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How to Use Cheap Craft Store Tools to Add Playful Details to a Wheel Thrown Cup

Ever since buying one of Chandra Debuse's yunomi's a couple of years ago, I wondered how she created the biomorphic volumes that give these forms their wonderful Seuss-like quality. Turns out, they are made with the aid of craft foam - that craft store staple that is ubiquitous in children's art projects.Chandra reveals the secrets... Read More »

February Clay Club: Linda Christianson and Garth Johnson in WNC

yesterdayArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

There will be no formal Clay Club in February. Instead I'd like to encourage everyone to attend one or more of these FREE events next week with Linda Christianson and Garth Johnson. Linda will be at Haywood Community College next Monday and Tuesday, February 8th and 9th. Show More Summary

Successful Tips and Techniques for Raku Firing: How to Select Raku Clays, Glazes, Kilns and Combustibles

Raku firing is expressive, exciting and fun. Whether you’re raku firing in your own studio or taking part in a group raku firing at a school, workshop or community center, raku offers many rewards. Raku firing is one of the most exciting processes in ceramics. Show More Summary

Yesterday In Bed I Lay

Yesterday I was stuck in bed with either a cold or the flu - I can never tell the difference. I'd have been kicking myself for declining the free flu shot because I hate shots, but I was too wrung out. It was the kind of illness where...Show More Summary

Altering Wheel Thrown Pottery to Integrate Form with Surface Illustration

I am always amazed that no matter how long I have been making ceramic videos for Ceramic Arts Daily, each and every one has something new to offer. Our latest release, Gestural Imagery and Form with Mel Griffin, has some wonderful pottery design ideas, and in today’s clip, I am sharing one of them.In this... Read More »

Gestural Imagery & Form with Mel Griffin

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Mel Griffin presents her techniques for creating illustrated pottery that truly merges the surface and the form. A painter and illustrator at heart, but also in love with the ceramic process, Mel doesn’t simply draw on the surfaces of her work. Show More Summary

Keep looking.....

Our search continues. If the Universe is trying to teach me patience, I wish the lessons would end now, I got it, thanks! I have never been through such a futile process in all my life. We have been looking for a house for three years now. Show More Summary

First try this Saturday

I aways love how McGill Duncan Gallery manage to display their exhibitions so beautifully so I am looking forward to this coming Saturday when I am happy to be exhibiting work there alongside prints by Lisa Hooper and paintings by John Threlfall and Tracy Levine. Come along if you can, (drinks from 11.00 - 1.00pm), or call in over the next few weeks.

Valentine's Day Pottery For Couples

2 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Odyssey ClayWorks has a special treat in store for this Valentine's Day edition of Ready, Set, Throw. Come sip a glass of wine and nibble on chocolates while you and your partner explore the sensual aspects of clay. You can dig your hands in the clay, or work on a piece together. Show More Summary

The Market on Oak seeks WNC artists and craftspeople

2 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Here's the announcement from The Market on Oak's Facebook page:Calling All Artists! The Market on Oak in Spruce Pine is accepting applications from artists and craftspeople for the 2016 year! Do you have a home based business where you...Show More Summary

be creative despite reality

I've been sharing my basic approach to managing my day as well as my philosophy around it which comes down to this: ritual and systems. I want to make my life as easy as possible so I can expend my energy into making art. So let's get down to the nitty gritty. Show More Summary

The Irresistible Surface: Layering Pottery Glazes and Trapping Carbon to Create Loosely Geometric Repeating Patterns

As we all know, in ceramics, trial and error is an integral part of the learning process - and often it can feel like mostly error. But it's the way it goes with this medium, and each little bit of wisdom these little failures yield, gets us closer to success.Peter Karner developed his surface decoration... Read More »

Shop Online

I have a lot of great new pots for sale in my online Etsy shop, There are honey jars, bowls, mugs, cups, plates and more. These were all soda fired in my gas kiln using mostly a porcelain-like stoneware clay. I hand carve or impress textures and patterns onto all the surfaces. Show More Summary

Strike Three

Loan origination fee $500Due Diligence $400Contractor $200Inspection $420We put a halt on the septic inspection and pumping, the pest inspection and water testing...Money spent so far just to get to the place where we have discovered there are more issues with this house than we care to take on, so we are withdrawing our offer. Show More Summary


Pasty, lutefisk-looking pots The Demon Crudebake has been at work.Ugh, it's been so long since I had a bad firing I forgot how much it sucks. I was prepared for this one to be less than stellar; I knew the kiln wasn't firing right: climbing very slowly, and unevenly. Show More Summary

Notes from the Martha Grover Workshop

Yesterday Portland Pottery hosted Martha Grover, Maine's returning prodigal potter. (We didn't kill any fatted calves - I'm still using mine - but there were some excellent sandwiches on offer in the cafe.)If you get a chance to see Martha in action, go. Show More Summary

Linda Christianson - Visiting Artist! Haywood Community College

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

FREE Workshop - OPEN TO EVERYONE! Linda Christianson - Visiting Artist! Haywood Community College Professional Crafts Clay Program Creative Arts Building FREE & OPEN TO EVERYONE! Monday, Feb 8th 9am - 5pm - Demos and conversation Tuesday,...Show More Summary

You Might Want to Sign Up For This!

THINK BIG 2: Mastering the Marketplace A six-week interview series designed to get you and your ceramic career launched! Co-hosted by Ben Carter, artist and host of the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast and artist-designer Molly Hatch. Show More Summary


Here are a few videos from my Instagram feed showing some of the work I've been doing lately. Hover over or click the image to get the video rolling!Click here or on the instagram logo leow any of the videos to go to my Instagram page...Show More Summary

daily rituals

This is my second post in my series about how to manage the schedule of a creative business. If you missed my first post, read it! There has been a lot of interest lately in the daily ritual of artists and writers. I think it is a bit...Show More Summary

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