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Honoring MLK With a Clever Starbucks Ad

4 months agoArts : Straight Up

Watch Martin Luther King Jr. giving his greatest address, the “I have a dream” speech of Aug. 28, 1963, delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Listen to his peerless “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” of April 16, 1963, in which he defends direct-action nonviolence, explains its principles, expresses his disappointment with […]

Room, Spotlight and The Big Short

4 months agoArts / Writing :

With Craig out of town, John invites Aline Brosh McKenna and Rawson Marshall Thurber over to discuss three of the best-picture contenders and their unusual scripts. None of them have classic protagonist-antagonist setups, and all three upend expectations of narrative structure. We talk about both how they work and why they work.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

4 months agoArts / Writing :

In preparation for our live show with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, we’re re-running this episode from the Scriptnotes archive.

Ice ice baby

4 months agoArts : Parterre Box

Now, understand, this is the snippiest of snippets, but it is indeed the first hint of Anna Netrebko's Turandot!

Random Advice 2015

4 months agoArts / Writing :

Doc McStuffins creator Chris Nee joins Craig and John to answer listener questions that have nothing to do with screenwriting.

Scriptnotes Holiday Show 2015

5 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig welcome special guests Malcolm Spellman, Natasha Leggero, Riki Lindhome and Alan Yang to the third annual Scriptnotes Holiday show, recorded live on December 9th, 2015 in Hollywood. Malcolm Spellman is a producer on EMPIRE, and one of our most popular Scriptnotes guests ever. He also set a new record for swearing. Riki […]

Feel the Nerd Burn

5 months agoArts / Writing :

Craig and John discuss three new entries in the Three Page Challenge, looking at how simple mistakes and confusing word choices can hurt the read.

Redux: Dear Cannibals, Have a Happy Thanksgiving

5 months agoArts : Straight Up

Our Thanksgiving team of William S. Burroughs and Norman O. Mustill has been a happy pairing. It still is. But the Straight Up staff of thousands added a sweetener, something like cranberry sauce, to last year’s celebration. Here ‘tiz again: Words by Heathcote Williams, narration and montage by Alan Cox. And from Straight Up’s Thanksgiving […]

Only haters hate rom-coms

5 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig talk romantic comedies with screenwriter Tess Morris, whose film Man Up is unapologetically part of the genre.

Whiplash, on paper and on screen

6 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig take an in-depth look at two scenes in Damien Chazelle’s WHIPLASH to see how conflicts were structured -- and what changed from script to shooting.

Live from Austin 2015

6 months agoArts / Writing :

Craig and John return to the Austin Film Festival for a supersize live show with guests Nicole Perlman and Steve Zissis.

Marisol Limon Martinez Talks About Her Book-Length Poem, Via Dissumulata, for KMSU Radio

Artist, poet, musician, and all-around gem Marisol Limon Martinez talks about her book-length poem, Via Dissimulata (Octopus Books 2015), for the Weekly Reader on KMSU Radio (that’s the local radio station for Minnesota State University at Mankato, if you weren’t aware). Martinez is also the author of First Space, Then Structures (Nothing Moments Publishing), and […]

From Digital to Dust

Kanye West, “Through the Wire”, from The College Dropout (2003). There’s no accounting for the habits of the collector. Some spend their lives focused on a single niche, others hop around specialties and formats, playing hopscotch with the cultural artifacts that define their obsessions and fill their apartments. As a lifelong collector of recorded music I... More

Bizet, Bizet, Bizet!

6 months agoArts : Parterre Box

“Trove Thursday” presents Don Procopio, an early two-act confection in Italian featuring an all-star French (and Belgian) cast.

Nobody Knows Anything (including what this quote means)

6 months agoArts / Writing :

Craig and John get to the bottom of William Goldman’s famous quotation about Hollywood, which is so often misapplied. Then it’s a discussion of zombie cars, wind-tunnels, blockbusters, and the paradox of choice.

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