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A Spritely Thunderstorm from Space

You’d think that by now, deep into the 21 st century, we’d have a pretty good handle on how something as common as lightning works. But in fact there are still lots of mysteries to these gigantic bolts of electrical current, and a lot...Show More Summary

Spotlighting Australia’s Languages: Tamil

We Australians don't know much about the languages spoken in our own country - so Fully Sic is here to help! Over the coming months, we'll be featuring a series of posts about languages spoken around the country. Today, Niru Perera tells us about Tamil.

the new civic mission in higher education

Wrapping up my guest blogging stint, I thought I’d take a look forward at my new project on deep democracy initiatives in higher education. I didn’t touch on the important role of higher education in the public engagement industry much in DIY Democracy—in part because it felt like a whole other topic, but largely because […]

OK, Fine: One More Gorgeous Perseids Photo

I know, I put up some photos of the Perseid meteor shower a couple of days ago, and again yesterday. But c’mon. Look at this! It was taken by astrophotographer Brad Goldpaint (who has been featured on this blog many times) on Aug. 13, 2015. Show More Summary

What Is the F--kboy?

A good insult requires no elaboration. We feel it before we understand it. That’s why some slurs resonate even when we’re not sure who or what they’re defaming. Consider the strange case of fuckboy, which plays a central role in Nancy...Show More Summary

Global Warming Is Here and Now: July 2015 Was the Hottest Month on Record

Both NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency are reporting that July 2015 was the hottest July on record—and those records go back to before 1900. The Japanese chart makes this most clear: That last dot on the right is last month, July 2015. Show More Summary

This Isn’t About Race

August 17, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston Bill Clinton, facing impeachment in the Senate, chose fellow Arkansan and former Senator Dale Bumpers to make the closing argument for the defense. The impeachment charges were perjury and obstruction of justice. Show More Summary


August 16, 2015 Posted by Jay Livingston Yet another article about microaggressions and trigger warnings and the like, this one in the Atlantic, written by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. Oh dear, college students are demanding to be treated like toddlers. Show More Summary

Metaphysical Daring as a Posthuman Survival Strategy

For those of you who have been holding off on getting your brains destructively uploaded, I have a couple of bits of good news. There's a new video and a paper draft available for my project, "Metaphysical Daring as a Posthuman Survival...Show More Summary

Sandra Bland: Talking While Black

Below is a guest post by Nicole Holliday, Rachel Burdin, and Joseph Tyler: Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and the tragic series of events that occurred afterwards have been the subject of many recent think pieces, but few authors have examined why the initial traffic stop went wrong in the first place. The most obvious explanation […]

Crash Course Astronomy: Brown Dwarfs

Last week’s Crash Course Astronomy was particularly fun for me, because I love the topic of exoplanets. It’s one of my favorite new fields of astronomy. But not my only favorite. Another is brown dwarfs, objects between the masses of planets and stars. Show More Summary

Patriarchy, marriage, and the proposal script

Flashback Friday. In the contemporary U.S., individuals choose who to marry based on personal preference, but there is a specific script by which those choices become a wedding day. Not everyone follows the script, but everyone knows it: the man decides to ask the woman to marry him, he buys a ring, he arranges a […]

Video: An Introduction to

If you’re familiar with Cato’s project, then you probably know that according to the available data, people today are wealthier, healthier, better educated, and less exposed to violence than in the past. provides you with the tools to explore how the state of humanity has changed over time. Show More Summary

Does Science Prove God?

No. I could just stop there, but I’ll elaborate. Earlier this year Prager University posted a Youtube video hosted by Eric Metaxas in which he argues that science is the best argument for the existence of god. (The text is the same as his 2014 WSJ article.) It was nothing surprising – he simply trots out [...]

Thursday assorted links

1. Was 1917 the start of modern political discourse?  If so, what does that say about us? 2. The Chipotle hack. 3. Survey on the use of videos in economic research dissemination.  And I like the Demon Sheep ad. 4. Glenn Weyl’s start-up. 5. Why the current shortage of cooks? 6. Michael Orthofer reviews the […]

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