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IPA’s weekly links

Guest post by Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action. It’s remarkably hard to solve the puzzle of why small and medium enterprises in the developing world don’t grow more, in fact IPA has a whole program devoted to answering … Continue reading ? The post IPA’s weekly links appeared first on Chris Blattman.

“Saving Eliza” Campaign Helps Another Child

Valerie Byers had long suspected that her son Will’s diagnosis of autism was wrong. So when she saw a clip on the homepage of the Today Show about a little girl named Eliza, in late February, she knew instantly that 5-year-old … Continue reading » The post “Saving Eliza” Campaign Helps Another Child appeared first on DNA Science Blog.


The OED has not yet held a Word Induction Ceremony for derp, nor has that word risen above the noise floor in the Google Books ngram viewer. But the current Google News index estimates 36,200 results for derp, and only a few of them are references to the California Independent System Operators' Distributed Energy Resource Provider (DERP) […]

Links I liked

A theory of civil disobedience Is Amy Schumer the Jon Stewart of feminism? This and this brilliant skit. She might be the most refreshing and talented comic today. Foreigners who love to love the President of Rwanda: Remember today as … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Visual Turn II: Teaching to Take Stock

Encounters with art and design by an anthropologist and curious non-expert in visual culture. Earlier this year I was reading the Internet and came across Duke University Press’ list of “Best books of 2014”. Scrolling through, I was held by the title Syllabus: Notes from An Accidental Professor. Show More Summary

How Berber is the Arabic of the Chaamba?

As unfortunately foreshadowed by my last post, violence broke out again in Ghardaia recently between Chaamba and Mozabites. At least 22 were killed, most of them Mozabite. As far as I can tell, not one newspaper has ventured to report...Show More Summary

Listen to French: 50+ Incredible French Listening Resources

Happy Bastille Day! Joyeux Le Quatorze Juillet ! To celebrate the French national holiday, let’s get into a specific aspect of learning this language. No matter how much you read French, or even practise speaking French, it can still be tricky to listen to French. Show More Summary

Is SeaWorld Honest About the Health and Safety of Captive Orcas?

In April of this year, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment launched a national campaign trumpeting its commitment to the health and safety of captive orcas. Featured prominently in the commercial are two SeaWorld employees: Lara, a veterinarian,...Show More Summary

Yes, Ukraine is still in crisis. Would becoming a ‘buffer state’ help?

The Russian-Ukrainian crises has trudged on for months now with no end in sight. The recent escalation, with pictures released of a Russian forward operating base in Eastern Ukraine, only brings home the need for a solution. Russia seems disinclined to escalate the conflict beyond sending limited arms and special forces, the rebels are constrained […]

Parish Notices: An exciting new blog, a Blogging Survey with a Prize + the future in the Stars

An exciting new blog to visit For some time I have been discussing some interesting research with Michael Carter of Ryerson University; He has been working on a project to utilise modern graphics engines to build virtual Native longhouses. Show More Summary

Digital Reconstruction of Holt Castle

Robbed of stone to build Eaton Hall in C17, little today remains of the Edwardian castle of Holt a favourite of Richard II’s. Towards the end of his reign it became Richard’s royal treasury storing an estimated 100,000 marks (£66,000) just before his downfall. Show More Summary

Macdonald's Minionese: WTF?

As a tie-in with Minions the movie, Macdonalds is giving out a dozen different Minions toys with Happy Meals. Like the Minions in the movie, the toys speak the invented language "Minionese" — though you have to bump or hit the toys to get them to respond. The response to this marketing initiative has been dominated […]

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Two Rarely Heard Cuts from the '60s

This wonderfully creative but rarely played song by The Lovin' Spoonful dates from 1966. Six O'Clock is one of the songs that captures for me the 'magic' of those fabulous and far-off days. Same goes for Van Morrison and Them's...

Super R-Type for the Super Nintendo

R-Type. There was a point in time when that name was synonymous with horizontal-scrolling shooters. When it hit the arcades in 1987, the splash it made was huge. It wasn't the first of its kind, and by that time the acquisition of power-ups were pretty standard too. Show More Summary

Srebrenica at 20 years: How do we study genocide?

On Saturday, July 11, 2015, thousands will gather at the Potocari Memorial Center and Cemetery to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the day the U.N. Safe Area of Srebrenica fell to the Drina Corps of the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS), local police units, and supporting militias from Serbia. Thereafter, over the course of nine […]

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