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In Light of Rachel Dolezal, Remember “Iron Eyes Cody”

Most people middle aged or older remember the “Crying Indian” campaign for Keep America Beautiful: Most of them, by now, also know that Iron Eyes Cody was no Native American. Born to Sicilian Immigrants in southwestern Louisiana in 1904, Espera Oscar de Corti became an actor in his youth, and found that he could “pass” as […]

Stephen Curry and the duration of the great stagnation

Stephen Curry set a record In May of this year: It took Reggie Miller 22 games to set an NBA playoff record of 58 three-pointers for the Indiana Pacers in the 2000 playoffs. Now, Stephen Curry has broken that mark in just 13 games. He is now up in the 80s I believe.  Curry, by […]

Various Links

Ordered from the more to less serious… On the geometric Langlands front, there’s video posted today of this talk by Dennis Gaitsgory. Michael Harris has already commented here about the local geometric Langlands conjecture in terms of 2-categories that Gaitsgory … Continue reading ?

The Limits of the Virtuoso

Pierre Bourdieu, in his famous critique of structuralism from Outline of a Theory of Practice, says: only a virtuoso with a perfect command of his “art of living” can play on all the resources inherent in the ambiguities and uncertainties of behavior and situation in order to produce the actions appropriate to each case, to … Continue reading The Limits of the Virtuoso ?

Minor Ukrainian War Update: ??????? ???????

This is the DNR leader arguing with a crowd. They are angry about being used as human shields because the DNR is placing their artillery in the residential areas. Likewise, a number of them are arguing they are part of Ukraine and they want the war to stop. Show More Summary

Bad Astronomy Video: Rainbow Falls

A video of an astonished crowd at a restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls went semi-viral recently, showing a circular rainbow created by spray from the water. Seeing a circular rainbow is rare, since you need fairly particular circumstances...Show More Summary

What Monty Python can teach us about Magna Carta on its 800th birthday

As the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta approaches, and we turn to asking what it all means, I can’t help but think of Monty Python’s take on the question. In one sketch, John Cleese opened the debate with this: “The Magna Carta – was it a document signed at Runnymede in 1215 by King John pledging […]

Religion and Rock and Roll

As this Lenten season draws to close, I find myself going over two song in my head and contemplating their potential for religious insight. The two songs are Like a Stone by AudioSlave and Michael Jordan by Five for Fighting. Near the beginning of Lent, I read through the Catechism in my Book of Common Prayer. Show More Summary

Iridium Attack on Jupiter!

I really need to stop being surprised by Thierry Legault. He’s an astrophotographer who specializes in getting ridiculously difficult real-time events. He excels at capturing satellites transiting (crossing in front of) astronomicalShow More Summary

Crash Course Astronomy: Outtakes 2

When you watch an episode of Crash Course Astronomy, I’m sure you think to yourself, “Wow, this is surely the most polished and amazing series that has ever graced YouTube, nay, all of media since time immemorial!” because most people...Show More Summary

Premiered This Day (1958): The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Directed by Eugène Lourié, this was Ray Harryhausen’s first solo film after having finished his apprenticeship with Willis O’Brien on Mighty Joe Young. Apparently the dinosaur skeleton in the museum sequence was the same one used in Bringing Up Baby.

Photo Friday from the Western Argolid

Some photographs from the first full week of the Western Argolid Regional Project. Only two more weeks left! More crenelation!

Mexican Pointy Boots and Subcultural Theory

By Teresa Irene Gonzales While looking for videos to share with my Urban Sociology course this past term, I came across a mini-documentary from 2012 on Vice that chronicles the rise of a cultural phenomenon that centers around extremely pointy...

Snowy DaysWe’re almost ready to release the first rescued...

We put harmless dots on snowy plover chicks to tell them apart until they're old enough to be banded. We put harmless dots on snowy plover chicks to tell them apart until they're old enough to be banded. Snowy Days We’re almost ready...Show More Summary

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