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The Thrill: Kimmy Schmidt, Can-Con, and the Simpsons

Our pop-culture podcast on the good and bad of the new Tina Fey show, what the CRTC's announcement means for Canadian TV, and Sam Simon's legacy The post The Thrill: Kimmy Schmidt, Can-Con, and the Simpsons appeared first on

The Coyote Could Stop Any Time

4 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig take a look at the self-imposed rules behind the Road Runner cartoons, and how limiting one’s choices is different than following dogma.

The Thrill pop-culture podcast: A little bit of comics relief

We talk about comic-book culture and race with Eisner-winning artist Chip Zdarsky, and discuss Madonna's new album The post The Thrill pop-culture podcast: A little bit of comics relief appeared first on

Friday Links: Business As Usual

4 months agoArts : Art Fag City

[caption id="attachment_71475" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Dog of the day[/caption] The negative reviews for MoMA’s Bjork show are snowballing. First, everyone hated the show. Now Jerry Saltz is calling for the heads of Glenn Lowry and Klaus Biesenbach. Show More Summary

They’re only in it for the do

4 months agoArts : Parterre Box

What with all the interest in the recent Rome performances of Aïda (and in part, at least, in Anja Harteros‘s approach to the high C in the Nile aria), La Cieca thought it would be fun to hear how some divas of the past and present have coped with that very challenging phrase. Show More Summary

The Thrill pop-culture podcast: Going to spin(-off) class

This week, we discuss spin-offs, binge-watching, and Chris Brown's border troubles The post The Thrill pop-culture podcast: Going to spin(-off) class appeared first on

Malcolm Spellman, a Study in Heat

4 months agoArts / Writing :

Screenwriter Malcolm Spellman joins Craig and John to talk about his big break, blown opportunities, and getting momentum back. Now part of the smash hit Empire, he talks about the changes and challenges African-American writers face both on the small screen and the big screen.

The Writing Life: Research, Ideas, Genre, Process And Tips For A Creative Career

I recently did a wide-ranging and fun interview on the Genretainment podcast with Marx Pyle and Julie Seaton. We talked about how I got into writing and why I write supernatural thrillers, the challenges when first starting out, the details of my writing life and how I get ideas and research books, plus tips on […]

The Thrill pop-culture podcast: An Oscars extravaganza!

The Maclean's pop culture podcast discusses the Oscars and 'Fifty Shades of Grey' The post The Thrill pop-culture podcast: An Oscars extravaganza! appeared first on

Cabinet Posts Audio From Launch of Eva Díaz’s The Experimenters: Chance and Design at Black Mountain College

Lucky us: Thanks to Cabinet Magazine, if you missed the launch for The Experimenters: Chance and Design at Black Mountain College (University of Chicago Press 2015), art historian Eva Díaz’s new book on Black Mountain College, a terrific audio recording of the event is now up on their site. The recording includes a performance by […]

Sir, how much is that (2nd Century B.C.E.) Vase in the Window? Part II

5 months agoArts : ARCAblog

2015 has barely started and antiquities traffickers continue to make headlines in multiple countries. In this three part series, ARCA will explore current art trafficking cases in detail to underscore that the ownership and commodification of the past continues. Show More Summary

Go Set a Spider-Man

5 months agoArts / Writing :

From Harper Lee to Sony to the Wheel of Time, it was a big week for studios trying to hold onto intellectual property. John and Craig discuss why those deals take such strange turns, including 1:30 a.m. airings on cable.

The Deal with the Gravity Lawsuit

5 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig do a deep dive on Tess Gerritsen’s lawsuit concerning Gravity, using the case as a way to talk about contracts, chain of title, adaptation and corporate ownership. Spoiler: It’s really complicated, but it’s really interesting too.

The One with Rebel Wilson and Dan Savage

5 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig discuss exploding scripts and stock scenes. Then in the second half of the show, we welcome two very special guests.

The Making of “Hamilton Fish”: Rachel Mason’s Eight-Year Saga

5 months agoArts : Art Fag City

“I do believe that there is cosmic synchronicity that we don’t understand,” Rachel Mason told me on a chilly night in her Long Island City studio. Eight years ago, she began researching an eighty-year-old newspaper story for her new opera “The Lives of Hamilton Fish”– the making of which, alone, is a long story.


5 months agoArts / Writing :

John and Craig pick up loose ends, with follow-up on previous episodes about “friends,” conflict, improv, Kindles, and defibrillation.

How to Create a Sustainable Writing Income [Interview with Danny Iny]

5 months agoArts / Writing : Write to Done

Creating a sustainable writing income is a struggle. I’m sure you know that! But maybe it’s important to look at some less-obvious applications of your writing skills. Check out what Danny Iny has to say about this in the following interview. Show More Summary

Bad Teachers, Good Advice and the Default Male

5 months agoArts / Writing :

Aline Brosh McKenna joins John and Craig to discuss the how movies featuring good mentors (Dead Poet’s Society, To Sir with Love) differ from films with bad mentors (Whiplash, The Devil Wears Prada). It’s not just that the teachers are bad guys; rather, the stories are structured completely differently.

The Conflict Episode

6 months agoArts / Writing :

Craig and John discuss conflict -- why it’s bad in real life but essential in screenwriting. We define six forms of conflict common in movies, then look at ways to sustain conflict within a scene and throughout a story.

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