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Anthropologies #21: Global Warming is not a Crisis

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the Anthropologies #21 series.For the next installment of the anthropologies issue on climate change, we have a counterpoint essay from Lee Drummond. Drummond is a retired professor of social/cultural anthropology...Show More Summary

Trevor Paglen Plumbs the Internet

The late senator Ted Stevens, of Alaska, took flak for calling the Internet “a series of tubes,” but his phrase, however analog, hits on a truth that we frequently forget: there is a physical infrastructure undergirding our seemingly ethereal global network. Show More Summary

Capitalism and Morality: Walter Williams vs. Pope Francis

The biggest mistake of well-meaning leftists is that they place too much value on good intentions and don’t seem to care nearly as much about good results. Pope Francis is an example of this unfortunate tendency. His concern for theShow More Summary

Anthropologies #21: Betwixt and Between: Geological Phase Transition, Adaptive Co-Management, and Anthropology

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the Anthropologies #21 series.The next piece in the anthropologies climate change series comes from Michael Agar. His bio is here. Check out more of his work on the rest of the Ethnoworks site, or email him at magar AT umd dot edu. Show More Summary

Robopocalypse #23: If Drones Built a Bridge, Would you Walk Over it?

Drones: Drones build a rope bridge (see above for video). Albania has requested its fans NOT fly drones at Oct. 8 European Championship qualifier against Serbia. Last year a fan fly in a drone with an Albanian flag and caused a stink.The potential for armed consumer drones is the industry's latest headache. Show More Summary

Links & Reviews

- As if they needed more bad news: the BPL has temporarily closed its rare book department for an assessment after a "significant mold outbreak."- Megan Cottrell has a short piece in American Libraries about thwarting book thefts, featuring...Show More Summary

Does Matter Think?

If matter (wholly material beings) could think, then matter would not be matter as currently understood. Can abstracta think? Sets count as abstracta. Can a set think? Could the set of primes contemplate itself and think the thought, I am...


A microburst might sound like some astronomical minicatastrophe, but it’s actually a much more terrestrial event: A sudden accelerating downdraft of wind from a cloud that can, at times, be quite violent. Some are dry, with just air descending at high speed, while some are wet, loaded with water. Show More Summary

Physics Week in Review: September 19, 2015

Check out this week's sampling of tasty physics links! Me at Gizmodo: Charges Dropped Against Temple University Physicist Accused of Spying for China. Xiaoxing Xi was wrongly indicted because Justice Department didn't understand the physics. Quantum "Weeping Angel" Effect Freezes...

US Air Force Special Operations Wants Tube Launched, Expendable Drone for AC-130s Targeting

US Air Force Special Operations Command wants an expendable, tube-launched small unmanned aerial vehicle for its AC-130 “battleplane” for peering beneath cloud cover to direct gunfire and precision-guided munitions.The special forces...Show More Summary

Current Situation in Syria

The news from Thomas van Linge is not looking good for anyone, for Syria, for the archaeological heritage preserved in government-held territory which is still shrinking: The situation in Syria as of 16/09/2015, Thomas has not shown the Russian troops fighting together with Assad's army in Latakia region. https://www. FnGFU …

Listen to Russian: 50+ Incredible Russian Listening Resources

Due to popular demand, we’ll continue to expand on languages we share resources for, here on fluentin3months. Today, I’ve invited native speaker Anna Breslavskaya to help us dive in. Let’s see what she came up with: ?????? ????! Hello everyone! It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of listening when learning a foreign language. Show More Summary

Your ears emit sounds

There’s a fascinating article on the evolution of hearing in The Scientist that also contains an interesting gem – your ears produce sounds as well as perceiving them. In addition to amplifying hair-cell activity, these active mechanisms manifest as spontaneous movements of the hearing organ, oscillating even in the absence of sound stimuli. Such spontaneous […]

Robopocalypse #22: No One Says the Robopocalypse Can't be CUTE!

a drone fly over of Apple's new campus in Cupertino. Drones:In this day and age of the drone, I am surprised anyone takes UFO's seriously. In Russia, they do. oy.Keystone Agricultural Producers, in Canada, doesn't want the new droneShow More Summary

Why is he back to Canada after being away for 34 years?

"Why is Michael Ignatieff back to Canada after being away for 34 years?" The new conservative ad attacks the leader of the Liberals in Canada on the basis of his alleged unpatriotism: he has been away from Canada for 34 years! This means, he doesn't care about and he doesn't know 'Canada' anymore. Show More Summary

Philosophical Imitations

Stanley Cavell, in "Austin at Criticism", writes: " would be something of an irony if it turned out that Wittgenstein's manner were easier to imitate than Austin's; in its way, something of a triumph for the implacable professor" (114). Show More Summary

Compounding a fraud

By now, many or most of my readers, I'm sure, have read of the scandal surrounding Lincoln historian Thomas P. Lowry. There are several online articles detailing how Lowry admitted, earlier this month, to falsifying a date on an Abraham Lincoln soldier pardon in the National Archives from 1864 to 1865. Show More Summary

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