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Cats and Clay, a (Very) Brief History

Yup, that's a paw print alright. It appears cat have been wreaking havok for clay workers for at least a couple of millenia! Paw prints were found on 2000-year old Roman roof tiles, perhaps made when the tiles were laid out to dry. The...Show More Summary

Pottery Stuff FOR SALE!!! Hampton Virginia

2 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Shimpo RK Whisper $300CI Boss $225Billy Martin Treadle Wheel $175Olympic kiln/computer 2327 HE $525Bailey A-400 Pug Mill $650Rolling Thunder slab roller 24” $2256’ tall metal SS wire shelving4 to six shelves and two 3’Units with three...Show More Summary

Porch Sittin'

It seems like I have done a lot of porch sittin' this summer. I love a good porch, a great rocker, a cool evening with cicadas buzzing and lightening bugs flying around twinkling up the sky. Or an early morning when there is fog rolling by. Show More Summary


5 days agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

STARworks Clay Studio Program Director STARworks Center in Star NC is currently seeking a Clay Program Director. She/he is responsible for the overall creative and artistic direction and management of STARworks’ new (and still developing) Ceramic Artist Residency Programs. Show More Summary

At Last an Art Fair

The last art fair I did was 12 years ago, the now defunct Maine Festival. A few months before that I did the ACC Baltimore wholesale/retail show - the year the city got three feet of snow. It sucked, as you can imagine, and I ate out of vending machines for three days. Show More Summary

I had no idea!

I had my first meeting at the gym with a personal trainer this week. I used to work out three days a week, used weight machines, barbells, rowing machines, etc. I thought I was pretty familiar with all the fitness equipment you needed for a workout. Show More Summary

Hard Fire Bricks Needed

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

I need about 50-100 used hard firebricks (straights) to complete the firebox rebuild on my wood-fired kiln. Email or call with number available, condition, price and location.Thanks!David

Fantastic Paid RESIDENCY Opportunity for MFA Ceramics in Wichita Falls TX

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

I don't usually post these thing in full but the DEADLINE is only a week a way and this is a REALLY FANTASTIC opportunity for someone with an MFA and dreams to teach ceramics!!!PASS it on !!!_____________________________________________________________________________...Show More Summary

Bulk Cobalt Carbonate at a cheap price

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Cobalt Carbonate 10 Pound Pail only $165 Including Shipping

The potter's body

In July 2003, I took a introductory pottery workshop at the Parks and Rec in Albemarle NC with Syd Luck, a now legendary potter in Seagrove, NC. I was smitten. I signed up immediately for pottery classes in Charlotte at Clayworks and...Show More Summary

Glaze Making

I am working on a stable/safe non-toxic cone 6 studio glaze. I want to end up with three (Light, Medium, and Dark in values).... I've been meaning to tackle this for a few years but it has take me this long to gather up the chemicals I feel safe working with. Show More Summary

Toe River Arts Council NEEDS HELP with branding suvey

last weekArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Artists or citizens of Mitchel and Yancey counties TRAC needs some help with people filling out its survey to get started on its Branding Project...Could you take a minute to fill it out?! It would be greatly appreciated!! If you’veShow More Summary

Extruded vases and a Long Lost tool

Two of the things I have been working on over the last weeks have been a extruded vases and long dishes.The most successful of these will be going to an exhibition at Leeds Craft and Design Gallery next week, entitled "Figure That'.Once I have made the die the initial extrusions are comparatively straightforward to make. Show More Summary

Might Take a Train, Might Take a Plane

...but if I have to walk, I'm gonna go there just the same. Just got some exciting news: I've been selected to be a demonstrator in the Process Room at the 2016 NCECA conference in Kansas City! The Process Room features artists doing...Show More Summary

HELP Support TRAC in Mitchell County by simply voting YES

2 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

We need your help! The Town of Spruce Pine recently voted to reduce our funding from $6,000 to $3,500. Denise gave a nice interview for an article published Monday, and the editorial staff added a "to the point" positive view of TRAC's worth in our community on the op ed page. Show More Summary


2 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Lisa Claque clay for sale. Over 350lbs for just $100! (Cheaper than the ton price). It's a very white, groggy clay that is great for sculpting. Can go to cone 3.Call Tacy at 828-775-4624 In Weaverville, NC. Thanks!Thank you,!www.tacyapostolik.com828-775-4624

the cost, the price

I'm in recovery mode from the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival. It's always a good show for me and this year was no exception, though Sunday was one of the worst days ever. So it was way out of balance-- Saturday was excellent, Sunday was not-excellent. Show More Summary

Brush Making Workshop With Joe Campbell

2 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Learn all about brush making and decorating the ceramic surface in this hands-on workshop. Join Joe Campbell as he shows you how to make and use beautiful brushes for underglaze, slips, and glazes. Workshop participants will create unique,...Show More Summary

Aging..... pain.....

2 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

I have been feeling my age this past couple of months. I'm struggling with excruciating pain in my left arm, and being left handed, this has not been very pleasant. The pain started in my upper arm and I supposed it was bursitis or just one of the many joys of being over 50. Show More Summary

Peek At My Upcoming Auctions on Ceramic Art Bead Market

3 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Here is a collage of some upcoming auctions I hope to make over at Ceramic Art Bead Market. I have the photos all done, I am just working on the descriptions at the moment. Tonight after 9 pm I am going to tally up all the entries for the bead giveaway and announce over there who is the winner. Show More Summary

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