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All of the sudden I am very burned out on social media. This came up for me because I've been working in some new mediums, and of course I feel the need to whip out my phone and document my process and some images. And then I think ought to share them, but I really don't feel like it.I know exactly why I don't feel like it. Show More Summary

Labor Day weekend in the Toe River Valley: Cousins in Clay, Digin' Pots and Soda Chicks & Chet

yesterdayArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Three clay events happening in the Toe River Valley near Bakersville and Burnsville this Labor Day weekend! Check out the links for all the details.Cousins in Clay at Michael Kline Pottery near BakersvilleWith Michael Kline, Bruce Gholson,...Show More Summary

Lion’s Mane/Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceus),

2 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Found this guy on our tree with Kristen Flournoy this afternoon. Really cool. Looks like a sea anemone on land! Or a bunch of spaghetti someone threw out. "Hericium erinaceus (also called Lion's Mane Mushroom, Bearded Tooth Mushroom,...Show More Summary

Glaze Workshop near Atlanta GA

3 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

This workshop has 25 people in it but they have added 5 spots so if you want to be a part of it call now. We are doing cone 6 glaze testing over a weekend and talking about glazes and firing. More Summary

Back to life without child

Last weekend about this time, I was a hot mess. My girl was out there in the world without me, traveling west, the house was a filthy wreck, I was sad and lost.....and tired from cleaning and hauling crap to the recycling center. Gerry was working and dealing with his dad down in Charlotte who had surgery the day Wesley left. Show More Summary

Silver Lining

Yeah, so, that art fair? The one I was so excited about? Kind of stunk for me. And by "kind of" I mean I missed making the booth fee back by $1.I'm told this was a good fair, until this year. It's that Reverse Midas Touch thing again!Or...Show More Summary

Big Lava Breakout On Pu'u O'o (Aug. 27)

4 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Just reminder that we live on a giant bubble of glaze that occasionally spills on to the kiln shelf!

Need housing in Asheville NC

5 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Looking to rent a house in the Asheville area starting Oct. 1st. I just got a contract on the house I'm selling in Virginia and have not yet found a house to buy in Asheville so I'm going to need a place to live for a while. I would prefer a house with a garage to store my pottery equipment but will consider an apartment. Show More Summary

Bailey Gas Kiln for Sale

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

I've sold nearly everything from the studio, except this beauty.It's a Bailey 18C Studio Deluxe Downdraft Kiln. Includes: shelves, furniture, pyrometer, multimeter, and kiln manual. Kiln modifications done by Ian Craven: arch top and front extended 6". Show More Summary

Clay Club meeting time changes for September and November and a question about October Clay Club

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Heads up, Clay Clubbers! Here's some important info about the next few Clay Club meetings (apologies in advance for the length of this post - there's a short summary at the end):For September - we'll be meeting at new Creative Arts Building at Haywood Community College. Show More Summary

FREE various magazines (near Penland NC)

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Ian Meares left 3 small boxes of some old ceramic magazines, like Studio Potter, Ceramics Monthly, Sculpture, etc. Anyone want them??828-467-5020

Potter wanted to share studio

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Looking for a studio mate to share West Asheville studio. Great location, perfect for a potter

Skutt Kiln and Peter Pugger FOR SALE Asheville Nc

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Skutt Automatic Kiln, Model: KM-1231PK --Cone 10, max temperature 2350 F--240 volts--3 Phase--17,300 watts--Depth interior: 31”--Diameter interior: 28”--Skutt Envirovent attached to the bottom of the kiln—pulls air through the kiln during firing, vents outsideWe fired the kiln about 90 times (bisque and cone 10). Show More Summary

Making Art, and Making Money

Check out this list. I'll wait.Top 25 Fine Craft Show ranked by average salesThese are the top craft shows in the nation. I am a little bit comforted in a misery-loves-company way, because I always thought my take, back when I did these sorts of event, was way below average. Show More Summary

Get a tissue

Dear Wesley, What an amazing person you are. I am so proud of you and to call myself your father. It's been 23 years ago since your mom and I were alone and on a grand adventure in Canada, in the west meadow. Which is where you and your name came from. Show More Summary

Designing Women

After weeks of prep and worry and more prep, it's time to saddle up. Whatever I forgot (ahem: business cards) I'll just have to do without; the weather will be whatever it is; people will come and buy, or they won't.If you are in Central...Show More Summary

Ready to Go!

The firing went well, the booth is finished (more or less), and I borrowed a canopy because I was stuck like Buridan's ass between the EZ-Up Eclipse or Envoy options. (The one is so expensive! But what if the other is a cheap piece of...Show More Summary

I don’t know if you knew but…

I don’t know if you knew but Douglas Fitch and I are getting married next week. I know, it’s been a kind of quiet thing really, not many people have heard! We have been making some collaborative jugs for holding … Continue reading ?

Potfest in the Park Time

Here we are boys and girls, it’s Potfest in the Park time again. Your annual weekend of gorgeous pottery in a gorgeous setting at Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith. Fitch & McAndrew will be there with our warm coloured pottery (even if … Continue reading ?

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