography and pseudonyms: at what cost?

‘Tis the season to talk about behind-the-scenes techniques and public presentation of ethnography.   At the Eastern Sociological Society meeting this past spring, Colin Jerolmack gave a compelling talk about the convention of ethnographic pseudonyms, based on a paper he’s writing with Alexandra Murphy, slated for a special issue of Sociological Methods and Research. They […]

place and institutional work: creating housing for the hard-to-house by thomas lawrence and graham dover

Administrative Science Quarterly has a forthcoming article by Thomas Lawrence and Graham Dover. It connects current institutional theory to the study of place: The places in which organizational life occurs can have profound impacts on actors, actions, and outcomes but are largely ignored in organizational research. Drawing on ideas from social geography, we explore the […]

ruin your cv – write for orgtheory!

Next week, I will be on blogcation. If you ever wanted to wreck your academic career, send us a guest post. Our acceptance rate is 99%, we have no deadlines, and we provide no editorial guidance. Topics: Academia/ the sociological profession/management Sociology Management Political science Economics Education Health We welcome academic analysis of current events, […]

Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing

No blogging tonight, but there is some top quality choonage. A bit of a grower this one. It only took me 20 years to like it.

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